Best Decorative Push Pins for Wall

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1. Double Headed Picture Hangers Hanging Decorations

Double Headed Picture Hangers Hanging Decorations

Each hanging hook pin measures approx. and features double-headed design in small size. It is easier to hang things on a wall that is 1.22 inches in length. These small head hanging nails are suitable for hanging pictures, photos, paintings, clock, ornaments and many other objects on the wall, you won't notice that there is a nail while hanging items, add lots of charms and elegance to your. Sturdy and durable, these double-headed picture hangers are made of STAINLESS steel, not easy to get rust, compact in size and light in weight, not easy to fall off after finished installing, and serve you for a long time. Their small head picture hangers nails are designed to be tapped into walls, won't effect the home whole beauty or break your wall, nice for hanging items with just leaving a small hole on your wall. The package contains 50 pieces of small head hanging nails and comes with a storage box which is more convenient for you to store and use. The package contains 50 pieces of small head hanging nails and comes with a storage box which is more convenient for you to store and use.

Brand: Hotop

👤I got those because I thought they would be a better hanging device than a regular tack. It's too small to hang anything from. But work as normal.

👤I have renovated the entire office of Pollinator Project Rogue Valley, volunteering for it. Hanging mounted photos and posters are part of the renovation. The tacks are all metal and have a longer pin. Not a single one had bent or broken with hammer tapping. Three different mountings can be achieved with their design. If your object is not mounted on foam core, it can be pinned through the channel between the smaller and larger heads, or pressed against the wall held in place by the larger head. The shafts are very smooth and easy to pull out of plaster or sheet rock.

👤It's perfect for my purposes -- attaching an unframed, vintage, cardboard (about like mat board) poster to my wall, stuck at intervals around the poster, so no holes in the poster itself. The wide shoulders do a better job of protecting the poster's edges than push pins or thumb tacks. These are more attractive than other pinning devices.

👤It's very easy to use a hanger for lighter loads. The bronze color is attractive. The head has a more secure attachment. It's a good option to have on hand, as no one hanging method works in all cases. It is recommended.

👤I wouldn't use them to hold heavy things. The thinness of the brad means that they leave a small hole if you decide to move things.

👤These are very weak. Do not use them for hanging heavy pictures or pushing into firm walls. These are good for corkboard. There is a "Deco nails" is the original superior product.

👤The only thing I could do was hang the object. The head is larger than the push pin and the point is longer. It seems to be a good hold.

👤I don't like hanging stuff with tools. These little babies work well. You can't hang heavy stuff, but they will hang small to medium size pictures, crosses, and I hung up a towel rack made of a medal.

2. ARROW 160478 Push Picture Hooks

ARROW 160478 Push Picture Hooks

The nail set can be used in a wide range of places. Push pin style picture hooks. It is easy to install into most walls.

Brand: Liberty

👤It was as advertised. The quality was good for the price. The pin may go through the back of a corkboard. Attached are pictures for the dimensions. The top to bottom portion is 7/8" wide and 3/8" deep. The pin is long.

👤I bought them for the look and ease of use. They are upgraded pushpins. The material is light. I would like them to be solid metal. They work well with smaller frames. Push down at an angle instead of straight into the wall is a pro tip. The pin is kept from sliding out.

👤I used them to hold up decorated letters that I painted on my wall. They fit perfectly into the cutout hanging hole in the letters and were initially scared to come crashing down on my head. It leaves a smaller hole in the wall than a nail.

👤These are easy to use and work well. I hung a lot of pictures and even an Lenox spoon with an Irish saying on it, but so far nothing has fallen. I like these. I would recommend you buy a few packages because they are hard to find in our local shops. You don't have to run out of them. These are worth the price because you will find lots of uses for them.

👤They are smaller than expected and have a long pin that will hold it in place on the surface of a cork board or dry wall. The angle and length of the pin give a stable surface for heavier items. I hung some towels with a fabric loop. If you hang behind our hidden features, there is a noticeable seem down the middle and a dull silver look, but it shouldn't be a problem. Don't use a hammer and push the pin at an angle.

👤Push pins are one of the few items that can be used in the dorms and they were amazing to have and use for decorating! The command strip hooks were ugly. We almost used them to hang the light, but she found a better way. She uses these to hang hats.

👤I use these to hang my string lights. The hooks are a better option than dangling something over a thumb tack nub. Will hold small to medium sized framed photos or art at 5 lbs maximum weight supported per pin. I wish I had more of these for the price, but they are worth it.

👤One of the best things I've ever purchased. I don't like hanging pictures because of the hammering of nails. Not very mechanically inclined. These are wonderful. I can use them, that's saying something. Push them to where you want them to go. Push pins are more sturdy. I can hang pictures from my wall.

3. Cucumis Elephant Picture Message Accessories

Cucumis Elephant Picture Message Accessories

The map pins are easy to store and useful accessories for homes, offices, classrooms, dormitories, etc. One step installation that does not require hardware is made of zinc alloy. Size is 2.5 cm high and wide 2.2 cm.Needle length is 1.5 cm. It's ideal for hanging charts, banners, calendars, posters, picture frames, and much more. It can be used at home or office. 10 Pcs zinc alloy stud peg is in the packaging. The Elephant Style push pin hook hanger can hang many items. Your wall should be more attractive. The Elephant Style push pin hook hanger can hang many items. Your wall should be more attractive.

Brand: Cucumis

👤Absolutely love the elephants. I wanted a cute way to display my earrings, but not use tacky tacs or ugly standard nails, and I found my solution! These little guys are sturdy but not hard to put in the wall, they were perfect for my jewelry. They are on the smaller side, but you get plenty in the pack. Will buy again.

👤These are great! The bronze is beautiful. They are a little smaller than I was expecting, but they are sturdy and well made. A magnetic wooden hanger can be supported easily. They were used to hang hats inside the back door. It could be used for keys and raincoats. Will be buying more.

👤These pushpins are great for my job. They hold a lot of things, from a wall calendar to a cup koozie. They were functional and attractive.

👤The pins are at a downward angle. If you combine that with the detail work on the trunk, you will find it difficult to adhere these to wood without predrilling or damaging the elephant.

👤These are cute. The way to hang decorative items is cute. I have used them to hang papers on a cork board and light weight wall hangings. Definitely recommend.

👤These are very detailed. The push pin doesn't feel like it will break off, they are sturdy enough. Not cheap. Good quality.

👤These thumb tacks are very strong and unique.

👤These are cute and handle the job well. I've already used all of them because they arrived on time.

4. ROOS Alloy Flower Shape Hangers

ROOS Alloy Flower Shape Hangers

The picture hooks are strong enough to hold a variety of lightweight art crafts items, such as pictures, paintings, ornaments, art pieces, jewelry and other light objects, a nice way to keep your home and offices clean and tidy. The size is 33*15mm/1.30"*0.59". A flower shape push pin hook is a good wall decoration. Your wall should be more attractive. It's been used to home and office. It's suitable for hanging or holding down charts. It's easy to install into most walls by hand. It's easy to install into most walls by hand.

Brand: Rforply

👤I buy these from a hardware store in South Lake Tahoe which charges me 10 times more than the vendor on Amazon, because they used to carry them. I use them to hang everything because you can push them in with your thumb, but they hold up well. I wouldn't try anything too heavy, but for records and photos, they are fantastic. I will be buying these from this vendor for the rest of my life.

👤It's perfect for almost anything, it only leaves a small pin hole in your wall, and it's easy to cover if you move something. Sturdy and good looking, it holds most weights up to a dinner size plate. Love them.

👤It used to be possible to buy these in local hardware stores. There are no framed pictures with the hooks. It's great for notes on cork bulletin board, or holding a hair ribbon near a bathroom mirror. It's much prettier than normal wall hooks.

👤I have used these hooks for a long time and they are strong and leave only the smallest of holes. It's easy.

👤I have things that make it hard to hide. The pins add to what's hanging from them.

👤We used to have hooks like this. I bought them immediately after seeing them here. They work as well as nails, and are cuter than plain nails.

👤These pins have been used for a long time. They are easy to use and don't damage the walls like a nail. I will use two pins on some of the heavy pictures I have. I have never had a picture fall off of my walls.

👤I've been looking for these in hardware stores but could never find them, I was happy to see them again and will definitely order more - they look better than a regular tack or nail.

👤The items are described.

👤It's the easiest way to put something on your walls.

👤It is the perfect hook for my art.

5. Pieces Butterfly Photos Bulletin Pattern

Pieces Butterfly Photos Bulletin Pattern

30 flower pushpins, a friendly customer service, and a lot of them. Pushpins have sharp tips and should be left away from kids. Colorful butterflies can be used to liven up the room, and plastic wings add a 3D effect to the butterfly, which decorates your cork boards. There are 30 pieces of butterfly push pins in various colors and packing. The decorative thumb tacks can be used to mark locations, points of interest or travel routes. It's nice for bulletin board, cork board, photo wall, picture wall, not for cement wall, hard brick wall, stone wall. The butterfly push pins are made of plastic and metal and are 1.5 inches wide.

Brand: Outus

👤I expected all 30 to be in there but they were shorted and I expected them to be ready to use. The thumbtack had separated from the butterfly. There is a The butterflies are cute.

👤There were loose push pins when I opened the box. They are just plastic butterflies hot-glued to metal thumb tacs, and the number of loose tacs didn't match the number of loose butterflies. I don't have spare tacs, so I'm buying some. I used the other functional butterflies to pin up my calendar. There are two stars.

👤These are cute, but they are more expensive in person. The butterflies are made of plastic. Adding ascents to a bulletin board is still cute.

👤Cute tacks. It makes my office look better. They are easy to use. I had more than I needed. I didn't share my entire board because I work in the medical field.

👤I wanted to cheer her up because I was just 888-353-1299 She loved them and they are very strong. A best gift for a friend.

👤The colors are vibrant. Light in weight. The board is cute. If I needed more of them, I would buy again.

👤Cute, but fragile. Have broken a few. One of the dogs helped. They are very cute and can hold stuff to the wall or cork board.

👤The little touches of decor are adorable. The butterflies were very strong and small. The cardboard was made of and has been holding up well outdoors. So cute!

👤These seem to work as designed. They come in a plastic box, which is cheap, and as a result it's difficult to open, but it's just a storage thing to keep the pins from being damaged. The pins are cute and the photos of the product on pin boards are accurate. They're cute pins that fit the price.

👤The butterflies are paper. It's nearly impossible to pull the pins out without damaging them. There is a It's best for displays that won't be changed much.

👤Most arrived separately from their pin cos, which were made with a hot glue gun type thing. I used blue tack to stick the butterflies on, but they don't look as good now. They are cute other than that. The prettiest designs have fewer butterflies. There are some uglier ones that I have too many of. I wouldn't recommend them to a friend.

👤A drawing pin with a butterfly is great for drawing.

👤I have used them on vision boards and a gratitude board.

6. Picture Double Headed Pictures Decorative DINGEE

Picture Double Headed Pictures Decorative DINGEE

The painting hanging nail is made of steel, it won't bend on the wall, and it will minimize wall damage and holes. The small double-headed design of the Nails makes it so that whatever you are hanging is up against the wall, not easy to fall off after installation. The double-headed picture hanging nails are made of heavy duty STAINLESS steel and are not easy to break or rust. The hanging hook pin is perfect. The pin is easy to store and use. They leave a small nail hole when they are removed. I love the shape of the heart and it's strong enough to hold lightweight items. Hanging pictures, photos, cork board, mirrors, paintings, clock, ornaments and light in home and office is widely used by the small head hanging nails. Cute Heart- shaped in head will make your home look better. Hanging pictures, photos, cork board, mirrors, paintings, clock, ornaments and light in home and office is widely used by the small head hanging nails. Cute Heart- shaped in head will make your home look better.

Brand: Dingee

👤These are perfect because I don't like to put bit screw/nail holes in the walls. They are more sturdy than a push pin and have something on the back to hold up frames. I bought a box. I think I need to buy 1-2 more packs because I've put up so much with them. If you are lazy and don't like big holes in the wall, get these. Get them!

👤These are great! Those cute signs are sold by Amazon. screws are too much and nails look ugly. I couldn't find pushpins I liked. These look great, and penetrate sheetrock without effort. They're long enough to get a hold, but not too wide. They look good. I think they have a finished look. I'm going to buy another box if these are discontinued. They stop making it when you find something you like.

👤These are tacks, they don't leave a big hole. Sometimes the command is expensive and sometimes it doesn't work.

👤They were used in a college dorm. With a hammer, I was able to gently hammer these tacks into the wall to hang decorative items. Very strong.

👤I used these to tack up a heavy duty vinyl clear tarp to cover the north side of my porch, they were easy to use, and they seem to hold this app well.

👤These tacks are nice looking, but they are not very sturdy and are not very easy to hit with a hammer.

👤The best picture hangings. I hang my ceramic wall hangings with them. It was easy to use. Just a tiny whole.

👤I put some wire on the wall for pictures. Works well. It was very sturdy because of the wire twists around the grooves.

7. TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

TecUnite Decorative Thumbtacks Different Multicolor

50PCS Colorful Push pin with wooden clips, friendly customer service, and a colorful Push pin are what you get. A multicolor push pins set is good for highlighting key points on a map. The rubber patch technology makes the pin heads look beautiful and vivid. These tacks pins are made of sturdy steel with a pointed tip and are easy to insert into cork board. The box is helpful for storing the small colored pushpins. 80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board.

Brand: Tecunite

👤The laundry room bulletin board was improved by these thumbtacks. Love the bright colors. My cat isn't able to pull them out of the board like he could with the pushpins I had previously been using. I had to re-glue some of them because the colorful top was not securely fastened.

👤Cute. Simple and they work well. Pushpins are just normal but more fun.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very strong and heavy, unlike the cheap ones that are easy to break. The rack push pin is heavy.

👤tacs are always needed, but these are great purchased.

👤I love these! There are lots of cute designs. Nice colors. The bulletin board is sturdy.

👤A good variety of patterns. They hold limited weight.

👤A bulletin board for a 7 year old girl.

👤Exactly how they said it was worth the money.

8. Picture Hangers Decorative Hanging Bulletin

Picture Hangers Decorative Hanging Bulletin

The picture hooks are strong enough to hold a variety of lightweight art crafts items, such as pictures, paintings, ornaments, art pieces, jewelry and other light objects, a nice way to keep your home and offices clean and tidy. The curved hook can hang small objects. The downward nail forms an angle with the wall. The Pin Hooks are easy to install, but not for ceramic or concrete wall. Push in with a hammer or bare hands. The picture hanging hardware is made of zinc alloy. They are more durable than plastic nails. There is a small hole in the wall. There are three color combinations. You can hang small objects such as keys, picture, paintings, towels, kitchenware, necklaces, folded umbrellas, and decorative lights. The transparent box is big enough to hold 30 hooks. You don't have to worry about them being disorganized. Don't let children reach you. The transparent box is big enough to hold 30 hooks. You don't have to worry about them being disorganized. Don't let children reach you.

Brand: Atsky

👤It's genius that this is a wall tac and a hook. I can put any small item on the wall and hang it in a single push. I was able to hang a few items that were taking up space on the counter. I have been unable to hang my wall chalkboard in the kitchen because of regular nails. I have a few frames that are easy to hook onto. I have always had a hard time with regular nails. They look nice in the house, unlike regular plastic wall tacs, and come in three colors. I give these hooks five stars.

👤The hooks are heavy duty and not plastic. I could see myself using them for many different things. There is a The macrame plant hanger is holding onto one of the hooks. The plant is fake but still impressive.

👤The pins are sturdy enough to not break when pushing through the walls. I've tested these to see if they can hold for long, and they did, after several weeks, no loose hangings or lost support! I'm happy these pushpin hooks are useful for lightweight wall hanging needs. Useful and innovative! Happy.

👤They are easy to use, but the hole gets bigger and they fall out of the wall.

👤They are adorable and look great holding my seashell necklace collection as decorative wall art and a place to hang them. These hooks are adorable. I will accept the offer the seller included with my order. Thank you.

👤There are 30 pins in one set. It should be enough for all the frames in the house. It is easy to install in the wall. If you want to get the best results, tap on an angle with a hammer. The pin is not very long.

👤I would like to see smaller ones for lighter decor. I can't find them at local stores. They only make a small hole.

👤These are perfect for mycubicle, despite my doubts. Some of them have picture frames on them.

9. Wooden Decorative Bulletin Thumbtack Accessories

Wooden Decorative Bulletin Thumbtack Accessories

80 pieces of push pins are stored in a plastic box, the quantity is enough, and they are suitable for home, office, kitchen, classroom use. Push pin clips have a unique design. The cork board/bulletin board can be used to display documents, pictures and notes without damage. You don't need to remove the cork board frequently. The pins are made from high quality wood and sharp needle, which makes them strong and durable. It is a good choice to use tools to split it if you need temporary high-quality push pins and clothing clips. You can use glue to bond them together. Each box has 32 cute bulletin board pins. The clip is about 0.31 inches in size. There is a specific and intuitive size in the picture. Cute pin clip can be used to hang photos, artworks, notes on corkboard and other notes, perfect accessories for cork board, bulletin board, right-hand assistant for your office, family and school. They can guarantee that any product purchased from them is superior to other products. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact them and they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Updateclassic

👤The glue that holds the clip and tack together is not very sound, so really can only hold one light item. They are good, but not as strong as I needed.

👤I have only used a few of them so far, and they seem like good quality, finish, and holding on well. I think the pricing is high because of the simple construction and cheap starting material. The pricing is the same as other sellers. There is a I don't think I need to buy more of these. The box of 32 should last a long time if they don't break.

👤I had to throw away 5 of the thumb tacks because they came apart from the clips. Cheap quality. It's better to just buy plain thumb tacks and tiny clips and glue them yourself.

👤The pins fall apart when you touch them. They crumble faster than a good pie crust when you look at them with a side eye. If you try to use the push pin without the wooden part, the tack will try to get away from the flat push part. Garbage is absolute and complete. Don't waste time or money on this product.

👤The product is garbage. It's so flimsy. The pins are easy to detach from. I used half of them and had to attach them to the bulletin board, but I lost most of them. It is a matter of time before each pic is out of the picture. It's not worth it to send it back. Do not buy!

👤I had to glue them back together after a lot of them came in broken. The pens are easy to separate from the tack, but they tend to separate a lot while pushing the tack into the cork board.

👤The wooden clip part was separated from the pins before I opened them. The rest are coming apart. It's enough to break the bonds between the two parts if they're moved on a corkboard or tried to secure a page with a slip. If you want to use a thumbtack or push pins, you should order them instead.

👤I wanted them the same way. They are a great pop of color to a bland corkboard.

10. JoyFamily Geometric Decorative Calendar Natural

JoyFamily Geometric Decorative Calendar Natural

80 pieces of colorful fashion steel push pins are good for pinning photos, schedules and papers on a bulletin board. The wooden push pin with geometric head is very cute and elegant, the smooth wooden surface shows no flaws, which looks really high-end. Push pins in natural wood finish and polished steel are used to add spices to your room, office or other space decoration. The pin is easy to drive into normal surfaces for stable paper holding. The thumb tack is able to fix objects firmly and never let them fall off. Steel pin is both durable and reuseable, which makes it an excellent partner for thumb tack. The total length of the decorative push pin is 1inch, and the wood head diameter is 0.6inch. The wood push pins are packed in a clear box that is able to hold all of them so as to keep the desktop or drawer neat and organized. You are free to use spray or brush on any paint colour you want. The wood push pin can be used to pin photos, Memos, important papers and messages to cork boards, foam boards, thumb tacks can also be applied to mark locations and make travel routes on maps, at the same time, they can be used. The wood push pin is an ideal replacement for thumb tacks. They can be used on cork board for fixing papers, memos, posters, schedule, do it yourself projects, photos, calendars and marking world maps, and the thumb tack is also popular for tea bar, bistro, hotel, restaurant, dining hall, store, newsstand.

Brand: Hiyumy

👤When I ordered them, I wasn't sure what the quality would be, but they are really nice. It is easy to push in and pull out of the foam boards with smooth wood surfaces and long pins. I love the look of the wall I'm putting things on. A simple way to level up the stylishness of my work-from- home office space. Highly recommended!

👤Push pins are useless when you try to pull them out of the cork board because metal gets removed from the wood.

👤I'm not sure about their function, I'm only looking at looks. The metal tac is short. Maybe you couldn't post a large packet with them, but they look great! They do the same things in the picture. They come in a container.

👤I have acork wall in my home office and I am using these on it. The wood push pin head gives a great natural vibe. I found decorative push pins that were very reasonably priced.

👤It's nice and different but clumsy. In your hands. It was definitely a one time purchase.

👤The quality on these seems so far--tasteful amount of quality varnish, nice shape, geometry adds intrigue, arrived in a clean and well-closed container that is also a keeper--a nice looking container that I can keep permanently and happily on.

👤I'm not sure why that was one of the choices, but these are great! Virtual school for my children and corkboard for my son. They work well.

👤They work well in my cork board and are a good size. The pushpins look very modern, a nice change from the usual ones. I like them.

11. Wooden Cactus Decorative Pushpins Bulletin

Wooden Cactus Decorative Pushpins Bulletin

It can be used for pinning papers on bulletin boards. You will receive 30 pieces of wooden pushpins in 5 cute styles, each with 6 pieces, to help you mark something. 30 cute pushpins are packed in a plastic box, the box is small and convenient to carry, please put the pushpins back in the box asap to prevent loss. Push pins with vivid cactus and turtle leaf pattern look very cute, easy to attract attention, and also suitable for different fiesta party and holiday gifts for friends. The decorative thumb tacks are suitable for fixing photos, pictures, notes, schedules and documents on bulletin boards and cork boards. These wooden push pins are made of wood chips and metal and can be used to mark messages on cork board, maps, or bulletin boards.

Brand: Outus

👤I ordered these again because I needed more to complete the project, but I won't buy them again. I had to reglue the pins. I have to glue them back together even though they fall off. They need to use better glue or not.

👤I opened the package today and half of them broke. I had to throw them out. Disappointed.

👤These are cute but a lot of them are broken. They are cheap. There are wooden beads on thumb tacks. I'm not going to worry about it.

👤The photo is more attractive. They seem expensive for what they are. I bought them to give to my children's children who live in the desert.

👤The pins on the cactus were broken off. I think about 40% in the box.

👤The cutsie for my corkboard strip are not as strong as they should be.

👤They look cute for display purposes. We just put them on the edges for later use.

👤It was a nice present for someone moving in. It makes your day a little bit better.

👤The gift was for a cactus lover. Since we started using them, they've been nicely made and strong. There is a The pin is a bit blocky and can hurt your fingers if you push them into a pin board, but it's not really bad enough to detract from the review. There is a I'm happy with the purchase because it was an appreciated gift and it was good quality.

👤The glue on the back of the cactus is not very strong and many of the pins fell off by the time they were delivered.

👤There are great pins in a box. The details are so lovely that you will want to see them. It's nice and sturdy. One had separated from it's back on arrival but just a small drop of glue fixed it.

👤These are great. Was worried that they might come off the pin. They are well-glued. They look great.

👤It's easy to see on the eye.


What is the best product for decorative push pins for wall?

Decorative push pins for wall products from Hotop. In this article about decorative push pins for wall you can see why people choose the product. Liberty and Cucumis are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative push pins for wall.

What are the best brands for decorative push pins for wall?

Hotop, Liberty and Cucumis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative push pins for wall. Find the detail in this article. Rforply, Outus and Dingee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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