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1. Uhamho Standard Decorative Pillowcases Closure

Uhamho Standard Decorative Pillowcases Closure

It is easy to care for, you can wash it in cold water with a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at low heat. Size information is available. There is a set of 2 with the same color. The standard size is 20 x 26 and the king size is 20 x 36. There is only a pillow cover. There is a 100% microfiber for 45mm high plush shaggy reverse. There are many colors that fit well with many different styles. The hidden zip is in the middle of the back side and easy to remove. The care instructions are given. The machine wash is cold. It was tumble dry. Do not use bleach. Return and replacement within 30 days. Please contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Uhamho

👤The shams have a tag that says you can tumble dry on low. If you don't want them to look matted and gross, then you don't need to worry. If I'd known the faux fur would end up matted, I would have dried them. You can tell it wasn't designed to look that way because it looks vaguely like a sherpa lined pillow sham. They were very nice when I opened them. Don't dry them, but don't order them. They should look fine if you hang them up. I wish I'd known that before.

👤I am very pleased with the purchase of 2 sets. I converted a bunk bed into a couch and thought it would work great as cushions. Well, they did! We put a twin size feather bed into each of them, but we did not rip them. The look of the pillow is almost velvet and soft, but it has a camouflage effect on the side cushions, which is great. As described, color and softness. I only gave 4 stars because I haven't purchased anything before and these are holding up great. We don't have small children so no one is rough on them, but I've sat against them and they seem to hold shape. I recommend them!

👤When I received it, it was very nice looking and seemed like a decent quality. The items were washed on a gentle cycle with woolite and lost all of their shine and the faux fur was matted. There was no improvement when I put them on a light fluff cycle. I would not recommend this product to anyone, and I would return it if I had received it. At this time, I think it's my loss because I can't use the product anymore and I paid for it. Very disappointed.

👤I have a day bed in my guest room. My guests need a choice, too, as I like lots of pillows of different shapes and sizes. I had an unexpected result from these. My grandsons discovered them and lime to grab them for a nap. They are sitting on top of each other. They have washed up well. Rugged items allow for more than one use. These are great.

👤The velvet is soft and they look nice. There is a It's obvious that the side with the velvel is in the middle, so it makes sense to put the zip up on one of the sides.

👤The color was a good match for my comforter. The shams fit my pillows perfectly. They are soft. There was fur everywhere when I removed them from the packaging. I had to shake them out to get rid of the fur. They shed a little, but not enough to get me to send them back.

👤It was very soft and comfortable. My daughter is happy with them. I bought 2 packages of queen size for her. All 4 are the same. The quality of the zippers is good. If I need to purchase more in the future, I would.

2. Wake Cloud Geometric Pillowcases Standard

Wake Cloud Geometric Pillowcases Standard

The pillow cases are 20x26 inches. There are no guillotines included. The buffalo check gingham plaid geometric checker pattern is gray and white. Washed Cotton 100% washed cotton, natural, breathable, durable, fast sweat absorption, fade-resistant and machine washable. The thread/yarn is dyed before being woven. Through this way, color has a richer hue. It is easy to care for, you can wash it in cold water with a gentle cycle, then tumble dry at low heat.

Brand: Wake In Cloud

👤I bought these to cover the two standard size pillows that we use in addition to the four that go on the bed, for extra support while reading or watching television. One of the colors in the quilt is picked up by the denim blue duvet cover. The pillowcases are too short and don't cover the pillows, which makes them look white at the bottom. The material is not like a pillowcase that has direct contact with the face. The pillows are not used for sleep so this is not a problem for me. There are no borders at the edge. I hope the ones I order will be long enough.

👤These are great! The pillow covers were white. The quality seems decent. I'm not laying my face on the pillows, but it seems soft enough. The stripe on these is made with black thread, but the color is charcoal gray, which I'm fine with, but just a head's up. The interior flap holds the pillows in place. These are great as decorative pillow covers.

👤I wanted to buy these for my bedding. These pillowcases are not soft. They are very hard and rusty on the skin and it makes it hard to lay your face on it. These can be used to decorate a set. The product was very soft.

👤These were purchased in King size for decorative purposes. They are linen/charcoal color, not black white, and barely fit over the pillow inserts. I will not be using them to sleep on. If I washed/dried them, they will not fit over the pillow inserts. I would not buy them for what they are used for.

👤These pillow cases are gorgeous. I was worried about it being too small, but these fit my king size pillows perfectly. There was no problem with putting the pillows in the cases and closing the ends. I like the look of it and it adds to my room. I have been looking for something like this for a while. I had them for a month and they softened up. They look nice. Great price too.

👤These have an extra flap to hold your pillow in. That's my favorite part. The material is not very soft. If you don't mind that look, then these are for you. I have washed, dried and iron them many times, they still have bigwrinkles.

👤I was looking for denim pillow covers, but they are not denim, and they are very thin, which is not a good thing. It's my mistake, but the "denim" means denim fabric. These are only for a short time and won't last very long.

👤I bought these, along with a sheet set, and wanted to make sure that they were warm. These aren't for people who like the feeling of a cold pillow case. They are not sure how they will feel in summer. They fold over the ends of the pillows so it's a cleaner look.

👤The material is not super soft. It's fine to use, you won't scratch your face or anything, but it's noticeably rougher than normal pillow cases. If you pull them out of the dryer right away, they won'twrinkle, which doesn't bother me because it's bedding.

3. Pillow Pleated Egyptian Gorgeous Decorative

Pillow Pleated Egyptian Gorgeous Decorative

The package includes a set of two queen pillow shams. Their Super Soft Cotton Pillow is made of high quality fabric. Premium 100% Egyptian Cotton is soft to the touch and Hypoallergenic. A perfect combination of comfort and softness is brought about by good sewing Stitch and Exquisite Workmanship. It gets softer and more comfortable after each wash. Soft and Smooth Pinch Pleated Pillow Shams are finished with high strength stitching to match the cloth. The Simple and Ultra Soft Pinch Pillow Shams are good bed products to decorate any room in your house in all seasons. Their pillow shams are very comfortable. A great gift for friends, parents, children and other relatives. Machine wash in cold water with similar colors, Teflon dry low, and iron needed when equivalent to 600 Thread Count Queen Pillow Shams / Pillow cover brand new and factory sealed.

Brand: Beddingstar

👤I have had these for a couple of weeks and they still look great. We don't sleep on them as they are just a sham. The covers are soft and rich.

👤The photo we saw and what came out of the box differed. We don't blame the seller, it's just that what we held in our hands didn't appeal to us as much as the photo did. We would give 5 stars to the customer experience and service, because we were impressed with the timing of shipping and the ease of return and refunds.

👤Something extra was added by the beautiful fabric and the tuck. These add charm to my bed ensemble.

👤I like these shams. I ordered the queen size. When I got them, they were wrinkled and had a horrible smell. I washed them on a delicate cycle and dried them in the dryer before hanging them to dry. The smell was gone and most of the wrinkling was gone as well. They look nice. I have king size pillows, but I ordered the Queen shams and they fit perfectly. These are really nice shams. The color is perfect.

👤The product is nice. The fabric is not soft but it is decorative so you wouldn't sleep on it. I took one star off because the size was not indicated. These queen shams required a lot of pillows. I didn't return them over this. The other star was larger than the other star. I don't understand why this is a feature, the fabric is not thick, but after a pillow is placed in there, they are thick in that way. The color is not burgundy. I kept them and they look nice on the bed.

👤The fabric is not a quality Egyptian cotton as advertised but rather some low grade left-over stock that does not wash well at all. I dried these shams on low heat after washing them in cold water. They have a dull, worn out look that indicates they have been used for a long time. I have washed them only once since they are on the bed. Really bad choice.

👤It was soft. It was super wrinkly. If you want a pressed look, you have to iron them. The pinched pleats make it difficult. I consider myself to be skilled at ironing, but it was annoying, unless you like a wrinkled look. I will have to press them when they are washed. They are cute.

👤The color is true. These are thin wrinkly fabrics that look cheap. Do not recommend. The tucks are present, but the sham is wrinkled so that it doesn't look like a tucks at all. I was expecting a heavier fabric. Very disappointed. Don't spend your money on these.

👤Good value for money. The material is soft and the pattern is nice. It's not as thick as I would expect from other brands. It works well over my queen size pillows from Canadian Down & Feather Company, with a pillow protectors on. There is a The pillow case will be snug after washing.

4. Loves Cabin Pillowcase Inches Pillow

Loves Cabin Pillowcase Inches Pillow

100% POLYESTER SAT IN. The weave of the fabric is what is referred to as saudi. Love's cabin pillow cover is made of 100% polyester satin, which is more sturdy and durable than silk pillowcases which need professional care. It's best for hair and skin. Love's cabin slip pillowcases are great for preventing hair from becoming matted, having good sleeping, and preventing wrinkling and dry skin. She creates less irritation of your hair and reduces hair breakage, which is great for curly hair. Ultra soft and squishy material. Wrinkle resistant, comfort and better fit are some of the benefits of the Envelop closure. The end design of the envelope prevents pillows from escaping. It is easy to wash with a mild detergent and place the pillow case inside the laundry bag. The cooling luxury pillowcase holds up well in delicate wash and can be hung on a rack instead of being tumble dry. The drying temperature should not go over 158F. Risk free shopping. They believe that you will love this pillowcase as much as they do. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't. No questions were asked. They want you to be happy.

Brand: Love's Cabin

👤I feel like I should have cats because they are shiny.

👤I will attempt to update this review once I have given them some wear and tear. I can say that I appreciate the price, packaging, and comfort. A lot of people don't know that "satin" is a weave and can be made with all kinds of fabrics. The cases are labeled as "microfiber polyester". The microfiber part of these cases makes them softer than other cases I've used. A lot of the items are slick so that they slide around. These cases are made to be soft enough not to pull as the hair or skin, but still slick enough to feel good. I thought these were too narrow for my pillows. The pillows fit in the case without being crowded. The one thing that was odd was how long these cases were. My pillows are long. There is at least 6 inches hanging. I tucked the edges in. I had to stand on a stool to take a photo. There is a I will most likely buy these again and I'm considering buying a set in another color. If these pillowcases last for a while, I will be happy to order again.

👤The product is false. This is not silk. If you want genuine silk pillow case, look for other products. This is not silk. The skin and hair benefits are not comparable to the silk pillow case.

👤The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the pillow case was how soft it was. The top says "Satin Pillow" but the bottom says it is 100%Polyester.

👤The "weaving" is considered "satin" in this case. It's not the silky-feel pillow you're looking for, it feels like sleeping on a piece of Barbie clothing. It doesn't prevent tugging on my skin.

👤It's perfect for my hair. I love the feeling of silky pillowcases, but I have yet to find one that is as good as the one from Lovescabin, which is the best value for money pillowcases I have yet to find on Amazon. There is a I wash and care for my hair every night, then I sleep on it, and the next morning it was the same as the night before. The pillow cases feel soft and comfortable, and I love that. I wash them in cold water and dry them at low temperatures.

👤These are the only things I sleep on. They are not the flimsy pillowcases that people love. I don't like those to be too thin. It's like I can feel the pillow wear out so fast that it catches my hair and defeats the purpose. These are the ones that stay stocked! They are good on my hair and skin.

👤The pillowcase ripped after a week of use. Don't waste your money.

👤Wrinkle free. Cool to sleep. I thought it was going to be static when I put it on the pillow. It doesn't produce any. It's all right for me to think that it's not 100% satin as described by the seller, but it's still a good price for it. I don't find any complaints.

5. SUSYBAO Pillowcases Encasement Decorative Comfortable

SUSYBAO Pillowcases Encasement Decorative Comfortable

2 pillowcases that measure 20 by 26 inches each are included in the set of 2 QUEEN SIZE PILLOWCASES. If you need a matching set, please search:B078BP9Y41. The pattern on the pillowcase may be different from the image on the page due to the tailoring. Hope you can comprehend! 100% Cotton is the fabric. The SUSYBAO bed pillow covers are made of 100% natural cotton and are skin-friendly. All seasons completed. Envelope Closure Design Inside stitching has an open pocket to hide the pillow. Simple but elegant. It protects your pillows from being dirty. It's easy to put on and off. It's convenient for you. The Herringbone Geometric Pattern is a pattern. There is a zigzag pattern on the grey pillowcases. It's not easy to get off the line with good sewing stitch. Ecological dyeing and printing process make it fast and vibrant. You can choose from a variety of patterns to match your bedroom. It's easy to care for. Before use, wash. If you wash your hand in cold water it will shrink if you wash it in hot water. Hang-dry or sun-dry. Dry on low. The wash has the same colors. Do not use bleach.

Brand: Susybao

👤These pillow cases are very cute. I wanted something with flowers but not grandma-ish and these are perfect. They look the same as the product photos. Some reviewers say they're soft, but they're not, it's just a normal cotton feel like most other pillow cases. This is not the right case for you if you are looking for a satin feel. It's fine. Some people said that I had a lot of wrinkling out of the dryer, but mine was fine. I wonder if we live on different planets. Love these!

👤I was looking for something new and I like the patterns. The cotton was not comfortable for me. It was too soft at first. I think I need to wash it more. I was going to return it but couldn't find any patterned pillow cases like these so I'm going to keep it as a decor only. I am a side sleeper and cannot use it near my face.

👤I ordered pillows for a Christmas gift. The pillow cases are shorter than the standard pillow cases. Even ordering a king size from the same company would be much smaller than my pillow because of the difference in size. I will be dropping off the returns tomorrow.

👤The pillow covers do the job. Even though I don't have skin sensitivities, they are neither soft nor comfortable, and I wake up with my face itching and hot. When I flip the pillow, there's no relief because they aren't cool. The pattern is fine. Unless it was for show, I don't think I'd buy them again.

👤Good quality, though they don't sleep as well as I 888-276-5932s It fits snug on the large memory phone pillow, but is a little big on the width. The pillow gets twisted if you flip it often. The flap helps keep it from coming off. It doesn't slide off the pillow, so it's still worth the money.

👤I'm replacing the shams on my pillows with bright, playful cases so I can use them all the time, and they would work well in a casual family room or anywhere you want a touch of color. The fabric is soft and feels good. These pillowcases are great if you like color and design.

👤The pillow cases are really nice looking, but I wish they were a bit softer. The envelope feature doesn't work as well as I would have liked. They're just okay, not horrible.

👤It looked cheap and awful. Returned them right away.

6. MOVE OVER Pillow Pillowcases Microfiber

MOVE OVER Pillow Pillowcases Microfiber

If you want to find matching duvet covers, please search in their store. 2 king size pom poms pillowcases (20"x40"). illows are not included. Deep Pocket Pillowcases A deep pocket is created to hide the pillow. It's easy on and off, but won't slip off from the pillow. Soft Washed Microfiber Pillow Cases are lightweight and fade-resistant. The pillowcases are really soft. It has cute pom poms. Please wash the balls separately before use, otherwise they may fall. Do not wash pillowcases with items that have zippers. There is aTERN: Give the color a dull room needs, their beautifully and well-designed pom poms design pattern soft pillow cover add brightness and style to your home.

Brand: Move Over

👤I want to love them. I love the look and the fabric. I think I was too optimistic about the pom poms ability to last and maybe that is my fault. I ordered these in January. The pompoms are not the same. They get smoosy and filled with lint and the strings holding the poms are stretched out. After the next wash, I will probably cut off the pompoms.

👤I passed on rating this product on it's "sheerness" because I am not sure what that means. It's a great price for two pillow cases. They seem to be holding up well. I have been using them to sleep for a couple of weeks after washing them. It was a great color and matched my decor perfectly.

👤I was looking for two shams to match the comforter. The pillow shams look great. The silver/blue color is not a bright navy. I used two king-size pillows in each sham to make it look full, and you can see the pom-poms. Such a nice detail! The material has a nice feel. These pillow shams are gorgeous.

👤These pillow cases were not real taupe. They have a pink color. It didn't complement my bedding. They were going to be used as pillow shams.

👤I bought a seafoam green quilt and wanted something with a "boho" feel to it, but it didn't come with pillowcases. I ordered two and got four. I probably didn't read the details right. I thought they were bad, but they were better than I thought. It's really soft and cute. They match my quilt perfectly.

👤I recently purchased a target. Casaluna wanted some cute pillow cases to complement the blanket that did not clash. I turned to Amazon because Target was out of stock. I was hesitant to purchase because I usually rely on the review pictures to get a good feel for what the product will look like. I am very impressed and in love. The color was perfect for what I needed. I recommend!

👤These are wonderful. It was very soft and well made. They arrived the next day with a note from the small business who made them hidden inside. There is an update. Even on low, they shrink a lot. I would get the king-size pillows next time, since they are also small.

👤I was impressed when I first saw it. The photo color is greyish navy, which is more accurate than blue. I have noticed with my slobbery dog that the slobber shows up very easily on this soft cotton fabric and dark color, that's the only downside I've noticed so far, besides one time I woke up with a pom pom shoved in my ear.

7. MIULEE Decorative Cushion Pillowcases Bedroom

MIULEE Decorative Cushion Pillowcases Bedroom

The size is 18 x 18 inches. It's suitable for sofa,bed, home,office. Please allow 12 cm deviation because of hand-cutting and sewing. Due to the production process, pillow covers in different light intensity and angle, the surface will produce plush silver reflective, so that the products exhibit different colors, this is a normal phenomenon, and not the product quality problems. There is a hiding place. The pillow cover is noble. Pillow inserts are not included. It'sOUCH your life.

Brand: Miulee

👤The quality of the fabric was good. The pillow cover only has half the length of the zipper. Unless your pillow insert is thin and flexible, you won't be able to place it into the cover. The inserts were too firm to fit inside the cover. We would have been very happy with a standard zip along the entire length of the cover, as the manufacturer was too cheap to provide it.

👤We love them! The "Velvet Dark Green" color is beautiful. We loved how soft they were after we pulled them out. They are pretty much the same as the color shown in the picture. Maybe it's just a small amount of blue. Don't trust my pictures too much, because my camera made them look blue. I used an 18x18 pillow and they filled up. Not much of a basketball is blown up like a basketball. There is a The white handle of the zipper is a small critique. The little handle sticks out from the hidden zip up. But. Put them on the bottom and it will be hidden. I would buy these again. There is a This isn't a review for the long term because we only had them for one day.

👤I put these on my toss pillows in October of last year after buying them in grey for my new leather sofa. They did the trick against the larger turquoise pillows as the color was a perfect accent. There were a lot of loose threads. While having company for Thanksgiving, my adult daughter was laying against a long haired one. The case was torn and was everywhere after 30 minutes. They are past return date, but I was about to return today. Sad that these are old. Don't buy if you're warned. Soft fabric, but not well made.

👤I was excited to get these because of the light green color and feel. The ones I got were not 18 x 18. There is a They were 16 years old. My 18 inch pillow was not going in without tearing the zip. I wish they had the 20 x 20 option. I bought others after returning them.

👤I have bought a fair amount of these. I don't think I've ever had a broken zipper, which is nicely matching and hidden. They clean well with soapy water. The deep colors change in different lighting. Cream and white are translucent. It was very soft and nice to lay on. Cream is delicious to look at with an expensive looking sheen that is matched only by its luxurious feel. The value is great. The video has a full description.

👤Since I don't have a money tree in my back yard, I decided to give these covers a try, even though they were over $100 a piece. I was very happy when I got them out of the package. The color is deep and saturated. The fabric is very soft and smooth. I was a bit worried after reading some reviews about the small opening and ripped seams, but found that by being patient and turning the pillow over, I was able to insert it in a little at a time. I didn't mind that the zipper was visible, it wasn't the case for me. The cover is the same color as the zip up. I am very happy with the covers. I knew they could look cheap, but they are not. These could be passed for something from a high-end store. Would definitely recommend.

8. Tassel Cotton Pillow Covers X29 1in

Tassel Cotton Pillow Covers X29 1in

The pillows are soft stone washed cotton and have a small tassel on the edges. The pillowcases make your bedroom look bohemian. The pillowcase has a trim design. The material is 100% cotton. If you want to find matching duvet covers, please search in their store.

Brand: Flber

👤Beautiful and soft. It was very well made. The light ivory color matches the comforter perfectly.

👤I like these. They're perfect for my bed, they're unique and fabulous. There is a They are not bright, bright white, but rather a warm-ish white which is gorgeous. They are not the creamy ivory in the picture. I like them. There is a But beware... Dry Clean is the suggested method for cleaning. I don't know if they'd survive many trips through the washing machine, so I wouldn't go against that recommendation. Not to mention the wrinkling. There is a They're just decorative and not slept on. I don't think they'll need to go to the dry cleaner often because they're in the bedroom linen closet on shelves, and they spin through the dryer on medium-low with a dryer sheet. There is a I like the look. The price is right and a few bucks every few months is worth it.

👤Don't be fooled by the reviews or photos that say these are white. It was slightly tinted. These are not like photos or reviews. I had to dye my mine. The material is good. It feels soft, but I have felt softer. Somewhat disappointed. I was able to solve the problem on my own. The price is too high for the material.

👤I think this is a good quality. I washed it right away and the tassels didn't tangle in the normal wash and dry mode. They came out of the dryer in their underwear. I'm debating if I should embrace the wrinkled look. I will iron them since they will be my fancy pants pillows, not the ones I lay my head on. I can't say how durable they are, only how they look. I will update this if something changes. There is a The case is against a comforter. There is a The second photo shows a dryer.

👤The shams I received are different from the ones in website photos, as you can see by the attached pics. It's not beige, it's nice off white, and I will use it with several of my prints. I haven't tried pillows yet, but they look larger than the "king"? The measurements are described. I won't use heat in the dryer if they are snug. I don't like end closures but they fit nicely and one review said they were. Will wash inside/out, delicate, and hope all the tassels won't get waded up, which is my biggest concern since the package was new that way. It was crossed, fingers crossed. If all the concerns I listed don't go wrong, the price and style would recommend. It would be nice if the material was thicker.

👤I love it! I am obsessed with my new bedroom decor.

👤These are very thin, and don't match the cover that it appears to go with. It's frustrating to be unable to get an exact match because the duvet doesn't come with pillow shams. The branding on the duvet appears to be different than what is sold by the same company. We were a bit disappointed as some branding on a pillow showed right through.

9. Elegant Comfort Ultra Soft Brushed 100 Hypoallergenic Wrinkle

Elegant Comfort Ultra Soft Brushed 100 Hypoallergenic Wrinkle

Welcome to the endocannabinoid community. The extra durable weave creates a soft feeling. Their silky-smooth bedding is the ultimate in high-end bedding. Their soft bedding set will make a heavenly sleeping experience. The microfiber material is processed to make it resistant to shrinkage and fading, which makes it more resistant to fading and adds to the longevity of the set. The luxurious feel begins with yarns that are even stronger than silk. These microfiber yarns are finished with a brushing and conditioning process before being woven into premium fabrics, then undergo an additional brushing to attain the lustrous, ultra soft finish sought by connoisseurs of Fine linens. Microfiber is made to look as good as it feels. Even after years of regular use, it will look as vibrant as the first night you used it. They are easy to care for, they are as soft as 1500 thread count Egyptian Cotton, and durable. The ultrafine yarns and weave make it easy to wash and keep the linens fresh and clean. They will not be weakened or torn even after years of use, and will only get better with time.

Brand: Elegant Comfort

👤Garbage. I will eat my shirt if these flimsy pillowcases have 1500 thread count. Maybe tiny threads? The fabric is so thin that I thought it would tear as I stuffed a big King Size pillow into it. Don't buy them thinking they are luxurious. More like bargain basement markdowns. The color of the ad was true to the photo.

👤Pure white, soft, long than a king size pillow. There is a I barely got them on my pillows after buying the king size. They are narrow and tight. I was afraid I would rip them if I tried to get them on. I don't expect them to last long, but will keep them for now to avoid the hassle of returning. Do not recommend.

👤I like these pillowcases. The material is a bit thin. They arrived with dirt on them. I am going to wash them to see if I can get the dirt out. Quality control seems to be an issue with this product.

👤I ordered two standard and one king sized pillow cases. One of the standard sized ones had a big hole in it, which looked like it was not sewn properly. I only had 3 pillow cases that matched and didn't have holes. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Not so happy... I ordered a blanket. I had an option to cancel both. I clicked on the option to cancel. It only canceled one because it was not cool. It took 7 days to arrive. It was cheap when it showed up. I have to go to the next town to drop it off because I put in for a refund. Not cool at all. It's funny. Don't let this make you think differently of Amazon. Most stuff I order is fine, but this one was really bad.

👤The quality of the pillow cases is good. The issue is the colors. The gray cases were standard size and king size. There are two grays. When they were sent from different places, I should have been suspicious. They will work, but it is a disappointment.

👤The only negative is that they're not as bright as they look in the photo. The positives are positive. There is a * The color is very bright. It's a good thing. There is a The pillowcases came out perfectly when I opened the package. Remarkable! There is a I washed them with fabric softener. When I took them out of the dryer, I saw that they had no wrinkling. I've never iron a pillowcase in my life, but these are pretty darned good. It was wild. It's very soft for sleeping. You can buy these pillowcases for your whole family. It's a good thing.

👤What do you think about pillowcases? They're big enough for my queen size bed. I have not found the extra flap to be useful. It's not a big deal if your pillow slips out in the morning because your pillows are silky and you don't have to worry about it. I bought these because the sheet set only comes with two and it was a perfect match period, I would highly recommend these.

10. CHENFENG Decorative Pillowcases Closure´╝îSet Standard

CHENFENG Decorative Pillowcases Closure%EF%BC%8CSet Standard

There is a microfiber plush on the front and a velvet plush on the reverse. Add some color to your room. Resistance to fade, Wrinkles, pilling resistant and also offers the best warmth and comfortable breathability are some of the things Resistance to fade, Wrinkles, pilling resistant and also offers the best warmth and comfortable breathability are some of the things Resistance to fade, Wrinkles, pilling resistant The set of 2 Pillowcases are the standard size. The reverse side has a hidden zip up. There is only a pillow cover. The whole plush shaggy duvet cover set and single quilt cover are sold separately from their store. The fabric design pillowcase makes the product more luxurious and comfortable. This pillowcase gives you the most comfortable feeling when you are resting, sleeping or lying in bed, on the sofa, in the chair and in the window seat. It applies to all seasons. They think this pillowcase is what you want. Updating your bedroom is a great way to reflect on your pursuit of luxury and comfort. A Pillow cover is a great gift for everyone. The hidden design is easy to separate. This pillow cove is easier to care for because of the machine wash with cold water cycle. It is advisable to avoid hang dry. Please refer to the care label if you do not want to bleach or iron. Cleaning before the first use reduces the product's cutting debris and is more skin friendly. 30-day return and replacement service is provided by XeGe. They will reply to your questions and help you resolve the problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Xege

👤These pillow cases are soft, furry, and cute. I had them for months, washed them often, and kept them that way until today. When you wash them, you must turn them inside out and zip them up. I forgot to do this to one of them. One of the pictures shows one of the two looking new while the other looks sad and tied up. I would recommend these if you don't mind washing them inside out and zip them up.

👤I bought the pillow cases for my dogs. I don't like over paying for pet products because they are intended for pets. I saw a dog bed made of the same material and bought these. The pillow cases are top quality and less expensive. They are very soft. My oldest dog is very happy with his new pillow. I would purchase for human use too.

👤These are wonderful! I'm not sure what they are because I'm looking at shag. When I'm in bed, I think one of my cats is there, but it's my pillow sham. The color is the same. They are durable shams and have a zipper closure. I bought the king size bamboo pillows because they were so big and didn't fit into standard pillow cases. I bought the standard size because there is no queen size option, and it doesn't look baggy at all. I think regular size pillows would be in there. I don't know how they will hold up to kids and pets, but they are fine to use in my bed for decorative pillow shams. My cats love kneading on each other because they think it's a mama kitty. It's a good thing. They have a pretty shimmer to the shag side. I wouldn't call it glitter, but shimmer seems like an appropriate description.

👤Well made pillow shams. I gave them 4 stars because they are small. I would recommend them if you don't mind the small size. A picture was added to compare other throw pillow covers. I should have paid more attention to the size noted.

👤These pillow covers are very nice. I bought a pillow for my dog. Yes for my dog. He liked the one I bought for him. I thought I'd get him his own. I thought the sides of the pillow case were made of the same material. The material is only one side. The other side has a feeling of velvet. The pillow case is very soft. I took one star away because it was too small. The pillows are king-size, but one case was too big. The other was perfect. Since they're covering gel pillows, they should fit perfectly. They are nice pillow covers and a good price.

👤I love it! It came with 2 pillow cases. The dark grey color is king size. It is as pictured and true to size. They are soft and feel good. I highly recommend.

👤I loved it! Exactly as shown in the picture.

👤I purchased the white in a standard pillow sham size and it was exactly what I was looking for. White and soft. There is a back. Have not washed them yet because they were shipped fast. It works perfectly with a standard pillow. I can't post a review on the 18x18 pink. It was an epic fail. 0 stars! This is not the same as the photo, it is a bright neon with a hint of orange. The camera did a good job of capturing it. There is no way a baby pink or a baby pink is close to a true pink. Quality was not up to par. It's hard to find a pink pillow. The 18 in cover was smaller than my other covers and my pillows did not fit well. If you have a normal sized 18 inch pillow, I would recommend a size up. Having just covers is great because I like to change up my look. The pink failed. The white standard sham was perfect.

11. YINFUNG Macrame Pillowcase Crochet Romantic

YINFUNG Macrame Pillowcase Crochet Romantic

There are 2 pillow shams in a queen size set. There are Taoist Pillow Swords. A range of decors from a country cottage to a bohemian bedroom can be found with the macrame and lace trims. The natural cotton pillow sandals are made of natural cotton and are ideal for kids and girls. There is a Boho pillowcase. Put the pillow in easily with the split flap in the middle of the shams. Since they are 100% cotton, they will be pretty again after ironing if needed. Unique workmanship and original design are included. Girls and boys can refuse romantic pillowcases.

Brand: Yinfung

👤I wanted something different to mix in with the other pillows on my bed and this was perfect. It's not yellowy, it's a true ivory/white. The trim is light beige and adds a unique touch. It will complement any decor. I used a standard bed pillow to get a more relaxed look. That was perfect. Out of 7 pillows on my bed, this is the one my cat chooses to sleep on. The material is thick and sturdy, even though they dowrinkle a bit. I will wash them when I do, but I haven't done it yet.

👤It is a very nicely made sham, however it is actually a pillowcase, open at the end. I think it would be a great addition to any bed, but I haven't laundered it yet to see how it performs under normal use. It is being used as a decorative accent to the bed ensemble.

👤These pillowcases are good. I don't like how they look wrinkled. The picture above shows how the pillow looks after two days of use. If you are going for a bohemian theme, the fringe decoration adds a lot.

👤I washed them first. The instructions to wash inside out make sense because of the fringe. The fringe was a hot mess. I tied a knot at the end of every pillow case I have looked at so far, after combing out the fringe. Single. Ring to avoid that problem again. They looked terrible. They are just as wrinkled as a piece of notebook paper when you try to flatten them back out. Not being very soft. I don't feel a pain in my ass.

👤The pillow cases are stylish. The pillows feel good to sleep on and there is plenty of room for them. I was going to return them because I thought I couldn't afford them, but I have changed my mind. These are people.

👤I bought a comforter from Target that didn't have the matching shams I needed. I am very happy with what I received. The material is cotton and cool and the price was fair. I washed my shams before putting them on my pillow so the tassels look a little messy from the wash cycle. The color matched is a plus. I was happy that what I received matched the picture description.

👤The pillowcase is sheer. My pillows had something on them. I had to get new pillows. The macrame is a nice touch.

👤These pillow slips are not a heavier woven fabric like a pillow sham or throw pillow cover, they are ultra thin cotton pillow slips with trims sewed on the one edge. Any print on the pillows will show through the sheer fabric.

👤If you sleep on, it will be wrinkled and easy to Wrinkle. Not bad if used as a display pillow. They are pretty but not as expensive as expected. I wouldn't order again. Continue Shipping.


What is the best product for decorative queen pillow cases 2?

Decorative queen pillow cases 2 products from Uhamho. In this article about decorative queen pillow cases 2 you can see why people choose the product. Wake In Cloud and Beddingstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative queen pillow cases 2.

What are the best brands for decorative queen pillow cases 2?

Uhamho, Wake In Cloud and Beddingstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative queen pillow cases 2. Find the detail in this article. Love's Cabin, Susybao and Move Over are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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