Best Decorative Rain Barrel Cover

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1. RAINPAL Barrel Quarter Bulkhead Fitting

RAINPAL Barrel Quarter Bulkhead Fitting

It's called disposition: The brown rattan design can be used as a trash can. You can install from outside of the barrel. 10 Ft Thread Tape is included. Heavy Duty 4.0 oz Solid Brass Bulkhead Fitting, Female 3/4" NPT Threaded on Both ends, install spigot on either end. Heavy Duty 6.0 oz No Kink Quarter Turn Solid Brass Ball Valve with Garden Hose Hook Up. The hole for the fitting needs to be 1-1/4 inch. 55 gallon used plastic drum barrels are great for fitting up to 1/2 inch thickness wall. The 10mm opening has a great flow rate. The water was tested with 2 feet of water.

Brand: Rainpal

👤There is one concern with this item. The flow-rate is FLOW-RATE. While the valve has a hose-style accessory on one end, it has a hole in it that is only a small diameter. It's ridiculous if you want a decent flow rate for your application. You could drain that 55 gallon drum with a straw. I would have passed on buying this if they had included this important information in the description.

👤My kit came with a bonus. When the power goes out, we lose our water, so we used to keep a bunch of gallon jugs of water in the house to flush the toilet and other things. I converted one of the sealed plastic 55-gallon drums I bought last summer to a water tank and got rid of the jugs. I had to install this kit in 20 minutes. I used a trick that I saw in a video on Youtube to pull the fitting through the hole I cut. I filled the barrel well above the spigot to check for leaks. Didn't have anything. The weakish flow out the spigot is strong enough to fill jugs, according to some reviews. The pieces are strong. If you want to convert a barrel into a water tank, this is the way to go. I was a bit confused to find an extra piece in the box. I can use the RAINPAL RBI125F Rain Barrel inlet accessory to cap the threaded hole in the top of the barrel. That was helpful as well.

👤It's rare to see five star reviews when hundreds of people review a product. This one deserves five stars from me as well. I was in need of a few bulkheads, like the ones you might make a rain barrel out of. My application was to make a Rubbermaid trash can into a water and nutrition container garden. There is a The quality of the material is good. It was easy to install and had no leaks after tightening. I like the quarter turn valve because it reduces stress on the bulkhead when opening or closing it. The brass is high quality and I have no concerns about it holding up for a long time. The provided gasket is large and allows for good tightening without fear of blowing it out. You can get a decent flow through the valve if your application calls for high flow rates. Overall value isn't the cheapest out there, but it is substantial and you get what you pay for. There is a It required a large hole for installation, which was my only complaint. A Unibit is a great tool for making a hole. I had to buy a new Unibit that could drill the 1-1/4" hole as my other Unibit topped out at 1-1/8" I don't complain about getting new tools. I now have two of these. If I need more of these, I would buy them again.

👤I used this product to fit a garden hose to a wine barrel. The brass seems to be heavy-duty and good quality at first glance. The ball valve functions well, even though it doesn't seem as sturdy. The unit is made of three pieces, the base that sits inside the barrel, a nut that secures the base in place, and a valve assembly that screws into the base. The barrel's head is 3 cm thick and the neck of the base isn't long enough to reach through it. I had to make the wood thin enough so that the nut could secure the base. The manufacturer saves a little brass, and creates a lot of extra work for the end user.

2. Design Toscano Downspout Extension Polyresin

Design Toscano Downspout Extension Polyresin

There is a grate. The top is 4-5-8 in. The openings are 1/2 in. Wide. There will be no more buffering silo blocks. The statues of gargoyles can be used as rain diverters, just as they were in the original castles of Europe. The fun and function of the Gargoyle is that he protects your home from the damaging effects of rain water on your foundation while also showing off his sense of humor. The dragon downspout is hand-cast using real crushed stone and is UV resistant. The Design Toscano brand has a decorative down spout extension with wide open mouth that will steer water from your gutter to your lawn and away from your foundation. The statue is 10 feet tall and has a weight of 3 lbs. The standard rectangular downspouts can be up to 2.25" x3".

Brand: Design Toscano

👤These are great Gargoyles, but they don't come close to holding the downspout that they claim to accommodate. I attached the extendable drain to the Gargoyles. I had to cut the plastic downspouts in order to cram them in the back. I will have to get super tape to attach them. The manufacturer could fix it. If not for this purpose, who wants a Gargoyle with an open back?

👤It's really cute, without being precious. I like the fact that the dragon breathes water instead of fire. Our downspout has a 4-ft long extension that can come loose and blow across the yard whenever we get strong winds. When a storm is blowing in, the winds send the downspout out where it is useless at the very time it is needed. This has enough weight to hold the spout in place. I was concerned about the amount of water pooled inside after a heavy rain because it was something I had never seen before. I don't want mosquitoes to have a place to set up a maternity ward. The dragon boy is worth the price and he gets along well with the large population of lizards.

👤I love my dog. A lot. Anyone considering purchasing him should be aware of his limitations. The downspout was too close to the concrete porch to fit intoRoland's back. I decided to make him work because I liked him so much. I had to buy multiple downspout extenders to link them together, so that I could see what was happening when I got to a safe place. I had to buy different sizes of extenders because they are too large to fit in the opening in the back. I had to make sure that the water flowed freely from my downspout, though the extenders and not the pool in the extenders. It took a lot of work to get things right. The result is good. Several visitors have commented on how cute it is that Roland disgorging water from my living room window. I think it's a great idea to dress up your downspout with a novel way to do it. You may have to make multiple adjustments to get him to work properly.

👤The Notre Dame Cathedral has gargoyles. I used spray foam to secure the pipe collar and cut off the back just behind the wings to cover the outlet pipe. The shell of the gargoyle varies greatly in thickness, but it should not be a problem when it is used on a rain gutter. I was installing a gargoyle when Notre Dam was burning, what are the odds?

👤The Dragon was bought from a different source than the Darian. Darian is 1/3 the size of Roland and we had to fit a new fitting to get it into his butt. It took two of us to do it. He is a welcome addition to the down spout. The opening of the down spout makes it much easier to insert. The difference is not noticeable since they are not next to each other.

3. Oatey Rainwater Collection Residential Downspouts

Oatey Rainwater Collection Residential Downspouts

The use of this paper is for appliances, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, home devices, kitchen backsplash, buffet cabinets, TV stand, Vanity, pantry, dining table, desk, crafts, windows, dresser, drawer, closets, lake house, industrial, dorm, living room. Directs rain to be collected into barrels for reuse in lawn and garden watering. The standard residential downspouts are 2 x 3. The design is made of plastic and can be painted. Comes with a hi-flow hose. Comes with a hi-flow hose.

Brand: Oatey

👤I have a mixed review of the two items I purchased. Like many dissatisfied customers, I also experienced heavy water leaking between the two halves. The hose supplied with the kit is ridiculous. I'm not throwing them in the garbage, so some modifications were required. Dump the hose. The next time it gets hot in the sun, it will still be a problem. I used a non-kinking hose. This works perfectly. How to fix the center joint during a heavy rain? Silicone can be used to seal it. I wanted the flexibility to separate the halves to clear the exit hole. I'm not going to re- seal it every time. seal it with foam was my solution. It's a gasket. It's useful for many "fix-it" situations, and you can buy it on a roll. It's cheap. The E/O was for Frost King. x 16 in. There is a grey vinyl foam weather- seal tape. Cut a length that will fit around the outside of the upper half. The foam should be applied to the upper half near the bottom. It will be difficult to fit the halves together the first time, but it will be snug between the upper and lower ones. It works perfectly without a drop. I can pull the halves apart to clean them out. For some reason the manufacture doesn't supply this. Good luck!

👤The first set of diverters I had. My first ones were made of powder coated metal and were not good. These are a good fit. I need to paint them to match the spouts, but they work. All my 50 gal barrels were full after I installed them. Some people are skeptical about the small interior trough for catching rain. The water is mostly stuck to the side of the downspout. The upper section should not be too high. The plastic seam should stop no lower than the surface, otherwise the water will break and miss the collection trough. Some people are complaining about the white tubing that comes in the package. It takes a day or two to relax in the sun and make it softer, but I'm happy with it after that. It has a 1-1/4" inside diameter so any plastic tubing connections will work with it. I was very happy with the amount of it that Oatey gave. There are a couple different installations in my pictures.

👤This will work for most people. A 500 gallon rain barrel is attached to our house. Too much water was bypassed for our application. We went with a system that catches the first 10 gallons and diverts all of them to the rain barrel. If you divert the first 10 gallons, it will be the most contaminated from your roof.

👤This is a great rain diverter. It works well and is easy to install. It can be difficult to cut out the back part of a metal gutter, but it's not very time consuming. I would like to address a common comment in the questions and reviews. This can be connected to a Blue 55 gallon food barrel. You can buy a Reducing Male Adapter at your hardware store. There is a picture included. A small hose clamp is a good buy. Also pictured is 3. The smaller hole in your lid is where the threaded end of the PVC Adapter will fit. 4. The hose is placed around the enclosed tubing. 5. Place the tubing over the other end of the adapter. There is a The first mild rain filled an entire 55 gallon container. The amount of water you collect is influenced by a lot of different factors, including how much gutter you have and how many down spouts are available. There is a The only complaint I have about this product is the tubing. It is very stiff. I would much rather work with something simpler. I can't complain because it still collected a large amount of water and handled the overflow correctly.

4. Gallon Portable Rain Barrel Water

Gallon Portable Rain Barrel Water

We back every order with a 30 day money back guarantee because they are so confident in the quality and craftsmanship of their rain bells. They will take your order back if you are not completely satisfied. No questions were asked. The 53 gallon capacity is 27'' tall and 24'' wide. Assembly and storage are portable and collapsible. It is easy to transport. It's built with the highest quality material, 3-ply, and it's UV-heat/cold-freeze resistant. It was built to last outdoors. The pack includes a high flow spigot, overflow spout, leakproof washers, 6 sturdy legs/feet, and a super-tough barrel with a filter intake hole. There are 25 colorful lawn and garden tags. All the plants that were grown with your new watering system should be labeled. The system is sustainable, smart and eco-friendly. Conserving water, saving on utility bills, and saving the earth are some of the things you can do. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied.

Brand: Lostronaut

👤The finished product can collapse in the first rain. The instructions were not up to date. The rain barrel frame needs to be assembled. The metal poles should be inserted. " There were six poles with vertical supports. I was expecting something to hold the barrel open. The instructions show that you can attach a garden hose to the Drain Spigot, but it requires a male hose connection, not the normal female. The middle drain spigot is not in the instructions. The connection for the overflow requires a hose and a piece of equipment. The product is not worth the price.

👤One of the legs can't be connected with a regular hose. The product does not fit in a box.

👤This was easy to set up and came with tags. The spigot is very useful when the barrel is full. The barrel could explode due to the water pressure, so make sure to empty every so often.

👤This is what I was looking for in a rain barrel. It's easy to assemble, big... It had one problem. When it rains, I am excited to finally see how much rain will fall into my barrel, but it falls over and collapses in the morning. I have to put bricks in the bottom to keep it there. There is a sad face.

👤This is the second review. I couldn't find a way to change the review. The price of 2 rain barrels has gone up by $17. In the last month. I ordered the second one because I loved the first one so much. The second one was leaking. I wrapped the threads with tape. I had to do the same thing a week later. There is a They hold water well but add plumbing tape before adding water. There is a In a few weeks time, they are pretty quick. I have the black ones. They are sitting on the back deck. There is a They're a nice addition to the garden if I can keep them from leaking. There is a They lost 2* for leaking because of the price increase and repair needs.

👤The barrel I purchased was the subject of a review that said it fell apart and sagged, but I don't know what that person did wrong. I put the water in the barrel after I got it in my yard. The barrel is doing a great job of collecting rain water since then. I haven't used any of the faucets, but they were easy to install.

👤This had no connection to a hose. When it rained and the barrel was half full, nothing came out of the spout. I left the hose attached and the water den in the garden.

👤The barrel is simple. There is a The instructions they give you are a joke. That's right. I'm pretty sure they're copies of a different water barrel. I don't like how big the mesh is. The leaves can't get in. I bet mosquitoes can. I got a free hose that doesn't fit anything. I'm not sure if it was supposed to come with it. There is a I did not receive the patches that it claims comes with it. There is a I'll be back if it fails, I haven't tested it out yet.

5. Waterproof Resistant Char Broil Nexgrill VIBOOS

Waterproof Resistant Char Broil Nexgrill VIBOOS

Shop with confidence. Collections Etc has been selling unique, inspiring, and home solution products for over 50 years. Collections Etc products come with a 60 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The material is waterproof and dustproof. It has the function of waterproof in rain and dustproof and anti-UV in sunny day. It can prevent strong wind, rain, storm, intense sunshine, dust, snow, etc. And keep it clean. Considerate design, elastic hem rope, and the ability to adjust the lid to prevent it from being blown away. Don't worry about windy days. The dimensions are 58inch x 24inch x 46inch. It's suitable for most barbecues with 2 or 3 burners. Measure your grill. There is a storage bag and cover on the list. It is easy to install and remove, and can be folded into the bag. Use with confidence. They offer a competitive price and great customer service. They offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Before and after your purchase, there is technical support available. If you have a problem, just contact them and they will get to the bottom of it.

Brand: Viboos

👤"VIBOOS Grill Cover, 58in BBQ Gas Grill cover, waterproof, weather resistant, sun protection, fade resistant, and uv resistant, for Weber Char-Broil Nexgrill Grills and More" The problem is not that I purchased this large on purpose. The problem is if you look at my pics, the left side Velcro won't attach to either the right side or the right side, rendering it useless. I had to tie it up. The elastic band is pulled to one side because it is sewed inside the bottom of one side. There is a I understand it's not rocket science, but under the circumstances it doesn't come together as the picture suggests. There is a The case it comes in is not wide enough to cover without damaging it and the only way to get it out of it's case is to rip the zip off. A bad purchase!

👤This was a half price item. The cover is very thin, bigger than advertised, and has a lot of wrinkling. It is not worth half the original $25 price. I don't recommend this cover to anyone because I have nothing else to use.

👤The bar-b-que grill is being covered with the product. It's a perfect fit when you put the cover on the grill. We haven't seen rain yet. I don't know if it's waterproof. I'll use the water hose. The description is complete and accurate. The item is easy to fit over the entire grill. The grill cover can be tightened if it's too tight. I would recommend this barbque grill cover to my friends and family at this point in the purchase. It was a great purchase. Thank you for the quality product.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the grill cover. I expected it to be just a piece of plastic that I could throw over the grill and use as a gasket, just as I did with the one I was replacing. I didn't have to tighten it around the bottom because it's thick and nice. My grill has remained protected even in the storms this year. I don't think I'll have to buy another one.

👤I put this cover on because it was a late review. My grill is about 50” and the cover is a bit big. The package come out nice, it also comes with a zip bad so people can put the cover away when they don't need it, and it has the thing to tide on the bottom so the cover won't fly away. The material is a bit thin. I think it is waterproof. I think it is a good deal to buy it if needed.

👤The grill cover is the same as described. It is a very cheap grill cover. It will probably not last very long, but if anyone complains about the life expectancy of a $10 grill cover, their expectations are unrealistic. It is made of a thin plastic material, so if you drag it across the grill and tear it, it's your own fault. Even if it only lasts a year, it deserves 5 stars. I will consider it a pleasant surprise if it lasts for two years or more.

6. Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast GHW1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Buy with confidence, a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, full refunds or replacements for all quality-related issues without return. If your iwatch loops have any quality issues, please contact them at the first chance. they will give you a solution. The outdoor patio trash can has a decorative wicker-style design. The design of the lid makes it easy to get in and out of the can. CONVENIENT USE: It is compatible with the standard 30 gal. Garbage bags are easy to use. There is a sturdy construction. It is made with durable resin that resists fading and keeps water out through the season. It's a small size to keep your porch clean without taking up a lot of space. ft. 1.75 ft2

Brand: Suncast

👤My dog poops 8 times a day. I needed a place to store the poop that wasn't in my house or in the garbage cans I keep in the garage. My dog poop is stored on this thing on my patio. There is no smell around or near it. How are you going to stop it from smelling like dog poop when you open it? It has a double lid that is nice. The main opening allows me to put garbage bags in and take them out. The smaller lid allows me to dump dog poop straight from the pooper scooper without having to worry about getting my hands dirty. I have had this thing sitting in the sun for more than a year and it has held its original color. I was expecting it to fade, but it hasn't.

👤These are very sturdy and only took a minute to assemble. The quality is better than I expected, but I can't say how well they hold up outside. I bought these because they were a creative way to sort laundry. I bought three of these trash hideaways and some cloth liners from Amazon for $7. The weight of my husband's jeans make the liners fall into the bin, so I snap them in the lid. The top opening hatch is perfect for my kids to use, as it keeps everything in place during their clumsy sorting. I don't have to worry about the hamper lining under the dirty underwear. I am happy! That makes this a great design for a laundry hamper for a mom. Standard laundry hampers are built differently than this way. No one knows that these are trash bins. Everyone who has seen them loves them. This idea is cheaper than a full sized laundry hamper because you can snap in the liner and pull it out when full, but still have access to put clothes in with the use of the top hatch. It's brilliant. I used my label makers to make labels. If your kids can't read yet, you might want to order different colored liners or tape to make it easier to sort.

👤There is new information about the problem of full bags popping when they are re-allocated. The bottom line is that if you use 2 bags, 1 as a liner and 1 for trash, it would most likely solve any issue with a bag full of trash tearing while removing it from the bin. This is a short version of a story I wrote about this trash bin. There is a The 2nd bin that we purchased in a different color is still sitting on our patio in the middle of the day in full Arizona sun and still looks and functions like new. The dark brown bin that was purchased in 2013 still looks and functions like new, and sits in the garage corner safely storing garden tools and other small outdoor garden/patio supplies. After a couple of pool parties, we had 2 heavy and overfilled bags tear when trying to remove them from the bin, even with the very thick bags we use. I decided to use one bag as a liner. It works well. The same bag has been in the bin for about a year now, and the 2nd bag slides out perfectly even if it's stuffed with trash. We still use the heavy duty trash bags from Amazon. The cost for 100 bags is now $26.97 They do include twist ties for closing, but they do not have the same style of drawstrings. They now offer a clear bag, which I find useful for not only trash, but also for storing large comforter sets, boxed items like books and Christmas decorations, for an added layer of protection. The bags are thicker than the national name brand bags. Their bags are much thicker than any of the big name brand bags we have tried. If interested, type this into the search bar: Large black garbage bags 30 gallon - 32 gallon. The previous review. The Suncast outdoor trash hideaway I purchased from Amazon in April of 2013 is the photo I have posted. The bin has been sitting on my patio in the morning for the last ten years, because it faces the morning sun until at least 11:00 to noon during the long summer months. We put a 33 gallon trash bag in the bin because our town requires it. We put the trash in the Suncast bin and then put the bag in the house. When the trash bag is full, we take it out to the large containers provided by the town that are stored behind our house twice a week. We recently purchased a second Suncast bin, which is a lighter color, which matches the patio colors, block wall, etc., and blends in better than the dark brown bin. The Suncast bin is in excellent condition. We have had several monsoon dust storms in the last few days, but we usually hose it off once a week, and it cleans up like new. It's almost waterproof. Water can't get into the trash bag. There have been a few times when the rain has come down very hard and sideways and water got into the bag in the bin. The only thing wrong with this bin is that the plastic/rubber hinges broke when I knocked it over. The way it seals the top has not been affected by it. I normally wouldn't write a long review about a product designed to hold trash, but I feel that the quality and design of this product should be acknowledged. We can have the bin near our back door without attracting flies because the top provides a pretty good seal. We will use the old bin to store smaller garden items in a garage corner. This product will be around long after we're gone.

7. Profile Catch Basin Downspout Extension

Profile Catch Basin Downspout Extension

The statue is 10 feet tall and has a weight of 3 lbs. The standard rectangular downspouts can be up to 2.25" x3". Low profile design can be hidden by covering with mulch, straw or landscape cover. Includes 8 feet. L of 2 in. Flexible pipe diverts rain water around landscaping to prevent water and foundation damage. It is made with a durable material that can endure all outdoor elements. All standard residential downspouts are compatible. 3 in. x 4 in. The basin is 12 in D. W x 12 in. If only using the 1-drain location, the W. includes 2-drain pipe knockouts and a cap. The basin is 12 in D. W x 12 in. If only using the 1-drain location, the W. includes 2-drain pipe knockouts and a cap.

Brand: Amerimax

👤We had lawn curb installed so that we could avoid the lake caused by the downspout when it rains. My husband wasn't sure it would help. I moved the mulch away from the area and put the hose under the downspout. I covered the drain with the hose. It looks great and does its job. It is available at Home Depot at the same price as on Amazon.

👤I bought two of these basins for my backyard, which slopes down from the house to the edge of a forest. There were small puddles of water pooling in the area of my regular downspout when it rained. The basins were bought to drain the water away from the house. It is difficult to connect the extension hose. Unless you want the basin to be level with the surrounding area, it doesn't have to be placed in the ground. In my situation, the 2-inch hose that comes with the catch basin was attached to a 50-foot hose to drain the water away from the house. The only problem? An extension hose that was 4-inches wide was being sold by someone who put the initial Amazon page together. Before purchasing your extension pantyhose, you should read all the items. I used a lot of black "Flex Tape" to connect the two hoses. Put wire mesh over the end of the extension hose to prevent little creatures from crawling inside, and dig a foot-deep trench from the back of the house to where the extension hose ends near the forest. My house is close to the forest and I have a lot of small tree frog, crickets, and other little crawling things that like to jump in puddles of water and use my downspouts as their homes. I bought a black mesh laundry bag which was cut down to fit over the top of the initial catch basin to keep the little creatures from getting drowned. I bought the heavy duty "Meowoo Large Mesh Laundry Bag with Drawstring" for this purpose. If you decide to use this mesh for the top of the catch basin, place it on the top of the basin, not underneath, because rushing water from your downspout will push the mesh down to the bottom of the catch basin. I fastened the mesh with twist ties around the outside of the top and it's holding up well. I have extra mesh left in case I need to replace it. I like the look of this catch basis and it serves its purpose well. Sorry that the company didn't sell a 2-inch extension hose. Read before buying. If you want to keep water out of your house, I highly recommend this product.

👤This is a solution for a drain. The cover is flexible and not strong. Someone else has said that I will put something in the pan to support the cover. It was a perfect fit for what I needed, a way to drain water from one bed into an underground pipe, even though it is a bit pricey. See the pictures.

8. Lake Lite HG 30910 Downspout Splashblock

Lake Lite HG 30910 Downspout Splashblock

Water can be directed away from foundations to help protect them. It is possible to prevent erosion damage. It is made of molded plastic. Protect decorative landscaping.

Brand: Lake Lite

👤Don't confuse the quality of these with what you find at your local store. These are very flimsy. They're a little heavier than a milk jug. You can squeeze them between two fingers. 30 minutes after putting them out, the breeze blew them into the neighbors yard. I had to hold them down by piling bricks. The more obvious solution was to lay bricks on the ground below the downspout. These are not to be avoided.

👤The first heavy rain moved this unit out of the way. I have to figure out how to peg it down. It's as expected.

👤We needed something for this downspout and didn't want to spend a fortune. The grey color was cheaper than the other two colors and I thought it would work well. You can see in the photo that the rain has just started and the second photo is heavier. The water was shot away from the house by the heavy rains. If you need an item like this, get it.

👤If you think this is a good replacement for the plastic splash blocks from Presto Products, you are mistaken. This is a flimsy substitute that will probably blow away soon. I'm fine with that. Please let me know where I can buy the real deal.

👤It is better than what Home Depot or Lowes sells now.

👤All 3 were placed around the house yesterday. It isn't worth it for the price. There is a hole for nailing. It wouldn't stay if there were heavy winds or rain on the property. It is too long to be placed at the front. This was not placed in my mailbox. The box was for Amazon personnel. 3ft long was put on my porch steps after being opened. The driver didn't take pictures and seemed off, but the cameras confirmed it. The front and back Amazon's tape were damaged. Quality of stuff and delivery is a concern, pictures were taken but to access my phone, wasn't in the mood. The 2 packages that were delivered by Amazon were not worth it.

👤It is grey. There is a It's made of plastic. It takes water out of my downspout. Not much else to say, right? There is a I'll see how it holds up in the long-run, because the location where I placed this currently gets about 8 hours of summer sunlight. It hasn't moved during heavy downpours and has survived more than one encounter with my string trimmer. I will probably purchase two more for the other downspouts later on.

👤We needed the gutter around our house because it was pretty significant in the amount of water that came out. We had them for about 2 weeks and so far they have been good. They are lightweight and fit under the gutter spout. I would buy again but hope these last awhile.

9. Porch Shield Heavy Patio Waterproof

Porch Shield Heavy Patio Waterproof

The Laundry Guide says to put it down and let it dry. The round fire pit or fire table cover is 32 inches in diameter and 16 inches in height. There is an extra material to use as a patch kit. There is a 3 year warranty. The fabric has an added waterproof laminated under coating. All seams are sealed to prevent tearing, fight wind and leaks. It's important to give your fire table full protection against the elements. Extra ventilating feature is present at two sides of the air vent. The handles on the air vents make it easy to remove them. There is a custom secure fit with the elastic hem cord and straps. Buckles at the bottom keep cover securely fastened. The top of the cover should be raised to prevent rain water collection.

Brand: Porch Shield

👤May 2020 is an update. The cover is letting water in. It lasted a year. I would not recommend this product anymore. I bought this to cover my new firepit which is 47 inches round. It fit perfectly. The fabric touched the ground because there was plenty of room to keep my ember catcher on top. You can attach it to the legs of the table with 2 buckles. The material is heavy. It feels like the Amazon Basic chair covers I ordered. If I notice any of the defects mentioned by the other reviewers, I will update this review.

👤The fire pit we got from Lowe's split within 3 days. I decided to give it a try. I knew it was better. It has been on the fire pit for a month and it is still strong. We put a inflatable pillow in the center so the water won't get in the way.

👤It works perfectly for my firepit. It faded very quickly after only a couple of months. It still protects my fire pit from the elements, but it's now an embarrassment and looks like a cheap piece of junk on my deck. It is supposed to be black and white. The grill cover on my BBQ is almost 10 years old and it still looks new. They failed miserably when it came to retaining its color. It wasn't like it was out in the desert. The color didn't survive a Michigan summer, which isn't that bad. The fire pit cover only gets sun for 1/3 of the day. If you don't care about cosmetics, then you should buy this. It will protect the fire pit. If you care about having nice looking things on your patio or deck, then I wouldn't be interested in this one. The company really dropped the ball. It's easy to make a fade-resistant product.

👤It saves me $30 from buying their cover, which is too tight. The extra width around the fire pit makes it easier to slip on over the pit with a small disc sled as a dime cover to shed water and support snow. The elastic waistband at the bottom is great to cinch down and prevent it blowing off in wind, and it's nice that there are tie down and buckles if I wanted to attach to support legs or stakes. The material seems thick and durable, and is likely to be waterproof. I returned a cover that was more likely 120 dernier or plastic with a fabric imprint.

👤The cover that came with the fire pit was flimsy. Our dwarf goats finally did it. When our herd of goats decides to hop on top, I don't have to worry about ripping the cover. The cover is very nice and matches our other patio furniture covers. I would buy it again, but I don't think I'll need to. It's a good thing.

👤It fits perfectly in our fire pit. The fire pit is dry when I check it after several days of rain. So far, so good.

10. Universal Vertical Barbecue Char Broil Brinkmann

Universal Vertical Barbecue Char Broil Brinkmann

There is a complete line of landscape rocks available. The rocks come in many different sizes. The Universal Vertical Round Grill Cover is made of wood. It's enough to cover most of the standard vertical smokers. The bullet smoker covers are made of wood. It's perfect for a 22" weber grill, George Foreman electric grill cover, Fuego grill cover, pool filter cover, char-broil patio bistro cover, chiminea fire pit cover, 55 gal drum smoker cover, and the list goes on. Heavy-duty vinyl and water repellence finish,double layer bound edge, and iCOVER vertical grill cover will protect your grill from splashing water or pouring rain. High-density double line stitching is used in the iCOVER vertical smoker covers. UV resistant meterial is easy to protect. Snug FitElastic closure for snug fit and prevents cover from blowing off. The dirt will come off easily if you simply hosing with water. 100% satisfaction or your money back! Any quality-related issue will take 12 months to be resolved. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: I Cover

👤I bought this cover to keep it out of the weather while it sits in the backyard. It works perfect! It feels like it will keep the elements off the basket. It would work well for a round charcoal bbq or smoker. The bottom is elastic so it won't blow off in heavy wind. I am hopeful that it will hold up.

👤There are pros and cons. We are thankful to have this cover because it fits our grill well. It is nice if you are trying to save money. There are some things that are CONS: The cover material is not very strong. The cost savings I initially had from purchasing it will be lost as I need to replace this cover. I took my grill cover off and it still had a small tear in it. The cover on the back of our house is protected from the wind and it started cracking after the deep freeze. If you're in a pinch for a cover, all that can say is good, but it can't stand up to much use or abuse.

👤It works for me. I didn't have to pay for a cover. I paid a small amount. It's black and has a nice elastic around one end. I put a bungee cord on it to make sure. I suggest putting it back on the grill so that it doesn't tear it. This will be a good buy if you take care of your stuff. It will be more junk if you don't change it.

👤I searched for the best price for a smoker cover and found this one. I thought I could get two or three of them for the price of one from a home improvement store. I took the plunge and have not had any issues with it. The material is not as thick as some of the other grill covers. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap grill cover because it has held up being in the sun and getting rained on. I gave this cover four stars because one day I accidentally laid the rubber side down on the grill and forgot about it. The black stuff melted onto the grill. It was kind of disappointing that there were no major issues with this.

👤This is rated for 65 inch and my CharmGlow is 64.5 inch x 24 at the widest point. It is like a 200 pound woman squeezing into yoga pants. It works once, but will rip in the future. I noticed that the fine print says it is made for 22.5 inch width, which is too narrow given the range of modern grill formats. I will never use this thing because it has a nice drawstring and the wind will never remove it. I am getting small tears at the corners after less than 3 months. It was put on and removed about 6 times.

👤I bought this cover for my grill. It is the perfect size and has an elastic bottom to keep animals out of the grill. I don't have to worry about the weather because my grill is made of plastic and it is safe to leave on the patio. My grill is clean and dry despite the rain. The quality is excellent and the price is very competitive.

11. Livelynine Countertop Decorative Dishwasher Refrigerators

Livelynine Countertop Decorative Dishwasher Refrigerators

Use with confidence. They offer a competitive price and great customer service. They offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Before and after your purchase, there is technical support available. If you have a problem, just contact them and they will get to the bottom of it. TAILS: There are 43.3 square feet of self-adhesive size-15.8 X . Oil proof, waterproof, it's made of vinyl, stainless steel and other materials. It is fully removed without leaving a trace. Self stick on any smooth objects, if you want, and cut gridlines on backing paper for precise measurements. Premium paint will not cause any Fading for years. All-PURPOSE: The paper is made ofstainless steel. There are oilproof stickers for the kitchen. The old fridge/refrigerator/freezer/dishwasher door can be upgraded with the help of the STAINLESS STEEL WRAP. There are metallic stickers for home improvements. If you're not completely satisfied with their contact paper within 30 days of purchase, they'll give you a full refund. The use of this paper is for appliances, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, home devices, kitchen backsplash, buffet cabinets, TV stand, Vanity, pantry, dining table, desk, crafts, windows, dresser, drawer, closets, lake house, industrial, dorm, living room. The use of this paper is for appliances, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, home devices, kitchen backsplash, buffet cabinets, TV stand, Vanity, pantry, dining table, desk, crafts, windows, dresser, drawer, closets, lake house, industrial, dorm, living room.

Brand: Livelynine

👤It was easy to work with if you know what you're doing. I told the seller because it scratches easily. I bought the paper again to do the scratched areas, and they quickly returned my money. I am going to put down a couple of layers of paste wax to make it harder to scratch. I love the look of the counter top that Ikea discontinued. You need some tools and a lot of patience to apply. Tools include windex, soft cloth, window squeegee, exacto razor knife, blow dryer, smooth/rounded edge burninshing tool, and a credit card with the edge sanded so it won't scratch the finish. Clean and rinse the surface. There was no dust, hair, or dirt. Leave your starting spot dry with windex so the paper won't slide easily. Place your paper by slowly peeling it back. Don't worry about bubbles at this point. If you want the squeegee to slide easily, lightly spray the surface with windex or water. Don't Seal the Edges while the paper is wet. Blow the bubble with a blow dryer. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface. Continue until all surface is covered and you have enough overhang for your edges to be tucked. You can butt the factory straight edges using the windex method. You should spray and squeegee along the way. After the top is complete, lightly spray the top and squeegee it down. Wait until it dries completely before doing the edges. I was waiting overnight. Pick a center-point to fold over. You will need a blow-dryer to get the edge. If you want to heat the paper up, blow warm air along a few inches of the edge and use your thumbs to work the paper over the edge corner. You can use your credit card tool to smooth out bubbles. Slow down. Decide which way you want the visible edge to go when you get to the end point. One piece goes around the corner and the other goes over it. Good luck, go slow, and you won't be disappointed.

👤I bought a new oven that didn't have as much STAINLESS as I wanted. It's the same with ovens at the lower end of the price range. I was able to use a bucket of patience and a small amount of soapy water to spray a flexible knife. You will probably go through at least one test run if you buy extra. I messed up two sheets and had enough left for the final one. There is a I wasn't able to hide the seam as much as I wanted. The colors might have matched better if I had flipped the 2nd piece differently. It was a low cost investment and I think it works well. I am not a craftsman or an artist and I am debating about the oven window. I might just let it go as it is with the heavy duty restaurant/commercial look. Recommended product!

👤I worked great for my project, I really liked this and it turned out great. Make sure your surface is smooth.


What is the best product for decorative rain barrel cover?

Decorative rain barrel cover products from Rainpal. In this article about decorative rain barrel cover you can see why people choose the product. Design Toscano and Oatey are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rain barrel cover.

What are the best brands for decorative rain barrel cover?

Rainpal, Design Toscano and Oatey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rain barrel cover. Find the detail in this article. Lostronaut, Viboos and Suncast are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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