Best Decorative Ribbon Bows

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1. Gift Wrap Company 4832 09 Decorative

Gift Wrap Company 4832 09 Decorative

The pull bow consists of 8 pieces, which are firmly fixed by plastic rings, and you can operate it easy, just find out 2 thin ribbon, one hand hold the 2 thin ribbon and another hand pull them slowly, a big beautiful bow comes out, you also can follow the steps in Large gift bows in metallic foil gold. Each bow is approximately 4. 5 inches in diameter. The backing is self-adhesive. Coordinates with other curly ribbon bows, metallic banding and wired edge ribbon. The Gift Wrap Company has all the wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags and tissue you need.

Brand: The Gift Wrap Company

👤I ordered a dozen red bows, but only received one. I placed another order for the same dozen red bows and only one bow, because of time. I have to go to a UPs store to get this item back. I am not happy.

👤There is only one bow and not the twelve bows claimed in the description. This bow is one of the most expensive bows out there. It seems like a nice bow.

👤You only get one bow. The picture shows 12.

👤It was a great size for gifts of all shapes and sizes.

👤These bows are made from high quality materials. The wrong color was in the box. They took care of it. They told me to keep the wrong bows and send new ones. I thought that was nice. I was not upset by the mistakes that happened. The way they handled the mistake impressed me. It was nice that they cared about making it right. I would definitely order from them again. Thank you for that kindness.

👤I used these bows to add a special touch to my wedding favors. The bows on the wine bottles stayed in place without a problem. I'm very pleased with the purchase.

👤I paid fifteen dollars for one bow. There are 12 bows in the description. I only received one. The other reviews say that this was not a mistake but how this place conducts business. The recent reviews are true. You only get one bow.

👤I ordered these bows in yellow before. They were the same color as the one pictured, and I included the ribbon for comparison. The bows I received are not the same as the ones pictured. I will have to make due because there isn't enough time for me to return them.

2. Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

Use this ribbon set as an alternative to the usual ribbon items. These beautiful decorative ribbons of this ribbon set can be used to make hair bows or ribbon bows. Ribbon bulk includes grossgrain ribbons, fringe trim, tassel trim, gift ribbon, ric rac trim, pom trim, ribbon for hair bows and more. In lieu of green ribbon, there are 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch, 2 inch Can be associated with metallic ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, gift wrapping ribbon, pom ribbon, rick rack trim, satin ribbon, 1 inch grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch ribbon toole, crossgrain ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon assortment is great in conjunction with fake straw, natural raffia, burlap and lace ribbon.

Brand: Aonefun

👤This was purchased for someone else and she wrote a review about it. There wasn't a lot of ric rack, which is a plus. There is some fringe. The largest was 1 1/2 inch wide. Some of them were bi-colored. None were flashy. There were 50 yard lengths. I am very pleased with this item. They will add a lot of interest to my jewelry and dream catcher wall decor.

👤The package made my spouse crazy. I told her to look at the packing envelope. We were surprised when she couldn't guess but she was very happy and amazed when she opened the bag and saw the beautiful colors, fabric and workmanship of her ribbons! The bargain is beautiful and real.

👤All ribbon is the same length and has a variety of color and texture. This wall hanging is exactly what I wanted it to be.

👤Was it what I wanted? Yes! I was excited to receive it, but it has a bad smell and I took it out of the package. I let the air out but the smell is still there. It has been airing for a while. Will not purchase again.

👤I am very happy I made this purchase, it was very cute and cheap. I will be coming back.

👤I liked everything about this product. It is coordinated for craft projects.

👤I made a simple wreath using these ribbons. I was very pleased with the variety of colors and designs of the ribbons. It arrived quickly.

3. Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

Morex item number is finished edge. There are 30 strands of ribbon of 1 yard length in the rainbow ribbon assortment. There is a craft ribbons assortment that includes grossgrain ribbons, fringe trim, tassel trim, gift ribbon, ric rac trim, pom trim, ribbon for hair bows and more. These ribbons can be used for hair bows or ribbon bows. Can be associated with metallic ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, gift wrapping ribbon, pom ribbon, rick rack trim, satin ribbon, 1 inch grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch ribbon toole, crossgrain ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon. Use this ribbon set as an alternative to the usual ribbon items.

Brand: Aonefun

👤The product description says 50 yards of ribbon, but it's just string. The description does not match what you get. I thought I was buying 50 yards of ribbon, not the pieces of string. I don't recommend this item.

👤I have bought 10 bundles. The first 6 or 7 I ordered were great, but since then the bundles have gotten smaller and cost more. The party ribbon bundles are special. The majority of the ribbon is thin stringy pieces. I would have liked to take pictures of the first bundles to show the comparison. I was happy to find these, but now I will never order again. Update... The company contacted me to help resolve my issue, but the final message that was sent was condescending. I've worked in customer service for a long time and know that you don't message a customer about an issue they have and explain to the customer how they were mistaken. They did care enough to add 2 stars to the resolution.

👤There is a great selection of ribbon. I ordered 2 packs because I didn't think I would have enough. You would think that 1 pack has less than it does. Each pack has a different ribbon. I don't think I have the same style or design. I wanted something like that.

👤I got 34 ribbons. I was looking for a variety of widths and textures and it's exactly what I got. I am a little disappointed that there was so much pink, but it is a random variety pack, and sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't. There are 20 ribbons that are pink or purple and 14 other colors. I'm going to use these to make baby toys for my son, so the pink and purple ribbons will have to sit in my stash until I find a use for them. I should have plenty of the other colors I want to use.

👤I ordered these for a craft project. The ribbons I got were pastels. I can't use them. I ordered the ribbon pack even though I thought it was expensive. I am really disappointed and angry that I can't use them.

👤I like the ribbon bundles. I've bought all of them. I am a crafter and there are so many ribbons, lace, string and rick rack in these bundles that I may never need to buy more. Great value!

👤Waste. Don't buy. The white package has one stand. There are 2 strands of each design. I couldn't use them in mini albums because they were too thick.

👤I've been waiting for the brighter trims to come back in stock. Got them today. Many are the same trim as in the pastel bunch, so I am very disappointed. Money and time are wasted.

4. Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

Ribbons Wrapping Decorative Supplies Assorted

You can make a variety of crafts by adding small items into the bows, such as shiny items, small toy charm and other decoration, bringing more colors to the bows, creating multi layers effect, and using your imagination. There are 30 strands of ribbon of 1 yard length in the rainbow ribbon assortment. There is a craft ribbons assortment that includes grossgrain ribbons, fringe trim, tassel trim, gift ribbon, ric rac trim, pom trim, ribbon for hair bows and more. These ribbons can be used for hair bows or ribbon bows. Can be associated with metallic ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, gift wrapping ribbon, pom ribbon, rick rack trim, satin ribbon, 1 inch grosgrain ribbon, 1 inch ribbon toole, crossgrain ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon. Use this ribbon set as an alternative to the usual ribbon items.

Brand: Aonefun

👤I saw a bunch of ribbon from Michael's and wished they had more than one. I went to Amazon to see if I could find a similar item, and I was excited to see the exact same item. I was able to make a skirt for my niece's 1st birthday. I have tons of other crafts left over. Highly recommended.

👤I can not complain about the delivery from Amazon, they are timely, we will packaged and the items will be protected. There is a I think I would be happier right now if I had gotten half of the ribbons wider and brighter. It would have been better.

👤I am very happy with the ribbon selection. It was so diverse because of the colors and materials.

👤Most of the ribbon is cute and I can use it, but it is not the best quality because they burn the ends so it doesn't fray, and it was cut from a larger roll. I wouldn't buy again.

👤This is a good way to try out different laces. It arrived on time, I recommend it.

👤Excellent assortment of ribbon. I used the whole pack for a windbreaker.

👤In love with the ribbons! Good quality and variety. Great for crafting and cardmaking. I will be back for more.

👤There are a lot of trims. This is a good deal. It's perfect for crafting. I will order again. Journal making and paper art is something I recommend.

👤More tiny ones. The quality was not good. I made a wrong decision. Money was wasted.

5. MEEDEE Wreaths Thanksgiving Decorative Decoration

MEEDEE Wreaths Thanksgiving Decorative Decoration

It's perfect for making floral arrangements and halloween decorations. There is a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin on a ribbon, a pumpkin The ribbon is all with wire. The ribbon is protected by plastic tape. The wire edge ribbon bends easily and holds its shape. Each spooky style makes a great pattern for crafting. Tie your decorations together in a spooky way. These 18-ft. rolls of wire-edged fall decoration ribbon are perfect for decorating fall wreath, floral arrangements, fall wedding, yard decor, window decor, wall decor, party occasions and much more. These sparkling ribbons are great for wrapping gifts, trimming the tree, setting dazzling table displays, decorating the halls, and creating holiday crafts with the whole family. The glitter metallic wired ribbon is the perfect accent. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, you can get a full refund.

Brand: Meedee

👤The design is very beautiful with color. They are made of a heavier fabric and have wired edges. It is not possible to make a full bow with several loops because of the heavy fabric. It goes back into a bow as you bend and try to pull it into the form you want. These made perfect bows, I purchased some shear ribbon as well. It depends on what you are using the ribbons for, for example, they are great for twisting to decorate a Christmas tree, but not great for full round bows.

👤Excellent quality ribbons. The shape is good for bows. The colors and plaids are festive. I used them to wrap Christmas gifts. Really happy with how they looked.

👤I used this ribbon to decorate the tree, as well as to wrap gifts and make crafts. Don't hesitate to buy.

👤There are only 2 ribbons that are red and the rest are burnt orange. I would give this a 5 star but I can not get the orange color to be pasted.

👤It is not easy to manipulate a lot thinner than described. In person, colors aren't as pretty.

👤It's easy to use and make a small Christmas tree.

👤It's easy to use sparklers under my Christmas tree.

👤It was very affordable for this collection.

6. Offray Berwick Single Satin Ribbon

Offray Berwick Single Satin Ribbon

It's ideal for crafting, weddings, Christmas decorations, parties, floral and gift wrapping. The ribbon is high quality. Adds a special touch to holidays and occasions. The 1 1/2-Inch x 12-Feet is Royal Blue.

Brand: Offray

👤The ribbon was not 4 ft. It was long. I measured it three times for accuracy. The price was great and the color looked similar to the photo, but the end of the ribbon has been cut off, so it's not clear if it's straight or not. I did not receive the full amount of ribbon that I paid for. It was a yellow padded envelope and not a box. It would cost more to return than I paid for. I won't buy again.

👤The youngest daughter owns a horse rescue ranch. There is a She was operated on for lung cancer a few weeks ago. They got it all, and no more treatment is needed. Thank you for your kindness. I ordered this print to make her a Stinky/Cuddle Quilt, based on the'stinky blankets', so that she would become Stinky. There is a She went crazy over the beauty of the 3 horses and the tinted colors. There is a At the end of Long, Tiberdays, she sits in her chair with many fur pantyhose on her lap, and settles in. There is a It turned out great! There is a Thank you. Sincerely,Maggie.

👤It wasn't enough for my cake. I will be buying another one.

👤The ribbon is cheap and good. The cut ends a bit but it's alright. The ribbon has a nice sheen to it. I used the ribbon to make a bow for the big box and also tied some gifts around it. The green color was very close to the wrapping I used.

👤This was what I was looking for. The width of the ribbon was perfect and the color matched what I was expecting. If you are looking for a wired ribbon, this is not it. The amount of 4 Yards was enough to fulfill my needs. The edging is clean and bright. I would order again if the need arises.

👤I used this ribbon for my daughter's party favors. I did each girl a bow holder and I was able to get 6 because I cut them too long but if you want to maximize it cut them at least 2 feet which it wasn't bad. I had to use something else to complete the favors because I ran out of ribbon. The gold crown looks pretty with the material and color. I highly recommend the price and will buy more.

👤The price is unbeatable. The ribbon is top quality and the color is lovely. The roll had a lot of weight. I will purchase again from this vendor. The ribbon was a nice addition to my holiday decorations and I am very pleased with the purchase.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! The sheerness of the ribbon is better in person. If you ask me, the green seems more of an "emerald" than I ordered. It's a good thing. The width is perfect for what I needed and it is an excellent value. 10/10! My phone camera made the initial photo look darker and more like the ribbon advertised, which in turn made sense of the color difference when purchased. Very satisfied!

7. Giexie Decorative Wrapping Graduation Decoration

Giexie Decorative Wrapping Graduation Decoration

Each roll is about 6 feet in length. 60 feet. Cute style: package comes with 2 rolls wired edge ribbons in 2 delicate styles, each decorated with vivid and bright colors, it's cute and eye-catching, work well for party favor, graduation gift, and others. Each ribbon measures approximately 2.5 inch/ 6.4 cm in width and 6 yards/ 5.5 m in length, 12 yards in total, available for cutting into different lengths to satisfy various decorating and crafting needs. It is easy to shape and fix the shapes you like, it is packed and fixed, and convenient for you to use. You can use these craft ribbons in a wide range of things, from clothing, hairband, bows, party and home decorations, wreath, graduation and holiday ornaments, gifts wrapping and more. The wired edge ribbons are durable and not easy to wear or tear, lightweight and convenient to carry, fadeless and odorless, can provide you with a long-time service.

Brand: Giexie

👤The bees are not centered on the ribbon and a section of 18 inches was cut together. I used this ribbon to make a wreath.

👤This ribbon is beautiful. I used it at a baby shower and it was a huge success.

👤A bow is made with ribbon. Excellent quality for money.

8. Dandan DIY Grosgrain Butterfly Accessory

Dandan DIY Grosgrain Butterfly Accessory

It's great for sewing, crafting, bridal bouquet, and other projects. You will get 20 yards for each style.

Brand: Dandan Diy

👤I would like to tell you about the vibrant colors, the pretty patterns, and the fact that they have a noxious chemical smell, but the thing that stands out most is the fact that they have a noxious chemical smell. If the smell disappears, I will let them air tonsee, but they won't be usable for my purpose. There is a The arrive is wrapped nicely and is just over 37" long. It's a shame they smell so bad.

👤The different designs of the ribbon made me excited to receive it. The designs seem to be printed on the ribbon, which creates a sticky feeling on the ribbon. There were clumps of brown glue on the ribbons. I washed each ribbon by hand, one by one, to try and remove the chemical smell, but it stayed on even after drying them. I am very disappointed in the quality of this item. I wouldn't recommend buying it.

👤There were 20 different patterns claimed by the item. That is not what happened. Which is the reason I bought this listing. There were 10 ribbons. The other reviewer does smell some. I don't think the odor is that big of a deal. I will soak them before using them. They shouldn't be allowed to tell customers the wrong amount.

👤Excellent ribbon, high quality. Great for making bows. I got a few colors. It's perfect to have a yard of 20 different ribbons. I will buy these again.

👤Another disappointment. The ribbons are not what you get. They show you all the ribbons, but only 8 of them. I am sad and disappointed again. All I did was shake my head after I ordered all these ribbons. Take off. I should have gotten more than the 8 pieces. Your picture shows more than one ribbon. Will order my ribbon somewhere else.

👤The ribbon has a strong smell. The smell was transferred to my hands as I was unpacking the ribbon. I had to wash and soak the ribbon before it went away. I received a variety of prints, but all but one were patterns that would be used for a girl.

👤The product is well packaged and has two colors per grouping, which is great for my needs. I didn't have to go to town that is far from where I live. It was nice that I didn't have to go out when we weren't supposed to.

👤I gave this item 5 stars. There was a distinct smell when I opened the bag. It was left out for a few days. It was fine after that.

👤These were bought to make bows. Excellent quality. There is a smell on them, but it is not a problem. I would recommend it.

👤I made some beautiful bows with this.

👤Good quality ribbon. I was very pleased with the purchase.

9. Offray Anisha Ribbon 2 Inch 10 Yard

Offray Anisha Ribbon 2 Inch 10 Yard

The Easter themed ribbons are made of imitation linen, bright and clean, strong andwrinkle resistant, and non-shrinking,durable to serve you for a long time. It is made from 100 percent polyester. There is an offray item number.

Brand: Offray

👤I have three rolls of ribbon, but there is no ribbon here. The product was 10 yards. I have the other rolls and have more ribbon left than the other ones. The roll was not long. Dark rust is not orange rust as shown. Very disappointed. I have to finish my project so I can't return it.

👤I wanted a good product, color and size.

👤This ribbon is more than I expected. It is very bendable. It is easy to work with and wide which I wanted for my tree. I love it!

👤The amount of ribbon is expensive. The little wire also slips out as soon as it is cut. Not the best quality.

👤You form the ribbon by holding the shape into it. The bows were made for my wedding, and they were tied up with small bouquets of white flowers on the end of each row of seats. The center of the sanctuary has just the right pop of color. It's an intense hue, so use it lightly. I used them along the aisle to distract the attendees from the floral displays at the altar, which had some intense colors. The lillies' color was picked up by this color.

👤The quality of the ribbon was very good. Beautiful color. It's easy to work with. It is on my tree. Work in my living room.

👤There was a dirt smudge in every yard of ribbon that could not be removed. This is a waste of money as I can't use it now.

👤The ribbon was perfect for bows. It's not always ideal when you cut it. It's to be expected. I wish more came in this ribbon. It looked gorgeous on my tree.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The delivery was fast, the color was great, and the size was good. Highly recommended!

👤Excellent quality. The pew bows and bouquet stem wraps are very nice.

👤I thought it was gold.

10. Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Get your ribbon in perfect condition. In perfect delivery condition, this is offered in a carefully packaged package. The olive green leaf ribbon is made from a material that is polyester. Great for decorations that are perfect for sewing, scrap booking, hair bow making, craft projects, card, paper crafts, decorating gift Baskets, and many more. A great quality ribbon is ideal for birthdays, weddings, garments, packaging, arts and crafts, scrap booking, and table setting. It can be used to dress up your home, or it can be used to climb to the top of your window or conduit pipes. There will be a good effect. If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 30 day money back guarantee. Their complete customer service gives you a pleasant purchase experience.

Brand: Killer's Instinct Outdoors

👤It wasn't on a roll like most ribbon, but it was nice and neat. I received a mess that was not on a roll. It looks like a return that was put in a new wrapper. It is far from 60 feet and I will have to untangle it for an hour or more. I will not purchase from this company again.

👤When I saw that this ribbon was made like this, I was not disappointed at all. It's easy to work on a project like the Easter Tree Skirt. The color is green. It arrived in a roll in a plastic bag and as I unwound it, I noticed that the leaves were curled up and I had to iron it, it was really nice on a medium heat. I would recommend putting the roll inside a small box.

👤It was less wide than I anticipated, and it broke easy. The quality is okay. The diaper cake was still cute.

👤It took me over an hour to untangle the ribbon that was climbing up my diaper cake. It would have been better if it had been wound around cardboard. It wouldn't have taken so long to untangle the mess.

👤Color and picture are correct. It will be pretty on my hat.

👤I was surprised to see the stitching in the middle of the leaf stem. It is as beautiful as the photo. I use it for wrapping. It's gorgeous... Thank you so much!

👤I love them! I used to decorate my glasses.

👤I loved the way this ribbon looked on my daughter's cake. I never felt like it would rip. It is really cute. I might have to get more for wrapping gifts.

11. TIHOOD Ribbons Wrapping Wedding Decoration

TIHOOD Ribbons Wrapping Wedding Decoration

The bling rhinestone ribbon can be used for many holiday decorations, wedding decorations, bridal veils, costumes, cake decorations, candles, vases, clothing and plastic items, which can be decorated in your home, office, garden, car and other places. The gold leaf ribbon is very nice. All of them are shiny colors. The leaf is approximately half a foot wide. There are three shiny colors leaf ribbon. Their ribbons are made of high quality soft polyester, which are flex and shiny, elegant, and long time using, make your decoration or wrapping stylish and impressive. It's the best choice for making bracelets, garlands, dress decoration, scrapbooking, cardmaking, gift wrapping, home decoration, Sewing,decorating, hair bow making vintage sewing, craft projects, card, decorating gift baskets, and many more projects. 1 roll X 10 Yd gold leaf ribbon, 1 roll X 10 Yd silver leaf ribbonoll X is included in the package. 10Yd green leaf ribbon.

Brand: Tihood

👤Needed something to tie the balloons. These are perfect. They are thick enough to be used to holding banners and tie up things. They are soft and do not end up poking the balloons. The colors are great. Love them.

👤I have ordered these two times and they add the perfect touch to my Mist bottles. I would like to see them offer to sell it in bulk to help with some of the cost that can't get pricey after you've ordered it many times.

👤I love this trim. A good buy too. When putting it on, just go slowly.

👤It was a fairy dress. I love it!

👤It's a tad less substantial than expected.


What is the best product for decorative ribbon bows?

Decorative ribbon bows products from The Gift Wrap Company. In this article about decorative ribbon bows you can see why people choose the product. Aonefun and Aonefun are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ribbon bows.

What are the best brands for decorative ribbon bows?

The Gift Wrap Company, Aonefun and Aonefun are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ribbon bows. Find the detail in this article. Aonefun, Meedee and Offray are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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