Best Decorative Ribbon for Baby Shower

Ribbon 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. MEEDEE Metallic Decorative Wreaths Decorating

MEEDEE Metallic Decorative Wreaths Decorating

These shiny yet simple ribbons are sure to bring glamour and elegance to any project. They are great for making bows for gift wrapping, favors, personalized bouquets, hair bows, corsages, floral arrangement, and many other art and craft projects. 10 inch wide with 10 yards roll. 30 feet long. This product is waterproof and durable and can be used for making wreath and bows, table decorations, decorating the front of your house and adding feature to glassware and baskets. The plastic coated mesh ribbon is made from premium quality material. The nature of the fabric makes it waterproof and can be used for outdoor and indoor crafting, as well as for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. Your imagination is the only limit. It's perfect for making bows and accent tails. It can be used as a wedding decoration on arches and aisles, dressed with flowers or a coordinating ribbon, or used to decorate your Christmas tree. It's ideal for home decor, wreath making, crafts, poly mesh, floral wrapping, packaging and gift baskets. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, you can get a full refund.

Brand: Meedee

👤The price was the only thing I didn't like about this mesh. It was too expensive. You can buy this mesh online for 3.25 a roll, but they were out. I had an order to fulfill. Because of how much Amazon charges for all of the mesh they sell, I will make very little. I like this mesh. I would buy it from Amazon all the time, but the price is robbery. Very disappointing.

👤My tree is 7.5 ft and my kids have tried to break it.

👤I wanted to make a cross wreath for the church. I'm new to using mesh. Maybe it all does that. The cross wreath turned out great and the receiver loved it.

👤It's not easy to cut. It is expected when it is cut. Useful in crafts. It was a pretty color.

👤The first 10 of my mesh must be cut off because it has a large flaw and I need to make a multi colored Easter wreath. It is fine after that.

👤I thought I had received the wrong product when I saw the picture. I thought it was white with pink through it, but it is actually pink with a peach colour through it. I can probably use it, but it's not what I was hoping for.

👤Fast delivery will definitely order this wreath again because it is a beautiful wreath at a very reasonable price.

👤It's perfect for making bows. Looks good.

2. Metallic Embellish Decorative Wrapping Decoration

Metallic Embellish Decorative Wrapping Decoration

Useful all year long, from Easter Baskets, to Summer Beach Decor, and to make your own hair bows. The package includes 36 rolls of fabric ribbon. Enough for different projects. There are 36 colors, including red, coral, fuscia, hot pink, orange, cantaloupe, merigold, yellow, lemon, dark green, moss, emerald, parakeet, lime, mint, royal blue, navy blue, cerulean, sky. The ribbons are great for a variety of occasions. The Decorative Ribbon is appr. The width and length are equal to 900 yards. You have enough ribbon to last you through gift giving occasions. The metallic glitter ribbons are made from the same material as the satin ribbons, but with a different sheen. They are of high quality, soft and shiny, which is perfect for gift wrapping. These ribbons can be used for any occasion, from wedding to party decoration, bridal shower to baby shower, hotel to home decoration. These shiny yet simple ribbons are sure to bring glamour and elegance to any project. They are great for making bows for gift wrapping, favors, personalized bouquets, hair bows, corsages, floral arrangement, and many other art and craft projects.

Brand: Winlyn

👤Not just a few feet of ribbon. This is a lot of good fabric ribbon. There was too much on each roll. I did over 70 of my SkinLovingSoaps in one color alone and maybe I used half of that roll! There is a I can tell you more. I buy quality fabric ribbon because it is possible to retie once or twice before it gets wrinkled to bounce back. I believe it will make it through the shipping process and people will still find the packaging nice enough to not have to decorate as gifts. The other side is not bad. If you pull through on the wrong side, you will be twisted inside out before you pull it snug. Great deal! I would like to buy more of the dark purple color. How do I do that? This set is very good.

👤I have opened and measured 14 of the 36 rolls. The ones that are short are 9-11 inches in length. I had a piece that was 2 yards long and 9 yards wide that was creased over on itself, making it useless for my project. I didn't see a way to contact the seller. I couldn't return the entire bundle because I already opened it. I was too far into the project to return the ribbon. It is not a great quality. I wish I had not ordered it.

👤These are not on regular ribbon. They have a cheap styrofoam center that pops out and leaves a mess. Even if you try to hold it in place. I wanted to put these on a ribbon holder, but they fell apart.

👤Wow! There are ribbons in any color. I wish they had cardboard with edges and not Styrofoam, but with how much you get and the quality with the price, you cannot beat this deal!

👤Nice ribbons for the money, but kept wanting to shred at the end. It was used for my wedding boutiques. If you want to keep the ends sealed, just heat them a bit at the ends with a lighter and keep them that way.

👤When I bought this, I didn't pay attention to the quantity. I was looking at all the colors and buying it, but for 36 vibrant colors I think I got a good deal. The colors are striking. They did it to me, so be careful when opening. The product is nice.

👤Just what I needed. Good quality ribbon to use with sewing kits.

👤There are a lot of color choices. It is easy to break. I burn the edges. They're on styrofoam disks that don't stay in place so a lot of chaos can happen. You get what you pay for. The star is impossible to store. You can make the ribbon work if you are creative.

👤Excellent quality and choice of colors.

👤Llegaron en compra.

3. Offray Grosgrain Ribbon 2 Inch 9 Feet

Offray Grosgrain Ribbon 2 Inch 9 Feet

It comes in a 3-yard spool. The ribbon is 1.5 inches wide. Grosgrain is a tough ribbon that's perfect for home d├ęcor, sewing supplies, and even as a handy and tough type of ribbon. It was made from 100% polyester. The United States makes the offray ribbon. The 1 1/2-Inch x 9-Feet Spool is 9 feet long. The item is called offray. There is one continuous length of ribbon.

Brand: Offray

👤The ribbon was described as being 9 feet in length. That is not true. I had to come up with an alternative because I couldn't complete my vision due to the shortage of diaper cake. I was excited about the ribbon until this happened. Be warned!

👤Two pieces of ribbon were sewed together. Not good. I don't leave bad reviews, but I couldn't find an email to contact them. There is a This isn't wired as specified.

👤You can buy Offray ribbon at any sewing/craft/discount store for twice as much. There is no free return. You pay for shipping, or they take it out of the return. My return amount was less than a cent. I gave them nothing. If you can go to the store, pass.

👤The ribbon is strong and bright but not offensive in any way. A bow for a hair clip is a perfect gift for a girl.

👤My daughter is wearing a costume and I bought this ribbon for her. When I received it, it was more like red and pink than white. The red dye from the ribbon bled into the dots. The quality of the ribbon is not bad. If you need something that is red with white polka dots, this is not the right product for you.

👤It's perfect for a baby shower. The price is better or the same as the local fabric chain. I needed a few strips for a pennant. I found the same paper on Amazon.

👤I needed bows for the Easter baskets. It is easy to tie a bow.

👤Perfect conditions, just as advertised. I've probably ordered every color that I've seen, all have been exactly what I ordered.

👤The ribbon is beautiful. I only got about 4ft out of the 9ft spool. Very disappointed with the supplier.

👤No lo tiene, en la descripcin. No toma la forma. No, as sera. Y es un poco ms delgado. No volvera.

👤I ordered this because it said it was wired ribbon.

👤Me sirvi para Halloween. Se ve lindo, con los dems.

👤It arrived quickly and was what I needed. I used it for a minnie mouse bow and it was the perfect red and white colour as well as thick and durable. Would buy again.

4. Satin Ribbon White Double Faced

Satin Ribbon White Double Faced

Premium polyester material is used to make the 5/8 inch wide and 25 yards per roll. Humphrey's Craft superior quality, strong, thick and silk-soft ribbon is a must have for your art and crafts project. Their versatile fabric ribbon is great for craft, bridal bouquet, gift wrapping, DIY bows, decoration Christmas tree, invitation card, bottles and wedding. Invest in top standard fabric. Humphrey's Craft ribbons are made of thick weave, non-fade and long- lasting, and they wouldn't fade or get loose strings in washing. Pick out your premium fabric ribbon in a bright color and you'll be good to go. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is free of harmful chemicals. Get your ribbon in perfect condition. In perfect delivery condition, this is offered in a carefully packaged package.

Brand: Humphrey's Craft

👤This is one of the better ribbons I have purchased on Amazon. I have a favorite ribbon supplier and am very particular about the ribbon I use for my projects, but my current supplier hasn't been able to keep up with my needs so I have had to branch out and find some quick alternatives in a pinch. This is a heavier weight alternative that is not wrinkled or papery. It holds its shape well for hair bows.

👤These bows are gorgeous. I have been looking for high quality ribbon and these are what I have been looking for. I decided to try Amazon. I was looking for something similar and these are perfect. I have a lot of presents left over. It is a red that is very soft and silky. Highly recommend! I will definitely be buying more in the future.

👤Humphrey is my favorite brand of ribbon. The fabric is not cheap. It was very easy to braid my leis. Other brands would tape the ribbon. I never experienced that with humprehy ribbons. The price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. I would buy nothing but humphrey if they had more colors.

👤ivory ribbon was ordered to match my wedding colors from several brands. All brands send a cream. It was disappointing to return.

👤I needed a thin ribbon for a project and this was what I was looking for. The ribbon is the same on 888-739-5110 A good value. I would buy it again.

👤Beautiful ribbon! Has a lot of purposes. You get a good price for good quality ribbon. It would cost more if you had to go to a craft store.

👤A garden party strung between a patio and trees with large white paper lanterns is a dramatic effect for low cost. The ribbon was beautiful and easy to use.

👤We are very pleased with this ribbon. It was exactly as advertised. It makes gift wrapping enjoyable.

5. Turquoise Satin Fabric Easter Ribbon

Turquoise Satin Fabric Easter Ribbon

Thin ribbon is winding in a plastic roll spool, both sides are covered with a circular cardboard, it can be stored easily and well prevent from getting dirty. The ribbon for gift wrapping is 2 inches wide by 50 yards long and has a single face. Vintage turquoise fabric ribbon is a great addition to your Christmas and Holiday decoration supplies. The Solid Christmas Fabric Turquoise Ribbon is perfect for gift baskets, gift bows, wreath, garlands, and wrapping presents. It's ideal to make a big custom bow for a tree, or decorate staircases, the office, the car, railings, tables, chairs, candles or make a big custom bow for a perfect tree. Useful all year long, from Easter Baskets, to Summer Beach Decor, and to make your own hair bows.

Brand: Giftwrap Etc.

👤This is very high quality. My soldier is deployed and I made a yellow ribbon for him. It has been outside for 3 weeks. It looks like the day I made it.

👤We used the color and yardage for the sashes for the prom for senior citizens because I like the color and it held up for the event. I didn't like the fact that the roller had a hole in it, the ribbon was torn already, and the ribbon didn't hold together when we put tacks in it to keep it from falling apart. The seller apologized for the service received, offered and sent me a new roll of ribbon for free. I'm completely satisfied. Thank you for the great service. I changed my rate from 3 to 5.

👤The champagne color is more of a champagne-yellow tone according to some of the other reviews. The product says "Champagne Yellow" on its sticker. I would like it to be labeled that way on the product description. I needed a champagne color that was between silver and gold.

👤The ribbon has a paper-like texture to it. The crease will stay on the ribbon if you fold it. This isn't the right material for me to use as a trim on a dress. It would be good for wrapping presents.

👤I don't know how much I was expecting, but this heavy and large ribbon roll was far more than I was expecting. It was a bit stiff, canwrinkle easily, and is not a double-face. It is still a great ribbon.

👤We cut into bows for Hunger Action Month the ribbons that were added to my food shelves. The shelves had orange bows on them.

👤The back is hard, not the soft fabric of other ribbons that you can use to wrap presents with. The one that is firm and doesn't bend well is this kind.

👤The ribbon is not of good quality. It feels like paper and is verycrunchy. It is hard to work with after tying a bow. The underside of the ribbon is less shiny than the color, so you need to know how to tie bows to avoid seeing the underside of the ribbon. We don't think this ribbon is suitable for gifts and would not order it again.

👤I reordered the first order after it got lost in transit.

6. CCOZN Bumblebees Embellishment Decoration Scrapbooking

CCOZN Bumblebees Embellishment Decoration Scrapbooking

Do not wash in the dishwasher and simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth. The package comes with 25 pieces 14mm/0.55inch, 10 pieces 19mm/0.75inch, 5 pieces 25mm/0.98inch and 40 pieces in total. The quantity of bees can meet all of your needs. You can stick them on the wall, picture frames, cards, buttons, mirror and anywhere you want. Glue can be added to reinforce some projects. Cute design The size of the bees is 25mm/ 0.98inch. They are small and cute. The tiny bees can be used to decorate your party and work well for school arts-and-crafts projects. The bumble bees are made of non-toxic and flatback design. These tiny craft adornments are durable.

Brand: Ccozn

👤There are only a few larger ones. They are gold instead of yellow and will work on flowers or a wreath. They used a glue gun because they weren't sure they would stick by themselves.

👤It was perfect for what I used them for. The bees are cheap and will be used for more than one project. Each one has its own paint.

👤It said self-adhesive back. There is nothing they can do to stick to something.

👤They can't wait to use them.

👤I used them to decorate the cake, and put them on toothpicks to decorate the table.

👤I added this to my center pieces for the baby shower. They look nice. You get a variety of shapes.

👤They were very cute. It was used on centerpiece decorations. There were three different size bees.

👤They look cute. It looks like a child painted them. There are stripes that are a mess.

7. Hecaty Leaves Ribbon Wedding Decoration

Hecaty Leaves Ribbon Wedding Decoration

There is no glue on the flower heads, so flowers can fall off the vine. The width is 1.5. The leaf size is 1.1 inches. The artificial vines are upgraded with better material, high grade fabric and advanced imprinting technology, which makes them feel more supple. It is suitable for various occasions, such as weddings, parties, bars, houses, bookstores, etc. The look is very similar to real vines. It is close to nature and is durable. Silk greenery for botanical theme decoration,greek toga party decorations,boho balloons,streamers,safari banner,fairy banner,jungle theme party supplies,mos Home decorations include vibrant decorations for the living room, dining table, and bedrooms.

Brand: Hecaty

👤This is perfect for balloons of 24inch or larger. It's made of fabric and doesn't weigh down the balloon. I would definitely recommend this!

👤It's nice but not as big as expected. It's more like a ribbon than a vine. It would be nice to be an accent on a dress. It won't work for what I had planned.

👤I was looking for a leafy garland to add to the string lights around one of my windows. I didn't like any of the options I found in the stores. The bill was perfect with this garland. I loved it so much that I used it to make a garlands in another window, but I didn't know what to do with it. I love the fact that I can cut it to the length I need, and still have plenty left over for other projects. It's a great deal. The garlands I saw in stores were the same amount or more. The larger leaves gave me the 132' length. It is fabric-like and not like plastic flowers, as other reviewers have noted. It was perfect for my application. I think it's an advantage because you could use it as gift-wrapping ribbon, or as trim on clothes or a costume. There are so many possibilities that you can experiment with.

👤The fabric material of the garlands looked amazing cut into strips to hang on the wall. We only used half a roll.

👤This stuff is gorgeous. It's worth the price. Almost everyone that comes into my house has a nice thing to say about it. It has a delicate look and is really good quality.

👤This ribbon was used to wrap silverware for a shower. Just the right touch. If you are not careful, it will fall apart. I was looking for a great value for my money. Thanks.

👤It was even better than pictured. This product is perfect for what I needed it for. The vine is soft and realistic. I made decorations for the macrame Bride and Groom chair. I may use it to add to the floral decorations on the macrame wedding arbor.

👤These do not look realistic. They have a slight sheen to them and are brighter green. These aren't for people looking for vines that look real. They are well made and don't seem flimsy, so they would make a good decoration for a party.

👤I was worried that I would run out of time. I definitely did not. When I ordered, the leaves were smaller than I thought, but he never checked the size they had posted. It made the effect more realistic. It worked perfectly and was gorgeous. Highly recommend this product. It is very durable. Can be used multiple times.

👤This is something that I love. I wrapped the fairy lights around the vine and hot-glued them together. Very pretty.

👤It was a pleasure to work with. It is easy to drape a tea party fabric Garland. Looked great. I was not aware of a scent.

8. Rhinestones Diamonds Birthday Decorations Supplies

Rhinestones Diamonds Birthday Decorations Supplies

There is one continuous length of ribbon. Birthday Wedding Decorations, Wedding Cakes, Party Supplies, Baby Shower Events, Arts Crafts Projects Diamond Mesh Wrap for Decorations are best for fathers day gifts. It's great for any occasion, and perfect for wedding bouquets, tables, candles, vases, cake stands, chairs and other special event decor to provide a truly Platinum look. The dimensions are 1.5 yards x 10 yards. Diamond Crystal Wrap does not include actual diamonds, crystals, or rhinestones. The faux rhinestones are attached by a mesh grid, which can be cut with scissors. The mesh is easy to fit around. Simple household scissors can cut the length you need. The sparkling ribbon is sure to draw attention to it. It looks great on wedding cakes, napkin holders, and other items. Makes a great arts and crafts accessory.

Brand: Yyaaloa

👤It's a nice material. It is not self-adhesive and it shines enough to fulfill its function of decorating or decorating where one places it. It is 10 yards long. The price is correct.

👤This is a good price for this type of decoration and I have used it from other vendors. The roll of faux rhinestone trim was not self-adhesive and may have been the reason for the lower price. I was fine with that. The black markings on the back were not something I liked. Some of them showed through to the front. Just a tad. Delivery was prompt and the price was right. I will definitely order again.

👤It was awful. This product is terrible. The rhinestones are made of plastic. Lots of stones are missing. It's better to piece strips together rather than use one continuous strip. The smell is terrible! The net on the back is not as strong as it could be. There are some brown/gold rhinestones.

👤The price was great for my candle holders and the bling wrapped was great for me.

👤It was bought to decorate a wedding card box. It didn't look right. There is a It is not as shiny as the photos show. I knew it wasn't real, but I thought it would be more attractive after reading great reviews. This would be great for small projects.

👤I got mine earlier today. It doesn't have a shine at all, it looks dull, and it has a shine when there is light on it. If it had shine to it, the price would be more worth it.

👤It's very difficult to get them to stay awake. Didn't work well with E6000.

👤You need glue, I was hoping they had pre sick on the back.

9. Glitter Tulle Fabric Ribbon Sparkle

Glitter Tulle Fabric Ribbon Sparkle

If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 30 day money back guarantee. Their complete customer service gives you a pleasant purchase experience. It is possible to give your objects a mysterious and fantasy look by covering them with sparkling glitters. Multipurpose Use Glitter Tulle Fabric is great for wedding decorations, party events, holiday decorations, tutu skirts, chair sashes, table decorations, baby shower decorations, wrapping favors, craft projects and more. Perfect choice for Halloween, Christmas, new year, Spring, Valentine's day, Easter, ceremony, graduation, or everyday entertaining. It's easy to cut the length you want to decorate. It won't fall apart, it doesn't need stitching or finishing. The note is readable. The glitter coating may shed a little due to use, but it won't affect the using effect.

Brand: Ableme Deco

👤Everything has glitter on it. My daughter is going to be an angel. I had to clean the house, car, and kids coats because anyone close to her goes glitter bombed. She left a trail of glitter wherever she went. It would have been ok if we had trick or treated the door. We did not do that. She glitter bombed a restaurant. Her costume turned out great. The tutu was perfect because of the color and the tulle.

👤I could not find it in stores. It's perfect for crafting.

👤Adding a little gold glitter to other colors was really nice.

👤This tool was ripped and shredded. I was making a skirt and needed it.

👤As you use it, glitter falls off. It is shinny and nice.

👤The glitter on the black is beautiful. The glitter didn't get all over everything. It was stiff and thin, my only complaint. I love it and it made a great tutu.

👤The glitter on it is not a type of tulle.

10. Juvale 100 Piece Satin Ribbon Inches

Juvale 100 Piece Satin Ribbon Inches

The pink ribbon set has an easy to use twist ties. What is included? 100 small twist tie bows are included in this pack. Each pink bow has a width of 3 inches and a height of 2.5 inches. The bow ribbon set is made with a smooth polyester material that is reliable. It's perfect for gift wrapping, packaging, or decorations.

Brand: Juvale

👤I love these bows! We use many different styles of glassware. It can be difficult to package. Found by using poly bags and cute bows customers can smell the scent and easily close back. We buy many different colors. Will purchase more.

👤The bows were a little bigger than I thought. It's the perfect size for my wedding treats. It's much easier to use than tying a ribbon on items. A lot of time was saved. I will definitely be buying these from now on.

👤It's simple to use and pretty. The ribbon is nicely packaged to avoid wrinkling. Love it. For future orders, please order more.

👤We have a "Dreaming of a White Christmas" tree that is white. These ornaments make a nice addition to the white angels, balls, berries, bells, birds, bows, flowers, Garland, reindeer, snowflakes, stars, etc.

👤There was no twist tie for the bow. I had to buy twist ties to attach them. Terrible.

👤I tied my cookies with these ribbons for Mother's Day. I was disappointed to see that a few of them had bows that were stained. I did not need all 100. I put them to the side. The bows are pretty and easy to use.

👤These bows are great for making party favors. They are easy to use, you can use a twist tie or a glue dot. I wish they had more color choices.

👤These bows are great for cookie packages. It's easy to use, great quality and a great price.

👤These will be great to decorate my favours. Thank you.

👤My only request is that the come in different colors. The gold is not shiny and is more of a matt gold sand colour. The manufacturers would definitely buy more if they produced other colors.

👤E belli molto utili. Adoperati per chiudere confezioni di confetti.

11. Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Get your ribbon in perfect condition. In perfect delivery condition, this is offered in a carefully packaged package. The olive green leaf ribbon is made from a material that is polyester. Great for decorations that are perfect for sewing, scrap booking, hair bow making, craft projects, card, paper crafts, decorating gift Baskets, and many more. A great quality ribbon is ideal for birthdays, weddings, garments, packaging, arts and crafts, scrap booking, and table setting. It can be used to dress up your home, or it can be used to climb to the top of your window or conduit pipes. There will be a good effect. If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 30 day money back guarantee. Their complete customer service gives you a pleasant purchase experience.

Brand: Killer's Instinct Outdoors

👤It wasn't on a roll like most ribbon, but it was nice and neat. I received a mess that was not on a roll. It looks like a return that was put in a new wrapper. It is far from 60 feet and I will have to untangle it for an hour or more. I will not purchase from this company again.

👤When I saw that this ribbon was made like this, I was not disappointed at all. It's easy to work on a project like the Easter Tree Skirt. The color is green. It arrived in a roll in a plastic bag and as I unwound it, I noticed that the leaves were curled up and I had to iron it, it was really nice on a medium heat. I would recommend putting the roll inside a small box.

👤It was less wide than I anticipated, and it broke easy. The quality is okay. The diaper cake was still cute.

👤It took me over an hour to untangle the ribbon that was climbing up my diaper cake. It would have been better if it had been wound around cardboard. It wouldn't have taken so long to untangle the mess.

👤Color and picture are correct. It will be pretty on my hat.

👤I was surprised to see the stitching in the middle of the leaf stem. It is as beautiful as the photo. I use it for wrapping. It's gorgeous... Thank you so much!

👤I love them! I used to decorate my glasses.

👤I loved the way this ribbon looked on my daughter's cake. I never felt like it would rip. It is really cute. I might have to get more for wrapping gifts.


What is the best product for decorative ribbon for baby shower?

Decorative ribbon for baby shower products from Meedee. In this article about decorative ribbon for baby shower you can see why people choose the product. Winlyn and Offray are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ribbon for baby shower.

What are the best brands for decorative ribbon for baby shower?

Meedee, Winlyn and Offray are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ribbon for baby shower. Find the detail in this article. Humphrey's Craft, Giftwrap Etc. and Ccozn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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