Best Decorative Ribbon for Gift Wrapping

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1. Metallic Embellish Decorative Wrapping Decoration

Metallic Embellish Decorative Wrapping Decoration

Useful all year long, from Easter Baskets, to Summer Beach Decor, and to make your own hair bows. The package includes 36 rolls of fabric ribbon. Enough for different projects. There are 36 colors, including red, coral, fuscia, hot pink, orange, cantaloupe, merigold, yellow, lemon, dark green, moss, emerald, parakeet, lime, mint, royal blue, navy blue, cerulean, sky. The ribbons are great for a variety of occasions. The Decorative Ribbon is appr. The width and length are equal to 900 yards. You have enough ribbon to last you through gift giving occasions. The metallic glitter ribbons are made from the same material as the satin ribbons, but with a different sheen. They are of high quality, soft and shiny, which is perfect for gift wrapping. These ribbons can be used for any occasion, from wedding to party decoration, bridal shower to baby shower, hotel to home decoration. These shiny yet simple ribbons are sure to bring glamour and elegance to any project. They are great for making bows for gift wrapping, favors, personalized bouquets, hair bows, corsages, floral arrangement, and many other art and craft projects.

Brand: Winlyn

👤Not just a few feet of ribbon. This is a lot of good fabric ribbon. There was too much on each roll. I did over 70 of my SkinLovingSoaps in one color alone and maybe I used half of that roll! There is a I can tell you more. I buy quality fabric ribbon because it is possible to retie once or twice before it gets wrinkled to bounce back. I believe it will make it through the shipping process and people will still find the packaging nice enough to not have to decorate as gifts. The other side is not bad. If you pull through on the wrong side, you will be twisted inside out before you pull it snug. Great deal! I would like to buy more of the dark purple color. How do I do that? This set is very good.

👤I have opened and measured 14 of the 36 rolls. The ones that are short are 9-11 inches in length. I had a piece that was 2 yards long and 9 yards wide that was creased over on itself, making it useless for my project. I didn't see a way to contact the seller. I couldn't return the entire bundle because I already opened it. I was too far into the project to return the ribbon. It is not a great quality. I wish I had not ordered it.

👤These are not on regular ribbon. They have a cheap styrofoam center that pops out and leaves a mess. Even if you try to hold it in place. I wanted to put these on a ribbon holder, but they fell apart.

👤Wow! There are ribbons in any color. I wish they had cardboard with edges and not Styrofoam, but with how much you get and the quality with the price, you cannot beat this deal!

👤Nice ribbons for the money, but kept wanting to shred at the end. It was used for my wedding boutiques. If you want to keep the ends sealed, just heat them a bit at the ends with a lighter and keep them that way.

👤When I bought this, I didn't pay attention to the quantity. I was looking at all the colors and buying it, but for 36 vibrant colors I think I got a good deal. The colors are striking. They did it to me, so be careful when opening. The product is nice.

👤Just what I needed. Good quality ribbon to use with sewing kits.

👤There are a lot of color choices. It is easy to break. I burn the edges. They're on styrofoam disks that don't stay in place so a lot of chaos can happen. You get what you pay for. The star is impossible to store. You can make the ribbon work if you are creative.

👤Excellent quality and choice of colors.

👤Llegaron en compra.

2. Livder Metallic Graduation Decoration Silver Black

Livder Metallic Graduation Decoration Silver Black

The metallic glitter will not fade during the making of decorations and use, and the pigment will not stick to the hands, so you can make your favorite decorations with confidence. Each roll length is 25 yards, with 3 colors, each of which has a width of 1/3 inch. The process is made of polyester fiber, metallic luster, flexible and elegant, and can be used for a long time. You will impress everyone at your wedding or birthday party with metallic glitter ribbons in a variety of colors. It's widely used, metallic glitter ribbons are suitable for crafts, packaging, wedding, cake decoration, party, card invitation, sewing, scrapbook, flower project, packaging design, home and holiday decoration.

Brand: Livder

👤I bought a fancy dark grey and light grey Christmas wrapping paper and was looking for something to go with it. Without spending a lot of money. I was prepared to be disappointed but I am so happy. I'm not going to use gold but the silver and black ribbon are absolutely perfect and there's no sparkle in them. The ribbon is light but holds a simple bow, which is what I'm not good at. I found it easy to work with two left hands.

👤I fell in love with the gift wrapping ribbon my daughter shared at the gift wrapping party. I've never used a ribbon like this to wrap packages. Simple bows are easy to make. A combination of different colors can make a difference. The ribbon is easy to untie and stays in perfect shape for reuse. I ordered two packages of silver, gold, green and red. I'm getting ready to buy the multicolor pack for gift wrapping occasions. I'm happy!

👤The bows on my packages were made from this pack of gold, silver, and purple ribbon. I used it to close craft packages and would buy it again.

👤If you need to adjust the knots or bows without tearing or creasing, the ribbon is very forgiving. I used them to decorate a faux mini tree that I made from cut branches. The price is less than what you'd pay at a card store.

👤The colors and sparkle of the ribbons were very pleasing to me. The perfect thickness. It's pretty and delicate, but easy to maneuver.

👤The ribbon is beautiful and shipped quickly. It was on styrofoam center-rolls, instead of plastic with an outer rim-edge that centers the ribbon on the core. Does that make sense? The price is nicer than other ribbon. It works for me. I would buy again.

👤The ribbon is shiny and nice. I used it on blank wrapping and it stood out to me. The edges of the ribbon can be a bit rough. I seal them with a flame or glue.

👤I loved this ribbon. There were three colors, silvery white, gold, and black. It's the right accessory for gift wrapping.

3. MEEDEE Assortment Package Wrapping Presents

MEEDEE Assortment Package Wrapping Presents

The perfect festive party ribbon is for gift wrapping today. Buying 2 and buying with confidence since your purchase is backed by Amazon's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 5 yards each roll by the spool, total 50 yards is what the assistant comes in. 100% Polyester, double-faced ribbons. There are 10 different colors, like white, light pink, light blue, grey, hot pink, gold, royal blue, red, navy and black. Ribbons are easy to use and keep in a plastic bag, so they don't get dirty. These bright and true colors are machine washed with no color fade. All perfect for rainbow party banner, birthday banner, flower bouquets, bow making, holiday decoration, wedding, gift baskets, costume accessories, baby showers, garlands, ribbon crafts, bottle decorations, baking crafts, invitation adornments, pet accessories, cheerleader bows, fashion accessories, scrapbooking, sewing supplies and If their product doesn't meet your expectations, you can get a full refund.

Brand: Meedee

👤These are wonderful. The quality of this ribbon is very good. The finish is very nice on both sides. The colors are amazing and there is a lot of ribbon. They should have made them in more colors. I am not upset at all.

👤It was difficult to work with. Not much on each spool. Will work for an interim.

👤Bright colors will be used on Easter cookies boxes.

👤It's perfect for the craft project I needed it for.

👤Ribbons are nice. Would purchase again.

👤It was perfect for what I needed.

👤The lace was nice but not what I needed.

4. Molshine Premium Quality Shimmer Organza

Molshine Premium Quality Shimmer Organza

It is affordable and high-quality, and it means that you can buy more products in here at the same price. Each ribbon is long enough to cut in half to make two pigtails, and all the colors are vibrant and cute, one to match every outfit, and each ribbon is long enough to cut in half. The grosgrain ribbon is perfect for dressmakers, decorators, brides, hair bow making and crafter, as well as being great for clothing, and it is also used in boxes for outer packing and stationery. If you are 100% satisfied with the service, please feel free to contact them for a refund or replacement, they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Molshine

👤The sheerness and shimmer make it look magical. There is a The ribbon is very soft to the touch and does not seem to be damaged. I used it on a Christmas tree that was themed after a mythical creature. There is a There are pros and cons. This wasn't a continuous roll. I found one cut that was taped together after using less than half of the roll. There is a The ribbon is pricey. I would love to use it on a big project, but I would have to spend over ten dollars per 50 yard roll to do it. There is a The ribbon is soft and floppy on my tree. The ribbon is not good for a project that requires a lot of strength.

👤The ribbon is pretty and doesn't break much. If you need 50 continuous yards of ribbon for some reason, this will not meet your needs because it has been cut and taped together along the roll.

👤Nice ribbon. I also made bows with them. Since this doesn't have wire in it, they didn't look great. The ribbon is pretty. I used it for other things besides a bow.

👤This ribbon is very nice to wear around the necks of the Memory Bears. Love the colors.

👤The ribbon was perfect. I made a ribbon stick that held up well, like the gymnast used in the ribbon dance in the olympics. Excellent ribbon.

👤The ribbons are beautiful. It is a large roll for multi use. Good quality too.

👤I love this ribbon and had low expectations. Just ordered more.

👤I thought the ribbon would be in the pastels. I'm not sure if this ribbon looks good on as an accent because it is much darker.

👤Absolutely lovely ribbon. My friends loved it on their birthday gifts and used it with matching tissue paper. Will buy again.

👤It's a bit pricey, but it's lovely. After decorating about 16 seats at a function, I have a lot left over.

👤My cone party bags are perfect.

👤The Organzaband is called Hochwertiges Organzaband. Im Zubinden ist das selbstgebastelten Schultte. Hat super gehalten und es war so viel Band. Dekorieren. Meine Tochter was a fan. Volle Kaufempfehlung.

👤Per decorazione, lo trovo splendido. I letto a castello in modo carino was mettere.

5. Curling Metallic Wedding Birthday Decoration

Curling Metallic Wedding Birthday Decoration

The New Years Party decoration large THIN Rolls of 500 are DISCOUNTED SILVER and GOLD CURLING RIBBON GIFT WRAP Set of 2 Thin Ribbons. The gift wrap ribbon set is long and wide. There is sterling gold and silver gift jewelry. Ribbons are Crimped for Curl Ribbon, Wedding Present, Tree Decorations, Anniversary, Engagement & Bridal Gifts, Birthday Bows, Holidays, DIY Hair Ribbons, Presents & Bow, Floral Centerpiece. The set RIBBON HOLIDAY: Ribbons set of color, Glossy colors for Birthday, Office, New Years Parties, Florist Curls Ribbon for flowers and Hostess Gift, Good Bachelorette Party Decor, Festive Balloon String School Ribbon for Crafts, Smooth Curls, Bow, Gifting, Party Supplies Favor, and more are included in the Multicolor Curling Ribbon Iridescent. Goody bags are cute. The perfect festive party ribbon is for gift wrapping today. Buying 2 and buying with confidence since your purchase is backed by Amazon's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Olyphan

👤The ribbon was pretty, but it was too small. I tried to find the beginning piece of the ribbon to fix the unraveling, but it was coming off the middle of the ribbon. I received a ribbon that was spilling over the edge of the black spool holder, but the item I received was a nice size, and it had a nice lip. If you drop a roll of ribbon and it rolls away and gets twisted, that's what it looks like, but I just removed the plastic wrap and ribbon.

👤I had no problem curling the ribbon. It looks like a very nice quality, has a good shine and handles well. I will definitely get the 2pack again.

👤Excellent quality, large quantity and good purchase.

👤I like curling ribbon. I like making curly bows for my gift boxes and it can be used in many ways. I like that this ribbon has a metallic look and is easy to curl. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I wrapped a lot of presents for Christmas, but still have a lot left. Great product.

👤There is a lot of ribbon. Any gift can be enhanced by silver and/or gold. Exactly as promised. Good buyer.

👤Very shiny. Curls are a great addition to gift wrapping.

6. Outus White Shimmer Organza Ribbon

Outus White Shimmer Organza Ribbon

It's great for event decorations. Perfect for sewing, scrap booking, decorating, hair bow making vintage sewing, craft projects, card, paper crafts, decorating gift baskets, accenting home textiles and many more projects. The sheer ribbon has a subtle shine that makes it beautiful and lovely. 49 yard long ribbon is enough for you to finish your craft project and decorate for holidays. The white ribbon is airy and elegant, which is good for special occasions, such as wedding dresses, bridal decorations, wedding invitations, etc. The white ribbon can make you enjoy the fun and pleasure in the process with your friends or family. The sheer ribbon can also be used for gift wrapping, boutique product packaging, party favors, gifts packaging, sewing, card making, hair bows and so on.

Brand: Outus

👤The ribbon is not wired. I gave it a 1 star because of that. There is false advertising. Ribbon without wire is overpriced. I would have liked to read all of the reviews. The reviews didn't mention the lack of wiring, but it was nice ribbon. I wanted a wired ribbon. I came back to write a review and saw that others did not mention wire, but I searched for it and found it. The seller knows that the description is false and that people are complaining about it, but he hasn't revised it. I would like to see Amazon do something about the false advertising. It seems to be getting worse. Amazon should remove products if sellers don't change their descriptions.

👤I received 2 rolls of one color green and a third roll of light green, but I ordered 3 rolls of green. If all 3 rolls were for different projects, it would be okay. I wanted 3 different shades for the project. Not a happy camper with the ribbon. I ordered 3 rolls of red. I hope they are all the same shade.

👤A bright white ribbon. I've used it and so far it's solid, but it's a shame because I would have used it on another purchase. It is sheer ribbon, so no pokes.

👤Cute material for making bows. It added a nice touch. The sheerness is something I like. I think you should put this in your materials drawer. It is pretty versatile. You can use it for a lot of holidays.

👤I loved it! Would definitely recommend! I'm terrible at wrapping things and this was easy. There are lots of ribbon for the price. It's visible, but sheer. The gifts I wrapped were beautiful.

👤I still use this ribbon. It's perfect for gift wrapping, baskets, and things I have not thought of yet. It is a large roll.

👤It felt like this ribbon was covering my entire Christmas bundle. The package was easy to use. Would recommend.

👤My Christmas gifts were extra sparkled by this ribbon. They looked special.

👤What a great buy, it's versatile and pretty. I have this ribbon for curtain tie-backs, decorating flower bunches, wrapping presents and card making. I am very pleased with the material.

👤The ribbon adds sparkle to Christmas gifts. The width was perfect and you got a lot of ribbon for your money, but I would have preferred it to be slightly thicker. It was used in conjunction with white ribbon to make gift wrapping very attractive.

👤The hamper was made using the ribbon after receiving this yesterday. It looks great, it's good quality, and it's a good price. I wanted to get wired ribbon but the double bow with the organza looks amazing. Will definitely use this again.

👤All my Christmas gifts looked great because of this ribbon. Will use again. Thank you.

👤Excellent to use and good for people who sew at a good price and good quality, as well as happy with the results, and used for wedding items.

7. LaRibbons Solid Ribbon Colors Package

LaRibbons Solid Ribbon Colors Package

The 1 1/2-Inch x 12-Feet is Royal Blue. 50 yards are 5 yards each roll by the spool. The material is 100% Polyester and double-faced ribbons. There are 10 different colors, including Navy Blue, Purplish Red, Citrus, Orange, Fuchsia, Pink, Maize Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue, and Old Gold. Ribbons are folded on top of a plastic bag to prevent it from being dirty. It's great for sewing, crafting, bridal bouquet, and other projects.

Brand: Laribbons

👤This is for a sewing project. It is what I was looking for. I wanted to make it clear that it is a tiny size, since the reviewers said it was very small, and the description said we are talking about 3/8” ribbons. Bright colors, but not a red.

👤The ribbon is not damaged. I'm not happy. I was expecting a ribbon on the spool. That's not the way it happens. It is less usable for my purposes because it is a flat. This is the second time I've ordered ribbon from Amazon and the second time it comes in a package that is different than what I pictured. I chose a different seller this time. It isn't how I wanted it.

👤Good value on ribbon. It was not on the spools. It is easier to store this way so I was hoping for spools. The ribbons were wrapped with a wire twist tie. I wouldn't buy this again because I don't think I'll be able to store them nicely.

👤The colors shown in the official product image are representative of what I received, although they do not match exactly. I am using these to make ribbon ends for loom-woven bracelets so the colors were not important to me, as long as I can find something in the same color family as the beads I am using. There was enough variety in the colors that I could do that. I have had no trouble cutting them down to size because they are a bit wide for my purpose. I weave at the end of my pieces and use E6000 to glue them together. There is a The advertised width is 3/8". I didn't measure the full length, but I did notice that there were no knots or joins, so you should get a full, long piece of ribbon. I did not get a plastic smell or dye on my fingers, but I am not sure what will happen if you do. If you are hoping to have the whole ribbon show, ironing or steaming might be nice, although mine did lie flat. I was hiding the ribbon under a crimp for my purpose, and this didn't matter. There is a The ribbon looks nice. The ends don't fray easily and the surfaces are smooth, which makes them a good choice for a project that sees a lot of wear and tear. I think your satisfaction with these will depend on your intended use. Since I am using very short segments and these are supposed to be hidden in my work, I am generally happy with them. I only use 3-4 inches at a time so I don't need to order again.

👤Just as described. Look like it. Happy with the quality.

👤I like these ribbons. I've purchased this many times. I make traditional Hawaiian leis. The texture is smooth. 5 yards of ribbon is contained in each spool. I highly recommend.

👤I didn't understand what was said. I got 15 ribbons, not 10. They were not 5 yards. The colors I received were hot pink, 2 pink, 2 yellow, 1 light blue, 1 orange, 1 yellow orange, 2 kelly green, 1 lime green, and 1 brown. The colors were not pictured. There is a They were bundled together. The knot was easy to remove. They were not tangled. They are wrinkled because they were in the knot. I am using them for a preschool craft so they will work, but I am not very disappointed with the quality and that they didn't come as described - not even close.

8. Sheer Ribbon Gift Wrap Set

Sheer Ribbon Gift Wrap Set

There are 50 yards of gift wrap and 2 large rolls of glitter ribbon. The fabric has a wire edge. 2 Pack for Wedding Aisle & Pew Decorations, Wrapping Holiday, Anniversary, Baby, Graduation & Birthday Present, Decorative Xmas Trees, florist décor, and more are included in the kit. Gifts, New Years Eve and party decorations. The WIRE EDGED CRAFT RITE: Making Bridal Bows, crafting Xmas Wreaths & Garland, Girls & Women Hair Bow Holidays Special Occasion, Bulk School Supplies, 2 Spring Festival Parties, Table arrangement and small assortment of flower centerpiece. Excellent decorATING: Thinly Metalic Wire-Edged Ribbone for Bag, Cute Holidays Package, Packing, Valentine Gifting, Boutique Hostess Favors bags, prom & Bar (Bat) Chair Backs are some of the things that are Thinly Metalic Wire-Edged Ribbone for Bag. You can buy your perfect gift RIBBON SET today. Buying 2 and buying with confidence since your purchase is backed by Amazon's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Brand: Olyphan

👤It was a long length and width and I love it.

👤I wanted to make bows for Christmas. The red is gorgeous. The gold was a mess when I used it. The wire and ribbon were separated. I thought I would try the silver. It was worse than gold. I am very disappointed.

👤This ribbon was a nice addition to my package for a 50th anniversary celebration. The color is great. Light wire edges make it easy to work with. The tiny glitter is something to watch out for. You'll find it everywhere the package goes.

👤The ribbon holds the spiral well. glitter gets everywhere It is easy to clean off your hands and clothes. Be warned. It looks pretty.

👤A roll long enough for the tree! The money was paid and it was a great value. I only used gold on our tree after buying both silver and gold. I used half the roll and was generous with it. I bought my items on Amazon instead of at a craft store. There is a large roll of gold ribbon.

👤It's perfect for my tree. I don't like the term "what you pull out of a dogs a**". There is aPun unattended. I am going ribbon for now. It's great for Christmas bows. The wires are bendy and unnoticeable. I thought there wasn't anything.

👤Nice, but there are sparkles everywhere.

👤Finally purchased a tree. I decided to go with the ribbon instead of the garlands. It made a big difference in the tree's appearance. Our friends and family liked the tree. Highly recommended!

9. Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Killers Instinct Outdoors Artificial Wrapping

Get your ribbon in perfect condition. In perfect delivery condition, this is offered in a carefully packaged package. The olive green leaf ribbon is made from a material that is polyester. Great for decorations that are perfect for sewing, scrap booking, hair bow making, craft projects, card, paper crafts, decorating gift Baskets, and many more. A great quality ribbon is ideal for birthdays, weddings, garments, packaging, arts and crafts, scrap booking, and table setting. It can be used to dress up your home, or it can be used to climb to the top of your window or conduit pipes. There will be a good effect. If you don't like their product, you can return it for a 30 day money back guarantee. Their complete customer service gives you a pleasant purchase experience.

Brand: Killer's Instinct Outdoors

👤It wasn't on a roll like most ribbon, but it was nice and neat. I received a mess that was not on a roll. It looks like a return that was put in a new wrapper. It is far from 60 feet and I will have to untangle it for an hour or more. I will not purchase from this company again.

👤When I saw that this ribbon was made like this, I was not disappointed at all. It's easy to work on a project like the Easter Tree Skirt. The color is green. It arrived in a roll in a plastic bag and as I unwound it, I noticed that the leaves were curled up and I had to iron it, it was really nice on a medium heat. I would recommend putting the roll inside a small box.

👤It was less wide than I anticipated, and it broke easy. The quality is okay. The diaper cake was still cute.

👤It took me over an hour to untangle the ribbon that was climbing up my diaper cake. It would have been better if it had been wound around cardboard. It wouldn't have taken so long to untangle the mess.

👤Color and picture are correct. It will be pretty on my hat.

👤I was surprised to see the stitching in the middle of the leaf stem. It is as beautiful as the photo. I use it for wrapping. It's gorgeous... Thank you so much!

👤I love them! I used to decorate my glasses.

👤I loved the way this ribbon looked on my daughter's cake. I never felt like it would rip. It is really cute. I might have to get more for wrapping gifts.

10. Olive Green Leaves Ribbon Yards

Olive Green Leaves Ribbon Yards

100% cash back if you don't like it! You can buy it now by clicking on the add to cart button. The length is 20 yards and the width is about one inch. Great quality ribbon is ideal for birthdays, weddings, garments, packaging, arts and crafts, scrapbooking, and table setting. It's great for event decorations. Perfect for sewing, scrap booking, decorating, hair bow making vintage sewing, craft projects, card, paper crafts, decorating gift baskets, accenting home textiles and many more projects.

Brand: David Accessories

👤This would be a fabric-like trim. I was wrong. It is not suitable for a trim.

👤I painted glitter in it and it was perfect.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for.

👤This is definitely green. I was initially concerned because the picture looked different than I wanted, but was pleasantly surprised. It has a sheen to it that is kind of similar to satin.

👤When I ordered this, I thought it was more like others I had seen. I was very disappointed because I had a specific expectation. The leaf is the same thickness as the vine. There is a I've found various uses for it, including decorating a lamp shade. There is a You get a lot of it. You can't tell if I've used any of the yards I've given away. It is a great value and can be used many different ways. I would still recommend this product.

👤It's as described. The vine is dark green. The vine is thin. I was hoping for a bigger approach. I should have looked at the product more closely. This is thin and can be used for balloons, or for an art project in a photo album, or a head piece for a holloween. This won't hold up as decorations or a banner, which is what I'm looking for. I'll use it as the string for our balloons and try and buy something else to edge the ceiling for the party. There is a It is as advertised. It is just thin. If you use it for other ideas, it will work great. Not what I was looking for.

👤This product is much smaller than anticipated. I usually pay attention to details, but I may have missed the mark on this one. It's frustrating that no one in my family can find where this product begins. I put it at the back of my gift wrapping supplies until I feel like I want to tackle it again, or just cut it at some random spot to start using.

👤This product is beautiful. The leaves have a shimmer to them. I measured the ball and it is 20 yards larger than the picture shows. This will be great for my fairy crowns.

👤The project I was working on was perfect addition.

11. Christmas Assorted Decorative Ornaments Wrapping

Christmas Assorted Decorative Ornaments Wrapping

Attach bows tightly. It is easy to use. Cut with scissors. The package comes in 8 rolls. They are 6 Yd gold metallic wire ribbon, 6 Yd gold glittered star wire ribbon, and 6 Yd gold glittered poinsettia wire ribbon. 6 Yd Gold Random Fiber Mesh, 6 Yd Gold Glittered Holly Leaves, 6 Yd Classic Gold Glittered Swirls, 6 Yd Gold Glittered Snowflakes, and 6 Yd Gold Glittered A set of gift wrapping ribbon has gold and white ribbon, mesh ribbon, and a variety of designs with gold glitter. It's perfect for your bright gold holiday decoration. You can use them to make bows. The Christmas Ribbon measure appr. Each spool contains 6 yards of ribbon, 48 yards in total. Medium to large, fluffy bows can be made with these ribbons. The material was made of metallic and acrylate. The wired edge of the Christmas ribbons helps them hold their shape when bowed or tied. You can twist your ribbon into bows, rosettes, or large designs with the wired edges. It is possible to create a wide variety of bow designs. This gold wired Ribbon can be used for many things. Whether you're wrapping gifts, trimming the Christmas tree, making a big Christmas bow and holiday wreath, setting dazzling table displays, decking the halls, adding to floral designs, wrapping around rods, poles, lamps, or creating holiday crafts with the whole family, these spools of glittery Christmas

Brand: Winlyn

👤My goal was to have a ribbon around the tree. At least one pattern. These are not long enough to cover a tree. The rolls are not the same as before, so I had to use multiple rolls.

👤I needed gold ribbon for my project so I bought this package. I was very happy when it arrived. I thought they were just small rolls of ribbon, but they were all full-sized. I had enough ribbon for my project. The ribbon is of excellent quality.

👤The sides of the ribbons would fall apart, but the gifts looked great.

👤It goes far and is beautiful. I was amazed at how many packages I could wrap. It's just exquisite!

👤The edge of the ribbon fell off. Would not recommend it.

👤It was exactly what I needed to add to my tree. It is easy to use and shape.

👤There is a lot of glitter. Good product.


What is the best product for decorative ribbon for gift wrapping?

Decorative ribbon for gift wrapping products from Winlyn. In this article about decorative ribbon for gift wrapping you can see why people choose the product. Livder and Meedee are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative ribbon for gift wrapping.

What are the best brands for decorative ribbon for gift wrapping?

Winlyn, Livder and Meedee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative ribbon for gift wrapping. Find the detail in this article. Molshine, Olyphan and Outus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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