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1. PuTwo Decorative Handmade Catchall Christmas

PuTwo Decorative Handmade Catchall Christmas

It will not scratch your furniture. Handmade Marble TRAY: This handmade marble tray is made from marble and has metal handles and marble printed PU leather, which is lighter and more durable than traditional marble trays. The ingenuity of PuTwo is shown by the combination of the aesthetic and practicality. There is a non-sLIP muffin tray. The marble printed decorative tray can be used as a jewelry tray, perfume tray, makeup tray, trinket dish, key tray or even coffee tray. The bottom of the marble printed leather Vanity tray has a non-slip pad to prevent it from slipping or falling and protect your furniture and counter from being scratched. This marble printed tray is easy to maintain. It won't fade or change shape. PuTwo makeup tray is easy to clean and can be wiped with a damp cloth. The bottom of the bathroom tray is easy to clean. There areDIMENSION andAPPLICATIONS. The trinket dish is 42*32*6 cm/15.6*2.36 inch and weighs 1.78 kilograms. The taste of your life can be reflected by placing the jewelry dish in the bathroom washstand, living room, coffee table, bedroom dressing table, etc. It's an ideal gift. This marble printed leather tray trinket tray is a perfect vintage ornament and is ideal to be used as a organizer tray. A PuTwo marble printed decorative tray is a perfect birthday gift.

Brand: Putwo

👤It's pretty, but the vase we put on it left a mark. The top is soft and prone to dents and scratches. Buy something else.

👤There is a hard cardboard with marble contact paper on it.

👤I don't like the bottom. It seems cheap, but my fault for not reading more carefully. You wouldn't know the difference unless you touched it.

👤The main board is made from a type of wood that has a wallpaper on it. It would be nice to look from a distance, but you have to never use it.

👤I am not complaining, it was bigger than I expected. This can hold up to 30 bottles of cologne. I have a counter top that is long.

👤Love it. Looks great! Comes together.

👤I like the character of my bathroom. Customer was satisfied! The gold trimming is not shiny gold.

👤Looks beautiful! The marble part is not easy to clean, but it looks great and it is perfect to store trickets next to the door or for books on a coffee table.

👤In my case, it was a great display for valuables.

👤I needed something that would protect the bedside table from milk bottle rings and juice rings, and I found it in my phone and baby monitor.

👤It is horrible. There is a This is not pu leather, the glue job is shabby, and the board underneath is not properly fastened. There were a lot of brown stains. It was so confusing.

👤The tray works well as a decorative tray for storing immobile stuff, so do not use it for chemical spills as the material could be hard to clean.

2. ARTORA Century Succulents Decorative Planter

ARTORA Century Succulents Decorative Planter

Large - 11 W x 11 D x 5 H; Medium - 10 W x 10 D x 4.5 H; Small - 8.0 W x 8.0 D x . Modern and stylish design adds a touch of class to any rooms, tables, office desks, and it goes with a variety of plants and flowers on vases or plant pots. Also, note: Pot and plant are not included. The plant stand is easy to use. Premium solid wood can allow for a weight up to 50 lbs. It is possible to hold almost all small size indoor plants. This plant stand raises your plants in a higher place to keep them off the floor and provide you with better air quality and circulation, but it also adds a stylish look to your corner. WanKoo offers a lifetime warranty and a worry-free gaganer.

Brand: Artora

👤This is not as large as pictured. The legs are not like what is pictured. It would not be able to hold my lamp. There is a ring on the top of the wood that may have been used for a water stain. It is too dainty and not worth the price. I would pay a small amount for this. Will be back. I would like to see this in a larger diameter.

👤I used this stand to make my soap, candle and decoration. Cute and sturdy!

👤A cute little plant stand was purchased for my dining room table. I love it!

👤It was cute, but small. I wanted it for a larger pot, but the inside area was smaller. I used it for something else when I kept it.

👤The photo is deceiving, the plant pot is small. The plant stand is small. One leg broke off and came loose.

👤The stand is very cute and looks great.

3. Decolore Display Stands Pictures Decorative

Decolore Display Stands Pictures Decorative

The display rack is 3 inches in diameter and 9 inches in height. The board easels are strong enough to hold plates, photographs, framed pictures, art, and more. A tray rack made of high quality iron looks elegant and shows your art at a slanting angle. This dish rack style brings the plate closer to the surface without sliding and tipping over, which is important for your collection. The board easels are versatile and stylish and can be used in a variety of places.

Brand: Decolore

👤These easels are heavy. I use these for my products at trade shows and farmer's markets. They are perfect for my needs. The ornamental balls on the front of the easels are easy to remove. Two out of the twenty fell off when they were brought to my booth. It is important to know that this is a design flaw, and that I would still purchase these, but I would be prepared to deal with this issue.

👤The angle seems steep. I was hoping the picture was straight. It could be my preference. I thought I would warn others.

👤I use it to show off my favorite books on my book shelf because I have a lot of them. If you get a black bookshelf like I do, you don't even see it, it's perfect, and I haven't had any issues with it on my books.

👤These do not hold pictures up close to where the correct angle adjustment should be. You can see in the pictures that I had to make some changes.

👤I bought these to display my books. They helped to show off the covers. I wish I had bought two sets. I recommend choosing these if you want to display something.

👤I like this product. I will purchase a lot more in the next two weeks. They are light and sturdy. My book is large enough to hold them in the wind.

👤They do the job, but they are too heavy in the back. The stand part takes away display space because it's two inches in the back.

👤The plate holders were individually wrapped so they didn't scratch. Excellent quality.

4. Decolore Display Picture Decorative Artistic

Decolore Display Picture Decorative Artistic

The 6 inch metal display stands are for an item of 7′′ in height and 15′′ in diameter. 3 Pack. Black is the color. Solid structure and sound appearance are made of black powder-coated finish and wrought iron. Simple iron design, decorate your table and perfect black powder-coated finish improve quality. The metal display stands are small and sturdy, so they can be used to decorate your room. 3 pack 6inch black metal display stands can be used to stand painted tiles, decorative plates, photo frames, pictures, postcards, book, canvas, etc.

Brand: Decolore

👤The stands are all crooked and can't be adjusted to sit flat.

👤I will keep them and find another use for them, but I will not be able to use them as I intended due to some bad information in the description. I was looking for dimensions that would fit larger books up to 1.5 inches thick. The cradle is 1.7" deep, which is more than the other stands of 1.15" to 1.5". The cradles I was sent are 1.15" deep. I'll have to keep looking for something to hold my larger books because they're still nice and will work for some of my skinnier books up to 1.0" thick.

👤I knew that I would find more uses for the other two when I realized that they came in a pack of three. The price was reasonable. I have stacks of papers and folders that I have to keep organized by date and staff member. The display stands are strong enough to hold my work. The quality and look of them are very good. The low profile makes the stand almost invisible so that the framed photograph is what is seen. If one needs to stack a lot of files, the width of the stand is a plus. While typing.

👤You get 3 for each order. The 3rd one was bent wrong so it does not sit flat. I tried to bend it. It's impossible. I hope I don't need the 3rd one.

👤There is no assembly required. Light and dark. I used this to display action figures from when I was younger. These are very strong and support the comics very well. There is no question. The action figure is not normal. The figure is off center so it could fall off easily. If I need it for something smaller to display, I like that these can come in different sizes. The balls at the front are not nice. It is nicer than some other options. Would get it again.

👤I had purchased a set of plates while on a trip. The holders fit perfectly with the plates. They seem very sturdy and don't distract from the plates. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It can be used for other things, but it was useless for the purpose that I purchased it for, which was to keep a book open so that I can read recipes while cooking and preparing meals. It's very small and can only hold up the books. They gave 3 displays at that, and it was a waste of money.

👤This doesn't fit anything thicker than about 1/2 inch. If the frame is oriented with the long edge on the x- axis, it can be a little wobbly.

5. Goabroa Acrylic Display Risers Rectangle

Goabroa Acrylic Display Risers Rectangle

Collections should be displayed rather than stuck in a box. The display riser stands are perfect for display crafts, awards, trophies, arts, Lego builds, funky pop figures, nendoroid, amiibo, collectibles, beauty makeup jars, retail goods, cake, jewelry, earring, accessories, cosmetics etc. The design and visual experience is perfect. The display riser stands were made of plexiglass. The see-through design displays your items without being boring. You can put it at the curio cabinet, retail store, wedding or brithday party, tea party, dining room cabinet, showcase, and trade shows to enjoy a floating visual experience of the displayed. They are easy to clean, they are laser cut so finished with a shiny and smooth edge that you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The package includes 2 sets of 9x3x4.25inch, 8.55x3x*2.9inch and 8.2x3x 1.5inch U shape transparent acrylic display risers, each set contains 3 pieces display risers in 3 different sizes. Customer service is my top priority and I will give you a 120 day money back guarantee. Love it or your money back. Not satisfied, get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Goabroa

👤I gave this a 3 because it was an inexpensive option to display my liquor bottles and it was a poor decision. If anyone is trying to do the same, I would advise against it. The shelves aren't strong enough to hold liquor bottles.

👤The vendor I chose because of their product's taller stature was the one I wanted to put under the largest shelf. There is a Well. It is not the same as the advertised height. That was enough to make it not work for me. I will make it work with the shims on the bottom since no other vendor has anything like it. There is a The height of the largest riser is not the same as the one inside. There is a The medium riser is 2.875. There is a The small riser is correct. The vendor had excellent quality, packaging and attitude.

👤Love it! When I got it, I was worried it was too small, but it is perfect! I had to organize my skincare on the counter. So much. It is organized by products I use more. It looks pretty if it was by color. It is sturdy enough to hold everything. I can remove my cleanser from the organizers. The material does bend when I do this. Since I have to continuously pump product out, I will be taking the bottle off the shelf. It was delivered quickly and I appreciated it. I am very happy with this product.

👤Wow! The quality of these is what the store uses in their display model. They are sealed with a plastic sheet of film that protects them during shipping and come out looking white. The sides of the risers are covered with a sheet of paper. I wanted a more professional looking display for my family's rock collection. The risers handle the weight of the rocks just fine. It is worth the price. At some point, I will be buying more.

👤Each riser has about 3 cupcakes. The differing heights make your display stand out. If you don't have sharp nails, it can be difficult to remove the protective film. I would love to purchase them in a larger size in the future.

👤Fear not! The shelves are clear and you have to remove the protective film. These are perfect for my Pops. I like that they are not fixed like other shelves.

👤The product is used for displaying shoes. I use it to display pretty items in my china closet. I put it behind the front row to give me more display space. There is a You can get two sets of stands. The stands are not visible after you remove the protective covers. Just right. The supplier sent me a warm note in my package, which made me feel better about the product.

👤I wanted to display a few purses. It didn't have as nice of an effect as I had hoped, but still works well. I paid less for 6 of these than I did for 3 of the same size. I have a small shelf in my bathroom where I keep all of my masks, since I am an ipsy subcriber. I can see all of their labels more easily with the help of these. Found a use for all but one of them.

6. LUANT Circular Decorative Nightstand Diameter

LUANT Circular Decorative Nightstand Diameter

The board easels are versatile and stylish and can be used in a variety of places. pictur #2 is referred to as the dimensions. You should save your bathroom from leaking. You should hold all your bottles. It's easy to clean and it's timeless. It will not scratch your furniture.

Brand: Luant

👤This little tray is very cute. I like to have things that are handy. It is pretty, solid and great quality.

👤This is a nice item, it appears to be a single piece of marble. It is a lighter color that looks better in a picture and it is white with gray veins that match my other marble items. This has a very reasonable price on it compared to all the others I looked at, and it was packed in a foam insulated packing. The three pillar candles that are the normal 3.5 inch diameter work perfectly on this platter.

👤I am glad I found this marble circle tray, it is quite lovely. I put the pads on the floor. I am going to leave another one next to the sink to store the dish soap, sponge and scrub brush. It will look great on the light grey quartz because it is a distinct location for small items that won't interrupt the look of the kitchen.

👤The soap, dish brush and bottle brush are located next to the sink in our center island. I put felt feet to the bottom to keep it from sitting on the granite and to prevent the water from getting trapped under it. It is the perfect size, easy to clean, and has a heavy weight so it doesn't move around on the counter. It has a lip on the edge to keep things in place. I would buy again if you recommended it. There is a Hope you found this helpful.

👤I used this to upcycle a plant stand that I had seen better days and was headed for the trash. I used glue and spray painted the stand, which had a big primate on it. It looks better. I think it is a very versatile piece of marble, one side has the lip while the other is flat.

👤It's a great place to place a coffee mug or drink glasses. There is a It was in perfect condition when it arrived. There is a I don't like coasters so I was looking for that. It has a smooth bottom, but I added rubber bumpers. It would work as well.

👤This was what I was looking for. I knew that if I got marble it would be very expensive. The stone version of the marble look is perfect. I was looking for something that was sturdy. If you don't want a heavy tray, you won't like it. You will love it if you don't mind it. Since it's stone, the marble design is unique in every piece. I ordered two and they both had unique marble designs, which was no problem for me. I like the look of it. The product is amazing.

👤The small tray was perfect for my needs. I use it under a ball that is prone to scratch furniture. It is a dark grey color. It looks more expensive than the price. Would definitely recommend. I bought the black/grey one because I loved the white one so much.

7. HighFree Decorative Copper Color Jewellery Nightstand

HighFree Decorative Copper Color Jewellery Nightstand

This product is a great gift idea for weddings, groomsmen, anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc., as it is a classy look catchall tray with unique collapsible corner design. The jewellery tray is made of rustproof metal handles and has a marbled tray. The road is simple and atmospheric. The bottom of the tray has a non-slip pad to prevent it from sliding or falling and protect your furniture and counter from being scratched. The catchall tray is easy to clean. It can be wiped directly with a damp cloth or paper towel. The items are packed well, with foam shockproof and carton packing. This tray can be used as a serving tray, jewellery tray, perfume tray, makeup tray, trinket tray, or coffee tray. It is placed on the table as an ornament and adds a sense of quality. Application: The weight is 1.75 kilogram and the dimensions are 11-7/8 * 7-7/8 * 1-3/4 inch. The bathroom washstand, living room, coffee table, bedroom dressing table, and many other places can be used as makeup storage. Application: The weight is 1.75 kilogram and the dimensions are 11-7/8 * 7-7/8 * 1-3/4 inch. The bathroom washstand, living room, coffee table, bedroom dressing table, and many other places can be used as makeup storage.

Brand: Highfree

👤Un poco pequea tiene excelente materia.

👤The tray is heavy and cute, but the handles are crooked. I thought the buyer attached the handles, but they were already attached and were not even even. I am returning because it is driving me crazy.

👤I thought it was a good value for the price, and it was good solid quality. I was worried about the size. It's good to fit 2 small vases and a small candle. I'm very happy with it. The marble is solid and the size is what I needed.

👤It was perfect for the shelf in my closet. The size is perfect for a Vanity tray. It was bigger than I anticipated, but the listing includes the dimensions which are accurate. It is a piece of marble.

👤The color dorado se ve. Meses se pondr negro. El mrmol es lindo.

👤Just like the picture! Absolutely gorgeous!

👤I bought this for my perfumes and it is very nice. I'm about to order two more.

👤I should've read the dimensions. Great quality.

8. Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

Luxspire Bathroom Countertop Organization Organizer

High quality. The tray is made from full heat-resisting ceramic and has a high gloss glazed finish. It can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. It looks very simple and elegant because of the irregular marble texture surface and golden lines on the edge. Save space. This tray is perfect for arranging your jewelry, candles, rings, earrings, hair ties, and other everyday essentials, and keeps your table clean and tidy. Its large capacity and thick and sturdy ceramic texture make it a good choice for holding items without taking up too much space or moving carelessly. It's perfect for any room, you can use it as a display tray for jewelry in the bedroom, a paper clip in the office, perfume, toothbrushes, and lotion in the bathroom, or as a tray for food in the kitchen. The perfect size is 8.66" x 4.72" x 0.98" (22 x 12 x 2.5 cm). It is suitable for most families. It's great for keeping your jewelry, keys, and bracelets safe. It's perfect to protect your items, countertops and surfaces. It will be a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for friends, family members, and even for a daily surprise, as a great gift for There is a note about this. Each tray is unique due to the handmade craftsmanship and may be different from the picture.

Brand: Luxspire

👤This is a small tray. It is not small. It is small. If that is what you are looking for, this is it! It can comfortably hold 8 small perfumes. I posted two photos, one filling it up 75% and the other 90%.

👤I bought the smaller size first because it was too small to hold all my perfumes, but I liked the look and quality of the larger one. The larger one is the perfect size for me. I used the smaller for a few things on my drawer. The trays look expensive. They add a nice touch.

👤I know it is a tray. I use it for my office desk and it is cute. It is perfect for pens, paper clips, binder clips, post-its and other items. It makes my desk look a little more fancy. They are so expensive in stores that it is definitely a great price. Highly recommended!

👤This is a very pretty design. It's not easy to clean if you use it as a decorative sink caddy. It's heavy and breakable when you remove the water pools, so you have to be careful.

👤I wanted the marble tray to hold upscale bathroom hand soap and lotion. It was the perfect choice. My bathroom faucets are gold/brass colored and it's difficult to find accessories in that color anymore, everything is chrome or pewter, the narrow gold border gives it an elegant look. The tray was small and didn't take up a lot of space on the counter, and it came with little self-adhesive cushions to put on the bottom. The product arrived in just two days.

👤My tray is all white. There is no marble look shown.

👤It was great to put items on in the bathroom.

👤I felt that the trays could break easily, I found that they wouldn't stand up to the test of time.

👤The photos are not accurate. It was very small. It doesn't look luxurious. I was a little disappointed.

👤I wanted something to organize my routine essentials so they were at hand while at the wash basin yet didn't look messy or unpleasing to the eye, this certainly fit the brief and is very pleased with the quality, it lays flat and doesn't rock, the lip is just right

👤Unfortunately it had chips and wasn't in the best condition.

👤It was perfect on my bathroom.

9. Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Get ready to become a fan. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and strive for exceptional customer service. Add their dessert tray to your cart and you will get outstanding customer service for yourself. This offer is for cake pop/lollipop display stands which are manufactured in high transparent 2mm thick acrylic which is food safe and sturdy. Each stand has been designed to hold up to 21 cakes. They are easy to clean and finished with a shiny and smooth edge, so you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The double layer design makes the cake pop. It is easy to assemble and disassemble a flatpack. Store is easy to store when laid flat. The size is 11 inch long x 4 inch wide and 1.4 inch high and has a hole diameter of 0.12 inch. Perfect for wedding party, birthday party, christening, bridal shower, bake sales, family events, shop window displays, afternoon tea party, etc. The modern design makes it easy to present your cake pops. It's more attractive for your party.

Brand: Goabroa

👤The product is described. It is impossible to pick up the stand without the cake pop sticks falling through the holes in the top and bottom of the stand. It is difficult to carry them from one place to another. It should have had a tray with no holes so the cake pops could be carried. It is not sturdy at all. It is very lightweight and flimsy. It does what it is supposed to do. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This product is not helpful for the actual cake pop making and should only be used as a display. This product is hard to clean because of the chocolate and frosting on it. The cheap material always looks bad. The cake pop sticks that I bought are too small for this stand, so you have to pick it up by the cake part since you can't really reach the sticks. Purchasing long cake pop sticks could solve this issue. This is not a good stand for cake pop making since the spaces between the different holes are small. If you dip your cake pop in chocolate and use it as a cooling stand, they will all fall on each other. This should only be used as a cake pop stand. Since there is no solid bottom, you can't transfer the cake pops on the stand, it's only an ok product. The product was disappointing and would not recommend it.

👤The cake pop stand was easy to assemble and clean. The kids were able to take out it at the gender reveal event I had set up. To save space, I would go with this because it is very easy to replenish cake pops.

👤My client loved the display and so did I. The table was beautiful because of it. I recommend anyone to purchase this for a party table display. It is easy to assemble.

👤The display case is awesome. I need to say that the thank you note is over. The display was made with film to keep it from scratching and the tools and supplies were in a separate bag with the little screw driver. My cake pops had to be spread farther apart because the display had 21 holes that would be great for lollipops. I was only able to place 12 because I squeezed three in the back. I know that it's not a problem. I'll buy two or three if they ever offer another version with the holes for cake pops. Such a cute product! I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This item is made of glass. There is a Plastic looks like glass. You will need to assemble this product. The product has all the tools needed. It will take a while. There is a There are 21 lollipops on the stand. There is a It is 5 inches in length and 11 inches wide. There are 2 inches between the bottom and top plastic. There is a I didn't remove the plastic from the photos I showed. There is a The product held the chocolate lollipop well and I have no issue with it falling over. There is a It is light and easy to transport. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Yes. Is the best looking product. It's good. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you found this review helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button below. I would like to thank you in advance. I don't get paid for my reviews, but I try to help potential buyers make an informed choice.

10. Scwhousi Candle Holder Decorative Candles

Scwhousi Candle Holder Decorative Candles

HasSLE-free returns: If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can ask for a return or replacement. Sturdy legs under the base keep it stable. The 4.5"D x 0.7"H size can be used with pillar candles and tea light candles. When you light my candles, make sure to add protection against surfaces. They add some nice decor to certain rooms and hallways in your house. A gift to friends or family members is a charming gift.

Brand: Scwhousi

👤The candle holders matched my candles perfectly. I like these. They are strong and beautiful.

👤These are great! The overall look of the rustic is my reason for 4 stars. They fit my candle well. Maybe it is not the vibe I wanted. Maybe the rubbed oil look isn't authentic. I should have gotten black. I can't tell you how many stores I went to find this. I wanted glass and found a store that carried it, but they didn't have the inventory stated online. I try not to shop on Amazon as I want to support my local economy, but it is sometimes the only place you can find things. It was kind of a disappointment.

👤When I bought them, I expected them to be lighter and stronger. The color is more bronze than gold. They were well packed and in perfect condition. I was able to use them immediately. They don't tip over on a level surface and they don't wobble on a flat surface. They make a good gift. The recipients don't have anything on hand to enjoy pillar candles, so people give them as gifts. You will be called the one who thinks of everything.

👤I didn't like them because they rust, but they are fine if you don't use them near water. After 3 months, ours rusted. Don't use them under our soap dispensers.

👤The pillar plates are nice. It is very sturdy and attractive.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase. The brushed goldtone is very attractive. This looks great with a candle on top or a memorial light. It adds a nice element to the display. I'm thinking of other items to place on this that will raise the item for greater visibility in a very attractive way. The set of three is perfect if I keep it for myself or give it to a special person. Great find! There is a Molly is a person.

👤These plates are as large as my palm. It's great for my jewelry or tea light candles. The paint is very smooth.

👤These are great but I had to glue the three legs together because they could easily scratch a wood surface and be as light weight as they are. I did that and they are perfect now. It was difficult to glue them on due to the slippery legs. I was successful in the end.

👤It was as advertised. Excellent holders for candles. I don't know how easy it is to clean my candles. You can see the welding marks on the top surface from the bottom balls.

👤The size and colour are perfect.

11. GENMOUS CO Distressed Whitewashed Decorative

GENMOUS CO Distressed Whitewashed Decorative

Their bookends are made of heavy duty metal and can hold large and heavy books. Decorative scroll designs are made of wood. White distressed finish. The set has 2 pieces. Each is 8.25 H in inches. 2, degree of difficulty: This set of two bookends has gorgeous scrolls and distressed white appearance, and arranges your book collection in a classic style. The bookends can make your design look modern. No matter where you use the bookends, you can bring timeless elegance to your room and keep your books organized. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean. It is giftable. They are a perfect gift for Fixer Upper fans. It is a nice gift for grandparents, mom, dad, uncles, aunts, friends, classmates and teachers. Each pair is put in a box and ready to go. Add these bookends to a mantle or shelf in a shabby chic living room or vintage-styled library. The gorgeous corbels can be used to decorate a table top, book shelf, or even a shelf in a room. If there are no books, they should be placed back to back in the form of decorative pieces.

Brand: Genmous & Co.

👤These are attractive but not heavy enough to hold up books.

👤The updated bookends look great on a beach. They are light in weight. They serve my purpose, but not large or heavy books.

👤It's great for my books. I wish they had a metal.attsched to bottom so books would stay in place more so when I took out a blood, everything didn't fall over.

👤I am going to buy another set of these for the kitchen island bar because they are great.

👤Better looking in person. Every bookcase needs that little something.

👤I didn't think they were light weight. As book ends, they are sturdy and do the job. Good quality and well made.

👤It fits right into my aesthetic. The books are held up fine so far.

👤The look and design is great, but was a little smaller than I had imagined, and still works as a small group of books.


What is the best product for decorative riser gold?

Decorative riser gold products from Putwo. In this article about decorative riser gold you can see why people choose the product. Artora and Decolore are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative riser gold.

What are the best brands for decorative riser gold?

Putwo, Artora and Decolore are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative riser gold. Find the detail in this article. Goabroa, Luant and Highfree are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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