Best Decorative Rocks for Planters Turquoise

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1. UNIME Pebbles Walkways Decorative Luminous

UNIME Pebbles Walkways Decorative Luminous

Solar power is eco-friendly, saves the environment and money. Order your solar lantern today! The material is photoluminescent. Each is about 182511mm. The pack is 200PCS. No electricity is required to make them glow. They will glow for hours if you put them under a lamplight. Line a walkway, edge a flower bed, or fill a planter with these pebble, make your yard unique and cool. It's great for home decoration, art & crafting, night light, etc. The pebbles work for a long time.

Brand: Unime

👤When I received my order, I went to a dark area and saw the glowing stones. I had to wait for other items to be shipped so I could complete my project. I have attached photos. The first photo was taken on a nice day. After a full day of Texas sunshine, the second photo is not glowing. The stones are a waist of my money. I lined the star with the stones so that it would light up. I'm very disappointed.

👤There is a lot of sun in Florida. Product does not glow.

👤Complete trash. They don't glow at all. They also say that they are made by man, but they are not stones at all. They are cheap plastic. It feels like I should be known better on this one.

👤Don't waste your money on these plastic pieces. There is no light in my backyard, so I can see them at night.

👤I can barely see them at night because they get 8 hours of direct sun each day. The photos don't represent what I see in my yard. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I put them under the sun for 5 hours and then took them inside the house. These pebbles are adorable. They are less heavy than pebbles. White, blue and light green are the colors. The green ones are my favorite. I hope they add more pebbles. I think it is fair to add another 20 or 50 pebbles for the price of $9.97 I think I will put them in the garden water fountain. The water fountain is going to be nice at night. I hope I have more. I think I will get 3 more bags. These pebbles are great for the future buyers, just make sure to palce them under the sun. They glow in the dark when exposed to the sun. These pebbles are glowing in the night.

👤They claimed that the rocks would be as bright as they were. They were left in the sun before being placed in a glass container, but barely showed up at night. So disappointing.

👤I got these for my garden and runner. They are spread apart by me. You can see them at night, but they are grouped better. I have a street light that is not very bright at night because it is across the street from me. The ones spread out will get the most sunlight, but will not be noticed as much due to being bunched together. If I didn't have lights from other sources at the front of my home at night, these would be more noticeable. The front gardent and runner accent the driveway at night and the color of the color helps bring out the plants during the day. The winter helps distract the plants from being pretty and makes the area pop a bit.

2. Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

There is a descendant wedding in churchyards. You need these ornamental marbles. They are great for filling your flower vase, fish tank, or votive candle holders. They can be used for wedding favors, birdbaths, magnets, and more. Natural stones. Natural stones by Royal imports are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Common applications include flowerbeds, groundcover, decorative concrete topping, and walkway paving. Annual wood mulching is a permanent and cost-effective alternative to decorative rocks. Many uses. This pack of pebbles is perfect for adding extra beauty to your garden, lawn, and even to your potted plant. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas. It could be used as an accent to water gardens. Round and spherical. There are no sharp edges on these pebbles. River rocks are attractive because of their shape and they provide good drainage. River rocks are used for erosion control. These smooth and vibrant river rocks are a great addition to your décor. The pebbles are black and white and can be used in many decorations. For an eye-catching homage to the Great outdoors, scatter these stones around the base of a pillar candle in hurricane glass, and feature it on your coffee table or mantel. Rocks range in length from.20 to.75" and can be broken or out of shape. The color of the river rock is natural, so it may include a variety of different shades of black. The rocks are in a bag. There are approximately 50-60 rocks in a bag.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤They're a 5 pound bag of rocks. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own stones? You are in luck. These can be yours too. Do you have a cat that digs in your plant? It was a great fix. These rocks are for sale. From this guy. He will email you more than once and ask you to review them. They need some positive feedback. There is a I will give you the truth you asked for. The box they were shipped in was too big for them. The stone was broken. I was bothered by the emails that asked me to review the stones. The strangest review email I've ever gotten was when you tried to make me feel guilty by highlighting the PS in red. There is a The rocks were not damaged. Do not send emails like that.

👤I went high because I got these to use as worry stones, which is not the purpose they're marketed for, and I have no idea whether the things that bothered me would bother someone using them in planters or gardens. The size and shape were good, with enough variation to be interesting and not annoying, even though there were a few more broken ones than I had hoped for. There is a The reason the stones are glossy black is that they have a weird, oily-waxy coating on them that makes them greasy to the touch. It does not rub off on my hands, but it does rub off on other things. I don't like it. I found out that hot water and a drop of detergent will get the coating off, but I had to scrub my fingers to get it off. The stones range from black to dark gray, and some of them have flaws. The cleaned stones are very smooth and pleasant to touch, and feel a lot more like real stone. If I could have bought them like that, I would have given them five stars. I don't know if the coating would bother everyone as much as it bothered me, but for what it's worth, I think it's worth it.

👤I was skeptical about how these would look in my faux planter, and if it was the right amount of rocks. It turned out better than I anticipated. The rocks look great! It was the perfect amount for the planter. The rocks were shipped through the mail and that's why they were broken. Absolutely recommend!

👤I got 37 rocks. It is close to 5 lbs, but not enough for my needs, and not what I expected based on the product description.

👤These are a good value for the price and you will get at least 50. There is a The rocks are small and mostly 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. What you should know. They are covered with a black coating which comes off with water and soap. They are less perfect after being washed. If you are keeping them dry, I would not leave them soaking in liquid for a long time. There is a Some of them are broken and have chips at the ends. If you are looking for perfect rocks, these may not be for you. There is a They worked for me because I am painting them and they hold color nicely.

3. Extra Large Rocks Painting Multi Colored Non Porous

Extra Large Rocks Painting Multi Colored Non Porous

Keep the soil moist and clean, as well as help drainage in the bottom. These stones are of the highest quality. All of their stones are hand selected, inspected, and prepared to meet their high quality standards. The rock must be flat, smooth, non-porous, and have the right size, shape, and shade for painting. They are ready to be painted right out of the bag. The best rock painting experience will be achieved by never compromising on quality. Extra-LARGE STONES. Each of the 12 stones in this set is between 3.5” and 4.5” in diameter, so you have a huge surface for rock painting and kindness stones. These size stones are the ideal size for larger rock painting projects. It's perfect for rock painting experts who want to paint larger and more complex pictures, and for beginners who have trouble creating small details on regular sized stones. All the stones are natural river rocks, unpolished and come in a variety of shapes and sizes within the 3.5” to 4.5” inch range, giving you the variety of stones that you need to paint whatever your creative mind tells you. This set has the perfect paintable rock for your idea, from inspiring words and kindness stones, to pictures and patterns, to freestyling and symbols. While you can use these stones for a variety of crafts, they are specifically chosen and prepared for rock painting and kindness stones. There are painted rocks that can be used as paperweights. They can be placed in vases, gardens, or on a shelf. A person can give a kindness rock to a family member or friend, or hide it in a public place for a stranger to find. If you are not completely satisfied with these painting rocks, you can return them for a 100% money back guarantee. It is that simple. There is no return or explanation for why you don't like it. They are dedicated to customer service and you will be amazed by their fast response time and excellent service.

Brand: Koltose By Mash

👤The items did not come as advertised, so I wouldn't purchase them again. Not even close to being 3.5 to 4.5 inches and most are not smooth. There are better rocks in my back yard.

👤The largest stone was 2.5 inches and there was no larger than 3.5 inches. Gross mismanagement is occurring.

👤I bought the rocks to paint. The paint does not stick to it. I cleaned them with vineager. I went to get that kind of paint because I noticed that it wasn't multi- surface. Nope. The multi-Surface paint doesn't stick to the rocks. At the end, what stays looks patchy and streaky. I was painting some of the white stones and they looked the same as the paint I was painting. It must be a problem with the rocks. The title is not right.

👤The rocks were too small. I wanted the children to be able to stack them.

👤I was curious but the rocks are not worth what I paid.

👤Some of the stones were made of quartz. They are not advertised as large as they should be. I don't have reason to give a gift. A good value is the price that I don't get what I want.

👤Each child and grandchild used color markers to identify themselves and put them on the face of a rock. They can get it back after I leave.

👤Although I have not used any of the stones in a craft activity, they appear to be exactly what I was looking for, good medium sized stones with smooth flat surfaces, which will be great to paint on when that opportunity arises!

4. Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

The size is about 1 to 2 inches and the weight is about 5 pounds. Natural tumbling achieved by hand-gATHERED STONES has a beautiful POLISHED FINISH. They only pick the highest quality pebbles. This set of pebbles is lightly polished for a smooth effect, and comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns, such as brown, white, black, red, and grey. Great indoors and outdoors: Use for a unique decorative accent in vases, dishes, candle holders, planters, aquariums, terrariums and air plants inside; also ideal for ponds, water features, fountains, pots and pathways outside. The 5 pound bag of decorative rocks is easy to use.

Brand: Skullis

👤They are shiny and polished. I was expecting a lot of pebbles.

👤The kittens thought it was a blast to dig in them, because we purchased a number of these for some of our large potted plants. They are a nice variety and shiny, so that I sometimes think they are wet as I walk by them.

👤I love these! I wanted the rocks to be in an average size of 2 inches. The price is great for the value.

👤I was expecting bright colorful rocks, but instead I got a bunch of dull gray rocks that I could have dug up on the side of the road for free. I want to return these because the picture is so deceiving and I need to put up a picture of the side of the road.

👤I put the rocks in my house to keep my kittens out of the dirt. They work well, look nice, and they are large enough that the cats don't just dig them out and play with them. I have six plants of different sizes and have four bags of rocks, but I still have a whole bag left over. Since I got these, there has been no dirt on the floor.

👤The colorful assortment in the description was not in my bag. These are mostly beige or gray. They are not very artistic. I didn't want to wrangle a 40# bag of rocks, so the local hardware store sells a similar bag for less than twelve dollars.

👤The rocks are beautiful. I have used them on our waterfall area. This is my second order. The second order was in a pile. There should have been 6 bags. The bags were open when they arrived in a broken box that was put in a larger box. I don't know if I got the correct amount.

👤The bottom of the 6 gallon aquarium was used. There was enough to cover the entire floor. These are very pretty and small. They should last forever. Some rocks are a little larger than others. It was a good choice for our task.

👤Could the price of this product be lowered in the future? Good for gardening.

5. GASPRO Polished Pebbles Decorative Landscaping

GASPRO Polished Pebbles Decorative Landscaping

You can enjoy larger quantities of pebbles with less money. White rocks for plants are bright and shiny because of their Eco-friendly nature. TheDecorative Rocks areDecorative Rocks. It's well suited for potted plants such as bamboo. The white river rocks vary in shades and sizes, making for a better looking diversity. It's ideal as decorative rocks to make the appearance of the planter and vase and also perfect for drainage and soil cover. You can enjoy larger quantities of pebbles with less money.

Brand: Gaspro

👤The pebbles are nice for topping plants. They help keep little fungus gnats from appearing, while also enhancing the look of things. The color is shiny and white, which is better than my teeth. There is a I put some in the bottom of the plant pots to help with drainage and weigh down the pots of larger plants. It was the best quantity of pebbles for the money I could find, at least here on Amazon.

👤They would be great if I wanted different colors of rocks. That is not what I ordered.

👤I have a bamboo plant that was having trouble draining. I found out that bamboo can be planted in a vase with polished stones and not in the soil. My bamboo plant is thriving, draining properly, and has tons of new growth after I changed it. I'm looking at which plants I can do the same thing with. It looks better and is less messy. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The kids enjoy them very much. Good value for money.

👤My homemade tire planter was added to cover the top soil and make my plants stand out. Very happy with the product! The rocks are shinny and clean, and they are about the size of jelly belly candies. I used 1/2 of the 8lb bags on the planter.

👤You can get a lot of stones for a low price. A lot of them are dull. Quality control is not very important. You get what you pay for.

👤The product is great. The rocks are perfect for my plants. I bought another one.

👤After being exposed to the sun, they have changed from a white rock to a yellow one.

6. Hoffman 14452 Volcanic Lava Quarts

Hoffman 14452 Volcanic Lava Quarts

ECO FRIENDLY. Only natural stones, no other chemicals or oils. A decorative retainer for plants. The product weighs 2 quarts. The product weighs 2 quarts.

Brand: Hoffman

👤I've looked for volcanic rock. When I received my order, I was happy. I was looking for a bigger rock. I use it to grow healthy bio organisms in my aquarium so that my fish can enjoy a well balanced, clean, healthy home. I've seen volcanic rocks in the big box stores, but what they were offering was more of a size one would expect to use in large pond filters. My fish are doing well in their new home with clean water. I recommend using this product for bio mass purification. Customer service is also great. The product arrived on time. 10 stars for this vendor.

👤I went to Walmart and saw the 40lb bags of Lava rocks for under $5 dollars, after I bought these for my plants. I got corn-holed.

👤What I was looking for. The cover for three small and two medium pots was created by one bag. It stopped my cats from playing in the dirt. It looks great as well.

👤After having my plants indoors for a few weeks, my kitty decided she liked the planter dirt more than the kitty litter box. It'suck. There is a I put a bag of puppies on each plant. My cat is not going to potty on my house. There is a You go. It's a good thing.

👤You don't get much from the product. It was not enough to do 5 Aloe Pots. I would need a full truckload. My plants seem to be doing well. I recommend this product toSucculent Growers.

👤A left over Christmas tree is being used to start a new bonsai. Needed something to divert the water from the soil. It is perfect and holds water to help.

👤The bag was purchased to replace the rocks in the smoker. After a while, the rocks pick up grease and soot and give the meat a bad taste. These are the correct size for my application. The size is between quarter and dime pieces. There is enough to cover the bottom of the smoker. It was an easy solution.

👤There's nothing wrong with this lava rock, it's just that some of the pieces are big--like an almond or a hazelnuts. It's fine if I use it as top dressing for a big pot with a huge plant that has tons of surface area, or if I mix it with soil for a big huge plant with huge roots. The pieces are too big to be used in my garden, and look larger than they appear.

👤The product is good quality and a good value. The pieces are bigger than I expected. The pieces are the same size as Leca, so I was looking for something to mix with them. If you're looking for a decorative topping, I would recommend this product. If you're looking for something larger, you're not going to find it.

👤The size of these is too large for a medium size philodendron. I wanted to use them for something. The bag will sit until I find a place to put it, because most were too large and I was missing other stone and substrate.

7. Nicunom Decorative Aquariums Landscaping Succulent

Nicunom Decorative Aquariums Landscaping Succulent

T4U crystal decorative stones are perfect for fish bowl layout. The fishbowl has stones placed in it to create a fairy tale living space. 6 lbs of mixed color pebbles are in the package. Gravel is natural polished for a smooth effect, and comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns, which resists fading for long- lasting beauty. River rocks can be used indoors and outdoors, pebbles can be mulched in garden beds. Adding an extra beauty to your walkways, ponds, water features, fountains, swimming pools and pathways outside is possible. Use for a unique decorative accent for crafts in vases, dishes, candle holders, aquariums, terrariums and air plants inside.

Brand: Nicunom

👤Dissapointing! I chose these for the beige/tan/white color in the picture they are advertising. The rocks I received were white. Not even a small amount of tan/beige like they advertise here!

👤The rocks look great in my pot. 6 pounds was enough to dress this pot, but it could use more. I was happy with how shiny they are. This was a good price and I was shopping around. I will probably buy more 6 pound bags for other places. The big box hardware stores don't have the same quality. If you want to cover something smaller than a large pot, the stones are large.

👤It's sheerness. Warmth? Not by my interpretation of the English language. White shined up stones are what they are. They look good in my planters, and they are inexpensive at 6 lbs. I wanted the top layers of the planters to be dressed in white stones. These suited my needs just fine. To sum it up... The value for money is fair. Not great but not a rip off.

👤I bought the black river rocks despite some 1-star reviews that said they were gray and not polished. I have to agree with the 1-star reviews, these are not the black polished rocks I was expecting. I picked up an 8# bag of another brand for a bit more money and they are deep black and shiny.

👤I used these to keep my cats out of my plants. They're perfect. The color and size are really nice. They helped keep the gnats down by keeping my cats out of the dirt. My boy cat likes to paw one rock out each night and push it around on the floor for some reason. There is a These are a nice quantity and color.

👤They cover the bottom of the turtle tank nicely and stones are not jagged.

👤They are pretty and polished, but not color variations. Awesome if that's what you're going for. I went for something else. Hope this helps!

👤Not the right color. The size is large. They are not very polished. Had to wash it off. I need to replace these and have useless stones.

👤I was unsure if there would be enough in one bag, but I bought two. I have yet to use a full bag. There is a I have put them in for place and in candle lanterns.

👤I just expected a "dirtier" white and the product was fine. The picture that I received was not the same as the one I received. Overall, not bad.

👤I used these for drainage in planting and am happy with them. I wasn't too worried that a few of them were not shiny, but oddly shaped. Most of them were white.

8. Succulent Decorative Terrarium Aquariums Landscaping

Succulent Decorative Terrarium Aquariums Landscaping

Black polished rocks are easy to step on. You can inlay stones of various colors on the concrete or courtyard paths, design them into patterns you like, and then walk barefoot on the smooth pebbles to promote blood circulation. The fairy tale garden can be beautified by it. A bag with 2.7lb of river rock is included in the package. Screened and washed. The weight is about 2.7 lbs. The size is about 0.2"-0.6". Natural stones. Natural stones by Royal imports are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Common applications include flowerbeds, groundcover, decorative concrete topping, and walkway paving. Annual wood mulching is a permanent and cost-effective alternative to decorative rocks. Many uses. This pack of pebbles is perfect for adding extra beauty to your garden, lawn, or aquarium. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas. Round and spherical. There are no sharp edges on these pebbles. River rocks are attractive because of their shape and they provide good drainage. River rocks are used for erosion control.

Brand: Wohohoho

👤The product is closer to pebbles than to sand. I was looking for a soil amendment that was pure silica sand and it was probably the best use for it. The product should not have sand in it's description.

👤The black lava rock is a great addition to my plant. The features are at the top. Everyone should watch the video that shows the zip lock bag.

👤I love the colors of the rock. They look great with the planters I got. There are some bigger rocks in it that I didn't like, but they are easy to pick through and get what you want. I washed mine a few times just to make sure that the dust didn't get into my plants. It was worth it.

👤The rocks made my planters stand out. I will buy more.

👤There is a Everybody knows that lava rocks are great for plants. I am a photographer. Did you know that they are great for holding up roses? Take a look! I was worried that I would have to throw the roses away, but now they are standing up.

👤Best rocks for cacti. We had a problem with gnats until I switched to these. Plants are happy now.

👤The perfect size for my soil. If the plant blooms before Christmas, it will be the real test.

👤These were added to the planters. It makes a huge difference in the way they look in the planters. It's expensive for little rocks. They look great in my planters.

👤Excellent person. It was the same as la description. Ts satisFAite.

9. SUNYIK Fluorite Tumbled Crushed Irregular

SUNYIK Fluorite Tumbled Crushed Irregular

The stone is approx 0.1"-0.5" (3-15mm) in size. There are no holes or clasps on the stones. Every stone is crushed, screened, and cleaned. Shapes,colors,veins can vary from lot to lot. The sizes of the stones will be between 0.1-0.5 inch. Wholesale stones, good for jewelry design,art design,stone collecting,resin,mosaic,grids,wishing bottles,glass fairy bottles,potted wood works,medicine bags, decor, houseplants, garden,fountain and more. Good for health. Demagnetizing and reducing the radiation. It's a perfect gift for beginners. The small chips stones can be placed on an altar or poured into a bowl. They are helpful in the gridding process and would make a nice addition to a medicine bag. Sprinkle them in your plants and plant beddings, place them in a glass bowl with a tealight, use them in all kinds of craft projects, and more. There is a wide range of colors for Fluorite, from green to black, and even with multiple colors on the same specimen. The different colors correspond with different meanings, but all of them are thought to affect one's mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Brand: Sunyik

👤I expected the stones to look that way. It was hard to know how much I would get as it was not clear how big the bag would be. I'm including a photo of the baggie to give you a better idea of what you'll get.

👤I'm writing a new review because I'm annoyed by this seller. I bought this a while ago to add some color to my fish tank, and now it barely has any pink coloring left. This is not real rose quartz. There is a The seller's "rose quartz" has turned completely clear, whereas the other REAL rose quartz has not faded at all. Don't buy for aquariums. I don't know what will happen when the stain enters the water. There is a Shame on you, seller. It's not hard to get your hands on quasar. You lied to your customers and gave them stained glass that was labeled roe quartz, which is disrespectful to your buyers. I won't be buying from you again.

👤I am very happy with this labradorite purchase. There are pieces with a decent amount of flash. The pictures do not do it justice. I tried to pick out the flashier ones, but iridescence is hard to capture on a phone camera. I also bought the chips that are similar to the ones I bought. The labradorite is a great color, but it is not perfect for what I need it for. There is a In my craft room, the bonus is that the bags keep them all together in their own home. I plan on purchasing more different types of gemstones to add to my collection, because of the quality and affordability of both gemstones.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It should be placed at the bottom of a glass dish to hold and display my rings. These little stones are small enough to hold things in place without damaging my rings or causing sand to accumulate on my floor. The price is the downfall. $16/lb? I will have it for a long time and can reuse it for another project.

👤Love them. I was able to fill up a 16 ounce bottle with the two bags of stones I got. I mixed the left overs with some other stones after filling the bottle. They come a little dirty. You should wash them in water and let them dry before doing anything with them. They look real to me. I am not an expert. Some are dark and some are light in color. These are a great find if you are looking for chip stones. Keep in mind that these aren't the high grade stones so keep your expectations within reason. I will be back to get more of the stones.

👤I was excited about the purchase but disappointed. Not a single cup or stone appears to be 100% citrine. Try another vendor.

👤I gave these to my fiancée in the air plant gift. I was expecting more for the price. The pictures are colorful. I still love them.

10. RG Pack Polished Stones Decorative

RG Pack Polished Stones Decorative

The 5 pound bag of decorative rocks is easy to use. mulch in garden beds Can be used indoors and outdoors. It's perfect for plant and vase arrangements. Use outdoors or indoors. There is a mixed color available.

Brand: Rg()

👤These rocks are the biggest rip-off I've ever seen. The bag was small and had an odd smell to it. I washed them thoroughly and then washed them again. I heated them to 400 in the oven and then laid them out on the baking sheet. There was a strong smell of wax and smoking. They were laying in a pool of wax when I removed them from the oven. The rocks are not polished by traditional means, but the seller just waxes them so they look polished. There is a The price of a small bag of rocks that could be found in the average driveway is a huge rip off. I would caution anyone using these in an aquarium or in planters to thoroughly wash them because I'm sure they will throw off the PH of any living thing you use them for.

👤These are overpriced for the quality and quantity that you get. I could have bought 2, 40lb bags of similar stones at the home depot for what I paid for them. These are not remarkable because a 1lb bag doesn't half-fill an average coffee cup. The description of "polished" is not correct. My wife went out to the garden to get stones to make up the difference that she needed for a tiny cactus planter because there were so few in the bag. You can't tell the difference between what she collected for free and what she bought.

👤I tried to boil it to make it safe for my crab, but it was a sheet of wax and I wouldn't recommend it. The rocks came out clean after being boiled about 7 or 8 times.

👤Very nice stones. They look great in my hanging air plant planters. 3 pounds is not a lot of stones. If you have larger projects or a fish tank, you may want to purchase additional pounds because they were packaged well and arrived on time.

👤Wow. I should have paid more attention to the description. The package is small and the stones are not as pretty as in the picture. I'll buy stones from my local store. They have better prices and quality.

👤These were terrible. They are not polished. The pieces of grey and brown rocks were very rough. I will return to the dollar store for future purchases after I thought the higher price tag would yield a better product.

👤It was too expensive. Very pretty pebbles. They are polished. I was very disappointed in the amount that arrived. I found similar products at my local store. If you need to fill a pot of a plant, I recommend getting at least two of these. You will need more than that if it is a large project. It is enough for a small fish tank.

👤I gave. I didn't know that the bag I ordered was a dollar store bag of rocks. The package made me think that it was a bigger bag of rocks. I was not happy with the size of the bag.

11. Flat Glass Marbles Vases Centerpieces

Flat Glass Marbles Vases Centerpieces

It is a perfect gift for family and friends. The gem is a good gift for friends and family. This gem can be used to give a gift to a friend or family member. They can use gems to decorate their home. This gem can be used as an ornament and also as a toy for children. Excellent quality glass pebbles. Their marbles are non-toxic and made of the highest quality glass. The marbles were made with the finest craftsmanship, reducing flaws and common blemishes in other marbles. They are always clean and polished. Save money by buying a 5-pound set of marbles for less than the 1-pound set. They have 5 lbs. The set contains around 500 marble stones and fills about 6 and a half cups. The individual marbles are around.75 inch. Multiple use marbles can serve multiple purposes. Use as a table scatter at your next party. You can use it as a wedding and party décor. They can be placed in your fish tank aquarium or used as crafts supplies. It's essential for party planners and for photographers. The uses of these rocks are endless. The frosted semi-transparent aqua color of these marbles is ideal for adding a classic yet popping effect to floral arrangements, your aquarium floor, and table scatter. They lend a classic look to any room. If you are not completely satisfied with the glass beads, you can return them for a 100% money back guarantee. It is that simple. There is no return or explanation for why you don't like it. They are dedicated and committed to customer service and you will be amazed by their response time and service.

Brand: Koltose By Mash

👤The rocks I'm giving 3 stars for are not the same as the ones pictured. I took off points for the ad description and appearance. The rocks are pretty. They are not what I wanted or what I thought I was getting. The rocks I bought are a shade of light blue and are in the ad photos. They are not transparent in the photos where they are submerged. I had a light blue glow in the dark rocks in my bird bath and I thought they would match it. The rocks I received are translucent and almost transparent in the water, as shown in my attached photo. They are more green than blue. They look like giant fish eggs. It's funny. I bought them to keep my solar fountain in the center of my bird bath, so I didn't return them. They are glass rocks and doing what I need them to do. I already have sky blue rocks in the fountain.

👤3 different colors were bought. I don't remember which color it was. The bag popped open. Someone dropped the box and it popped the bag. Only 5 of the beads came out of the box from a 2 inch hole. I picked it up and it tore 5 inches from my floor. All back to normal after being swept up. I could tell the bag was thick when I looked at it. When compared to my other bags, the ability to tear easily was surprising. There is a My point is to be prepared to pick any order carefully. I wouldn't have thought that bag was incapable. It's odd. What is the bottom line? I'm happy. Be aware, that's all.

👤I needed to fill my large and heavy cut lead crystal jar with something colorful to make it look better. These are pretty, but a little heavy for the shelf I keep the jar on, and I'm afraid something like this will make the shelf bow after awhile. I'm going to fill my jar with fairy lights and get rid of them. These are really nice if you have a stable place to use them in. If excess weight will be a problem, go for something lighter-weight.

👤This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. These gems were of high quality. I have purchase from other sites. The color was not painted on, they were solid all the way through, and I had no problem losing color after I put them into a mosaic. I used a red gem from a company that wiped the color off of my red heart, leaving it a flaky and clear color.

👤The bag was ripped open when I received it. There were broken things in the bag. The glass looked like it had been used. It was dirty. The bag was dirty. I washed them. Very disappointed.

👤I almost didn't buy them after reading some of the reviews, but I had no broken pieces and they are very smooth. It's perfect for my betta and 5 gallon tank.


What is the best product for decorative rocks for planters turquoise?

Decorative rocks for planters turquoise products from Unime. In this article about decorative rocks for planters turquoise you can see why people choose the product. Royal Imports and Koltose By Mash are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rocks for planters turquoise.

What are the best brands for decorative rocks for planters turquoise?

Unime, Royal Imports and Koltose By Mash are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rocks for planters turquoise. Find the detail in this article. Skullis, Gaspro and Hoffman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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