Best Decorative Rocks for Planters White

Planters 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Galashield Decorative Polished Planters Succulent

Galashield Decorative Polished Planters Succulent

Premium pebbles are packed in a bag that is easy to open and close. Remove the top of the bag and seal it. The pebbles are about 8 to 12mm. There are a variety of shapes of white colored stones. Natural river stones are polished and have no rough edges. Great for aquarium rocks, Succulent rocks pebbles for planters, fish tank gravel, fairy garden supplies, zen garden, terrarium rocks, lawn decor, walkways, fountains, vase fillers, potted plants, craft projects and more. 150 stones are contained in a 5lb bag. The stones are approximately 2 to 4 cm in diameter.

Brand: Galashield

👤It's perfect for top dressing in my arrangements. It makes them look more organized, as some plants are growing in. It's worth noting that the color of my bag suggests it's a creamy white with hints of ivory and a light yellow brown. If you're looking for a bag that's pure white, I think you'll like how it looks with my arrangements.

👤Terrible. A bunch fell out of the box when the bag broke. The stones are brown, not white. The ones I bought were off white and the ones with my airplant are the whiter ones. If I got the smaller stones, I would get good stones. I think the sorter at the company did a bad job selecting the whiter colored bags for the stones. I bought them from a different company and they are brown. The stones are too big for me to be in small pots.

👤It's used for fish tanks. It killed my fish slowly. Washed and scrubbed the rocks over and over again and was still getting a weird film off of them. It might be okay for gardening, but not for fish tanks. I washed them in the bowl. Water and scrubbing is all that is needed.

👤They are very nice against a black sand aquarium.

👤It's perfect! The quality is not bad.

👤It's gorgeous. Put them on top of my plant.

👤The rocks are very smooth and beautiful, but they are very small. I thought it would be more. I got a small bag.

2. Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

The size is about 1 to 2 inches and the weight is about 5 pounds. Natural tumbling achieved by hand-gATHERED STONES has a beautiful POLISHED FINISH. They only pick the highest quality pebbles. This set of pebbles is lightly polished for a smooth effect, and comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns, such as brown, white, black, red, and grey. Great indoors and outdoors: Use for a unique decorative accent in vases, dishes, candle holders, planters, aquariums, terrariums and air plants inside; also ideal for ponds, water features, fountains, pots and pathways outside. The 5 pound bag of decorative rocks is easy to use.

Brand: Skullis

👤They are shiny and polished. I was expecting a lot of pebbles.

👤The kittens thought it was a blast to dig in them, because we purchased a number of these for some of our large potted plants. They are a nice variety and shiny, so that I sometimes think they are wet as I walk by them.

👤I love these! I wanted the rocks to be in an average size of 2 inches. The price is great for the value.

👤I was expecting bright colorful rocks, but instead I got a bunch of dull gray rocks that I could have dug up on the side of the road for free. I want to return these because the picture is so deceiving and I need to put up a picture of the side of the road.

👤I put the rocks in my house to keep my kittens out of the dirt. They work well, look nice, and they are large enough that the cats don't just dig them out and play with them. I have six plants of different sizes and have four bags of rocks, but I still have a whole bag left over. Since I got these, there has been no dirt on the floor.

👤The colorful assortment in the description was not in my bag. These are mostly beige or gray. They are not very artistic. I didn't want to wrangle a 40# bag of rocks, so the local hardware store sells a similar bag for less than twelve dollars.

👤The rocks are beautiful. I have used them on our waterfall area. This is my second order. The second order was in a pile. There should have been 6 bags. The bags were open when they arrived in a broken box that was put in a larger box. I don't know if I got the correct amount.

👤The bottom of the 6 gallon aquarium was used. There was enough to cover the entire floor. These are very pretty and small. They should last forever. Some rocks are a little larger than others. It was a good choice for our task.

👤Could the price of this product be lowered in the future? Good for gardening.

3. Polished Decorative Aquarium Succulent Landscaping

Polished Decorative Aquarium Succulent Landscaping

Quality products and efficient after-sales service are provided by About US. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they will give you a solution as soon as possible. White river rocks are lightly polished for a smooth effect. They are 100% natural stones, eco-friendly, and will last for a long time without fading, adding a natural and unique aesthetic to your landscape and garden. Smooth decor stone can complement plants and provide a protective groundcover. Plants and rocks are found in heaven. It's perfect for floral design, fairy garden, and other projects. Smooth pebbles mulch in interior or exterior garden beds provides good drainage and restrains the growth of weeds. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Multiple use is a great addition to your potted plants. The pebbles can be used as an accent to your garden beds, water features, and many other areas. Premium pebbles are packed in a bag that is easy to open and close. Remove the top of the bag and seal it. The pebbles are about 8 to 12mm.

Brand: Generic

👤I only needed these stones for one planter. The plant in my living room is beautiful and has stones added to it. I am very happy with my purchase. If you need stones for more than one plant, I recommend the aquarium stones. I don't need a big bag. I rated this product 4 stars because of the price, even though I am happy with my purchase.

👤I bought these to put in some planters at home. They were well packaged. There was another bag inside when they opened them. They were easy to find. The double bag makes it easy to close them up without making a mess. They look great in my planters.

👤I love these rocks. They make my tree look better. It was very shiny and decorative. It was shipped quickly as well.

👤I was looking for sand, but the photos make it look like it is gravel. It works for what I want, but not what I was looking for.

👤I got the natural river rock, polished well, realistic brown beige grey, some dark redish, use like the pic and better, just like the pick.

👤Containerization presents some difficulty in pouring into the display container because it is packed in a small plastic bag. For a small necked container, Funnels are either too large or too small. The stone is uniformly polished and the color is consistent.

👤These rocks are Sprinkling on plants and plants look store bought.

👤I love the color. I will probably have to buy again since the bags are small. I bought two anyway because of this. It was also packaged well.

4. SAROSORA Pebbles River Rocks Stones

SAROSORA Pebbles River Rocks Stones

Quality after-sale service. If you don't like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. 24 hours response service! It's ideal as decorative rocks to make the appearance of the planter/vase and plant neat and appealing, also perfect for drainage and soil cover. It can be used for a variety of things. The stones have a rich natural shape. There are a variety of stones to choose from. They are the perfect size for decoration, not too large and not too small. The stones are packed in jars. You can put the jar on the table as a decoration if you leave the stones in the jar.

Brand: Sarosora

👤I bought this to decorate my cactus. It looks very nice now. There is a I only filled the top of the planter with a little bit because there was a lot in one container. I really like it! The size is perfect, not too big or tiny. I need to purchase more cacti so I can use all of them.

👤Beautiful colors... They are very small and have flaws.

👤I returned because they were smaller than I needed.

5. GASPRO Pebbles Polished Decorative Landscaping

GASPRO Pebbles Polished Decorative Landscaping

Natural stones are eco-friendly and perfect for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design. The pebbles are Eco-friendly from natural and high polished in surface. TheDecorative Rocks areDecorative Rocks. It's well suited for potted plants such as bamboo. The black pebbles vary in size from 1 to 2 inches, making for a better looking diversity. It's ideal as decorative rocks to make the appearance of the planter and vase and also perfect for drainage and soil cover. You can enjoy larger quantities of pebbles with less money.

Brand: Gaspro

👤The cover photos show beautiful river rocks, but what I received was ugly broken chunks of rocks that looked nothing like the photos. I will return this product.

👤The product was misrepresented, so this is only 3 stars. I chose this one because the description says the rocks don't have a coating on them, which is the same thing that many similar products do. The oily coating had to be removed with a lot of Dawn detergent and hot water. The rocks will serve their purpose, but I don't like that a product is claiming to be better than other products on the market.

👤I ordered two bags to fill the large pot. I ordered a second bag the next day because one bag was not enough. The rocks are pretty and both shipments arrived as expected. If you handle these without gloves, you will end up with stained hands. It came off but took a few cleanings.

👤I've found the best stones. Just got them and had to spread the love online. The right size. Not too big and not too small. Just right. Perfectly large. Black, black, black. It was perfectly polished. Even well packaged. In thick paper sacks, not plastic. These people know their stuff. There is a They come in 8lb bags, which is not too small. I've tried a few different sources for stones, including online and at Home Depot or Lowe's, and both of them have the same size stones. I tried the pebbles online. The pebbles in local shops are too small. These are correct. There is a These are perfect. I uploaded a pic. It is a pleasure to give a positive review to a group of people. Enjoy!

👤The rocks look amazing and accomplish the look I was going for. I wish there was more for the money spent. I have to order more to finish filling my planter boxes.

👤I wanted to cover the spikes on the candelabra so I could use flameless candles. The rocks were black.

👤Not quite 8 lbs. I didn't get almost a pound of stones. The majority of stones are good and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the pics show that some were cracked. Throwing them in some planters is not the worst deal.

👤None of the rocks have leaked color.

6. GASPRO Polished Pebbles Decorative Landscaping

GASPRO Polished Pebbles Decorative Landscaping

You can enjoy larger quantities of pebbles with less money. White rocks for plants are bright and shiny because of their Eco-friendly nature. TheDecorative Rocks areDecorative Rocks. It's well suited for potted plants such as bamboo. The white river rocks vary in shades and sizes, making for a better looking diversity. It's ideal as decorative rocks to make the appearance of the planter and vase and also perfect for drainage and soil cover. You can enjoy larger quantities of pebbles with less money.

Brand: Gaspro

👤The pebbles are nice for topping plants. They help keep little fungus gnats from appearing, while also enhancing the look of things. The color is shiny and white, which is better than my teeth. There is a I put some in the bottom of the plant pots to help with drainage and weigh down the pots of larger plants. It was the best quantity of pebbles for the money I could find, at least here on Amazon.

👤They would be great if I wanted different colors of rocks. That is not what I ordered.

👤I have a bamboo plant that was having trouble draining. I found out that bamboo can be planted in a vase with polished stones and not in the soil. My bamboo plant is thriving, draining properly, and has tons of new growth after I changed it. I'm looking at which plants I can do the same thing with. It looks better and is less messy. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The kids enjoy them very much. Good value for money.

👤My homemade tire planter was added to cover the top soil and make my plants stand out. Very happy with the product! The rocks are shinny and clean, and they are about the size of jelly belly candies. I used 1/2 of the 8lb bags on the planter.

👤You can get a lot of stones for a low price. A lot of them are dull. Quality control is not very important. You get what you pay for.

👤The product is great. The rocks are perfect for my plants. I bought another one.

👤After being exposed to the sun, they have changed from a white rock to a yellow one.

7. Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

Natural stones. Natural stones by Royal imports are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Common applications include flowerbeds, groundcover, decorative concrete topping, and walkway paving. Annual wood mulching is a permanent and cost-effective alternative to decorative rocks. Many uses. This pack of pebbles is perfect for adding extra beauty to your garden, lawn, and even to your potted plant. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas. It could be used as an accent to water gardens. Round and spherical. There are no sharp edges on these pebbles. River rocks are attractive because of their shape and they provide good drainage. River rocks are used for erosion control. These smooth and vibrant river rocks are a great addition to your décor. The pebbles are black and white and can be used in many decorations. For an eye-catching homage to the Great outdoors, scatter these stones around the base of a pillar candle in hurricane glass, and feature it on your coffee table or mantel. Rocks range in length from.20 to.75" and can be broken or out of shape. The color of the river rock is natural, so it may include a variety of different shades of whites and grey. The rocks are in a bag. There are approximately 160 rocks in a bag.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤I have never ordered pebble rocks before. I paint them to look like little bugs and give them to children in the hospital. Hopefully, they will make a difference in their day. I like the different shapes the bugs come in, like people, bugs and people come in all different shapes and sizes. Excellent product.

👤They're rocks, what more could you want. I needed them for the base of my plants. 5 lbs won't seem like a lot because rocks are heavy. The reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that my rocks were different in color and dark, and that's why I'm giving it 4 stars. There is a If you are someone who wants these rocks for a more visual cause, be careful.

👤Aquariums with fish should not be used. I didn't want to put them in the tank because they had some kind of flecks coming off of them, so I washed them for over an hour.

👤Love! I used my hand to compare the size of my flower bed. I have small hands. I am too lazy to measure but trust me! These little stones are adorable.

👤The rocks are clean. Very pretty. They're about an inch long. I use them to fill a clear plastic saucer under a flower pot, then place the pot on top of the rocks. That way the water can drain through the pot and not leave a muddy film in the saucer, and it can slowly evaporate and add humidity. I use rocks to cover the soil around the plant. You stop to look at each one before dumping them all out. The high price is a negative. I guess you could think of them as "art" for which a premium is paid. They are worth it.

👤I bought them to use in an aquarium and they created mold. I had to treat the rocks before I put them in the aquarium because I found out that they were coming from the rocks. I washed them before putting them in. Make sure you clean them well before you use them because there is a caution about the effects it can have on your aquarium.

👤I bought both and this review is from pale rock. The fish live in a 150 gallon tank in my aquaponics setup. I bought 30 pounds of pale gravel and 20 pounds of darker gravel because it is dark. I was happy with the purchase, the rocks were good sized and as described. I washed the first few bags carefully after reading a review that said they were dirty. There was almost no dirt there. There were a few pieces of paper. I dunked the whole mesh into a bucket of water, then cut it open and dumped it into the tank. I wish I could have found a larger bag for less money, but I couldn't ask for better.

👤There is a film on the rocks. After a few minutes under a running faucet in the sink, a sheen of oil or chemical is still visible on the surface of the water. No idea what it is. I'm not sure if it's possible, I'm using it in my fish tank, and it's going to kill my fish. The long term effects of chemicals in the water are not known. I was expecting to wash the rocks. Is it oily chemicals? Really? There are instructions on the bag of rocks to wash with boiling water to killbacteria, fungus, algae and parasites. There was no mention of what the mystery oily chemical might be. I didn't think I would ever get a bag of rocks in the mail. First time with everything. There is a On a positive note. The rocks had a good selection of lights and darks. There were a few browns. I'll give it a star for that.

8. OUPENG Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

OUPENG Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc. Each bag contains different shapes of decorative white river pebbles, which are lightly polished and coated with pure paraffin waxes to improve color and gloss. Some stone rocks may be broken or out of shape. The shapes of pebbles are usually round. It's perfect for home decor projects, such as floral arrangements, vases, bowls, display glass jars, glass Hurricane candle holders, cacti, glass containers, bamboo plants, aquariums, rock gardens, potted plants and more. The 3/8" average size is ideal for small applications. Only natural stones and wax. The decorative river pebble rocks are great for interior or exterior garden beds, which can provide both moist retention and better drainage. pebble rocks can be used to decorate your houseplants, you don't have to spend a lot of money. White pebbles can be refreshed and beautified indoors.

Brand: Oupeng

👤White, smooth. They're about the same size as skittles. It's perfect for my projects. I was able to fill about 5 candle holders and had a lot left for a Succulents arrangement. It was a very good purchase.

👤I have bought these pebbles before, but this time they were different. So disappointing. They are not as smooth now. There are new ones on the right.

👤It was much better than I anticipated. Thought these would be a rough bright white stone, but they are smooth, off-white and look great! The smooth finish makes it easy to pour and arrange around plant bases. I used them for an outdoor container cactus garden and an indoor potted plant. I would definitely order again.

👤My fault was that I didn't look into it. It was still the perfect amount. I used these for my display of aquatic plants. They are more natural than the cheap white gravel at the pet store.

👤These are polished stones and have a shiny finish. They are great for potted plants. Dress the pot up and hide the dirt for a more chic look.

👤I bought a 5lb bag for the small terrariums that will be used at my wedding. I was worried I wouldn't have enough when I saw the bag was small. The bag was enough to line the bottoms of all my small terrariums. They have a white color.

👤The rock I use to top the planter is smooth and not painted. I got a 5 lbs bag and it barely covered the top of what I needed, but it works for me. I got a used bag and everything was fine. Looks great!

👤They are great! It was a perfect accent to my faux succulents.

9. Anothera Pebbles Aquarium Outdoor Decorative

Anothera Pebbles Aquarium Outdoor Decorative

White polished decorative pebbles are easy to step on. You can inlay the stones on the path and walk barefoot on the pebbles to promote blood circulation. This can be used to exercise and decorate your yard. Natural stones are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Dust will stick to the surface of natural stone, which will disappear after washing with water. Succulent containers, potted plants,vases and terrariums are some of the common uses. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. There are many possibilities with these floral arranging white gravel rocks. Pebbles have a unique matt finish for a low-gloss look. Rocks are natural and can be broken or out of shape, depending on the shape they are in. The weight is 18 pounds. Quality products and efficient after-sales service are provided by About US. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they will give you a solution as soon as possible.

Brand: Anothera

👤This is not worth 18 pounds and not worth being shipped from China.

👤Absolutely gorgeous rocks! Even decorative, anticipate buying hundreds of pounds. It is possible to use it to make a garden path look better. Good quality and value for money are dependent on the amount. I am still very happy with my purchase.

👤The gravel is broken with sharp edges. I had to return it because it was not a natural look. The color is painted. The colorful print reflects on the gravel.

👤These are gorgeous. My dog is eating the dirt from my plants. The stones are too heavy and he gives up.

👤Some of them are not black rocks. They appear to be coated in some sort of black tar-like substance, which comes off a bit when handled. I didn't wash them. I'm not sure how well they will hold that color in the elements.

👤I liked the different size and shape of my aquarium. It sets off the submarine and plane. I make it look like a real underwater metal graveyard, waiting for life to bloom again. Beautiful colors.

👤The aquarium looks amazing if you put 2 bags in it. Love the rocks.

👤They were painted blue and placed under a wooden bridge.

👤A pound of rocks. Not shiny or smooth. There are regular rocks. Don't buy this item.

👤The shinny stones were liked but for the quantity.

👤Not as many as was advertised. I will not buy again.

10. Graham Products Pebbles White Glows

Graham Products Pebbles White Glows

We will give you a 100% money back or free new replacements for defects. They will be happy to respond to any request. Graham Products has affordable glow-in-the-dark stones. They are perfect for your fish tank. These white stones are glowing with blue light. Adding glowing rocks to your potted plants will make them glow at night. They can be used as yard decorations or as a way to create a fairy garden. These sparkling stones are not toxic or radioactive. They are safe for both humans and animals. The stones glow as a result of photoluminescence, so kids get a science lesson by interacting with them. Recommended for children of all ages. The pebbles are 1” in diameter. May cause a problem for younger children. The stones glow best after at least 2 hours in sun or bright indoor light. The bright glow lasts 1.5 hours and fades over time. For up to 12 hours, the stones glow slightly.

Brand: Graham Products

👤I used to make a circle in my garden that was 7 feet wide. It looks pretty cool in the day. When I was going to look at them the first night, I thought they didn't glow at all. They don't glow like the photo you see. They do glow. I had to turn off my porch-lights. It's pretty cool. The crows were flying off with a few, but not many were gone. I don't think this product will be like a Disney film.

👤They are bright at night. They were a huge hit after we added them to the path. Highly recommended! They would look like water on a path.

👤I bought glow rocks for my dog's burial site. This is what it looked like after 1 pack. I bought 4 but don't want to put them all out yet. I'll fill the rest after his tombstone is set. It's beautiful at night. They have been outside for 2 months and are still going strong. It made his spot beautiful.

👤The little plastic "stones" look nice during the day and I gave them 2 stars. When I hide a stone in the dark of my hand, it does glow a little, but in my garden, even in the dead of night, I don't really see the stone glowing. I've spread the stones out. I probably won't buy any more of the product because it's not obvious that the effects require the stones to be clustered together.

👤An ideal lighting environment is needed in order to get the most of these. A person who read one of the reviews was disappointed that they were not able to create a dramatic entrance to their party. For a one-time use like that, you just need an affordable blacklight. If you can't set one up in the yard, then you should get a portable wand. For those of us who are using these in pots or other outside gardening use, temper your expectations. The description doesn't tell you how bright they are. I ordered another pack from another company to finish filling out the citronella pots I have by my entrance, but honestly I expect them to all have the same level of brightness regardless of the brand. It's more of a color change type effect. In bright light they are white, but in shade they are blue. It would take a dramatic shift from full summer sun to overcast night in order to call this effect aglow in my yard. If you have a blue-spectrum bug zapper, you are likely to get bolder results. The bright glow this company is promising is not something you can expect at this price point. The package arrived quickly. I think these shrink a small amount when left in direct sunlight all day. It's subtle enough that you won't notice, but that's what happens with resin.

👤When I started filling the water up, most of them started floating. Good for decoration and bright, but can't be used for anything that involves submerging in water.

11. Home Landscaping Succulent Planters Decorative

Home Landscaping Succulent Planters Decorative

Quality products and efficient after-sales service are provided by About US. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they will give you a solution as soon as possible. Pure color. The white river rocks have a clean and warm vibe that makes your potted plants lovely and neat. White pebbles are of the same size and shape, and are suitable for home decoration. High Polished The white stones are lightly polished to keep that natural feel. No cracks or chips. It's perfect for home decoration, such as bamboo plants, floral arrangements, vases, glass containers, rock gardens and more. Keep the soil moist and clean, as well as help drainage in the bottom.

Brand: X Home

👤I bought this to put around plants in my garden. The product looks nice. There is no dust in the bag they come in. The amount of pebbles you get is small. The dollar store has small bags of stone. The bag felt light, so I wish I had weighed it. The quality is nice if you need a couple or three cups of dust free pebbles.

👤The rocks are white and shiny. I had to return them because they were too small for my project, but the rocks are great.

👤I used these as a base for my paperwhites, which bloomed the entire month of February. It's nice that when the bloom is done, the bulb roots wrap tightly around the pebbles, but it takes a small shake to release them. They are ready to be used again.

👤The rocks are large enough to fit in the bottoms of my plant saucers. That way the plants don't sit in overflow water and the overflow can provide humidity for the plants.

👤The rock is great for walkways.

👤The vases we used as centerpiece were excellent.

👤The rocks are small. It's not good for outside landscaping. It might be good in a small vase.

👤I got what I wanted and it was delivered on time. Thank you!


What is the best product for decorative rocks for planters white?

Decorative rocks for planters white products from Galashield. In this article about decorative rocks for planters white you can see why people choose the product. Skullis and Generic are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rocks for planters white.

What are the best brands for decorative rocks for planters white?

Galashield, Skullis and Generic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rocks for planters white. Find the detail in this article. Sarosora, Gaspro and Gaspro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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