Best Decorative Rocks for Vase Purple

Vase 3 Jul 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Wayber Decorative Decoration Succulent Landscape

Wayber Decorative Decoration Succulent Landscape

The net weight is 1 pound. About 0.24 L volume is enough to fill about 0.9 Cup. The stones are heavy enough to fit in a small bag. There is a good selection of natural crystal stones. Beaten into gravel is processed into irregular shape. Natural color won't fade away through time, just like river gravels. Good wishes like flowers and crystal stones are the best gifts. Birthday, Christmas gift which represents luck and happiness, can be given to yourself or your friends. UseFUL DECORATIVE HELPER: build a natural and shining looking home for you and your de-lovelys. Excellent for plants. Maintaining the water clean and decorating your fish tank will ensure a safety and no pollution living condition for your fish. Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc. Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc.

Brand: Wayber

👤They were used for my betta fish tank. I like the colors. They are pricey for a small bag, but to me they are worth it because they are pretty. I added some white stones as well. My fish seems to like them too, and I love them.

👤After leaving my initial review, I was contacted by the seller asking how to make the situation right. I received another package of stones. This package is better than the original I purchased. The majority of the pebbles are smooth, and the stones are balanced and varied in color. There were three pieces that were broken or had sharp edges. A big difference! There is a Few manufacturers try to improve customer satisfaction. This one was beyond expectations. I got these to go in a small tank with a betta and it was exactly the right amount. My bag filled a full cup and overflowed a little, even though the listing says it is 9 of a cup. There is a The colors of this look great in the aquarium. The bag contained mostly blue pieces, with not much purple, green or amber. It was disappointing but not surprising. There is a The number of large chunks in the bag was disappointing. The majority of the pieces I received were flat chips, which is not depicted in the picture. This makes the look less pleasing.

👤I expected more and more pieces to be tinkered with. They were used as an accent in my tank. I just wish there were more of them.

👤I used a blacklight to check out the color and it looked like it was real fluorite. I washed some in alcohol to see if there was any color bleeding that would indicate these are dyed stones or glass. There is a The only downside was that they were not small chips or gravel sized, which is what I needed.

👤The type of rock it is not good enough to be placed in a tank with fish. There areCrystals. It would be great for other animals. The color is pretty but not as vibrant as the photo shows. My daughter keeps the crystals because she likes to make things with them.

👤I didn't know what a pound of rocks looked like. It wasn't enough for our Venus flytrap bowl. I don't like the price of how little you get from them.

👤I've been a great customer and have enjoyed the stones. My last order was from this company. What has happened? There is a These were the perfect little gems to compliment my extensive collection of Succulent and were the perfect compliment to the stunning pastels of my Succulent. The last order looked like it was the "junk" and "trash" left over. I will have to look for another company.

👤I bought these for my plant dish. The colors were very nice. They come dusty from being hit around. I filled a 4” and 6” dish with extra to spare after buying a 2lb bag. Would look cute in an aquarium or a dish.

2. Pounds Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

Pounds Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

The ceramic is cold cast. 3 small, 1 large, 2 medium, and 4 large are all 1-1/4"W x 1-1/8"D x 1-1/8"H. An alternative to mulch is pebble mulch, which helps soil retain water, provides good drainage, and is easy to clean. They will not degrade like mulch. Natural rocks are lightly polished for a smooth effect and come in a variety of natural colors. The color of the river rock is natural, so it may include a variety of different shades. You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your home garden plants, with the Natural Polished Mixed Color Stones you can add beauty to all your needs. It could be used as an accent to an aquarium, water gardens, ponds, and terrariums, and in flower arrangements, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls around swimming pools. You can add a little beauty to your garden or house. This is a perfect home decor and a creative interior and exterior design that will help you keep your decoration places clean. It's perfect for home decor projects, such as floral arrangements, vases, bowls, apothecary jars, wedding buffet, display canisters, pillar candle in hurricane glass.

Brand: Sinyum

👤I covered my patio with tiles. I couldn't cover the extreme sides with tile. I decided to put the pebbles polished gravel in those spaces. This looks great. I am very happy with the pebbles. The dark grey tiles compliment the soft colors of them. This was a great addition to my patio.

👤The rocks were finally received. The color is a sandy combination, not like the advertised picture. I pictured it being bigger, but it is not. I may need more for my new container. I will keep them.

👤These are large pebbles that come in a pouch. The other reviewer states that bigger is not better. The top of a cactus plant is not covered. I can't recommend this product.

👤These are not near the picture.

👤I was hoping for some bright colored stones. The bag is a nice size.

👤I use this product to make items for my store. I was skeptical because the bag they came in looked dusty and I wasn't sure if the quality would be good. They just needed a rinse. They will be great for my Soap Savers once they are dry. I will buy again. It was really beautiful and smooth. Good quality.

👤The stones were just as described. I needed them for bamboo plants and they were enough to fill 2 glass holders.

3. T4U Irregular Polished Aquarium Decoration

T4U Irregular Polished Aquarium Decoration

Premium Natural Partner are made of selected crystals and have their own irregular shapes. Natural color resists fading and is safe. There are mini colorful gravels in different shapes. There is a pretty decoration for your plants in your home, yard, garden or office. They will also give you a touch of special color. Plants defender says crushed draining crystals can buffer redundant water. They can prevent the loss of soil and water while avoiding the breeding of pests, which keeps plants healthy. Stone's of Creativity can be used as plant bedding in pots, vases, and terrariums, as well as the delicate fillers for aquarium, fish shrimp tank, wish bottle, and jewel box. You can do your own fairy gardening. Light Amethyst gravels are 1 bag and weigh 1 pound. The dimensions are about 0.1 - 0.5 inch. Warm tips: rinse before use to get rid of dirt. Please avoid eating by children or pets.

Brand: T4u

👤This is not crushed crystal, but glass mixed with plastic. Pieces melted when held over a flame. Crystal, stone, and even glass are not MELT. Returning.

👤It's not a crystal.

👤It looks and feels like cheap plastic.

👤It is perfect in the re-reading. I was disappointed in the color of my application. It mostly looks white with a hint of pink to my eyes. There is a lot of it. There is a mercury dime next to 100 pieces. The measurement is 17.9mm. Out of the random 100. Most were less than 3-4mm.

👤It is all good. A few chips are more coral than an issue. There are chips all over the box and on the floor because it arrived with a hole. I suggest double bagging or a more sturdy type of packaging because there were no other sharp objects in the box.

👤I needed small translucent fish-safe gravel in each of the 3 little fish tanks that sit on top of the base for my 'Betta Falls' Aquarium. The tank needed a pound of stones, so it was expensive to use, but it looked great.

👤The bag was broken, but the package was not filled with stones. The quantity was less than advertised.

👤They are great, but not what I 888-276-5932 They are not as smooth as crushed glass.

👤I ordered a bag of this to go with my fake purple tulips. I only got a quarter of the bag it came in, even though it was advertised as 1lb. Even if the crystals are beautiful, the amount you are given is definitely over priced. I wouldn't recommend it, but just know that you might not get your full amount of crystals.

👤Great little chips for glass containers.

👤The colour of the stones was very opaque.

👤These are not the same as the photo. I won't be adding them to my aquarium. The label said that Rose Pink looked more grey than anything else. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤There are 3-4 bags for a vase. I bought one but not enough. More for the price is expected.

4. Hilitchi Tumbled Succulents Landscape Decoration

Hilitchi Tumbled Succulents Landscape Decoration

The color and lustre of stones are similar to amber. Shapes vary in size and thickness. Silicon dioxide is extremely high in hardness. The testicles and skeletons shown in the video are not included in the orders. There are differing sizes and colors available. There are beautiful polished rocks. You can choose from vintage colors and vivid colors. The stones were formed naturally. There might be some small holes on the surface. Don't mind it! These agate stones are great for plants that are water culture, and they could add some life to your plants. Growing indoor plants is best for floral arrangements. It's used for jewelry making, collecting, healing, decoration, and so on. If you do not like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. The service lasted 12 hours.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤They look good. There is a But... The water turned yellow when I put them in it. Some of the water had a blue tint. It could be dyed glass. Why is the dye coming from the stones? I washed them. The water should not be changed by crystal.

👤There is a picture of rocks with flash. They were bigger than I thought and most of the colors were either clear or cloudy. There is a bead in the center. I don't think they are natural agate. I have small hands and the bag was small. It was too much for this. Some of the "agates" were pretty. More than half was not colored.

👤A small addition to our project. There was a good variety of stones. I was very happy with them. They are cute in our garden. My child is in awe.

👤The price is a great value. The glass pebbles were in the game. The stones were large enough to fit on my game board. Look at photos.

👤I used these rocks for my air plan terrariums to make them look even more majestic than they already are. I almost didn't want to cover them with anything because they have unique colors that match beautifully.

👤The stones looked great with my pyramid. It would be pretty again.

👤They were used for a fireplace. The variation in color is what I like the most. The stones are polished. It would look great in a birth bath or planter.

👤I wasn't hoping for anything spectacular, but these turned out to be really nice, and you can find half of them at any rock store. If you go to a tourist area, you might hit it 3 times. Most had no rough spots. The color variations were great. May be ordering another bag.

👤Doesn't look like pictures at all.

👤The money was wasted. Not even a single stone and not even pretty!

👤The order arrived on time. The product was described. Well done.

5. Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

Beautiful ice rock gems look great at any event and make perfect table scatter. It's perfect for a simple centerpiece, with ice rocks measuring about 1 inch each. It's a great way to fill up a vase or scatter around some candles. There is a wide selection of different colors. There is a pack of 190 rock gems.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤We received turquoise. It looks very different from the picture. It looks like blue. If the color was lighter, I think it would have been turquoise. The color is very saturated.

👤I used them in my betta fish tank. The bag filled the bottom of my tank. 1 bag per gallon is what I would consider. I was not sure if they would have toxic material on them. I washed them with soap before putting them in the tank. They do sink back to the bottom if you move things around in there. They are easy to clean when the tank is cleaned. I would recommend fish tanks.

👤I bury these in a planting bed. I give the grandkids gardening trowels and tell them where the jewels are. I scatter them over the wide area and bury them. I can't tell you how much fun this will give the kids. The kids are very happy when they find one. I've had a lot of kids recently. I'm out!

👤It worked well for Harry Potter house points.

👤I needed to add more crystals to my fireplace. Additional pieces will cost over $100 and take 8 weeks to ship. A sales person suggested products. I decided to try it. I stumbled on this product. I only needed 30 crystals. They are the same size and clarity as the crystals from the manufacturer. The unused crystals can be used in a vase to hold fresh flowers.

👤Love! It looks great when you mix in immitation pearls for a wedding centerpiece. This isn't a centerpiece, but it gives you a good idea of what I'm talking about.

👤I got one of the assorted bags because I needed a lot of red and blue. There were five blue in the bag. I ordered a second bag because I needed more reds. Zero blue.

👤My cylinders were made magical by the red rock crystals. The crystals are a nice size and shape. I would recommend them.

6. CYS EXCEL Multiple Centerpieces Decorative

CYS EXCEL Multiple Centerpieces Decorative

ARustic country beads is a great gift for graduates. 1 LB/Bag Approx. is the color-size of the 1/2 inch white color. Pack of 1 LB of 100 120 Pieces. Only the highest quality colored glass can ensure that color doesn't come off even after years of use. Artificial coloring is not used. Their gems are non-toxic. The primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers, although many have used them for games and collectibles. These glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays and serve the purpose of holding stems in place. The perfect match for Decor is having Glass and Light. These gems have their own characteristics when exposed to light. The beauty of the vase holding the gemstones is enhanced. They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤I was expecting about 10% more from the product. I got a bag. I probably shouldn't have been more careful with the measurements. The product was great and met my expectations.

👤It's perfect for my crafting projects. Nice product and fast service. Very happy!

👤Disappointed. White ornamentals are not usable. There were clear dents and crevices on them.

👤Discolored. The pebbles are a dull blue white and unable to use for product.

👤I needed to fill the vase with stones. They are attractive.

7. HOKPA Marbles Aquarium Pebbles Decorative

HOKPA Marbles Aquarium Pebbles Decorative

Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint. Perfect disposition. Flat glass marbles, 3 colors mixed with transparent, shinning in the sun, are suitable for vase filler, floral arrangements, crafts, candles and more. The flat glass marbles can be used as place markers for children's games, as well as being used as table scatter decor, jewelry photography background, etc. Good quality glass is made of high-quality sturdy and transparent glass. Flat marbles will not float in the water. The package includes 100PCS Flat Marbles, which weigh about 1 LB. Glass marbles are about 0.7 inch in diameter. This is a notice. The marble is not suitable for children under 3 years old. The small glass marble can be dangerous. Adult supervision is required.

Brand: Hokpa

👤The stones are beautiful. You don't get many for the price.

👤I should have read it closer. Each bag had about 12 beads. Not what I was expecting but my fault. It is not a good deal at this price. Nice beads.

👤It was perfect as a river in my garden.

8. Colorful Gemstones Decorations Super Outlet

Colorful Gemstones Decorations Super Outlet

It's perfect for a simple accessory, with the dimensions of the gems ranging from 1.2 in x 0.9 in to 32mm x 24mm. There is a wide selection of different colors. There is a pack of 36 gems. It's a great way to fill up a vase or scatter around some candles. Beautiful ice rock gems look great at any event and make perfect table scatter.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤I wish they had been smaller but still a big success. We got these for a scavenger hunt for my 10 year olds birthday. I put the box in the hole with a latch and buried it. The kids thought it was a scavenger hunt with lots of clues and tasks to do before the next clue and task. It ended with a treasure hunt on the island. When they dug and found the X, you could hear the excitement in their voices and then again when they saw the box. All the little hands went in grabbing when they opened the lid. As a starving person hit the buffet, diamonds, jewels, and coins were spilling all over. Hopefully the memory will last a long time.

👤The product is in a plastic bag. The widest part of the stone has about an inch of diamonds. Most of the stone has a white spot in the middle of their edges that is connected at the sides. The gems are bright and clear. Will fill about 1/3 of a 10 in tall vase. There are items in Royal Blue, Yellow, and Apple Green.

👤The gems are in good shape. The first one I took out of the bag had a chip on it. You can see through them. Very clear. They are being used as piatas for a party. 5 and 20 dollars. I suppose the other colors would be nice for a Breath of the Wild party, but Link to the Past is only green, blue, and red.

👤My son is very happy. These are amazing for small children since they are just plastic. My bag was mostly green, pink and purple, with a few red and one solo blue. I would buy them again for a treasure hunt.

👤I bought a package of gemstones and now have green ones. The edges are not sharp enough to cause damage. There is a They are not lightweight enough to float. I use them in props as eyes. Works well!

👤I assumed these would be on the tiny side, perfect for scattering around in my fairy garden. I was going to use them under the log bridge, but they are bigger than the opening, and the fairies didn't like them. I'm not sure! I think the color was just so-so because they looked and felt like cheap plastic. I have learned an important lesson, that they are perfect for someone else's need, but I have to read the description carefully and thoroughly.

👤These are very large diamond sizes. It's perfect for a small vase. So much bigger than anticipated. Each one is about a quarter in width. I was looking for something more delicate. I'll find a project for the faux purple diamonds.

👤Going to bury them in the sand for treasure hunting. They are good quality and large.

👤The dimensions are the same as described. 36 gems were received. The finishes are not perfect and some edges are not smooth. I gave it 4 stars because I am not completely satisfied with the color assortment. My daughter's pirate treasure chest contained big gems, and I am happy to have found them. The item was packaged nicely and arrived earlier than expected.

9. OUPENG Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

OUPENG Pebbles Polished Natural Decorative

Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc. Each bag contains different shapes of decorative white river pebbles, which are lightly polished and coated with pure paraffin waxes to improve color and gloss. Some stone rocks may be broken or out of shape. The shapes of pebbles are usually round. It's perfect for home decor projects, such as floral arrangements, vases, bowls, display glass jars, glass Hurricane candle holders, cacti, glass containers, bamboo plants, aquariums, rock gardens, potted plants and more. The 3/8" average size is ideal for small applications. Only natural stones and wax. The decorative river pebble rocks are great for interior or exterior garden beds, which can provide both moist retention and better drainage. pebble rocks can be used to decorate your houseplants, you don't have to spend a lot of money. White pebbles can be refreshed and beautified indoors.

Brand: Oupeng

👤White, smooth. They're about the same size as skittles. It's perfect for my projects. I was able to fill about 5 candle holders and had a lot left for a Succulents arrangement. It was a very good purchase.

👤I have bought these pebbles before, but this time they were different. So disappointing. They are not as smooth now. There are new ones on the right.

👤It was much better than I anticipated. Thought these would be a rough bright white stone, but they are smooth, off-white and look great! The smooth finish makes it easy to pour and arrange around plant bases. I used them for an outdoor container cactus garden and an indoor potted plant. I would definitely order again.

👤My fault was that I didn't look into it. It was still the perfect amount. I used these for my display of aquatic plants. They are more natural than the cheap white gravel at the pet store.

👤These are polished stones and have a shiny finish. They are great for potted plants. Dress the pot up and hide the dirt for a more chic look.

👤I bought a 5lb bag for the small terrariums that will be used at my wedding. I was worried I wouldn't have enough when I saw the bag was small. The bag was enough to line the bottoms of all my small terrariums. They have a white color.

👤The rock I use to top the planter is smooth and not painted. I got a 5 lbs bag and it barely covered the top of what I needed, but it works for me. I got a used bag and everything was fine. Looks great!

👤They are great! It was a perfect accent to my faux succulents.

10. Creative Stuff Glass Amethyst Fillers

Creative Stuff Glass Amethyst Fillers

The glass gem is 14-16mm. It's 5/8" A bag of glass gems. There are other beautiful colors and sizes in their store. A top quality product for craft, toys, decorations, games and more.

Brand: Creative Stuff Glass

👤I found this particular gem stone after months of searching. So excited. It was so disappointed when it arrived. The first thing I noticed was how small these were compared to other products. I would have liked larger. The first picture shows how small they are compared to the average size of craft stores near me. There is a The next picture shows a white background. I will use these on a white background. The green gemstones in the first picture are not solid like the gemstones in the third picture. There is color in the middle of the gemstone, which fades to the edges. This is not what I wanted. They won't provide the effect I was hoping for because of the fading color on the edges. The plum color gemstone was a let down. There is a I'm very disappointed in this product. Definitely over priced. Will I buy gemstones from this company again? No. I don't need any of the small gemstones that I received. The average size of craft stores is what I like. There are some positives to these. Yes. The color I wanted was plum, not purple. I wish it was plum color all the way through the stone. The perfect size for my Mancala game, these are the gems that I needed.

👤The ad makes the glass gems look pretty, but they are not very colored. The color of the bag is very clear when they are all together. The glass beads are almost invisible when placed on a white background. Disappointed.

👤Good colors and marbles. I melt glass in sculpted pottery work that people won't eat out of. When the pot is melted, it looks nice and colorful. I know it's odd. It works for me. You don't know what chemicals are in glass so you don't put it in a pot people will eat out of and you don't melt it in a room that a kiln is in. It's not a hobby to melt glass. It takes experience to deal with heat and glass.

👤There are a lot of glass styles. The clear colored ones are very pretty. My mom does real stained glass work and I got these for her. She's made grape bunches in a wine/cheese cathedral window, air bubbles in a huge underwater window, and used them as pistols in her 3D succulents. This is a great set if you're looking for variety. I don't have any pictures of the bag, but here are some of my mom's pieces using it. The bag of glass is very varietied and will help you get your creative juices flowing.

👤To be honest. I bought these pebbles without reading the reviews. I was shocked to see how many bad reviews the reviews made me feel, and I was worried that I would not get what I was looking for. These are what I have been looking for. These are not other colors like brown or burgundy. I am relieved and happy to see that the pebbles are purple, which I wanted for my bamboo plants.

11. Decorative Irregular Artificial Aquarium Decoration

Decorative Irregular Artificial Aquarium Decoration

The net weight is 1 pound and the size of stone is 3-6mm. The stones are heavy enough to carry 1 lbs. Excellent for plants. Good for floral arrangements. It's perfect for crystal grids, reiki healing, and other things. It won't fade away. They are glossy and lustrous after being dipped into water. Fire glass is high quality. High Luster fire glass are made with perfect transparency. It was made with high quality materials that could be used to defend against fire. Well-package in a jar. It can be used a lot.

Brand: Dodxiaobeul

👤I returned the product because it wasn't what I was expecting. It was not the same as the picture. It would have been a good glass scatter.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. St Patrick's Day is a day when glass votives are put in.

👤These things are too expensive for the amount that you get, so you had to go to a hobby lobby. Go to the lobby.


What is the best product for decorative rocks for vase purple?

Decorative rocks for vase purple products from Wayber. In this article about decorative rocks for vase purple you can see why people choose the product. Sinyum and T4u are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rocks for vase purple.

What are the best brands for decorative rocks for vase purple?

Wayber, Sinyum and T4u are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rocks for vase purple. Find the detail in this article. Hilitchi, Super Z Outlet and Cys Excel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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