Best Decorative Rocks for Vase Red

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1. NINGYE Decorative 0 5 1inch Landscape Succulents

NINGYE Decorative 0 5 1inch Landscape Succulents

Quality after-sale service. If you are not satisfied with their gravel or have any questions, please contact them and they will develop a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a replacement or refund. The service is available 24 hours a day. MATERIAL: Natural agate is used to make agate stones. Each agate stone is unique. Its stripes are different and it has a smooth surface. It has good wear resistance. EXQUISITE Dictions: Agate stone is a great decoration for plants. It can be used as a bottom decoration for swimming pools. It is possible to use agate for jewelry making, collection, home decoration, artwork or jewelry display. PerfECT FOR CRAFT All these agates are formed naturally. Each agate has a size of about 0.4-0.8inch. There may be cracks or small holes on some agate surfaces. A gift for family and friends. One of the seven treasures of Buddhism is the agate. It is a good gift for family and friends if you use the meaning of agate. Quality after-sale service. If you don't like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. 24 hours response service!

Brand: Ningye

👤The rock is a good looking rock. The fountain looks nice. The price for rocks is a little high, but that's ok since they are great looking! Showed up quickly when they said it would. One other thing... If you have a desk fountain that has 3 levels of water, the amount of rocks that I bought was fine. It was a lot. I thought I might need 2 of the bags I bought, but one was fine and I don't want to break the bank.

👤My four-year-old will be getting these rocks to add to his collection. He loves rocks and this collection of rocks is a great addition to his collection. I put some rocks outside for him to discover on his own and encourage him to look for interesting rocks. The variety in this collection is great. We've never seen many of the rocks around our area. There are lots of colors and patterns. They could be used as mulch in potted plants.

👤I have a white stone garden bed with different colored stones. This is a pound of stones of 1” in various colors. The item image is more detailed than the ones they are. They look nice against the rocks. You don't want these to sink to the bottom at the current price. marquee players deserve to be visible. I always buy a second pound because it is less than I need. These would work well for eye candy in an aquarium. I have a full sun garden. I am happy with them.

👤These are beautiful. The colors are elegant. They look great in a bowl I placed on a table with colorful votive-size candle cups. I ordered a bag of this brand and a bag of rocks to use on the bottom because I needed more. I put them on top. The packaging is beautiful.

👤I wanted a goldfish bowl. I didn't know what I was expecting, but these surprised me. They are gorgeous. Don't know if the fish will like them. I will look at them.

👤I get most of my rocks from the dollar tree. For the amount I received WOW, $16 was added. You would have to take a second mortgage. I couldn't find the amount in the description and the pictures looked like they were bigger. My bad.

👤They look pretty in vases or jars.

👤These were packaged very nicely. I am using them and they look great.

2. Crystals Treasure Scatters Birthday Decoration

Crystals Treasure Scatters Birthday Decoration

Beautiful ice rock gems look great at any event and make perfect table scatter. These treasure gems add sparkle to your christmas ornaments, vases and even hair accessories. Water beads can be combined with personalized ornaments to make floral designs. Any indoor or outdoor centerpiece has clear diamond gems. The appearance of these diamonds will make your party look like a fairy tale. The diamond decor gems reflect light beautifully and add the perfect finishing touch to a vase or table decor. The appearance of real diamonds is a high quality luxurious brilliance. These are not real diamonds. They can be used at themed birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, bridal decorations, and winter seasonal decor. The essential art crafts projects, Christmas tree decor, and widely implemented in scavenger treasure hunts are used by interior designers to event planners. The possibilities are endless with these ice rocks. These are the vase fillers you need if you want a high-end look at your next event. It's used as table confetti for Birthdays, Sweet 16, baby showers, and for just about any wedding table decoration. Each order includes a bag of 60 diamond gems.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤Not what I was expecting, but not sure if there is 60 in there. I would have gone to the dollar store if I had known.

👤It was too small. I thought they were going to be bigger than the ones I bought at home. I am returning them because they are smaller than I expected. Not worth more than 99 cents!

👤Cleanly cut, crisp, clear gems are full of sparkle. It was worth the price. The size shows a lot of detail. I put the bamboo in its vase after buying it. Instead of a big bag of glass pebble chips, surround the roots with these brilliant luxury rocks. They are more showy than I would usually do, but it's a small vase. It's a bright little surprise when people notice it. They do, with a smile. They wink bright when it's on, because I spread a fistful under the grate of my faux fireplace. They sparkle in the dark when the fireplace is not on.

👤These are awesome. They are large. The size would be compared to a quarter. There is a hole in the tip. We put them in balls of playdough. It was the biggest hit of the party. The rest were used in the bottom of the fish tank. I would buy them again. They were well packaged and beautiful.

👤You get what you pay for, they look very tacky.

👤We use these as "loot" in a game. I don't think you will convince anyone that they are real diamonds. They're cute. They're strong. We've dropped them a lot, but I don't think they would have any problems on hard floors. They serve their purpose well for us. They can't get over the little diamonds when we play the game with someone new. One friend said it was the best part of the game.

👤They were used for my engagement party.

👤These were the perfect accent for the cake. The cake was delicious and the girl loved it.

👤I had to put in clear baubles. Not as bright as I had hoped. I will look great on the tree next year.

3. WAYBER Irregular Artificial Decoration Displaying

WAYBER Irregular Artificial Decoration Displaying

The net weight is 1 pound. 1 cup or 0.25 L volume can be filled. The glass stones are small and heavy. Birthday, Christmas gift of rainbow stone means good luck. You can use it to make your own ornaments, wish bottles, and other crafts. Good selection of glass material. Beaten into gravel is processed into irregular shape. Stone size is variable from 5-9mm. Red color won't fade away through time, just like river gravels. They are glossy and lustrous after being dipped into water. Creative ways of doing things. Excellent for fish, plant, and building a shining looking home for you and your de-lovelys. Good for floral arrangement. It's perfect for jewelry making or display. It can be used to make all kinds of handmade projects.

Brand: Wayber

👤I didn't want rough pet store rocks for my betta, Charlie, because he likes to rest on them. I use these in my 5 gallon tank. I ordered two bags, but also some bigger blue rocks from Amazon to cover the whole floor. They are very vibrant and the way they've mixed is wonderful. The pictures show the difference in lighting from my aquarium.

👤These were a lot smaller than I expected. I expected them to be a lot smaller than they are, but I didn't think they were. I had planned to use them for projects with my kids, but this made them not so good.

👤Wow. Sea glass fell into the gravel to keep me safe. This stuff is great. I had a hard time figuring out how much I need for a quarter of the floor. I thought it was 3 lbs. It worked out perfectly. My neons love the blue color. The size of the pouch is shown in my photos. I bought 3 of them.

👤I was trying to find glass that would fit in the bottoms of home made torches that use rum bottles. The narrow neck made me worry that some glass beads wouldn't fit. After reading reviews and questions, I decided to try them. They worked well in terms of both functional and aesthetic qualities. The issue is the price and quantity. I realized that I would need 9 more bags with 10 torches. At fifteen dollars per. Most of the time it is there to fill space. It feels too much for the purpose. If you want to show off your purpose then it's great. Maybe your value to cost ratio is not that bad. If you need glass chunks of this size for more than the style, then you should think about the value and budget. This product is not a good fit for glass people.

👤Excellent quality. It was perfect for my project. I used half a bag to sprinkle my river. I wish they were bigger but they still work.

👤I feel like they are a little darker than the aqua ocean colored ones that I ordered, but they still look nice, and I have ordered another bag because it is worth it. I would definitely order them again and the product came quickly so I am happy with my purchase.

👤The pebbles add a lot of depth to my garden. I was looking for something that looked like the water in my mini ocean. The bag of pebbles worked perfectly. I recommend buying 2 or 3 bags for large projects.

👤These are not the color I was looking for. They are shaped like a small pill capsule. The picture makes it look different. They arrived quickly. I don't have to look at them because of the problem of what to do with them. A plastic cactus planted in the middle of a heap of them would be just right. I could give it to my doctor.

4. Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

Pebbles Outdoor Decorative Natural Polished

The size is about 1 to 2 inches and the weight is about 5 pounds. Natural tumbling achieved by hand-gATHERED STONES has a beautiful POLISHED FINISH. They only pick the highest quality pebbles. This set of pebbles is lightly polished for a smooth effect, and comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns, such as brown, white, black, red, and grey. Great indoors and outdoors: Use for a unique decorative accent in vases, dishes, candle holders, planters, aquariums, terrariums and air plants inside; also ideal for ponds, water features, fountains, pots and pathways outside. The 5 pound bag of decorative rocks is easy to use.

Brand: Skullis

👤They are shiny and polished. I was expecting a lot of pebbles.

👤The kittens thought it was a blast to dig in them, because we purchased a number of these for some of our large potted plants. They are a nice variety and shiny, so that I sometimes think they are wet as I walk by them.

👤I love these! I wanted the rocks to be in an average size of 2 inches. The price is great for the value.

👤I was expecting bright colorful rocks, but instead I got a bunch of dull gray rocks that I could have dug up on the side of the road for free. I want to return these because the picture is so deceiving and I need to put up a picture of the side of the road.

👤I put the rocks in my house to keep my kittens out of the dirt. They work well, look nice, and they are large enough that the cats don't just dig them out and play with them. I have six plants of different sizes and have four bags of rocks, but I still have a whole bag left over. Since I got these, there has been no dirt on the floor.

👤The colorful assortment in the description was not in my bag. These are mostly beige or gray. They are not very artistic. I didn't want to wrangle a 40# bag of rocks, so the local hardware store sells a similar bag for less than twelve dollars.

👤The rocks are beautiful. I have used them on our waterfall area. This is my second order. The second order was in a pile. There should have been 6 bags. The bags were open when they arrived in a broken box that was put in a larger box. I don't know if I got the correct amount.

👤The bottom of the 6 gallon aquarium was used. There was enough to cover the entire floor. These are very pretty and small. They should last forever. Some rocks are a little larger than others. It was a good choice for our task.

👤Could the price of this product be lowered in the future? Good for gardening.

5. Creative Stuff Glass Scarlet Fillers

Creative Stuff Glass Scarlet Fillers

The glass gem is 14-16mm. It's 5/8" A bag of glass gems. There are other beautiful colors and sizes in their store. A top quality product for craft, toys, decorations, games and more.

Brand: Creative Stuff Glass

👤I found this particular gem stone after months of searching. So excited. It was so disappointed when it arrived. The first thing I noticed was how small these were compared to other products. I would have liked larger. The first picture shows how small they are compared to the average size of craft stores near me. There is a The next picture shows a white background. I will use these on a white background. The green gemstones in the first picture are not solid like the gemstones in the third picture. There is color in the middle of the gemstone, which fades to the edges. This is not what I wanted. They won't provide the effect I was hoping for because of the fading color on the edges. The plum color gemstone was a let down. There is a I'm very disappointed in this product. Definitely over priced. Will I buy gemstones from this company again? No. I don't need any of the small gemstones that I received. The average size of craft stores is what I like. There are some positives to these. Yes. The color I wanted was plum, not purple. I wish it was plum color all the way through the stone. The perfect size for my Mancala game, these are the gems that I needed.

👤The ad makes the glass gems look pretty, but they are not very colored. The color of the bag is very clear when they are all together. The glass beads are almost invisible when placed on a white background. Disappointed.

👤Good colors and marbles. I melt glass in sculpted pottery work that people won't eat out of. When the pot is melted, it looks nice and colorful. I know it's odd. It works for me. You don't know what chemicals are in glass so you don't put it in a pot people will eat out of and you don't melt it in a room that a kiln is in. It's not a hobby to melt glass. It takes experience to deal with heat and glass.

👤There are a lot of glass styles. The clear colored ones are very pretty. My mom does real stained glass work and I got these for her. She's made grape bunches in a wine/cheese cathedral window, air bubbles in a huge underwater window, and used them as pistols in her 3D succulents. This is a great set if you're looking for variety. I don't have any pictures of the bag, but here are some of my mom's pieces using it. The bag of glass is very varietied and will help you get your creative juices flowing.

👤To be honest. I bought these pebbles without reading the reviews. I was shocked to see how many bad reviews the reviews made me feel, and I was worried that I would not get what I was looking for. These are what I have been looking for. These are not other colors like brown or burgundy. I am relieved and happy to see that the pebbles are purple, which I wanted for my bamboo plants.

6. Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

It's a great way to fill up a vase or scatter around some candles. It's perfect for a simple centerpiece, with ice rocks measuring about 1 inch each. Beautiful ice rock gems look great at any event and make perfect table scatter. There is a wide selection of different colors. There is a pack of 120 rock gems.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤The product is the same as described. There is a Very pretty. When ordering color, be careful. They have pictures of all the colors you choose. I ordered turquoise for my wedding, but it was not the color I was told. I double checked after I received them, and I continued to scroll down, and then I saw the color that it looked like in person. I should have done more research, but I can't say it's their fault. There is a I don't recommend that.

👤These were small, close to the size of a dime, and I wanted bigger crystals. I wanted them to be the size of a quarter. These are great for small crystals, but if you want bigger, look elsewhere.

👤They were clear in color and stacked nicely.

👤It is very beautiful. I use them in jars when my kids do hard things. My girls find them to be a reward in themselves and an added bonus when they fill the jar with a prize.

👤The star bits were used for Mario's birthday. The kids were able to find them indoors and outdoors. The children were having fun. Great colors. I am glad I bought these.

👤I was happy to find them here, I had bought them before to sprinkle on a table for a party decoration. The black rock crystals will make your tables stand out. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I searched around for the right size, but not these, I loved them so much that I bought another bag.

7. Unihom Tumbled Irregular Decorative Succulents

Unihom Tumbled Irregular Decorative Succulents

The size is 0.2”-0.5” and the weight is 1 pound. Red Jasper Tumbled Chips Stone was crushed, screened, and cleaned by natural crystal quartz, each piece was irregular shaped, undrilled, and clasped. These small Red Jasper chips stones are great for home decoration, stone collection, wishing bottles, and more. It's a perfect gift for beginners. Red jasper is a natural stone. It is considered the stone of Sobriety because of its ability to cause third eye and crown problems. Red Jasper is a stone that has a powerful effect on spiritual expansion. Red Jasper helps the individual to see higher guidance and spiritual understanding into his or her actions. If you get quality problems with this item, please contact them. They will send you a new stone.

Brand: Unihom

👤I am not sure if they are legit. You included turquoise as a gift, I bought a few from you. I put the turquoise in the bottle of Palo Santo Smudge spray and it came off. The rocks were spray-painted with turquoise. Products have been damaged. They change the color of a product. The rocks are not black. It has been a week. It took a long time for it to change color. I can not wait to see the rest.

👤I am having fun sorting them after they arrived. Not giving them something. These are for me. I have a 1915 canning jar that is turning purple from the magnesium in the glass. It would be fun to layer the different shades of amethyst to accentuate the pale purple of the glass. I didn't know what the volume of stone would be. I'll probably order another pound to fill the jar. There are two larger chips next to a dime. There are four piles; the richest purple, medium, pale and clear, and a small pile of brown. I don't know if I will layer pale to dark or dark to pale. They included a small bag of clear.

👤I had to write a review for the products I bought. I took a few out to put in water for a day, and the water was free of dye. I think these are the real deal. I put these little guys in bottles. There is a They also sent a small amount of stone chips which look like rose quartz. I have to say that that's the best customer service I've seen in a while, and I was most certainly not expecting that. I will definitely get another shipment if I need more.

👤The description says it was crushed. mine are big I need to see if my husband can break them down before I use them.

👤These stones are nice. You can tell that they're real stones, for some of them have small particles in them, which add to the stone. That is one of the first things I look for when determining the natural aspect of gemstones. I'm very happy with the purchase. The seller gave me 3 different bags of gems, and I appreciated the gift of a pack of gems. One of my favorite stones is Rose Quartz. Thank you for selling. I will buy from this seller again.

👤It was perfect! They don't feel greasy as if they have a coating. I am going to glue these to the outside of a plastic plant pot. I wanted stones that were small and irregular in shape so they would fit together like a puzzle to cover the pot with no spaces between stones, and these should do the trick. There is a Maybe 10 stones were not black at all. Very pretty. I won't be able to use it. I will probably have to order more to cover the pot. A pound is not a lot of stones. Happy to have found these. The seller included a bonus pack of stones. There is a I'm glad I took a chance because this item had no reviews when I ordered it. Attached photos show the size of tbe stones.

8. Natural Polished Decorative Gravel Pebbles

Natural Polished Decorative Gravel Pebbles

Please contact them if you have any questions. They also provide services for calculating vase volume. The Q&A feature can be used to ask a question. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. Their colorful agate stone is like amber, hand-selected colorful stones. The agate stones are round and smooth. There is no agate stone that is the same. A gift from nature is the agne stone. They send agate stones to you. Every stone is unique and machines have stricter standards for selecting them. They lowered the selection standard in order to not bury the characteristics of each stone. Let every stone go where it should go, thank you for that. Their kids are like every stone. They think it should go where it should go. If you want to make your fish tanks more vivid, you can use multicolored agate stones. You can use the agate stones to places you think are suitable. The process you share is also the process of continuous learning. They can provide you with better products. There are many colors and different patterns in agate stones. This is suitable for people who make their own stuff. It can be made into a love pattern or a name of a person you like, and it can also be created with family and friends to enhance the relationship between each other. You can use your imagination and creativity to make your own things. If you have a good idea, they want to hear about it. The agate stone is suitable for families and schools and can be used for home entertainment. Children's hands-on ability, imagination and other abilities were cultivated. They care about the customer's feelings, but at the same time they sent every stone to where he should go. If you're not happy with their gemstones, they'll give you a 100% refund.

Brand: Fantian

👤I try not to post bad reviews as there are many who do that. I was very disappointed in this purchase. The product is called Natural Polished Decorative Gravel Pebbles - 1lb Colorful Agate Stones for Landscape Decoration Rocks. It's suitable for Home decoration, handmade, decorative fish tanks, and vases. " One pound. The stones are in a package of 6 x 4. They wouldn't cover a one-gallon pot. People can see what they're buying if the seller posts a photo of the packaging. They have a pile of rocks that make the item look larger than it is. It was disappointing.

👤I can fill it twice and still have a little left over. It was very shiny and colorful. I weighed it and it was exactly 2 lbs. The amount iscent for most craft purposes. Good sized stones too. I will definitely buy from this seller again.

👤My betta loves them, I often see him playing with the rocks. He sleeps in the cracks. I would buy them again because they shine well in the water.

👤I ordered a second order. Shipping was very fast. The size of the candy I received is small. There is a They are colorful. It ranged from clear to black. There are greens, blue, yellows and whites. There is a Larry.

👤I got these for my new 38 gallon tank and it looks amazing. These stand out against the white.

👤I like the rocks in my fish tank.

👤These stones were added to my aquarium. Beautiful!

9. Hilitchi Tumbled Succulents Landscape Decoration

Hilitchi Tumbled Succulents Landscape Decoration

The color and lustre of stones are similar to amber. Shapes vary in size and thickness. Silicon dioxide is extremely high in hardness. The testicles and skeletons shown in the video are not included in the orders. There are differing sizes and colors available. There are beautiful polished rocks. You can choose from vintage colors and vivid colors. The stones were formed naturally. There might be some small holes on the surface. Don't mind it! These agate stones are great for plants that are water culture, and they could add some life to your plants. Growing indoor plants is best for floral arrangements. It's used for jewelry making, collecting, healing, decoration, and so on. If you do not like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. The service lasted 12 hours.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤They look good. There is a But... The water turned yellow when I put them in it. Some of the water had a blue tint. It could be dyed glass. Why is the dye coming from the stones? I washed them. The water should not be changed by crystal.

👤There is a picture of rocks with flash. They were bigger than I thought and most of the colors were either clear or cloudy. There is a bead in the center. I don't think they are natural agate. I have small hands and the bag was small. It was too much for this. Some of the "agates" were pretty. More than half was not colored.

👤A small addition to our project. There was a good variety of stones. I was very happy with them. They are cute in our garden. My child is in awe.

👤The price is a great value. The glass pebbles were in the game. The stones were large enough to fit on my game board. Look at photos.

👤I used these rocks for my air plan terrariums to make them look even more majestic than they already are. I almost didn't want to cover them with anything because they have unique colors that match beautifully.

👤The stones looked great with my pyramid. It would be pretty again.

👤They were used for a fireplace. The variation in color is what I like the most. The stones are polished. It would look great in a birth bath or planter.

👤I wasn't hoping for anything spectacular, but these turned out to be really nice, and you can find half of them at any rock store. If you go to a tourist area, you might hit it 3 times. Most had no rough spots. The color variations were great. May be ordering another bag.

👤Doesn't look like pictures at all.

👤The money was wasted. Not even a single stone and not even pretty!

👤The order arrived on time. The product was described. Well done.

10. CYS EXCEL Marbles Pebbles Multiple

CYS EXCEL Marbles Pebbles Multiple

1 LB/Bag Approx. is the color-size of the 1/2 inch red color. Pack of 5 lbs. Only the highest quality colored glass can ensure that color doesn't come off even after years of use. Artificial coloring is not used. Their gems are non-toxic. The primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers, although many have used them for games and collectibles. These glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays and serve the purpose of holding stems in place. The perfect match for Decor is having Glass and Light. These gems have their own characteristics when exposed to light. The beauty of the vase holding the gemstones is enhanced. They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤The quality was very disappointing. The left gem is what they sent. The Dollar Tree is on the right. The gems they sent were full of air bubbles, had a dingy color, and just wasn't as clear. I bought 5 lbs of them and they all looked the same.

👤I ordered this again because of a previous order. The second order was completely different. Different color and dirtier. I was frustrated that the two shipments came from different vendors. I ordered the same thing a second time, but didn't get it. Once washed, the beads are great. A blue color. I got the first go around with the turquoise and silver beads.

👤I bought five pounds thinking it would be enough for a plant, but it's 5x5 container in a 1 gallon planter. Not! I could put 15 pounds of pebbles in there. The size of nickles is not the same as the small river rock in the picture. Especially for the money. Not honest marketing on their part.

👤It was too small and damaged. These beads look like they poked their heads through the tops. Each divit had a white appearance to it, and all of them had little divits on the tops. The red color was not solid, there were streaks of clear where the red coloring had not reached, and all of them were scuffed. I have looked for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and a caribbean blue, all of which are about the size of a nickle.

👤I can't say what they are. I used them in a craft project and they were inexpensive, but 5 lbs was more than I needed, but the price was right. They look like a white flat rock. I would buy them again after I use the rest of the 5 lbs. Good value.

👤They are not clear, but they are a greenish tint, which was fine with me since they were in a green vase. I like the overall look of the vase, but it's not enough to cover the bottom of the vase. I could have purchased these at the Dollar Tree for less than half the price.

👤I use these for my application in a whiskey bottle. They are dense enough to fit into a bottle, and dark amber in color, similar to Bourbon. They were packaged in 5 bundles. Each weighs 1lb.

👤It was exactly as expected. It looks great as a soil cover. It makes my plants look clean and modern.

👤No llegan a 100 pz por bolsa, no problema, no soniguales. Un normales y otras y ms brillantes. S nota la diferencia. De diferentes tamaos, en general.

👤My centerpiece for my wedding was a part of these. They were used in the bottom of a water glass. They worked well and were bright red. The center piece was a hit.

11. Houseables Iridescent Decorative Centerpieces Supplies

Houseables Iridescent Decorative Centerpieces Supplies

Non-polished glass marbles are available in 5-LB bags. Oval and circular shapes. It's used to fill vases and mason jars, as decorations at the bottom of aquariums and birdbaths, as well as quick party favors at weddings and other formal/non-formal events. The price is cheaper than the stone. The more sparkle and shine you can get from washing these gems, the more you'll get from the shipment. The glass gems are roughly the size of a nickel. Cut flowers, tea lights, makeup brush containers, kitchen utensils, table centerpiece, and other heavy items can be supported by marbles. The quality weighted base option is an option. It's right for filling various containers and shipped in manufacturing quality. These gems are great for vases where you don't want to add too much color to distract from the flowers or interfere with the placement of the stems. A cost effective accessory. These gems will last an entire lifetime if they are exposed to light. The translucency of each gem allows any light source to shine through, creating beautiful illumination. A layer on the base of a birdbath will let birds and bees take sips of water. There is a descendant wedding in churchyards. You need these ornamental marbles. They are great for filling your flower vase, fish tank, or votive candle holders. They can be used for wedding favors, birdbaths, magnets, and more.

Brand: Houseables

👤I will be using these for a wedding and they are definitely not 500-600 in one bag, but I feel like I was cheated because I only got 400 in one bag and 397 in the other. I need to order more.

👤There was a lot of discussion about color and breakage. I got clear after ordering clear. There is a slight greenish tint when you put them all together. It was clear glass if you looked at it individually. I found a one with an iridescent bottom. There was a chip in it, but no broken stones. I used the entire bag for this vase. The person suggested that the flower stems be put in first and then the stones be put in. It was difficult to get the stones through the narrow neck of the vase with the stems in the way. I suppose that wouldn't be an issue with a wider opening. Within two days, the order arrived.

👤Don't buy! These were very dusty. We wiped them down before we could use them. We realized that there were many broken pieces. My hands are full of small cuts after I sorted out the broken ones.

👤I liked working with the stones. I can't wait to use them again. The light reflected and created a scene. The look of the stones and the lights surrounding them made me smile.

👤The glass stones were dirty and dusty in the package. They had shards of glass in the package. Be careful! I washed them and will use them. Not what I was expecting, but usable. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I bought these to stop my parakeets from playing in the soil. They look lovely, because I stacked them each slightly over the previous. The darn birds like throwing these out of the pots. They like it very much.

👤I wanted these to be translucent and not have a rainbow sheen on them. The size is between a US quarter and a nickel. I had to go to the hobby store when I got to my hometown because I didn't have enough of them. I was surprised that these were higher than what I found at the store, because Amazon vendors seem to always be a better deal. I always appreciate the convenience of Amazon. This product is recommended by me.

👤I wanted to use these as a liquid displacement tool for my wine carboy, but since it is made in China I don't think I can. I would like to know where the product is made. It makes a difference. I opened the bag and didn't know. I will use them in vases eventually. They are fine if you want that.

👤Definitely not over 500. You can try 443. I think I did better than most, as I was slightly less ripped off than others. I gave 2 stars because I think 3 stars is a good sign. Being ripped off is something we need to stop being satisfied with. You might want to include the part about how touching them might expose a person to lead, as per the warning label that comes stuck on the bag but is nowhere to be.


What is the best product for decorative rocks for vase red?

Decorative rocks for vase red products from Ningye. In this article about decorative rocks for vase red you can see why people choose the product. Super Z Outlet and Wayber are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rocks for vase red.

What are the best brands for decorative rocks for vase red?

Ningye, Super Z Outlet and Wayber are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rocks for vase red. Find the detail in this article. Skullis, Creative Stuff Glass and Unihom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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