Best Decorative Rocks for Vase Yellow

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1. NINGYE Decorative 0 5 1inch Landscape Succulents

NINGYE Decorative 0 5 1inch Landscape Succulents

Quality after-sale service. If you are not satisfied with their gravel or have any questions, please contact them and they will develop a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a replacement or refund. The service is available 24 hours a day. MATERIAL: Natural agate is used to make agate stones. Each agate stone is unique. Its stripes are different and it has a smooth surface. It has good wear resistance. EXQUISITE Dictions: Agate stone is a great decoration for plants. It can be used as a bottom decoration for swimming pools. It is possible to use agate for jewelry making, collection, home decoration, artwork or jewelry display. PerfECT FOR CRAFT All these agates are formed naturally. Each agate has a size of about 0.4-0.8inch. There may be cracks or small holes on some agate surfaces. A gift for family and friends. One of the seven treasures of Buddhism is the agate. It is a good gift for family and friends if you use the meaning of agate. Quality after-sale service. If you don't like their products or have any questions, please contact them. They would come up with a solution to your problem. Within 90 days, you can get a free replacement or refund. 24 hours response service!

Brand: Ningye

👤The rock is a good looking rock. The fountain looks nice. The price for rocks is a little high, but that's ok since they are great looking! Showed up quickly when they said it would. One other thing... If you have a desk fountain that has 3 levels of water, the amount of rocks that I bought was fine. It was a lot. I thought I might need 2 of the bags I bought, but one was fine and I don't want to break the bank.

👤My four-year-old will be getting these rocks to add to his collection. He loves rocks and this collection of rocks is a great addition to his collection. I put some rocks outside for him to discover on his own and encourage him to look for interesting rocks. The variety in this collection is great. We've never seen many of the rocks around our area. There are lots of colors and patterns. They could be used as mulch in potted plants.

👤I have a white stone garden bed with different colored stones. This is a pound of stones of 1” in various colors. The item image is more detailed than the ones they are. They look nice against the rocks. You don't want these to sink to the bottom at the current price. marquee players deserve to be visible. I always buy a second pound because it is less than I need. These would work well for eye candy in an aquarium. I have a full sun garden. I am happy with them.

👤These are beautiful. The colors are elegant. They look great in a bowl I placed on a table with colorful votive-size candle cups. I ordered a bag of this brand and a bag of rocks to use on the bottom because I needed more. I put them on top. The packaging is beautiful.

👤I wanted a goldfish bowl. I didn't know what I was expecting, but these surprised me. They are gorgeous. Don't know if the fish will like them. I will look at them.

👤I get most of my rocks from the dollar tree. For the amount I received WOW, $16 was added. You would have to take a second mortgage. I couldn't find the amount in the description and the pictures looked like they were bigger. My bad.

👤They look pretty in vases or jars.

👤These were packaged very nicely. I am using them and they look great.

2. Colorful Gemstones Decorations Super Outlet

Colorful Gemstones Decorations Super Outlet

The perfect size for a simple accessory is around 1.2in x 0.9in. It comes in a pack of 36 gems and is available in a large selection of different colors. Great for home décor, it's perfect for filling a vase or scattering a couple around candles. The Ice Rock Gems event decoration is perfect for table scatter.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤I wish they had been smaller but still a big success. We got these for a scavenger hunt for my 10 year olds birthday. I put the box in the hole with a latch and buried it. The kids thought it was a scavenger hunt with lots of clues and tasks to do before the next clue and task. It ended with a treasure hunt on the island. When they dug and found the X, you could hear the excitement in their voices and then again when they saw the box. All the little hands went in grabbing when they opened the lid. As a starving person hit the buffet, diamonds, jewels, and coins were spilling all over. Hopefully the memory will last a long time.

👤The product is in a plastic bag. The widest part of the stone has about an inch of diamonds. Most of the stone has a white spot in the middle of their edges that is connected at the sides. The gems are bright and clear. Will fill about 1/3 of a 10 in tall vase. There are items in Royal Blue, Yellow, and Apple Green.

👤The gems are in good shape. The first one I took out of the bag had a chip on it. You can see through them. Very clear. They are being used as piatas for a party. 5 and 20 dollars. I suppose the other colors would be nice for a Breath of the Wild party, but Link to the Past is only green, blue, and red.

👤My son is very happy. These are amazing for small children since they are just plastic. My bag was mostly green, pink and purple, with a few red and one solo blue. I would buy them again for a treasure hunt.

👤I bought a package of gemstones and now have green ones. The edges are not sharp enough to cause damage. There is a They are not lightweight enough to float. I use them in props as eyes. Works well!

👤I assumed these would be on the tiny side, perfect for scattering around in my fairy garden. I was going to use them under the log bridge, but they are bigger than the opening, and the fairies didn't like them. I'm not sure! I think the color was just so-so because they looked and felt like cheap plastic. I have learned an important lesson, that they are perfect for someone else's need, but I have to read the description carefully and thoroughly.

👤These are very large diamond sizes. It's perfect for a small vase. So much bigger than anticipated. Each one is about a quarter in width. I was looking for something more delicate. I'll find a project for the faux purple diamonds.

👤Going to bury them in the sand for treasure hunting. They are good quality and large.

👤The dimensions are the same as described. 36 gems were received. The finishes are not perfect and some edges are not smooth. I gave it 4 stars because I am not completely satisfied with the color assortment. My daughter's pirate treasure chest contained big gems, and I am happy to have found them. The item was packaged nicely and arrived earlier than expected.

3. Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

Royal Imports Decorative Ornamental Landscaping

There is a descendant wedding in churchyards. You need these ornamental marbles. They are great for filling your flower vase, fish tank, or votive candle holders. They can be used for wedding favors, birdbaths, magnets, and more. Natural stones. Natural stones by Royal imports are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Common applications include flowerbeds, groundcover, decorative concrete topping, and walkway paving. Annual wood mulching is a permanent and cost-effective alternative to decorative rocks. Many uses. This pack of pebbles is perfect for adding extra beauty to your garden, lawn, and even to your potted plant. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas. It could be used as an accent to water gardens. Round and spherical. There are no sharp edges on these pebbles. River rocks are attractive because of their shape and they provide good drainage. River rocks are used for erosion control. These smooth and vibrant river rocks are a great addition to your décor. The pebbles are black and white and can be used in many decorations. For an eye-catching homage to the Great outdoors, scatter these stones around the base of a pillar candle in hurricane glass, and feature it on your coffee table or mantel. Rocks range in length from.20 to.75" and can be broken or out of shape. The color of the river rock is natural, so it may include a variety of different shades of black. The rocks are in a bag. There are approximately 50-60 rocks in a bag.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤They're a 5 pound bag of rocks. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own stones? You are in luck. These can be yours too. Do you have a cat that digs in your plant? It was a great fix. These rocks are for sale. From this guy. He will email you more than once and ask you to review them. They need some positive feedback. There is a I will give you the truth you asked for. The box they were shipped in was too big for them. The stone was broken. I was bothered by the emails that asked me to review the stones. The strangest review email I've ever gotten was when you tried to make me feel guilty by highlighting the PS in red. There is a The rocks were not damaged. Do not send emails like that.

👤I went high because I got these to use as worry stones, which is not the purpose they're marketed for, and I have no idea whether the things that bothered me would bother someone using them in planters or gardens. The size and shape were good, with enough variation to be interesting and not annoying, even though there were a few more broken ones than I had hoped for. There is a The reason the stones are glossy black is that they have a weird, oily-waxy coating on them that makes them greasy to the touch. It does not rub off on my hands, but it does rub off on other things. I don't like it. I found out that hot water and a drop of detergent will get the coating off, but I had to scrub my fingers to get it off. The stones range from black to dark gray, and some of them have flaws. The cleaned stones are very smooth and pleasant to touch, and feel a lot more like real stone. If I could have bought them like that, I would have given them five stars. I don't know if the coating would bother everyone as much as it bothered me, but for what it's worth, I think it's worth it.

👤I was skeptical about how these would look in my faux planter, and if it was the right amount of rocks. It turned out better than I anticipated. The rocks look great! It was the perfect amount for the planter. The rocks were shipped through the mail and that's why they were broken. Absolutely recommend!

👤I got 37 rocks. It is close to 5 lbs, but not enough for my needs, and not what I expected based on the product description.

👤These are a good value for the price and you will get at least 50. There is a The rocks are small and mostly 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. What you should know. They are covered with a black coating which comes off with water and soap. They are less perfect after being washed. If you are keeping them dry, I would not leave them soaking in liquid for a long time. There is a Some of them are broken and have chips at the ends. If you are looking for perfect rocks, these may not be for you. There is a They worked for me because I am painting them and they hold color nicely.

4. CYS EXCEL Gemstone Multiple Decorative

CYS EXCEL Gemstone Multiple Decorative

1 LB/Bag Approx. is the color-size of the 1/2 inch yellow color. Pack of 5 lbs. Only the highest quality colored glass can ensure that color doesn't come off even after years of use. Artificial coloring is not used. Their gems are non-toxic. The primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers, although many have used them for games and collectibles. These glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays and serve the purpose of holding stems in place. The perfect match for Decor is having Glass and Light. These gems have their own characteristics when exposed to light. The beauty of the vase holding the gemstones is enhanced. They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤The quality was very disappointing. The left gem is what they sent. The Dollar Tree is on the right. The gems they sent were full of air bubbles, had a dingy color, and just wasn't as clear. I bought 5 lbs of them and they all looked the same.

👤I ordered this again because of a previous order. The second order was completely different. Different color and dirtier. I was frustrated that the two shipments came from different vendors. I ordered the same thing a second time, but didn't get it. Once washed, the beads are great. A blue color. I got the first go around with the turquoise and silver beads.

👤I bought five pounds thinking it would be enough for a plant, but it's 5x5 container in a 1 gallon planter. Not! I could put 15 pounds of pebbles in there. The size of nickles is not the same as the small river rock in the picture. Especially for the money. Not honest marketing on their part.

👤It was too small and damaged. These beads look like they poked their heads through the tops. Each divit had a white appearance to it, and all of them had little divits on the tops. The red color was not solid, there were streaks of clear where the red coloring had not reached, and all of them were scuffed. I have looked for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and a caribbean blue, all of which are about the size of a nickle.

👤I can't say what they are. I used them in a craft project and they were inexpensive, but 5 lbs was more than I needed, but the price was right. They look like a white flat rock. I would buy them again after I use the rest of the 5 lbs. Good value.

👤They are not clear, but they are a greenish tint, which was fine with me since they were in a green vase. I like the overall look of the vase, but it's not enough to cover the bottom of the vase. I could have purchased these at the Dollar Tree for less than half the price.

👤I use these for my application in a whiskey bottle. They are dense enough to fit into a bottle, and dark amber in color, similar to Bourbon. They were packaged in 5 bundles. Each weighs 1lb.

👤It was exactly as expected. It looks great as a soil cover. It makes my plants look clean and modern.

👤No llegan a 100 pz por bolsa, no problema, no soniguales. Un normales y otras y ms brillantes. S nota la diferencia. De diferentes tamaos, en general.

👤My centerpiece for my wedding was a part of these. They were used in the bottom of a water glass. They worked well and were bright red. The center piece was a hit.

5. CJGQ Pebbles Plants Garden Decorative

CJGQ Pebbles Plants Garden Decorative

There are multiple uses for the Coconut Liner hanging planter basket. Hanging plant stands, hanging plant pots, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant stands, hanging plant Weight: 3 pounds. Rocks range in length from 0.5" to 0.7" and have a laying area of 0.7 square feet. Pebbles have a unique matt finish for a low-gloss look. Rocks can be broken or out of shape and can be thick or thin. Dust will stick to the surface of natural stone, which will disappear after washing with water. Succulent containers, potted plants,vases,cactus,bonsai,landscape and terrariums are some of the common applications. It's perfect for interior and exterior design. There are many possibilities with these floral arranging white gravel rocks. Natural stones are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Quality products and efficient after-sales service are provided by About US. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them and they will give you a solution as soon as possible.

Brand: Cjgq

👤I was happy with the rocks at first, but after I watered my plant, they turned yellow and brown. Would not buy again.

👤I would have given them 5 stars if they were actually what they were described to be. I haven't found a stone as small as 1/2 yet. These are more along the lines of 1 inch. The stones are nice, but I can get this size anywhere, and I don't want to use them for anything.

👤It is very beautiful and polished to keep that feeling. Looks great! I bought 3 boxes because I used 50 lbs for this project. I need another project for 10 lbs. There were a few rocks that were lost. Nothing in relation to what you get. Would purchase again. Highly recommended. Treat yourself.

👤The size of the rocks was way bigger than the description, I checked out several different packages and these said they were smaller rocks, that's the only reason for the 3 stars. I used them in my large plant pots because I wanted them for smaller plants. They are nice looking rocks, but not what I wanted.

👤The rocks are larger than expected. The plastic container they arrived in was hard to open because of the rock sand in the groves of the lid. I had to use a screwdriver and heavy scissors to open my nails after breaking them.

👤The pebbles that survive the shipping process are very nice. I used them in a vase. I was very disappointed that I had to go fishing for the bad ones.

👤I needed these rocks to make my plants look pretty, but they were bigger than I expected. I was under the impression that the rocks were pebbles, but they were much larger than I thought, and the photo of the pile of white pebbles the seller has on the listing is much larger. They were too big for my smaller pots, so I would order again.

👤Very disappointed. The rocks were all black and white. There were no yellows, reds or browns.

👤These are lovely and unique, hope they survive the winter!

6. CYS EXCEL Multiple Centerpieces Decorative

CYS EXCEL Multiple Centerpieces Decorative

Perfect as table centerpiece, vase bowl fillers, craft supplies, wedding, party and house decorations. 1 LB/Bag Approx. is the color-size of the 3/4 inch Cobalt Blue. Pack of 1 LB of 100 120 Pieces. Only the highest quality colored glass can ensure that color doesn't come off even after years of use. Artificial coloring is not used. Their gems are non-toxic. The primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers, although many have used them for games and collectibles. These glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays and serve the purpose of holding stems in place. The perfect match for Decor is having Glass and Light. These gems have their own characteristics when exposed to light. The beauty of the vase holding the gemstones is enhanced. They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤The little blue jewels have made me happy. I do a lot of yard work in Texas. I have these little things at the bottom of three steps. It is a safety reminder that the color looks very pretty. I tell myself to take it easy, because I don't want to go down those steps at 78. I was born in a taxi 10 days after Pearl Harbor. No lie. My father delivered me. He was a jewel.

👤The picture is not what it is. The rocks are clear. You get a mirror on one side of the rock and a blue one on the other side.

👤The item was a small bag. I was expecting more.

👤The clarity of color, the uniformity of size, and the ease of use are all wonderful. This is my second purchase of them and I'm very happy.

👤I used stones to make a stained glass mosaic.

👤It works perfectly on a small cake stand when not in use. My new theme is blue in the kitchen.

👤I used these as part of my dining room centerpiece and they were perfect.

👤The seller told me to return the item as the beads were too small. The seller stated that they would charge a fee for the return label. This was not received for 3 weeks.

7. Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

Super Outlet Crystals Treasure Decoration

Beautiful diamond gems look great at any event and make perfect table scatter. It's perfect for a simple diamond ring. It's a great way to fill up a vase or scatter around some candles. There is a wide selection of different colors. There is a bag with 240 pieces.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤I loved them as an accent on my table settings. People are still asking who did my tables after my wedding. They're surprised when I tell them that I did it myself. The diamonds look expensive, but they really made my tables sparkle. I did guest tables with black and white striped table cloths. The table was decorated with rose gold sequined table cloth and there were diamond accents on it. I am happy that they are affordable and good quality. These are perfect for a bride on a budget.

👤I didn't think it would be as much as I paid. This is the first time I've bought these. They are so cute and shiny. I bought a vase and fake flowers for my room. It is worth the money. They will either keep your flowers where you want them to stay or use them for something else.

👤I love these gems. It took me a while to get them but they were worth the wait. Vanity trays and mirror coasters are being made. Will be ordering more colors for my projects.

👤I plan to use these "Diamonds" as part of our home responsibilities and rewards system. The children will get diamonds for each chore/responsibility stick in their jar, and will get a reward for a jar full of diamonds. I like the fact that each child will have his/her own color to avoid confusion and fights. I will be using the gold ones for bonus behavior rewards. I am sure that the kids will be motivated to try their best when they see the three colors in the candy jar. The size is close to average marbles. The picture should give you an idea of how many pieces came in the bag. There are some tiny defects on these crystals, it is possible that they were connected on the side when made. This isn't an issue for me, but it might be for some.

👤These are perfect for what we need. My daughter is getting married the first week in April and she will be using these and some signature rocks for table decorations. They were a great price and they were just the right size. They're shiny and nice.

👤The producto. Y antes de lo esperado. Thank you. Bien empacado. Sin embargo tiene piedras para la cantidad. There is a The otro punto es tenga, pero tienes pegarlos porue.

👤It was great to complete my stool, but remember that they are clear, so what is underneath will show through. They are a decent value for the amount of money you get, but slightly better than dollar tree gems.

👤These will be a nice interest point in my flower bed. On time, it arrived in perfect condition. Not a bruise or abump. Thank you!

8. CYS EXCEL Filler Marbles Approx 400

CYS EXCEL Filler Marbles Approx 400

The Clear Color has a 0.5 inch diameter. 80 Pieces/Bag is a pack of 5 lbs. Only the highest quality colored glass can ensure that color doesn't come off even after years of use. Artificial coloring is not used. Their gems are non-toxic. The primary purpose of the gems is for vase fillers, although many have used them for games and collectibles. These glass gemstones are a perfect fit for floral displays and serve the purpose of holding stems in place. The perfect match for Decor is having Glass and Light. These gems have their own characteristics when exposed to light. The beauty of the vase holding the gemstones is enhanced. They're great for mosaics and also great for crafts and home decor accents. The finish on these glass gems gives them a bit of sparkle. Their Gems are made at a time and are unique.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤Don't let their photos fool you. Green and amber are the same photo, they have been altered for color. The two colors are the same. The picture is a different color. There is a The photo of these is pretty. They would look great in a glass vase with the sun shining through. The photo makes them look green. I bought their red and blue. Both of them look at the photo. I will be back. I didn't get what I ordered.

👤I bought these marbles because they claimed to be small. They are not 1/6 inch. I wanted the slightly larger size for the home project application. It didn't work out for me because the product was not as described.

👤I got these to use as shower curtain weights because our curtain blew into our shower and onto us, and it's fiberglass or some type of plastic so magnets are useless. I opened the bottom seam and filled it with a tiny glass bead that was already in my possession. Bigger beads give me more weight to keep the curtain still and better drainage, and non-absorbent and non-rusting glass gives me less cleaning. I'm happy. I cut our curtain down a bit to fit the small shower, but 1 - 1.5 bags of these should suffice for a full-width curtain.

👤The marbles are advertised as clear. They are not clear and have a green tint. I need clear marbles and returned them. This is not clear glass marbles.

👤I wouldn't use the marbles for racing because they aren't perfect, but they are sold as. I bought six ponds and only one marble looked funky. I think that is great. I was concerned about the real product looking faded by comparison to the photo, but I was surprised at how nice they look. I used a basket pencil holder and a puck light to make a lighted container for my air plant, and these marbles look great in it.

👤They removed the color listing after buying a set of Black Marbles. I didn't count for accuracy because they came intact. I can't tell if one marble was broken or not. They were poorly packaged. It might have been a case of gentle shipping that prevented more breaks. Hopefully they will change the way they are packaged in the future and add some kind of cushion between the marbles.

👤The quality of these is terrible. The size is not consistent. Many of them are damaged. The translucency is low. These are not for games.

👤The package had a strong smell of cloves. I had to get the packaging out of the house and wash the marbles. I've washed with hot water and detergent several times and I hope the smell doesn't come back. The marbles are wet. I had to wash my hands several times, change my shirt multiple times, and air out my kitchen. The marbles look nice if the smell goes away. I can't get the odor completely removed because I keep washing my hands. This has been very unpleasant. I will not give the marbles to my elderly neighbor until they are completely sanitized.

9. TSY TOOL Pebbles Marbles Crafting

TSY TOOL Pebbles Marbles Crafting

The stones glow best after at least 2 hours in sun or bright indoor light. The bright glow lasts 1.5 hours and fades over time. For up to 12 hours, the stones glow slightly. 3 Lb is approximately 300 count of beautiful mixed colors. The diameter is approximately 18mm. It's ideal for floating candle displays. It's perfect for fish tanks and plant pots.

Brand: Tsy Tool

👤The color was good, but the total was less than 100 stones. I'm sure it would be less than 3 pounds if I had a scale. I was disappointed. I bought the same type of stones and the same amount of stones from the dollar store for the same price.

👤They're sending 3 lbs of marbles, but they're not cheap. The cost of purchasing at the dollar stores is three times the cost of buying 3 lbs. The cost to ship them back is prohibitive, even though they approved my return. It's really hard. It's so frustrating.

👤I saw some shaped glass pieces that I thought would make a good addition to my light, but I was disappointed that there was no color variety. These add variety but not much color, mostly pale greens and blues, and the shapes aren't consistent. Most are oblong. They are both flat on one side and rounded on the other. They remind me of children's catseye marbles that have melted. I'm not sure how much of a good price this is, but I'm only judging based on how expensive regular catseye marbles are.

👤It was worth $1.00. 3 small bags of glass could come from any dollar store. It's not like a photo. Bummer!

👤I got an inch or so of stones for 18 dollars. I thought there were 300. There is a The stones are nice, but not special. I would recommend buying elsewhere.

👤There is a nice mix of colors. The price is very reasonable as it comes in three bags. I used all three in the vase. It was packaged well and only a few pieces were broken. I put the broken pieces at the bottom so they wouldn't be seen. I recommend this product.

👤I bought the glass stones separately from another vendor and they are perfect for the Lucky Bamboo containers. The vendor's photos showed pots with stones, but when I received the pots, I found out that no stones came with the bamboo. I have gorgeous glass stones.

👤I would get 3 pounds. I got one bag. Not happy with the colors. The bag I received had mostly black stones. Not happy at all.

10. Confetti Crystals Rhinestones Centerpiece Decorations

Confetti Crystals Rhinestones Centerpiece Decorations

The package contains 10000 pack gold acrylic diamonds, each pack is about 3mm/ 0.12 inch, 6mm/ 0.24 inch and 10mm/ 0.4 inch. The gold diamonds are made of good quality acrylic material and are great for adding some sparkle to an event or table. You can make a fun and festive party atmosphere by sprinkling the crystal diamonds on the places you want. Good for home decorations, fill a vase or place around to add some sparkle to your home, these gold acrylic diamonds are good for wedding tables, party tables, arts and crafts, etc. Good for wedding: suitable for wedding tables, party tables, decorations, arts and crafts, etc.

Brand: Bememo

👤These are the perfect size for my aquarium. I had to rinse them many times before I added my marimo moss ball because there was a lot of debris and loose, iridescent particles in the water. The crystals are still pretty, even though they have been damaged. I measured a 10,000 piece bag in a measuring cup to see how much it yielded. There are two bags in the picture of my terrarium. When you add water, some will float a bit, but you can just tap them down with your finger and they will sink back to the bottom.

👤There is no way that there are 10k pieces in this bag. More like 1000. Either buy more than you think or go to a dollar store.

👤It's perfect for my makeup brushes. Only one bag could do the job. They sparkle in the sun on my Vanity. I'll be buying more makeup brush holders. The first picture shows how I used the crystals. The second picture shows that they are strong enough to hold brushes up without having to rest them on the edge of the brush holder. I ignored the people complaining about size being clear since the information is clearly stated in multiple places with the size of these included in the pictures.

👤At my baby shower, I used these as table confetti. They are the shape of diamonds. I was able to cover all of the tables and still have some left over, even though the bag they came in didn't look like much. If you are sprinkling them out, one bag is enough, but if you are pouring them into something, you might need more than one bag.

👤The bag has a folded hand towel in it. It looks less than 10,000 because the crystals are tiny. The correct size is 4mmX4mmX3mm, if you translate it to cubic centimeters. It is a gorgeous shade of gold, but slightly shinier. Would recommend. If you're going to fill up a large bowl, you're going to have to shell out a lot of money.

👤I needed more weight to allow my makeup brushes to stand up in the storage that came with pink beads, but not enough to keep them from leaning or falling over. I found these because they are smaller and look cool. My bathroom is made of mirror and silver, with pinks, white and a mix of colors for decor. I'm glad I got this size and clear. The mailer was sealed in a bag to prevent waste or spillage. Super Jazzed thanks.

👤These gems are beautiful. I got about 8 cups from 6 bags. They are worth it.

👤The gold is nice and shiny, I purchased it. They are not as large as the product I ordered. The amount I received would not fit in a 12 FL Oz can. I would be happy if the diameter was what I ordered. I have to force these into my current project in order to meet my deadlines. This product was rated a 1 star for false advertising.

11. CYS EXCEL Scatters Birthday Decoration

CYS EXCEL Scatters Birthday Decoration

1 LB/Bag 180-190 PCS is the size of the orange color. Pack of 1 LB with 3 cups. They only use high-quality material for their ice crystals. When immersed in water, none will float and colors will not fade after a while. Perfect table scatter can be made from the beautiful acrylic crushed ice crystals. There is a wide selection of different colors. It's perfect for filling up a vase or spreading around candles. When light shines upon it, it's a great item to create a brilliant sparkle. It's perfect for people who like an aesthetic appeal to their decorations. At themed birthday parties, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, floral decor events, bridal decorations, and seasonal decor, they offer their Acrylic Crushed Ice Crystals.

Brand: Cys Excel

👤These are a good random chunk or "crystal" like shape and are very durable. I gave the product 2 stars because I bought the green ones based on the picture here, and they are not as represented in the picture as they should be. They are a pale mint color, barely green, and not as bright as the deep green. I was expecting something. I bought these to replace a set of green gems that were too yellow for my use. Due to the color difference, these are not usable for that purpose. Buyer beware...

👤These hold the arrangement in place, but marbles would have been better. You can't put them in a vase and push the flower stem through because they don't move. It took over two hours to arrange the flowers.

👤I needed to fill a large vase. That was a poor job because they were so small. It's funny. Otherwise, they are lovely... They are as they look. I only praise how they look. I wish there was more in the package.

👤They are pretty and true to color, but they float in water. I was not able to use them for my aquarium. They should be allowed to soak in the water to see if they sink. Will update my review if they do. The majority of them have sunk a few days later in the water, however they are blown across the bottom of the aquarium by any small movement. They are pretty. I hope to make them heavier, but they are better used for other projects.

👤I need them so I will have to spray paint them over again and then spray them with setting spray in hopes that they will work.

👤They were used as decoration along with silver balls. They look pretty, you get a lot in the bag. I will be buying more to make the candal pillars better.

👤I am excited to use these to tally up my points.

👤I like shiny, good quality and different shapes.

👤Tiene buen brillo. Me gustaron! Corresponden con 1 lbs mencionado, pero deberan de cambiar la descripcin.

👤Mi paquete estaba abierta una de las dos bolsas. No me porque en general las piedras, pero no me porque en las piezas.

👤Me gusto mucho su material.

👤Estn preciosas corresponde a 1 lbs. No, trae 172 piezas. No crear confusiones, Deberan modificarlo. I volvera a pedirlas!

👤J 888-353-1299


What is the best product for decorative rocks for vase yellow?

Decorative rocks for vase yellow products from Ningye. In this article about decorative rocks for vase yellow you can see why people choose the product. Super Z Outlet and Royal Imports are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rocks for vase yellow.

What are the best brands for decorative rocks for vase yellow?

Ningye, Super Z Outlet and Royal Imports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rocks for vase yellow. Find the detail in this article. Cys Excel, Cjgq and Cys Excel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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