Best Decorative Room Dividers 3 Panel

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1. Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition

Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition

Adding a trendy accessory to your living room or common space will make it look better. When using partition room dividers, please keep the angle between the panels. Natural style design. The garden of spring is what inspired the designs. The flowers in the pattern are expressed in an abstract manner through a symmetrical distribution of simple geometric patterns. It's also perfect for dividing rooms, decorating living room, bedroom, sitting-room, kitchen and more. It protects your privacy. The Kernorv room divider is made of non-toxic and worry-free material. It will take about 15 minutes to hang one by one to assemble and install through hooks and screws. The individual panel size is 11.4"L x 11.4"W. It's waterproof and easy to clean. Worry-free They believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support.

Brand: Kernorv

👤I wanted to add segways from the dining room to the sitting room in my open floor plan. After spraying it with metallic silver and hanging it from my ceiling, I have a vision for my sitting space. It did what I was hoping for. Loving it for now.

👤I bought this for the Florida sun-room to add some privacy for our Jacuzzi area, so I had to treat the metal parts with anti-rust treatment. It is light and durable. Looks great. I bought 2 sets to make it one and ran out of rings. It took me half a day to find similar ones in the store, as you don't know where to start or what to look for. After failing to find anything similar in other stores, I found the right rings in Office Depot. It was actually folder rings. The material did not take the paint well, so I painted a couple of panels with it. Try to find the right color without thinking about painting later.

👤What a beautiful idea. These are easy to hang. There is a The small screws on the ring need some patience to open and close. There is a It was worth the price.

👤The neighbors view is blocked by a 2-story window.

👤It's easy to install. It comes with hanging hardware. It creates just enough separation between spaces. I'm happy I found it.

👤I ordered some boxes. One came with hardware and the other didn't. I tried to work with it. The material is cheap and easy to install. It was ruining the finish. It fell apart because it couldn't hold its weight and cracked at so many places. Attached are pictures for impressions, cracks and chips. There is a This is very cheap. The worst product ever purchased on Amazon. It is made from white board. Not worth the price. I would not recommend it all. It wasted my money and time.

👤If Amazon doesn't like it, you can't review it. My review was not offensive. You decided not to post it because the problem was that someone in Amazon got the product back and didn't inspect it and mail it back, which makes them look bad. Customer service should apologize and fix the problem rather than stopping a costumer from telling the truth. I don't want to be asked to write reviews in the future.

👤You get what you pay for. If they wanted, a 2 year old could snap it in half. I would have liked it more. I tried to fit the rings in with one. It's pretty. It's not good for my original idea, but it will serve as a nice deterrent to keep my cat away from my plants. There is a If you plan on hanging it somewhere where no human will be able to bend it, it's probably worth it. If hung on a wall, it will work best.

2. Kieragrace Providence Photo 3 Panel Divider

Kieragrace Providence Photo 3 Panel Divider

Wood Grain is the finish type. The furniture is black. The wall is a free standing type of mounting. The wall is a free standing type of mounting.

Brand: Kiera Grace

👤I was very excited to get this. I took it out of the box and it fell apart in the middle section. The plastic and back glass pieces were falling apart. My husband is trying to fix it for me so I don't have to go through the hassle of sending it back and waiting for another. I wouldn't buy this again. Really disappointed. I can only say that it is pretty. Hopefully the glue will work and I can still enjoy this piece of junk. My husband's words. A lot of money for something to fall apart. We paid for this. This was my mother's day. We finally got it together after my husband rebuilt it by relocating the hinges and adding glue and wood staplers. We had trouble with Amazon, but they worked well to make up for it. We appreciated that. 5 stars for Amazon customer services.

👤I have space for this and I love it. The frames are plastic. No worries if it gets knocked over. Very happy.

👤The first one was damaged during shipment. Customer Service was great and they quickly issued a refund. There is a This one arrived quickly and it is damaged. I am trying to save it with wood glue. I don't want to have to wait for another. There is a My only gripe is... If it wasn't for the poor packaging, I would have given it 5 stars because it's beautiful and perfect for our home.

👤We noticed that the third panel was not fully attached when we took it out of the book. We had to look through the box, bubble wrap and carpet to find the screws. We are still short two screws. There is a The packaging was not thought out well.

👤I know this isn't over $300 now. This thing is worth less than $100 and that is pushing it. The wood is cheap. I was glad it came with plastic and not glass because the hinges broke when I opened it. If you want to get something cheap, you should pay a high price for the quality. Please don't buy this board. I am not going to have to send it back. I bet you do. I don't want to buy again.

👤I put 8x10's in the frames. I have always wanted a picture room divider. I ordered it with my spouse. Both of us love it! Our son put all the pictures in it.

👤The idea is great, but the execution is bad. I think they forgot the glue on the one panel and the screws on the other panel were a joke. I got the Amazon Customer Service together in time for my event.

👤I had to glue the cut on the top of the new one to keep it from falling apart, if I put it somewhere else it will never be touched. The product was bad. I tried to return it but was told I couldn't because someone would drop off a shipping label. I haven't seen that before. They are telling me that if I don't return it, they will charge me and I can't believe that Amazon carries this stuff.

3. BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

We have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. The size is 11 feet by 11 feet. All needed accessories are included in the package. The hanging room divider is made of wood-plastic material, no painting and no glue. It can be used as a hanging room divider, but also as a decorating tool. It's easy to start. Installation is done through hooks and screws. It can be washed. To hang the room divider, you need to install the hooks and follow the instructions.

Brand: Bmidrut

👤The ugly area under the stairs was hidden perfectly. The pieces took some time to put together, but I expected that from other reviews. We were able to fit one piece around the pipe. A quick dusting took care of the dusty pieces that came out of the box.

👤Donne un trs bel effet. It's easy to assemble; bonne qualité.

4. Oriental Furniture Desktop Double Screen

Oriental Furniture Desktop Double Screen

There are panels in honey, natural, black, walnut, and Rosewood. Premium kiln dried spruce, elegant japanese design, 2 way hinges, no rubberwood. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤I had a bunch of power cords and an outlet in this spot in my living room. It was almost 30 inches wide. I tried everything to cover it. There are statues rearranging furniture. You name it. I tried it, but there was always a tangle of cords sticking out somewhere that I just couldn't hide. I got a screen. I put a sculpture in front of it that looked modern, and now everyone thinks I'm the greatest designer and no one knows what's behind the screen.

👤I bought this to put around my cats' litter box, which is located in the powder room off of my living room. It was a relief. I had tried to make a couple of other blinds, but nothing looked as nice as this one. There is a This is a response to a question about cats. The photo is from the original review. The screen is in place after 3.5 years of service to their privacy and my sense of aesthetic. In picture 3 you can see the cats' actions on the screen, and in picture 4 you can see a small repair on the paper. The flashlight is placed to accentuate damage and the repair so it appears less noticeable when it's on the floor.

👤This is very neat. We got the white 4 panel one and my husband built a frame to fit over the room divider and hang on the wall. I will include pics from all angles to show the frame if anyone else wants to try it. I make amber necklaces and the bead boxes that hang on my wall are dark and make my work space look disorganized. I like a light minimalist look and now my wall looks that way, I love it. The hinges are bright gold and I don't like them. The middle hinge was removed to make it functional for opening and closing. It's light weight, beautiful, and functional. I'm thinking of buying more to cover the TV in our bedroom and living room.

👤These are perfect for a lot of uses. If you don't know what you're going to use them for, I would pick up a couple. You wouldn't believe how many uses these give me. I use them to block my cats from jumping on my counter and then when I cook I just move them. I use them on the window ledges whenever I need them. They are pretty and decorative.

👤I have a coat closet in our entry hallway that has a vaulted ceiling, so the top of the closet needs something. I retired the silk japanese maple tree that I had there for a long time and wanted to switch to something that wouldn't have as much of a dust collector. I bought a small screen to use as a backdrop for a lantern and dry river stones. It adds to the odd space and will be easier to clean. This is easy to position because the hinges swing both ways. It is as strong as a shoji screen. I would recommend this for decoration because of the way it looks.

5. TJ Global 6 Panel Traditional Decoration

TJ Global 6 Panel Traditional Decoration

Beautiful and stable. The painting is called "The Spring Herald" and depicts a cherry blossom tree. China has a long tradition of lacquer work. The product is made from wood covered with lacquer and antique hinges and depicts famous Chinese works of art on both sides. This is a beautiful piece of Chinese tradition. The small size. The perfect size for displaying on your desk, shelves, or anywhere else you would like to display them is the miniature lacquer room dividers. They can fit any space you want. Brings a piece of Chinese culture into your home without taking up a lot of space. Their mini art panels feature different artwork on both sides that are related, giving you two pieces of traditional art in one. One side has a painting and the other has a smaller painting with information and a story about the subject. A great gift. This is a great gift for a Chinese or oriental culture enthusiast in your life. The product is packed in a gift box with a certificate and cleaning cloth. Each panel has a total of 6 panels and the dimensions are L18.5" x W.25" x H9.5" Each panel has a total of 6 panels and the dimensions are L18.5" x W.25" x H9.5"

Brand: Tj Global

👤It was something different and I thought it was one thing.

👤It was toys for children. It was a joke that the divider size was 12” x 6”

👤I don't know what kind of wall this toy would be on. Surely not a small house wall, and a regular size house. Very disappointed. Unless it is for a doll house, it should not be described as a wall divider. The toy section is where you should put it.

👤The miniature screen won't appeal to the average person. Its uses are very limited. It's a thing of beauty. There is a If someone likes to display ornaments on every flat surface in the house, he will misuse this item. Too much is not right. The little Oriental gem is displayed well and will please the eye.

👤This is only a wish, it would be a little bigger.

👤People didn't read the description to make the reviews less than 5 star. This isn't a room divider, it's a desk or table top. It is lovely, came nicely packaged, and is helping to keep my dog from climbing onto the desk where I feed my special wet food diet to my cat. Our home decor is driven by the animals. In this case, the needs of the animals resulted in a pretty addition.

👤It's hard to believe that this price is so good.

6. Tall Extra Wide Diamond Dividers Freestanding Dividers Dark

Tall Extra Wide Diamond Dividers Freestanding Dividers Dark

Extra large, 6 ft. tall by 19.5" wide each panel gives you more privacy. Woven frame folding panels with dual two-way hinges are easy to fold in either direction. The product and hand made by professional carpenters are called professional hand made. A beautiful bent wood arched top is the elegant design. A room divider is a great way to divide rooms for privacy or to add more decorating options. A room divider is a great way to divide rooms for privacy or to add more decorating options.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤Two of these were used to separate the master bedroom from the rest. When we saw dust around the joints, we assumed it was shaken loose from moving them. We noticed more sawdust. We moved the screens slightly so it could have been shaken loose. There is a After returning from vacation, there were large piles of sawdust all around the screen, and more noticeable damage to the screen itself. We're worried that these may have spread to our house after arriving with the pests. I was happy with the screen, but I wanted to look for tetanus. I'm not going to buy from the same inventory as I'll be replacing these with something similar. I bought two of these on June 6th, 2021. It may be safer to purchase these after 6 months since the inventory will have changed.

👤Great product. The patio in our apartment doesn't offer any privacy, but this screen has worked very well. I placed a plant pot next to it because it is light and might blow over. It is a good value. I would recommend it.

👤The large dark brown version of the screen has been used to divide our living room and dining room. The divider hides the work-in-progress messes that would otherwise be unattractive when seen from the living room or entryway. There is a It's light enough to move easily, but does not tip over, as long as you place it in a configuration that is stable. Placing a small table in front of it could help in higher traffic areas. It's still in great shape after 3 years and we've used it as a backdrop for birthday and graduation decor as well as hiding the makeshift COVID-remote-working-office for many months. I'm going to buy another one for the lower level rec room because we're so happy with it. Highly recommended.

👤The quality was great for the price. It's not heavy duty, but it's sturdy enough and looks beautiful, if it isn't knocked over or moved around a lot. The color is true and folds flat when needed. 3 months ago, I bought it. There is a I have owned this room divider for 2 years. It's held up well and is not showing any signs of wear. It doesn't knock over easily but we still have a side table and a wooden toy chest on either side to make sure it stays in place. The star rating was raised from 4 to 5 stars. It was worth the money I paid. If we need it more, this will probably last many more years.

👤It's purpose is to serve as a privacy screen for online classes and meetings. Light weight and sturdy. They hit the mark with this product. Exactly what I needed. My first purchase was this one. I have a shorter one for the bedroom. This one is for the office space in the laundry room. The screen provides a professional background while on camera and blocks the view of things behind me in my "work from home" environment. Highly recommended for practical purposes. There is a This is my second purchase and I would buy again. They are light and mobile. Multiple people in my home have online work/school activities that are performed simultaneously, so I have two. Everyone has their own screen to use for on camera activities.

7. Sorbus Divider Partition Foldable Dividers

Sorbus Divider Partition Foldable Dividers

The room partition screen divides the room into two parts, one for privacy and the other for decorative purposes. Privacy from neighbors on a patio is one of the benefits of the creation's privacy. Partition furniture, decor screen panels, patient divider for clinics, ideal sunscreen, and more areTILE USE. Two-way hinges allow for folding in either direction, and the panels are lightweight and easy to move. A stylish woven pattern is made of poplar wood frame with PP woven straps and double-hinged for flexibility and folding. The overall unit is approximately 10 ft L x 6 ft H. A stylish woven pattern is made of poplar wood frame with PP woven straps and double-hinged for flexibility and folding. The overall unit is approximately 10 ft L x 6 ft H.

Brand: Sorbus

👤It's a bit short of 6ft tall. The material is nice and light, but I returned it because it was false advertising.

👤The dividers are great. I bought them for privacy. They were very attractive looking and served our purpose.

👤The item is fine. It is too lightweight and not very stable. I bought the 10-panel version as I have 2 kids doing distance learning. It was very easy to move and it started to come apart after 25 days. Each panel is made of nylon. The fabric is ok, but it's more "see-through" than photographs show. It wasn't a problem for us. The weave began to unraveling after the top of the framework came detached from the frame. It was a great idea, but the item is made of weak materials. The framework is made of styrofoam, not metal or wood. It was too flimsy. I think it can work for a lot of other applications, but it's not strong enough for me.

👤We fell in love with the room divider we received this afternoon. There is no assembly required. The divider is large enough to cover 3 sides of my husband's desk. The material of this divider is very strong. It looks like it will last a long time.

👤It's light weight and easy to shape, but the quality could be better. There is a part of the frame that is warm. A piece of the frame came off as I tried to move a section from the top. The weaving came apart because it wasn't secured by anything. There needs to be improvement. If you live in a dry climate, I wouldn't recommend using this product outside. Handle with care if you use inside like me. I'm making it work so I don't have to take it to the store.

👤The color grey matches our couch. It's great to divide a small apartment. Does the job not involve holes in the wall? Inexpensive and modern, I love it. Highly recommended!

👤This is a good divider. I don't see any problems with it. I bought this to block the light from the lamps on my desk in the bedroom so my wife wouldn't see it. It works well, but there are some gaps between the barriers. You can push them together. I can't get them to stay. I haven't messed with it much to figure it out. I'm pretty happy with this purchase, but I wish it was a foot or two taller. It's fine the way it is. I could only think of one way to improve it. If you need a room divider or a big room shade, then this is the one for you. It's too bad.

👤The 8-panel unit I received was very nice. The quality is better than expected after reading some negative reviews. I can't believe how easy it is to move from room to room. There is a The only challenge I'm having is the dark grey that comes across as almost black on the camera. It seems dark even with daylight bulbs. I will have to think of a way to change the lighting. It was a stark change from the light background they are used to seeing. I will look for ways to lighten it up.

8. Coaster Home Furnishings 3 Panel Translucent

Coaster Home Furnishings 3 Panel Translucent

One screen is included in the set. Pine, MDF and PP board are used. The finish color is black and white. Assembly is required. Yes. Assembly is required. Yes.

Brand: Coaster Home Furnishings

👤I wanted to have some privacy in my cubicle. The corrugated plastic panels aren't visible, but I love how it looks. Since I received it, I have been getting many positive comments at work. It's sturdy and good quality. The gaps between panels were not evenly distributed, so I chose 4 stars. I would buy again.

👤It's okay. It's not very sturdy and if you are a perfectionist you may want to invest more money. It arrived in good shape and is an addition to the room. I needed it for more practical reasons and have to move it around a lot, so the sturdyness is an issue for me, but probably won't be for most.

👤I had to return two of them. lousy craftsmanship. The wood on one of the panels was warped and both of them had rough edges that could cut into your hand or leave a splinter. If only they had been constructed by someone that took pride in their work, the look would have been exactly what we wanted.

👤Cheaply made. My husband had to glue it all together because it was already coming apart.

👤I wanted something sturdy that would allow light to pass through. The product is sturdy, but the plastic is too thick and opaque to be seen. I returned it for that reason.

👤Had to return or follow the process to get a replacement. I would've kept it if I had the chance. It was slightly overpriced, but cheap enough that you get what you pay for.

👤I didn't go with my furniture. They were packaged well and of good quality.

👤I love this item. This is better than expected.

9. ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

plum blossoms in the snow are depicted in Chinese art. Premium quality canvas has a high definition print on it. There is a print on the front and back of the panels. The panels can be folded in either direction. The panels can be folded in either direction.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤My office is very sunny. I wanted the room to be bright but with a dimmer. The piece is perfect. It is pretty and makes me happy. It was a good purchase. The price is reasonable. It arrived in good condition.

👤I put this in the corner of the room to keep my puppy safe. My dog goes behind the divider to do her business.

👤It was overpriced and not very stable. The picture is larger than most of the screens. It does so on it's own because it's not level. I would find something cheaper if you had money to blow.

👤It was easy to set up and it was beautiful. Light comes through nicely when used in pace of shutters. I love it!

👤I use the screen to section off the area for my cats' litter pans. This screen is easy to clean.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but this product was exactly what we needed. The size was perfect for the windows we needed it for. The picture is nicely done. Putting them together works well. We need to place them on a ledge and make it easy to set them up. We have placed two orders with the company. We know where to buy more in the future.

👤It was a perfect way to close off the counter bar area. Privacy but can be used in counter space. Light weight moves are easy.

👤Every penny spent on this painting is worth it. My home is complete with it. I like it. It's easy to hang. I like it.

10. Kernorv Hanging Divider Decorative Restaurant

Kernorv Hanging Divider Decorative Restaurant

The Kernorv hanging room divider are made of safe and eco-friendly material. The dimensions are 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 0.03"H. Black is always so classic and elegant. It will make your room look better. Also protect your privacy. 12 decorative panel screens can be combined. You can make it according to your preference. It was very easy and creative. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It is easy to install through hooks and screws. If you don't want to drill the ceiling after assembling the screens, hang them on sticky wall hooks. It can be washed. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support.

Brand: Kernorv

👤I ordered the entire wall after purchasing one set to make sure I liked them. I knew it would work after I received them. The images speak for them. I wanted a room divider that would look nice. I think I did a good job with this product.

👤This piece is artistic and functional. This is the best part of the house. Please purchase it. You will not regret it. You will leave an amazing review after you see how pretty and functional this is, I bought this as a curtain so that I could cover my ugly storage room. It is so easy to make it, you just have to attach it with a safety pin. Someone will ask where you got this from if they walk into your home. Love it.

👤The dividers are perfect. I need to separate my living room from the dining area in my small apartment. I created a wall. I am satisfied with them, but they are very thin and bend, but they are still pretty. The wood dividers are very luxurious, but they would have cost $350.00 for a whole wall. It was pricey for me. If you don't care about high quality, then these are fine. $60 is better than $350.

👤I was not surprised by the quality of the panels. The design is pretty, but they do the job well. These are a good option if you're looking for a cheap way to divide a room. They are very thin, and it is difficult to hang them evenly. Some of the little holes were punched out of the design, but that doesn't bother me. They did not come with instructions, but hooking the panels together is pretty self explanatory. I used the back of my couch to divide my living room into two parts, one for a TV area and one for an exercise area. I now have 6 more panels left to decorate other projects around the house.

👤This product is great to add drama to a space. You may have to remove small pieces from the design. It is easy to work with.

👤Pros: large size, beautiful design, and great to cover a wall, cons: flimsy plastic sheet, and better suited for a wall.

👤I wanted to separate a large formal living space from a smaller sitting space and an office. I didn't like the idea of a traditional floor divider and found these during my search. I wanted to try out the print. There is plenty of lift in the set up. I made a high room divider. The tiles are the same size and the holes are the same. If you don't hang the ceiling hooks well, it will not hang right. My 8' ceilings were too short to do 6 panels. I cut my bottom row in half to make a scalloped edge. It was important to get it right because it is our front room. I only stuck myself a few times after reading reviews on bloody fingers. You will need extra safety pins if you order them. The lack of safety pins is my only complaint. The kit appears to be designed for a much smaller configuration after I bought 3 sets. I'm happy with the end result of this covid, work from home necessity.

11. Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

There are panels in honey, natural, black, walnut, Rosewood or white. Premium kiln dried spruce, classic japanese design, 2 way hinges. The lattice on the front is tough and durable. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤The screens were a perfect camouflage for the trough that houses our bunnies. I initially bought a 4-panel screen to protect the front but decided it would look better with two wrapped around the front and sides. I ordered a second and it arrived quickly. You can't tell the bunny bin is behind the living room when you walk in. My wine colored sectional, plum blossom accent ottoman and pillows, and the Japanese style and rose wood go well together. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I use this to keep my kitchen out of sight as I work from home. It's the right size because it sits on a counter and blocks the view. Love it.

👤It's perfect for a small dog fence. You can take it with you if it looks good.

👤It's perfect for keeping a litterbox out of sight.

👤These are high quality and would be good for everyone.


What is the best product for decorative room dividers 3 panel?

Decorative room dividers 3 panel products from Kernorv. In this article about decorative room dividers 3 panel you can see why people choose the product. Kiera Grace and Bmidrut are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative room dividers 3 panel.

What are the best brands for decorative room dividers 3 panel?

Kernorv, Kiera Grace and Bmidrut are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative room dividers 3 panel. Find the detail in this article. Oriental Furniture, Tj Global and Rose Home Fashion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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