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1. Occasion Organizer Friendship Anniversary Envelopes

Occasion Organizer Friendship Anniversary Envelopes

The material is the same back as front. It is easy to install and maintain. When needed, use warm iron and non-chlorine bleach. It was tumble dry. A unique all occasion Blank greeting cards set with 100 different eye catching designs and thick envelopes in a fancy greeting card organizers box with dividers. Share the joy of Greetings with your family, friends, and loved ones with a card on inside. This box of greeting cards is good for all occasions and can be used for Holiday gifts, gifts for mom, gifts for mother in law, gifts for grandma, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts. Many greeting cards are crafted with gold foil themes. Each card is made with high-quality paper card stock. Some cards are made with gold sprinkles. Each card was folded evenly. The envelope flap uses high quality glue that is easy to close. There is a beautiful greeting card storage box. The cards look better in person than they do on the picture. 100 BLANK occasion cards 4x6 inches with 100 Kraft envelopes are included in the package. There are 100 cards, including 12 Christmas cards, 2 true friendship cards, 10 anniversary cards, 4 miss you cards, 14 happy birthday cards, 2 BFF cards, 2 wedding cards, and 4 baby shower cards. The value pack bundle has 100 all occasion blank cards set with 100 thick shir envelopes and a sturdy greeting card organizers box. This box of cards is unique and special because of the small details like crown made with Gold Sprinkles that make it unique. The dimensions of the card. Each card is 4 x 6 inches and the thick envelope is 4.2 x 6.2 inches. Blank is on inside. There is plenty of room to write. If for any reason you don't like your purchase on their box of all occasion cards 100 pack, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days.

Brand: Bargain Paradise

👤This is a good value for the money and will be handy to have on hand. The cards are mostly basic - a few foil and glitter varieties - but all are smaller than a standard greeting card and larger cards won't fit into the box when I refill. There were some sympathy cards that I like to have on hand, but there were less of them than expected. There were more of them than I expected. There is a Here is the breakdown of what is included in my box: 17 birthday, graduation, wedding, thank you, baby shower, blanks, and thinking of you. There were 100 cards. The box seems to be good quality and will hold up. There are a lot of cards included and they seem nice. I would compare the cards to the cards from Target. One of the types of cards I use a lot is birthday cards. A good variety of personalized cards, like happy birthday mom and dad, will be useful. The foil and glitter cards seem to be good quality. I think the cards will be nice for my kids when they go to birthday parties or send to relatives. The cost per card is low. The envelopes are brown, which I think gives them a higher perceived value. There is a There are a few downfalls that I think could make this even better. It is too much for this box to be useful at first. There is no way to fit the cards I wanted to include. I had to pull out a lot of cards to get into it. Half of the box was filled with envelopes, which was smaller than a shoe box. It could be a little bigger. If you want to buy more and replenish, the box won't fit larger greeting cards. The divider labels are missing some that would be useful, for example baby, new home, wedding and sympathy. I made my own labels from some of them. I think these are labels that should have been included instead of my favorites, inspiration, and any occasion. There were 12 foil Christmas cards. This is probably a personal preference. Every year I make photo cards for friends and family. It seemed like a lot of cards for me. I needed more space in the box so I took them out completely. The Christmas cards are nice but a little over the top. It is light on a few types of cards, but would have liked more sympathy, wedding cards, and get well soon cards. I don't know why I have strong opinions on this. I do. I got it for $30 and I think it is a great deal. It could be close to perfect with a few changes.

👤The package arrived in time for the holidays. Every occasion it has a huge array of high quality cards. The box that comes with it looks great on display and has organizers. There is a A bargain for the price and quality.

2. ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

plum blossoms in the snow are depicted in Chinese art. Premium quality canvas has a high definition print on it. There is a print on the front and back of the panels. The panels can be folded in either direction. The panels can be folded in either direction.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤My office is very sunny. I wanted the room to be bright but with a dimmer. The piece is perfect. It is pretty and makes me happy. It was a good purchase. The price is reasonable. It arrived in good condition.

👤I put this in the corner of the room to keep my puppy safe. My dog goes behind the divider to do her business.

👤It was overpriced and not very stable. The picture is larger than most of the screens. It does so on it's own because it's not level. I would find something cheaper if you had money to blow.

👤It was easy to set up and it was beautiful. Light comes through nicely when used in pace of shutters. I love it!

👤I use the screen to section off the area for my cats' litter pans. This screen is easy to clean.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but this product was exactly what we needed. The size was perfect for the windows we needed it for. The picture is nicely done. Putting them together works well. We need to place them on a ledge and make it easy to set them up. We have placed two orders with the company. We know where to buy more in the future.

👤It was a perfect way to close off the counter bar area. Privacy but can be used in counter space. Light weight moves are easy.

👤Every penny spent on this painting is worth it. My home is complete with it. I like it. It's easy to hang. I like it.

3. Duosuny Curtain Divider Restaurant Silvery Gray

Duosuny Curtain Divider Restaurant Silvery Gray

Do not iron, low temperature, or machine wash cold separately. The curtain is made of 100% polyester and has glistering silver ribbon. The curtain will help form a relaxed atmosphere. The slot top on the curtain can fit all kinds of poles or rods. It can be used as a background. It's easy to hang. The product has a certain degree of flexibility, so please allow a small difference.

Brand: Duosuny

👤I ordered these for my business. I use them in my apartment. I ordered the red to go with my color scheme. If you plan to use them as a view blocker, you should order more packs of thickness. I have 10 black panels and 4 red panels. I want more blockage so I am about to order more panels. If the support that you have the panels hanging from is strong, they will pose as a choking/strangulation hazard to a child or pet. I went through the panels as an adult. I spun around and tried to go forward, but the strings wrapped around my neck jerked me back as I tried to go forward. The situation could become deadly if a child or pet panics. I don't have small children in my home. My panels are not to be played with and I have rambunctious Grands that quickly learned that. The panels are beautiful and add an exceptional look to any doorway you choose to use them in. The lengths may vary from panel to panel. Njoi!

👤The material is cute and nice. Some crystals were added to it.

👤These are wonderful! I ordered two of the coffee colored ones and I love them. These are not cheap. The house I live in was built in 1922. There is a door to every room in the small rooms. I used to have a door in my bathroom, but now I use these for privacy. I didn't cut them because they were too long. yet. I need more privacy but I did not do anything with the 2 I have. I can't say enough about how great these are. If you sense that they are tangled, use your fingers. Group them together and shake their hands. They are easy to work with.

👤I bought this because I was unable to close the door after putting a large table in my closet. The room feels moreelectiic because of this partially blocking the open closet door. I am satisfied with my purchase and like the look. The doorway I used was narrow but there was still plenty of give left if it was wider. I hung the curtain up with some heavy duty yarn and push-pins. This is a temporary measure until I move the desk. My nephew likes to go through the curtain as his hideout. Multipurpose use!

👤The top has a wide opening for most rods. I bought another set because they are very thin and only have one pair. It is more decorative than anything. Four panels are on the picture.

👤These are cool. I ordered 2 packs for a 32" opening. It worked perfectly because the thin panels hung from the pack gave me more privacy in my doorless master bath.

👤I need to keep a room open during the summer to allow air in, but I also want to keep the room private. The curtains will work. The colors and length look better in person. I don't mind the fact that the bottom is a bit odd as the description pointed out. I sew and make things so I know how it is possible. We can choose to keep the curtains as they are or to change them with a short or long trim. There is a They have a foul odor when they are opened. It smells like machine oil or something similar. It is possible that oil or grease is used to package the product so that it doesn't tangle the strands. I only had to wash my hands once. I will wait to see how long it takes for the smell to go away. There is a I might buy more sets to make sure I have the screening I want between rooms. There is a I would wash the windows in a lingerie bag before installing them and have a window open while I did that. I like the idea of things being made in the USA. These are made in China.

4. CaliTime Decoration Picture Painting Blossom

CaliTime Decoration Picture Painting Blossom

There is a brand new 1 PC Square cover/Shell with no insert or filling. Poly Durable Faux Linen with Colored Printing, Grade A, Thick & Soft, Natural/Ecru Color Reverse. Vintage pattern and comfortable touch bring a gorgeous look to your home. There is a finished item. It is a nice Christmas gift to your family and friends. Do not iron, low temperature, or machine wash cold separately.

Brand: Calitime

👤These pillow covers are beautiful. The quality is excellent and they add personality to the space. It's a quality woven material that has a rough texture but is soft to touch. The covers have a hidden zip, which I really like because it's a safety feature as well as a design one. The bird designs and material seem to work well together, offering a "natural" vibe that I think can work with a lot of different interior styles. I think you will be pleased with the product if you like what you see in the photos. Hope this will be helpful. All the best!

👤The pillow covers of the Euphoria are stylish. The covers are clean. I turn mine inside. There is no fading of the bright colors. I've used a lot of covers and the ones with the high quality zips seem to be the best. I used a stuffer in these covers, but they are so well made you could use a 22 inch stuffer pillow to make it extra full. I have different styles of Euphoria covers. Changing out decorative pillows is an easy way to change up your décor. The covers are durable and should last a long time. I used these stuffers in the 20s, but I would recommend the 22.

👤This pillow cover is very affordable. It's not like pillows that cost more. The block print is not shiny or cheap and is made from an offwhite canvas. It seems like it might be a little delicate. I don't expect to need to open it very often because it zips up fine after I stuffed the insert in. The shape and size of the couch is good. I would love to see more pillows like this one.

👤Love is love! I was looking for pillows that were grey, teal and yellow and I spent a lot of time searching. I looked at a lot of websites but could not find anything. As soon as I saw these pillow covers, I was obsessed. The quality of the fabric is better than most pillows sold by name brands, and the package was delivered quickly. The entire pillow cover is filled with the pillow I bought. I found other pillows that matched and I feel like everything is going well. I am buying more of these pillow covers. The pattern is one-sided, but that is not an issue for me. The zip ups were very easy to use. If you're debating on purchasing a pillow cover, do it. Very happy with these!

👤The pillow cover is of the highest quality and is better looking than the picture shows. It was very well made. I ordered a solid white 18x18 pillow for this case, but I couldn't wait to get this on my bed, so I covered a solid plum-colored pillow which was already part of my comforter set. I really like Amazon's recommendations. I found this cover after buying the wall art Fall Decorations landscape art triptych "Meadows Trees" in purple and gray. The pillow is a representation of the Wall Art. There is a Definitely recommend it!

5. BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

We have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. The size is 11 feet by 11 feet. All needed accessories are included in the package. The hanging room divider is made of wood-plastic material, no painting and no glue. It can be used as a hanging room divider, but also as a decorating tool. It's easy to start. Installation is done through hooks and screws. It can be washed. To hang the room divider, you need to install the hooks and follow the instructions.

Brand: Bmidrut

👤The ugly area under the stairs was hidden perfectly. The pieces took some time to put together, but I expected that from other reviews. We were able to fit one piece around the pipe. A quick dusting took care of the dusty pieces that came out of the box.

👤Donne un trs bel effet. It's easy to assemble; bonne qualité.

6. NICETOWN Doorways Vertical Reduction Curtains

NICETOWN Doorways Vertical Reduction Curtains

Each package has 1 panel. The patio door curtain is 70" wide and108" long. The curtains are easy to install and slide because of the unique design of silver grommet. 100% blackout: There are real curtains on the market. The drapes are thick enough to keep out the sun and UV rays. The best benefit is to have a dark environment that will bring you a good night's sleep. NoISE REDUCING: A good sense of drape can be achieved by making the window completely closed. The effect of absorbing sound is 2 times higher than the ordinary 1-layer of curtains so that you don't get disturbed by noise. The unique design of the drapes is that they are all triple weave blackout fabric, balancing room temperature and protecting privacy. The curtains are wide enough to cover the sliding door. It's perfect for sliding door, patio door, and any large window. Easy care. Good quality finishing will last a long time. It is machine washable. The water temperature should be below 86F. There was no detergent that bleached. ironing at low temperature. Sharp things shouldn't be used to scratch curtains.

Brand: Nicetown

👤I'm very impressed with this curtain. I don't like curtains, but we needed something to block the light on our patio door in our bedroom. Things that impress me are the ones that block the light. If we hung it higher, it would have blocked the light at the top, but I wanted a little "puddle" on the floor. It hangs nicely. There are 3 more It's not made of plastic. It flows and is soft. There are four I don't have to deal with cracks because the 100" panel covers my entire patio door. It blocks sound as well. We live near train tracks, so this is important to us, and I didn't realize it was a benefit when we purchased! I can pull it back with a tie and enjoy the view. I would like to order another one for our guest bedroom. I do not like curtains.

👤These curtains exceeded my expectations. They are beautiful and work. The material is very heavy and blacks out all the light outside from the sun to the street lights at night. The curtain rod going through the circular holes at the top will allow you to see a little light, but it's not a big deal to most people. I draped matching material over the top of the holes to cover them, because I like total darkness. My old friend was total darkness. I can't see my hand in front of my face at night. I need it to be very dark. I think that's correct. I cover up the little lights that emit light. I like these. I didn't get my son any sets for his birthday last year, but he loved them and I don't know why. I have now. We are getting ready to move soon so I will wait until we get to the new house, but I will be buying more in the future. I have not been paid to say this, but I would be more than happy to accept a free set if you want to send me one.

👤I was hesitant in buying 4 of these to cover 2 patio doors because of the reviews about color mismatch and length variation. I can only tell you what I got. 4 panels are perfectly color matched. I'm happy. 1990 was the last year of vertical blinds. Quality feel, fast shipping. No one is paying me to say this. I don't write reviews a lot, but I am happy with this purchase. It's perfect for my space. For the techies. If you are over size height and width, there is no light coming through. If you buy to match your window frame, you will get perimeter light. I decided not to buy over length because I don't like puddles on patio doors. I am very happy. I needed something thick enough to not fade in my living room and I didn't care about the issue of blackout. The backer is good for that. Pictures are attached. The day they were hung. The material is soft and I don't want to use a steamer or iron on them yet. Maybe a week from now. Love, love, love them.

7. DECORARTS Starry Vincent Reproduction Giclee

DECORARTS Starry Vincent Reproduction Giclee

At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support. Van Gogh was interested in the challenge of painting at night. He was able to see the reflections of the gas lighting in Arles across the blue water of the Rh?ne from the vantage point he chose. Two lovers walk by the river. Real handcrafted canvas prints are produced and hand-stretched in California. The colors are UV- resistant. A real wood frame. The canvas used to print the final piece must be of archival quality. The cotton base is acid free. Pieces printed in museum-quality colors for up to 100 years. Standard Depth: 11/16" and the real wood frame is 30X 24" Corrugated or Air column Corner Wrap Protection is used to protect the panels. Professional picture hanging tools are included.

Brand: Decorarts

👤The colors are a little more intense than the original painting, but not objectionably so. I didn't deduct stars for this fact because I didn't think it was worth it. The intense color is the only thing that I dislike about this painting. It's not a reproduction attempt by a contemporary artist. It looks like a very accurate print of the original painting. It's not 3D. No attempt was made to create the appearance of brush marks or ridges associated with an original oil painting. It's not a flat print. There is a I took the time to look up information on the process of giclee printing, which is a fascinating process, and it's an advantage to write this review. I'm confused by the reviews of this product. The reviews are not indicative of my experience. I'm wondering if they just got a lemon that they should return for replacement or if they got their review attached to the wrong product. There is a I can say that my experience was better than the one I had before. It's not as moving as looking at the original, but I think that nothing short of the original could evoke the same experience.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the art print. I am writing a review on the same day that I received the item, and I was so excited that I thought I should do it. This item is rated 5 stars by me. There is a The four corners of the print were wrapped in cardboard and placed in a plastic bag and a large cardboard box. There was a red bag inside the box which contained a pair of gloves and a screw to hang the print from, and a mini-sized level, which was impressive! This company cares about its customer and does everything it can to make hanging the canvas easy. There is a The canvas is clear and beautiful, and the colors are vibrant.

👤Normally I don't review pictures but I have to say that this particular replica was not bad. I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this up. There is a You can see the brushstrokes in the colors in this picture. If I could buy the real thing, I would, but I don't have millions of dollars to spare, so this was a good substitute. If you like Van Gogh's paintings, I think you'll be happy with the quality of this painting.

👤I am certain that this painting is responsible for my love of actual sunflowers. Even though I have a couple other Van Gogh's adorning my walls, I have never owned a reproduction of it. There is a The colors on this canvas reproduction look like they are from the original, which was my greatest concern when I was considering the purchase. A pair of cotton gloves are included in order to not mar the painting while handling it. I will purchase from Décor Arts in the future.

8. YIZUNNU Environmental Decorating Restaurant Decoration

YIZUNNU Environmental Decorating Restaurant Decoration

Hanging room divider are made of eco-friendly material, no glue, no toxic and worry-free. The dimensions are 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 0.03"H. Simple Elegance is a carving pattern. It will make your room look better. Also protect your privacy. You can make it according to your preference. It was very easy and creative. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room.

Brand: Yizunnu

👤I used this to make a queen bed and it looks great. There is a It took me a long time to put it together. That was expected.

👤If you want to build a half wall like I did, you will need 24 pieces.

👤These are lovely when assembled. I like the open pattern that lets the light through and that it still defines a space. I was surprised when I opened the box to find it mostly filled with packing paper and a small cello container. The squares are not as thick as I thought, but they are not as thin. I realized that thinness was better as they are light and durable. There is a The squares are slightly crooked because I didn't have the small silver fasters that hold them together. I need to use something similar in those few spots for a quick fix. It looks like the pictures in the description were assembled. I am mostly happy with it.

👤I had to have 2 packs for it to be this large. It's cute and gives a bit of privacy to those who have an open kitchen with a living room like me.

👤I needed to define an area in my home. I might just order again to use them in other ways. They are lightweight, easy to hang, and easy to connect.

👤I think the pieces are pretty but they are very lightweight and not very strong. It should be very difficult to put them all together. It's very time-Consuming in the Rings. When we spend so much more money, I would like to see a few more pieces in it.

👤Mi oficina tienes una sesin. Me ms.

👤Ajusta a la imagen de referencia, el diseo es ajusta. An. No las tengo puesta.

👤Se increbles! Ms vale todas del mismo to porque con las 5.

👤4$ is a dollorama, and it's on en trouve qualité n'est pas...

9. RYB HOME Reduction Anti Rust Blackout

RYB HOME Reduction Anti Rust Blackout

Easy care. Good quality finishing will last a long time. It is machine washable. The water temperature should be below 86F. There was no detergent that bleached. ironing at low temperature. Sharp things shouldn't be used to scratch curtains. One pack is well made. W 100 x Wide x 7 ft Long. L 84 inch. There are 14 metal silver Grommets on the top. The amazing material is made from high-quality, durable, and soft triple woven fabric. Good performance is to split your room and create a personal space. It is possible to block the light and insulate the winter chill to save energy. It's used in the patio glass door, bedroom, living room, office, closet and bar. RYB Home has a wide range of styles of curtains, sheers, Venetians and room divider to meet your ideal for home decor, which provide a harmonious window dressing and make your home lively. The material is the same back as front. It is easy to install and maintain. When needed, use warm iron and non-chlorine bleach. It was tumble dry.

Brand: Ryb Home

👤The extra room in our living room will be set up with two of these. They are very lightweight and high quality, but not see through. I stapled the middle ends together and pinned one side of the wall open for the entrance. I had to staple over the bottom because they were long. It's all worth the buy. The color is double sided.

👤This is worth a lot of money. I closed off my dining room from the noise of the living room and it worked. I plan to get more in the future.

👤You look at the pictures and wonder if it's going to look like this when I get it. This one turned out to be just as nice as the picture. Some customers have posted pictures that don't do the product justice. It's very thick. The laundry room doesn't have a door so we are blocking it. It will work perfectly. The fabric is soft to the touch, but heavier than I thought. I can't believe the price for the fabric is so high. This thing was supposed to be here for a few days. These guys don't mess around. There is a We use curtains to hide our laundry room.

👤The curtain was used to divide the room. The curtain is doing a great job. It's not thick or heavy, and no light shines through.

👤I liked it. The material is great. What I was looking for was a great price.

👤I use this curtain in my car trailer to partition off the living quarters. My portable A/C is not able to cool the entire trailer in the Florida summer heat so I use a curtain on a rod to reduce the area. While other activity is going on in the back of the trailer, it will create a bit of a privacy area.

👤The cold air from the extension room was chilling our bones and making it hard for us to heat the room. The curtain and rod solved the problem. The workmanship and low price make me feel very satisfied.

👤It's not light weight, but it's a good thing because we needed it for our church stage. The material is amazing, looks elegant and the fabric is very thick. I will definitely get more of these in the future.

👤Really good. I used a curtain to stop my dogs from jumping into my bay window when I am out. They don't attempt to move it. Good quality for its purpose.

👤Producto. No me gust, hay un extra por la importacin, pero solo se menciona hasta.

👤La cortina es un producto, pero por locual la privacidad.

👤El color se ve en la tela. Me fue funcional, pero un toque de elegancia.

👤No cumpli con mis expectativas, pero ms larga de lo.

10. Kernorv Environmentally Partitions Sitting Room Restaurant

Kernorv Environmentally Partitions Sitting Room Restaurant

The Kernorv hanging room divider are made of eco-friendly material, no glue, no toxic and worry-free. The dimensions are 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 0.03"H. Black is always classic and fashion. It will make your room look better. Also protect your privacy. 12 decorative panel screens can be combined. You can make it according to your preference. It was very easy and creative. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It is easy to install through hooks and screws. If you don't want to drill the ceiling after assembling the screens, hang them on sticky wall hooks. It can be washed. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support. At Kernorv, they believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support.

Brand: Kernorv

👤I ordered the entire wall after purchasing one set to make sure I liked them. I knew it would work after I received them. The images speak for them. I wanted a room divider that would look nice. I think I did a good job with this product.

👤This piece is artistic and functional. This is the best part of the house. Please purchase it. You will not regret it. You will leave an amazing review after you see how pretty and functional this is, I bought this as a curtain so that I could cover my ugly storage room. It is so easy to make it, you just have to attach it with a safety pin. Someone will ask where you got this from if they walk into your home. Love it.

👤The dividers are perfect. I need to separate my living room from the dining area in my small apartment. I created a wall. I am satisfied with them, but they are very thin and bend, but they are still pretty. The wood dividers are very luxurious, but they would have cost $350.00 for a whole wall. It was pricey for me. If you don't care about high quality, then these are fine. $60 is better than $350.

👤I was not surprised by the quality of the panels. The design is pretty, but they do the job well. These are a good option if you're looking for a cheap way to divide a room. They are very thin, and it is difficult to hang them evenly. Some of the little holes were punched out of the design, but that doesn't bother me. They did not come with instructions, but hooking the panels together is pretty self explanatory. I used the back of my couch to divide my living room into two parts, one for a TV area and one for an exercise area. I now have 6 more panels left to decorate other projects around the house.

👤This product is great to add drama to a space. You may have to remove small pieces from the design. It is easy to work with.

👤Pros: large size, beautiful design, and great to cover a wall, cons: flimsy plastic sheet, and better suited for a wall.

👤I wanted to separate a large formal living space from a smaller sitting space and an office. I didn't like the idea of a traditional floor divider and found these during my search. I wanted to try out the print. There is plenty of lift in the set up. I made a high room divider. The tiles are the same size and the holes are the same. If you don't hang the ceiling hooks well, it will not hang right. My 8' ceilings were too short to do 6 panels. I cut my bottom row in half to make a scalloped edge. It was important to get it right because it is our front room. I only stuck myself a few times after reading reviews on bloody fingers. You will need extra safety pins if you order them. The lack of safety pins is my only complaint. The kit appears to be designed for a much smaller configuration after I bought 3 sets. I'm happy with the end result of this covid, work from home necessity.

11. Oriental Furniture Double Canvas Divider

Oriental Furniture Double Canvas Divider

A reproduction of a traditional Chinese design. The canvas is art quality. There is art on both sides of the screen. The panels can either be folded in one direction or the other. The panels can either be folded in one direction or the other.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤It is pretty. My 86 year old mother complains that the register for the air conditioner blows cold air on her. I put the room divider up on an angle so the air in the room is directed to the other side of the room and not me. It looks great with my oak floors and dark red furniture. It doesn't block the TV because it's low.

👤I like the small screen. It's pretty good considering the price. There are complaints about loose hinges. The hinges are that way because they are a special design that allows the screen sections to fold either way. This is a reproduction of an Asian artwork. The sheen is really nice and the colors are vivid. The panels are not glossy. The cloth that the printing is on looks like canvas. The cloth on my screen is not wrinkled. Is it the "blurriness"? The original artwork is blurry but it is probably a watercolor. The birds are a little sharper. It's nice that the image is on both sides of the screen, so that if one side is damaged or stained, you can just turn it around. There is a I think that the screen looks nice. Don't expect the price of the painting to go up.

👤I hid a bunch of cords when I bought this small screen. Most people asked where I got it after three months, but almost everyone commented on it and liked it. It's pretty, the price is reasonable, and it seems durable. It's easy to move around because it's not heavy. There are no negatives. When buying a screen, you need to check the measurement so that you don't get a room divider or a small screen.

👤When I saw it online, I loved it as much as I do now. The 3 foot one was packaged in a long box with plastic and styrofoam around it. You need to be very gentle unwrapping it because it can be damaged. It was not damaged when it was unwrapped. It is beautiful! It was very delicate. If you have dogs, cats with claws or small chilren, hang on the wall like a picture and you will get what you want.

👤I returned the screen. The picture on Amazon was pretty delicate. It wasn't what I expected in person. I don't want to leave a bad review because it would be great for some.

👤It was advertised in a very good condition. If you are trying to wipe it off, see through and paint coming off.

👤I will probably return it. I would probably keep it and put up with the fact that it won't last more than a year or two. Not impressed.

👤I am using it as a screen for a fireplace. It adds beauty to the room. This is worth the price.


What is the best product for decorative room dividers van gogh?

Decorative room dividers van gogh products from Bargain Paradise. In this article about decorative room dividers van gogh you can see why people choose the product. Oriental Furniture and Duosuny are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative room dividers van gogh.

What are the best brands for decorative room dividers van gogh?

Bargain Paradise, Oriental Furniture and Duosuny are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative room dividers van gogh. Find the detail in this article. Calitime, Bmidrut and Nicetown are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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