Best Decorative Room Dividers with Shelves

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1. Oriental Furniture Diamond Weave Divider

Oriental Furniture Diamond Weave Divider

Extra large 71" tall by 19.5" wide panels are available to choose from. A beautiful bent wood arched top is made of 4 diamond weave natural fiber. There is a large collection of room dividers with asian home décor and gift ideas. There is a large collection of room dividers with asian home décor and gift ideas.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤A picture on the site shows a product. The wood that is woven through the vertical sticks is yellow. The picture is attached and it shows the low quality of the workmanship. There is a There's a tab for product support by manufacturer in the "ORDERS" section of Amazon. Those orders are fulfilled by AMAZON. We don't get those orders and they are processed by Amazon. Customer need to contact Amazon customer care for assistance if they have an issue with those orders. There is a When the orders are fulfilled by us, we stand behind our products. We can't process Prime orders because we don't have a record of selling them. There is a The price is set and the order is processed and shipped by Amazon Prime. You have to contact Amazon Prime to get your order. There is a Is the manufacturer responsible for their products if they are sold by Amazon? Will never buy a product made by Oriental Furniture if we sell you. There is a They failed on the product and support. I know that Amazon will stand behind their products, but they don't want to go through replacement exercise to get the same. Shame, support even about the description from the manufacturer.

👤A picture is worth a thousand words, and that has never seemed more true. Look at the product display shot of the white screen I purchased, then check out the pictures I attached to this review. The shot shows three tightly woven panels. The frame posts look like they are covered with fiber, as do the white dowel sticks. Look at my photos. There are large gaps between strips on most of the section panels. There are different ways in which the strips are woven around the dowels. The strips of fiber were dyed white, but not uniformly, but there was a yellow tint to them. There was no attempt to make the vertical supporting dowels white; they are a natural wood color and the square frame posts are equally visible. The frame posts are problematic. The posts are exposed because they were not pre-wrapped with fiber before the strips were attached. In the case of some of the frame posts, the large gaps expose that they are of a lessor grade wood. There is a It has been done without any attention to detail. The ends of strips are handled in different ways. There are some that are firmly fastened down and others that are not. There are slight overlaps between the ends of strands in some cases but as much as six inches overlap in others, creating a blotchy look. Which leads me to the issue of transparency. I thought I had gotten another model because I only saw three of the five sections in the product display photo, one short at the top, another short at the bottom and a long middle section. I didn't see the two back supports last night because there was no back light. I tried to show the difference between the middle panel facing away from any light and the side panel facing a window in daylight in one of my photos. I will point out that the description states that the design does allow some light and air to pass though the panels, and does not shut light out completely. I wonder why no photographs were taken that show the blockage is moderate in a well lit room, even though I appreciate that disclosure. Why do the product shots make the screens look opaque? I think most people are like me. The photos are the most important factor in my decisions. I am likely to be misled if the product displays shots that are not true, regardless of the disclosures made at the end of the product description. If you plan to use the screen in multiple locations, the screen's lightweight description is important, as it is important if you plan to use the screen only when needed. I have moved a screen that is unwieldy by myself. Even if it is easy to move around, there are still too many quality control issues for me to recommend this screen.

2. Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

Paper gift box packaging is perfect for gifts for Chinese culture enthusiasts. There are panels in honey, natural, black, walnut, Rosewood or white. Premium kiln dried spruce, classic japanese design, 2 way hinges. The lattice on the front is tough and durable. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤The 4 panel black shoji screen was $47. I use it to cover the litter pans my cats use. The cats don't mind and it helps reduce the amount of litter that gets tracked in my living room.

👤I've been looking for a screen like this for a long time to cover up the wires on the computer. That is under the desk. The screen is small enough to fit that need. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤These aren't 24” tall. They are taller than 26 1/2” I ordered 5 to put on top of 5 shelves that have a clearance of 24 inches. The 5 I ordered were too tall.

👤The overall look is very nice. It is a light weight and seems sturdy. I like the double hindges.

👤Nice finish. It was on time. It does the job nicely if you need a small screen to cover the sink counter.

👤It does what it is supposed to do and I like it. Since I bought it, I've been bombarded with eMail that gets past my eMail filters. I regret purchasing from this vendor, but I don't regret buying this item.

👤I thought it was a room divider. The desktop divider is only for the desktop.

👤This is a privacy screen for my cats' litter box area. It looks great in my home, and they love the privacy.

3. NICETOWN Partitions Separate Functions Cappuccino

NICETOWN Partitions Separate Functions Cappuccino

There are details about the counseling. The room divider curtain is made of triple-weave polyester fabric. A modern touch is added to the hanging by the 12 silver grommets top. Only crumbled include. There is a space solution. New spaces can be created with curtains. They are a perfect choice to allow flexibility in a small space because you can still let in light if and when you please. There are multiple functions. Draw a room divider shut when either side needs privacy. Heavy curtains are more effective than doors for soundproof as the material absorbs rather than bounces the sound. It's possible to beABLE and SUITABLE. Room divider curtains are easy to install and pack up. It's perfect for office space, shared bedroom, high ceilings, factories, hospitals, studio, Dorm, storage space, cafes, hotels, etc. The care instructions are given. Good quality finishing will last a long time. The water temperature is 86F. ironing at low temperature.

Brand: Nicetown

👤I have a small studio and wanted to remove the exposed kitchen. I bought the ceiling track and curtain. It turned out great. I have a separate kitchen when I go in there. Thank you, I appreciate it.

👤I've been trying to find a solution to my storage problem for more than two years. I live in an apartment with limited closet space and little storage in the laundry room. I store Christmas decorations in the alcove in the corner of the bedroom. I don't like looking at it everyday. When I ran up on another product, I was looking for a divider of some type to hide the mess. It was too expensive for a simple curtain. I found the Nicetown Room Divider Curtains. I purchased it for a reasonable price and then bought a tension rod. It is perfect! The curtain is 10' wide and folds into the 6.5' space, it is a great quality and the color is rich. I was happy to take this route. The partition is beautiful.

👤I need a curtain to act as a wall because I am modifying a garage into a bedroom. The curtain in the video is 15' x 9' and is the perfect size. The length can cover from top to bottom with no gaps and even have a little hanging off at the bottom. It is a little thinner than I expected but it provides a noticeable difference in the temperature of the space. It isn't holding up as well with noise cancellation as I would have liked, but 1/3 isn't bad. I'm happy that it makes the space feel like a legit bedroom and not just me squatting in my mom's garage. If you need a quality room dividing curtain, definitely get it.

👤This room divider is wonderful. We looked at different ways to divide the room. The room divider folding screens are not strong and I was worried about them tipping over. The Everblock concept is expensive. I saw the curtains on Amazon and decided to try them out. I like the end result. It is a plus that they aren't see through. The photos are below.

👤I am very happy with the partition curtain. My college son's apartment has a double wide doorway between a dining and living room, so he can use the living room as a bedroom. The rod was easily slid over by the grommets. The doorway has a perfect length. Opens and closes quickly. Good privacy is provided by dark color.

👤The extra room off the family room is where we have the kids play. I needed something to hide the toys and this was perfect. The playroom wall has windows that block out the sun, cool and hot air. We have surround sound in the family room so it makes for a better movie experience. No complaints at all. We draped it on the floor because it hangs down so long. I would recommend this curtain. It looks amazing.

👤The light is blocked out by these. The only light that comes in is what comes through the big hoops and I set them up as close to the window as possible. This is not enough for you to get woken up in the early hours of the morning. There is a I have yet to test it's insulation properties, I will update this review once the full brunt of summer comes in. There is a I'm considering getting some of these for every window in my place.

4. Privacy Room Divider Curtain 10ft

Privacy Room Divider Curtain 10ft

You can't see the drape through, but it is hidden behind a body shape. All in one drape, the Space Master is a shared bedroom, apartment, storage, studio, dorm, loft, workspace. The fabric looks great inside and out because it is the same color on both sides. The standard for a five star hotel's drape is 10 pins. Machine wash and dry. Please note. This product is only meant for indoor use. Machine wash and dry. Please note. This product is only meant for indoor use.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤This is perfect. We have an old house that is not insulated. I hung this on the entryway to keep the heat out. Only 2 days have passed. It's made a difference. The material is light and beautiful. I ordered khaki.

👤I live in a small apartment with my partner in Chicago and it can be difficult to sound proof it. I have a music studio in my bedroom, which makes it very expensive to sound proof, and I have a bed in the room which makes it hard to sound proof. The room divider curtain saved me from a lot of hassle. It's great to divide the space and create a dark sanctuary for the bed. Definitely recommend.

👤I hung this curtain on my deck. I was very pleased with the drape. It is light in weight. It is very well made. I got a 15x8 size. I will definitely buy this again if I decide to hang more. I think this is a great idea.

👤The dimensions are 8' x 7'. The size is 7' L x 8'W, so I made the mistake of assuming it was L x W. I will definitely purchase this product again in the future.

👤They were wrinkled and shorter than stated, but over all cover the window and block the sun.

👤It's nice and thick so you can't see through them, and the rivets are big enough to allow for easy curtain movement. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤These work well. Excellent quality and value. I would love to have more of these. They are soft and flowy and don't make sound sound as much as I 888-276-5932

👤This is the first curtain that blocks all light. I will get some for my windows because I am so impressed. I have a room divider in my house.

👤I was very happy with the curtain works and it arrived very quickly.

5. Oriental Furniture Window Shoji Screen

Oriental Furniture Window Shoji Screen

35.75"h by 17.5"w panels, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels, choose from 5 fine wood finishes. Premium kiln dried spruce, classic japanese design, 2 way hinges. The lattice on the front is tough and durable. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤The house we are renting does not have curtains or blinds in the living room. The windows are large so we wanted to provide some screening at night. This size was perfect for what we needed. They are easy to put up and down if we want full light during the day. The quality is good.

👤The wooden frames and paper-like-fiber shades are used in this room divider. I use it to cover the litter box in a busy area. This function is served well by it. There is a The pros are 1. The design is attractive. 2. It can stand on its own and not have to deal with the mess behind it. 3. The folds can bend in either direction because of the double hinges. 4. Even though the package is big, there is no damage to the item. There is a The cons are 1. The paper-like-fiber shades are not evenly laid on the frame, so there are somewrinkles around the corners of the panel, but you have to look careful to find them. 2. The golden brass color of the hinges doesn't match the frame, so I don't like it. 3. I didn't find the same product with a cheaper price because the materials are light weighted and the quality is ok.

👤I didn't know how many I wanted for the space so I bought three of the 3-panel units. All 3 were used. I had no idea what to do with the boxed window space in our bedroom. These are hiding my equipment and toys.

👤We put them in our kitty rooms. A couple of cats like to attack each other in the litter box. Cats like their privacy. If they don't appreciate the surprise attacks. They will let you know when they make their own toilet. There are a lot of cats. Is that P?

👤This is exactly what I wanted. It's nice to separate my entry and dining areas. The box is made of wood and paper, so check the exterior for damage. I'm very happy with it, it arrived without damage or tears, and I was very pleased with it.

👤Great screens. It was pleasing to the eyes. The gold hinges work on the white panels. Thank you to AMAZON for making sure the screens arrived as ordered. It was a victory. On Monday, we ordered two screens. We needed them by Thursday to use them as stage props. Confirmation of the order showed that the second screen wouldn't arrive until Friday. I contacted Amazon and was told they would try to get the order to me as promised. It worked out. You people are loud!

👤I hid the cat litterbox with this. It works well for that, easy and light to move around, and at 3ft is the perfect size to cordon off the corner of the room without making the room feel smaller. We have a cold dry winter in NY and a hot humid summer, so the wood frame is starting to warp after about 15 months of use. I don't know if it's caused by the dry weather or the humidity, but if it keeps going, I don't know if it will last another year. I might just buy another one when this one is over.

6. Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition

Kernorv Partitions Separator Decorative Partition

Adding a trendy accessory to your living room or common space will make it look better. When using partition room dividers, please keep the angle between the panels. Natural style design. The garden of spring is what inspired the designs. The flowers in the pattern are expressed in an abstract manner through a symmetrical distribution of simple geometric patterns. It's also perfect for dividing rooms, decorating living room, bedroom, sitting-room, kitchen and more. It protects your privacy. The Kernorv room divider is made of non-toxic and worry-free material. It will take about 15 minutes to hang one by one to assemble and install through hooks and screws. The individual panel size is 11.4"L x 11.4"W. It's waterproof and easy to clean. Worry-free They believe in their products. They back them all and provide easy-to-reach support.

Brand: Kernorv

👤I wanted to add segways from the dining room to the sitting room in my open floor plan. After spraying it with metallic silver and hanging it from my ceiling, I have a vision for my sitting space. It did what I was hoping for. Loving it for now.

👤I bought this for the Florida sun-room to add some privacy for our Jacuzzi area, so I had to treat the metal parts with anti-rust treatment. It is light and durable. Looks great. I bought 2 sets to make it one and ran out of rings. It took me half a day to find similar ones in the store, as you don't know where to start or what to look for. After failing to find anything similar in other stores, I found the right rings in Office Depot. It was actually folder rings. The material did not take the paint well, so I painted a couple of panels with it. Try to find the right color without thinking about painting later.

👤What a beautiful idea. These are easy to hang. There is a The small screws on the ring need some patience to open and close. There is a It was worth the price.

👤The neighbors view is blocked by a 2-story window.

👤It's easy to install. It comes with hanging hardware. It creates just enough separation between spaces. I'm happy I found it.

👤I ordered some boxes. One came with hardware and the other didn't. I tried to work with it. The material is cheap and easy to install. It was ruining the finish. It fell apart because it couldn't hold its weight and cracked at so many places. Attached are pictures for impressions, cracks and chips. There is a This is very cheap. The worst product ever purchased on Amazon. It is made from white board. Not worth the price. I would not recommend it all. It wasted my money and time.

👤If Amazon doesn't like it, you can't review it. My review was not offensive. You decided not to post it because the problem was that someone in Amazon got the product back and didn't inspect it and mail it back, which makes them look bad. Customer service should apologize and fix the problem rather than stopping a costumer from telling the truth. I don't want to be asked to write reviews in the future.

👤You get what you pay for. If they wanted, a 2 year old could snap it in half. I would have liked it more. I tried to fit the rings in with one. It's pretty. It's not good for my original idea, but it will serve as a nice deterrent to keep my cat away from my plants. There is a If you plan on hanging it somewhere where no human will be able to bend it, it's probably worth it. If hung on a wall, it will work best.

7. ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Double Blossom Divider

plum blossoms in the snow are depicted in Chinese art. Premium quality canvas has a high definition print on it. There is a print on the front and back of the panels. The panels can be folded in either direction. The panels can be folded in either direction.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤My office is very sunny. I wanted the room to be bright but with a dimmer. The piece is perfect. It is pretty and makes me happy. It was a good purchase. The price is reasonable. It arrived in good condition.

👤I put this in the corner of the room to keep my puppy safe. My dog goes behind the divider to do her business.

👤It was overpriced and not very stable. The picture is larger than most of the screens. It does so on it's own because it's not level. I would find something cheaper if you had money to blow.

👤It was easy to set up and it was beautiful. Light comes through nicely when used in pace of shutters. I love it!

👤I use the screen to section off the area for my cats' litter pans. This screen is easy to clean.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but this product was exactly what we needed. The size was perfect for the windows we needed it for. The picture is nicely done. Putting them together works well. We need to place them on a ledge and make it easy to set them up. We have placed two orders with the company. We know where to buy more in the future.

👤It was a perfect way to close off the counter bar area. Privacy but can be used in counter space. Light weight moves are easy.

👤Every penny spent on this painting is worth it. My home is complete with it. I like it. It's easy to hang. I like it.

8. BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

BMIDRUT Wood Plastic Partition Decoration Accessories

We have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. The size is 11 feet by 11 feet. All needed accessories are included in the package. The hanging room divider is made of wood-plastic material, no painting and no glue. It can be used as a hanging room divider, but also as a decorating tool. It's easy to start. Installation is done through hooks and screws. It can be washed. To hang the room divider, you need to install the hooks and follow the instructions.

Brand: Bmidrut

👤The ugly area under the stairs was hidden perfectly. The pieces took some time to put together, but I expected that from other reviews. We were able to fit one piece around the pipe. A quick dusting took care of the dusty pieces that came out of the box.

👤Donne un trs bel effet. It's easy to assemble; bonne qualité.

9. Deco 79 14276 Decorative Protection

Deco 79 14276 Decorative Protection

There are ornate floral carvings. It is a traditional style that is great for most homes. The wooden room screen is made from mango wood and MDF. The wooden room screen is made from mango wood and MDF.

Brand: Deco 79

👤I had been lusting after this divider for a long time but was concerned about the reviews that I had read about the damages that occurred during delivery. I finally decided to buy it. When I opened the package, I was surprised that it was even more beautiful than I had thought. There was a small 1 inch area that was easy to repair with wood glue. I am very pleased with my purchase of this piece.

👤I expected the room divider to be broken because so many people had their screens arrive in pieces. Ours arrived intact. The cardboard surrounding the screen is flimsy, especially on the corners. The cardboard was poor quality and so the post office had to use a lot of shipping tape to reinforce the corners. I think it was a miracle that it didn't have any breaks. I am very thankful that the screen arrived in one piece. The pictures imply that the screen is dark brown. Ours is a bit darker. It's for a wedding and home decoration.

👤I'm very sad. I head pieces fell inside the box when I turned my item upside down. It was broken in many places when I opened it. There is no way to fix the detailing on this. I'm shocked that there wouldn't be any care taken to protect the item that costs $261.

👤They must have changed the way they packaged it because it was a box inside a box. We traveled through the desert and mountains in a trailer. There were no problems at all. I wish it was real wood. That would triple the price. I would buy it again.

👤This is the most beautiful piece of furniture in my house, and it's in my living room. I was hesitant to purchase it because it looked so delicate. The screen itself is very sturdy, even though it was backed very well in two boxes. I used wood glue and a black furniture marker to repair the cracked medallion. I put the screen in a corner so my children wouldn't run into it. Since then, I have not had a problem with damage. The seller gave me a discount after I contacted him about the damage, and customer service was great. If you know that you need to place it in a safe location, I will buy it. The screen had a strong smell from the paint for a few days but I left the window open to speed up the process.

👤This arrived quickly. I wiped it down to make sure it wouldn't rub off because of other reviews I had read. I wiped it and sprayed furniture polish on it. When I was doing this, I noticed one break in an upper panel, but have not noticed it since. I use it in front of a large window as a privacy screen and don't move it around. It is nice when the sun shines and the shadows cast around the room. I get a lot of praise. I don't move around either because it is more light weight and delicate than the screen I have against the other window. I'm happy with this screen.

10. Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

Oriental Furniture Desktop Window Screen

There are panels in honey, natural, black, walnut, Rosewood or white. Premium kiln dried spruce, classic japanese design, 2 way hinges. The lattice on the front is tough and durable. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts. They have a huge selection of japanese, chinese, asian décor, room dividers, art, lamps and gifts.

Brand: Oriental Furniture

👤The screen looks good and works well for hiding a litter box that is where the cat wants it rather than where we want it. She rubs her face on the edges and it stays in place. If it wasn't so expensive, we would give it a 5 star rating. It shouldn't cost more than $59. The price stopped our adult daughters from buying one. Good product.

👤The Shoji screen arrived in perfect condition and on time. I put mine in my display area. Since it is outdoors, it is easy to remove and store. I was very happy with the way the screen stepped up my shelves.

👤The item is actually 26.5" high, which is why it is failing for my application. The lattice work is unsanded and has fringe on every edge with some extra lacquer. Oriental Furniture customer service seemed concerned by the phone and here's hoping they will fix it.

👤These shoji panels are wonderful. They add flare to the family room and provide privacy. I was happy to find these items.

👤I am happy with the purchase. I thought it was going to be a little bigger than it was. I was able to make it work despite having a very tight space. The item is very good in appearance and quality. I think the measurements they advertise are off.

👤I was hoping it would show bright light from my eyes. It is perfect for the task. It does not have an odor. It arrived quickly and was well packed. I got it because it was useful, but it is also attractive. It was very pleasing.

👤I needed something that would give me some privacy at my desk and still allow me to see the clinical floor. This worked out better than expected. Love it. Well made, great color and screen material.

👤This was purchased to make a private space for our cat's litter box. It works well. It looks nice and gives her privacy. We don't have to look at the litter box. We have hard wood floors and they match up well with the decor.

11. YIZUNNU Environmental Decorating Restaurant Decoration

YIZUNNU Environmental Decorating Restaurant Decoration

Hanging room divider are made of eco-friendly material, no glue, no toxic and worry-free. The dimensions are 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 0.03"H. Simple Elegance is a carving pattern. It will make your room look better. Also protect your privacy. You can make it according to your preference. It was very easy and creative. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room. It's perfect for decorating your room, such as divide living room and dining room, sitting room and dinning room.

Brand: Yizunnu

👤I used this to make a queen bed and it looks great. There is a It took me a long time to put it together. That was expected.

👤If you want to build a half wall like I did, you will need 24 pieces.

👤These are lovely when assembled. I like the open pattern that lets the light through and that it still defines a space. I was surprised when I opened the box to find it mostly filled with packing paper and a small cello container. The squares are not as thick as I thought, but they are not as thin. I realized that thinness was better as they are light and durable. There is a The squares are slightly crooked because I didn't have the small silver fasters that hold them together. I need to use something similar in those few spots for a quick fix. It looks like the pictures in the description were assembled. I am mostly happy with it.

👤I had to have 2 packs for it to be this large. It's cute and gives a bit of privacy to those who have an open kitchen with a living room like me.

👤I needed to define an area in my home. I might just order again to use them in other ways. They are lightweight, easy to hang, and easy to connect.

👤I think the pieces are pretty but they are very lightweight and not very strong. It should be very difficult to put them all together. It's very time-Consuming in the Rings. When we spend so much more money, I would like to see a few more pieces in it.

👤Mi oficina tienes una sesin. Me ms.

👤Ajusta a la imagen de referencia, el diseo es ajusta. An. No las tengo puesta.

👤Se increbles! Ms vale todas del mismo to porque con las 5.

👤4$ is a dollorama, and it's on en trouve qualité n'est pas...


What is the best product for decorative room dividers with shelves?

Decorative room dividers with shelves products from Oriental Furniture. In this article about decorative room dividers with shelves you can see why people choose the product. Oriental Furniture and Nicetown are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative room dividers with shelves.

What are the best brands for decorative room dividers with shelves?

Oriental Furniture, Oriental Furniture and Nicetown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative room dividers with shelves. Find the detail in this article. Rose Home Fashion, Oriental Furniture and Kernorv are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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