Best Decorative Rope for Curtains

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1. HoHnH Magnetic Decorative Holdbacks Draperies

HoHnH Magnetic Decorative Holdbacks Draperies

No drilling or pantyhose are required. Magnetic Tiebacks can be used to hold drapes and curtains without the need for tools or drilling. Magnets are strong enough to keep the curtain in place, it's easy to use. They can be tied on any curtain when not in use, and it's as easy as taking them down. Modern style accessories are perfect for protecting your draperies, different style to your bedroom, living room, dinning room, bathroom, french door, kitchen, office and studios. The Magnetic pearl ball's diameter is 1.2inch, the Weave ropelenght is 16inch. The package includes 4 pieces weave parl magnetic curtain tieback, 16 inch long suit for curtains, and 18 inch total length. If you're not happy with their magnetic holdbacks curtain, you can contact them and they'll find a solution.

Brand: Hohnh

👤I needed a quick solution to the problem. My curtains are closing. There are three banks of windows on the front side of my home with curtains that keep them from closing. Tie backs were needed because adjusting them 3 times a day gets frustrating. I thought I'd give these a try because it won't be easy to put a hook style in. They are okay. I had to tie a knot in each one to make it small enough to keep a grip on the fabric, which actually doesn't look bad, but they still tend to slip down the curtain. They make the fabric hang differently than they should. My issue is solved because the curtains stay open.

👤These are quite ingenious. I have temp control curtains in all of the rooms in my home, and a double set in my room to keep out the heat. I have used a lot of different things, and I will say that the rope ties and wall hooks are the most enjoyable. There is a They are easy to hold back curtains. These are even better in my opinion because I have had so many nice things to say about them. There is a If you don't have heavy curtains, they can be wrapped twice or even looped to fit smaller amounts of fabric and they work for double curtains in my room which other wraps and hooks have failed at. There is a I use the magnet to snap the curtains on the sides of the fabric when I close the curtains because it is a great space saver. I don't like having to find a place to put things like this, especially with a husband that tends to toss things in random places where they get lost, and the magnet made it easy to snap them onto the edge of the fabric when I want the curtains shut. There is a The stretch to these is not asked for in the review. They are rope and magnets. I want that to be clear to the buyer, I didn't find this an issue. Definitely would recommend.

👤Magnets aren't much better than others I have bought. Some are weak. They are not strong enough to hold back the curtains on their own. I believe they are tied up around the curtains and then attached together. They work well if used for that purpose. They are pretty. The second day saw one of the ends pop out. My husband attached it back to the pearl ball after he heated up the end. I bought three sets of six. I attach them by magnets to the edge of the drapes when they aren't being used. They might stay until you move them. If the wind moves the drapes, they often slide to the floor.

👤My wife ordered this for me. I was wrong to think it was a novelty item. They can hold a lot of weight. My in-laws have heavy curtains that hold them in place, and they also have sheer curtains that hold them in place. I was proven wrong once again, that the magnets are not strong enough. It is a simplistic design that works well and we are reordering for our own home. If your window frame isn't magnetic, you won't be able to use them against the side without a hook. I do this rarely, but overall it's a truly. A 5 star product. I have two suggestions for the manufacturer, one of which is to add more colors and magnetic end designs, as well as a slightly longer version for additional decorating options.

2. JQWUPUP Tiebacks Decorative Holdbacks Curtains

JQWUPUP Tiebacks Decorative Holdbacks Curtains

Hand knitting rope curtain tiebacks adds more style. Simple decorative curtain drapes make a difference in the look of the curtain and can be used to update the home decor. It is all- match tieback for your home style, whether it is American country, Rustic or Mediterranean. You can easily tie up the curtains by fixing the rope loops. Good use for window treatments holders, outdoor curtains tiebacks, kitchen office coffee shop drape tie, living room sheer curtains tie backs, bedroom blackout panels, and free assembly to protect wall from being destroyed. Workmanship is an exchange of work. It is made from high-quality cotton yarn. Their cotton rope is not easy to loose, it is more solid and durable than other cheaper tiebacks. Take into account the size of theTIEBACKS. The length of rope is 19.3 inches, the diameter of ball is 2.7 inches and the tassel is 2.7 inches. The rope's diameter is 0.6 inches. It's a good fit for most size of curtain, drapery, thin sheer curtains, thick drape. There are four pieces of curtain tiebacks in one set. They will reply to your question within 24 hours.

Brand: Jqwupup

👤I love these! It's much easier to use than most tie-backs. Didn't need to make holes in the wall. I can position them in a variety of ways. They are very attractive and match my decor nicely. I ordered a third pair.

👤I like the look of these tie backs. I use them on my patio. My biggest challenge was getting the tiebacks to stay put. They become so heavy that they slide to the ground. I solved the issue by adding U clamps to the upright poles of the awning, and have had no problems since. When they get really soaked, I usually remove them and put them back in place when I am ready, but I lay them in the sun to dry them out faster.

👤I have been looking for the right tiebacks for a long time. These do the job well and seem to last a long time. These are simple and can be adjusted as needed. They don't need to be held with any sort of hardware, that's a great thing. I'm going to order more for the other rooms.

👤It was very easy to use. The color was the same as shown on Amazon. There is a Good quality material that is tightly woven and doesn't come apart after many uses. The price is great. It adds a nice look. You can twist them in either direction. There is a The ruler in the picture is long.

👤Excellent quality. The price for this tie back is unbelievable. I own a patio. These are not dainty and should be noted the size. They need to be attached to a wall so they don't fall off the curtain. I bought the gray. Really pretty.

👤I use them outside for curtains on our porch and they look great. They look great today, but they are hoping to hold up in the sun. They are shipped in a sturdy bag and box. Open them up, shake them out, and then loop them in.

👤I used these tie backs to hold my curtains on my patio. The tie backs were perfect. I have washed them.

👤We bought four of them for our house. The item was well packaged and neatly tied together, thanks to the fast shipping. It is the same as pictured. The curtains are held very well. It's very easy to put on and take off, and gives the room a completely different look.

3. Melodieux Decorative Curtain Tiebacks Holdbacks

Melodieux Decorative Curtain Tiebacks Holdbacks

Set of 2, 1 pair per pack, beautiful ivory white tassel tiebacks with antique bell design. The white color has a cream and ivory tone. The total length is 32", the rope length is 14", and the weight of 1 piece is 0.48 lbs. It's suitable for curtains with velvet, embroidery, jacquard and other fabrics. The rope and tassels are made of high quality nylon rope and have a similar luster to silk. You can use a hook to tie up your curtains, or you can use your own. It is vintage and luxurious because of the ball tassel design. You can use it as curtain tiebacks, decorate your drapes in a stylish way, and match your bedroom, living room, patio sliding door, office and so on.

Brand: Melodieux

👤The tiebacks hold the shower curtain back in one of the guest bathroom. The color is perfect for the design element I needed, they are big and luxurious.

👤My particular experience was problematic and I am giving 3 stars. I would recommend this product. I received the lighter blue than I ordered navy. The package was labeled wrong. Mistakes happen. I think the colors match what is depicted on the screen. I kept the lighter blue because it worked for my color scheme. One of the tie-backs was damaged. The cord was unraveling. The other tie-back was usable. I decided not to bother with the return process since I only needed one. I would have liked to have had the option of purchasing individually. I paid too much for one nice tie-back.

👤These are big and elegant. It was worth the price and better than I expected. I got the off- white, then decided to do the navy in the bedroom for the winter. The colors are rich and true. There is a You will not find a better price. Don't wait to get them. I think I'll do pink for Christmas.

👤I got a light blue color and it makes me think of the green family. They are just the color I wanted. They are very well made. I think they are large. Make sure you follow the measurements they give you. If the room you're using them in is small, you might think twice. All is good if my kitten doesn't find them.

👤The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous. The decoration was decided to be used instead of standard use.

👤The best white pulls I have ever purchased. The tassel is large and these are better than most.

👤I expected these to be a lot bigger.

👤I thought the tassels were small. They are the right size for my curtains. The final touches make the living room look elegant. Each of my tassels holds two curtain panels over the glass doors.

👤They exceeded my expectations, with great colors, quality and size. These curtain tiebacks are beautiful and I am happy I bought them. It's a good thing.

👤Awesome accessory. I was surprised at how nice these are.

👤I was expecting them to look cheap, but they are very nice. I was surprised at how nice they are. Absolutely worth the money. You won't be disappointed.

👤Same as a photo. Good quality. I like it.

4. Hiastra Tiebacks Decorative Handmade Holdbacks

Hiastra Tiebacks Decorative Handmade Holdbacks

The curtain tiebacks are made from a high density, 3 strand, bold rope which is tighter and stronger than others. They are not easy to open, smooth to the touch, and not smelly. The end of the rope is fixed with a solid string, which is more beautiful and firm than other ropes. The loop for hooking on both sides won't break. You can use a hook or directly tie in curtains. No longer worry about slipping, these tie backs can hold your curtains in seconds. The curtain tie backs add an elegant element to your curtains. The grey curtain tiebacks can be used for all kinds of curtains, from sheer curtains to blackout curtains, to increase the retro style of your living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dinning rooms, offices and studios. 2 pieces of braided curtain tiebacks and their sincere service are what you get. You can contact them if you have a question, and they will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Hiastra

👤They were able to hold both sets of curtains. They are a pretty silver color, great for holding back my white top curtain, but also my heavy blackout ones. There is a They do... They are supposed to do what they are supposed to do. I would recommend it.

👤I bought them two months ago. I use them every day. They are not strong. They do not last very long. Poorly constructed.

👤They came in good condition and looked great until they started unraveling. The price of shipping it back is not worth it.

👤We installed a hot tub inside a gazebo, added outdoor curtains to block wind, and tied the curtains back when we weren't using the tub. The cords compliment the curtains.

👤These aren't crazy but they work and are what I wanted to match the design in my bedroom and are minimal compared to most curtain tie backs. I wish they were a little bit smaller. They work well.

👤The tie backs look great after the order arrived on time. I bought the same pair months ago and ordered the same for another room.

👤The tie backs are attractive. I use them outside when there is wind and rain. There is a They look brand new after 2 months.

5. Home Queen Decorative Curtain Knitting

Home Queen Decorative Curtain Knitting

2 pieces of braided curtain tiebacks and their sincere service are what you get. You can contact them if you have a question, and they will reply within 24 hours. They can be used as window curtains tiebacks and other things. Simple and elegant design. You can use a hook to tie them up. The curtain can be decorated with the drapery cord. It's ideal for your sitting room, living room, bathroom, bedroom, nursery, or any other room. It is made of high quality material and looks beautiful. It's easy to hold large curtains. It is hard to fall off the tassel. The rope curtain holdbacks are in beige color.

Brand: Home Queen

👤It's beautiful and functional. I use it everyday on one end. For the price, I would order again.

👤It was priced well. I wanted to add something to my living room. Great quality and color. I have already recommended this product to a few people. If I ever need tie backs for another room, I will purchase these again.

👤This makes my home a little nicer. I get praise for them. You can adjust it to any curtains.

👤Good price, look like it.

👤These are not as small as they are described to be. They fell apart. I'm not satisfied with this waist of money. They can't be returned. I want my money back.

👤I bought these because I needed some tiebacks quickly and cheap, but it was a total waste of time. These tiebacks are terrible. The gold color is not even a shade of gold. The cord is ok, but the tassel is too small to tie back the curtain.

👤It does the job on the thinner side. It looks nice. I would like it to be a bit thicker.

👤I needed an extra bedroom with two windows and these tiebacks were what I needed. Most of the time, the curtains stayed closed because they were hard to open without a step ladder. The room is filled with light when I want it and easily closed when I don't. The tie-back came in sets, which shows the manufacturer understands how they are being used. I wanted to order gold as a complimentary color but was unsure if the beige would match my curtains. I took a chance on the beige because they were out of gold. The match is perfect. The quality is good, but not great, which is fine for an extra bedroom. I was surprised to see the extra threads around the tassels. I would be concerned if I were using these in a formal area. It was easy to install the hooks. It's a snap to put them on the hook. The length is not too long for my application. It is important to consider the length of your situation, some options are double this version, which would be unacceptable.

👤Alzapao sencillo, delicado, istaca, y istaca, ist Justo, estaba buscando. No las usé porque ya tengo soportes. Recomiendo.

👤Only 3 ties came with the package that was busted.

👤J'ai voir faire le matériel, la couleur, le prix raisonnable et la livraison rapide. Je recommande tout le monde.

👤These are lovely. They're silvery white and perfect for what I wanted.

👤Excellent service and description.

6. SBROS Magnetic Tiebacks Decorative Draperies

SBROS Magnetic Tiebacks Decorative Draperies

New style in 2021. These twisted magnetic tiebacks with upgraded strong/durable magnets with decorative, twisted woven texture appearance rope are the most convenient ways to clip your curtains. It is a good idea to make a different style window for thick or thin weather. It's perfect for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, home and office. The rope is not easily worn or pilled. Without the need for tools or drilling holes. Hold your curtains down. You can wear half-tie or all-tie on thick curtains or thin drapes. The tiebacks could show different styles with your curtains. When not in use, tie on anywhere. The parts for the magnets are covered with nickel. The perfect fit is here. The rope length is approx. 16inch / 40 cm. The total length is about an hour. 18inch / 46 cm. The ornament diameter is small. It is possible to adjust the length to meet your needs, so you don't have to worry about the size. The package includes 2 pieces. The curtain is tied back. Simple and elegant design, multi-color options, cater to any style of curtains, designed with twisted rope from Hand-woven, shiny, heavy duty polyester material, which makes product more soft and flexible for easy adjustability. SBRO is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence and stands behind every product they make. If the products have a problem, please contact them and they'll be happy to resolve it. You can open the package with your fingers, it's sealed. If you open the package with scissors, you won't be able to cut the product. Wishing you a happy shopping.

Brand: Sbros

👤The force of the magnetic field is strong with these ones. I am very happy I purchased. The color is perfect. I needed ties for my curtains and these are what I got. The price for a set was appreciated by me. I will buy again based on the force of the magnetic field. I can not review the quality of these yet. There have been no tears or runs in the rope. They wrap around my curtains. The curtains are not very large.

👤The bathroom in the Master end of the house didn't need a door because whoever built it 40 years ago didn't think it needed one. I have curtains that are heavy for privacy. The daily wear and tear of hooking and unhooking the curtains made the hook type tiebacks useless. I hope they last longer, they look better and are easier to handle. If you don't hear from me again, they are great, I only had them for a few weeks. I bought these 7 months ago and they are dead. I use them daily, which is not the norm, but I have used other tiebacks that lasted a couple of years before showing wear and tear, and I have lived in this house for over a decade. The rope and the magnet were starting to weaken a couple of months ago and last week I noticed the wrap around the magnet was coming undone. The bottom line. - They will be fine if you don't touch them again after install. If you want better quality, pay a few bucks more.

👤I bought a pair of tiebacks on January 22nd and they are already coming apart. I know they're cheap. I thought they would last more than 4 months. They are not very good. They look nice. The quality of the replacements I received was day and night. I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone.

👤I was thrilled with this until today, one month old, when the cord came out of the ends. So disappointed. I am trying super glue to see if it will fix it.

👤I didn't want it to be too flashy. I have a specific pattern in my bedroom. These were perfect! It's true to color. The navy I bought was the same color as my curtain scarf and I was praying it would be the same. The magnets are strong and seem to last forever. The design is simple. Wrap your curtain around and let the magnet do its job. I have not had any issues with the ties sliding. The thickness of my curtains helps keep them tight. Buy them!

👤Very nice, magnetic... They're easy to use. They look nice. I needed 3 and they came in 2. I ordered 2 because I would get 4PCS, but one had strings that looked horrible. The other 3 were free of defects, since I only needed 3. I would have returned for a replacement if I needed all 4.

👤The holdbacks work well. They work on both light and heavy drapes. We have a set of drapes that are very heavy and stiff, and the holdbacks work on them as well as on the silk set. They are very handsome. The only way to make them better is to have a convenient way to affix them. I am not entirely happy with the result of driving nails through the rope. The product is very nice.

7. Home Queen Tiebacks Holdbacks Decorative

Home Queen Tiebacks Holdbacks Decorative

There is a rope window tie. Approx: The length of the rope tie is 27 inches, and the diameter of the cotton ball is 3.2 inches. Please allow the error of 0.5''-1.2''. The window curtain panels can be tied up in any size, including 42 x 63 inches, 42 x 84 inches, 42 x 95 inches, 52 x 63 inches, 52 x 84 inches and 52 x 95 inches. The curtain holdbacks are made from high quality cotton thread. It's easy to tie up the window drapes with their handcrafted curtain tiebacks, they are made with rope and a single ball at one end, no tools needed, no need to connect to the wall, and the tie-back wraps around the curtain. The rope tie drapes look nautical and add strength. You can add some fun to your ordinary life by decorating your sitting room, living room and other areas with funny and decorative back curtains tie. Their rope drapery holdbacks are also a great gift for friends. This curtain tie can be used for pets and also for curtains.

Brand: Home Queen

👤These added a nice touch of class to my navy blue curtains, I have a nautical themed bathroom. Very pretty tiebacks! I've had them for a while now, permanently holding back the curtains, and sometimes I need to adjust them. I don't have thick or heavy curtains, so these work with either thin or sheer. I love them!

👤I used one of these to tie back the bathroom curtain after buying them for a window curtain. I get praise for it. I love it!

👤I bought the tie backs for the shower curtain. I have a spare because I only used one. I like it very much. It looks like I expected it. It was very well made. I am happy with it.

👤Exactly as shown. I'll probably be innovative and use them other than tie backs. They were exactly as shown when I tried them on drapes. You'll like the real thing if you like the picture.

👤These are easy to use. I would buy again. It is definitely worth the price.

👤The tiebacks made my curtains look better. It was lovely and well made.

👤I moved it once. It still sticks. My grandsons love it and it's in my bathroom.

👤The packages were left on the grass by the street. Not to me! It's not cool! There is a The driver doesn't take their job seriously. There is a I'm happy with my purchases. I was happy I found them before someone else did. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤Tienen buen diseo y calidad.

👤No se rebalan, no tienes a Foto de buen tamao.

👤Our bedroom is cute and functional. It's a perfect solution for our decor.

8. BTSKY Natural Tiebacks Handmade Decorative Holdbacks

BTSKY Natural Tiebacks Handmade Decorative Holdbacks

A pair of curtain rope tiebacks are great. Add a touch of elegance to your curtains and drapes. The cotton curtain holdbacks are suitable for all kinds of room curtain decoration. The total length of the rope is 31.5 inches. Cute and functional curtain rope can be used to decorate and update curtains.

Brand: Btsky

👤They're curtain ties. The curtains are tied back. Good quality. My dog tries to eat them. If you don't know how to tie two pieces of rope together, you're probably not living in a house with curtains.

👤Even though they look like they would fit a nautical themed room, they are perfect for other decors as well. They were the answer to my tie back issues. We live by a city park pond with a hike/bike trail around it, which has street lamps on all night long. Our bedroom has lights on it. I have 2 inch blinds, but I wanted something to tie back the curtains during the day, so I bought a set of curtains. The solution was provided by these. They're easy to use, just gather each panel, tie these around, and they look great against my burgundy red curtains. They fit right in my decor.

👤Great idea. It's a simple rope with knots at the end and the fibers open up to form a "tassel" effect. It looks great in my mid-century industrial living room. Couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a tieback that's less expensive, this is it. They were cheaper than buying a long rope. It's a win! Highly recommended.

👤Our living room window looks out onto the balcony and the street below. We had no curtains for a long time, but last year I decided to add a pair of translucent curtains so that my grandsons, who slept on the living room sofa bed when visiting, would have some privacy. They're light in weight. I used these ties to tie them open during the day. Don't slip down and look great, they hold well. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤These were bought to tie back some curtains. The cotton color is very bright. It's both modern and rustic. I loved the size and quality. I will definitely buy more of these.

👤I like these. They were well packaged and arrived quickly. I didn't think the ends would be so messy. I still think these are a great value. I was able to clean up the ends.

👤This is rope. It isn't made well. I had to tie a knot in the package to keep it from unraveling. It may serve its purpose depending on what you need it for.

👤These cute ropes are great for my curtains. When I am not using them, I just keep them in the coffee table.

9. Valea Home Decorative Draperies Holdbacks

Valea Home Decorative Draperies Holdbacks

One pair of curtain rope is handmade. It's possible to twist into any shape you want, decorative curtain tiebacks add some fun to your simple and ordinary life. It's easy to keep your curtains in place. Don't need to attach to the wall, no tools are required and you can create a different style. It's a good choice for window curtains, whether thick or thin, tie tightly and not easy to loosen.

Brand: Valea Home

👤I use these to tie back sheer curtains, but they are heavy and sometimes slide down the curtain.

👤Sturdy and flexible... I love these tiebacks. They are easy to adjust and look great. The pop my drapes needed.

👤These are easy to use and can be used to create different looks.

👤I bought these tiebacks twice. The curtains look great. I was interested in these tiebacks. They looked nice and they held my curtains open without wrinkling. Then the unraveling. Oh no! I am very sad. I bought one of the original tiebacks two months ago. I don't know what I will do to fix it before it gets worse. I use these tiebacks every day. So far, only one of the four is affected. I gave 3 stars for sturdiness because of this.

👤I liked the design of my new curtains but they didn't come with a tie back and I didn't like the way they looked hanging on the rod without being tied back. I wanted to use these tie backs since they wouldn't fight with design in my curtains yet add a bit of interest. They look awesome! I took the chance and was glad I did because they did create a problem, but the description said you can bend them and they stay. I had to anchor them like a traditional tie backs because I wanted them to pull the inside of the curtains to the outside of the window. I picked up wire clips that worked well. The shape of the tie backs is easy to bend. They are pretty and made well. My window/curtains went from being boring to amazing. I would buy these again, I would definitely recommend them.

👤The tiebacks are cute. I thought they would be heavier. It will take me a while to get used to working them. If you like the curtains hanging straight down with tiebacks, I recommend them.

👤These are easy to use. No drilling, no ties, just position and go! My only issue is that my daughter decided to play with it one day and it began to fall apart, and since it isn't secured to the wire the whole way down, it will continue to fall apart until we glue it down completely. I was contacted by customer service a few days after writing my review to confirm my shipping address so they could replace my broken product. The new ones arrived in two days. They were placed in one position and left untouched for a few weeks so they wouldn't come apart. My daughter pulled the end off of the second original product a few days ago, so hopefully they are more durable than the last set.

👤Some reviewers said that they only work on thicker curtains and that they do not stay put on sheer curtains. I bought several pairs of sheer curtains and they have not slid down, it's all according to how you put them on. They can dress up any space. The photos are attached to help the next person make a decision.

10. Fenghuangwu Tiebacks Tie Backs Holdbacks Polyester

Fenghuangwu Tiebacks Tie Backs Holdbacks Polyester

Simple and elegant design, smooth and glossy rope, quality and beautiful, small but suit for both thick and sheer curtains. Strong and not easily worn, hand-woven from lustrous polyester material. It is possible to use curtain tieback, door hanger, wall cradle, bag decor, and other items to meet your daily needs. You can use a hook or directly tie your curtains. Money-back for 30 days. Keep away from children. You can open the package with your hands. The product should not be opened with scissors.

Brand: Fenghuangwu

👤The tie backs are a good quality rope. You can hook them to the wall if you want, they just tie behind your drape. I got a light brown color. I can't think of any cons about this product. The man is Saxman.

👤The ties are a little flimsy. The cords are not secured at the ends and the tassel came off when I tried to tighten the knot. They serve their purpose.

👤I used these for my display. The added "something" was needed to finish the bathroom.

👤These are cheap and good. The curtains look better with them.

👤The price of the tassel made it well suited for my bathroom. It's easy to add beauty to dull places. It's versatile to use in the living room as well. Good buy so far.

👤These are nice curtain tie backs, but I was looking for something bigger. If you're looking for a rope tieback for a light curtain, these are not what you're looking for.

👤Within a month, the top has fallen off and you can't reinsert it into the rope that it is attached to. The larger ones are sturdy. They do not fall apart.

👤It is pretty color gold which matches a lot of curtains. Very versatile.

👤I ordered the tiebacks expecting them to be bigger. They can tie back one curtain by tying it in the back but they are too short and thin to hang it on a wall. They don't look right. Sorry.

👤The patio door has tie backs on it. Looks great.

👤Good product. Strong. Good value for the money. Look good.

11. NICEEC Convenient Decorative Holdbacks Draperies

NICEEC Convenient Decorative Holdbacks Draperies

No drilling or installation. A simple and elegant modern design is used in the magnetic curtain ties. The curtain holder and curtains need to be opened and fastened to fix the curtains. Magnetic curtain tiebacks for drapes will not damage the wall, and you don't need to worry about the extra curtain hooks hurting the child, because you don't need to use tools or drill holes. The magnetic curtain tie backs use nickel-plated magnets that are strong, smooth, and rust-resistant, and will not fall after being buckled. The braided rope is made from premium cotton materials. The silk thread is very strong, it is not easy to fall off, and it adds a modern look to your windows. The curtain tie back holders are easy to use. Depending on your preferences, you can use different binding methods to make your curtains look better. If you don't use tie backs for curtains, you can attach it to any position of the curtain without worry that magnetic curtain holdbacks will be lost for the next use. There is a wide application. The magnetic curtain straps are 23.6 inches long. The binding method can be adjusted according to the thickness of the curtain. It is widely used in curtains in many places, such as bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, office, courtyard and so on. Different colors of magnetic drape tiebacks can change the look of your curtains. There is a restriction on the purchase. Quality products and caring services are what NiceEC is committed to. If you have a question about their products, you can email them and they'll get back to you as soon as possible. They will give you a 100% refund if you don't like their products. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Niceec

👤We were going to replace five existing water repellant drapes with another product, but this solved the problem and saved us several thousand dollars, because we cluster five separate drapes; sheerness should not even be rated in this.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but I like these magnetic tie backs. I have to wrap them around twice because they are longer and thicker than I expected. I don't know how my curtains would perform with heavy window treatments. They hold up even when I pull multiple panels together. Very happy!

👤I didn't think the measurements were small. Like a bracelet size. They were large. I made them work by hooking them on the tie back hooks. I know this hurts the purpose of the magnet. I love the look of them. They are large and well made.

👤The tiebacks are at a set length. They're too loose if I just use the magnets, and if I tie a single loop in them, they're too short. They are pulled down by the weight of the magnet. They are handsome and sturdy. I have to keep them up where I want them.

👤The curtain tie-backs are magnetic. They look high-end because they are simple to use. The curtains match the cords perfectly. The silver closure pieces are not metal. They feel like plastic with the magnet. Unless you handle them, you can't tell they're plastic. I couldn't be happier with how they look.

👤I had doubts as to if I liked them or not when I received them. I received a lot of praise from my family and friends. They can be used in many ways. If you live in an apartment, these are useful for avoiding holes in the wall.

👤I wanted to use this for the double curtains at home. I was not sure if the tie would keep the magnets wrapped tight or if they would be strong enough. It works well and the curtains look great while allowing all the light into the apartment.

👤They were sliding down my drapes. If you have thick drapes or curtains, you could use them, but not with thin ones. I wrapped them double as shown in the picture, and they kept sliding.

👤I bought a van to keep curtains draped back. It was a nice colour. Magnets are poor quality. They move if you knock them slightly.

👤Magnet is easy and secure.


What is the best product for decorative rope for curtains?

Decorative rope for curtains products from Hohnh. In this article about decorative rope for curtains you can see why people choose the product. Jqwupup and Melodieux are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rope for curtains.

What are the best brands for decorative rope for curtains?

Hohnh, Jqwupup and Melodieux are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rope for curtains. Find the detail in this article. Hiastra, Home Queen and Sbros are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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