Best Decorative Rope for Hanging

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1. LIOOBO Garland Farmhouse Country Decoration

LIOOBO Garland Farmhouse Country Decoration

Hand wash only, wipe clean with cloth and cold water. Do not allow water to leave the tray. Natural wooden bead garland is a great finishing touch to your home decor. This Garland is sure to bring just the right touch to your centerpiece, fire mantel, or any other area. The piece is simple and beautiful. A great gift for graduates, moms, newlyweds, new mothers, and more. They will bring peace and faith to your home. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Lioobo

👤I bought these because I saw so many people decorating with them. I am happy that I bought them and have them displayed on my new ottoman tray, which is very nice. The price was great.

👤The beads added a touch to the glass vase.

👤They are pretty and have a touch of whimsy. I like them. They are a creamy color.

👤I saw one on an expensive home site and found these on Amazon. These are the perfect wooden beads for home decor. They are very durable and long lasting.

👤I love this piece, it's great with my decoration, I was looking for it. Do recommend.

👤The item had green mold all over it. The bag was sealed like this. This should not have been shipped from the warehouse. The hassle of sending it back for something that could have been avoided.

👤It's a little thicker than I wanted, but it looks great in my kitchen.

2. Tenn Well Artworks Gardening Applications

Tenn Well Artworks Gardening Applications

It's easy to use, it's a must have accessory for home, office, cafe, balcony, etc. The rope can be adjusted freely according to your needs if you follow the instructions. Their natural jute twine is braided by 16 strands and 5mm in thickness. It is stronger than traditional twisted twine. The strong twine can be cut any length you want, and it won't be intertwined with each other. There is a multi purpose. The thick twine can be used for home decor, craft projects, packaging material, gardening applications and macrame plant hangers. The rope twine is made of natural Jute and won't hurt the environment. 100% replace for any quality problem.

Brand: Tenn Well

👤This twine is worth a lot. I ordered this and a nice lace for decorations. It is amazing. I placed another order for more after ordering just a few.

👤You can find how to make a rope plate on U tube. It was nice. I'm going to make another one with thicker Jute to make it look more nautical and I like the oriental look of it. It's not being used for heavy duty work, but it is strong and feels strong. This one ball was enough to cover the whole plate if you decided to make a rope plate. I added more handles. I had to braid the handles to make them stiff.

👤I bought this for a Macrame project and it is perfect. I would recommend wearing gloves while handling this cord. It is not 100 feet in length as advertised, all of my spools are 98 feet. I will have to buy more. Good value for money, beautiful cord, fast delivery!

👤I like the way this cord looks when I make my macrame plant hangers.

👤The project I was working on required a thicker jute, so I loved the width. I was working on a craft and this product was perfect for it.

👤These are what I'm looking for. I have to start packing because we are moving. I take care of my books first, the ropes are good for them and won't damage them. I don't have to double wrap my books because they are very thick and sturdy. I am very satisfied with the ropes. When packing, I will always get them.

👤I use twine in my aviary. I have created walkways for her.

👤The product broke within two weeks of tying it back, so I can't give it any stars.

3. Mkono Macrame Outdoor Hanging Planter

Mkono Macrame Outdoor Hanging Planter

Easy installation. The hangers are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Put the plant pot in the middle of the conjunction. It makes your life unique, it is great for nature home decor. The hanging plant holder can be used in many places. The modern, vintage-inspired plant hanger adds a unique touch to your room. This beauty would be a great addition to your home or office. Add some flair to your home decor with some special touches. This plant holder is made using 100% Pure cotton cord. The flexible woven design of the Mkono hanging plant stand can be used to fit different shapes and sizes of planters. It's perfect for planters up to 9 inches in diameter. Easy installation. The hangers are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Put the plant pot in the middle of the conjunction. It makes your life unique. The hanging plant holder can be used in many places. Are you looking for a unique gift? You can give this gift to anyone on any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Christmas or just because, it will always be appreciated and loved by those for who this exotic yet modern design will light up their day. If you want to make a statement in your home, buy yours now for yourself or for someone you love. Their product is a registered trademark and they are sole sellers.

Brand: Mkono

👤The only plant hanger I could find that didn't have the tassel at the bottom was the one I found anywhere. I don't like those things. I hope they get more soon because this one is perfect.

👤I love my macrame plant hangers. I loved the packaging. It felt like a higher quality product immediately. I was impressed with the modern design. It does not project a 70's feel. There is a cute floral pattern on the beads that you can't see in the photo, and 2 strings with beads on the ends for added modern flare. I will be able to take them outside next spring and hang them up without any problems, because I purchased them to bring a couple of houseplants indoors for the winter. I fit the pots in. I'm very happy with my purchase, and if I need more, I would order again.

👤I love my Macrame plant holder. It's nicer than the plastic hanging plants.

👤Absolutely adorable! Love it. It has a metal ring to hang it. The detail on the beads is amazing. The beads add something. It's worth every dime.

👤I wasn't sure if I would like it. I got two more. I used to be a hippie. My reluctance came from the fact that I ain't anymore. The beads are pretty low key, which is what I wanted, and the macrame is even more subtle than the photos show. The cotton is high quality and solid, and I like the fact that the bottom is free of fringey "tassle" that many plant hangers have. I have been able to use an S hook extender in some rooms if I need it, even though it's a little short for plants and higher ceilings.

👤Better than expected. It's perfect for my large ivy. There is a I bought another one because I loved these so much. It was not as good as my first. It's like someone cut it on accident and then mended it. It still works, but it should have been cheaper.

👤I love this piece of furniture. I was skeptical about the brown beads because I wanted a light and airy feel in my bedroom. Based on the reviews, I went for this and am surprised how much the beads add to the room. It did not make it feel busy or dark. I have a 10 inch pot in it and it could go bigger if I wanted. You should buy it if you are trying to decide.

👤It was very well made. I noticed a small dot of odor when some people complained. If that is an issue to you, you can wash them. I bought some plastic pots from Walmart and they fit perfectly. I would purchase from this company again if they kept their prices and quality the same. They have a beautiful label tag strung on them so they can be given as a gift.

👤J'adore la jardinire est beaucoup.

👤Number was useless because he was very late arriving. There is a Otherwise, good. Solidly made.

4. MyGift 2 Tier Whitewashed Hanging Shelves

MyGift 2 Tier Whitewashed Hanging Shelves

The hanging swing rope floating shelves are great for decoration in your home entryway, kitchen, or living room. It's a great place to display potted plants, framed pictures, collectibles, and other items. The whitewashed wood and hanging Jute rope construction complement the rustic home decors. The rope hanger can be attached to a wall or ceiling with mounting hardware. The dimensions are 16.75 W x 7.5 D x 25.75 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤My daughter ordered these for her room. I did not have to help her. The quality is even better than I expected.

👤I bought the same model and color from a different brand. I wasn't happy. I bought this one and love it. The wood is stronger than the picture shows. This brand is very good.

👤There was a sticker on the wood that the manufacturer painted over. The ropes don't line up. The shelf is not worth it.

👤I like the idea of it but it seems to be made in a hurry. The knots are not the same length so I had to adjust that a little. I have to be very careful when moving items because it's unbalanced. I made it work and it looks nice, but I don't want to touch it. I think it's overpriced for the quality.

👤I get a lot of praise on this shelf. People always comment on it when I have it in our nursery. If you don't care about the shelves being close, then this will be great. We had to hang the shelf from hooks.

👤It is assembled. You need your own hanging hardware. The product I used was called monkey hooks. I used a thin strip to keep the shelves from sliding.

👤I love the look. We put tape on the ends of twine to thread in the shelves.

👤No assembly is required. It's easy to hang and hold a lot of stuff.

5. POTEY Hanging Floating Succulents Bathroom

POTEY Hanging Floating Succulents Bathroom

The floating storage shelves are made from the highest quality materials and can easily hold even heavier items. A home plant preservation. Green plants are brought into your living space by this hanging shelf. It is suitable for small plants. The house, bathroom, terrace, and kitchen should be full of life. The planks are easy to install. The shelf is 1/2 thickness. Installation instructions and 2 strong metal hooks are provided. The shelves can easily be leveled and you can hang from either side. There is a wood hazard. Hanging shelves are perfect for storing plants, collectibles, photo frames, alarm clocks, candles, towels, cosmetics, souvenirs and anything else you want to display. You should put no more than 10 pounds on each board. A unique gift. A hanging plant holder is a cute gift for your friends or family who is a plant enthusiast or farmhouse decor lover. Service guarantee. Their customers satisfaction is important to them. Their Customer Support team is ready to assist you with any issues you might have with their products, offering refunds or replacements.

Brand: Potey

👤This was very easy to hang. I was amazed how easy it was for me to twist it into my wall. I was intimidated at first and was waiting for my husband to hang for me, but I decided to try my best. I took less than 3 minutes to hang and decorate. I needed more space to display my rare plants and this was perfect.

👤I have a bunch of vintage Disney items that are lightweight and adorable, but I was having a hard time finding a good way to display them. I can't make large holes in the walls because I have to rent a place. I assumed that was the count for floating shelves. I was worried that since I was only going to use small thumb tacks to keep it up, it would fall, and I found this and it looked perfect. It's been months with six cups, a snow globe, a decorative little pot, a figurine, and a pair of mickey ears on the shelves and not only do they look super cute all displayed up there, but it hasn't fallen at all! If you're looking to display lightweight items, I highly recommend this purchase.

👤It looks great in my bedroom. The top shelf is not completely level but the other two are, so I knocked off one star. I think the rope was too low on one side. It is not visible to the naked eye. There is a It is a hanging shelf, so it will move a bit when you move stuff around on it, but other than that it stays perfectly still. I would buy more for the other rooms.

👤I wanted to have more room for my plants in the winter. I have a small house that only has seven windows, so plant space is limited. Adding window shelves has been great but they are a pain to adjust to. The hard part is getting all four knots to the same spot on the string, which is why the advert says it is easy to adjust the knots. I gave up after 20 minutes and my top shelf is crooked. If I put my blinds on the top shelf, I won't be able to see a plant. When I have a photo, I will modify this. They are well made for the price and cute.

👤I bought this knowing it would be more 'rustic' than I wanted. I was going to make one myself, but the price was too good to pass up. When it arrived, I wrapped the rope tightly above the holes, then slid it through, so the painters tape would be on either side of the hole to protect it. I painted the shelves with white chalk. It took me less than 2 minutes to measure, mark, drill, sink anchor and hang it. I wanted it to be a tad bit lower, but my husband is very tall and I had to move it up much higher than I wanted. It still works well in our bathroom. I added a small ivy plant to the top shelf after taking the picture. I love how it came together.

6. 109Yards Colorful Knitting Decorative Projects

109Yards Colorful Knitting Decorative Projects

There is a multi purpose. The rustic twine is great for many things. 3mm Natural Colored twine original cotton rope is made of pure cotton fiber and is almost odorless. The perfect size is around 100 yards (100 meters) length, 3mm diameter macrame cotton rope. It's enough to make a few wall decorations. Their macrame cotton cord is easy to use and soft. It could be easily damaged and cleaned out. You can use this craft rope for many things, such as dream catcher, gardening, gift wrapping, packing material, jewelry and craft projects. Their colorful cotton rope are great for making different kinds of Macrame crafts, like wall hangings, tapestry rope,dream catchers, and Bohemia wedding arch decoration. Your macrame work will be included in the product review.

Brand: Zxcdino

👤The color is wonderful, but it is not as red as my picture shows. I am very disappointed in this cord. I found 888-353-1299 I don't understand how this happened. I fear I will find more. A section in a box? I need this for a commission and cannot return, so I had to make it work.

👤The color is striking. Its not great. There are spots where the dye is missing. It had breaks in the middle which were taped together, or partial breaks which were tied in the middle of the spool. There were also lots of threads that were pulled out. I use this for macrame because a tape break in the middle of a 15 foot piece or in the middle of a tapestry is a flaw that reduces its value.

👤The cord was easy to work with and I loved the color. The thickness and color were the same. I will be buying this again.

👤After starting a project, I found this.

👤The cord is strong and good quality. It is closer to 2.5 or 2mm. It could be less. This works well for my project, but the size should reflect reality in the product description. It's a great price for what you get.

👤This can be used to upcycle containers into baskets. The company didn't have the black in stock and I'm using a different company's black. The beige is a better quality than the black is.

👤The cord is easy to work with and the friend I made the plant hanger for wants to get more in different colors.

👤You need to work on parts that are cut or have inconsistencies. There are white spots throughout the color and it leaves a dye on your fingers.

👤The macrame cord is lovely.

👤It smelled bad when it was opened, but it looked and felt fine. I needed it for a project and had already waited for it to be delivered so I decided to use it anyways. It was Febrezed and steamed for 2 nights and still smells terrible, need to give it to the client soon.

👤This is my first Macrame project and I like it very much. I think it's a good idea.

👤Very happy with it! It was easy to work with and came quick.

👤I made my first macrame from this cord. There is no cut in the cord, it's perfect for weaving.

7. Tenn Well Strong Natural Packaging

Tenn Well Strong Natural Packaging

100% risk free purchase. A service-disabled veteran-owned business called Ravenox. All of the products of the American Small Business are backed by women. You will get your money back if you are not completely satisfied. They are proud to be one of only 29 rope manufacturers in the world that help set the standards in rope manufacturing. The rope is made in the USA. The strong twine is 4mm in diameter and can grip items tightly. The thickness of the noodles is more than most of the others. Rope is used for home decorating, craft project, wrap gifts or gardening. 100% natural twine, Eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. It is easy to use and you can cut any length as you please.

Brand: Tenn Well

👤The 4mm thickness is strong and perfect for typing bundles of leafy branches. I found this one at a good price after searching for longer than I wanted. The core tube is easy to open and remove, and you don't have to worry about a mess. Happy! After 6 months, there is an update. I used the cord outside where the rain and wind put extra stress on the fiber and it failed. This cord breaks when you need it the most. You should look for something that is resistant and durable. Not happy.

👤I am very happy with my purchase, it is perfect for my projects.

👤I have a shrub that is leaning. The shrub was wrestled into a vertical position by pounding a rebar into the ground on the low side. I used twine to secure it. The shrub was blended with the color. It was perfect!

👤This Twine is thin. Couldn't use! A 4mm Twine on a roll is very thin. There is a I have never used it. The Twine was very thin when I was ready to use it. There is a Please tell everyone that 4mm twine won't hold a swing bunny. Roll is in wrap and never used. There is a Allow us to return for our money back. Thank you!

👤I cut down a large bush and used it for binding branches. Nice twine. Didn't break while being tightened around stacks of branches. Pass the county requirements to retrieve branches.

👤This is very thin twine. The picture shows a thicker twine. It is a deliberate strategy to lie because thicker twine costs more. Stay away. It's better to buy in person at the home depot. It is cheaper and you can see the thickness.

👤I needed twine that wasn't super skinny so I could tie my napkins. This is the perfect thickness. I used it for a project.

👤The rope is great quality and I bought it to decorate some Christmas ornaments.

8. ProManila Rope Inch Polypropylene Commercial

ProManila Rope Inch Polypropylene Commercial

Easy setup and good customer service. Installation is simple, just install it wherever you please and enjoy the warm torch light. They will respond to your question in 24 hours. The lightweight "UnManila" is a synthetic version of the classic manila fiber. A versatile all-purpose utility cord is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Such as around the ranch or farm, as a decorative adornment for landscaping, or in a game of tug-o'-war. The strength and resilience of Polypropylene is high. Polypro rope fibers are lightweight and have high-tensile strength. The 3-Strand Polypropylene Rope has good shock absorption and does not kink. The ProManila rope provides a noticeable performance boost over natural manila at a cheaper price point. Large commercial, construction, or home improvement projects can save a lot of money. You can choose between pre-cut lengths of 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, or 600 feet. The SGT KNOTS Rope diameter thickness options are: 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 1/3 inch, and 1 inch. The synthetic fibers may be smaller than listed. The color mimics natural rope. SGT Knuts is committed to being the best of the best, just like the Marine Corps. The motto is, "Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful." Their loyalty to their customers is what makes them who they are, and the reason they continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. They promise to keep the strength and consistency of their products. Their bulk savings are passed on to their customers. SGT Knuts is committed to being the best of the best, just like the Marine Corps. The motto is, "Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful." Their loyalty to their customers is what makes them who they are, and the reason they continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. They promise to keep the strength and consistency of their products. Their bulk savings are passed on to their customers.

Brand: Sgt Knots

👤SGTknots was very helpful with my questions and this rope was exactly what I wanted. If anyone wants to achieve a similar look, here is how I did it. My swing had bolts on it that were mounted to the bottom. I mounted the screw eyes to the beams. I cut a roll of 30ft of chain to length with bolt cutter and then used 5/16” quick links to connect the chain to the screw eyes. The rope has a promanilla. I used a blow torch to burn the ends of the rope so it wouldn't fall. Hope this helps!

👤It is a little spendy but worth it! The rope looks like natural fiber, but it will be more durable in the elements. I used this for a tree swing and it turned out great.

👤If you are looking for a top quality rope, this is it. I bought mine at 100 feet. I was able to do many projects with it. I made curtain tie backs and wrapped a planters pot. The rope is very strong and can be used for many different projects; from crafts to children's swing-set. If you're looking for a rope that is strong and nice looking, I recommend buying this rope. You will not be disappointed.

👤I bought a 1 inch rope to create an outdoor room under some palm trees on our property, it is very strong and difficult to cut through, but I managed to do it! I like the way it looks. Very happy with the results. I believe this stuff will live on. The seller was great. It was the best price by far. Others were twice this price.

👤I have never purchased rope before, and I was expecting it to be less than ideal for my purpose of moving a boulder off of my property. It worked out great, I was wrong. It's easier to tie knots when you melt the cut ends with your Bic lighter and squeeze the loose strands with your fingertips. There is a I cut myself 12' lengths to connect the front bumpers to the rear bumpers of cars in parking lots near me after I got that boulder off the north-forty and onto a public highway. A plastic rope is fine, but it will be more slippery when wet than a natural rope. I suggest the 1/2 size for most uses, rather than the 3/4" that I have been using. I have big hands and fat fingers, so it was easy to tie knots with the 3/4" size. James "Time Travel Wish" Mason.

👤I was worried that a synthetic version of manilla rope would look fake or that it would be hard to work with, since there would be a lot of strands sticking out. I was wrong to worry. The rope is neat and realistic, with no strings or strands sticking off like some of the natural fiber manilla rope. It is very easy to tie knots. If you are an earth tone lover like I am, the color is beautiful. I wanted to make it look like the pillars on the dock were covered with rope, so I bought it to cover a support beam in our house. I ordered the wrong rope. I thought the nylon rope was only 1/6th of an inch. The UnManila may have been 1/2 inch shorter. I am buying 1/2 inch and returning the spool I have. I'm waiting for its arrival tomorrow. It's perfect for my project. I know it will make the support column look better and make my room look better. I am happy that it won't stretch over time like natural fibers.

9. Upgraded Flickering Waterproof Landscape Decoration

Upgraded Flickering Waterproof Landscape Decoration

The solar lights are upgraded. Brighter with Upgraded Bulbs, Quick Charging Technology with Larger Solar Panel, Safe Alternative to The Real "flames", Romantic Decoration. There are four pieces of solar flame torch lights in each pack. Solar torch light is widely used. When used outdoors, the waterproof performance of the IP65 can be used. The outdoor solar lights are a great choice for Party decorations, Home Decor, Landscape, Garden, Yard, Driveway, Pathway, Walkway, Holiday decorations and so on. Solar powered and auto on from dusk to dawn. The dancing flame torch light collects solar energy all day long, then turns on automatically at dusk and then off at dawn. The light is powered by solar power, so you can place it under direct sunlight. 33 LEDs torch with 600mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery is a long working time. After fully charged, light up 12 hours later. The charging time is 8 hours. Easy setup and good customer service. Installation is simple, just install it wherever you please and enjoy the warm torch light. They will respond to your question in 24 hours. Easy setup and good customer service. Installation is simple, just install it wherever you please and enjoy the warm torch light. They will respond to your question in 24 hours.

Brand: Qinol

👤I love the look of the units charging in one day. I put the spikes in sand because they have either broken or bent. The spikes should be made of plastic. We need to make something to keep them in the ground.

👤You know, sometimes you should see something and order it, but when it arrives it looks nothing like the picture you were shown. This is similar to the picture. There is a They sit nicely in my planters.

👤I didn't count on the fact that solar lamps are not very bright. I put them around the back patio a week ago, so I can't speak to the longevity yet. They cast a nice low, flickering light that is pretty and relaxing and helps us see the border between where the patio ends and the grass begins. When the sun goes down, it's nice to set a mood and make the patio inviting. The only downside to them was that the stake part that goes into the ground is flimsy, you'll want soft ground to stake them into or the stake will bend.

👤I ordered 2 boxes of lights. There were only 3 ground spikes in the boxes. There is a The longer ground stakes provided don't fit with the spikes provided. They are not locked up.

👤I used these along with bright led flowers to light up my yard for the holidays, but left them because they were not protected from animals. They have been through a lot of rain, ice, and freezing temperatures. If they can get a lot of light during the day, then they do well in lower light. The yard is running great now that the spring is coming. I used these along with bright led flowers to light up my yard for the holidays, but left them because they were not protected from animals. They have been through a lot of rain, ice, and freezing temperatures. If they can get a lot of light during the day, then they do well in lower light. The yard is running great now that the spring is coming. There is an update. An ICE STORM and a HEAT DOME are still happily flickering away after almost a year. Need a little correction but still look great!

👤The torches in my yard are beautiful. The flicker pattern looks realistic. I like that these have an on/off button. You have to remove the top every time, because other brands have it inside. These charges quickly and stay charged. Stay on all night when mine come on at dusk. It is easy to assemble. I ordered another set because I love them so much. I reached out to the company when one of them didn't charge. They responded quickly with suggestions. They replaced me when that failed. I can't say enough good things about their product and customer service. Adding these to your yard is something I recommend. They will respond quickly if you ask a question. I will be ordering another set for the side of the house.

10. TIMEYARD Decorative Hanging Distressed Floating

TIMEYARD Decorative Hanging Distressed Floating

The hanging wood shelves are attractive and sturdy. Each is made of strong wooden boards with a rustic-style torched finish. The floating shelf is about 41 inches tall. The 3-Tiered Floating Shelf is a great piece for farmhouse or rustic décor. They have a rustic charm. They allow to put things on display. Adding additional shelving space for books, collectibles, plants, crafts, photos and more is possible with the help of them. Their simplicity makes them versatile. These rustic rope hanging shelves are great for farmhouse wood wall decor in your kitchen dining room, living room, bedroom, farmhouse, apartment, dorm room, or office. Plants can be hung on the wall, in front of a window, on a terrace or indoors. The hanging shelves are easy to hang. You can hang from a nail, screw or hook. The cord can be adjusted to allow you to hang from the middle or on either side. All of their products are manufactured and sole selling, and Timeyard is a registered trademark. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Timeyard

👤I don't have a lot of well lit windows, the windows that do get great light don't have a good place to put my plants. Enter this contraption. It's perfect for my well-window because it offers so much more space without disrupting the window's function. It's sturdy and cute. I used some string lights to jazz it up. I will probably buy more similar items in other areas.

👤I love my bathroom. I can add details to the décor. We have a small bathroom that is also used as a guest bathroom so this is what I was looking for. Something that would allow me to add more decor without feeling overwhelmed. When a guest uses the bathroom, they enter a nice welcoming loo, not just someone else's cluttered, uncomfortable, and boring bathroom.

👤For people who struggle with how to decorate, the unit is so easy to hang that it's a dream.

👤I had this for about four months. One of the photos shows how I am using it now, one shows a vase filled with rocks, and one shows how I hung it. I posted a pic of what I used and it has stayed sturdy, I did not do anything special to hang it. I have had a lot of things on it. It can handle a surprising amount of weight, even though it hasn't pulled on the wall. It looks nice and high quality. I really like it.

👤I could not be happier. I was looking for something similar in my home. Excellent quality, easy to install, and very sturdy. As long as you use sturdy wall hanging hooks, it holds a bit of weight.

👤Excellent quality. You will have to buy your own hooks since it doesn't come with them. I recommend the lever hangers for the bottom of the shelves. Make sure you find a stud that will hold the weight.

👤I like how it turned out. I cut off the ends of the mine. I don't like the shelves that are made of them. I feel like styraphome? You can spell however you please. It's a good thing.

👤This is a plant shelf in my office. I felt guilty that it was easy to make myself, but I was happy that I bought it because the boards are lighter than regular wood. It's not the most sturdy thing, but it holds my plants well. I attached it to the wall with sticky pads and a metal hook. I tried the highest weight-rated command strip hooks I could find, but they were too wide and made the ropes look odd, so I switched to something else. I didn't have to make any changes to the shelf, it was inexpensive and works great, maybe I just got lucky, as others stated in their reviews, it was inexpensive and works great.

👤Very disappointed. I was embarrassed when I gave my daughter the gift. The shelves aren't stable enough to support anything other than the dust that will collect on it in the box, and the ropes are crooked.

11. Vivifying Natural Crafts Scratch Bundling

Vivifying Natural Crafts Scratch Bundling

SGT Knuts is committed to being the best of the best, just like the Marine Corps. The motto is, "Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful." Their loyalty to their customers is what makes them who they are, and the reason they continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. They promise to keep the strength and consistency of their products. Their bulk savings are passed on to their customers. You don't worry about any damage to the items because they are very strong. Their 8mm jute is made from a plant that is not harmful to the environment. Their thick brown string is widely used for crafts, cat scratch post, bundling, gardening and so on. If you don't like their 8mm twine, replace it. It is very convenient to use and packed on a coil. You can cut as you please.

Brand: Vivifying

👤Jute rope is cheap. It takes multiple washes and heat to remove the excessive smell to rope. The large fiber chips in rope require a lot of work to break down. Lots of fuzz needs to be flaming. It was nice to twist the rope. Smooth with a golden brown color. I wouldn't trust it for suspensions after removing the large fiber chips, but it was a decent rope. The cost savings may not be worth it considering the water and propane and detergent required.

👤The diameter of this rope is ideal for scratching posts. There are videos on the internet that show you how to wrap a post without using tools. Works well. One 50 ft roll of this rope is enough to do one normal height scratching post, similar to the one you can see in the product pictures. If you want to do more than one post, or have a post that is taller than average, you will need more than one roll of the rope.

👤The scratching posts on my cat's tower needed to be fixed. I ran out after wrapping the shortest post. If you wrap a scratching post you should order a roll more than you think you need. I bought additional jute at my local hardware store and found it to be subpar in many ways. The rope is warm. The rope is very easy to work with and it is softer than the store bought rope. I prefer the smooth finished texture of the Vivifying over the finished texture of the store that I bought it from. My cat is happy climbing and scratching her way through life because I used jute.

👤I have been looking for Jute rope for a long time and was happy to find it here. It was a bit bigger than I anticipated. It worked out well for the project I was doing. I used the whole roll for my project, but I was glad I wasn't short, I have a hate/love relationship with it. It is a good quality rope. I would buy again.

👤My cats scratched away at the jute on the scratching posts. I bought this rope because it said it would work on scratching posts. It was a bit thicker than the rope on the posts, but it still worked well as a replacement. My cats started using the refurbished posts immediately. Buying new posts was more expensive than applying new rope.

👤A good rope for beginners. The cotton rope that I got from SGT isn't bad, but I prefer Jute. The classic rope tightening sound when tying adds to the feel of Jute. It arrived pretty rough but you can't best the cost.

👤I used this rope to cover up the posts on the cat tree. This did a great job. The color looks clean and perfect. I have had it around my cat tree for about 2 months now and it is holding up. I would definitely recommend this rope to someone who wants to make a fixer upper.


What is the best product for decorative rope for hanging?

Decorative rope for hanging products from Lioobo. In this article about decorative rope for hanging you can see why people choose the product. Tenn Well and Mkono are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rope for hanging.

What are the best brands for decorative rope for hanging?

Lioobo, Tenn Well and Mkono are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rope for hanging. Find the detail in this article. Mygift, Potey and Zxcdino are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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