Best Decorative Rope Ladder

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1. Dahey Blanket Ladder Hanging Storage

Dahey Blanket Ladder Hanging Storage

If you use a mild detergent, do not use bleach or iron. The ladder is perfect for blankets, scarves or towels. The wooden ladder is a great way to display your blankets, scarves or other textiles. Adding a touch of rustic to your house is a good idea. The blanket ladder is a great way to display blankets, towels, scarves,beach towels,shawls,magazines, newspapers,clothes and more. The blanket ladder can hold up to 22 lbs., so you can create hanging storage in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. The modern style ladder rack is a simple wall decoration that can fit in your home decor. The deep color of the house enhances the rustic feel. It is the best gift for a new home. Installation is easy with rope hanging. There was nothing to build and no instructions. It is easy to move it to any place you need it to be, just hang it to the hook. The diameter of wood is 1.2 and the distance is 9. A person tries to approach nature when the industry develops fast. The wooden blanket hanger is stylish.

Brand: Dahey

👤Cute for my baby's room. I put some blankets on it. It is a really fun addition. I used a hook to hang.

👤Love it! It's perfect for my bathroom. It works great for towels or lightweight blankets. It was a good hanger, but it wasn't the best. We used an anchor and a hook. It turned out perfect!

👤It's better than a blanket ladder. I love how it makes my living room look nice.

👤I bought this for my blankets. Didn't work, but was used as a towel holder. It leans to the right with or without something. You can't fix it if it's assembled. This is being used but put out there.

👤I bought this for my living room, which is 195 years old, and doesn't have any closets in the ground floor. It is a cute way to store blankets, but make sure you have stylish ones if you want to display them year round.

👤If you need to get some blankets out of the way.

👤I don't use blankets in the summer but I love the extra storage for them. My use for full size blankets is fine, but this is more for throw blankets.

👤I was very happy with my order. Would buy it again. The hang is easy and light.

2. Rainbow Craft Climbing Rope Ladder

Rainbow Craft Climbing Rope Ladder

Private yard use only. Don't use in public settings. Excellent quality. The climbing rope ladder is made of strong PP material. 220 lbs load-bearing guarantees safety for kids. The ninja rope ladder is portable and easy to set up, just attach it to the swing set bars or ninja slackline in a few seconds. It's perfect for matching with other ninja course accessories. Friendly toy present There is a certain reason for having this ninja ladder, it is for kids birthday present, outdoor fun play, backyard ninja training, ninja obstacle course in the park, kids fitness on the playground, and more. Recommended for ages 1-8. All of the ninja warrior obstacle course from Rainbow Craft has been certified by the CPC. Children use all materials of plastic, metal and plastic parts. Kids will enjoy ninja warrior fun no matter where they play. There is a perfect choice of kids holiday gift, that is Rainbow Craft ninja ladder climbing ladder for kids. No worries about what to get the kids for Christmas. The rope ladder can be installed indoors or outdoors. Kids will have fun during the holiday.

Brand: Rainbow Craft

👤My son loves climbing the ladder, he climbs the tree like a koala bear.

👤My kids are on it every day because we hung it from a tree branch. They use it as a swing. It is very strong. They have had two at a time. I was more concerned about the branch. I made one of the best purchases for my kids. They play on this way more than the tire swing or hammock swing.

👤It was a perfect addition to the course. The kids play with it all the time. A lot of fun.

👤Due to remote learning, I bought this to hang in my basement. The ladder is sturdy and well made. It is difficult for my kids to climb since it has a hook at the top. My kids like to swing on it.

👤This is made of plastic and will not be as durable over time. My kids like it. They use it to climb into the tree. It had to be secured to the ground so it wouldn't swing wildly.

👤My youngest is enjoying the food. She has been climbing up and down like a monkey. The rope is very thick and the ladder is very stable for her weight. There is a I'm sure your kids will enjoy it, even if you attach it to something else.

👤I bought the item because it was advertised as free return and no fee was mentioned. I returned it immediately after I found it was too small to use. I was charged a fee for returning things. Do you believe the false advertisement on the website?

👤It's difficult for kids to climb without swinging too far. We are going to try for a few more days but will likely have to return.

3. Rainbow Craft Swing Bar Rings

Rainbow Craft Swing Bar Rings

There is a perfect choice of kids holiday gift, that is Rainbow Craft ninja ladder climbing ladder for kids. No worries about what to get the kids for Christmas. The rope ladder can be installed indoors or outdoors. Kids will have fun during the holiday. The best choice of gymnastics rings for kids is backyard ninja warrior obstacle course. Kids 3 years to 12 years old use ninja rings in safety as backyard training equipment for outdoor fun. It takes a few seconds to attach the bar rings to the swing set or ninja line, it is portable and easy to set up. Matching with other ninja course accessories, monkey bars, rope ladder, cargo net, swing wheels, and ninja fists is a great gift for kids. FRIENDLY TOY PRESENT- You always have a reason to have these monkey rings, they are especially designed for kids birthday gifts, for outdoor parties, for day in the park, for kids outdoor toy on the playground or training equipment in the fitness class. Recommended for ages 1-8. All of the obstacle course at Rainbow Craft's ninja warrior is compliant with the standards for children's play. Children use all materials of plastic, metal and plastic parts. Kids will enjoy ninja warrior fun no matter where they play. Children play on a playground ninja warrior obstacle course with plastic covered rings.

Brand: Rainbow Craft

👤The monkey bars were too high for our child. They work well. It is easy to clip on.

👤Great product. My girls are ninjas and these were what we were looking for.

👤These were added to the ninja warrior course line. These were easier to grasp by small hands.

👤Kids love playing in them.

👤We built a swingset for Christmas. The kids love it!

👤It was used on a slack line. It works perfectly. It was wonderful for little hands to grab on to.

👤Good hardware and bright colors.

👤The knots on our ninja line were replaced with these to help our eight year old be more successful. They fit perfectly and she loves them. Will add more knots for our challenges later.

👤Un gran disculpa. El producto is a lleg. Hubo una confusin.

4. Chenkou Craft Artificial Foliage Garland

Chenkou Craft Artificial Foliage Garland

If a leaf falls off, it can be reinserted by hand. Around 10.94yards is the quantity of 10Metrs/package.

Brand: Chenkou Craft

👤It seems well made and arrived on time. It isn't very full and won't work for me.

👤It looks exactly like the picture. Don't think "thick" here or you'll be disappointed. Think of it as a thicker yarn with little leaves. The quality is excellent. I used it as a party decoration and it's held up to my kids for a month... still looks like the day I bought it. We'll use this over and over because we're a very nature family. It is DEFINITELY worth the price.

👤Was what I was looking for. It was used as a decoration for my dreads.

👤Really pretty. It has a shimmer. I used it to make some decor to hide my TV wires. If you cut it, it will unbraid and I would use super glue to stop it.

👤It was expected to be rough like sisal rope. It's more flexible than sisal. Excellent quality. I plan to use it to make a hammock or ladder for my bearded dragon's enclosure.

👤I love this vine. It's realistic. This is the second time I have purchased it. I used it for a crypt. I hot-glued it to the crypt and it held up for over 6 weeks. I bought this for an outdoor flower banner for the rim of my gazebo and it's been up there for over a year. Birds started to pick at it in the spring. It held up well during the NYC seasons.

👤The leaves are very small, but the length allowed us to put the garlands on the center of the table. It was used for a bridal shower and everyone thought it was lovely. I'm excited to use it again for an event because I stayed clean even though it was on the food table.

👤The curtain rod was wrapped around the changing table. It makes my children's room feel like a jungle. I tied it down so it wouldn't be easy to untie. There will be 100% supervision at all times. Excellent quality. Great length.

👤The rope has fabric leaves. It was used for wedding cake decoration. Didn't use it. It would have been fine. Will be useful for another purpose. Good value.

👤It's not a good decoration. You wouldn't. It looks like it was made from shoelaces. Be alright for a dolls house.

👤Excellent for bouquets. Good quality, good value, and arrived on time.

👤The quality is good, the sizes are nice and long, and they look good wrapped around something.

👤I bought the wrong type of material for the vivarium. It looks like it would be a good idea to put around the outside of the vivarium.

5. ABC Deluxe Decorative Farmhouse Handmade

ABC Deluxe Decorative Farmhouse Handmade

The material is handcrafted from hand-selected fir wood and sealed to perfection. Excellent quality and function. The shelving unit has four shelves and rope. Natural wood grain, knots, and coloring make each piece unique with a distressed farmhouse finish. Smaller towel ladder is not the same as the larger one. In between the shelves, there are 29'' H x 12.5'' W x 2.5'' D. The length can be adjusted by moving the knots. The ladder can be used as a prop against the wall to display towels or other decorative accents. The ladder is ready to use right out of the box, not intended for climbing. Hardware is included for hanging. The wood ladder can be hung on a wall or on a countertop. The design is rustic. This piece is a perfect fit for a variety of design styles from cozy cabin to modern farmhouse and more. A multi-use shelter. Hanging bathroom towels, kitchen towels, ties, scarves, belts, magazines, baby blankets, and much more can be done with a ladder-like option. The wall blanket shelf will look great in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and any other place you want it to.

Brand: Abc Deluxe

👤This ladder is small. I can put my blanket in a place that is not being used. Command Hooks support 5 pounds. The buyer should add bumpers at the top and bottom of the rails. I sliced wine corks in half. This will prevent the ladder from scratching the wall when you load the blanket onto it.

👤I didn't get it after ordering it after a lot of high reviews. The rustic color is positive. It's smaller than my torso and wouldn't hold more than one couch blanket. I tried to return it, but it's not possible. I wasted money on this product. Donating it this weekend to get it out of the house.

👤I received the ladder quickly. The box was very light and sturdy when I opened it. I used it for blankets in our living room, but initially hung towels on it. It was designed well.

👤The towel rack is great for small towels. I used this to display some tea towels. It was perfect.

👤Great product. It looks great in my bathroom.

👤What a great addition to my bathroom. When I received it, I loved it even more than when I ordered it. The note attached to my purchase expresses my gratitude. Looking forward to seeing more products from this company.

👤It is perfect for my bathroom decor.

6. Greenstell Wall Hanging Bathroom Decorative Farmhouse

Greenstell Wall Hanging Bathroom Decorative Farmhouse

The tiered ladder organizers bring a beautiful, rustic design and organization into your home. Their wooden décor can be used in any living space. The towel ladder rack is made of pine wood and features straight sides and three rungs. The whitewash finish gives it an antique aesthetic feel. The multi-functionalLADDER RACK is perfect for displaying towels, small blankets and decorative quilts. The wood towel storage ladder adds beauty and function to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Simply place clothes, blankets, and more on the rungs to keep them ready. It is a space saving alternative to traditional shelves. It is easy to install and hang with all the kits needed, including dual wall mounted hook with 2 screws, 2 screws-2 types for concrete ceiling or wood ceiling, 10 pieces screws for mounting the shelf, 2 pieces metal hanging parts, 1 piece Allen Wrench, and a level mark measuring instrument It can hold up to 50 lbs. The Greenstell rope ladder towel rack is easy to install on any wall space. This towel ladder shelf is perfect in size, measuring 2.3” x 16” x 34” high. It's perfect to match with other wall decorations.

Brand: Greenstell

👤The towel rack is terrible. The screws didn't line up with the holes when put together, and there are design flaws that you don't notice when looking at cute pics online. You can't fit a towel between the bar and wall if you mount it to the wall. If you hang it on the rope it will make marks. I had to use crazy glue to get through the bars to get it back. Not that expensive. I wasted my money. I will throw it away when I decide to.

👤It's missing but comes with a level which isn't even listed under the parts. The wood is not worth $25 bucks or $10. The hook that needs to be screwed in without screws has a lot of useless screws. I will need to take it all apart because they installed the hanging hook and it didn't work out and they didn't want to break it.

👤I received a custom printed tea towel with a family recipe on it. I wanted to display this in my home, but I had to "curtain rod" it. I saw this item on Amazon and thought it would work. It is perfect! The aged print is nicely complemented by the antique look. I hung it in the hallway. I think this is a great way to display something, but I'm not sure how well it will hold up as a towel rod, but I could be wrong. I am very pleased with the final product.

👤The person who made these parts did it with their eyes closed. One of the poles is longer than the rest and there is a way to put the top piece on. If you try to squeeze the top part on the shorter one, you will get a warped towel rack. It's just bad quality and it's in the $5 section of walmart. A freshman wood shop class kid made it.

👤The rungs didn't give enough space between the wall for a bath towel, but I like the way it looks. My husband added some wood on the back of the house. The guest bathroom has recently been renovated.

👤I love it! It's perfect with my farmhouse decor in the bathroom. I hung a couple extra hand towels on it to make it look bigger. I used a long deck screw to hold it together because one of the inserts that you screw into was missing.

👤The rack is in good shape. It is cute and will fit my needs. The description says it comes with a hook and everything needed to hang it, but it did not. I didn't want to have to struggle to find screws and a hook in the middle of moving, so I have not been able to hang this yet.

👤The towel rack is pretty. The wood looks pretty even when it's out of the box. The pieces that should be equal length are not making it look even with the screws showing. It hangs nicely on the door, but when you open and close it, it goes flying and banging all over the place, making it really loud. A bit of a disappointment.

7. DOCMON Rack 3 Tier Whitewashed Wall Hanging Farmhouse

DOCMON Rack 3 Tier Whitewashed Wall Hanging Farmhouse

Their service is available. If you are dissatisfied with the set rustic wall decor rack, you can replace or full refunds. Problems will be responded to within 12 hours. The towel holder is rustic and has hanging rope. Farmhouse style. A trendy substitute for a generic towel holder is a shabby chic whitewashed finish. Hanging rope can be used to mount a shelf. The dimensions are: 3.5 W x 24.8 H. It can be used to store items. Their service is available. If you are dissatisfied with the set rustic wall decor rack, you can replace or full refunds. Problems will be responded to within 12 hours.

Brand: Docmon

👤The ladder is in my bathroom. It is light and well made. The wood is very smooth and distressing. It is as described and the size is correct. It is a great deal. It can be used in a bathroom or as a wall hanging decor piece. A very versatile piece. You can change the look with different things. I changed my rope around to have the knots on the outside instead of the inside. I draped some beads over the top rail and added a wreath to the top.

👤I love the look of it. I thought it was for bath towels. It is fine for hand towels. The towel rack in my bathroom is perfect.

👤I am currently using this to display a decorative towel in my daughter's bathroom, but I could see it being used for other purposes as well. I may have to purchase another one. It's in perfect shape and is sturdy. Great deal!

👤I am using a ladder to decorate my living room. This piece is finished nicely and is the most reasonable and excellent quality, so it looks great with the big "Cowgirl Framed Art"

👤The towel holder is small. The only issue is that it comes off easily. The paint was MzEd to bare wood.

👤I bought two for bathroom remodeling. I had to apply hot glue to the back of my house. It is so light.

👤It's perfect for my bathroom.

👤I like the look of this ladder and I have the perfect spot for it. The whitewash on it comes off when you touch it. I tried to wipe it off, thinking it might be something. All the white was coming off! It's almost like it's covered in chalk. Not impressed. I bought it for holding hand towels because I don't want to get white chalky stuff all over them. I have to use it as decor. I am really disappointed about this.

👤I love it! The perfect size for hand towels. I stained it to match my decor. Real wood is easy to paint/stained/sanded. Tip: If you want to mark up your walls, use double sided sticky strips to adhere it to the wall, as it will bang around when you dry your hands. There is enough room for a towel between the rungs. The hook is compatible with Amazon. This little towel holder is adorable.

👤I have a new modern farmhouse bathroom. Many people compliment it. I put felt furniture pads on the back of it because it is very light and bashes the wall. You could use nails to secure it. I bought a second one for my sister because she loved it. I would add a picture but it wouldn't let me.

👤It looks pretty good, Amazon deliver as promised.

👤I use it in my bathroom with towels that match the candles.

8. Kidde 468093 Two Story Anti Slip 13 Foot

Kidde 468093 Two Story Anti Slip 13 Foot

The copper fairy string lights need 4 AA batteries. The hanging light can be installed in the living room, bedroom, corridor, courtyard, garden, bar and windows. It will make these perfect for many occasions. The fire ladder is easy to use. A foldable ladder is flame resistant. A fire safety ladder was tested to 1,000 pounds. It is easy to deploy a tangle free design in an emergency. The 5-year warranty does not include assembly or tools.

Brand: Kidde

👤A family in our community died because they couldn't get out of their home. My husband is a firefighter and was one of the people who found the family. It was a sad thing. There was a mom and dad with two kids. They couldn't get out of the burning stairwell in their home. They could have lived if they had a fire ladder. After my husband got home from work, he ordered one of these on Amazon. We moved to a two-story home but haven't bought it yet. It is not worth the risk. If we can't get to one, we'll buy another one on both sides of the house upstairs. The issue of having small children would not be solved by the latter. Adults could easily climb down the ladder out of the window, but toddlers and babies couldn't. I thought about tying ropes to a laundry basket and putting it in a closet because I wouldn't have a way to get my kids down a ladder on my own. I could lower my baby with rope. If I were alone with my kids, I would probably do that. An idea for other mamas with small children. They are so grateful that they make a product like this.

👤Disaster Preparedness month is in September and it would be good to practice going up and down the ladder with the family. The kids ranged in age from 18 to 11 and practiced climbing up and down. Yes, it works, but it is a bit wobbly. The reason for the 4 stars vs 5 stars is important. The metal edges of the steps are sharp and will cause damage to the siding of the house if people go down them. One of the red caps at the hook came off while we were practicing, the finish below the windowsill. The ladder will work in an emergency, however, it will cause damage to the side of the house when practiced.

👤I ordered this ladder because I wanted to have fire drills with our grandsons, who are suddenly terrified of fire. Had I known it was only one use, I wouldn't have ordered it. It's hard to practice going up and down a ladder. The description needs to clearly state that information. I sent it back.

👤When my husband stepped out the window, the ladder twisted and bent, as we pulled this out of the box to test it. He would have fallen from the 2nd story window if I hadn't held it at the top. Horribly unsafe and disappointing. We tried this before we needed it.

👤This was one of the first things we bought when we moved into our house. There is no reason not to invest in something that can save your life. You won't need this device. You don't want to be in the position of not having it. I recommend that you put at least one in the upstairs of your housing unit in a place that is easy to get to. The ladder is easy to deploy and make it easy for kids to do it if they are left at home. I would recommend this product to others.

9. TIMEYARD Decorative Hanging Distressed Floating

TIMEYARD Decorative Hanging Distressed Floating

The hanging wood shelves are attractive and sturdy. Each is made of strong wooden boards with a rustic-style torched finish. The floating shelf is about 41 inches tall. The 3-Tiered Floating Shelf is a great piece for farmhouse or rustic décor. They have a rustic charm. They allow to put things on display. Adding additional shelving space for books, collectibles, plants, crafts, photos and more is possible with the help of them. Their simplicity makes them versatile. These rustic rope hanging shelves are great for farmhouse wood wall decor in your kitchen dining room, living room, bedroom, farmhouse, apartment, dorm room, or office. Plants can be hung on the wall, in front of a window, on a terrace or indoors. The hanging shelves are easy to hang. You can hang from a nail, screw or hook. The cord can be adjusted to allow you to hang from the middle or on either side. All of their products are manufactured and sole selling, and Timeyard is a registered trademark. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Timeyard

👤I don't have a lot of well lit windows, the windows that do get great light don't have a good place to put my plants. Enter this contraption. It's perfect for my well-window because it offers so much more space without disrupting the window's function. It's sturdy and cute. I used some string lights to jazz it up. I will probably buy more similar items in other areas.

👤I love my bathroom. I can add details to the décor. We have a small bathroom that is also used as a guest bathroom so this is what I was looking for. Something that would allow me to add more decor without feeling overwhelmed. When a guest uses the bathroom, they enter a nice welcoming loo, not just someone else's cluttered, uncomfortable, and boring bathroom.

👤For people who struggle with how to decorate, the unit is so easy to hang that it's a dream.

👤I had this for about four months. One of the photos shows how I am using it now, one shows a vase filled with rocks, and one shows how I hung it. I posted a pic of what I used and it has stayed sturdy, I did not do anything special to hang it. I have had a lot of things on it. It can handle a surprising amount of weight, even though it hasn't pulled on the wall. It looks nice and high quality. I really like it.

👤I could not be happier. I was looking for something similar in my home. Excellent quality, easy to install, and very sturdy. As long as you use sturdy wall hanging hooks, it holds a bit of weight.

👤Excellent quality. You will have to buy your own hooks since it doesn't come with them. I recommend the lever hangers for the bottom of the shelves. Make sure you find a stud that will hold the weight.

👤I like how it turned out. I cut off the ends of the mine. I don't like the shelves that are made of them. I feel like styraphome? You can spell however you please. It's a good thing.

👤This is a plant shelf in my office. I felt guilty that it was easy to make myself, but I was happy that I bought it because the boards are lighter than regular wood. It's not the most sturdy thing, but it holds my plants well. I attached it to the wall with sticky pads and a metal hook. I tried the highest weight-rated command strip hooks I could find, but they were too wide and made the ropes look odd, so I switched to something else. I didn't have to make any changes to the shelf, it was inexpensive and works great, maybe I just got lucky, as others stated in their reviews, it was inexpensive and works great.

👤Very disappointed. I was embarrassed when I gave my daughter the gift. The shelves aren't stable enough to support anything other than the dust that will collect on it in the box, and the ropes are crooked.

10. Yvan Telescoping Retraction Telescopic Multi Purpose

Yvan Telescoping Retraction Telescopic Multi Purpose

First Alert has been the most trusted brand in home safety since the first residential smoke alarm was launched in 1958. Yvan's extension ladder is made from premium aluminum alloy. The life of a folding ladder can be extended by the oxidation of the surface of aluminum. nylon fibre is used to reinforce plastic parts to improve load capacity, stability, aging resistance and service life. The telescopic ladders have a maximum load of 330lb. The One Button Retraction function is also available on the telescoping aluminum ladder. The ladder will descend smoothly from its unfolded condition if you press the thumb buttons. The sliding ladder has an intelligent locking mechanism in each rung, you can also adjust the height of the ladder as you like. Space saving and portable. The ladder is easy to carry. Space-saving folding ladders are convenient. The ladder can be stored under the bed, behind the cabinet, or behind the door. The maximum height of the ladder is 12 feet, and people can be used for household daily or hobbies, like climbing the tree, painting the walls, and so on. Their ladder is compliant with safety standards and gives you some peace of mind. The little giant ladder can be used for convenience. The maximum height of the ladder is 12 feet, and people can be used for household daily or hobbies, like climbing the tree, painting the walls, and so on. Their ladder is compliant with safety standards and gives you some peace of mind. The little giant ladder can be used for convenience.

Brand: Yvan

👤After only 3 uses, the ladder gave way, sending my brother in law to the ground. He hurt his back in the fall. The ladder can cause injury. The grips are made of plastic. Poor design. Stay away from this ladder if you value your safety. I would give it zero stars if I could. The product was bad.

👤We went to the ER because of the injury that was caused by this product. It was supposed to be locked, but it got released. My toe got pinched after it collapsed. There is a My wife is experiencing a heavy concussion, but her brain was not damaged. Never ever buy this. If you buy this, you are putting your family's life at risk. I will be consulting a legal service for this issue.

👤It was just as described. You need to fully extend the ladder before you can pull it into a locking position that is not fully extended. If I want to get into the attic, I need to first extend it all the way in the hallway, then collapse two rungs before putting it up. It's not the biggest flaw, but it's inconvenient. It would be better if it was locked after each rung was extended so you didn't have to pull it out.

👤During the first use, broke. How can aLADDER have poor design and quality control that affects your life. The level that supported all the others was the one that failed. These guys just rebrand the items with bad reviews and relaunch under a new name, it's shameful that this is allowed on the market.

👤I received a Yvan Telescoping Ladder from Amazon last week and have used it on a few home projects. It's 33 inches tall when it's fully collapsed, so it's easy to fit in the trunk of a car. It is 12.5 feet tall when fully expanded. There is a I should be able to continue to use it because it is rated to support 350 pounds. It is easy to carry around. If you don't need the entire 12.5 feet, it doesn't have to be expanded.

👤I bought this ladder in August thinking it would be the cure to dragging around a extension ladder and Little Giant ladder. I had a friend by one for over $500. This one seemed to have good reviews and a price point of $200. I used the ladder for the first time last weekend to clean my gutter, but it broke on the first use. I was stuck on the second story of my house as the ladder was unsafe to descend onto because the collars that hold the rungs in place snapped. This was the first time it used its mind. The locking points as described seemed bleak to begin with but this is just ridiculous and I had to stop climbing because of the break and collapse. We are clear. I am 6-01 and 215 lbs. It wasn't as if I was putting a lot of stress on this unit. If you only have one ladder, buy a good one, and spend the money, because your life isn't worth the extra $300. The ladder isn't available on Amazon for a reason. Death trap...

11. MyGift 3 Tier Rustic Wall Hanging Ladder

MyGift 3 Tier Rustic Wall Hanging Ladder

There is a torched wood hand towel storage ladder with 3 bars and hanging rope. Not intended for climbing, the rungs are used for hanging hand towels and dish cloths in your bathroom or kitchen. Hanging rope can be used to mount a shelf. Any space in your home can look vintage with the help of rustic wood and twisted rope. The dimensions are as follows: Rungs - 9.0 W 4.5 H; 2.5 D 22 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤I like it because it's good for my bathroom design.

👤The thing is cute and works well. The quality is on point and it doesn't look like I paid much for it. There should be three nail holes in the wall. There are two metal nail plates on each side of the hanger, this helps secure the piece in place to the wall so it doesn't move when you grab your towel. I think value for price is good.

👤The littleladder is perfect. I put it in the bathroom. It is lightweight, well made, and distressed. I recommend this for the price. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. There is a The only negative thing that I can say is that when I drape a hand towel over a rung, it pushes it slightly off of the wall due to the size of the rungs. I bought it for decorative purposes and plan on adding a rustic wire garland. There is a Do it if you are considering buying it.

👤Before you buy, make sure you pay attention to the size. I have small and medium hand towels hanging on it and it works perfectly. I don't know if this is made for everyday use. It may be more for decoration. I hung it on the wall using the wall mounts, but the little rope just hangs, so I had a clear command strip to make it sit up. When I put the command strips on the bottom of the wall, I noticed that it made it sit further away from the wall. I don't need the towels hanging on it constantly because it's in my guest bathroom. I think it works well for my bathroom, and I have gotten a lot of feedback on it.

👤It's adorable! It worked well in my bathroom.

👤I bought this to hang hand towels in my bathroom. I wanted a towel holder that was more personality than a typical towel holder. It is perfect. It is not big and cumbersome, which is what I needed since it is not a very roomy bathroom. It's useful and decorative at the same time.

👤So cute! It's purpose is smaller than I expected. I hung 2 towels from it.

👤So cute! It only had one review, so I was a little nervous to buy it. I am very happy with it. It looks great!

👤Hay personal me, pero fijarse en el tamao. Me deje llevar. seria de madera robusta. Is it possible that en realidad es muy ligero? Es bonito.

👤Muy bonito terminado. Muy es sencillo y pequeo. Me encanta el color, lo buscaba y el tono.


What is the best product for decorative rope ladder?

Decorative rope ladder products from Dahey. In this article about decorative rope ladder you can see why people choose the product. Rainbow Craft and Chenkou Craft are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rope ladder.

What are the best brands for decorative rope ladder?

Dahey, Rainbow Craft and Chenkou Craft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rope ladder. Find the detail in this article. Abc Deluxe, Greenstell and Docmon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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