Best Decorative Rope Lights

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1. Outdoor Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

Outdoor Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

The outdoor string lights are waterproof and heavy-duty. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. Flexible heavy-duty cord can be used indoors and outdoors. A dimmer switch can be used to set the right mood for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. The ideal outdoor lighting. Each strand has 15 E26 based hanging sockets and 11W S14 16 incandescent bulbs. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The light is bright enough to illuminate any place. It is easy to hang with hooks, guide wires, or zip ties with the hanging hook above. Simply use grounded cord plugs to connect with another. You can link up to 5 strands. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied. It is guaranteed that your satisfaction is first. Please contact them if you are not completely satisfied.

Brand: Addlon

👤I wish I'd bought them a long time ago, they are exactly what I was looking for. They are a better value now because they are more affordable than they were. It only took 15 minutes to get all 96 feet installed, because the bulb sections have holes for hooks to attach securely to a fence, and they are bright 11W. I can now see everything clearly with the right amount of ambience from the lights in my yard, because they have removed all of the dark areas. Most of my neighbors have the same heavy duty look, same spacing of bulbs, and the same style of bulbs. The lights will be turned on and off based on the schedule that I will setup, so I ordered a smart switch. Nighttime lounging in the patio is now more appealing. It's a good thing.

👤The two pics box set is 280W, which is 140W per string, so they are power hogs. If you put them in a tree or on a fence, they will kill you if you don't free hang them, and they are a fire hazard if they don't free hang. It's true.

👤My husband was able to put the lights up quickly. Command hooks and gorilla glue were used. They look great in our nighttime pool and patio area. Our overhang has become a great place to enjoy our new pool and enclosure at night. You will not be disappointed.

👤These are strong. I used one 25 ft cord in the photos. I've tried many different bulb sizes and they seem not to be as delicate.

👤I wanted to add some lights to my collection. The industry standard is 24 bulbs per 48 feet. The look is nice. It's too far between the bulbs.

👤The second picture is of the set of lights I bought for the back deck. I still love them! If I could, I would give them 10 stars. These lights are wonderful. The back porch was pitch black before. We can enjoy it all night long. These lights will last a long time. They don't come with mounting devices. I screwed the wood into the hooks I bought at Lowe's. It was very easy to install. They give us the light we need. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤These lights are worth the price for two strands. Commercial grade cording. I strung one set on the back of my house and they look great. Keep in mind that there is a bit of distance between each light. Wait to add the bulbs until you get the cords strung. The extra bulb was still needed to fix the faulty one. The house should not have as much of a problem as the product. These strands and bulbs are a good deal.

👤Completely worth it and a great deal. I read several reviews about how they don't work after I purchased them. When I tried to plug the bulbs in, they didn't work. I tried to tighten them up even more and they came on and worked well. Through rain, hail, wind and sun, so far this Spring. They look great in our backyard. Warm lights give off a nice vibe. If the bulbs don't turn on the first time, you should tighten the bulbs tighter than you think. It has a heavy duty feel. It was a great purchase. The only thing I would like to see included is a remote or switch to turn on and off without having to plug in the cord all the time.

2. JMEXSUSS Lights Rope Waterproof White

JMEXSUSS Lights Rope Waterproof White

There are 8 lighting changes. The solar rope light has 8 lighting modes, including Waves, Combination, Fading, Fireflies, Chasing, and Fading slowly. The Led rope lights can be adjusted to create a warm, romantic, elegant or colorful atmosphere. In the dark, the wires fade to invisible, leaving only bright lights, so surround the tree trunk with the solar powered light rope. There is a long working time for the salamander power. Solar powered rope lights do not require a battery replacement, they provide solar energy, and they are energy-saving. The solar rope lights turn on in the dark and off in the daytime thanks to the light sensor. The rope light can work for 8 hours or more if the solar panel absorbs enough sunlight. Waterproof andPVC hose protection are included in the safe rating. The 120LED low-voltage solar rope light is waterproof, frost-proof and sun-proof. It is more durable than ordinary solar string lights and can meet your outdoor decor throughout the year. The solar rope lights on the edge of your swimming pool will add a lot of fun. The high-quality flexible and foldable clear PVC tube is cleverly matched with the copper wire string light. It is possible to build shapes and decorate with waterproof rope lights. It is an ideal decoration for courtyards, fences, bars, weddings, trees, decks, roofs, hotels, yards, gardens, terraces, streets, commercial buildings, shopping centers, Halloween. Customer service is free. They provide a one-year warranty. If you are not happy with their solar Rope tube lights, please contact them. They will return or reimburse the money. Their goal is to provide better products and meet more needs.

Brand: Jmexsuss

👤The first order didn't work so I threw it in the trash. The company sent me new lights after seeing my review. The lights are pretty and I get a lot of compliment for their blue color. The company did a great job when replacing my lights. I did not ask for a replacement, they followed through. I appreciate that they did. Will buy again.

👤The lights fit perfectly on our trampoline. We wrapped them around the back of the basketball goal to the ground. We could put the solar panel in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight by tying the wire from the end of the lights to the trampoline. Once it's dark out, they come on and shut off in the sunlight so they can charge. They are bright enough to see to walk around, jump on the trampoline and see the basketball goal at night, even though I wish they were a bit brighter. The pictures were taken before it was too dark to see the trampoline. We recommend for the length, quality and price.

👤When I have it in a blinking mode, I only get about 5 hours of lights. The input box for the solar string lights is smaller than the one for the solar input box. I assume the battery doesn't hold as much power as it used to. The sun is facing south. It gets 8 hours of direct sun this time of year, and it should be enough to fully charge the battery. The string lights are all done by 9pm when I get dark. I would be happier if I got closer to 8 hours of battery life. I hoped with a shorter string light, I would get more light time, but with a small solar box, that doesn't seem to be possible. I put these around my mailbox to make finding my driveway easier at night. You can choose from a variety of light modes.

👤The lights came on after sunset. They looked great along a fence and were exactly what I 888-276-5932 One side of the building went dim an hour later. The photo was taken an hour after sunset. The sides were so dim that they weren't visible from the inside of my house. I am giving the lights 3 stars because I'm pretty sure cloudy January days have something to do with the lack of charge and brightness. On longer, sunny days, the charge and brightness will increase. There is a The smaller solar panel used for these string lights could be the cause of the short charge. Most of the solar lights I have purchased are 4 inch squared. The solar panels are 2 inches square.

👤There is an update. These things were not around for two months. All they have to do is sit down. Nothing more... but no more. These things are terrible. The lights are bright. They are not bright. They are not white. A cream color in the end. They mark the space I wanted marked and are ok. They work, but they are not bright. They must have had a lamp pointed at them for that photo.

3. JMEXSUSS Powered Waterproof Christmas Bedroom

JMEXSUSS Powered Waterproof Christmas Bedroom

Manila rope is great for landscaping. The blue solar fairy lights are on. The blue solar fairy lights come with 100 LEDs and a 180 solar panel. The 33 ft high-quality copper wire fairy lights are ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, yard, deck, stage, holiday, etc. In the dark, the wire fades invisible, leaving only the blue lights to create a fantastic atmosphere just like Alice. There are intelligent lighting changes. The mini solar lights with 8 different modes can create vibrant dynamic atmospheres. Best gifts for girls. Lighten your gift and make your family and friends happy. The icing on the cake was the lights. Solar fairy string lights are flexible. Flexible copper can be bend into a heart shape or a pentacle and you can wrap the outdoor fairy lights around tree trunks. Solar fairy string lights are safe to use and durable. The auto on/off and solar powered option is available. Their solar powered fairy lights do not require high electricity bills, but they do save energy and protect the environment by using solar energy. It will charge in the day and auto-on at dusk and dawn with a built-in sensor. Life becomes more convenient and efficient because of hands-free. IP44 and outdoor use The copper wire and the solar panel are waterproof and can handle all kinds of weather. It is your first choice for outdoor fairy string lights. JMEXSUSS solar string fairy lights can be used for birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, and other festivals. Satisfaction They will do their best to help you with your questions in 24 hours. I will keep all my service for you, because J Maxxs will walk with you every spring and autumn and winter.

Brand: Jmexsuss

👤Four different sellers have sold this type of solar string light to me. The set was worked out of the box. The four color theme is good, but I wish it had purple lights like my other ones. It would have been easier to put it in a bag if they had been on a spool. They turned on before my other sets so I could enjoy them all. I would buy this set again because they are bright. Great purchase!

👤The item is smaller than pictured. The lights are very small, and very long. I was under the impression that the lights were larger so it wouldn't make a difference. It wasn't worth it.

👤The fact that they are solar makes them great for outdoor parties, no need for extension cord mess, or limitations on where you put them. The remotes can do all the things you need to do. The lights look great and work well, and the price is a no-brainer. There is a They were not packed well. The light strings were put in a cardboard box and should have been wrapped around a solid object. Untangling thin wire like this is very difficult, and it's difficult to untangle than a hose or thick rope. It took more than 5 minutes and a lot of annoyance to untangle each one. The product is good and the price is great. Hopefully they will correct this and never put these in a box again. If they just pack them right, they will get 5 stars all day long.

👤I was surprised by how bright these lights were. I've never seen solar lights like this that give off light. We lined our volleyball net with the strands we purchased. The kids love playing at night. I will be buying more of these to use other places.

👤These little lights are wonderful. They are bright and colorful. I think it is a great value. I would purchase again and recommend it. I bought a warm white string set months ago and they are still working well despite the rough weather. One set has stopped working. The other set does not light up. I am very disappointed. They only last around an hour. 3 months is a long time.

👤I didn't think it was correct when I received it. I was confused when I opened the box because the previous orders of solar light strings were housed in a plastic tube. They work well and are bright. They have been on my patio for a month and seem to be working well. The light strings have been impervious to rain and wind. A light source from a small package.

👤There is an update #2. Don't buy these lights. They only work a few weeks, and they are pretty much the same length of time as they work. The first sets were the same as the replacement sets. There is an update. The company responded quickly to my review. Suggestions were offered to try to get the lights to work. The company quickly sent replacements when none of the suggestions worked. I haven't used the new lights yet, but the customer service has been great. The mode button stopped working after 6 weeks. The lights are bright and pretty, but the mode button wouldn't work. It is stuck on twinkle, not where I want it to be, and will not change mode. I have them in the backyard. The second set is expected to go out soon as it changed mode all by itself. I'm very disappointed. They should have lasted more than 6 weeks. One person.

4. Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Addlon Outdoor Dimmable Commercial Weatherproof

Each strand contains E26 based hanging sockets, which are shatterproof. The distance between the bulbs is over 3 feet. The outdoor lighting is ideal. The market lights are weatherproof and heavy-duty. They are listed as a commercial. The insulation material can protect the strand from the elements. The heavy duty light cord is rubbery, flexible, and thicker than a traditional cord so that you can leave these ultra-durable string lights on display year round. A dimmer switch that is compatible to set the right mood is a must for a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception. It adds flair to bistro deck porch patio garden backyard terrace pergola restaurant malls for wedding BBQ party banquets. Yard / outside lighting can be connected with another simply use grounded cord plugs. You can link up to 30 strands. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have a reason for not being satisfied with your purchase, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Brand: Addlon

👤I only had the light for two days, so I can't comment on the product's longevity. I was very happy with my choice. I use paracord for my installation as the lights have a hole in the top for screws, and using a cord or cable will keep the tension off the electrical cord. Before you install the bulbs, you should run your cord or cable through the lights and string them on the high side.

👤3x sets were bought for installation in the back patio, but only 2x were installed. First impression is that they are bright. The light from the bulb is not as warm as I had expected, but it's not really an issue. It has only been up for a few days and has not received any major precipitation. I had one bulb that didn't light the second time I turned them on, but it was not properly installed. The flicker that occurs in all LED bulbs, but it's usually not noticeable, is due to the bulbs being LEDs. My only recommendation is to get a dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness. There is a I've had the lights up for over a year and have had no issues. The bulbs are exposed to rain, wind, snow, and ice. The dimmer I added made a huge difference. I'm going to raise my rating to 5 stars.

👤The string lights make any outdoor area feel special. The wire and fixture are of good quality. If you put up your lights without the bulbs, it will be less likely to be damaged. If you are happy with the positioning, you can add the bulbs.

👤I was looking forward to it. Quality construction, and packaging were what these looked like. The good things stopped there. This is advertised as two important things to me. Dimmable and over 3000k. A warm Edison type glow is given by 3000k or lower. These are not under 3000k. They seem to be more light than I think. To make sure I took out the 3000k light source, and what a difference it made. They need to be less than 3000k, but these are not close. These lights are not dimmable. I have not found a dimmer that dims the one build by the same company that is typically ordered with this item. Unless you are talking about a stage that goes off. It doesn't dim or have anything in between full on and then off. This is a losing choice because there are fewer bulbs per ft. There is an update. If you pull more than 15 bulbs from the pack, these lights are not dimmable. The color of the lights and the fact that they wouldn't dim made me dislike them. I got replacement bulbs that pull more power. The dimming function works for the LEDs when one bulb is put into the system. I've seen it before where you need a certain amount of "Draw" before they can sense or work. The smaller 15 bulb system does not dim. If you use a longer chain or swap one bulb out for a regular bulb, this will dim. It would be perfect if the lights were 2200k.

5. Ollny Christmas Waterproof Decoration CONNECTABLE

Ollny Christmas Waterproof Decoration CONNECTABLE

Ollny led rope lights provide 16 vibrant colors and 4 lighting modes. Ollny outdoor rope lights are made of transparent tubes that give you a perfect cheerful lighting experience. It's ideal for outdoor decorations. Ollny led outdoor rope lights can be used in bad weather. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as bedroom, Christmas trees, desk, patio, garden, birthday, parties, weddings, house, Valentine's day. The water should not get in the way of theusb connection. The Rope Lights have a Timer/Memory Function. The timer allows you to set the lights for 6 hours on and 18 hours off. Changing the mode won't affect the timing program. There is no need to reset the last time setting. Easy to install and use. Rope lights are flexible, so you can place them around trees, illuminate windows, arrange on bedroom shelves or furniture, and more. Their rope lights can be used with any power source, like a power bank, desktop, or battery pack. What you get is 1x 100LED color. Changing Rope Lights; 1x 24 Key IR Remote Controller; 1x Manual; 12 months of friendly customer service; and 24 hours email response. What you get is 1x 100LED color. Changing Rope Lights; 1x 24 Key IR Remote Controller; 1x Manual; 12 months of friendly customer service; and 24 hours email response.

Brand: Ollny

👤I hung them up in my children's rooms after I purchased them. Both sets started glitching random colors after being set on a single color. Two more months and one set completely stopped working. The other set stopped working by April 2020. I was very disappointed in this product. If not more, I expected them to last at least a year. They were hung at the top of the walls so they were not accessible to my kids.

👤It was perfect for our tray ceiling lighting. We saved a lot of money. This is the only way to get there.

👤When they work, they are great lights. I took a risk and ran these as upper cabinet lights. They have been in place for about 3 weeks and have started to change color, flash on and off, and flicker on their own. These are proving to be unreliable as they are now permanently installed. I keep these on a single color as they only provide indirect lighting. I have walked into the kitchen many times and found the lights on blue or red on their own. It's frustrating to say the least.

👤I can't wait to use them in our Christmas decorations. The length is great for the Holiday season because there are so many different colors and modes to choose from. Our cat was curious about them, as you can see in the video.

👤After a few weeks, lights are not worth the money.

👤I'm working on changing my bedroom into an 80's themed room. These worked well. I put them up with the Command rope light hooks because I didn't want to cause damage to the wall. The remote makes it easy to turn them on and off, I just have to point it under my bed. The only thing I didn't know was that these are thinner than the outdoor rope lights. They are thin with the "fairy" style lights inside, which probably works better since they aren't as heavy.

👤After repairs, we had a problem with mice in the motorhome. I came up with a solution to keep it that way after we got the RV mouse-free. Light! I was looking for some lights for the awning when I realized that mice don't like light. I put them in the basement storage compartments. I can use them with a portable power pack or plug them into the house power. We've been mouse free since they've been on for several months. They will go outside when we camp.

👤If you give them a positive review, they will send you these for free. They reimburse you when you give them your payment information. I am not going to give a positive review because people should know that these are very poor quality. There is a The Ollny remote needs to be very close to the sensor to read it, a couple feet with nothing blocking. I have to use the buttons that are supposed to control the fade function to turn on and off the lights. The buttons don't do anything. There is a If the lights worked right, they would be okay. They turn off and back on. All. The. Time. Some of the bulbs that are messed up will not go to certain colors. The functions of "Strobe, Fade, and Smooth" are a joke. Your choices are 1. Always on 2. Strobe 3. I spent a lot of time installing them and I was really disappointed they didn't work out. Don't waste money or time.

6. Honche Outdoor String Waterproof Garden

Honche Outdoor String Waterproof Garden

The solar rope lights are waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as decorating your bedroom, patio, garden party, wedding, home, window, bathroom, as well as shows, restaurant, hotel, yard, patios, commercial building, shopping center etc. Just imagine! Honche solar fairy lights are waterproof and can work for up to 12 hours if the panel absorbs enough sunshine. The tube is designed to resist rain and water spills, which makes them perfect for outdoor decorations. There are 8 lighting modes which can create different atmospheres for your life. Flexible wires can be wrapped around tree trunks or gazebos and leave only the bright lights. The solar rope string lights make your house and garden charming and romantic. Their solar rope light with 100pcs low-heat-emission LED chips has a high energy conversion rate. They're safe to use, they're durable, and they're good for the environment, you can see firefly lights shining in your garden any time. Malleable tube cover The rope lights are made from 33 feet of copper wire and are covered with clear plastic tubes that are thin and flexible enough to create a glowing snowman or Christmas tree. 100 glowing Leds illuminate direction. The flexible wire can be shaped and bend around almost anything. Malleable tube cover The rope lights are made from 33 feet of copper wire and are covered with clear plastic tubes that are thin and flexible enough to create a glowing snowman or Christmas tree. 100 glowing Leds illuminate direction. The flexible wire can be shaped and bend around almost anything.

Brand: Honche

👤There is more crap from another country. What I received was not what I was told. A thin plastic tube surrounds a thin led light string. It doesn't get very bright. There is a lot of junk.

👤The solar rope lights are great. You are looking for a thin rope. We parked them in the back alley.

👤The lights are bright. Very bright. The thickness of the rope was a downfall for me. I wanted a thicker tube but it still looks great.

👤The lights were cute. We used them to light the hand railing on our balcony, which goes down to the ground, at night. The solar charges are perfect. 2 was not enough for a long stairwell. I will be ordering 2 more. We are very happy with them. The size is not the same as a typical rope light. It is in the middle. There are lights in a tube. It was perfect for what we were doing.

👤Is the first day after I charge them for 10 hours? Beautiful! Next day with the sun. The panel is facing the sun. CRAP! After the first night, I was happy. No! I won't buy them again.

👤I like the convenience of solar lighting. I have been using plug in rope lights because the squirrels have been chewing other styles of outdoor lights and destroying them. They have not looked at the rope lights. I'm hoping to have the same luck with the solar rope lights.

👤We received the wrong item when the package arrived. I have to return the other item in a month since I don't have transportation during the day. It's whatever. There is a Unless the solar panel is in direct sunlight all day, the lights will only last about 2 hours. The lights are pretty but not as bright as shown in the photo. In the photo, the lights are so bright that the cord glows, but that's not what happens. I'm not happy that the lights don't look like what the picture shows, but I guess this is an okay item for the price. That doesn't reflect well on the seller. There is a The main reason we got this is because we wanted outdoor lights for our balcony, but didn't have an outlet. We will definitely buy something similar from another company once this ends.

👤The palm of our hand is by the pool. We wanted the same feel as the warm white lights around our patio. They stayed lit for a long time. 2 sets were used on this tree.

👤The product was barely visible on my patio. It doesn't do anything for night time ambiance. The company expects me to take a picture and then they will reimburse me for shipping. A total bogus seller! Don't buy.

👤Light is good. The quality, packaging, installation, and solar panel are all perfect, but the brightness is disappointing. Not shown in the description. The TUBE is of good quality but not satisfied with the brightness as the lights inside the tube are too small.

7. SANJICHA Outdoor Upgraded Waterproof Decorations

SANJICHA Outdoor Upgraded Waterproof Decorations

The new solar string lights are outdoor. Super Bright 2-Pack Each 72ft 200 LEDs String Lights with Upgraded Led Bulbs, Higher Conversion with Larger Size Solar Panel, Larger Capacity Battery, and IP65 waterproof performance. Solar lights are widely used outdoors. This starbright solar lights is a great choice for outdoor decorations, such as patio, garden, yard, porch, tree, wedding, Christmas, party, fence, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center. High Efficiency and Quick Charging Technology This outdoor string lights are powered by solar energy and do not need to replace the battery. It can work up to 12 hours after being fully charged. There are 8 lighting modes and a memory function. The mode and On/Off buttons are on the solar twinkle lights. You can choose from 8 different modes by pressing the mode button. There is no need to reset the last modes setting because the built-in memory chip saves it. There are notes about 1. It will be charged automatically if you power ON first. 2. If the solar panel is in a sunny location, it will face the sun. There are notes about 1. It will be charged automatically if you power ON first. 2. If the solar panel is in a sunny location, it will face the sun.

Brand: Sanjicha

👤The. The seller's ad on Amazon has an image on the left. It's made to look like two stacks of rope light. There is a The image on the right shows what you actually get, a plastic sheet small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, a copper wire not much thicker than sewing thread, and extremely tiny lights. I think it's false advertising. Don't like being tricked. The rating was poor.

👤It is easy to use. We don't walk into the cage in the dark because it is around the tree in my yard. The picture is representative of the brightness because it is on a side of the house where there are no lights. The side of the house that gets the full sun for 12 -14 hours in Texas is still glowing when the sun comes up. It doesn't bother them. I have one set that has been in place for 3 years. I only have to change the battery occasionally.

👤I decided to spend the extra couple of dollars for these after reading reviews that said the same things about the Sanjicha fairy lights. I am glad I did. They were in perfect condition when they arrived. The instructions were clear. Within ten minutes, I was stringing up the tree in my backyard. The on/off button is easy to use. The 8 different twinkle modes are controlled by the button next to it. They were charged right away. I ordered a gold wire with white lights. After it got dark, my next door neighbor noticed them and sent me a picture. The wires are wrapped around a piece of cardboard so they are not messy. The overall is well made and sturdy. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤Since I got the two pack, I put them up a week ago, and it was nice to change the blink mode at different times. They survived the wind storms and the rain, which lasted all night. I'm thinking about buying a billion more of these and making the world a better place. And shhiinnny!

👤I like the multiple function of the copper wire, but it is not as bright as the picture shows, and I hung both strings of lights to give me a total of 5 wires for the space. They showed up on time, but I had to change my review after a few days because I was having to reset the mode every evening on one set of light.

👤I bought some string lights for my project. The lights are bright and last a long time. I love them. The wire is easy to wrap around my tree and pergola, and it runs along the yard perimeter. It's cool to change the mode frequently and it changes the look in my backyard. The strings are almost invisible during daytime. There is a The solar panel should be mountable. I bought a solar light that has a mountable option, as well as pushing the pole to the ground. I have to leave the solar panel on the ground because the Sanjicha brand doesn't have a mount for the fence. It would be great to have both options. There is a The lights are bright, long lasting, and easy to wrap around, so I am very happy with them.

8. String Waterproof Outdoor Wedding Bedroom

String Waterproof Outdoor Wedding Bedroom

The copper wire can be twisted and shaped to the patterns you want, or wrapped around greenery, plants, flowers and shrubs, it's a wonderful gift for friend or yourself. Get 2 in 1 package for solar powered fairy string lights. Each string light has 100 glowing micro Leds and 33 feet of moldable copper wire, and they illuminate in every direction. It's ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, gate, yard, wedding, party and more. High quality silver wire lights. The Solar Copper String Lights are made from LiyuanQ silver coated copper wire and can be bended and shaped around almost anything. The string lights with low-heat-emission LEDs will not heat up after a long time of use; easy to store and ready for the next use. It is safe to use and has a high energy conversion rate. There are lighting modifications that will create lots of fun. There are lots of lighting modes that can create different atmospheres for your life. Flexible copper wiring can be wrapped around tree trunks or gazebos and leave only the bright lights. When you turn on the light, it will turn on automatically. It has a solar panel and battery. The solar fairy lights can work for more than 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine. Plug-in or non plug-in. Water resistant. The string lights and solar panel are waterproof. They can be used in the rain. It's an ideal ornament for decorating outdoors. Let the solar fairy lights illuminate your house and make it look like a holy place.

Brand: Liyuanq

👤I have always wanted fairy lights. I put the strands on a bush outside of our house and then put them in different places. It makes me happy. I'm going to keep them on year round. They're solar powered and I don't have to worry about them.

👤The lights line my deck. When the lights are on, they are very cute and make the stairs safer. One string of lights will stay lit for 10 hours, while the other string will only stay lit for 3 hours. I tried to contact the seller for assistance or an exchange of the bad string, but didn't get any help. I received an email saying that the sunlight will affect how long the lights stay lit. They didn't address my concern at all. Cute lights and lousy support.

👤The size of the copper wire and blown glass beads is so small that they put off the perfect amount of light as accent lights or path lighting. I haven't made an online purchase in a while, but I have ordered 2 four packs. Couldn't be happier! It's easy to install, quick to charge, and stay lit for a long time, so we don't know if it's right at that or all night, but it's easy to hide! Highly recommended! We're buying more to illuminate the underneath side of the rail. Can't wait!

👤The solar string lights are for decorating my garden fences. There is a The package contains 2 packs of solar string lights each with 100 LEDs, so they are enough for me to cover my fence, 2 solar panel's with on/off and mode buttons placed at the back, and a spike to hold the panels to the surface. The modes and strings of the light. The lights are bright and can be seen from a long distance, even though the strings are very thin. It's helpful for me to try different lighting's when I need a change. Solar Panel and battery life. The catalogs made it easy for me to install the panels in my garden because they are small in size, the spikes are good quality, and I don't have to worry about digging into the soil. The battery inside the panel is enough to power the panels for one night. The panel can switch on/off based on the outside light, so I don't have to use a manual switch. There is only one concern. The only concern I have with this product is that the spike length could have been a little longer so that I could get more sunlight.

👤I bought 2 sets of these. I put out 3 of the 4 and two of them stopped working. The clear liner at the beginning of the strand would be better than the whole wire. There is a They looked great when they worked. I didn't get to enjoy them for more than a night before they stopped.

👤I wish I could show how bright they are. A great product from the company. There are no batteries or electric on the staircase. I love that solar. Can flash or solid.

9. Brizled Connectable Decorative Backyards Christmas

Brizled Connectable Decorative Backyards Christmas

The warm white flexible rope lights are brighter than traditional incandescent lights and make for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You can decorate your home with up to 15 sets of lights if you connect the end to the end. The warm rope Light is made of pure original V0-class fireproof PVC, pure copper wire and high quality LEDs, with UV- resistant, cold-resistant, and ETL listed. It is waterproof and is suitable for use on decks, patios, pathways, seasonal decor and Christmas decorations. It's easy to install when the rope is hanging on the ceiling or wrapped around the trees, no need to worry about falling. It is easy to connect. It's easy to install when the rope is hanging on the ceiling or wrapped around the trees, no need to worry about falling. It is easy to connect.

Brand: Brizled

👤It looks and works well. The product was fine and delivered as expected. There is no visible damage to the structure, but I think that a guest may have leaned against the lights on the railing and caused some damage. Buying a new 18-foot section to replace the entire light chain is what I'm looking for.

👤I ordered and installed the lights for my child. He has a vision impairment that makes it difficult for him to distinguish shapes and dimensions of the same color variety. It's like living in a world without boundaries. He kept hitting his head on the granite counter top because it blends in with the kitchen. The lights are bright. Adding another set of lights is possible. After installing, still working. There were no issues. The lights add a nice warm touch around the holidays, and I originally did this for my son's safety. Music playing added to the holiday atmosphere. Next Christmas, I may order more outdoor Christmas decore.

👤Kids like them. I have them under a bed. They only lasted two months and stopped working. I reviewed them within a week of installing them. I wasted 40 dollars because I bought two sets for each child.

👤I bought this rope light to fit into a board. The rope diameter advertised was about 1/2 inch, which should fit easily. The rope was very stiff and varied between 13 and 13.8mm and wouldn't fit in the grooves. It took me a long time to mill the larger grooves. I decided to test the lights before they were installed. After about an hour of being lit up, the last 2 feet or so stopped working. The replacement was more flexible and averaged more than 10mm in diameter, which would have worked well before I remilled the grooves. The LEDs are still working. The second unit is still working and Amazon has a replacement policy. I am suspicious of a product that has a lot of manufacturing variability.

👤There is bright lighting for your party area.

👤My wife and I had a party in my backyard and I wanted to have some lights in it. The lights were plug and play and did not shine through the night. I received a lot of praise from my friends and neighbors for the brightness of the lights. My default lights highlight our backyard parties. I recommend them to everyone.

👤I took the lights and put them under a glass stone for a pond effect. It works perfectly if you need more stone.

👤The entire work area beneath the wall kitchen cabinets needs to be brighter and cleaner.

10. GuoTonG Waterproof Connectable Connector Decorative

GuoTonG Waterproof Connectable Connector Decorative

The power plug has a built-in design for added safety and reliability. It is the best choice for decorating the ceiling, lawn, pool, house outline, bedroom, living room, pergola and more. A transparent round plastic tube is soft, heat resistant, UV resistant, energy efficient, durable and connectable. End to end connection. The rope lights can hold up to 3 strands. The length can be extended to 150 feet. It can be waterproof due to the grade of the coating. Don't immerse it underwater, a well-designed connection will prevent water from entering. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to operate, and can only be cut once according to the mark, there is a pink cutting every 1 meter, and it will not damage the rest. Can be bent into different shapes. 12 months without warranty, free replacement or full refund. Please contact them if you have any questions. 12 months without warranty, free replacement or full refund. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Guotong

👤I was hesitant because of the lack of reviews, but I thought I'd take the risk because of the ability to cut and create two units out of the one purchase and need to purchase additional supplies. It was worth it. We cut them into two parts and put them on the railing. We bought rail guides to hold them in place. The light dimmer that we purchased is bright because of the box. They are worth the purchase once they are all working together.

👤These lights were purchased to illuminate a tiki hut. I don't want to fall off the dock at night. They were easy to put up, I had a little length left over, so I was worried that the lights would not work after I cut where it said to. They did! That was exciting. I chose the warm yellow one because it is the least attractive to bugs. Time will tell if that is true. If I had dropped any into the canal, I would have been SOL. A few extra clips would have been nice. Four clips were used. There is a I will keep them up year round, they will be outside in Florida. It's a good thing that fingers crossed.

👤I spent days installing 300 feet of plastic string ties on my perimeter fence to keep the bare copper wire fairy lights from being cut, after I bought 6 sets of the bare copper wire fairy lights with several remote control functions from another manufacturer. The look was great, but after each rain storm a different set quit working, and I only had one working set within a month of use. I bought 2 of the 130 feet rolls of rope lights, a 50 foot roll and a bag of 100 plastic screw in hangers after throwing them all out. The old lights and string ties had to be removed before the vinyl ropes could be installed. I split the set into two parts and used one set in full to cover the rest. They are much easier to install than copper wire fairy lights. They are bright but not dimmable and the warm white is a good look, but they are weather proof. The manufacturer warns that dimming them with dimmers will reduce use life because they were not designed for that. A Woods waterproof programable timer on each set gives me control over on and off times and a Woods remote switch will be used on the 50 light set for a hotbtub area. They have fused direct-110V plugs to protect them, but they run on 12 volts. They don't have the fragile control modules for special effects that I don't want. If you want to use these, you should dump the clips and ties string and just buy a bag of the flexible screw on loop hangers for $10, which are much quicker to use, and they will make a better connection. The only improvement I would suggest is to make a dimmable version option for more control over brightness, and to upgrade the hangers with a loop type with longer scews. That would make them 5 stars. After a full year of use, not a single bulb has quit working or gone dim, and no issues at all. This is the best option for outdoor lighting.

11. Shatterproof Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

Shatterproof Commercial Weatherproof Heavy Duty Decorative

The first solar string light which has built-in glass for solar panel ensures excellent charging performance in low-light. The 5W Monocrystalline Silicon which is up to 20.5% Conversion Rate is more durable and suitable for long-term use. The outdoor solar lights string has a built-in light sensor which will turn on at night and off at dawn. TheBaxstel 50Ft outdoor string lights for patio are crafted with heavy-duty weathertight technology. The cord is thicker than a traditional cord and the lights are waterproof. IP65 waterproofBaxstel solar string lights are impervious to rain, sun, or snow. The components are waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor use. They offer a quality guarantee for 18 months. If you have a quality problem or have some advice, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory solution. They offer a quality guarantee for 18 months. If you have a quality problem or have some advice, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Baxstel

👤I am writing this review after they came tangled. It took a long time to get back to them. If I gave a review, I would get a 30$ gift certificate. A sketch. Oh, Amazon. We can't trust reviews. There is a The solar panel is large and needs to be mounted somewhere. It would be great if there were some installation brackets or something to attach the light to the surface. There is a They look nice and high quality when hung, and hard plastic doesn't worry about them breaking in the wind. I will lose 30 bucks because I can't give 5 stars.

👤We've had some light for a week. I put them in our gazebo. On the Sun side, put the solar cell up. They turn on when it gets dark, and off at the sun up. They are bright enough for 6 of us to eat dinner and play a game of poker in the gazebo, and they are just the right amount of light for entertaining and relaxing. They last all night. I wake up at 4am and see that they are still on and bright after running all night. I think the solar package, lights and cabling will last a long time before they need to be replaced. They look nice too. I'm pretty happy with my purchase so far.

👤I bought these lights to replace an older set and was surprised how large the charging grid is, which is nice because it gives a strong charge and the lights glow a long time on. They are sturdy plastic and do not get hot. My only wish is that the Mode was easier to set, you need to keep hitting the Mode button until it does what you want.

👤The bulbs were ready to hang. I needed to find a good spot for the solar panel and also a good location to hang the lights. They were easy to hang because each light has a loop at the top so that a simple nail will work. The different modes are nice. It took a few people to figure out that the white slender tubes that were included had the filaments in them. I was looking for more bulbs. That's right! I knew the plastic bulbs were a selling point. That is a nice feature. I am thinking of getting more for my front walkway now that these are great quality.

👤These lights are powered by the sun. They arrived in time for the party. They were easy to hang under my tree and give off the right amount of light. I like that these can be switched off and there are 4 light settings. I like the fade in/out settings. The lights are not on until dark. If I cover the solar plate, I can get them to turn on at dusk, which is a nice option. The bulbs are made of plastic and do not get hot, which is important in high fire risk areas. I don't think you can go wrong with these lights.


What is the best product for decorative rope lights?

Decorative rope lights products from Addlon. In this article about decorative rope lights you can see why people choose the product. Jmexsuss and Jmexsuss are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rope lights.

What are the best brands for decorative rope lights?

Addlon, Jmexsuss and Jmexsuss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rope lights. Find the detail in this article. Addlon, Ollny and Honche are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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