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1. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Chocolate

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Chocolate

The pile is high quality nylon and the backing is rubber. The brown runner/rug has an elegant and bordered design in tan and brown colors with a beige border. The machine-made in Turkey is of the best quality. Spot clean with mild soap or detergent.

Brand: Ottomanson

👤There is a great grip on tile flooring.

👤I almost didn't buy the rug because of the bad reviews. This is not a high-end rug and it is not priced that way. It is most likely because they were expecting something more high end. This was a great purchase. The rug is of good quality. I put mine in front of my double doors because the pets go in and out of the house constantly. The rug still looks great after being down for a while. The brown/gold colors are good for masking dirt. The rug is easy to vacuum. My Eufy runs quickly over it. I wouldn't use it for more than an entryway rug. This would make a nice area rug on a budget. I would have liked to have had this rug when I was starting out. It's a nice rug and it has held up well as an entryway rug with a lot of foot traffic from people and pets.

👤I like this rug a lot. It feels good under my feet. Looks great! I bought another one because I loved it so much.

👤Amazon did a great job with their delivery estimate and deadline. I laid the rug on the floor immediately after it arrived. It is much larger than I anticipated and covers the desired area. There is a The colour brings out the contrast in our furniture and floor. The reviews other buyers submitted on this rug really helped my daughter and I make a decision. The rug is very comfortable under the feet.

👤I ordered this because it was advertised as being 7' x 2'. I was excited when I got it, but not happy with the size. The card that comes with the rug says it is 2'x7'. The rug is only 22 inches wide. The area in my kitchen where I needed it is 3'x7'. I don't know who made these rugs, but they don't know how to measure. I can't give this a 5 star rating. I have no plastic to return the rug because I am displeased with it. If you want a 7'x2'... Don't order this rug because the measurement on the ad is false.

👤I've been using this for a while. Wine, dirt, coffee and other things have been spilled on it. All of these things have been cleaned up amazingly. The pattern is small in center with a lot of taupe or cream and a dark brownish color accent. It gave my old hardwood floors a neutral look. My decor is warm eclectic and I have a lot of stuff. I think this was a good way to add some sophistication. It didn't slip until recently, when I laid it on concrete, added a little household cleaner and hosing it until no soap came out, then dried it in the sun. It has stretched after many washings and a wheelchair rolling over it. It is beginning to look like a fall object. I will need to toss it soon. It is about time. It has held up well. The cat doesn't show its hair while laying on it. I tried to add a picture but it didn't work out.

2. LEEVAN Sheepskin Elegant Decorator Diameter

LEEVAN Sheepskin Elegant Decorator Diameter

35 inch (3 ft) Diameter, soft surface, non-skid rear, long-wearing, fluffy sheepskin throw, versatile sheepskin rugs, deep pile longer than the usual, beautifully soft to any home. The shaggy sheepskin rug is warm and soft, and it's great for sleeping. It is a soft texture and it would add a touch of class to any room. Put the rug under the computer table and you can add style to any room and place. The best use for a Kid's mat is on the end of a bed or a rug at the bedside, across your sofa and favorite armchair, or for women yoga, reading in. Artificial Animal Wool, Natural Fiber, Clean and eco- friendly, Long- lasting, fade resistant, and great decorative rug for any bedroom give a warm and cozy feeling. It is recommended to vacuum regularly and spot- clean your rug.

Brand: Leevan

👤I bought a rug that was double the price and it was better quality, but this rug that cost me $60 is the same, if not better. There is a The rug is black and white. It completely changed the look of my living room. It is soft and beautiful. It is white with black tips. I haven't had any issues with it slipping, it has faux leather backing. It comes folded and vacuum sealed so there are no creases in the rug. I use a hair dryer on high heat daily to smooth out thewrinkles in my hair and they still haven't come out a week later. When you open the package, lay the rug on a flat surface, take a blow dryer on high/high heat, and run your hands through it in circular motions. It makes the rug so fluffy and luscious. The quality and size of the rug is worth $60. It can't be beaten. I needed a rug that was round and this one is perfect.

👤I bought 3 faux sheepskin rugs to find the right one for the room. There is a The best quality was found in the smallest 2x4 HEBE. It was the best coloring and the fur was thick and soft, even though it was fake. The backing looked like genuine sheepskin. It was too small for a room and it did not come in a larger size. There is a The 3x5 gorilla grip is what I chose for the room. It had the most stable backing and the sheepskin was faux but soft. The coloring of this one is bright white and I prefer the more natural ivory color, but it blends well in the room. There is a The cheapest quality of the 3 was the 4x6 LEEVAN, which was second place on size for me. The fur was the lightest of the 3, but it rolled up a bit if you pushed it a certain way. It was soft and would have been fine, but there was a huge gap in quality between this and the best quality small HEBE rug. There is a You can see the size comparison by taking a photo of the rugs on top of each other. The main rectangular rug is 5x8 and the nursery room is a smaller room with a full-size crib and chair.

👤It's nice and cozy, large, and perfect for our reading area. We have a large b&w one.

👤I ordered for my closet. The addition makes the area more chic. It would not be a good idea to recommend this in a high traffic area because of the long hair and the vacuum getting stuck on it. I can shake it clean.

👤Really pleased with the rug. It is soft and attractive. Came very quickly. We put in a new piece ofLaminate. We didn't want to hide the beautiful details of the flooring but still needed to make the sound softer. We were very happy with the rug. I call the color champagne or taupe, but it works perfectly with our room because it's small enough to not hide the floor's detail. It was vacuumed and packed in a brick. It was full of wrinkling. Not pretty. I put the towel and rug in the dryer on a delicate setting so the heat was not a problem. It came out perfect. It is now flat. I love this rug. I would never use hot water or a hot setting in the dryer. It took a bit of time for me.

3. MOMOBO Welcome Shitshow Decorative Non Slip

MOMOBO Welcome Shitshow Decorative Non Slip

Their doormats are made in the USA with bright, decorative designs that will turn any porch, entrance or patio into a charming work of art. 1. The backing is made of rubber. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The door mat can be used as a welcome mat, bath mat, kitchen mat and so on. 2. The dimensions are 23.6 X 15.7 inches and have a thickness of just under 3 inches. The low profile design doesn't trap the door. It's a mat for indoors. Please note. 3. The backing is made from anti slip rubber material. Can be in the bathroom. The indoor mat will keep you and your family safe. 4. This funny welcome entry rug is a great gift. It is one of the best gift options. 5. If there is a problem, contact them. They will solve the problems for you within 12 hours.

Brand: Momobo

👤This is terrible. I paid more for this than I did. I live in a state that is basically shut down due to covid-19 and it is $11.98 for a pick up return. I am not sure if this item is worth anything. If you enjoy being ripped off, buy this.

👤This thing is flimsy. Its thin and not worth any money. I am not happy. I put it in my laundry room as a joke because I had to put it out in front of my front door. What a waste of money.

👤The quality of the colors and printing is terrible. I only use the garage entrance for my house. The front entrance is horrible and would be embarrassed to put it there. The colors do not appear as pictures. Not worth the money, or any money for that matter.

👤It's a piece of printed fabric that is stuck to a thin rubber back and is good enough to be funny and cute. It was attached to a heavy duty rubber mat with spray adhesive so it would be more functional. The printing is wearing off after 3 weeks of moderate traffic, and the fabric seems to be going well. The cost is too high compared to the quality of the product.

👤The price is very high. Thought the picture was cute, but was disappointed when it arrived. Returned quickly and small could buy the same mat at the dollar store.

👤Definitely in love with this. I'm not your average Football mom so you are likely to find random inappropriate signs throughout my house. It hasn't blown away yet, but I wish it was heavier.

👤I had a doormat inside the entrance and it worked well. I put it next to the cat litter box because it's funny.

👤The pictures made me laugh. I usually look into reviews but I saw 4 stars with a lot of reviews so I just went for it. Such a waste of money. It should have been less. I got out the ruler because I was curious. It is 3 millimeters thick. What is a rug like? Blow away? The colors on the print job seem to have been washed out. It is like it was printed from a low quality image or like when you don't own the original file and just try to print a screen shot. There is a It is still a cute design and funny, but I am disappointed in the quality.

4. Rostyle Nursery Carpets Playing Decorate

Rostyle Nursery Carpets Playing Decorate

The bedroom rug is made of shaggy velvet and sponge interlayer, which makes it more comfortable and soft, and the area rugs are 1.5 inch high with non-slip rubber spots bottom, a soft and warm carpet is the best choice for family party. A fluffy rug is perfect for girls room, boys room, college dorm room, also suitable for living room, bedroom, study room and other home decoration; this shaggy room mat not only keep warm during cold weathers, but also looks beautiful, which can perfectly integrated The shaggy rug adopts minimalist design and modern style concept, use of solid color and simple line adds warmth and elegance to room of your home, soft lightweight but not fade; the soft fluffy carpet is available in multiple colors and sizes to suit your different style and needs. It is easy to clean if you gently wash the carpet with cold water, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner, and put the rug in a laundry bag. It's great that you have the chance to give christmas presents to your family and spend time with them; whether adults or children, friends or lovers, they will be very happy that you give them this christmas rug as a gift. It's great that you have the chance to give christmas presents to your family and spend time with them; whether adults or children, friends or lovers, they will be very happy that you give them this christmas rug as a gift.

Brand: Rostyle

👤Maybe I'm the dumb one, but I didn't see any size options and just clicked away thinking I was going to get something like what you see in the picture. I got that long, but it was not wide enough. There is a It is soft, but my cat avoids it because it comes from the factory stinky, and my dog enjoys lazing around on it. It's been airing out for a while now and the room still has this horrible plastic smell that will not go away and makes the eyes water. If I'd left it outside for a day to breathe, I wouldn't be sitting in this toxic cloud, I hope future buyers learn from my mistakes.

👤This rug is very soft and fluffy. I didn't think it would be as soft as it is. I will give this a 5 star rating. Shipping was fast. Product was perfect! The size was perfect.

👤I loved this rug. It was very soft. I realized it was impossible to clean. It took me hours to clean it after my cats threw it up. The dirt and crumbs get stuck in the hairs when they sink to the bottom. I can't vacuum it, and my grandma says it'll ruin a washer if I try to wash it. There is a I will be throwing it away soon, but I am keeping it for a little longer. It was soft at first but not until I walked on it that I felt the dirt under the hairs.

👤The rug is amazing. It is perfect for my daughter's room. It is very easy to clean and it is also easy to move, but it doesn't slip around even when dancing on. This is the type of purchase that I can not believe was real, it was so affordable and perfect. It would cost 3x as much at a discount store. I highly recommend.

👤I bought one because it was cheap and had great reviews. I always wait for it. The runner is 2 times wider than a standard runner, but it fits my bed perfectly. The non-skid on the bottom is amazing. I bought this because my doggo likes to jump off our day bed onto our hardwood floor, which causes her to scramble her paws and legs when she lands, and which my paranoid mind just sees as future injuries for her. There is a The carpet doesn't move when she's up or down. I bought a second one for my desk. It's so soft that I can take my house slipper off and not feel the cold hardwood floor for the entire workday. I have solved two area rug problems for the price of one rug, which is awesome. I will be ordering at least one more in front of the couch. I ordered the 3x5ft one twice. It's great for by a bed or a couch. The area between the kitchen entry and the living room will be the next one I get. I like hardwood floors, but there are some areas that you just want warm, soft comfort under your feet. These rugs are inexpensive and non-shedding.

5. Art3d Double Sided Anti Fatigue Multi Purpose Decorative

Art3d Double Sided Anti Fatigue Multi Purpose Decorative

There are different pictures on the front and back of the kitchen mat. There is an Art3d non-skid, non-slip bounce chef mat. Clean with a damp cloth or sponge. The vinyl cover has a non skid rubber/polyethylene construction. For long lasting beauty, there are Stain, abrasion and fade resistant.

Brand: Art3d

👤These mats are comfortable. They are not holding up on the mat. Just bought them in October and they are falling apart. When you buy 4 of them, they are all doing this.

👤The mats work well in our kitchen. We have a nice base to stand on if we need it, we bought two and used them side by side. The pattern is great and these are nice. The pattern of river stones is different on the two mats, so it looks realistic. The mats help tie the colors in the rest of the kitchen together.

👤I put this in front of my sink and it ripped at the edges. I threw it out because it ripped all over. I really liked the design, but what's the point if it breaks?

👤I needed something to stand at the sink. This is what gets the job done. It has a nice pattern. I have to adjust it because it slides around easily. I've had people who don't move around. I will use this for the next year. I'll keep an eye out for something bigger. This is light and slides around easily.

👤I really like this floor mat, it's large, easy to clean, and it stays in place when I put it on my bathroom floor, otherwise it could be slippery, we put a towel over it when coming out of the shower, it's very easy to clean, just

👤The "wood grain" on this mat is fake and bright. There are pebbles on the reverse side if you get tired of it. It is easy to clean. Don't know what's in it. Even if you're standing on it for a long time, it's really comfortable. I have another one that has lasted for quite a while now and it's as comfortable as when I bought it. It's being transferred to the laundry room because the wood grain in the kitchen is so nice.

👤The mat feels good under my feet. It does not have a rubber grip on the bottom, so it tends to shift around. I would not have bought it if I had thought about that. I bought it because I liked the pebble look on one side, and I will probably never use the other side. I guess I'll have to buy some carpet tack.

👤The coffee time pattern matches my decor perfectly. The French Bistro is a little bold for my taste, but it's nice to have the option. I've had a lot of these mats over the years and the one thing that I always hated was that most of them had a clothe top which you can't clean and eventually start peeling off. If you didn't want a plain ugly looking thing, they were the only other option. This one can be wiped clean and thus is much more sanitary and still has a great looking pattern, which is why I gave it 5 stars.


👤A little smaller than we wanted. It's great. Does the job well.

6. 2305 Gray Abstract Area Persian Rugs

2305 Gray Abstract Area Persian Rugs

The dimensions are 5 feet 2 inches wide and 7 feet 2 inches long. Circular designs on this gray 5x7 transitional area rug give it an abstract flair. Modern area rugs complement contemporary bedrooms, modern farmhouse living rooms, and trendy dining rooms, its multi-color design matching any atmosphere. Contemporary area rugs are made from premium polypropylene with a medium pile for a plush feel. Enrich your home décor and tie rooms together while enjoying comfort and warmth under your feet. Their stain-resistant area rugs are easy to clean and safe for kids. Roll out in high traffic areas. Spot clean or vacuum with no beater bar on areas that need cleaning. The dirt and dust are dull and uninteresting. The Persian area rugs 5x7 make the sitting rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms look better. The abstract geometric design is a great way to bring together furniture and home décor.

Brand: Persian Area Rugs

👤There are worms coming from the rug. We saw them pop out of the rug. Didn't deserve a star.

👤I'm in love with my new rug. Thank you for the rug.

👤I bought this for my son's room. My son loves it.

👤The piece of shit was covered in carpet beetles. Don't spend your money on it. I saw someone else had worms coming out of the carpet after reading reviews. This is unsanitary. We have small children. The rug is going to be thrown away. I should get my money back.

👤Excellent quality and bright colors. Our living room is complete.

👤It's not funny that color is far off from what's on the website. The first picture shows the rug that was delivered with the picture of what I ordered. The rug is puckered at the edges. The picture on the internet is from a rug that is carved and sculpted, and the website pictures of it make it look like it also is textured. This rug is not what is pictured here. I'm really disappointed and unhappy with this one, after purchasing 8 other rugs online without a problem. The seller needs to pay for return shipping. There is an update. After contacting Amazon Customer Service, they pointed out that the rug that was shipped was not the one pictured on the website, and the seller didn't pay for return shipping. The seller still hasn't refunded my money after I shipped the rug back using the unpaid label, and he still hasn't shown me the rug. Despite the high ratings, this seller is not honest. How do you post 5 star perfect ratings with over 5 pages of 1 star ratings? Fix this on Amazon!

👤When I redecorated my livingroom, I bought this rug. The front and back doors have throw rugs. It looks great. The space should have the right pop of color. Everyone's first response to the room is "WOW!" after spending thousands on furniture and accents. Nice drug! " hahhaha." That is the cheapest item in the room. It stays clean. My Roombah gets stuck on it. I use a brrom to border it off. Roombah is on my wood floors. There was a minor inconvenience but no big deal. You want a pop of color in your room. This rug won't make a difference.

👤La verdad me encanto. It is cute.

7. Ottohome Collection Oriental Non Skid Non Slip

Ottohome Collection Oriental Non Skid Non Slip

The pile is 0.2 in. The color is red. The material is nylon with rubber backing. Machine made in Turkey. These runner rugs are produced with a thinner profile to avoid trip hazard for your pets and loved ones. The low profile rugs allow for a seamless transition from cold to warm space. Do not machine wash, vacuum regularly and spot clean with damp cloth. Do not use hot water or strong liquid cleaners.

Brand: Ottomanson

👤The value is just over $100. I got the large one. I thought I would need someone to help. I had no problem with it being lightweight enough for a woman to put it down. It's perfect for pet owners. Quality is not the same as $2,000, but I think it's as good as some $300-$400 rugs I've seen. It doesn't move. Mia won't mess it up when she chases down an imaginary person. 3 1/2 years later, the rug has held up well. I got a second dog, a border collie/mini Aussie, right after I bought the rug, and they've put a lot of mileage on the rug between the shepherd and crazy puppy. Their toe nails have pulled up some spots and it has faded slightly in the Florida sun. I'm going to buy the same rug again. I don't want to switch to another pattern because I've gotten so many nice things about it. The price is still low.

👤I own rugs in the range of 500 to 600 dollars. I wanted the pattern and color of my kitchen to be similar. I was looking for a thin and rubber backed product, and I read all the reviews about it being that way. Two small dogs are in the kitchen. I wanted a rug that could stand up to spills from cooking. If I need to spray a degreaser on the rug, I can do it on the patio or driveway. The colors look rich and white. Thank goodness. I love this rug. I ordered an extra one in case something happens to this one. We are not talking about a high quality rug. It's just practical, pretty and not tacky. I would purchase again. I bought the red.

👤This is a beautiful rug. I bought 2 for my balcony as I was in the mood to update it. The balcony is just beautiful with these rugs. I love them, soft to walk on and easy to clean, but I worry that they get too much sun and the color might fade. Otherwise they are perfect.

👤This price is unbeatable for the size. We wanted a Persian rug but don't want to spend a lot of money on one at this stage of life. This is an alternative. We're moving so the pic won't do much justice other than let you see it with some more trendy decor. There weren't many reviews for the large red Persian, so I had a hard time imagining our space. I'm trying to help anyone who found themselves in my shoes. It's not all the way unrolled, but you get the idea.

👤The stitching on the edge is off and crooked, so I moved my table and chairs by myself and measured the area to make sure they were perfect, then I was about to set the chairs, but I was disgusted by how anyone would treat me.

👤Love it. Beautiful colors and designs. I live in an RV, so I'm always aware of how much things weigh when I buy them. Keeping the weight down on the tires is important. The thinness of this rug is ideal, but I would prefer something thicker at home. The rubber backing keeps it from sliding. RV décor is boring. The rich colors of the rug add a nice contrast. I bought two runners from the same company. I love them!

8. Artoid Mode Decorative Seasonal Low Profile

Artoid Mode Decorative Seasonal Low Profile

Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, use any common household cleaner or sweep clean of dirt and dust, save your time and energy. Black and white diamond anti fatigue foam kitchen floor mats are great for kitchen, laundry room, standing desk, exercise,office chair, workshop,counter and more. These mats are perfect for home décor and will make your kitchen more stylish and comfortable. Adding a pop of color in the entryway will protect the floors. It's perfect for any kitchen, deck, patio, porch, veranda and entryway. Durability and non-sLIP. Backed with non-slip recycled rubber and topped with a low profile felt that is stain resistant, it is a high quality construction that is easy to fall in. Measures 17 x 29 and 17 x 47 and features 0.25" slim. They are just the right size for the kitchen. Their kitchen mats are stylish and make a great addition to your kitchen. It is easy to clean. Kitchen mats are easy to clean, just spray off with a hose or use a sponge and detergent to clean off dirt. The material is 5% Polyester. China is the country of origin. Doormat tops were printed with unique and stylish patterns. A beautiful and creative way to decorate your home.

Brand: Artoid Mode

👤There are damage pictures that show the dirt or spill. I don't think they will last long due to the ease of which they stain and how often they have to be washed. I wouldn't buy them again. 5 days ago, they arrived.

👤I like the pattern and the padding on the ground. They have a rubber underside so spills are not going to soak through to the floor. The dog fell on the rug. It took forever to dry due to the rubber backing. The rugs looked small in my kitchen. The scale rugs were wrong for my kitchen. These are the perfect size for a small or narrow kitchen. I replaced them with kitchen rugs that were twice as large.

👤They rolled up. I was afraid they wouldn't lay flat, but they have a thick rubber. I dropped them on the floor and they went flat. I haven't had them long enough to really evaluate them.

👤Really like these. They fit in with my style. They are easy to clean. Within an hour of getting them, I spilled soap on them. I was able to rinse my floor with water and they didn't stain or dried in an hour or so. I don't think throwing these in the washer is a good idea, they might fall apart if not on the gentle cycle. I like them and will order another set when they become too dirty. They are comfortable to touch, not rough or prickly.

👤I am happy with my purchase, but I would like the colors to match more evenly. It gives my kitchen some personality.

👤These are great! I used a rag with water and dish soap to get the bacon grease off of these. It's squishy under my feet when I cook.

👤These are machine washed. I did them by myself in the kitchen and let them dry on the tile. They took about a day to fully dry, they are the first kitchen rugs to not roll on the edges. I'm happy.

👤It's easy to clean the nice colors. Very happy!

👤Excellent mats, I was very pleased with them, they are great value for money, and I highly recommend them. They have a rubber backing.

👤Really lovely designs.

9. Safavieh Collection Bohemian Distressed Multicolored

Safavieh Collection Bohemian Distressed Multicolored

Cotton is 7% and Polyester is 7%. The machine-wovens are stain resistant and have a 0.4-inch thick pile. It is safe for everyday indoor high foot traffic and areas more prone to life's unpredictable messes from kid or pet activity. The bohemian style of the floral lattice design enhances any room of the home, from the living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, nursery, dorm room, study, home office, or eat-in kitchen. Stress-free cleaning includes regular vacuuming and gently blotting out stains with a mild detergent or carpet cleaner. Safavieh is a trusted brand and leader in home furnishings for over 100 years, using their expertise in crafting trendy high-quality designs.

Brand: Safavieh

👤Extra kids and a cat are running through my house. My kid spilled lemonade on it after I put it down. The next day. My golden retriever vomited. You would never know they were there because they were easy to clean. It looks great in my living room.

👤Before ordering this rug, I read the reviews carefully. A rug is expensive. A 9x12 rug is something you are going to be living with for a long time. If you are ordering on line and not looking at it in the store, you will get those "Hebee-jeebe" butterflies in your stomach that say better be careful. If you don't like it, it's going to be hard to return it. There is a So? I read the reviews. I looked at the pictures. I enlarged the photos. I read the reviews after the 1-star ratings. I bought this rug after a couple of weeks and it arrived one day earlier than the Amazon Prime guaranteed 2-day shipping. I wonder if Amazon was keeping an eye on how many times I had been looking at this rug. It is exactly what the photos show. No more, no less. It will go with any decor that you can think of. It does not look cheap. It definitely does not feel cheap. It is finished around the edges and true to shape. I bought a 9 x 12 and it is actually a 9 x 12. The pile is low. I don't use a rug pad underneath. I have a sectional sofa on one end of the room and a media credenza on the other that keeps the rug where it should be. It is the best investment I have ever made, and it is a rug of this quality.

👤I've had this rug for 2 months and it's amazing. There is a Our household is made up of 4 kids, a black lab, and a cat. There is a The center of our living room is where we spend most of our time. Within the first week, it had a grape juice spill, play doh shredded on it, a 120 pound dog pee on it, and a stomach virus hitting our 3 and 5 year olds. The heavy foot traffic and paw traffic is not even taking into account the big, thick nails of our dog. There is a The rug looks the same as it was when it arrived. I have rubbed, scrubbed, vacuumed, or washed this rug for a variety of reasons. It has exceeded my expectations. * Liquids that stain colors like red or purple come right up with very little effort and have yet to stain the rug. The pattern is very easy to use and it's like it's been sprayed with Scotchgard. There is a * This rug is very hard to walk on. I never thought the rug would hold up to our dog's zoomies, but it did! There is a * The pile is short and it makes cleaning easier. It is very soft to lay on. There is a There have been some comments about the smell of a chemical. I have a medical condition that makes me very sensitive to odors and it didn't bother me. It was gone very quickly. * Within 30 minutes, it was flat. I searched for months for the perfect rug. I'm glad I chose this one. It's worth every penny. If you're on the fence, buy it. You will not be sorry.

10. WorldWeavers Area Rugs

WorldWeavers Area Rugs

The machine is woven with polypropylene fibers. A functional low pile allows for convenient placement in entryways and will not obstruct doorways. The oriental rug is a work of art and features a beautiful center medallion. The rug is kid approved and pet friendly. It's perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. It is tough and stain resistant. They recommend vacuuming and spot cleaning, it's easy to clean and maintain. First, test a small area. The use of a rug pad is recommended to prevent slippage.

Brand: Artistic Weavers

👤The colors are bright. It's perfect for bohemian and eclectic decor. There is a The rug is beautiful, but the price is what I love about it. There is a The exact same rug was on other websites for less than $100. We ordered the rug from the competiters website since Amazon did not match prices. We saved $150.

👤I bought this rug to see if I would like it. We have two kids under 12 years old and 2 dogs and a cat who scratches everything, so I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on rugs when I know they will last more than a year. There is a The rug is beautiful. Bright! Light! A low pile! It's low maintenance! Soft! It was priced right. All my boxes were hit by this. Is it high end? No. If you are looking for a high end... This isn't your rug. If you are looking for a rug that will last you a couple of years, then this is the one for you. There is a I buy mostly vintage furniture so this fits into my modern home.

👤I bought this rug after reading a review. It's really pretty. A nice thick rug. There was no odor noted. The books were used to uncurl the edges. My large dogs make it difficult to keep the rug in place. I am very pleased with this rug.

👤This is a great rug. It is not a top quality rug but it is wonderful. The colors are a bit darker and more vibrant. I still love it! Gotten a lot of praise.

👤I love this rug. It makes a beautiful statement with a bohemian feel. I don't want to put a coffee table on it. It looks better in person.

👤I bought it yesterday and I love it. This is a very good price for a well made item. It doesn't have the same smell as other people have.

👤I am in love. It is exactly as described. I was worried that it would be too bright, but luckily all the colors worked well with one another and I was not worried at all.

👤Great rug! The rug will help me decorate my office. I used it as the base because it has so many colors and will help me choose other items. The size is 6 x 9 in my 10x10 room, which is beautiful.

👤Este alfombra perfecta para el lado. Is it possible that hecha y bonneita are not the same? Me toco comprar con descuento porque, lo agrege al carrito salio.

11. LEEVAN Supersoft Fluffy Sheepskin Shaggy

LEEVAN Supersoft Fluffy Sheepskin Shaggy

Easy care can be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth. The surface pattern design will give a warm and bright accent. The style is 24 inch (2 ft) x 40 inch (3 ft) and it has a soft surface. The deep pile is soft to any home. The pile of this shaggy rug is warm and soft. It is a soft texture and it would add a touch of class to any room. The fur mat on the office computer chair cover is wide enough to accommodate a lot of people. Add style to any room and place with luxurious comfort and versatile options. It's ideal as a seat cover or draped across your sofa and favorite armchair, as well as a throw rug, floor mat, or window mat. FEATURE - Sheepskin style, Natural Fiber, Clean and eco- friendly, long- lasting, wonderful soft, fade resistant, keep smooth touch, and great decorative rug for any bedroom give a warm and cozy feeling. It is normal for faux Sheepskin rugs to shed fibers for the beginning, depending on care and usage.

Brand: Leevan

👤It's a good rug. Very soft and thin. We bought extra padding just in case. I wouldn't recommend this rug if I were you. It is a little lighter. The color is spot on. The 3x5 was ordered.

👤I used the Leevan Supersoft Fluffy Chair cover in my office. It looked like an old toilet seat cover after one day. I don't recommend this product for use in high traffic areas. It arrived looking fluffy but not as soft as it could have been due to the color processing. It was a pale pink and not bright.

👤It looks like you will be getting a luxurious throw rug. I received a thin and cheap looking item. It looked like a bad toupee. I was very disappointed. Thank goodness. I found a faux fur throw rug at a store that was a lot bigger and cheaper than the one I returned. You should not get what is in the product pictures.

👤It is amazing! Very soft. Good quality.

👤I think this is a reality versus expectations situation. The photos in the listing are styled nicely so you think it will look nice in your space. It comes out of the bag and looks like a skinned muppet that got caught in the rain. It is soft. I used it as a furry mat under my desk after attaching it to an old yoga mat.

👤I was looking for genuine sheepskin to protect my footstool. The footstool being used the most had turned into a matted mess in less than 3 weeks. There is a I miss the days when the company was able to provide high quality items. My dog did not want to use them as a pet bed, so I threw them away.

👤This was a great addition to my bedroom. It is soft and perfect in color for me. I have a bed pillow that matches it. I would recommend.

👤Very nice. It was used to make fluffy layers on my bed. I don't use real fur and this is a great way to bring the wildlife into your home. Very soft. Adding blankets to a bed, couch or chair is a great idea. My cat loves it. 5 stars.

👤The rug looks lovely.

👤Es un producto bonito obvio, no piel ni parece piel, es agradable solo.

👤The color is light and overpriced, but I have seen worse.

👤The color dorado divino has calentitos.

👤Trs beau. Je l'ai acheté en ce cet anniversaire. son chat aussi


What is the best product for decorative rug office?

Decorative rug office products from Ottomanson. In this article about decorative rug office you can see why people choose the product. Leevan and Momobo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rug office.

What are the best brands for decorative rug office?

Ottomanson, Leevan and Momobo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rug office. Find the detail in this article. Rostyle, Art3d and Persian Area Rugs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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