Best Decorative Rug Runners

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1. Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

Bathroom Geometric Reversible Machine Washable

It is possible to use it again and again. The front and back sides can be used. Natural cotton fabric is odorless and the best choice for a gift. The rug is made of cotton and does not have a rubber backing. A rug pad keeps it from moving. Non printed color. The black bathroom rug pattern is more durable than other printed color rugs because it is constructed by the colors of the thread itself. Their bathroom rugs are made of 100% high-quality cotton with extra fringe on each side that is durable for everyday use and wash. The farmhouse is perfect for bohemian decor. REVERSIBLE USE The rug is not static. Each side has a different look and feel to it. It's the best choice for Halloween and Thanksgiving gifts. The 2' x 3' size small accent rug does not include the tassel. These bathroom rugs are the perfect size for the outdoor door and are also the perfect size for the entryway rug. They think they look good. The rug has a chic and classical hand-knotted tassels element that brings warmth and breathing room to space. It has an exotic feel to living areas and bedrooms. It's easy to clean. Their small woven area rugs are soft to touch, comfortable, and extremely durable, and can be vacuum- cleaned, hand-washed, or machine-washed.

Brand: Iohouze

👤I was looking for a simple yet durable rug for my kitchen and for in front of one of our sliding glass doors, and this rug did it all. It looked good, looked easy to clean, and didn't overwhelm a room. I don't know if it will last a long time, but I think it should because of its affordability and the fact that it should be taken care of properly. I am happy I was able to find it, it was good value and quality. I have three of them in my home and will order more. This rug is very good. The three rugs I ordered were shown in the video. There are two of them, one in black grey and the other in white grey, both in the 2x6 size. I don't like the smaller rug's tassels. I cut them down so they aren't as much of a problem.

👤These rugs are very tough and very easy to clean, and they are woven with a reverse weave on each side, so that one side is black and the other is white. I'm using them in my home theater, which is lit by a black light, because they are Bright White. I use them as seat and back covers for the theater seating recliner chairs, where the 4.3 ft length fits both seat and back. There is a These rugs are a great bargain, considering their quality. Jon.

👤I love this rug. It is soft and well made. It can also be reversed. It is a bright white with black lines. There are many places I can use this in my house. I will be buying a runner inside the front door for another person. I am very picky about the price, but I think it is worth the money, I am buying another slightly larger one for my son and daughter, and I find the best gift is one you would give your child. This is a great option. Buying a friend something they don't need but would love to have. This rug is an excellent value and looks more expensive than it is.

👤What can I say? I love the rug. It's well made, the colors are different, and it's the perfect size for my kitchen. I think I will buy the same brand and rug in a larger size for my kitchen and bathroom, and put it in my bathroom. This product is very good. I will purchase again.

👤The rug is lovely. Excellent quality. The texture is better than I expected. I ordered the correct size for my doorway entry. It is reasonably priced. I need a nonslip pad underneath since my cats love to mess it up. I have no complaints.

👤I put it in my guest bathroom when I received it. It is what I wanted.

👤Blacks are white and whites are black. The company offers a free rug pad after purchase, so you can either get a rug pad or wait until after purchase from the company. This design is high quality and looks great.

2. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Non Slip

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Non Slip

It's possible to place furniture and doors under bulks under feet. It's convenient for your office or home with kids and pets. The machine is made in Turkey with high quality NYLON. The chic rug stays in place with optimal slip resistance thanks to Non-SLIP RUBBER BACKING. The pile is free from worry.

Brand: Ottomanson

👤I love this rug. It looks great in our entry way. The colors are the same as pictured. The one end was a little curled. Does not move on the wood floors. The front door doesn't catch it when it opens or closes. It is also soft. Plan on ordering more.

👤I bought these runners to protect the floor by the stove and sink. I will get a non stick liner if it comes to it, but it is not a big deal. The pattern is very vibrant and I love the colors. The quality is great for the price. When my 5 year old spilled a container of chili on one of them, I used my wet vac because there was no tag that said you could put them in the washing machine. It cleaned up. I might order a larger one in front of the door, but I am afraid the sliding will be an issue in a more open area. There is a I am happy with these runners, and if anything happened to ruin them I would not hesitate to order them again. There is an update with a rating of 3 stars. The corners have curled up in some places and I am starting to trip on them. Not what you want to happen when you are in the kitchen. I will try other runners instead of buying these again.

👤After reading reviews, the rug is as expected. It serves my purpose. I wanted something that wouldn't slip on. When coming out of the shower, my tile was slippery. The size was perfect and the color was good. It's not a thick rug. It works for what I need it for. Would buy this brand again if needed. I think the stain on the corner of the rug was caused by transport. The rug is packaged in plastic and not in a box. I took one picture with the light on and the other without it.

👤It was great for the price. I don't think it feels like that, but my husband thinks so. It's not very soft. I've felt worse. The quality is good.

👤I have had a new rug for a few months and it looks brand new. I am a multiple large breed dog owner and mother and it has held up well. I like the design and colors. I like the price. If you want a higher quality, you will need to add up the cost. For the price, I am very happy. The low pile is ideal for dog nails. The backing keeps it in place.

👤We have a chihuahua with knee issues who has started to have issues slipping on our wood floors, and we received these this week. I bought 3 of the longest runners to give him a safe indoor path. The carpet is very soft on my feet. It's low profile enough that the doors to the linen closets off the hallways don't hang up on the carpet--this is the first time we've had carpets that are soft to the touch. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase, and I couldn't have done better.

3. Washable Bathroom Bohemian Farmhouse Moroccan

Washable Bathroom Bohemian Farmhouse Moroccan

1. The bathroom rug is made of 45% cotton, 45% polyester, and 10% viscose. It was a thick and airy touch. Protect your floors from damage. 2. 100% Woven Craft, completely woven craft, no fade, strong flexibility. A small plush woven on the rug with a tassel on both sides adds exquisite detail and craftsmanship to the kitchen rug. 3. The bohemian rug has a lot of symbolism and is very simple but also very rich and complex. 2'x3', 2'x4.3', 2.3'x5.3', 3'x5'. Each end of the tassel is about 3.1 inches. 4. You will need a good slid-resistant pad to go underneath. It's a perfect kitchen runner rug for the bedroom, cotton small bathroom rug, entryway rug, small area rug, laundry room rug, picnic throw and etc. 5. In order to protect the bathroom rug, it should be washed in water no more than 30C and in a gentle way. Don't soak long time. Do not use bleach. Don't use a brush to wash. To dry, lay flat. It is easy to wash the hand. Cotton woven will shrink a little, but it won't affect the use. 5. In order to protect the bathroom rug, it should be washed in water no more than 30C and in a gentle way. Don't soak long time. Do not use bleach. Don't use a brush to wash. To dry, lay flat. It is easy to wash the hand. Cotton woven will shrink a little, but it won't affect the use.

Brand: Idee-home

👤A pretty rug! Exactly as pictured. You will need to purchase a rubber backing.

👤I haven't had a rug in a while, but it seems like it would be very durable. I used Scotchgard on it because we have it in our kitchen in front of our sink and our kitchen is next to the back door where we let our 80lb dog in and out at. Our dog stepped on it. I can't say that it would've come off easily if I hadn't Scotchgarded it first. One side of the runner seems to be straight and the other side is a bit more even, but it fits with the aesthetic I'm going for. I found a matching table runner, but I could be wrong, and I love how cohesive they are.

👤I got a rug for my dorm to go with my theme and to have something to step on when I get out of bed. I like it.

👤I am very disappointed. It is nice to look at, but not practical for a living space. I used it as a kitchen mat. It slides nonstop, so you have to put a non-slip rug pad underneath, but it bunches so easily it is not even worth it. Whatever. I liked the way it looked. I spilled some formula on it, read the instructions and washed it, but it came out flaky. I knew it wouldn't be the same. I wanted to like it, but it was thin and not worth the headaches.

👤I put it in the wash. It still looks brand new. It is more of a cream color. Really nice rug. I think it will last a while.

👤This rug is very nice. It is really beautiful. Excellent quality. The white is woven in. I put it in a trailer and it is holding up. It was a good price.

👤I ordered the long one and the short one for my kitchen after a remodel and I love them, they're cute and give the kitchen a hippie touch. I would recommend both of them to anyone who is looking. They seem very strong. I have a household with 3 large dogs, a cat, and a spouse and they have not shown any signs of wear, and I have had them for about a month now. There is a One thing. They don't have backings that will hold them up, so you will need to find something to hold them up. I'm still looking for the most effective ones. My cat likes running and sliding on them.

👤The first time I put this rug down, it was dirty. I keep my floors clean. I run my robot vacuum every single day and I have to sweep and mop the kitchen at least 3 times a day because of our four kids. This darn thing looks dirty and grabs any dirt or hair that can be seen. There is a It is easy to toss it into my washing machine and air dry, but the second I put it back down on the floor it looks dirty again. I love the look of this rug, but it is impossible to keep clean, so it is in my laundry room. If dirt stressed you out like it did me, I would avoid the black one. Maybe a lighter colored version wouldn't show so much dirt?

4. Ottomanson Contemporary Leaves Non Skid Backing

Ottomanson Contemporary Leaves Non Skid Backing

The pile is 0.2 in. Seafoam is the color. The material is nylon with rubber backing. Machine made in Turkey. These runner rugs are produced with a thinner profile to avoid trip hazard for your pets and loved ones. The low profile rugs allow for a seamless transition from cold to warm space. Do not machine wash, vacuum regularly and spot clean with damp cloth. Do not use hot water or strong liquid cleaners.

Brand: Ottomanson

👤I like the rugs, but they are not for everyone. They are pretty, but not very soft. They are what I needed for my household. They protect my new floors, give the dogs some traction when they're running around, and the dog hair vacuums up really well, I have a German Shepherd who sheds like a fiend and my house requires vacuuming at least every other day. The dogs haven't gotten it with their nails or bones, which is a plus. I added a rug pad that I already had, just for some extra padding, but I love that they come with rubber backing. They do shift around a bit, especially with the dog running, but overall I'm very pleased and you can't beat the price.

👤I wanted to keep the rest of my carpets looking clean and I was looking for carpet runners for high traffic areas. The rugs work well for that purpose. The door will not be blocked by the rug if it is placed on the carpet in front of the doors. This works well in my house. We can push the door open without concern if the door clears the finishing edge of the rug. We have a situation with one door and another door and no issues at all. Customers have complained about the rug falling apart. Don't put them in the washing machine! The rugs were not designed to be washed that way. Don't buy this rug if you need to do that with a rug. I will save a lot of water by wiping these rugs down with a wet cloth, because it is easy for me to do. Customers have complained about the rug moving. There is a thin rubber backing, which is both pro and con. It is a pro because it allows the rug to be put in a doorway without blocking the door, it is a con because the rug will move a bit when used on a carpet. The movement is not noticeable in my house of two adults. More movement would be expected in a house of kids and animals. If movement is a problem, it could be fixed by attaching more rubber gripping to the back of the mat in certain strategic places, such as the corners and a few points along the edge. The design of the rug is great and it works with other furniture in the room. I can walk with no shoes on. I thought I would take up the runners when guests came, but now I think they are enough to keep them down because they add a bit to the room's style. I think the price is reasonable for the value this rug provides. I am very happy to have found and purchased this rug.

👤I needed a wide runner for our walkway between the dining and living rooms. I can only find narrow runners that slip and slide with rug tape. Our rug is in a heavy traffic area and it has never moved. I'm ordering another one for the kitchen. There is a The teal and gold living room rug matches the color better than the green one. I spent $150 on a rug and another $80 on non-slip padding for my living room rug, but I didn't know about this brand.

5. SUPERIOR Geometric Patchwork Polypropylene Chocolate

SUPERIOR Geometric Patchwork Polypropylene Chocolate

Quality materials. The rug is made from 100% Polypropylene and has a 0.31" thickness, which is ideal for high traffic areas and perfect for homes with children and pets. The sizes are divided into rectangular, square, and round ones. During design. This patchwork design is available in Chocolate, Slate, Light Blue/Ivory, Light Blue/Beige, and is available in mid-century modern and modern interiors. The colors are blue and taupe. Care instructions. Spot clean and vacuum regularly. To avoid slippage, the rug pad should be sold separately. Pull the ends with scissors. Equalize wear by rotating frequently. There is a guarantee of success. Their products are backed by loyal guest service, their designs match a variety of styles and make great gifts, and they can update any room in your home in an instant.

Brand: Superior

👤A chocolate 5x8 was purchased. More white than pictured. I was expecting it to match the picture I received. The lighter rectangles in the picture look like tan, and what I received were almost white. It is soft and thin, but I have never heard of that before. It's under $52. I was not expecting the best. I'm going to suck it up and send it back. In the attached picture, you can see the white sections from the flash properly lighting them up, and as the flash fades, the white begins to look tan. The lighting used in the picture made the white look tan. Be aware. This isn't for you if you want tan. The price is still decent.

👤It serves its purpose for the price. The hallway runner looks the same. Everything was what I thought it would be. I think it has been a week. You can help the process by putting heavy stuff on each fold and corner. It is a little bit shorter than I thought, but that is because my measurements were off. It's not a big deal. The material is cheap and feels like a rug. What can you say? I bought it to wipe our feet on when we come in. The rug that feels like a cloud is not the soft plush rug. Some reviewers were expecting a lot out of this rug. This is not the area rug that you want. Bed Bath and Beyond is a good place to go. I paid $200 for a rug in my living room and it has held up well. Again, this one serves its purpose and looks good doing it, but don't expect much out of it for the price. If you have hardwoods or laminate flooring, you will need to order a rug liner. There is no question about it! We are sliding all over the place so I will be ordering one within the next couple days. If something changes, I will update. God bless! It's a good thing.

👤I was looking for a rug with a modern vibe. I was skeptical at first, but it's perfect! My living room is very nice and I took it to a whole different level. It was very soft and received a lot of praise.

👤I keep parts of the carpet wrinkled. I don't want to see a wrinkled carpet in a place that's far away from the floor. I want it to look like a carpet and not a piece of paper. We like the look and pattern. It's not sure how to lay it down better. Do we need to wear this like a shirt?

👤The color and pattern is very thin. It's harder in texture than it is as a towel.

👤The colors are beautiful but the quality is terrible and I can feel my finger pinching from the top to the bottom. I was not expecting to get anything beyond what I hoped for, but this is close to what I hoped for. I wish I wouldn't have sold my rug.

6. Antep Rugs Alfombras Bordered Non Skid

Antep Rugs Alfombras Bordered Non Skid

Do not machine wash, vacuum regularly and spot clean with damp cloth. Do not use hot water or strong liquid cleaners. It's perfect for entryway, hallway, kitchen. It is lightweight and low profile. There was no need for another rug pad. Spot clean with soap. It's a good idea to vacuum regularly. TILE GOOD LOOKS: This versatile indoor area rug can be used in a living room, dining room or bedroom. This area rug is attractive and practical, and it has a classic color scheme. The area rug has a stylish color scheme and a bold pattern that will complement any décor. Durability COMFORT: The area rug is made from 100% Polypropylene and is stain resistant. The low pile height of the floor rug makes it comfortable for pets, guests and children. The floor is low-maintenance. For years of stylish comfort, strong materials will stand up to wear and tear. This rug can be easily maintained with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. Antep Rugs imports high-quality area rugs from Turkey. Antep Rugs is a growing name in the home-fashion world and they produce colorful floor rugs that complement any room like a work of art.

Brand: Antep Rugs

👤These rugs are not thick or soft but they have rubber backing and are perfect for me because I have 3 dogs.

👤I tried to move this thing on my slippery hardwood floors, but it didn't move. It's so nice. I have it in my kitchen sink. This rug is a pleasure to wear and I love the length.

👤It was perfect in every way. My dog is not good at potty training. This is the rug. The carpet is protected from spoiling by the rubber backing. It spills right up. The price is also great. I got two.

👤This is one of the worst rugs I have ever purchased. I have had it for six weeks and it won't lay down. It's in an area that gets little traffic and every time I smooth it out, it's in half a dozen spots. I need to buy another carpet because this one is crazy.

👤I bought this rug for my bed because of the write-up. It skids. We had to put tape on it to hold it in place. My bare feet slide on it, that's concern to me, a senior. It is very small. I was surprised by the number of positive reviews. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤The rug looked great when it arrived. It felt good on the ground. I washed it. I followed the instructions. The backing separated from the rug. I really liked it and it is a shame.

👤It's actually 6' long, but was advertised as 7' long. The 2 inches make a difference. It doesn't fit the area like a real 7' runner would. It's hard to get it back in the package after you unpack it. Oh, well. I suppose you can live and learn.

👤I was trying to find a rug that was wide enough to match my sink. The standard size was similar to a napkin. I am happy to find both of these.

7. NuLOOM Braided Lefebvre Indoor Outdoor

NuLOOM Braided Lefebvre Indoor Outdoor

The indoor/ outdoor rug hasn't yet been met, even though beautiful floor accents are only for inside the home. The units are designed to stand up to the elements and add charm to your surroundings. This rug is kid and pet friendly and is perfect for high traffic areas such as patio, living room, kitchen, and hallways. The braided design adds a casual feel to any room. The rug can be integrated into the décor. Spot treating for mild stains with carpet cleaner is recommended.

Brand: Nuloom

👤I had to return the rug because I wanted to love it. There is a The positives. The rug looked good. The look of the braided texture and shades of gray, black, and white were very striking. I received a lot of praise for this rug. There is a The rug shifted a lot even with a rug pad underneath. The rug was getting wrinkled. The edges would turn up. My 3-year old tripped on the edges of the rug while running to get a toy off the coffee table. We went to urgent care to get stitches. I noticed that the stitching had come undone when I straightened the rug. I only owned this rug for about a month and a half. If it's in a room that is not used often or in an area that is on top of the carpet, I would recommend this rug. I wouldn't recommend this rug if you have young kids or use it in a high traffic area.

👤Terrible rug. We have had it for 4 months and are ready to throw it away. I have bought outdoor rugs to use inside because dogs and cats tend to ruin regular rugs quickly. I was worried about the lighter color of the rug, but I thought it would be resistant to stains/discoloration. I have been using it in our living room. It's a big pain. I wish we had not bought it. I vacuum multiple times per week and nothing has been spilled onto it or anything but from normal use/walking. It's already dark and discolored. I used double sided tape to tape the edges down because they keep rolling up and it pulls up in the middle. It is starting to break apart. Literature should not fall apart if a rug lasts more than 4 months. I'll attach pictures where you can see it is falling apart. If I could, I would give this a star. I don't think it could hold up as an outdoor rug after being ruined for 4 months of normal indoor use. I will be trashing this rug in a few weeks because I wish I'd gotten another rug. I would like to return it for a refund.

👤Absolutely love this rug. I found a rug on Wayfair that I wanted in my laundry room. It was perfect, but $65 was too steep for an area that nobody else sees. I found it for the same price on Amazon. There was a returned one at the bottom of the ad. I thought it was perfect. I received it in the mail and it was what I was looking for. It's not too gray, not too black, and matches my decor. You don't know what you're missing if you're looking at the return items/warehouse deals area on Amazon. I have saved a lot by buying there. It would be perfect for a hallway, entry and laundry room.

👤I was hesitant to purchase this rug after reading some reviews. Most of the negative reviews were for the smaller area rugs. I bought a rug. I was able to cut off the fluff with scissors because of the manufacturing defects. The look and feel of this rug is worth every cent. I have it on a rug pad and it doesn't move. The sofa legs are on the rug. It is exactly what I wanted it to be and it has changed the look of our living room.

8. Bathroom Washable Bohemian Farmhouse Geometric

Bathroom Washable Bohemian Farmhouse Geometric

Machine wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Don't soak long time. Do not brush it. To dry, lay flat. 1. A small cotton woven farmhouse style kitchen rug with fringe is a stylish must-have for your home. A decorative accent is used for front door and porch mat, laundry room rug, entryway rug, apartment rug, doorway rug and more. 2. You will need a good slid-resistant pad to go underneath. The rug is made of 45% cotton and 45% polyester. The cotton linen fabric is high quality. Thin but heavy. The thickness of the mat is perfect, doors will open over it, and it's thick enough to lay nicely. 3. The tassels are about 3 inches. It is easy to mix and match the styles of the Tassels special designed bathroom rug. The runner rug is easy to take care of and will make a difference in any room. 4. The kitchen runner rug is designed with a bohemian style and is very rich and complex in symbolism, and they convey deep visual beauty and elegant, decorative bohemian style on the floor. It is easy to wash, hand wash, and use a vacuum cleaner, but tufting is not easy to fall off. 5. 2'x3' small size perfect used as a doormat, 2'x4.3', 2'x6' runner size for hallway proch and kitchen area, and 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x 6.9' large.

Brand: Idee-home

👤This rug is amazing. I took a minute to iron it after I took it out of the package.

👤I put it in the kitchen sink. It is easy but looks great. I have washed it a few times and it has held up. Would recommend.

👤Really like this rug. The light gray color is perfect for my kitchen. It was well made for the price. The strings are flimsy. Don't have a backing. It stays in place.

👤I had a runner in a high traffic area that moved around a lot. I don't have kids anymore. The light gray version showed the dirt better than the darker one. The one end of the hem is coming apart after 2 machine washings. So disappointed. I got a rug with a non slip backing and it was much better.

👤It's much nicer in real life. Excellent quality. You have to buy a rug pad to go underneath it. I usually buy non slip rugs with the pads already attached, but this one doesn't have it, so that will cost more. I think it's beautiful, but I love it.

👤I needed something thin but not cheap to look for my powder room. This fit perfectly. The bathroom had the same colors as the grey stripes. I had looked far and wide.

👤I have many different styles of this rug. It's a good place to wash the dining table weekly. I have a geriatric cat that has accidents a couple of times a week and the rugs are easy to wash and change into. The value is great.

👤I like it! It's thin, I was going for looks/color, and the material seems to be durable. The tassles are used with small kids and dogs. It doesn't move too much. I was looking for something near my sink and dishwasher area.

9. Persian Rugs Distressed Hallway Runner Area

Persian Rugs Distressed Hallway Runner Area

Since the rug comes with a vacuumed bag, it's normal for it to have a crease and not appear fluffy. It should be laid flat for 2 to 3 days to give it time to recover. They are sorry for any disruptions. 2 feet 2 inches width by 7 feet 4 inches length There is a substance in the area. The 2x7 transitional area rug is made from a blend of traditional oriental and modern distressed rug styles and it makes a bold statement in every floor and space it covers. There's an optimistic compromise. This stylish area rug has a medium pile that makes it easy to fit under any piece of furniture. Machine-woven fibers are soft and durable. Low maintenance. The area rug is easy to clean. It requires vacuuming without a beater bar. It is suitable for both low and high traffic areas. The look is great. It brings every piece of furniture and décor together to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Brand: Persian Area Rugs

👤I decided to write my own review because I relied heavily on previous reviews for this rug, as well as pictures. I purchased the distressed creme 5x7 and it arrived earlier than expected. I've never purchased a rug online, but I've been stressed out about what I could expect. I read almost every review and looked at every photo posted by other reviewers, and finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase it, even though I have contingency plans for other rooms to use it in should the colors not work out for my living rooms decor. I am quite pleased to say that the colors were exactly as pictured and that the quality was excellent. We have 3 dogs and two cats so time will only tell as to how well the rug holds up but the price was right. I bought a non slip pad with extra cushion just in case, but it was laid down completely within 24 hours. I relied heavily on those previously posted, so I'm including photos. Thanks to everyone who took the time to give a review, I was able to make a tough decision. I hope to return in a few months with an update on how the rug is holding up, but for now I'm very happy!

👤I get a lot of praise for this rug. It's even better than it looks. Beautiful!

👤I was looking for a rug that would compliment my living room. I knew it was the one when I saw it. A huge thanks to buyers who left reviews and posted pictures. This helped me in my decision making process. The quality is great. I bought a felt pad because it's not the thickest. That worked out the trick. It took 2 days for it to flatten out. Here are a few photos of it that you can see for yourself. Shipping was quick as well. I'm happy!

👤I decided to purchase this rug based on the reviews and photos I had seen and I wanted to follow up with others. This rug is very good. It is more plush than I expected, the corners are flat within 24 hours, and it has not worn down despite my extra daycare children. We abuse rugs. I was nervous when we got this because it was so light. I was wrong. We've been mushed in water heads, paint, juice, and fruit. Everything comes clean. There is a We decided to add a new puppy to the mix, and the rug still looks brand new months later. There are many pictures of the poor rug. I have considered buying another rug as a backup as this one beats my previous one.

👤I agree with the reviews. This rug is a steal. I was worried about seeing a dark and light version of the ivory rug in customer photos. I had a few questions about that and the seller answered them on a Saturday. I was looking for a softer look in some of the review photos but not in some of the other photos. The seller seemed to want me to be happy with the purchase. I was reassured when I ordered the ivory on Memorial Day Weekend and I am enjoying this beauty. No need to worry if you are on the fence about seeing lighter and darker photos. It's both. It depends on where you put it. It has a softer look from one side to the other and there is more contrast on the other side. I thought I wanted the distressed look, but the sharper contrast makes it look even better. If I ever want a little more detail, all I have to do is turn the rug 180 degrees. I will have it. It's the best of both worlds. The packing was covered in poly and done well. It's not very thick at around 3/8". It's similar to some of the thinner ones you'd see in Home Goods or TJ's for around $300-400 for the 8 x 10" size. I've been looking for a long time in South FL. It is not as thick as the hand carved wool rugs. I was not expecting that for the price. It's not as thin as I was worried about. Where else can you get a rug of this size for less than $200? Including shipping. I thought I would have to pay more for a rug that looked like a postage stamp in my large room, even if I chose a smaller rug. I don't have to because of Persian Rugs. This fills the room nicely and pulls my leather sofa and recliner. It would work well with both Powder blue and Wedgewood blue. The beige is cooler than a greige. I'm happy it's not yellow. I hope this helps you make a decision. I wanted to add that this review was not solicited, so I know that sometimes reviews are fake. I need honest reviews to help me make a decision. I did not get any special pricing or considerations. I am writing this because I am very happy with the deal I got. Thank you Persian-Rugs!

10. Ottohome Collection Oriental Non Skid Non Slip

Ottohome Collection Oriental Non Skid Non Slip

The pile is 0.2 in. The color is red. The material is nylon with rubber backing. Machine made in Turkey. These runner rugs are produced with a thinner profile to avoid trip hazard for your pets and loved ones. The low profile rugs allow for a seamless transition from cold to warm space. Do not machine wash, vacuum regularly and spot clean with damp cloth. Do not use hot water or strong liquid cleaners.

Brand: Ottomanson

👤The value is just over $100. I got the large one. I thought I would need someone to help. I had no problem with it being lightweight enough for a woman to put it down. It's perfect for pet owners. Quality is not the same as $2,000, but I think it's as good as some $300-$400 rugs I've seen. It doesn't move. Mia won't mess it up when she chases down an imaginary person. 3 1/2 years later, the rug has held up well. I got a second dog, a border collie/mini Aussie, right after I bought the rug, and they've put a lot of mileage on the rug between the shepherd and crazy puppy. Their toe nails have pulled up some spots and it has faded slightly in the Florida sun. I'm going to buy the same rug again. I don't want to switch to another pattern because I've gotten so many nice things about it. The price is still low.

👤I own rugs in the range of 500 to 600 dollars. I wanted the pattern and color of my kitchen to be similar. I was looking for a thin and rubber backed product, and I read all the reviews about it being that way. Two small dogs are in the kitchen. I wanted a rug that could stand up to spills from cooking. If I need to spray a degreaser on the rug, I can do it on the patio or driveway. The colors look rich and white. Thank goodness. I love this rug. I ordered an extra one in case something happens to this one. We are not talking about a high quality rug. It's just practical, pretty and not tacky. I would purchase again. I bought the red.

👤This is a beautiful rug. I bought 2 for my balcony as I was in the mood to update it. The balcony is just beautiful with these rugs. I love them, soft to walk on and easy to clean, but I worry that they get too much sun and the color might fade. Otherwise they are perfect.

👤This price is unbeatable for the size. We wanted a Persian rug but don't want to spend a lot of money on one at this stage of life. This is an alternative. We're moving so the pic won't do much justice other than let you see it with some more trendy decor. There weren't many reviews for the large red Persian, so I had a hard time imagining our space. I'm trying to help anyone who found themselves in my shoes. It's not all the way unrolled, but you get the idea.

👤The stitching on the edge is off and crooked, so I moved my table and chairs by myself and measured the area to make sure they were perfect, then I was about to set the chairs, but I was disgusted by how anyone would treat me.

👤Love it. Beautiful colors and designs. I live in an RV, so I'm always aware of how much things weigh when I buy them. Keeping the weight down on the tires is important. The thinness of this rug is ideal, but I would prefer something thicker at home. The rubber backing keeps it from sliding. RV décor is boring. The rich colors of the rug add a nice contrast. I bought two runners from the same company. I love them!

11. Friendly Recycled Cotton Colorful Chindi

Friendly Recycled Cotton Colorful Chindi

Recycling: They upcycle the rags from the factories into colorful and vibrant rugs that add a pop of style to any room of your home. These rugs are hand woven for you. Their weavers use recycled cotton yarns to give them a rustic and bohemian look. Each rug has a slightly unique and distinct appearance and no two rugs will look the same. Since these rugs are made using cotton clothing rags, they are very durable and soft. They are more sturdy and last longer. The life of these rugs is increased if you are 100% righteous, you can get two rugs at the price and have the maintenance of one. There is a vent. Since the rags come in many colors, the rugs are also vibrantly colored. The perfect accent rug for your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, laundry room, living rooms, closets, office, mudrooms, college dorm rooms. The size is 2'x7'. For twice the wear, reverse regularly. To clean, shake briskly and wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Do not wash or clean with machines. The size is 2'x7'. For twice the wear, reverse regularly. To clean, shake briskly and wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. Do not wash or clean with machines.

Brand: Chardin Home

👤This rug is amazing. There is a It really ties the room together. There is a And it does! My house is a weird minimal/eclectic/gamer/nerd with a little Moroccan flair thrown in with floor pillows and such. There is a There was nothing in my apartment that matched. There is a Everything goes together beautifully with this rug. There is a When I realized this, it was a magical moment. I wanted to explain a bit about my place. I have an 8 year old, two dogs and a cat. I have had this rug for a while and it has held up well. There is a We are sitting on the floor and the apartment looks amazing. I received the 10' one and it was folded. It was heavy enough to lay on the floor and smoothed out after a day. I don't have a mat under it. My couch is on one end and doesn't shift much on my concrete floors.

👤I love the rug. I wasn't worried about the other reviews that said it was wet and smelly. It was well packaged and smelled good. The smell from being stored and shipped was a brand new "out of the box" smell. It was laid flat for an evening and there was no smell. There is a I thought the rug was clean. It is clear that it should not be put in the washer. I don't think the rug would fit in a washer. It is a little stiff, but has softened over time. I was looking for vibrant color and it was exactly what I was looking for. My photo doesn't do justice.

👤This rug is in the category "You get what you paid for." It seemed like a good deal for a cute living room rug at $50. We have a cat and two small dogs. A baby. I need to be able to vacuum my living room rug. I can't vacuum this rug. The strings have come out in some places, and the fabric has pulled out in other places. Before this happened, I only vacuumed it once or twice. The rug began to come apart within a month. Some of the fabric looks like plastic bags. The rug is cheap, but also cheap. It's not worth it unless you're willing to carry the rug outside to shake it and clean it every week. The colors and look of the rug were cute. It won't stay that way for long in normal living room wear.

👤I needed a rug to break up the mud that my dogs were making from the dog door in my living room. I decided to try the larger size because I had no problems washing the smaller ones. For an 8'10'? It was sold. There is a I'm happy with it so far. We were able to fold the rug in two, which gave it more cushion on our tile floor, because I bought the wrong size. There is a The rug is colorful, and I don't expect any problems with it, because the materials to be sewn together well are shown in the initial inspection. My dogs can't move it very easily because it's thick and heavy. My pictures don't do justice to the colors. There is a Basset hounds are a champion sleepers. Our two bassets settled on this within 10 minutes of us rolling it out, which I believe you can use as proof of comfort.


What is the best product for decorative rug runners?

Decorative rug runners products from Iohouze. In this article about decorative rug runners you can see why people choose the product. Ottomanson and Idee-home are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rug runners.

What are the best brands for decorative rug runners?

Iohouze, Ottomanson and Idee-home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rug runners. Find the detail in this article. Superior, Antep Rugs and Nuloom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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