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1. MDesign Hotel Style Rectangular Absorbent Decorative

MDesign Hotel Style Rectangular Absorbent Decorative

Soft and absorbent. The cotton yarns keep the rug looking great even after repeated use, and the floors stay dry, so no more worries about slippery bathroom floors. All-AROUND COMFORT: The plush rug is made of soft cotton yarns and can be used in front of sinks, showers, and bathroom countertops. It's subtle anccent. The decorative border adds an interesting and stylish accent to any decor, and the cut pile is plush and comfortable. Quality construction is important. Machine wash separately in cold water, use mild soap or detergent, and dry on low heat or line dry. Measures 60" x 21"

Brand: Mdesign

👤It was great until I tried to clean it. The washing machine is safe. You can't vacuum or wash it. It's getting sick of the low quality in most Amazon products.

👤What a waste of money. I was hoping it would have the texture that was pictured. I got this for an old house that hasn't been updated since 1977 and I'm remodeling to move into it. The whole shebang is mustard yellow appliances, yellow orange and green sheet vinyl, wood panelling. The best way to describe this mat is to compare it to the mats that were here original to the house. It looks and feels like the 50 year old mats. Flat, thin and already kind of pilled together. If you rub your bare foot on the texture, it will make you cringe, but maybe some of you will get it. I tried it without the backing to see if it would work, and it almost slipped into the tub. The cost of the mat is not the only thing you need to buy. I threw it away and bought a better quality item because I missed the return date because it took longer to complete the bathroom than I anticipated. This cost was added to the wasted material. This is not a single piece of garbage. I will never buy anything from this brand again.

👤I will return the rug. The grey is a periwinkle color. Not grey at all. The walls are grey and not close to each other.

👤I am not sure what everyone is talking about, but this rug is really nice. It would cost more at this size. I don't like the idea of a rug that can reach the entire length of the shower. I always bought two rugs in different sizes. I love the length. The reason for it not having that weird rubber at the bottom is so that it is easier to wash. I have a better home and garden rug that is a lot smaller and I paid a lot more for it. I assume that this one would wash the same as my better homes and garden bath rug, which does not have the rubber backing. I think I got what I was looking for and the price I wanted to pay. Don't be fooled by the length. It was perfect for my bathroom because it seems so much longer in person.

👤The bathroom rug is beautiful. The thickness is just the right amount. It is held through 3 wash cycles. It doesn't "shed" because it's not very fluffy. It doesn't have a grip on the back, but that doesn't bother me.

👤I bought this at the foot of my bed. I was looking for something that was long and bright and I found it! This is one of the most soft rugs I have ever owned. I haven't washed it yet. I don't think I will be disappointed.

👤I bought this rug for my bathroom. When you get out of the shower, it leaves fuzz all over your feet, it's so hard to keep clean, and black was the wrong color choice. I will return the rug. It's worth spending more money for better quality.

2. Bathroom Kitchen Crochet Absorbent Reversible

Bathroom Kitchen Crochet Absorbent Reversible

It's easy to clean. Their small woven area rugs are soft to touch, comfortable, and extremely durable, and can be vacuum- cleaned, hand-washed, or machine-washed. The soft material of the bath rug set will keep your feet soft. This light grey Oval bath mat is 17x 24 Inches and is designed to sit alongside your tub, shower, toilet, sink or Vanity and provide a comfortable, warm, dry spot for you to stand in. TheOVEN RUG is soft to the touch and has a strong woven material that is durable to hold up for a long time. Care instructions. There is no need for a spot cleaning. You can wash it in cold water. If you want to wash your hands, use a soft sponge and rub it in the products direction. There are multiple uses. This rug can be used as a rug and a couch. They can be put in the living room outside of the bathroom to absorb water and keep the dust out of the house.

Brand: Rajrang Bringing Rajasthan To You

👤I can't send this ball of cotton back. They were in the washing machine. They can smell like it. They were soaked twice in the same substance. Worst rugs ever.

👤I was excited to get these, but they looked dingy and had black stains on them. I was expecting a bright yellow, but it was a muddy yellow. I have a rug like this one, and even after 6 years of washing in the washer, the old one is still brighter and looks better. I will buy the exact one I got at cost plus after I returned these.

👤I appreciate that this is a small oval because I have a small bathroom and this fits right between the toilet and the tub. I bought a contrasting color one so I can change them when I need to or when I just need a change of color. My house is very old and it fits right in with the old farm house and custom interior decor. A warm touch to a small space is added byVersatility and this kind of quiet and artistic design.

👤I use a rug for the shower. It is on tile floor and stays in place for most of the time. It is clean. On rainy days, I hang it outside to dry or throw it over the curtain rod. I have never had an issue with it. I have had a rug for a while. It looks pretty and delicate because of the crochet. It is heavy duty and washes well.

👤I ordered this to be in front of my sink. The color was a lot darker than I thought. I washed it on delicate and then left it to dry, but it was still soaking wet a day later. I'm going to put it in the dryer and hope for the best because it's made of cotton. It's cute, but not what I expected. I'm happy with it so far. It's the right size for my bathroom. It was not too expensive. If you're looking for something cute and cheap to put in front of a bathroom sink, this product is for you. The colors on the website are different than what you see on the screen.

👤The shape seemed a bit off, maybe it had been stretched a bit, and didn't seem to be round. There were some threads that were dark brown. I was able to pull out the threads and leave a bare spot. It was obvious that it got past an inspection.

👤I bought this for my bathroom, but the color was a bit darker than I thought it would be, and that's probably my fault for thinking it was the same color as off white. I used it in the bedroom because I really liked the look and feel, but I can't really say much about the absorbancy because it's just used for show, but I washed it and it held up well, just wash on a cold.

👤Some people said that they were basically destroyed in the washing machine. They were in there with other items so they weren't agitated. The lint and cotton that came off in the wash is shown in the picture. After shaking out the other items that were on the wash with the mats, I collected the last pile. I had to remove the drum from my washer because I was afraid it would damage it. Just be aware. The materials used for the rugs are not durable and are not made to be washed.

3. Popular Bath Rug Chocolate

Popular Bath Rug Chocolate

There is latex with the back. Fashionable for any bathroom or spa, the Zambia Collection will add a modern touch to your room. You can create a unique room with bathroom accessories that show off your style. This unique design bathroom rug is a quick and easy update to your bathroom's décor that is crafted to highlight your taste. The elegant Zambia bathroom rug design is sleek and modern to classic with trendy design adds a fresh clean look to any bathroom space. Take your bathroom décor to a new level with a touch of elegance. IDEAL GIFT has a length of 32" and a width of 21". Their bathroom rug is clean. The material is made ofPolyester. A long lasting design with a material. Any contemporary décor will compliment the design. The bathroom rug is non-slip and has rubber backing. Hang dry the machine wash.

Brand: Popular Bath

👤It looks really nice. It's nice and thick. I took a lot of pictures. I got the clear plastic liner on Amazon.

👤I ordered one a long time ago and it was perfect. Quality work too. I have it. I ordered a new one because I thought it was starting to look worn out. I was wrong. I thought it was fake when I saw it for the first time. It looked cheap and plastic. The shower curtain was the same as my original one. I returned it. There were no problems there. I ordered another one because I thought the previous one was malfunctioning. What I received was the same. I kept it because I needed a new curtain asap, and I thought this was the way the curtain looked now. I thought the fabric would change, but it wouldn't. I was not prepared for this. I washed it with the instructions on the label, and it crumbled all over my washing machine, my bathroom, and my floors. It's a disaster. It looks like a piece of garbage. I thought the old one looked bad, but it looks amazing compared to this cheap stuff. I washed it many times without any problems. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. This is not what it used to be. The quality went to hell if it's not fake. This could ruin your washing machine. It isn't worth it.

👤I would love to give it 0 stars. When the shower curtain arrived, I wasn't thrilled but it grew on me. The patchwork fell apart when I washed it for the first time with a very gentle detergent. I had to vacuum out the pieces from my washer. I can't believe it happened. I have never had to request one on Amazon, but I want a full refund. I don't think there is a way to request a refund from Amazon. There is a I read through the reviews to see if I am the only one who has had this happen, and I found out that I am not. I would have left this alone if I had read the reviews before buying.

👤I was interested in this soap dish for a while. The design matches my decor. I noticed that the dark finish was peeling off the inside of my bar of soap after using it for less than a month. The finish is peeling so it looks bad. It would not be a good idea. We have been using the soap dish for 2 months. Particles are stuck on the bar of soap as the finish is pitting even more. This isn't what you would expect from a soap dish. We can't use it anymore because people don't want the particles sticking to their soap. I don't recommend because the seller hasn't responded back.

👤The shower curtain I received was different from the picture. The pattern I received was dull and flat. The shower curtains were made out of the same material as the dollar store curtains, with the exception of the metal grommets. If I had known it was not going to look like the picture, I wouldn't have paid $20 for it. Highly disappointed.

4. Bathroom Absorbent Microfiber Machine Washable Bedroom

Bathroom Absorbent Microfiber Machine Washable Bedroom

It's super soft. Give your feet the gift of a massage and transform your bathroom into a spa. It'sBREATHABLE: The new material SBE/Hot melt spray backing helps keep mats airy and fresh and gentle to the floor, it's perfect for stepping out of the shower or bath. The water on the mat dries quickly, making your feet feel the ultimate luxury enjoyment. There is a complaint about a VIBRANT DECOR. The bold pop of color and style lend a beautiful rich decor element to your bathroom, and the resilient fabric stays looking fantastic year after year. The bath rug is available in a wide variety of colors and is an essential for any style space. Easy care. Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. When needed, use only non-chlorine bleach. Shake dry and restore fluff.

Brand: H.versailtex

👤The mats are soft and I have thrown them in the washing machine with a load, so they don't go away. They slide. I bought kitchen mats from the dollar tree for the bottom and they stay put. If they get really wet, the water will leak out of it when picked up. The mats have held on better than any I have had in the past, and they have been washed and dried in my machines. Highly recommended! Oh! They don't smell like wet towel if they get wet, that's a plus.

👤The Absorbent Machine wash and dry without losing their shape. It's like laying a small towel on the floor. They slip under foot. These rugs are pretty to look at and functional for absorbing water when you step out of the tub. They are not safe for someone who is not sure footed. I want something comfortable to stand on as I do my hair and makeup so I will be replacing these sooner than I would like. My dog loves to use the large one as a bed, so it won't go to waste.

👤The rugs seem great, but there is no padding on the bottom. It feels like you are stepping on a towel, but it is not. It was fair for the price. I am not sure what it will be like to wash them. I hope it stays together.

👤I waited to change the shower curtain for Halloween, and I made a mistake. I ordered a set of rugs. There are two for the tub and one in front of the commode. I got a small green rug. It is good for nothing. Tomorrow is the party and I have to go shopping to find what I need. The rug is flimsy. I would give negative stars if I could. I'm angry because it's not what I ordered.

👤One of my symptoms is that I have a balance disorder. I could fall if I tripped on something on the floor. The bigger rug is ok, but when I have my shoes on it flips up and I get close to falling. I don't know how you are able to fix this problem, I am at fault, I am almost tripping and falling.

👤Light and thin. They are holding up well after six months. I like them better because they are easy to clean and slip resistant. They were a good price. It works perfectly in my bathroom. Soft but not cushiony.

👤These rugs are great for the bathroom. They're soft and look brand new from the wash. They tend to move around because there is no skid proof backing. I have to re-position them every time the rest room is used. Nice product.

👤These rugs are slippery, there's little backing to keep them from sliding around in the bathroom floor. They are nice rugs, but they could use a little more backing.

👤Vienen bastante grandes. A perfecto para mis baos.

👤The arrived 2 days early, but not as thick as I wanted.

5. Bathroom Washable Bohemian Farmhouse Geometric

Bathroom Washable Bohemian Farmhouse Geometric

Machine wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Don't soak long time. Do not brush it. To dry, lay flat. 1. A small cotton woven farmhouse style kitchen rug with fringe is a stylish must-have for your home. A decorative accent is used for front door and porch mat, laundry room rug, entryway rug, apartment rug, doorway rug and more. 2. You will need a good slid-resistant pad to go underneath. The rug is made of 45% cotton and 45% polyester. The cotton linen fabric is high quality. Thin but heavy. The thickness of the mat is perfect, doors will open over it, and it's thick enough to lay nicely. 3. The tassels are about 3 inches. It is easy to mix and match the styles of the Tassels special designed bathroom rug. The runner rug is easy to take care of and will make a difference in any room. 4. The kitchen runner rug is designed with a bohemian style and is very rich and complex in symbolism, and they convey deep visual beauty and elegant, decorative bohemian style on the floor. It is easy to wash, hand wash, and use a vacuum cleaner, but tufting is not easy to fall off. 5. 2'x3' small size perfect used as a doormat, 2'x4.3', 2'x6' runner size for hallway proch and kitchen area, and 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x 6.9' large.

Brand: Idee-home

👤This rug is amazing. I took a minute to iron it after I took it out of the package.

👤I put it in the kitchen sink. It is easy but looks great. I have washed it a few times and it has held up. Would recommend.

👤Really like this rug. The light gray color is perfect for my kitchen. It was well made for the price. The strings are flimsy. Don't have a backing. It stays in place.

👤I had a runner in a high traffic area that moved around a lot. I don't have kids anymore. The light gray version showed the dirt better than the darker one. The one end of the hem is coming apart after 2 machine washings. So disappointed. I got a rug with a non slip backing and it was much better.

👤It's much nicer in real life. Excellent quality. You have to buy a rug pad to go underneath it. I usually buy non slip rugs with the pads already attached, but this one doesn't have it, so that will cost more. I think it's beautiful, but I love it.

👤I needed something thin but not cheap to look for my powder room. This fit perfectly. The bathroom had the same colors as the grey stripes. I had looked far and wide.

👤I have many different styles of this rug. It's a good place to wash the dining table weekly. I have a geriatric cat that has accidents a couple of times a week and the rugs are easy to wash and change into. The value is great.

👤I like it! It's thin, I was going for looks/color, and the material seems to be durable. The tassles are used with small kids and dogs. It doesn't move too much. I was looking for something near my sink and dishwasher area.

6. KIMODE Geometric Welcome Washable Bathroom

KIMODE Geometric Welcome Washable Bathroom

The cotton tapestry is made from 45% Cotton+ 45% Polyester+ 10% viscose and has a surface with a block printed on it. The design has a cozy and luxurious feel with a half inch of soft pile height, which is plush on the floor, but is resistant to high traffic. It can be used as a decorative tapestry to lighten your space, and also as a decorative area rug. It's easy to clean. tufting is not easy to fall off, so don't put it in the dryer or bleach, and use a vaccum cleaner. TheINDER: The real item's color may vary slightly due to photography and different computer show, but due to the different methods of measurement, it will be few deviations. TheINDER: The real item's color may vary slightly due to photography and different computer show, but due to the different methods of measurement, it will be few deviations.

Brand: Kimode

👤Absolutely love this rug. It adds a lot of flair to my patio. Since I just started gardening out there, I wanted something to wipe my feet off when I came in and out. I wanted it to be decorative so it didn't take away from the feel of the patio I made. This is perfect! It is bigger and thicker than I anticipated. You can get a sense from the photo with my feet. It is great as a threshold mat because it is the exact length of an average door frame. I thought it would get dirty quickly since it is light colored, but so far it has not shown signs of dirt, which is great. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤We painted our bathroom from light maple to midnight blue and changed the door knobs. It feels like a new space when you order two sizes of rugs. The cotton is soft on the tufted part, but tougher around that. I know it will be clean and wear well. The stone floor is slippery. Otherwise, love it!

👤I absolutely adore this runner. Very stylish. I like the colors. I am not sure if it will stay in place or slide around. Also, a great price.

👤The picture is perfect under our table.

👤I was excited to find a rug that would fit in my living room. I wanted black and beige. This is grey and beige. It is not possible for it to pass for black. It was supposed to be under the coffee table. The photos on the site were black and beige. Hope this helps others make a decision about purchasing this. I will buy it again if you make it in black. It is very pretty. The tuft is very nice. It is very well made. It's a nice rug, but it's not the right color for my redesign.

👤It's beautiful, and I love the style. I didn't know it was going to be off-white. I thought it was black, but it is actually gray. The quality is great. I still love the design. I would put a carpet mat under it to keep it in place.

👤Plastic in a rug will ruin the floor and rug because they are heated. The cotton was marketed as 100% durable. The tag that came with it shows otherwise. There is false advertising.

👤The rug is well made and beautiful. The dark outline looked black in the online photo. It is gray. I was going for a dark look. I keep it because it is beautiful and works with my decor.

👤The item did not match my furniture. I had to spend $50 to send the carpet back because I had no complaint about the quality of the product. I bought the carpet for $100. I don't think it's right to purchase this product if you're not sure you'll keep it.

👤It is grey, but it is nice. I was expecting black.

👤This rug has a gray stripe that is lighter than the photos. I thought it was black.

7. HiiARug Tufting Washable Bedroom Laundry

HiiARug Tufting Washable Bedroom Laundry

The cotton rug can be used in a wide range of places. The kitchen is durable. The cotton rug is made of great absorption water that keeps floors dry and clean. A tight woven rug protects your floor from stains and scratches. Machine Washable Runner Rugs are lightweight and clean by hand. It is convenient. It isdurable. The bathroom or entryway will be chic with the boho rug. The bohemian rug features geometric patterns and ombre colors, and is adorned with knotted tassels. It looks natual and perfect in the environment. Whether your home interior is traditional or stylish, they have got a great color scheme to flow with your style and every area rug is unique. The Versatile Home Decor Area rug is perfect for bohemian home decor such as bathroom rugs, kitchen runner rugs, farmhouse rug, laundry room rug, and entry rug. There was no rubber backing. The rug pad is recommended for the best result. The Versatile Home Decor Area rug is perfect for bohemian home decor such as bathroom rugs, kitchen runner rugs, farmhouse rug, laundry room rug, and entry rug. There was no rubber backing. The rug pad is recommended for the best result.

Brand: Hiiarug

👤The rug set is absolutely perfect for the price. The color is printed on and looks very high end, especially with the tufts of raised material and the tassels on the ends. When it came out of the packaging, it had a scent. I aired it outside over night and it was perfect. The rugs are thick enough to lay flat but thin enough that you could throw them in the washer. I highly recommend.

👤It was so thin, like a napkin. There is a Substitute toilet paper is a viable option. There is a Return is strong with this one.

👤Nice design. I think they are smaller than advertised. The vacuum doesn't like the tassels. If you put them on a hard surface, you and your dogs will be sliding into the next room, so get a rubber liner.

👤I wanted to give my daughter something that would make her want to sleep in her own bed, so I gave her some new bedding. It's a good thing. I went with something that was soft and cute. She didn't notice the first night and slept through. She was at school when I put it on the bed. She was happy when she came home. I would recommend this for kids who can't sleep in their own bed at night. It makes them feel safe. In a Florida winter, it's hard to find the right balance between keeping you warm and not being too hot.

👤These rugs are easy to clean. I'm thinking about getting a second set. If you are placing these in a high traffic area, you should get double sided tape or pads to keep them in place because you can trip over them easily. They are on a hardwood floor.

👤The rugs warm up the space and add interest to the room. They are easy to pick up if I'm mopping. I haven't washed them. I think they will do well in the washer since they are very flexible.

👤I bought these for my camper and they were perfect. They are thick and well made. The colors and texture were the same. I haven't washed them yet, but I will update my review after I do. Great purchase.

👤I love these. The raised texture and non raised texture are great for the look. I wanted to. I haven't washed them yet, but they seem to be fine. There is a Mandeslawofstyle is in the picture.

👤I have two entrances in close proximity to my foyer. I needed a rug for the front door and entrance from the garage and wanted two rugs that were the same size. These came as a pair. I like having two different sizes. Having two dogs and living in a rainy climate is an absolute must and these have washed up great. They are not the type of rugs that are soft and cushiony. If you are going to go on a magic carpet ride, use a rug pad. I might buy another set for the bathroom or the kitchen because they could work so many places.

8. MDesign Hotel Style Rectangular Absorbent Decorative

MDesign Hotel Style Rectangular Absorbent Decorative

Soft and absorbent. The cotton yarns keep the rug looking great even after repeated use, and the floors stay dry, so no more worries about slippery bathroom floors. All-AROUND COMFORT: The plush rug is made of soft cotton yarns and can be used in front of sinks, showers, and bathroom countertops. It's subtle anccent. The decorative border adds an interesting and stylish accent to any decor, and the cut pile is plush and comfortable. Quality construction is important. Machine wash separately in cold water, use mild soap or detergent, and dry on low heat or line dry. Each measures 34" x 21"

Brand: Mdesign

👤It took me a long time to find a bathmat that was perfect. Most of them are too heavy and have rubber backing which can destroy your washer/dryer over time. I wash them as much as possible. Excellent quality!

👤I know it's too late to return these rugs, but I would. I have been running up and down the stairs for 5 minutes to make sure the rugs are dry. The lint trap starts a fire if it gets too full. There is a The laundry tub had a lot of fuzz and I could have made a rug out of it. My floor is covered in rug fuzz because the lint trap is full every 5 minutes. There is nothing left. There is a I have never washed them before. They didn't lose much while on use. There is a I warned you.

👤The review was reduced to the least possible stars. They are still losing clumps of linty fabric in the washer and dryer after using these rugs for months. Don't buy these! It was very linty. The photo only shows a small portion of what I pulled out of the machine. After having washed and dried the rugs 3 times already! I bought rugs at Walmart that didn't shed a lot.

👤The bathmats feel great getting out of the shower. There is no anti-slip backing.

👤I didn't expect much when I ordered. I wanted the bath rugs to step out after showering. I washed them and thought they would shed a lot of the cotton fiber. Wrong again! Surprisingly, they kept their shape. Too good to be true? Too bad not to be! Now is the time to order more!

👤My senior dog is able to walk on the hard floors because I have purchased multiple rug sets. In case she had any accidents, I could easily pull one up for laundry and replace it with another. I wanted them to be thick enough to hold up when the pup walks, so that I wouldn't have to keep rearranging them. I needed those that would be ok with bleach in laundry. I tried another type that was cheaper, but it was a big mistake. The cheaper ones were flimsy compared to the thick ones. The mats arrived as expected and I will purchase more of them as needed. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The rugs look great, but they are not anti slip rugs. They are on the ceramic tile floor. Money is wasted.

👤It's soft and good color. I wanted something to make me feel better, and the color does it. There is a The reviewers are correct that the mat is still a nuisance in the washer and dryer even for later loads. The lint snare in the laundry room can get stuck in the washer hose and cause the water to get to the floor.

👤It looks off kilter because the edges are not equal.

👤La devolucin de mi dinero, pésima calidad, primer lavada, and se desbarat.

9. ZebraSmile Microfiber Absortion Entryway Bathroom

ZebraSmile Microfiber Absortion Entryway Bathroom

The surface of the mat is made of a soft material and non-slip back. Fine workmanship, no fade, soft surface and water absorbent can be washed by machine. It is a good choice for protecting your floor and will give your home a new feel. It can be used in the bathroom as a bath rug and also as a door mat inside, but it is not a heavy duty outside door mat. They have two size choices for you. The height is 0.24 Inches/0.6 CM. If you have a question about the product, ZebraSmile will answer it within 12 hours.

Brand: Zebrasmile

👤We had this down for a couple of weeks. The individual leaves are cheap and the corner is unraveling. Absorvancy, warmth, thickness don't matter if it won't hold together.

👤I was not impressed with the quality of the rug. I wanted to get the rug out of the bathroom before I put it in the bathroom because the rug was folded upon arrival. I took it out of the dryer after tossing it in, and I saw that the yarn had come lose in many places. I can't imagine how bad it will be once I wash it. I clean my condo at least twice a week. I need a bathroom rug that will last for several months before I need a new one. I recommend that you not purchase this rug because of its poor quality.

👤I found this rug after I got my shower curtain. The background is cream, but I still like it. I keep it clean by throwing a towel over it when I shower. Highly recommended!

👤So soft! It was a little smaller than I thought, but it fits our space nicely. The pattern is great and the rug is very plush. It has a little nonslip pad so it doesn't move around all day. It was pretty quick as well. Very cute!

👤The mat is soft and beautiful. I will report how it washes later.

👤These rugs are really nice. The thickness is correct. They are comfortable and absorbent. I would like to be able to buy more colors and designs.

👤It works well as a bath mat. The white is off white, not bright white as shown in the photo. I wouldn't recommend this as a door mat.

👤You can't put it in the dryer. The backing of the rug sticks together. Who knows what the instructions are in Chinese? The universal dryer symbol was not found. If you must dry, use a lower heat setting.

👤Jolis motifs are qualité moyenne.

10. Color Geometry Bathroom Absorbent Machine

Color Geometry Bathroom Absorbent Machine

Bath rugs can absorb 3 times of water in a few seconds. Strong Adhesion can help keep rugs in place on your floors and protect your family's safety. There is a notice. The floor should be clean and dry. It is easy to wash and dry, save time and energy. The perfect design will be matched with the bedroom and bathroom decoration. It is possible to match different needs in different sizes. Half bathroom is the smallest. They believe in the quality of their bathroom mats. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Color&geometry

👤When one set gets dirty, I have 2 sets for that. They match my floor perfectly.

👤I conducted a lot of research before buying two sizes. The main criteria for me are thin and plush. These rugs are great for doorways with 1/2 inch clearance or more. The looks are amazing and the plush factor is amazing. I included a picture with a scale. I can't recommend enough! Completely satisfied. Thank you.

👤I love the rug. It is simple, modern and soft. I needed something that wouldn't show stains, and I wanted something that was durable and easy to clean. The rug is perfect. It has a nice texture that makes it look higher up. The price is great.

👤I have heard of bear rugs, but now I know they also make teddy bear fur rugs. Really? I thought I was stepping on a teddy bear. It'sPun intended! The length is perfect and it stays in place. My husband doesn't like throw rugs because they move on him and he trips and falls. They are not allowed in our home except for a bathroom rug. The last one was a memory foam style mat that was supposed to wash well, but the backing kept peeling and falling off, until it no longer was non slip. This one has not been done yet. Our dog likes to lie on the rug in the bathroom. It works well with our Dr Who themed bathroom decor.

👤I hung it up to dry after showering. It was still moist to the touch days later. I find this very odd. Is this thing designed to retain water? How is that possible? I think this will lead to the mat getting very stinky, so this is a deal breaker for me.

👤Better looking in the bathroom. Not slippery. Should order a bigger one.

👤The rug is a great price. It is very soft with a high pile. The non-slip material on the underside makes getting out of the shower safer. The edge is carefully sewed. This size is better at the bathroom sink than the bathtub. A wonderful compliment to my bathroom.

👤The material is super soft. The color was what I was looking for. There is a It may hold too much water and cause a "sloshing" of water. I step onto the mat and it is still wet. It was moving around a bit. I should have paid more attention to the size I bought. It was the size of a small welcome mat and cost over $20. Not worth the price. I have made better purchases at discount stores. I have not put it through the washer and dryer yet. I can not comment on how it holds up. The quality is not up to par.

11. LIVEBOX Bathroom Personalized Non Slip Washable

LIVEBOX Bathroom Personalized Non Slip Washable

The Versatile Home Decor Area rug is perfect for bohemian home decor such as bathroom rugs, kitchen runner rugs, farmhouse rug, laundry room rug, and entry rug. There was no rubber backing. The rug pad is recommended for the best result. Livebox Mandala area rugs are made from 100% microfiber wool and are skin-friendly. The area rugs are soft and can be washed in the washing machine. If you want your kids to have fun in their newly designed playroom or bedroom, make sure that the area rug is made with soft materials so they won't get hurt. The round shape with pom pom of the LIVEBOX round rug is very decorative and unique. You can show off your character with a personalized Mandala rug. The old-world charm of black and cream/ grey and cream can be seen in your home. It's perfect for decorating your home for holidays and themed parties, as well as being great for kids playing. The backing is anti-slip. The durable non-slip backing makes it easy to grasp the floor and keep the nursery rug in place on the floors, which makes your kids comfortable and safe. It's a good idea to keep your feet dry off of the tile and rug. The low pile height is 0.4 inch. If you want a more durable kids carpet, Thick rugs are not the best choice. High density and performance are better ways to prevent tripping over the cozy rugs. The size of the kids play mat is 2ft 3ft 4ft which is great for baby crawling. The plush rugs can be used in a variety of places, including home, living room, playroom, bathroom, bedroom, and nursery rugs. It's a must have home decor that can be draped over a sofa, floor, chair or bed. The soft carpet for kids is a good choice for shower gifts, birthday gifts, and daily gifts.

Brand: Livebox

👤I like the look of this rug. It is not a practical rug. It's definitely more decorative than anything. It is very thin. It was a bit thicker than a sheet. The pattern is printed so that if some of the fibers are moved the whole design is off. The one I received had a weird line in the middle. You get what you pay for.

👤I am happy with the rug and the product I received. I have it in my bathroom with pink tile, white cabinets and black hardware. It is a good size in front of my sink. It is soft under my feet.

👤The round bath mats look beautiful. Can clear my door. There are a lot of returns. But not this one. The color is great for hiding spills, dirt, and foot prints. Very happy.

👤The seller did a good job. There is a Excellent quality and softness to the manufacturer. Love it! After a few washes, you still see the same thing. There is a Well done to the manufacturer.

👤I bought 3 of these rugs for my bathroom. They are cute. I put them in the machine. It adds a unique touch to the look of a bathroom. The way they feel on your feet is amazing. The product is great. The only thing I have had is the Pom coming off.

👤I bought this rug to match a shower curtain. I was disappointed to see that the rug is cream and black instead of white and black as the shower curtain is. The black is fading in some areas where the rug was folded. I can't put the rug next to the shower curtain because it will be too noticeable, so I don't know what to do with it. I will see if I can return it.

👤The rug is the perfect size for our RV bathroom. It was more plush than I expected, even though it mentioned the "thickness" in the description. The rubber backing is nice since our bathroom is a pass-through. We have two dogs and they have stayed in place. Also, very cute!

👤I love this carpet. One of my favorite purchases on Amazon. If you want to add a decorative rug down instead of a simple color, the carpet is a very cute accent. I would give it a 10.

👤La figura estrella, pues debera ser mas barato.


What is the best product for decorative rug small bathroom?

Decorative rug small bathroom products from Mdesign. In this article about decorative rug small bathroom you can see why people choose the product. Rajrang Bringing Rajasthan To You and Popular Bath are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative rug small bathroom.

What are the best brands for decorative rug small bathroom?

Mdesign, Rajrang Bringing Rajasthan To You and Popular Bath are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative rug small bathroom. Find the detail in this article. H.versailtex, Idee-home and Kimode are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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