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1. BXI Decorative Stones Walkway Aquaruim

BXI Decorative Stones Walkway Aquaruim

About 1000 gram weight. The stone is 0.04 inches in diameter. Glass sand is a material. The volume was 0.22 gallons. Colorfast will not change the chemistry of your aquarium water. Use indoors and outdoors. There is a shiny substance in the water. Perfect decor for fresh and saltwater aquariums, ponds, terrariums, gardens, potted plants, vases, ash trays, crafts and hobbies... A fish tank with a length of L'' and width of W'' needs a thickness of stone of 23 pounds. For a 10''*10'' tank, 1'' stone layer needs 4.35 pounds of stones. Before putting in a fish tank, rinse with water 3-4 times.

Brand: Bxi

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Couldn't have picked a better product. It makes the tanks look like water at the beach. It looks like it's on when the light is on. Will buy again.

👤I should have listened to my gut and not used these in my fish tank. They put a layer on the rocks to make it iridescent or multi-colored, and it floats all over the tank. There are clear shards in my tank. You can barely see them, so I can't get them all out. Two of my fish have been killed by it. I'm in the process of removing the rocks from my tank, but I don't want you to use them in a fish tank. This is not a good choice for an aquarium.

👤These are pretty. They were bought to be used as a river for my fairy garden. They are pretty. It was a lot more than I needed, which is great for future projects.

👤Most of the decorative stones I run across on Amazon are either ludicrously expensive or reasonably priced, but in reality they are pretty disappointing in real life and barely more than a sample. There is a This is one of the few that was reasonably priced, and has tons of stuff. I was shocked. What days in which we live, when it's possible for someone to touch the hearts of people? The giant space-TIGER can be low with a single. There is a These are relatively large rocks, in the mean time. They are pretty in most environments. I use mine to line the edges of my flower pots so they don't get washed away. This, a few different sizes of fluorescent rock/sand, and maybe some sea-glass, and you have the beginnings of a beautiful garden or aquarium.

👤It's pretty. I put it in my garden. When I finish the review, I will take pictures. There is a I finally put the garden together with the blue glass sand and it looks gorgeous. I love the way it looks in my tank and I will keep buying it. I couldn't find it at many stores. Similar items are not as rich in color. The stores were very overpriced.

👤It was easy to clean my fish tank. Great buy, but a small bag. If you need it for a bigger tank, I suggest 4 bags.

👤The total was made up of 2 bags. I couldn't use half of the bag because it spilled all over my carpet when I pulled it out of packaging, but I am still vacuuming the tiny things out of my carpet months later. Half of the material was wasted because of a gash in the bag and it hurts when you step on it barefoot. Other than that beautiful.

👤2 lbs of stone is not as much as I had 888-276-5932s, but these are beautiful! There is a It's not enough to complete the projects I am working on so I will be buying them again. It won't cover the thin layer in one small aquarium, and I won't have any left to make a "river" of stones in the other. The fish have better appreciate their houses.

2. Natural Decorative Pure Organic Ingredients

Natural Decorative Pure Organic Ingredients

The sand frame is 7 by 7 inches and 1 by 5 inches in depth. Quality QUARTZ SAND. There is a natural grain shape and size. Settles are added to water quickly. The White Color family is not a Dynasty. Money back guarantee. They're confident that you'll love their products and that you'll be satisfied with their products. You can return the product for a full refund if you're not happy with it.

Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients

👤This is not sand. It is sand and has very sandy qualities. I look for sand that doesn't have bugs in it and isn't stinky. The sand does all of that. It comes in a paper bag. It holds my incense very well. I don't expect much from it, but it does deliver on expectations.

👤If the city water plant is destroyed, I need to make a water filter system in a plastic jug or bucket, and I put activated charcoal and small gravel in the box.

👤I wanted to fill my incense burner. The package has enough left over to refill when the time comes. There is a nice natural sand. I was not happy with the packaging. The bag with the foil-lined top was perfect for storing sand, but it burst when it was shipped. Everything in the box was covered in sand. I don't know how much I lost. The extra clean up is not included.

👤The sand used in most zen gardens is not as strong as this sand. It has a beach sand feel. The beach has a slight glint, which reminds me of it. There was a lot in one of the bags I bought. I will use the second for another project. This product is very good.

👤The sand worked well for my needs, but I felt it was a little too fine. If you're looking for a fine sand, look no further. I used the sand to make wood and clay pieces for a friend's retirement party. They turned out well.

👤Great sand! I missed glitter but the product is great. I made sand scapes for them.

👤I did well in my sand garden. I liked the color and texture of the beach star.

3. ACTIVA Scenic Sand 5 Pound White

ACTIVA Scenic Sand 5 Pound White

Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water. ACTIVA Scenic Sand is fun, fascinating and easy to work with. This vivid sand is available in a rainbow of beautiful, rich, robust colors. Adding a decorative splash of color to any project is great. Kids are helped to discover, explore and develop creativity. It is safe and non-toxic. It's 100% natural and eco-friendly, it's an AP approved and meets CA Prop 65.

Brand: Activa

👤This is perfect because I and my students made moon sand. I didn't realize that 5 lbs of sand equals 6 cups. I would've ordered more.

👤It's exactly what I needed, some nice clean white sand, but it does have some black specks in it, but they're fine. I use it to keep the gnats out of my plants. It works and looks great! There is a There is a hole in the bag and I am withholding a star from you. I saw a lot of people fussing about it, but who in their right mind would open something they know is going to contain sand on their bed? Is it a meteorite? There is a The hole in the bag is triangular in shape and the bag is thick and rigid, which is not something I like about it. It wasn't wear and tear from shipping, it was a puncture. Please be careful in the future.

👤The sand is great, but it would've been better if it stayed inside the bag. I put what I could out into a baggie and it ended up on my bed and floor.

👤I think the seller expected the photo to be more accurate. The bag of sand is next to a pile of sand. When I opened the package, I found that. There was a hole in the bag and sand spilled out. There is a The product is supposed to be white sand, but there are multiple dark brown particles scattered throughout the white sand grains.

👤I don't ask much out of white sand. All I care about is that it be white. There is a The sand was not white. I'll give a star for it being in sand.

👤The package was received a day later than expected. The box was filled with sand. There was a large hole in the package. The packaging on the item was poor. Sand is very fine. Large amount expected.

👤Other reviewers used it for their aquariums without any issues. Someone with a betta bowl was using white sand. It looked nice. I thought I'd give it a try. I used this for the bottom of my betta's bowl. I poured water over the sand. The water was cloudy. The situation looked scary. I'm not sure if I'd use the sand again after changing the bowl weekly.

👤Sand is more white than other sand, but it has bits of black and other odds and ends. I had to sift the whole lot and add up to 1.5 cups. Not a good deal for the price.

👤Arena a las lindas. La usé para un jardn zen. Muchas gracias.

👤I was hoping for a more decorative sand, but it is much better than I wanted. It's more of a beige colour and not white. For sure, won't be ordering again.

4. Sandsational Shimmer Sand 1 5 Colored Weddings

Sandsational Shimmer Sand 1 5 Colored Weddings

It's perfect for your wedding unity ceremony. This sand is for sharing a bond with your partner. The subtle sparkle adds elegance to your centerpiece design, wedding reception decorations, terrarium, floral designs, event décor, colored sand art, and zen garden. DESIGNER SAND COLORS are made to compliment any wedding décor for the best color match for your wedding sand ceremony and reception centerpiece. 95 colors are available. All organic ingredients are used in the production of NON-TOXIC. The sand won't fade in light. This fine sand will flow beautifully into your unity sand ceremony set, even in humid environments. It is safe to use with candles. The look of tealights or pillar candles can be enhanced by using unity sand.

Brand: Sandsational Sparkle

👤The sand was perfect for my beach wedding. The bag is made of glittery gold and the glass viles I bought at Michael's fit into it. The sand is very fine and can float in the air. When I put the sand into the viles, it floated all over my kitchen and ended up on the counter tops and walls. I had enough to fill the viles. There was a hole in the bag that spilled over the box. This was used for a sand ceremony and it was perfect.

👤It is not sand at all, it is "gold dust". The sides are covered when you put it into a container. If you don't fill the container, you have to worry about the sides getting coated, and you can't easily get it off.

👤I bought this sand for my wedding. It has a nice shimmer to it and it seems to be a good quality. The sand in the picture is not as bright as it could be. Even my attached picture makes it look brighter than it is. It resembles a beachy color with a lot of shimmer. This looks better than a bright gold sand. The packaging was good. I did not have any sand spills like I did with the other sand I ordered. I know that it will be harder to preserve later than the other containers. The product is great and the price is great.

👤El color es un dorado, me encanto, pero no creo q sea el vendedor sino el man.

👤It's perfect for the wedding day. There was no sand leaking from the package. A double plus.

👤I bought this for my wedding.

👤Can't wait to see the kids playing.

👤This was used for a sand ceremony and was mixed with red, green and blue.

5. Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Pebbles

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Pebbles

The gravel is polished. It is an alternative to mulch. You can use indoors or outdoors. Their pebbles are made from gently tumbling and feature a wide variety of colors and shapes. They will not degrade like mulch. The pebbles are polished and coated with wax to make them shine. There is a mixed color available. There are multiple uses. There are fairy gardens, flower arrangements, and potted plants. The average size is perfect for small applications. The face of Marget. A low-gloss look can be achieved with pebbles. Each bag has a wide variety of jade colors. ECO FRIENDLY. Only natural stones, no other chemicals or oils.

Brand: Midwest Hearth

👤I initially considered ordering this but am so happy I got it. I wanted pebbles that were light and bright but not plain white after doing some research. I knew the pebbles were too big for my pots and that it would look too big. This was the perfect size. The color in the pictures made me hesitate. It looked a lot darker than I wanted. Some of the reviews looked lighter in some of the pictures. I took a risk. There is a This is a great top dressing for smaller plants. Highly recommended!

👤I bought the Midwest Hearth Natural Jade Bean pebbles to use with my Lucky Bamboo plant. I bought the container on Amazon at the same time as the pebbles. Trying to picture what the volume of these pebbles would be was difficult. The bag of pebbles has a volume of 2 cups. I love the pebbles. I washed them before using them. The washing brought out the beauty of them. There are a few black pebbles in the picture. The Jade Bean pebble bag does not include black pebbles. I added them for contrast. Enjoy!

👤After using some bagasse soil in my shed I was able to get some gnats to breed in my potting soil. It is best to use potting soil within a certain time or you will get an insect like I did. I read that packing finely ground rocks into the top soil of a plant would prevent gnats from climbing up through the rocks and dying off. It works like a dream, I thought I would try it. There were less gnats within 2 days. I ordered a third bag so I can put the rocks on the soil of my plants for a uniform look. It looks very nice. A clean look. I would recommend these rocks.

👤jade pebbles are very natural and beautiful The only product that was not available for prime at the time was the one that I was eyeing on and it was easier to make returns if necessary. I took a chance because the other seemed like they were just colored pebbles and not realistic. I am so happy and relieved that I did. These pebbles are the real thing and for the price, they are well worth it. If I ran out, I will order more. I use this as a top dressing for my air plants, cacti, succulents, and other types of plants to mix with aeration enhancers like pumice and lava rocks. This only took me one rinse. The product is clean and consistent in size for my needs. Please never run out of these!

👤The tones are nice. I added pebbles with artificial Succulent to an old candle jar.

👤They are strong. Solid as a rock.

👤I don't like paying for rocks, pebbles or dirt. I had to have this color. The size and color were presented perfectly and arrived. I went back for a second bag because they could have been cheaper. The person said, " L.

6. Decorative Succulents Aquarium Terrarium Gardening

Decorative Succulents Aquarium Terrarium Gardening

These gems can be used to make ornaments, vases, and hair accessories. There are 2.2 pounds of stone and 1 kilo of sand stones. Approx. There is a minimum of 8mm. Natural stones, essential micro landscape. It's suitable with small gardening. Environmental friendly material. It could be used many times. Adding an extra beauty to your garden or house is durable. This is a great home decor and design. All kinds of crafts projects, gardening, Landscaping, flower pot, beach wedding, fountain, fish tank, vase, pebble road, walkways or decoration are applications.

Brand: Toypopor

👤I was skeptical when I read that aquarium rocks could help keep gnats at bay. I was so annoying. I tried other methods to get rid of them, but they kept coming back. I got these pebbles as a last ditch attempt. No moregnats! On top of the soil, they give a clean appearance. So happy!

👤The 2.2 lbs of sand is not very much sand by volume. I guess. Maybe 3 cups. Just be aware.

👤I was unable to find a supplier for smaller leca pebbles. I found ceramsite through a random search on Amazon. It wasn't what I was looking for, but it was what I needed. It holds water for a longer time than traditional leca, so I don't need a large one. The cleaning process took less than a minute because it wasn't as dusty as leca. It is also much less aggressive on the roots. It is perfect for root systems that are more fragile. It is more dense and heavier because it doesn't create as much air pockets. You need more to fill your vessel because they are so small. I was only able to fill one vase with the pouch, which is incredibly expensive compared to other growing mediums. I would still recommend it, but maybe for something with a smaller root system.

👤I should have gone shopping. The dollar store had the same item in a smaller bag for a dollar that would have been perfect for me. Product was great, but not the best deal.

👤I was looking for pebbles that were small and gravel-like. The color and texture are perfect. You don't get a lot, but reviews are worth it for what you get. Will purchase more.

👤You will get more for your money if you buy these stones from one of the big box stores. I was disappointed when I received enough stone to do three pots, because I bought this to cover the soil. There's a lot of white coming off my hands and onto the soil in the pots. The color isn't described in the same way. It's not multi or mixed color. The rocks are almost white when on the pots. The fact that I need to buy more in order to do four pots isn't making me happy, but I don't care about the white color on the soil. The per pound price and the weight on the packaging are things to watch.

👤I use this product for cacti and succulents in my potting soil and perlite mixture. I bought this one and the black lava pumice from the same seller. I would purchase this again when I need it. All of the plants that I have used this on are doing great. I had the wrong color sent and they fixed the issue right away. I'm happy to keep buying this pumice for my plant obsession.

👤I used it to top off the soil for my plants. It has a beautiful, even sandy-colored topping. The sand doesn't fly away in the wind because it is heavy. It's perfect for plants.

7. Mosser Lee ML1112 Black Cover

Mosser Lee ML1112 Black Cover

A few different sizes or multiple sets of the same size are possible. You can create a living plant wall. You can change your wall decor at any time. The look of the house is improved by covering the soil. It is suitable for use in vases, dish gardens and terrariums. Water drainage is improved. The soil is loose or dense. It is easy to carry and work with. Black sand soil. It helps protect and retain water.

Brand: Mosser Lee Company

👤I had issues with flies in my plants. I had a plant for 14 years and no issues, but then I bought a new one and that started the problem. Since the problem was serious, I used sticky fly traps. That helped a lot in the initial clean out. I replanted both plants and used the soil topper after purchasing new soil. The process worked well and our issue has been solved. If you want to do the initial elimination with sticky traps, first put them in the pot like a border wall, water your plants less and do this for 2 weeks. It helps control the flies.

👤I want to thank you for the reviews that helped me pick this cover sand for my plants. I didn't expect to be raising something other than what I had planted. In the process of moving some tomato plants, I see little bugs crawling around in the soil. I ran upstairs to my bathroom, shut the door and called my husband because I was so frightened. We tried a couple of organic pesticides. The top soil stop helped more than anything. The top soil is always dry and the gnats have nowhere to lay their eggs. The sand saved my plants from the trash can. I have a lot left over after saving 8 indoor vegetable plants. Thank you. I hope this helps someone else.

👤Before I had trouble with soil gnats, they eat the top soil as adults and lay eggs which hatch into larva that eat roots. There is a I put a half inch of sand on top of the mosquito bits I lay down to kill off the larva, and then put a layer of mosquito bits on top of that to stop the adults from eating their food. The results are amazing, they are all dead and have not had any problems since. This will protect your plants from both soil gnats and fungus, and it is a great price, what's not to love?

👤Very pretty. I used it as a 1.5inch soil cover on my house plants to get rid of the fungus gnats since they can't burrow in or out and they die off with out oxygen if you let the plant dry out for a bit. I tried every other method from drying out soil alone to rinsing with mosquito bits which caused mold. If you struggle, try the sand cover method with sticky traps. I water my plants. This was great! Definitely recommend! Don't mix decorative sand into your soil to help with aeration. The sand will look translucent in your hand, but it will look black when piled in a thick layer.

👤Great product. I am using sand to cover the top of the soil so that I can eliminate future fungus gnats and the larvae from my plants. I read the process to clear out the plants that were brought in that started problems and used the sand as a last process to make them look amazing! I paid for 11 bags and they won't let me get 2 more. A message says maximum purchase. The product has no stated maximum purchases. I feel that this is unfair. I ordered 5 bags a week ago and the package was late. I was told that it was damaged. I canceled it because I thought the box was too heavy, so I ordered 3 more, but they were not allowed to get them. Very unhappy.

8. T4U Crystal Chips Crushed Quartz

T4U Crystal Chips Crushed Quartz

Natural Chips Stone are made of selected crystals with irregular shapes and rich color, 0.1"-0.5" in size, and are perfect for various sence setting. Premium material makes them resistant to fading. Warm tips: rinse before use to get rid of dirt. Good luck, success, happiness and energy are some of the meanings of different colored stones. These tiny chips stones can be used to start your craft project. There are so many ideas. These top dressing stone chips would make your plants look more chic and energetic. The buffer of redundant water can be achieved by the use of crushed draining crystals. Tiny polished rocks are ideal for small vases. The vases would be eye-catching in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or balcony. T4U crystal decorative stones are perfect for fish bowl layout. The fishbowl has stones placed in it to create a fairy tale living space.

Brand: T4u

👤This is not crushed crystal, but glass mixed with plastic. Pieces melted when held over a flame. Crystal, stone, and even glass are not MELT. Returning.

👤It's not a crystal.

👤It looks and feels like cheap plastic.

👤It is perfect in the re-reading. I was disappointed in the color of my application. It mostly looks white with a hint of pink to my eyes. There is a lot of it. There is a mercury dime next to 100 pieces. The measurement is 17.9mm. Out of the random 100. Most were less than 3-4mm.

👤It is all good. A few chips are more coral than an issue. There are chips all over the box and on the floor because it arrived with a hole. I suggest double bagging or a more sturdy type of packaging because there were no other sharp objects in the box.

👤I needed small translucent fish-safe gravel in each of the 3 little fish tanks that sit on top of the base for my 'Betta Falls' Aquarium. The tank needed a pound of stones, so it was expensive to use, but it looked great.

👤The bag was broken, but the package was not filled with stones. The quantity was less than advertised.

👤They are great, but not what I 888-276-5932 They are not as smooth as crushed glass.

👤I ordered a bag of this to go with my fake purple tulips. I only got a quarter of the bag it came in, even though it was advertised as 1lb. Even if the crystals are beautiful, the amount you are given is definitely over priced. I wouldn't recommend it, but just know that you might not get your full amount of crystals.

👤Great little chips for glass containers.

👤The colour of the stones was very opaque.

👤These are not the same as the photo. I won't be adding them to my aquarium. The label said that Rose Pink looked more grey than anything else. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤There are 3-4 bags for a vase. I bought one but not enough. More for the price is expected.

9. Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

There are 40 restaurant colors for choice. The largest color variety makes you perfect for a variety of activities. Both adults and kids love the colors. You can easily store colored sand in a jar. The colored sand is safe for use as play sand, craft sand, or for sand art projects. The colored sand is UV-stable so it won't fade in light. The sand is easy to use for crafts and play. It's fun and safe. Children's imaginations are stimulated by playing sand. Sand can be used for art or crafts. There is no polymers. Their sand is kid friendly and their sand base is all natural and organic. Will not get wet in the water. Sand mixed with water causes a mess. It's the perfect colored sand for crafts, kids' play sand, floral designs, Succulent terrariums, vase filler, or craft sand projects.

Brand: Shiny Stone

👤This is a small amount for the cost. A cup. You should get more for that price. The color of the sand is not accurate to the picture, so I can't speak to the quality. I ordered grey and yellow. The grey and yellow are not as bright as expected. There is a This will help someone who is on the fence about ordering this product.

👤The color was not white. I kept it for another project. There was some pebbles in the sand. I found a white sand and a very fine one at a dollar store. Go figure.

👤The sand was purchased for a variation of the sand ceremony at my wedding. Guests were given a jar of sand and told to put it in a vase. A sand sculpture was made.

👤I bought two sets of sand from this vendor for use in small jars for my arts and crafts project. The jars would be placed on a kitchen window sill in the summer. I am happy with the quality of the sand. There was no fading detected in the color gradient. The sand was clean and sealed. A fine grade of colored sand with no clumps or evenness was detected. The price is a bit high for the volume sold, but it is definitely a high grade sand so I will be buying again from this vendor in other colors!

👤I ordered five bags of sand to fill the shoe box. I made myself a Zen box with shells, a starfish, and stones with words on them. The Zen garden has little raking tools. I use this box after a hard day or when I need to get away and relax but can't. The sand is of good quality. I like to sift it through my fingers and feel like I'm walking on sand. The pretty aqua blue reminds me of the sea. There are many colors to choose from. The price is high, but I spent a lot. I was happy to do it. Excellent quality and very relaxing.

👤The color was great, but it was small. I would have needed more to do the job, so it wasn't worth the price. I was sad it didn't work out for me.

👤I needed sand. This is so fine that it's more powder than sand. Before you buy, make sure you know this.

👤I needed to replace some sand in a sand art with a pendant and wanted some color. The color is the same as the screen. Order more than you need. I had to order more since the first order wasn't enough, and the color was a bit different. I just merged the two together and everything is good.

👤I can use this time and time again and seal it in the jar because it is bright and vibrant. I bought this to add glitter to wine bottles and glasses. It sticks well to the glue that I used. I will be trying the other colors soon.

10. Sandsational Pounds Colored Weddings Filler

Sandsational Pounds Colored Weddings Filler

The subtle sparkle adds elegance to your centerpiece design, wedding reception decorations, terrarium, floral designs, event décor, colored sand art, and zen garden. DESIGNER SAND COLORS are made to compliment any wedding décor for the best color match for your wedding sand ceremony and reception centerpiece. 95 colors are available. All organic ingredients are used in the production of NON-TOXIC. The sand won't fade in light. This fine sand will flow beautifully into your unity sand ceremony set, even in humid environments. Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water.

Brand: Sandsational Sparkle

👤I bought this because the Zen Garden I bought didn't have enough sand. Wow. The sand that was used in the Zen Garden was not as nice. It is pretty, but it has a sparkle to it. Love it!

👤Sand is a nice color. The shipment was not in good shape. The container broke open in transit and arrived at my door in a bag with sand outside.

👤The product is described as sand. I've never seen a product like that before. It's the consistency of salt. It's so good, it's useless for my purposes, as it doesn't pass for sand. It might be suitable for those very tiny glass containers holding mini succulents.

👤The sand is advertised as white but it is not. It is tan and filled with black specks.

👤This is not the sand I see in Monterey County, CA, it was too fine for me. This is more like a Dust. The color is perfect.

👤The sand was perfect for the unity portion of the ceremony. It is true to picture that color is true to picture.

👤I ordered the sand for the unity ceremony at my daughter's wedding. Her colors are gray and plum, so she will pour sand into the center vase.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It was delivered quickly and perfectly.

11. Mosser Lee ML1110 Desert Cover

Mosser Lee ML1110 Desert Cover

Shop with confidence. Collections Etc has been selling unique, inspiring, and home solution products for over 50 years. Collections Etc products come with a 60 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The look of the house is improved by covering the soil. It is suitable for use in vases, dish gardens and terrariums. Water drainage is improved. The soil is loose or dense. It is easy to carry and work with. Desert sand soil. It helps protect and retain water.

Brand: Mosser Lee Company

👤The sand and Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits solved our gnat problem. The bugs were flying around in the office and in the way of the meeting. I gave it a 4 star because when the sand gets wet it becomes strange looking like a wet mess and it doesn't seem to dry out. We don't have a cat in the office. The sand looks like we have one. It's not attractive in the office. When we water it, adding more sand doesn't matter.

👤I have a lot of plants and soil. It was a lot of work to buy separate soil mixes for plants. I'm happy I found this sand. It is a good value. I mix my own mix of soil, sand, and perlite. It ends up being better quality than the store bought mixes.

👤I am sad I didn't discover this product sooner. I have exiled plants to the outside of my house due to them developing little worms and gnats, only to have them die in the cold weather. I've bought every organic pesticide and tried every natural remedy online, but nothing worked. The problem with my indoor plants was gone for a week because of the top layer soil. I am devastated a month later. There are still no bugs! This product is essential.

👤It's perfect for my plant. And my plants. Will buy again. The texture was perfect. Not too big and not too small.

👤One suggestion was to put a layer of sand on top of the soil because the bugs can't lay their eggs in the moist soil. I thought I would give it a try and so far, so good! It took a few days but the bugs have gone down. I was wondering why I still had some, since they couldn't access from the top, but they were going through the holes in the bottom of my pot. I put sand in a dish and put my pot in it, and that seemed to have solved the problem because they no longer have access to it. I never thought I would pay for sand, but I think the price is worth the quick and easy fix it provides for my plants!

👤The best price I could find was for sand to top the plants I saved. You need to put a layer of sand or stone between Succulents and the soil to keep them dry and healthy. The well was sealed without a grain being lost. The price, the color of the sand and the care in the packaging made me happy.

👤I wanted to buy this for the top of my pants. I bought a plant from a tool store and it had gnats that spread to all of my plants. The gnats can't lay their eggs if sand is put on top of the soil. It has aided TREMENDOUSLY! It looks nice as well. If possible, bottom water your plants. The sand is affordable and works for the purpose I need it for.


What is the best product for decorative sand filler?

Decorative sand filler products from Bxi. In this article about decorative sand filler you can see why people choose the product. Pure Organic Ingredients and Activa are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative sand filler.

What are the best brands for decorative sand filler?

Bxi, Pure Organic Ingredients and Activa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative sand filler. Find the detail in this article. Sandsational Sparkle, Midwest Hearth and Toypopor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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