Best Decorative Sand for Plants

Sand 4 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Future Way Decorative Landscaping Polished

Future Way Decorative Landscaping Polished

If submerged in water, the Polypebble rocks will not sink. Decorative pursuit. Natural lightly polished stones in various shapes and colors add natural texture and an artful element to your plant displays and provide an interesting contrast in the garden. 100% Natural Stones. Their pebble for plants are collected from the bottom of the rivers and creek and not polluted with dye, varnish, or oily coating. The package is larger. The pebbles are in large sizes and make for a better-looking diversity. 5 lbs larger quantities meet all your needs for less money. Perfect for planter filling, flower arrangements, aquarium and fish tank, glassware, vases, walkways, garden, fountain, landscaping, etc, creating a unique contemporary look in any indoor or outdoor space. Dust will adhere to the surface of natural stone, please rinse and soak with water before use, remove the impurities, and bring out the depth of their beauty!

Brand: Future Way

2. Wayber Decorative Decoration Succulent Landscape

Wayber Decorative Decoration Succulent Landscape

The net weight is 1 pound. About 0.24 L volume is enough to fill about 0.9 Cup. The stones are heavy enough to fit in a small bag. There is a good selection of natural crystal stones. Beaten into gravel is processed into irregular shape. Natural color won't fade away through time, just like river gravels. Good wishes like flowers and crystal stones are the best gifts. Birthday, Christmas gift which represents luck and happiness, can be given to yourself or your friends. UseFUL DECORATIVE HELPER: build a natural and shining looking home for you and your de-lovelys. Excellent for plants. Maintaining the water clean and decorating your fish tank will ensure a safety and no pollution living condition for your fish. Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc. Excellent for floral arrangement, wedding, party decoration, and for chakra cleansing, and crystal grids, etc.

Brand: Wayber

👤They were used for my betta fish tank. I like the colors. They are pricey for a small bag, but to me they are worth it because they are pretty. I added some white stones as well. My fish seems to like them too, and I love them.

👤After leaving my initial review, I was contacted by the seller asking how to make the situation right. I received another package of stones. This package is better than the original I purchased. The majority of the pebbles are smooth, and the stones are balanced and varied in color. There were three pieces that were broken or had sharp edges. A big difference! There is a Few manufacturers try to improve customer satisfaction. This one was beyond expectations. I got these to go in a small tank with a betta and it was exactly the right amount. My bag filled a full cup and overflowed a little, even though the listing says it is 9 of a cup. There is a The colors of this look great in the aquarium. The bag contained mostly blue pieces, with not much purple, green or amber. It was disappointing but not surprising. There is a The number of large chunks in the bag was disappointing. The majority of the pieces I received were flat chips, which is not depicted in the picture. This makes the look less pleasing.

👤I expected more and more pieces to be tinkered with. They were used as an accent in my tank. I just wish there were more of them.

👤I used a blacklight to check out the color and it looked like it was real fluorite. I washed some in alcohol to see if there was any color bleeding that would indicate these are dyed stones or glass. There is a The only downside was that they were not small chips or gravel sized, which is what I needed.

👤The type of rock it is not good enough to be placed in a tank with fish. There areCrystals. It would be great for other animals. The color is pretty but not as vibrant as the photo shows. My daughter keeps the crystals because she likes to make things with them.

👤I didn't know what a pound of rocks looked like. It wasn't enough for our Venus flytrap bowl. I don't like the price of how little you get from them.

👤I've been a great customer and have enjoyed the stones. My last order was from this company. What has happened? There is a These were the perfect little gems to compliment my extensive collection of Succulent and were the perfect compliment to the stunning pastels of my Succulent. The last order looked like it was the "junk" and "trash" left over. I will have to look for another company.

👤I bought these for my plant dish. The colors were very nice. They come dusty from being hit around. I filled a 4” and 6” dish with extra to spare after buying a 2lb bag. Would look cute in an aquarium or a dish.

3. Landen 2kg Landscaping Freshwater Blackwater

Landen 2kg Landscaping Freshwater Blackwater

Landen Aquarium Sand is used as a general aquarium fish tank sand and a make-up sand for aquatic plant landscaping. It is available for a variety of landscaping designs, and can be used to highlight the form and color of the landscape. Enhancing water quality is something that is done. The water quality of the aquatic system is cleaned by it. It is suitable for aquatic pets and organisms, such as salamanders, newts, turtles, freshwater fish, black water organisms, etc. Pure natural products, moderate pH value, suitable fresh water and seawater, no use of dyes or paints, no impact on water quality, no release of any harmful substances harmful to fish and aquatic plants, are safe to use for all aquatic organisms. Product specifications The particles are uniform with a diameter of 0.2-0.5mm and a bag weight of about 11 pounds. It is recommended that the product be washed after use in order to achieve the best landscaping effect. The product is used in a Landen 45P. The product is used in a fish tank with a pavement thickness of 3.25 cm. Refer to the above dosage for other application scenarios.

Brand: Landen

👤In the last month, I have tried about half a dozen different types of sand. The Landen Namale is my favorite sand. It was easy to rinse out. There is not a lot of organic material. The neutral color is nice. It is fine enough to satisfy the instincts of my cory cats. When disturbed, does not fog up the tank and does not get lifted up the gravel vac. I wish it wasn't so expensive. They ask weird questions when you leave a review. Five stars there.

👤This is a little pricey for a small amount of sand. I would recommend getting your sand somewhere else, you could find something with a little more bang for your buck with a good amount of research, it came out a little darker than expected. I use it for my 7.5 gallon shrimp tank so it will get the job done with some stuff.

👤If it didn't cost so much, I would give it 5 stars. This is the best sand I've found so far, if you're willing to pay the high price and spend the time rinsing the dust out. The texture is great, not too fine. I needed to replace the sand that was raising my ph to very high levels. This was a lot of work and it looks natural. My other sand was not as white. I am very pleased with the natural color of this, it has a little bit of sparkle as well. After changing it out, my tank is cloudy but not bad. It should clear out in a day. I think it will be worth it. Before putting it in your tank, you should rinse it thoroughly. If you already own fish. It would kill them.

👤Not what you think you will get. A small bag is not worth buying.

👤It's nice and clean, and it's natural light.

👤I really liked the sand and it looks great in my fish tank.

👤I have purchased a lot of the sands for my tanks. I only needed a small amount of replace what gets lost in filters, but this one was perfect.

4. Mosser Lee ML1112 Black Cover

Mosser Lee ML1112 Black Cover

A few different sizes or multiple sets of the same size are possible. You can create a living plant wall. You can change your wall decor at any time. The look of the house is improved by covering the soil. It is suitable for use in vases, dish gardens and terrariums. Water drainage is improved. The soil is loose or dense. It is easy to carry and work with. Black sand soil. It helps protect and retain water.

Brand: Mosser Lee Company

👤I had issues with flies in my plants. I had a plant for 14 years and no issues, but then I bought a new one and that started the problem. Since the problem was serious, I used sticky fly traps. That helped a lot in the initial clean out. I replanted both plants and used the soil topper after purchasing new soil. The process worked well and our issue has been solved. If you want to do the initial elimination with sticky traps, first put them in the pot like a border wall, water your plants less and do this for 2 weeks. It helps control the flies.

👤I want to thank you for the reviews that helped me pick this cover sand for my plants. I didn't expect to be raising something other than what I had planted. In the process of moving some tomato plants, I see little bugs crawling around in the soil. I ran upstairs to my bathroom, shut the door and called my husband because I was so frightened. We tried a couple of organic pesticides. The top soil stop helped more than anything. The top soil is always dry and the gnats have nowhere to lay their eggs. The sand saved my plants from the trash can. I have a lot left over after saving 8 indoor vegetable plants. Thank you. I hope this helps someone else.

👤Before I had trouble with soil gnats, they eat the top soil as adults and lay eggs which hatch into larva that eat roots. There is a I put a half inch of sand on top of the mosquito bits I lay down to kill off the larva, and then put a layer of mosquito bits on top of that to stop the adults from eating their food. The results are amazing, they are all dead and have not had any problems since. This will protect your plants from both soil gnats and fungus, and it is a great price, what's not to love?

👤Very pretty. I used it as a 1.5inch soil cover on my house plants to get rid of the fungus gnats since they can't burrow in or out and they die off with out oxygen if you let the plant dry out for a bit. I tried every other method from drying out soil alone to rinsing with mosquito bits which caused mold. If you struggle, try the sand cover method with sticky traps. I water my plants. This was great! Definitely recommend! Don't mix decorative sand into your soil to help with aeration. The sand will look translucent in your hand, but it will look black when piled in a thick layer.

👤Great product. I am using sand to cover the top of the soil so that I can eliminate future fungus gnats and the larvae from my plants. I read the process to clear out the plants that were brought in that started problems and used the sand as a last process to make them look amazing! I paid for 11 bags and they won't let me get 2 more. A message says maximum purchase. The product has no stated maximum purchases. I feel that this is unfair. I ordered 5 bags a week ago and the package was late. I was told that it was damaged. I canceled it because I thought the box was too heavy, so I ordered 3 more, but they were not allowed to get them. Very unhappy.

5. Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

There are 40 restaurant colors for choice. The largest color variety makes you perfect for a variety of activities. Both adults and kids love the colors. You can easily store colored sand in a jar. The colored sand is safe for use as play sand, craft sand, or for sand art projects. The colored sand is UV-stable so it won't fade in light. The sand is easy to use for crafts and play. It's fun and safe. Children's imaginations are stimulated by playing sand. Sand can be used for art or crafts. There is no polymers. Their sand is kid friendly and their sand base is all natural and organic. Will not get wet in the water. Sand mixed with water causes a mess. It's the perfect colored sand for crafts, kids' play sand, floral designs, Succulent terrariums, vase filler, or craft sand projects.

Brand: Shiny Stone

👤This is a small amount for the cost. A cup. You should get more for that price. The color of the sand is not accurate to the picture, so I can't speak to the quality. I ordered grey and yellow. The grey and yellow are not as bright as expected. There is a This will help someone who is on the fence about ordering this product.

👤The color was not white. I kept it for another project. There was some pebbles in the sand. I found a white sand and a very fine one at a dollar store. Go figure.

👤The sand was purchased for a variation of the sand ceremony at my wedding. Guests were given a jar of sand and told to put it in a vase. A sand sculpture was made.

👤I bought two sets of sand from this vendor for use in small jars for my arts and crafts project. The jars would be placed on a kitchen window sill in the summer. I am happy with the quality of the sand. There was no fading detected in the color gradient. The sand was clean and sealed. A fine grade of colored sand with no clumps or evenness was detected. The price is a bit high for the volume sold, but it is definitely a high grade sand so I will be buying again from this vendor in other colors!

👤I ordered five bags of sand to fill the shoe box. I made myself a Zen box with shells, a starfish, and stones with words on them. The Zen garden has little raking tools. I use this box after a hard day or when I need to get away and relax but can't. The sand is of good quality. I like to sift it through my fingers and feel like I'm walking on sand. The pretty aqua blue reminds me of the sea. There are many colors to choose from. The price is high, but I spent a lot. I was happy to do it. Excellent quality and very relaxing.

👤The color was great, but it was small. I would have needed more to do the job, so it wasn't worth the price. I was sad it didn't work out for me.

👤I needed sand. This is so fine that it's more powder than sand. Before you buy, make sure you know this.

👤I needed to replace some sand in a sand art with a pendant and wanted some color. The color is the same as the screen. Order more than you need. I had to order more since the first order wasn't enough, and the color was a bit different. I just merged the two together and everything is good.

👤I can use this time and time again and seal it in the jar because it is bright and vibrant. I bought this to add glitter to wine bottles and glasses. It sticks well to the glue that I used. I will be trying the other colors soon.

6. Just Artifacts Terrarium Decorative Colored

Just Artifacts Terrarium Decorative Colored

The package is 6.0" L x 6.0" W x 1.0" H. What is included? One full pound bag of Just Artifacts Decorative Sand will be included in each order. The sand is about 1 cup. Sand is in a plastic bag for easy storage. JAR is not included. It's perfect for crafts. Prepare to start crafting! You can use different colors of Decorative Sand to make your projects more fun. Use in vases, jewelry, sand art, and more. Guests can take home Sand as favors from a perfect party activity. You can celebrate the joy of your wedding day by making a beautiful keepsake. Pick a color to represent the couple and other special family members. You can make a family heirloom. DOOR FUN: They have a wide variety of sand that you can use for anything you want. It is possible to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. 100% customer satisfaction is achieved by USA owned small businesses. They're happy when you're happy. Buy with confidence. Support small businesses by shopping.

Brand: Just Artifacts

👤No complaints at all! When people in the reviews said the bags were small and spilling all over the package it came in, I was a bit uneasy about ordering. I had a different experience. The sellers are listening. The packaging was a good size, I got 5 separate bags, the color is black with a hint of sparkle, and it was sealed nicely with no damage to the bags. I bought the 5 pounds package because it was a better deal than buying separately. If it is a bit much, you can use it again with a different project or add more later. It got here in a few days as opposed to the week or more that was the original estimated arrival date. A big plus!

👤You can make your own for less than a pound, and you can get a package of white sand and a bottle of paint from a craft store. Combine with some water, mix around and add paint and warer, and then lay out on plastic outside in the summer to dry. When dry, break up and sift.

👤I can't believe anyone would sell that much sand. I need sand for a centerpiece. I dumped the white sand into the bowl that I needed it in hopes that it would be enough. I purchased a huge bag of the same thing from Home Depot for less than five dollars and it was a complete waste of money.

👤I don't understand why companies insist on pouch for sand. I got a better deal at the dollar store. It was overpriced for a small amount of product.

👤I can't believe the sand matches the color of my bathroom. I have a cup with a piece across the top of it to separate the two sides of the tooth brush holder. I put the match sticks on one side and the sand on the other side to put it out. It looks great and you don't need a courtesy flush, just light a candle next to the sand cup and you are set. The sand is gross.

👤They show it in a jar and then send it in a bag. I bought dark chocolate brown and it was not tan at all. I had to dye it to a chocolate brown color myself, something I could have done with plain sand for less money, because I was in need of this immediately for a customer order. This is more like dust than sand.

👤The color depicted here is deep gold. It was a peach-orange hue when I got it. Not what I wanted. I'll probably use it as a substitute for something else, but color is important to these kinds of things. It's a real problem if you order the color and it doesn't match the photo you're taking. The up- close looks like gold. We wouldn't need photos if we had a standardized color for "gingerbread", so I went by the color in the photo.

👤It is a bright, beautiful, fine grained sand, exactly what we were hoping for. Sand writing is a multisensory technique that helps children with reading. The sand is bright and appealing and the perfect texture to use for writing. The package arrived very quickly, and we are very happy with it.

7. ACTIVA Décor Sand Ounce White

ACTIVA D%C3%A9cor Sand Ounce White

They're happy when you're happy. Buy with confidence. The items were sold in the U.S.A. ACTIVA Décor Sand is the preferred choice of sand designers and home décor specialists. This sand is waterproof and can be used to create dramatic works of art. The perfect texture and color for home and party décor. Match and enhance event color themes with the extensive color palette, find just the right color tone and statement for the perfect accent. It is safe and non-toxic. It's 100% natural and eco-friendly, it's an AP approved and meets CA Prop 65.

Brand: Activa

👤The white sand I bought was used as a top soil in my planter. I was hesitant since I was worried it would be too small. It was perfect! It is holding up well and looks great. The sand looks great. It is a large bag. I used it on a very small pot and on a large pot, but I might have to touch up any spots if I use it again.

👤There are three reasons why I sent this sand back. The plastic packaging was leaking and making a mess. 2. The sand is very fine, but not what I wanted it to be. The grains are smaller than table salt. 3. The white was not all white. There were specks and black grains. There is a I didn't give much thought to "sand is sand" before I bought this. This sand leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe if you have an application where you need a lot of sand. I returned it the same day it arrived, because it doesn't work for me.

👤The sand was shipped in a bag. The bag of sand was broken open. I found a container to pour the broken bag of sand into. The color of purple is the main issue. It is hard to see if it is purple. Someone asked if I added black to my picture. I was researching the activa brand of colored sand and thought I should have ordered the scenic sand because the colored disk showed the lighter color of purple. The dull dark purple was the color shown when I enlarged the image. The sand they are selling is not the same color as what they are selling.

👤It was perfect. A lot of people think that the sand is overpriced and not the right color. I don't think I could find any other decorating sand at this price. I bought the "white" color and it looked like it was a picture of beach sand. It is light in weight and has a fine texture. If you are looking for fluorescent white sand, this is not the place for you. Buy with confidence.

👤If you're looking for something that resembles sand, this product is for you. I needed a colored sand for my project that was just colored and didn't stay under the surface when the particles touched the water.

👤My project has sand dust because the sand was so fine that it was impossible to pre-wash. The sand is now much darker. It would be great to use with a colored sand project.

👤I bought this to hold some candles so the wax wouldn't stick to the glass. It worked well for the first candle, but by the second candle the sand was only one solid rock and wouldn't come out of the glass. The whole bowl was thrown away. I don't know if it was the combination of the two, but I wouldn't recommend candles if they had wax below the surface.

8. SUNYIK Fluorite Tumbled Crushed Irregular

SUNYIK Fluorite Tumbled Crushed Irregular

The stone is approx 0.1"-0.5" (3-15mm) in size. There are no holes or clasps on the stones. Every stone is crushed, screened, and cleaned. Shapes,colors,veins can vary from lot to lot. The sizes of the stones will be between 0.1-0.5 inch. Wholesale stones, good for jewelry design,art design,stone collecting,resin,mosaic,grids,wishing bottles,glass fairy bottles,potted wood works,medicine bags, decor, houseplants, garden,fountain and more. Good for health. Demagnetizing and reducing the radiation. It's a perfect gift for beginners. The small chips stones can be placed on an altar or poured into a bowl. They are helpful in the gridding process and would make a nice addition to a medicine bag. Sprinkle them in your plants and plant beddings, place them in a glass bowl with a tealight, use them in all kinds of craft projects, and more. There is a wide range of colors for Fluorite, from green to black, and even with multiple colors on the same specimen. The different colors correspond with different meanings, but all of them are thought to affect one's mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Brand: Sunyik

👤I expected the stones to look that way. It was hard to know how much I would get as it was not clear how big the bag would be. I'm including a photo of the baggie to give you a better idea of what you'll get.

👤I'm writing a new review because I'm annoyed by this seller. I bought this a while ago to add some color to my fish tank, and now it barely has any pink coloring left. This is not real rose quartz. There is a The seller's "rose quartz" has turned completely clear, whereas the other REAL rose quartz has not faded at all. Don't buy for aquariums. I don't know what will happen when the stain enters the water. There is a Shame on you, seller. It's not hard to get your hands on quasar. You lied to your customers and gave them stained glass that was labeled roe quartz, which is disrespectful to your buyers. I won't be buying from you again.

👤I am very happy with this labradorite purchase. There are pieces with a decent amount of flash. The pictures do not do it justice. I tried to pick out the flashier ones, but iridescence is hard to capture on a phone camera. I also bought the chips that are similar to the ones I bought. The labradorite is a great color, but it is not perfect for what I need it for. There is a In my craft room, the bonus is that the bags keep them all together in their own home. I plan on purchasing more different types of gemstones to add to my collection, because of the quality and affordability of both gemstones.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It should be placed at the bottom of a glass dish to hold and display my rings. These little stones are small enough to hold things in place without damaging my rings or causing sand to accumulate on my floor. The price is the downfall. $16/lb? I will have it for a long time and can reuse it for another project.

👤Love them. I was able to fill up a 16 ounce bottle with the two bags of stones I got. I mixed the left overs with some other stones after filling the bottle. They come a little dirty. You should wash them in water and let them dry before doing anything with them. They look real to me. I am not an expert. Some are dark and some are light in color. These are a great find if you are looking for chip stones. Keep in mind that these aren't the high grade stones so keep your expectations within reason. I will be back to get more of the stones.

👤I was excited about the purchase but disappointed. Not a single cup or stone appears to be 100% citrine. Try another vendor.

👤I gave these to my fiancée in the air plant gift. I was expecting more for the price. The pictures are colorful. I still love them.

9. Cedilis Decorative Polished Ornamental Decoration

Cedilis Decorative Polished Ornamental Decoration

Only decoration. Not a toy. Small parts are not suitable for children under 3 years old. Cedilis jade pebbles are polished and coated in wax to give them a shine. The size is 2mm to 5mm, a wide variety of colors and shapes, 5 pounds in total weight, perfect for small application. Before ordering, please check the size. A good choice for fairy gardens, flower arrangements, and potted plants. Beauty colors give a modern look to any landscape design. Natural stones and wax are the only ingredients that are perfect for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design.

Brand: Cedilis

👤These work well for our purposes. The small trees are supported nicely by the coloring. They seem to be of good quality. Their average size is smaller than expected. I would recommend these if you want small stones. They are much smaller than the stone packs you are used to seeing.

👤This is slightly more vibrant than the picture shows. It's useful for fishtanks, potted plants or other decorative applications. I use mine under my orchids.

👤You can buy 5 lbs. The consumer satisfaction can't be 5 stars if you only get 4 lbs 7 ounces of rocks.

👤My daughter received these for Christmas. She wanted to build a river with her toys. The pebbles were pretty. Great purchase!

👤Very nice Gravel. To the touch. Clean. It's perfect for my 10 gallon tank of baby fish.

👤The 5 pound purchase of mostly white stones came in at over four pounds of ugly green. It looks like moss. There is more crap from China. They can keep it.

👤The rocks are not like the picture.

10. QPEY Succulent Decorative Aquariums Landscaping

QPEY Succulent Decorative Aquariums Landscaping

Round and spherical. There are no sharp edges on these pebbles. River rocks are attractive because of their shape and they provide good drainage. River rocks are used for erosion control. pebble rocks for bonsai plants are the affordable, no hassle choice for gardeners looking to decorate a meditation garden, reflection garden, or fairy garden. The pebbles can be scattered outdoors in flowerbeds and pots. The rocks are covered in wax to protect them from damage. Adding pebbles to the top of your plants will make them look better. The polished rocks are great for plants. Natural stones are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their natural attribute will make them last longer. Annual wood mulching is a permanent and cost-effective alternative to decorative rocks. The bag is sealed with pebbles rocks. These garden rocks are between 20 and 30mm in size. There are 3 pound bags. The best choice for planters.

Brand: Qpey

👤The rocks that arrived are not the same as what is shown in the picture. They came in a dirty bag.

👤The photos in the listing for my small plants made me purchase these. I got a bag of rocks that were 4-5 times bigger than I expected after waiting 2 days. I think they are better suited for a fish tank or flowerbed. Returning.

👤I am very happy that they are bigger.

👤These are bigger than expected. The colors are muddy and brown. Many were cracked. Not good.

👤A bag of rocks. They didn't match the pictures. Returned.

👤Smooth yet rocky. Black is shiny.

👤There is a big rock. The waste of money.

11. Exotic Pebbles PMS0510 Polished Gravel

Exotic Pebbles PMS0510 Polished Gravel

The stones are packed in jars. You can put the jar on the table as a decoration if you leave the stones in the jar. mulch in garden beds Aquariums and ponds are used in water features. It's perfect for walkways. Use outdoors or indoors. There is a mixed color available.

Brand: Exotic Pebbles

👤I wanted to give a quick review on the rocks I bought for my fish tank. The gravel is smooth and nice. Not a lot of broken rocks, only one or two in the whole bag. I bought 3 bags for my tank, and they covered it perfectly. Some reviewers claim that the rocks are unsafe and covered inpetroleum. My best guess is that this is wax. Why do I think that? They were clean when I washed them in cold water. I decided to use hot water. The surface started to get wet. I used a cup to skim the water. The cup was cold so most of it stuck to the sides. It seems like wax to me. There is a You should thoroughly wash your fish tank. I sent an email to the company asking for a definitive answer to what was on it. I will update this review once I get it. There is a It's been two weeks since I put my fish in my tank. My tank looks great. I would buy them again.

👤This is not aquarium gravel. This stuff has a smell like turpentine and turned my filter media brown. I may lose my fish. Please don't buy this for an aquarium, it's for decoration. I don't think plants would appreciate the chemicals. I'm very disappointed. The item can be used for fish, but the description on should be removed.

👤Had I read the reviews, I would have known to stay away from this for live plant use or aquarium use. When I got it, I put them in the water and the polish came off. I assumed they were "polished" with a clear coat, not tumbling. I was fortunate that I put them in a bucket of water before adding them to a freshwater aquarium, which was the point of purchasing them. There is a This was not perfect for aquarium use. I hope others will learn from my mistake, as I should have done my due diligence before purchasing this.

👤My favorite type of rocks. I like the gravel size. It looks great with my plants. The pebbles are larger than the gravel in the picture, and you can see that in the photo with the single cactus. You should shop around. I've seen these bags at local hardware stores.

👤The gravel worked well for my plants. The bag had a mix of colors including creamy white, tan, brown, grey, black and a few random colors. I'm thinking of using the black stones for a special project. All stones are smooth. I washed them inside a bowl with a little dish soap and hot water, then rinse them several times, because I didn't see any oily mess on them. I was looking for a small bag of gravel, but couldn't find it. The bag was 5 lbs and was under $8.00. The price when I bought it was $7.57, but it has increased since. There is a The stones are different shapes. They're mostly around 1/2, although some are small and some are large. I didn't find anything over 1 inch. If you need smaller stones for a specific project, look for gravel by the size. You can always find the smaller stones with this bag. It's a relaxing task. I was able to find enough smaller stones to cover the soil after repotting some baby Succulent from plastic pots into ceramic pots. I used larger stones for cacti. The first few plants I repot. There is a The gravel allows air to circulate in plants. They help keep the soil in place. They help to keep flies out of the house. I'm happy with my purchase.


What is the best product for decorative sand for plants?

Decorative sand for plants products from Future Way. In this article about decorative sand for plants you can see why people choose the product. Wayber and Landen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative sand for plants.

What are the best brands for decorative sand for plants?

Future Way, Wayber and Landen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative sand for plants. Find the detail in this article. Mosser Lee Company, Shiny Stone and Just Artifacts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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