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The safety of the shipping is ensured by the packing of the hourglass sand timers. If you received a damaged product, please contact them. The nautical sand timer has a compass. The dimensions are 2.2 x 1.8 x 4.8 inch, 5.6 x 4.6 x 12.2 cm. Made of brass and glass with a weight of 180 kilo. Must be a maritime collector.

Brand: Thorinstruments (with Device)

👤I ignored the title. I was surprised by how small it was, but I like it this way. It was on me to not read the dimensions. My review is a 3 minute timer, giving or taking 1.6 seconds. It looks the same as in the picture and the sand is the same color. When I looked inside the glass, I saw something that made it four stars. There was something that looked like Styrofoam holding the glass against the compass. I understand that it's to prevent it from cracking, but I didn't expect to see it. I think it's perfect. It looks great on my desk and we use it to play games for slower players.

👤I read the size but it didn't sink in. It is a nice product, but I wish it was bigger. I think it's a $10-12 value.

👤Why not 5 stars? A 3 minute timer is not what it is. When I first realized this, I was a little disappointed. The record at my altitude is a 4:58 time with a deviation of about 1.3 seconds. It's a really nicely made and heavy little thing. It looks like it was made well. There is a working compass on both sides of it, and it has a nice steampunk look to it. In closing, I would say this. If a tornado destroyed my house, I would probably order another one of these because it is very cool looking and nicely made, but I will have to find another three minute sand timer.

👤I would give this 10 stars. It's very easy to replace the sand with your own, which was my plan for a recent vacation. There is a My sand doesn't flow through it, but I was able to make it look right. I like it because it's just decor.

👤I am responsible for not reading the dimensions, but this thing is not worth $18. Not happy.

👤The compass isn't working right. But the dicorashion flows through nicely.

👤was smaller than I thought, but still cute.

👤It is ornate looking, but it keeps time for 2.5 or 3.5 minutes. The compass is on one end. I was looking for hour glass timers. I thought that was what I was buying.

2. Hourglass Timer Minutes Sand Decorative

Hourglass Timer Minutes Sand Decorative

Working without a set time limit leaves you open to distraction. The 30-minute sand timer and 5-minute hourglass can help you tackle your work more efficiently. Break down your work into manageable intervals. You can easily adjust the angle of the Hourglass as you like to relax and relieve work pressure. 60 minutes of continuous work will be given by flipping the hourglass. The 60 minutes sand timer has metal bases and bronzed process, it is beautiful and classic. The 60 min hourglass will give you a classy touch and self-confidence. The metal hourglass is made in the USA to the highest quality standard. The vintage 60 minute sand timer can help you to follow up on the work more easily and to prevent fatigue caused by overtime working. Decor and gifts are beautiful. The classic American style is depicted in the hourglass timer outlook. The sand timer is a great gift for your family and friends. It's bound to impress your guests. Double package It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. They will provide friendly after-sale service, free replacement if any shipping breaks, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand: Suliao

👤I bought this because I wanted something on my book case, but it doesn't work, the sand doesn't go through, and it still looks cute, but if you want a working hour glass, this is not the one.

👤My husband received it as a gift. He was very happy! A weighted base for stability and a great conversation piece.

👤The dimensions in the description looked like they would be bigger. I was hoping it would be a little bigger.

👤Beautiful. . Looks like it. I don't know if it's 60 minutes. I don't use my hourglasses as time pieces.

👤I bought this to be put on my desk. I wanted a small statement, but it's much bigger than I thought. It works. I use it to meditate. When I flip this baby over and someone comes in my office, they back away quietly. It's a beautiful piece and looks great in my office. The navy blue sand has silver accents. Don't be hesitant. It's worth the money and time. If you want to impress friends with your dedication, this is the piece that will do it. There have been no problems thus far. I have had a few months.

👤I liked the accuracy. The glass is pretty. This glass was timed at 1 hour and 1 1/2 minutes. There is a Unfortunately? The small locks on either side were tightened when the glass was flipped. I had to learn how to lock nuts. Wait? What? I'm trying to be ethereal and in the midst of burning I have to. OKAY. Your 15 year old is going to like this. There is a Before I had to orde3r again? There is a Nope#.;/ Nope. It's pretty.

👤I use this to help me keep a visual of my time. I use it to force myself to focus on one task at a time. I can hear the sand hitting the glass and it's relaxing. The part that holds the circles is silver, while the rest of the frame is gold. I like it. It is not worth the price paid.

👤Pictures don't do justice. It is gorgeous and reminds me of the days of old. I love it!

👤I paid $120.00 for this and was excited for it to arrive. Its not very good. When you flip it, the screws come lose, not from general use, but every time. The sand does not filter. I've tried everything and it's not good.

3. OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer Productivity

OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer Productivity

It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will try to answer it. 30 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest, and these sand timers make it easy to track your work, measure your progress, and prevent burnout with a time out. You can stay focused and productive for longer if you take a 5 minute break after half an hour of work. It's easier to achieve big goals if you break them down. The black sand timer can help you reach your life goals faster by turning your ambitions into small, measurable units. The sturdy borosilicate glass sand timers are simply gorgeous. The minimalist design and contrasting Black and White sand will stand out on any desk. The solid glass sand timers are built to last, and with the bonus beech wood stands with soft felt bases, your hourglasses will remain stable and protected even when you're working in a busy coffee shop or cooking. Working without a set time limit leaves you open to distraction. The 30-minute sand timer and 5-minute hourglass can help you tackle your work more efficiently. Break down your work into manageable intervals.

Brand: Organice

👤I have had to work from home. I have trouble concentrating when I'm not in the office. This set has helped me a lot. The black one ran for about thirty minutes and ten seconds, which is adequate for purpose, but the white one was spot on. The glass is thick enough to survive small bumps. I don't think they would survive being dropped. I'm not going to try it. If you want to use the Pomodoro technique but with something more pleasing than a kitchen timer, this is a good set. The black one was dropped onto the hardwood floor after my kids found them on my desk. Unsurprisingly, it broke. I was hoping the kids would use them more, but I was not sure if they would break them sooner or later. Oh well.

👤The wooden bases are nice and the black felt is nice and not messed up like one of the other reviewers said. I had to time both of them to make sure that the time is accurate. I use the 30 minute hourglass to keep me focused and on track at work.

👤Real sand. It is incredibly realistic! The invention of the glass display which allows one to inspect each grain is remarkable. Will recommend others to do the same.

👤The sand timer is very well made. It is helping me study more quickly. I cracked the sand timer when I opened it. I received a new costumer from OrgaNice without any fee. They were helpful and kind. I would recommend purchasing any products from them because of their excellent products and excellent costumer service. Thank you!

👤Many reviewers will attest to the fact that these timers look great. After three years, I still look good, but the 30-minute timer has a problem that won't budge. Sand is able to fall through the middle, but at an erratic rate, and half the time it will stop. The structure of the glass is still solid, so I can't understand how the block has happened. The five-minute timer still works.

👤Not a bad set for the price. There is a Timing is withing tolerances. Sand is clean. Glass seems durable. I don't think it will survive many drops. Bases improve the set. The timer leaves a small amount of sand at the end. It's almost like it sticks. I have to get the sand to fall. This is after 30 cycles. The black felt on the base plate makes it difficult to see the bottom portion of the sand. It would be hard to see if it was on a dark colored desk. It would be nice if it was a brighter color.

👤I wanted to like them because they were pretty. My desk was covered with sand and glass shards after the larger one tipped over onto it. This happened in the second week of owning it.

👤I bought this for my son to use as a homework timer. 30 minutes of focus time and 5 minutes break worked well for the first week. The timer broke after the first week. I assume the glass sand was sealed in the flat bottom portion. The glass separated and sent 30 minutes of black sand all over his keyboard, books, and rug. The product is beautiful and exactly what we were looking for, but there are quality issues.

4. SWISSELITE BILOBA Hourglass Minutes Seconds

SWISSELITE BILOBA Hourglass Minutes Seconds

A cute glass bottle is great for making jewelry. The glass used in the hourglass is hand-blown and transparent, so it cannot be used to measure time accurately. The standard error range is. 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes. There are many options for you to choose from, 3 minutes-Black, 5 minutes-Copper,30 minutes-White,Dark browm,Black Beauty and Sunburn, 60 minutes-Cocoa,Gold and Pirate Black. The sand timer is both a work of art and a useful tool. It's perfect to help manage work and break times, and make it easier to cultivate children's sense of time. It is a great gift for your home or office. There are innovative decorations on your desk. Useful for science and education. If any hourglass was damaged during shipping, send information to their customer service team. As soon as possible, the issue will be solved.

Brand: Swisselite

👤An important feature for glass is the well packaged hourglass. There is a It took 30 minutes, 14 seconds for it to be accurate. There is a It's well made and attractive. The thin spots on the flat ends of glass are not very fragile. There is a It's stable on both ends and has moved across my desk rather than being tipped. There is a The timer can be stopped by placing it on its side. It will rock, but not roll around and not need to be secured. Sand appears to be fairly consistent in size. Sand runs out in the upper chamber and there is very little leftover. There is a The price is very competitive with prime shipping. Whatever you want, of course. I use mine for two different things. There is a It's great that I am reminded to stop and stretch when I'm focused on computer work, but it doesn't break my concentration. There is a I try to finish most meetings within 30 minutes. Many people ask about the hourglass and then self-regulate as the sand flows. This is a good way to bring meetings to a close for people with disabilities. Some people will flip the hourglass as a meeting begins to help us both to be more respectful of each other's time. As I focus on home projects, I plan to order more to keep track of time. There is a None really. The tag was crunched and folded making it less suitable for gift giving. I'm not worried at this price.

👤This one was perfect for my home office. When I chose it, I didn't see anything that said anything other than inspired. On one side, I say inspired... On the other side, it says PRODUCTIVITY. You don't know the chills I got! I am in graduate school. I got behind with some assignments so I've been trying to catch up. I'm trying to be more productive and catch up. It was crazy to get that word on the sign. I got it right when I needed it. The piece is very good. I love it.

👤I place this item on my desk next to me to remind me to take a break every hour, because I spend a lot of time at home sitting at the computer working. The price was right and it looked like it would work. There is a There was a lot of people in the hourglass. It is very elegant to sit on my desk. There is a I timed it and it ran out at exactly 59:55, five seconds shy of an hour. I think that's outstanding for a sand timer, but I don't know if they're all accurate. The only complaint I have is that the brown sand is hard to see, but I was pretty sure that would be the case when I ordered it anyway, so I'm not knocking any stars off. If you want to improve on this one, you need a cage around it for protection.

5. Hourglass Timers Daya Fashion 60±6Minutes 8x4x4inch

Hourglass Timers Daya Fashion 60%C2%B16Minutes 8x4x4inch

Just right on the table, 4x4x43inch. The sand timers have achieved the highest quality standard in the USA. The glass thickness of the cups was between 0.6 and 0.107 inches. The perfect gift for a loved one. It's ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift. All shipping issues will be solved if you send information to their service team.

Brand: Daya Fashion

👤I can't see a screen all day. If I want to write or relax without having to check my phone, I just flip this and enjoy my hour. It's relaxing as well. It's something about watching time fall through the hour glass that makes me feel a little more zen-like and a little more at peace. It's been a benefit for my creative work.

👤I was worried about finding a good sand hourglass, but this one was what I was looking for. It is pretty sturdy. It is exactly one hour.

👤The hourglass arrived two days after I ordered it, and Amazon kept up with all of the tracking information, which was nice. The packaging was the same as it was described. There is a It arrived undamaged, with no damage. It was made from plastic and seems sturdy. It's close enough, but not exactly timed at 60 minutes. If I can't find anything as cheap as this, I'll go to my las resort.

👤The first one that I ordered was shattered. Didn't bother opening since the package was empty. Reordered. The rubber holders on the second came loose and the glass shifted out of them. Thankfully, we were able to fix it. I think that the envelope that is sent with the hourglass makes it more vulnerable to damage. I really like this item. I think it's a nice size and looks good for the price. They were willing to replace the broken item without any hassle. The first package did not include wrapping paper, custom fit to the box, or a ribbon. Very nice.

👤It's great for doing concentrated "power hours" for work - flip this thing over and work til all the sand falls before taking a break. It was expected that mine would only run for 56 minutes. I wish I could have gotten the brown wood frame and blue sand, but I'm glad I went with the blue sand as it's very pretty. The black narrow frame is worth it for the blue sand.

👤It's still very nice and family and friends love it, even though it's a tad bit smaller than expected. Do not be fooled by negative reviews. It's a nice item for a gift or for your home. Purchase another for a friend.

👤The sand stuck after a few minutes when I opened it. I tried to shake and turn it a few times but forgot about it for a week. When I tried again, it worked. Has been working ever since. When the sand is down, we use it to monitor TV time for our preschool granddaughters. I used to use one for nap time when my kids were young, and you had to lay on your bed until the sand was all down. It gave them a sense of control when they thought they didn't need a nap.

👤The object of art is worth something. It comes in several colors of sand. The timing of the dropping sand is perfect. There is a It would be a great gift.

6. SuLiao Hourglass Rotating Antique Decorative

SuLiao Hourglass Rotating Antique Decorative

Must be a maritime collector. You can adjust the hourglass to show different variations. By flipping hour glass, you will get 60 minutes of continuous work that encourages increased productivity. The 60 minutes sand clock has metal bases and bronzed process, it is beautiful and classic. The desk will look classy with the hourglass timer. The gravity sandglass is engineered in the USA to the highest quality standard. The 60-minute sand timer can be used to follow up on work and to prevent fatigue caused by overtime working. Decor and value gifts are nice. The Awesome sandglass is perfect for the retro collector, study room, office decor, and meaning the best gifts for your friends, family. It's going to impress your family and friends. It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will try to answer it.

Brand: Suliao

👤Love. Love. Love. We were having a hard time getting a good night routine with our 3 year old and baby on the way. After we tucked him in bed, we needed a way to structure his room. I enjoyed the small talk but it was hard to get out. He would cry if we left before he fell asleep. We were in for a short time on some nights and a long time on other nights. We tried to get the fish light timer to go off when we left, but it was hard to get it to line up. I thought he needed a timer that would start when we wanted it to and not make a noise if he fell asleep. This is a great sand time with light. He flips over the sand timer before going to sleep. The 10 minutes is the right length. Sometimes he watches it peacefully, other times not. Either way, he gets the quiet time with us while he settles into sleep, knowing exactly if we are staying because the sand is still running or leaving because the sand is gone. There are two different colors. It gives us the option of changing colors so it is either mom's night or dad's night. This is a must for any parent who needs structure boost to their child's routine.

👤I bought it twice. The first one had two different sizes of feet and it wouldn't stand up straight. It leans to the side. I have provided 888-353-1299 The second one had the same problem as the first one. The assembly was so cheap that glue slopped the surfaces around the edges and tarnished the surface. I uploaded a photo of that as well. I contacted the seller to ask if they could send me one with three feet of the same height, but they said that was impossible, and suggested I just get a refund.

👤The picture looks great. It's made of the cheapest metal. I took the felt out of the box. The base is tin. The twist screws on the outer sphere are loosened when you move it and it flops upside down. I was really looking forward to it, so I'm disappointed. It's definitely going back. I don't recommend this product.

👤The sand timer looks like a picture. It has a design defect that will stick from time to time. The video shows that the sand does not move until I hit the sand glass. There is a It is not a timer. It's possible to buy it just to display. I need to return it.

👤This is one of the prettiest hour glasses I have seen. He loved it when it was bought for his birthday. It was different from what he had before. It was a wonderful gift. The quality was excellent.

7. SuLiao Magnetic Minute Hourglass Timer

SuLiao Magnetic Minute Hourglass Timer

It's ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift. Magnetic hourglass: The sand timer clock 1 min makes it easy to track your work, measure your progress, and prevent burnout. By flipping sandglass, you will get a one-minute break. It's time for the precISE time. The magnetic hourglass is a great novelty item for your office and will attract your coworker's attention. Creative Magnetic Hourglass is a method of teaching about magnetism and magnetic fields using magnetic iron filings. The size is 5.1" x 2.3" x 2.3" and the metal base is3" x3" There are value gifts and cool gifts. Birthday christmas thanksgiving gifts for your family and friends is what the personalized hourglass 1 min sand timer outlook means. It's going to impress your friends. If any shipping broke, they will give a free magnetic hourglass sand timer for a minute. Quality guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction. It is a great gift for your lover.

Brand: Suliao

👤I got this because it looks like the hourglass from Ateez's new album. I like trinkets like this so I love them. It was made very well. I would recommend it and buy it for someone.

👤I like this thing. I'm not a fan of alarns sounds so it helps for me to see time passing. This is both functional and beautiful. It is an elegant solution for having timed focus periods. I would recommend it even if you only use it for decor. There is a It was packed securely and arrived on time. I saved the packaging so I could keep it out of harms way.

👤The quality is high. Solid feeling. Time is accurate and the sand is smooth. Recommended!

👤The shelf has a 30-minute sand clock on it. The timing was off when I first received it. There is a After sitting on a shelf in my office for a few months, I tried to use it to time a consultation, but it stopped at a certain point. I've tried heating the device on a gentle oil-filled radiator to dry out the sand, but it doesn't work, so I've started running it to see if that helps. There is a So far, no. The slots on the feet are slightly sharp, and the screw-heads on both ends are cut for eitherPhillips or flat screwdrivers. If you try to move the device on a desk or shelf, it will scratch the surface. That is not desirable. There is a The sand inside the tube seems to stick to itself, maybe from high humidity or electrostatic attraction. A timer that looks good but doesn't time anything is of limited value.

👤I bought a used one as a gift for a friend. I thought it was broken when I checked the condition after it arrived. The screws and rods were not the same. The end caps have rods that fit into them and a screw and nut that holds them in place. Everything was not aligned and off-angle. The materials seem alright, but nothing fit together, and when I finally got everything assembled, the rods popped out of the end caps, I thought I was going to break it. Returned. The SuLiao 60-minute Hourglass has the same shoddy build quality and was about to fall apart, the screws didn't have end nuts and the screw holes weren't even tapped. Do not bother with this brand.

👤I bought this to remind me to stand up from my desk and take a break every hour. There is a The timer is usually running for 43 minutes. I wanted the full 60 minutes, but 43 will work the same. There is a The construction is adequate, cheap and easy to fix if you loosen the screws on the top or bottom. The glass was damaged because of the crooked arrival. It would have been nice for the pads to match the color of the sand. There is a The screws hold the timer together. I am using a piece of fabric that I had laying around, because there are slight barbs on the screws that will damage a wood table if nothing is under it. It would have been nice to have simple bulb thumb screws instead of the phillips/flat head ones. There is a It is just fine. I'm going to live with this one for a while, but I might return it.

8. Bellaware Minutes Hourglass Wood Timer

Bellaware Minutes Hourglass Wood Timer

All shipping issues will be solved if you send information to their service team. 60 Minutes has a 10% time deviation. The size is 8 x 4 x 4 in inches and 20 x 10 x 10 in centimeters. Finest wood and elegant glass. The Sitting Room and Marriage Room are great for decorating. It's ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Brand: B Bellaware

👤Amazon sells junk. The hourglass doesn't work. The sand stops for about 5 minutes. I have to shake it to get it going again. My husband gave me a gift for my birthday yesterday, but it is too late to return. It's complete waste of money.

👤Do not let this thing fall down. It takes an hour for the sand to come back in.

👤This is used for our kid's nap time. It's a visual indicator that shows how much time is left. There is a I was surprised that it lasted the entire 58.6 minutes before running out. It would be a good 15-20 minutes, give or take. Don't set your watch by it, but it will suffice for things like our kid's quiet time, since it was off by 90 seconds. There is a It's pink for our little girls. It was wrapped in styrofoam. There was no glass breaking for me.

👤The 15-minute timer was given to me. It matches the picture. I wanted a visual for meetings and breaks. I didn't expect the accuracy to be perfect, but I have an alarm on my phone that will measure that to the second. There is a possible 10% time discrepancy in the ad text. 1.5 minutes on a fifteen-minute timer, or between 13 and 16 minutes. The timer gave me runs for an average of 19 minutes and 15 seconds. The sand sticks to both ends of the timer, but on one side more than the other, which is probably a manufacturing issue. It's not a good choice to deal with kids or team members that you need to keep track of during a meeting. It looks like a photo and is good for general timing.

👤I received the item with some of the pillars that were removed from the base. The quality is not what I would consider for 20 bucks after pressing everything back together. I'll glue everything back together to make sure it doesn't fall apart when rotating.

👤The cover is made of quilted type material with silver on one side and black on the other. It fits my car. I bought it to keep the pine needles and leaves out of my air intake vent. I measured my windshield and it was almost exactly what they said it would be, so I bought it and it fit perfectly, covering from the top of my windshield to the first 5 or so inches on my hood. The hood is held in by the magnets on the bottom. The side mirrors fit perfectly with the Elastic straps. The additional flaps in the door jam help keep the cover in place. This is not a flimsy plastic cover. It should last a long time if taken care of properly. I wish it had the magnets in the top edge of the cover. It stays tight without them, but a few pine needles and leaves get under it. It would be less than without the cover. The cover is great and serves my purpose.

9. Hourglass Sand Timers SWISSELITE Biloba

Hourglass Sand Timers SWISSELITE Biloba

If any hourglass was damaged during shipping, send information to their customer service team. As soon as possible, the issue will be solved. The Hourglass sand timers are made from high borosilicate glass. A time tool for your life is hourglass sand timers. The sense of time can be increased with the help of the sand timer. You can choose different colors with different durations to meet your needs. Hourglass sand timers can be used for many things, and can be a great gift for your family and friends. The safety of the shipping is ensured by the packing of the hourglass sand timers. If you received a damaged product, please contact them.

Brand: Swisselite

👤A good value for an hourglass. I like the shape and size. The "sand" is made of glass beads and is used for sand blasting or sprinkled over wet paint to provide reflectivity. It is a good thing that the size is greater and less likely to get stuck. There is a A small amount of sand will stick to the glass. A gentle tap will loosen it and it will fall through in about a second. The seller claims an accuracy of 6 minutes. That's a pretty wide range, probably 2 or 3 times the actual variation in run times. I measured 1 hour and 22 seconds. I am very pleased with it because it is not an accurate time peace. There is a The seller said the glass is made from borosilicate. This type of glass is used in coffee pots. It looks like it is well made. I ordered a smaller glass to keep at work because I liked it so much. BUY! 30 minute Rose Red color hourglass is an update that will be available a few days later. I gave this 4 stars because of the small amount of sand that clings to the glass when running. At 30 minutes 6 seconds, the Runtime was measured. Remarkable. There is a The coloring added to the sand may be related to the sand clinging issue. I ordered a 30 minute white sand hourglass to see if the sand without coloring sticks to the glass. 30 minute White color hourglass is the second update. Solid 5 stars. I ordered a 30 minute glass with white sand to see if the color affects how much sand sticks to it. I am happy to report that it is easy to remove the glass with a gentle tap, less than the Rose Red color.

👤Cute. I have several others in my office that are durable. One fell and broke. There is a It was an easy clean up. The sand stuff split in half because it was contained on one side.

👤I've been to every rodeo I can remember, but this is my first one. This is the best one I've ever had. It's off by 4 seconds. You've seen them before, I'm going to make a wood cup for a base with a rubber lining. There is a It is a beautiful shape. It helps to keep my mind from wandering. Just might get another one in a different color.

👤It was perfect! I enjoy this glass for an hour. I have bought 2. One for my family. I use it at my work desk.

👤I bought this to remind me to take a 15 minute break at work. I like the blue sand color and the timer is a good size. It comes in at about 9 seconds under 15 minutes. This item is very fragile. I'm not sure if it would survive if you knocked it over. This is a cool item if you are careful. No plastic.

10. Hourglass Sand Timers SWISSELITE Turquoise

Hourglass Sand Timers SWISSELITE Turquoise

If any shipping broke, they will give a free magnetic hourglass sand timer for a minute. Quality guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction. It is a great gift for your lover. The Hourglass sand timers are made from high borosilicate glass and are classy and lightweight. A time tool for your life is hourglass sand timers. The sense of time can be increased with the help of the sand timer. You can choose different colors with different durations to meet your needs. Hourglass sand timers can be used for many things, and can be a great gift for your family and friends. The safety of the shipping is ensured by the packing of the hourglass sand timers. If you received a damaged product, please contact them.

Brand: Swisselite

👤I bought this to remind me to stand up and sit down in regular intervals throughout the day after I got a varidesk at work. It was packed with bubble wrap and styrofoam in a cardboard box. The design is simple and classy. The sand is not as bright as I thought it would be, but it is still acceptable. I thought the tag would be made of metal, but it's just paper. I'll probably remove that. It's a good size and doesn't seem heavy when you flip it, which was my biggest concern. It took 30 min and 28 seconds for all the sand to run through. I don't require accuracy, but I thought it was pretty good after reading many negative reviews of these timers. There is a I'm very pleased with my purchase. If I don't accidentally knock it over and break it, it should be perfect for my needs.

👤The item was small. The pictures will make you think bigger.

👤I like it. It's pretty and sophisticated. It will help me keep control of my card making. I wish you had an hour timer. It's fine. I have a black one.

👤The size of this product is perfect. I use the hourglass to time my writing sprints. The color of the hourglass matches the colors in my room. It is a great value for the money.

👤Sand stuck to the glass, but it was pretty accurate for a while. I don't know if that would have continued since it fell and broke about 5 minutes after the sand had dried. The sand is used in a Zen garden.

👤I have a turquoise colored theme for my work desk. This was the same as advertised and I love it! It's cute, a decent size, and the price isn't bad.

👤It was very nice and accurate. I use this as a limiting factor because I get tired of listening to people talk about their children.

👤Thought it might be too small, but it is sturdy. The real matches my decor.


What is the best product for decorative sand timer?

Decorative sand timer products from Thorinstruments (with Device). In this article about decorative sand timer you can see why people choose the product. Suliao and Organice are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative sand timer.

What are the best brands for decorative sand timer?

Thorinstruments (with Device), Suliao and Organice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative sand timer. Find the detail in this article. Swisselite, Daya Fashion and Suliao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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