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1. Just Artifacts Terrarium Decorative Assorted

Just Artifacts Terrarium Decorative Assorted

What is included? Each order will include two full pound bags of Just Artifacts Decorative Sand. Sand is in a plastic bag for easy storage. JAR is not included. It's perfect for crafts. Prepare to start crafting! You can use different colors of Decorative Sand to make your projects more fun. Use in vases, jewelry, sand art, and more. Guests can take home Sand as favors from a perfect party activity. You can celebrate the joy of your wedding day by making a beautiful keepsake. Pick a color to represent the couple and other special family members. You can make a family heirloom. Whether you are a kid or a kid-at-heart, you will love crafting with Decorative Sand. Parents can join their children in making crafts. Also good for classroom projects. They're happy when you're happy. Buy with confidence. The items were sold in the U.S.A.

Brand: Just Artifacts

👤It is possible that I am stupid about such things, but the description includes two full pounds. If you think they were trying to clarify that you get two bags, this description is correct. I think I would have understood if it had said that they were one pound bags. I paid $7.00 a pound for #%*&ING sand. I'm not sure if I will reorder.

👤I was a little worried about the color mix up issue after reading the reviews. I got exactly what I ordered. It worked perfectly for our unity sand ceremony. I love it!

👤Adding speckles to clay is a great way to do it. It works well for its purpose.

👤The price is steep for a small amount of sand. I would probably need 3-4 of these to complete my wedding decoration. I filled the box with glue and made it work.

👤I use this in my bathroom. The colors came out perfect after I mixed them to meet my needs. It was difficult to find colors.

👤I received 2 purple and 2 white sand in the same box and one of the white sands was open and leaking out, but it was all over the box. The white is not complete so I would like a replacement. Did not receive any of the blue.

👤My daughter liked them. She used to have a skull jar.

👤It was used for a ceremony at my wedding. It worked out great.

2. Natural Decorative Pure Organic Ingredients

Natural Decorative Pure Organic Ingredients

Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water. Quality QUARTZ SAND. There is a natural grain shape and size. Settles are added to water quickly. The White Color family is not a Dynasty. Money back guarantee. They're confident that you'll love their products and that you'll be satisfied with their products. You can return the product for a full refund if you're not happy with it.

Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients

👤I am displeased with this. This bag is only 3 pounds and it is clearly stated that it is a 5 pound bag.

👤I am happy with the slight sparkle of the sand I bought for my project.

👤It is expensive for sand. I only needed a small amount for my decoration and the local nurseries did not have small bags. I wouldn't purchase again because of price.

👤Very impressed! I love the color and sparkle of this sand and will purchase it again.

👤I used this to make mud for a children's lesson at my church.

👤A nice package of sand for butterfly puddles. I will buy more of this product. I have tried others.

👤It was the same as shown in a bag. The paper bag is heavy. The price was really good and I was looking for sand.

3. Hourglass 60 Decoration Rotating Sandglass

Hourglass 60 Decoration Rotating Sandglass

It is safe and non-toxic. It's 100% natural and eco-friendly, it's an AP approved and meets CA Prop 65. You can easily adjust the angle of the hourglass to relax and relieve work pressure. By flipping the hourglass, you will get 15 minutes of continuous work. The workmanship of vintage engraving. A vintage 15 min timer will light up your room with a quaint pattern. It's an awesome art decoration in your bedroom, dining room, office, study. The metal hourglass is made in the USA to the highest quality standard. The vintage 15 minute sand timer can help you follow up on the work easily and prevent fatigue caused by overtime working. Decor and value gifts are beautiful. The classic European style is what the sand hourglass timer outlook is designed for. It's suitable for office, desk, study rooms decor and meaning gifts for family and friends. It's bound to impress your friends. Double package It is packaged to make sure you receive it in perfect condition. They will provide friendly after-sale service, free replacement if any shipping breaks, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand: Suliao

👤This is pretty. I assumed it would be okay. I didn't expect it to be so heavy. I was impressed with the thickness of the glass and the fact that it wouldn't break easily. It would be very delicate and I was worried about it breaking. I'm not worried at the moment. I think it could fall and be fine after hitting the floor. My son didn't believe it would be an hour. They did an experiment and watched it for 60 minutes. And it was correct. I am very pleased with this purchase, I plan to put it on top of my piano and display it with some of my favorite trinkets. It was worth the money because it was what I wanted.

👤Very beautiful! The piece is beautiful and the timing seems correct. I was a bit worried that the body of the hourglass wouldn't stay if I turned it upside down, but I tightened the pieces that held it in place and it holds up now! You can adjust them with your fingers.

👤An houglass collector received a beautiful hourglass as a gift. I wanted to present them with a gift that they were not likely to have seen before. Mission accomplished! The base is hand tooled and the color of the sand is unusual.

👤I gave this as a retirement gift to one person and as an anniversary gift to another person. Both of them love their hourglasses. No Assembly is required, it is heavy, Sturdy, Well Made, and Cushioned.

👤It is heavy and does not feel cheap to use it as a study technique to force myself to study for an hour. The turn mechanism sometimes doesn't turn that well, but only when you're trying to turn the glass.

👤The item was not assembled. I put a photo in it. I don't know if it went through. The screws need to be loosened so they don't lock up when you turn the hourglass over. I put nylon washers in between the parts to solve the problem. The item would have been returned if I didn't have mechanical knowledge.

👤This isn't as described. The color is wrong, it is a rose gold. The true measurement is 8 1/2 x 4 inches and is very cheap.

👤The end was missing for one of the screws. I have to adjust it or the contents stop flowing through the hole. Unless you want it for pure decoration, it defeats the purpose. If the replacement doesn't work, I'll return it.

👤An hour glass is a simple concept. They were able to mess it up. There is a The sand jams and the pivot doesn't hold. This is the lowest effort product I have ever seen, it only took some modification to make it suitable for display, which is all I needed. I feel that Amazon has become more expensive.

👤My partner was over the moon, he absolutely loved this. The quality and size is amazing. It was more than worth the price.

4. ACTIVA Scenic Sand 5 Pound White

ACTIVA Scenic Sand 5 Pound White

Water can be used to enhance the look of floating candles. The colored sand will not bleed in water. ACTIVA Scenic Sand is fun, fascinating and easy to work with. This vivid sand is available in a rainbow of beautiful, rich, robust colors. Adding a decorative splash of color to any project is great. Kids are helped to discover, explore and develop creativity. It is safe and non-toxic. It's 100% natural and eco-friendly, it's an AP approved and meets CA Prop 65.

Brand: Activa

👤This is perfect because I and my students made moon sand. I didn't realize that 5 lbs of sand equals 6 cups. I would've ordered more.

👤It's exactly what I needed, some nice clean white sand, but it does have some black specks in it, but they're fine. I use it to keep the gnats out of my plants. It works and looks great! There is a There is a hole in the bag and I am withholding a star from you. I saw a lot of people fussing about it, but who in their right mind would open something they know is going to contain sand on their bed? Is it a meteorite? There is a The hole in the bag is triangular in shape and the bag is thick and rigid, which is not something I like about it. It wasn't wear and tear from shipping, it was a puncture. Please be careful in the future.

👤The sand is great, but it would've been better if it stayed inside the bag. I put what I could out into a baggie and it ended up on my bed and floor.

👤I think the seller expected the photo to be more accurate. The bag of sand is next to a pile of sand. When I opened the package, I found that. There was a hole in the bag and sand spilled out. There is a The product is supposed to be white sand, but there are multiple dark brown particles scattered throughout the white sand grains.

👤I don't ask much out of white sand. All I care about is that it be white. There is a The sand was not white. I'll give a star for it being in sand.

👤The package was received a day later than expected. The box was filled with sand. There was a large hole in the package. The packaging on the item was poor. Sand is very fine. Large amount expected.

👤Other reviewers used it for their aquariums without any issues. Someone with a betta bowl was using white sand. It looked nice. I thought I'd give it a try. I used this for the bottom of my betta's bowl. I poured water over the sand. The water was cloudy. The situation looked scary. I'm not sure if I'd use the sand again after changing the bowl weekly.

👤Sand is more white than other sand, but it has bits of black and other odds and ends. I had to sift the whole lot and add up to 1.5 cups. Not a good deal for the price.

👤Arena a las lindas. La usé para un jardn zen. Muchas gracias.

👤I was hoping for a more decorative sand, but it is much better than I wanted. It's more of a beige colour and not white. For sure, won't be ordering again.

5. Royal Imports Colored Decorative Wedding

Royal Imports Colored Decorative Wedding

Quality: Excellent. The colored sand is non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly. The color won't stain the surface or leave fingerprints on your hands. It is the most sought after product by teachers and parents. Waterproof: Royal Imports premium decorative sand is waterproof, which means it won't get wet. The color of the water won't change when submerged. This makes it the perfect sand for fish tank aquariums and terrariums that need constant watering. The uses are listed. Premium sand is ideal for painting and therapy play. It improves the fine motor skills of children. The colored sand is very popular in wedding arrangements. The natural color is a great choice for beach themed parties. The best seller. Royal Imports kid-friendly colored sand is a best-seller in play sand since it is the most ideal sand for arts and crafts and school projects. Kids love to play with this fine grain sensory sand. The packing and weight is related. Royal Imports colored sand is packed in a plastic bottle with a screw on lid for mess-free storage. 4.5 LBs of sand is in each bottle.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤The reason is that this is 4 stars. There is a The seal on the cap looked broken and it wasn't fully on. There was sand in the box and I didn't know how much I lost. I had to pry the lid off because it was coming off in a weird way. There is a It got what I needed to do. There is a This is a fine sand. It's nice for sand art.

👤I used it in the sand table with my children. I'll be ordering a new color soon. I don't know if it's important to anyone. The color didn't run or stain when the sand was wet. Kids love the color.

👤Most people wouldn't use your product like that. It works great! A smoker puts out a cigarette. It's a great use for an ashtray. It comes in many different colors.

👤I was hoping for a little more consistent meshing and color grading in this sand, but it wasn't as clean or consistent as I would hope for. Next time, I might look at suppliers that are more expensive.

👤I used white sand in a wedding centerpiece. I was looking for something that would pass as snow and this item worked perfectly. There are some grains mixed in a jar that are brown but they are few and far between and did not affect the realistic look of the "snow". I tried to buy a second jar but it was sold out.

👤I filled the bottom of the lamps with sand. The turquoise sand color is the same as the one shown in the images. There was no leaking of sand in transit. The sand works well for this application and I would recommend it to others. I had to use 10 lbs of sand per vase to get the level I wanted, because 5 lbs of sand occupies a relatively small volume.

👤It is a nice color. It was open when I got it, but there was some brown stuff at the top. I assumed that one tub would suffice to cover the bottom of the tank. I put stuff in the tank so it will cover any bare spots.

👤I use different colors of sand to wait for my glass vase and flowers. It took several containers to do it.

6. Creative Co Op Decorative Hourglass Antique

Creative Co Op Decorative Hourglass Antique

Antique gold metal and white sand add a vintage touch to a home or office. Hourglass is on a metal stand. 7.75"L x 5.25"W

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤The Creative Co-Op Decorative Metal Hourglass had a stain on it. It wasn't as old as I thought it would be. It was dark brown. I asked for it to be replaced and it was. The base was bent and the hourglass was not connected to it. I asked to have it replaced so they wouldn't all be damaged. The third one was bent and the hourglass didn't line up with the base. This was the cheapest I had found. If you want to pay the extra, do not order this item.

👤It's nice. It's interesting. People stop and flip it. It's a great piece of writing. Three kids under 6 are memorised by it. I like that it's on a stand and it leaves less room for an accident than a typical sand timer. I don't care about the exact time it is because it's cute and interesting and one of those pieces you don't expect to love as much as you do. I think it will be one of those. It's just one of those things my kids will want to inherit after I'm gone.

👤Dislike product quality for $36. Glass is a cheap metal stand. It was made in China.

👤It looks nice from a distance, but it is a little disappointing up close. I am afraid that if I try too hard to fix it, it will break. I had hope that it would be as strong as possible. I don't know how long it will last. The antiqued gold color is pretty.

👤It was cheap and fragile. The product was disappointing. Would not buy it.

👤It is a beautiful rustic hourglass. The item was well packed and we have been playing with it. The glass is not perfect, but it still looks great.

👤I bought it for a wedding gift and it was set so off center that I couldn't believe it was actually packaged. Returned it and decided on a different gift.

👤The base didn't seem to be supportive enough. Overall, it is very nice looking. Don't know about accuracy.

7. Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

Shiny Stone Decorative Creativity Succulent

There are 40 restaurant colors for choice. The largest color variety makes you perfect for a variety of activities. Both adults and kids love the colors. You can easily store colored sand in a jar. The colored sand is safe for use as play sand, craft sand, or for sand art projects. The colored sand is UV-stable so it won't fade in light. The sand is easy to use for crafts and play. It's fun and safe. Children's imaginations are stimulated by playing sand. Sand can be used for art or crafts. There is no polymers. Their sand is kid friendly and their sand base is all natural and organic. Will not get wet in the water. Sand mixed with water causes a mess. It's the perfect colored sand for crafts, kids' play sand, floral designs, Succulent terrariums, vase filler, or craft sand projects.

Brand: Shiny Stone

👤This is a small amount for the cost. A cup. You should get more for that price. The color of the sand is not accurate to the picture, so I can't speak to the quality. I ordered grey and yellow. The grey and yellow are not as bright as expected. There is a This will help someone who is on the fence about ordering this product.

👤The color was not white. I kept it for another project. There was some pebbles in the sand. I found a white sand and a very fine one at a dollar store. Go figure.

👤The sand was purchased for a variation of the sand ceremony at my wedding. Guests were given a jar of sand and told to put it in a vase. A sand sculpture was made.

👤I bought two sets of sand from this vendor for use in small jars for my arts and crafts project. The jars would be placed on a kitchen window sill in the summer. I am happy with the quality of the sand. There was no fading detected in the color gradient. The sand was clean and sealed. A fine grade of colored sand with no clumps or evenness was detected. The price is a bit high for the volume sold, but it is definitely a high grade sand so I will be buying again from this vendor in other colors!

👤I ordered five bags of sand to fill the shoe box. I made myself a Zen box with shells, a starfish, and stones with words on them. The Zen garden has little raking tools. I use this box after a hard day or when I need to get away and relax but can't. The sand is of good quality. I like to sift it through my fingers and feel like I'm walking on sand. The pretty aqua blue reminds me of the sea. There are many colors to choose from. The price is high, but I spent a lot. I was happy to do it. Excellent quality and very relaxing.

👤The color was great, but it was small. I would have needed more to do the job, so it wasn't worth the price. I was sad it didn't work out for me.

👤I needed sand. This is so fine that it's more powder than sand. Before you buy, make sure you know this.

👤I needed to replace some sand in a sand art with a pendant and wanted some color. The color is the same as the screen. Order more than you need. I had to order more since the first order wasn't enough, and the color was a bit different. I just merged the two together and everything is good.

👤I can use this time and time again and seal it in the jar because it is bright and vibrant. I bought this to add glitter to wine bottles and glasses. It sticks well to the glue that I used. I will be trying the other colors soon.

8. Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Pebbles

Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Pebbles

ECO FRIENDLY. Only natural stones and wax. There are multiple uses. There are fairy gardens, flower arrangements, and potted plants. The average size is perfect for small applications. The face of Marget. A great low-gloss look can be achieved with pebbles. Each bag has a variety of natural shapes and a white color. ECO FRIENDLY. Only natural stones, no other chemicals or oils.

Brand: Midwest Hearth

👤Beware. After a week of watering, the stones turn yellow. The stones are nice, but the tint on them is a nice yellow. I think it is Iron oxidation. These are just for decoration. You will be disappointed if you add them to the pots you plan on watering.

👤When I first put them in my pots, I really liked them. The rocks turned yellow after a few days. I don't know if it was my soil or not, but they don't look as pretty anymore.

👤I paid for the 5 pound bag, and after weighing it on 3 scales, they all said the same thing, which was 3 pounds! There is a The rocks look like they were painted white. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤Very disappointed! It feels like the pebbles are covered in white powder when I put them in my plants. My hands were all white. All pebbles become yellow after watering. I need to replace all of them. After watering, check the pic for the comparison.

👤I will be returning this product. There is a The bag is small. I understand that 2 pounds of rocks is not typically going to be very much but there are other concerns. There is a I haven't opened the discolored rocks yet. I was looking for the vibrant pretty white in the pictures of the listing. There are many of them that are off white.

👤Two pounds is not as much as you might think. I spent $10 on a bag of gravel.

👤It is very different from what is shown in the website. The stones we ordered were thin and turned yellow in a week. It is impossible to reconcile so we can not return. Don't buy this product at all.

👤I needed rocks for my fake plants. This does the trick well. There is a The white powder on the rocks is something I am concerned about. I wouldn't use them for plants. I don't know if the white would stay on if I washed them. It might do some damage if you put these in with a plant. Feel free to try, I'm not a specialist. There are a few rocks that I need to pick out. I will hot glue the rocks into place to avoid a spilling accident. I put pictures of the plants and pot in the rocks. It makes my plants pop. There is a Thank you for the rocks!

9. Hygloss Products Colored Play Sand

Hygloss Products Colored Play Sand

They're happy when you're happy. Buy with confidence. The items were sold in the U.S.A. Students can create art projects with environmental friendly material. A transparent canister prevents a runout. It's perfect for learning in jars. It is designed for children ages 4 and up.

Brand: Hygloss Products

👤I like the product. I use a lot of sand in art projects. The price was correct. The delivery was on time. The sand was part of my delivery. The lid on the sand container was broken when I opened it. I picked up the box in order to transfer it to the kitchen table because the sand was all over my hardwood floor. I was not happy but I was able to live without pulling my hair out. The plastic on the lid should be sealed to prevent this from happening in the future. If I had lost the sand or the carpet, I would have been less happy. Thank goodness for hardwood floors.

👤I used this to make homemade sand for my daycare class.

👤It's great for crafts and many other things.

👤It's true color is great for activity.

👤The sand looks like a bead.

👤Can't wait to begin crafting with this.

👤During the covid lock down, I couldn't purchase anything from a store. It was nice quality, but expensive.

👤Exactly what I wanted and I got it earlier than I expected. It was a very pleasant surprise. Excellent service.

👤Sand was coming out of the box when I picked it up. I opened the box to find a broken lid and some sand in it. I was happy with it, but maybe package it better for shipping.

👤I don't have to go without food for a week to buy affordable sand on Amazon.

👤There is a bit of sparkle in the sand. I am making a display for my dog's urn in the Zen garden.

10. Just Artifacts Terrarium Assorted Bottles

Just Artifacts Terrarium Assorted Bottles

The packing and weight is related. Royal Imports colored sand is packed in a plastic bottle with a screw on lid for mess-free storage. 4.5 LBs of sand is in each bottle. What is included? The 'Rainbow' includes ten craft sand bottles in the following colors; cherry red, orange, yellow, Kelly green, and indigo. DIMENSIONS There is 1.25oz of sand in each bottle. Resealable tops make bottles easy to store. Kid friendly. Their Decorative Sand is a great medium for crafting. Help your children harness their creativity with the vibrant colors and fun texture of crafting sand by keeping them entertained for hours. Younger children will have fun playing with their paints and markers without any worries about messes. This is a great set to have on hand in classrooms or birthday parties. It is possible to achieve dependability. There are many different ways in which Decorative Sand can be used. Sand art pictures and portraits can be painted using canvas and glue. Adding different colors of sand in vases and containers makes it easy to make small gifts. The only limit is your imagination. They're happy when you're happy. Buy with confidence. The items were sold in the U.S.A.

Brand: Just Artifacts

👤I used this sand to make Christmas gifts for family and friends as "New Year's Wishes". The sand has a shimmer to it. I wanted more sparkle in my creations, and I was impressed with how evenly the sand was mixed with the glitter. When you're pouring it into a tiny bottle, the nozzles of the dispensers are not as big as you might think, which was a relief. I used the sand as my base color to give the glitter some weight and was happy that it made the glitter flow like sand. I was able to personalize each and every "Wish Bottle" with that person's favorite color by adding different shades of glitter, and they turned out amazing. I would definitely buy this product. There is a If the review was informative, please hit the button below.

👤The colored sand is expensive but these little packs are worth it. I have bought 3 of the different packs so far, and I will get a couple more. I am very happy to note that I will end up with multiples of the same colors, which works well for me. The whites are a bit brighter than the other. The saturation of that colors is better in person. It takes a bit of effort to work the sand through the nozzle, but they work well. The sand tends to feather out with the pour when it is used for resin pieces. Would recommend for small projects. These will last me a while.

👤I am not happy with the product. The packaging was very bad, it came in a bubble mailer for 30 bottles. When I opened the mailer, it was all dirty and dusty because some of the bottles were not locked. I only got 27 bottles from the 30 bottles I ordered. The small bottles are not good for art projects.

👤I would like to see them have other sizes. These are small. It's too much sand online. A good assortment without being too expensive.

👤I only needed a small amount for the project. We never use the glass candleholders that I had. I came up with the ideal of sand to decorate them. All the hobby stores want to sell you a lot and I only needed a small amount. This is what I needed. It's a good idea to recommend small projects. I will use it as a project for my kids. I don't know what the project will be, but I will use every color.

👤The bottles are nice size. Looks good. There is a It has a sparkle, like glitter. Not what I wanted. There is a It is a good product.

👤The rest were ok, but I got 2 brown instead of red. I gave 3 stars.

👤It is necessary to be patient. Sometimes you have to squeeze the bottles for the sand to come out and it hurts. Sometimes bottles get plugged and you have to open them and pour sand. Minor disruptions. If need arises, I will purchase again.

11. Capcouriers Craft Sand Natural Decorative

Capcouriers Craft Sand Natural Decorative

2 pounds of sand. A 20 fluid ounce container can hold up to 2 pounds of beach sand.

Brand: Capcouriers

👤This worked well for a beach scene on a project. Just the right amount of color and fineness. I have a lot for the money.

👤Beautiful sand! Perfect for decoration.

👤The sand we got is decorative and works well for that. It wasn't cheap for what they were using it for, but it is what they say.

👤Excellent quality! The delivery was swift. The packaging is nice. The seller is amazing.

👤The package was very well sealed. The sand is beautiful in my lantern.

👤Very fast shipping. Excellent product.


What is the best product for decorative sand white?

Decorative sand white products from Just Artifacts. In this article about decorative sand white you can see why people choose the product. Pure Organic Ingredients and Suliao are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative sand white.

What are the best brands for decorative sand white?

Just Artifacts, Pure Organic Ingredients and Suliao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative sand white. Find the detail in this article. Activa, Royal Imports and Creative Co-op are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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