Best Decorative Shelf Brackets White

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1. Brackets Floating Bracket Shelving Decorative

Brackets Floating Bracket Shelving Decorative

New look! The heavy duty solid iron structure ensures the long lasting. Counting the weight limit. There are multiple ways to install the flexible design. Make it more unique and special with a live edge shelf. Money back for 30 days. Their number one priority is to delight their customers. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like their product. Be organized. You can create storage. It's easy to do anywhere in the house or office. The minimal design fits both modern and rustic concepts. MultiPLE USAGE can be used for corner support. Also connecting furniture joints. It provides good strength in compression. MultiPLE USAGE can be used for corner support. Also connecting furniture joints. It provides good strength in compression.

Brand: Sryled

👤I was not happy when I was put in the laundry room for my coffee operation, but the wife wanted more counter space in the kitchen, so that's what happened. I owned it with the help of these high quality brackets. The brackets are very nice and cheaper than what I saw in my local hardware stores. The mounting hardware is the only negative I have. The screws and wall anchors are cheap and feel inadequate, and the coating on the screws rubbed off on my fingers. I never planned on using the included hardware, so it's not a big deal for me. I used 70 lbs metal toggle bolts because I believe in doing things a little better than they need to be done and never having to worry. There is a These awesome brackets are both heavy duty and stylish, and they cost a fraction of what I saw in a store. I recommend them, but only buy better mounting hardware.

👤I bought these brackets to fix my deck posts. I was able to create a stable post for my deck railings with larger deck screws below and brackets above, because the deck posts were starting to loosen up. I am very happy with the construction of these brackets. I bet they have a lot of books for indoor use. If you're looking for sturdy shelving solutions, I recommend these brackets. They have all the hardware you need.

👤I bought these to pair with a couple of heavy 48" ikea shelves, as my ikea was completely out of brackets. Installation was simple and the build quality and look were great.

👤The material and finish are of the highest quality. I secured them into studs, instead of using the ancors that came with it. I think these are good brackets because my shelf hasn't fallen off.

👤I like these. I will probably buy more after buying two boxes. There have been a few that aren't quite flush but a little maintenance can help. Hardware was in the bottom of the box. The way they're shaped gives you a little freedom to use them in a variety of ways. It was very sturdy, 10/10.

👤These brackets look good from either above or below.

👤The design is sturdy, solid and minimalist. The material and hardware are high quality. There are some slight flaws in the paint finish, but they are not noticeable unless you look at the closing or feel of the shelf. Consistency in brackets is excellent. I used these to make sure the Ikea table tops were level, and they worked great with some extra care.

👤I did it all myself because they are so easy to install.

2. Mayne Fairfield Decorative Brackets 2 Pack

Mayne Fairfield Decorative Brackets 2 Pack

100% satisfaction guarantee for excellent after-sale service. 100% satisfaction is what they strive for and they supply high quality products. If there is a quality problem, they will give you a new free replacement for 90 days. If you have a problem, you can contact them by writing them. You can buy the best black shelf brackets from them, but also enjoy the best shopping experience for them. The finished product is made from high quality polyethylene and has a classic look. The brackets are only intended for decorative use. Each package has 2 brackets and 4 screws. The window boxes for the Cape Cod and Fairfield are designed. The window boxes for the Cape Cod and Fairfield are designed.

Brand: Mayne

👤They are made to fit the planter box, but they stick out on the outer supports. Only the middle one is right. They should fit my planter according to the instructions. They don't. There is a It was Amazon's fault. See the picture. It said they bought together frequently. I didn't look at the model numbers that fit. There is a So. Don't trust the frequently bought suggestion if you check the numbers. It cost me a lot of money.

👤I used these to dress it up and give it a more complete look. They do that but are poorly fitted and don't fit very well against the window box. They're fine from a distance but they could be better. If I install another one of these window boxes, I would also put them on if I wanted to be consistent.

👤I thought about not buying the brackets for the window flower box. The brackets really complete the look, so I'm glad I changed my mind. They are quality made and easy to add.

👤These are a good product, but can be difficult to use. I put the window boxes on the second floor of the colonial. The window box brackets need to be in line with the window box. The window boxes are not attached to the brackets. The box can be a little crooked if it isn't perfectly aligned with the brackets. Being on the ladder with a hammer drill is difficult. I have a crooked one, but no one seems to notice.

👤Love! The window boxes looked complete.

👤Half the price and the same thing. The look is complete.

👤Not as strong as I 888-276-5932

👤Nice touch. It makes a more finished look.

3. WINOMO Bracket Mounted Scroll Brackets

WINOMO Bracket Mounted Scroll Brackets

2 x angle brackets, 4 x long screws, 4 x short screws, and 4 x anchors are included in the package. White is the color. The iron is durable. The size is 20 cm/ 7.87 inches. The floral pattern is in a triangle shape. It is sturdy to hold your bookrack, clapboard, set up box, etc. The screws are easy to install. The shelf brackets are vintage.

Brand: Winomo

👤Very cute, but not strong. They didn't put anything on the shelf. Very disappointed. I couldn't use them for what I wanted. I would only use them for decoration. The description needs to have a weight limit.

👤The brackets were described. I want to put everything on the shelves, but it's not easy. They are easy to install. My home was old enough to have plaster walls and not regular gypsum/drywall boards, but I expected that with plaster lath walls. If I put more shelves up, the great brackets will get more.

👤Terrible quality. There were bad welds and paint. Returned them and bought some at the store.

👤They are what I wanted. I ordered them in white but they sent black screws in the box. There is a I need to buy white screws.

👤I'm happy with them. They add a feminine flair to my wall. I covered the screws that came with them in white to match the brackets because I wanted them to be white.

👤They were purchased to have a shelf. I have a new utility room that I use. There are shelves over the washer and dryer.

👤Sturdy and pretty to look at, the brackets are great.

👤Inexpensive looking but did the job.

4. NACH Js 90 072 Rustic Bracket 10x0 9x10

NACH Js 90 072 Rustic Bracket 10x0 9x10

IDE applications The cast iron shelf brackets can be used for a lot of things. Sturdy cast iron construction. It's ideal for indoor or outdoor use. A functional addition to your home. 10x0.9x10 inches is the full measurement. At North American Country Home, they want you to love their products as much as they do, and that's why they guarantee original quality. Let their team know if you have any questions, and they'd love to hear from you! At North American Country Home, they want you to love their products as much as they do, and that's why they guarantee original quality. Let their team know if you have any questions, and they'd love to hear from you!

Brand: Nach

👤A solid piece of furniture. It was off in being square to each leg. The top part of the brackets was not square and was offset on the bottom of the mailbox when placed against the post. If you want to mount the bottom of the mailbox to the top of the brackets, you need to drill holes for it first. Attach the mailbox to the post with a drill, a bolt or a screw, then check to make sure the mailbox is still in line with the post. I used a drill bit made for granite to drill holes for lag bolts. The granite post was secured with outdoor epoxy and mount bolts to protect them from weathering.

👤Great value! Had to spray paint them. They were exactly what I was looking for. There is a The top screw was hard to turn because of the angle, but everything else is great.

👤A customer asked a question in the Q&A section. How many brackets are in a package? The manufacturer was asked if it was four. I received one. Nancy P. at Amazon customer service decided that I should have received 4 because she checked the Q&A section. She told me to keep the brackets. I ordered it again after she asked me to. I received two brackets. I would love to speak to Nancy P again. The brackets are large and heavy. The mounting hardware that came with the second order is a joke. There is no way in H E double hockey sticks that the brackets can be held on a wall. They need to be mounted to the wall with screws. I don't know how many come in a package.

👤We used these brackets to display our liquor at our home bar. There are three brackets across a 4-ft shelf that hold about 20 bottles of various Bourbons. We probably didn't need much support, but we didn't want to risk it. It is sturdy and looks beautiful.

👤Very nice. I down rated them because of the different mounting holes locations. The brackets need to be marked individually.

👤Nice scroll work. Sturdy, have been holding shelves. The screws/anchors have holes that are not standard. The holes in the brackets are slightly different. Double and triple check before aligning.

👤It works well to hold a heavy shelf above my entertainment system. Due to the heavy speakers that I keep on it, I used 4 brackets to secure the shelf. The room is cabin themed, so they look great.

👤When we replaced out countertops and the bar between the kitchen and living room, the installers told us we would need support under the bar because it was heavier than the old laminate. It wasn't easy to find small ones that fit under the narrow bar. The required support is given by this. Very nice!

👤How hard is it to buy shelf brackets? You would think that they would be common in a hardware store. I found these online after going to four hardware stores and finding nothing. They arrived quickly and were a great value at $27.00 for four. The proportions of the shelf they are holding look right. Would buy again.

5. NACH Js 90 417AW Decorative Bracket 8x1 6x8

NACH Js 90 417AW Decorative Bracket 8x1 6x8

Their worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service are what you get. The cast iron shelf brackets will not bend out of shape like some standard L brackets will do over time. The decorative design looks elegant in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, and the cast iron is well suited for the garage or outdoor shelving in the garden. Three options are available, the scroll shelf brackets are available in black or white. Medium 8x1. Large 12x2x12 The dimensions are 8x1 and the brackets are white and come in a set of 4. Medium 6x8 If there is something they can improve on, please don't hesitate to contact them. If there is something they can improve on, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Nach

👤Usually, Amazon sells quality. The cast iron brackets are made in China. I'm not sure if China makes cheapies or not. I don't like China-made items because they lack quality. The metal's original white color is spraypainted and not mentioned upon purchase. If you want something made in America, go for something made by Americans. 3

👤I ordered a pack of these things to attach to the corner decorations for the pergola I built. Two arrived and were installed. It was supposed to be a pack of four. I was contacted by Amazon who wanted me to package up the two and send them back to them. This was dumb and why not send me two more? This is what happened. The 4-pack option has been removed. There is a The cast iron looks pretty cool, and I think it would never fail as a decoration. If you get what you ordered, it's a good value.

👤These are heavy. They were packaged and undamaged. I put them in the corners of the hallway. They are beautiful, every time we have a visitor mention it.

👤The paint on the brackets is chipping off in places and there are places where the paint was not omitted. I don't know what paint to buy for the areas that are not painted because the color is not a pure white. I am not looking forward to the extra cost for repairs. I ordered new brackets, but by the look of these, they may have been sent out as a new product. Disappointed!

👤I used these to build a bench in my craft room. They are very sturdy and cute. There is a Thankfully they are not squared, I didn't need that for my purposes. If that is the quality you are looking for in these brackets, I would recommend looking for another one.

👤I made a protective awning over my garage door with the help of these shelf brackets. I wanted something strong. The design of the scroll work is beautiful. The brackets are heavy. It should be easy to support a hundred or more pounds.

👤I was not impressed with the paint. It had a tint like dust had settled on it. I spray painted them all white. After fastening them to my kitchen wall, I realized that one was not level, which is causing my shelf to not lay flat. There is a gap between the shelf and the brackets. They are very pretty despite this. I will keep them mostly because they are already screwed into the wall.

👤The shelves look nice. They seem to have been made well. It's true. The quality of the screws and anchors may not be what you need. I needed to buy new screws. Other wise. It looks great.

👤Theses are amazing. They are easy to install and look gorgeous. I used them in the corners of a doorway and they received a lot of praise. I will be purchasing a small pack of the same styles brackets to dress up the corners of my window frames. I love the look and recommend them. They can be used for decoration or for supporting a shelf and seem more sturdy to be used outdoors as well. There are more ideas for the future.

6. Brackets Shelving Decorative Floating Industrial

Brackets Shelving Decorative Floating Industrial

If you are dissatisfied with their product, please contact them and their professional customer service team will be happy to provide you with a replacement or refund. ETECHMART product has confidence. White shelf brackets are ideal for creating a floating shelf, book ledge, bike hanger, and many other uses. A custom design for your home, office, kitchen, man cave or garage. Their floating shelf brackets are made of tubular iron which is strong and durable. The wall mounted shelf supports are 12 inches long and can hold 40 pounds. The brackets can be easily modified to place where you want. Their wall shelf brackets are the perfect solution for a home with limited space. Get their floating shelves up with no fuss. Includes screws and support rods. Work it like a pro with basic tools. 100% money back guarantee. They think you will love their metal shelf brackets. If you don't, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. They want their customers to be happy. 100% money back guarantee. They think you will love their metal shelf brackets. If you don't, just return it within 30 days for a full refund. They want their customers to be happy.

Brand: Ihomepark

👤DANGEROUS! My books came crashing down when these pulled apart. They were installed directly into the wood. Do not buy books. No one was hurt. Still shaking. Do not buy.

👤The brackets look like they are pictured and come with all the hardware needed to install them. Someone posted a picture of theirs breaking at the weld, which I admit could be better, so I tested one of my own. I hung weights on it. After removing the weight, it held 100 lbs for over an hour. The weld failed at 130 lbs. I wouldn't put more than 100 lbs on a pair of brackets, but they are sturdy for what they are.

👤They look like decent brackets. I wish they had given them instructions. They don't state the size of the screws or the size of the anchor holes. The anchors are terrible. They try to drill in to them even when installed correctly. It took me an hour to try and fix the problems I was having with the ones they came with, so if you buy these, buy better anchors and not use the ones they came with. There is a New anchors were bought and installed correctly. The shelf was ripped out of the wall when I put it on. Returning and never buying again.

👤I was not sure how I would feel about the brackets. My husband didn't like the look of floating shelves. This was our compromise. They are subtle but add the right amount of detail and offer an updated version of a floating shelf look. They seem sturdy so far, will update if there are any issues. They came with black screws for gold shelves. I don't feel like they would get much support with the anchors. The shelves are very heavy and used 4 brackets per shelf. The brackets were needed because of the weight. The guy who helped us hang them discovered that if we stuck the screws in at slight angles, they would go into the studs which offered the strongest support and strength. See the picture. With a few adjustments, I definitely recommend!

👤The weight of the shelf is at the most extended edge, so a 15 inch brackets should be able to support a reasonable weight. I have 2 brackets placed 8 inches apart of a 22 inch wide shelf and it holds 11 pounds before it fails, this is fixed onto studs and not drywall. The holes are too small to hold serious bolts, which is an issue when you consider stronger anchors. If you intend to put on these, it is worth considering what you will be putting on them, as they can cause a weight build up and weaken the anchor.

👤I love my new brackets. The new lights look great. It was very sturdy. They were very cheap. Shipping was fast.

👤The product is great for hanging products.

👤They make you believe in the description, but not as heavy duty. Very light. There is a The mounting holes are not placed correctly. Most buyers don't have concrete walls, so the designer should have considered the fact that they will need to mount them on studs. The stud is not captured by four holes in four corners. I did not bother installing them because they only had two holes in the middle vertically aligned so that they could be bolted on stud. Returned right away. I could have drilled two holes myself, but I didn't feel like keeping them.

7. Brackets Shelves Industrial Hanging Included

Brackets Shelves Industrial Hanging Included

At North American Country Home, they want you to love their products as much as they do, and that's why they guarantee original quality. Let their team know if you have any questions, and they'd love to hear from you! The shelf brackets are made of high quality iron and heavy enough to support maximum weight per pair. Extra storage room can be added with the heavy duty shelf brackets. It's perfect for most opening shelving projects. 4 packs of 10 inch L brackets and all necessary hardware are included in the best price shelf brackets package on Amazon. The thickness of the L brackets is 0.15. The screws are made from steel to ensure their good holding capacity. All of their wall brackets are packed in individual bags. L brackets are used in daily life. The frosted black coating on the brackets creates a rustic look without being noticeable. The board is nearly that size and the brackets are 10 inch wide. The shelf brackets look great in a rustic or industrial home decor scheme. The brackets can be installed in many places. Adding a few pieces of brackets and boards will add a large storage room and make your room more stylish. It is easy to install for a project. All hardware is included in their shelf brackets package. It's easy to install floating shelves. All you need is a power drill and a leveler to hang the shelving from the wall, and you are good to go. The brackets would be the best choice for your hanging shelves. 100% after-sale service. Their store has no risk purchase experience for every customer. If you're not happy with their products, you could get a replacement. They will provide top level customer support for their product. You will not regret your choice if you just have a try. 100% after-sale service. Their store has no risk purchase experience for every customer. If you're not happy with their products, you could get a replacement. They will provide top level customer support for their product. You will not regret your choice if you just have a try.

Brand: Harwe

👤These are sturdy and can be mounted with screws and anchors. I love the white against our walls because they are barely noticeable without the hassle of floating shelves. These are being used to hold our glassware so we wouldn't trust just any brackets. We bought 2 sets of these recently and I ordered 2 more tonight because we love the look.

👤They were up for a month. I have a lot of stuff on the shelves. I had to replace them after taking them down. There is a They looked good, but didn't hold up to the weight.

👤The brackets are not the most expensive but they give you the look of a fraction of the price. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I accidentally purchased the wrong size brackets when I purchased some wooden shelves. It was more difficult to find 10” gold brackets than I thought. I finally found these and they were what I was looking for. I like that they have all the hardware for installation, but the plastic screws are not good for heavier objects. I used the plastic brackets that were provided because I wouldn't need them to support much weight. I had the shelves up for more than a week.

👤Adding some shelving above my daughter's bed was perfect with these. The brand of brackets that I like the most is this one. The color is gold. The kind of anchor that came with it was super sturdy. There is a They are 10” exact so they don't fit standard 10” lumber. In the Q&A. It said it would. It's not a big deal. It's just an observation.

👤I am not sure how people can complain about them. I have them installed for a few months and they are perfect. You need to keep them inside the protective bags until you install them. Big retailers sell them individually for $9-$10.

👤These brackets are heavy and require a serious townsite to pull out of the wall. The four brackets weigh 5 lbs. Something to think about. I returned them.

👤I absolutely adore these! I was able to install them on my own. They fit well with my design. They came with screws and wall anchors. It turned out great! It's much cheaper to buy something similar at my local hardware store. I saved money.

8. Hope Woodworking Large Shelf Bracket

Hope Woodworking Large Shelf Bracket

The macrame wall curtain can be mounted on the wall with wall hooks, string it hangs stable and secured, or tied to a wooden dowel and screwed into the wall. Looking for heavy-duty, industrial-looking support for your wood piece? You've found them! There are a variety of sizes of these heavy duty steel shelf brackets. The arched shelf brackets are perfect for carrying heavy wood shelves. Wood was sold separately. The Rustic Red Door Co. uses high-quality materials from American sources and Amish welders who craft these beautiful metal shelf brackets. These shelves are powder-coated and chip-resistant. There are brackets. The character of the steel is emphasized by the clear powder coat finish of Heavy Duty. The powder coat finish protects the metal from rust. The finish on these large shelf brackets protects the steel and makes them look great indoors or outdoors. Their shelves brackets come in many different sizes that are ideal for different shelves. The small, 4x5 shelving brackets are ideal for a 5”-7” shelf, the medium, 6x7 arch brackets are ideal for a 7”-9” shelf, and the 8x9 shelf brackets are ideal for a 9-12” shelf. It was made in the U.S.A. The shelf brackets are made in the USA. Their shelf brackets are powder-coated to resist a large amount of weight when installed correctly. It was made in the U.S.A. The shelf brackets are made in the USA. Their shelf brackets are powder-coated to resist a large amount of weight when installed correctly.

Brand: Rustic Red Door Co.

👤These brackets are very strong. The brackets are described as heavy duty in the description. We replaced our golden oak fireplace mantel with a piece of quartzite. We were told to provide more supports to prevent the stone from being damaged. We attached the Medium Heavy Duty Shelf brackets to the brick with Tapcon screws. The screws fit in the two holes in the brackets. The brackets are beautiful, but we decided to spray paint ours to match the finish of our fireplace insert. The brackets were the perfect choice for our project.

👤My husband and I built a new house a few miles from where I grew up. The barn was built in 1850 and fell down recently. I salvaged a few pieces of wood from it and used them to make a mantle at our new house. The brackets were sturdy and perfect for the look I was going for. I was really happy to find them.

👤I bought them for aesthetic reasons. My mantle was anchored to the wall and didn't need support. I needed to add something to the wall. These were easy to install andstylish. There is a My contractor was unable to get the screw for the middle hole into the stone so he only had screws on the bottom and the top of the mantle.

👤The brackets were bought to mount the antique farm beam on the fireplace. We chose these because of the price point. We added a coat of black spray paint before we installed. Excellent value and quality!

👤Really like them. It is a waste since it is a focal point of my first mantle and it was damaged. I don't like to leave bad reviews. I was trying to reach out to the manufacturer to see how this can be solved. It appears that the only way to connect is to return. I am going to get some metal paint to see if it will fix the problem. It wasn't smooth in some spots and left us with cuts. Not good. If you are the manufacturer. We need help with a solution. Thanks.

👤I used four of these to hold up a kitchen bar. Installation was very easy, they're square and well made. There is no hardware included. These things are hand welded. They are unlike anything I could find in the area.

👤The heavy shelf brackets are very well made and rustic. I was very pleased with them and recommend them very highly.

👤We wanted to add a rustic look to our mantel and fireplace surround. There is no weight limit in the description. Our mantel is at least 60 lbs and the medium brackets could hold more if needed. They are a deep, dark brown. They are a great addition to a rustic look.

9. Rubbermaid 1877642 Decorative Bracket 8 Inch

Rubbermaid 1877642 Decorative Bracket 8 Inch

The brackets are perfect for displaying photos or collectibles. Asymmetrical design works with 2 different depths of shelf. Installation hardware and shelf brackets included. Stable support will be provided by durable metal construction. A drill, drill bits and screwdriver are not included.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤They were too small, even though I measured the area I planned to use them in. I thought they were sturdy and good quality. They would have been easy to install with the 2 screws and screw holes. The delivery was prompt, well packaged, but had to return due to being too small for the area I was going to use. I hope I can find them in a bigger size. They and the seller are recommended by me.

👤The picture shows a nickel. The powder coated gray colored item was not the same color as the photo. I gave this two stars because they seem well made, but not accurately described in color, so I have to look for another solution.

👤I bought 8 of these brackets. The two that were out of the 90 mark were only an inch apart. I had to put them in a vise with a piece of cloth to keep them from getting damaged and then hammer them with a rubber mallet to get them back to 90. It was very disappointing for the price. I was expecting better from Rubbermaid.

👤We ordered 3 sets of brackets for the kitchen. One of the decorative ends was twisted and was floating off the bottom of the shelf. I tried to bend it back so that the end piece would lie flat but it broke in half when I applied pressure. Since we were outside of the 30 day return window, I had to order another one and hope it wasn't bent like the other. The shelves look great but be sure to inspect them immediately after receipt so you can exchange them if you need them.

👤I wanted to support a live size back statue of my late fiancée. The statue is on top of a shelf. It was very similar to the Cubestorage shelf. I'm not trying to decide if I should buy another set or not.

👤The brackets add a touch of class to a standard shelf. Flat-head screws or a screw cover would complete the look. These are not normal. They have shelves full of collectibles.

👤This is a great bracket! The color is nice. The extra design was minimal. Very strong. It was very easy to install. It works just as it should.

👤I received one of the shelf brackets in March. I haven't received any updates since June and I need more time. If the order could not be fulfilled in its entirety, I should have been advised before shipping half of a set, as shelf brackets are of no use when you do not have two of them. I could have made a different choice if I'd been told in advance. I don't want to pay the cost to return the one piece of equipment that I received.

👤I was nervous ordering brackets online, but I was pleasantly surprised. The tulip pattern of the brackets is very attractive and I ordered them in black. I ordered them the same width as the shelves I had. As far as I know, my husband used a simple drill install and it didn't take long. I would order it again.

10. Brackets Shelves Decorative White 3x5 Inch 8pcs

Brackets Shelves Decorative White 3x5 Inch 8pcs

You will get 20 Pcs x Wall Shelf brackets, 6 inches, and 18 months warranty. Iron shelf brackets are used to support heavy weight. Their corner brackets are made of iron and have a black finish. A pair of L brackets has a weight of 33lb. You could use more shelf brackets to support the shelves if you want to use the corner brace for more heavy duty work. Their black shelf brackets are of the highest quality and can be used for a long time. The best price L brackets are on Amazon. The corner brace package has 16 pieces of black corner brackets and 98 screws. The package has all the necessary hardware. The angle brackets are 3”x5” and have a thickness of 1.18 inch. The L shelf brackets package costs less than other competitors. You will make the best choice. Perfect shelf brackets with wide application. Their corner brackets have a rustic look and can support heavy weight. The black corner brace can be used to install any kind of shelves. It is a perfect decorative corner brackets for wood. Perfect shelf brackets with wide application. Their corner brackets have a rustic look and can support heavy weight. The black corner brace can be used to install any kind of shelves. It is a perfect decorative corner brackets for wood.

Brand: Grit Brackets

👤The shelf brackets are the same as described. They come with all the screws you need. It was sweet!

👤Great seller, good communication, highly recommended buy.

👤The screws and mollies were included in the price. We ordered a second set and are very happy.

👤The screw gun was not included. These were used to mount reclaimed wood. Went up quickly and seemed to be holding up well.

👤Unless you have heavy items resting on it, the brackets are not effective. I might try a brace feature. The value for these is very good. They are nicely packaged and painted, come with screws that match color, and include anchors for use in drywall, if you're really concerned about holding power. There is a We used stained pine for our shelves and the brackets were compatible with the screws. The wall application went well. We will revise this review if we have anything to add after a term of use.

👤I bought these brackets to strengthen the corners of the beds. Some corners were close to coming apart because the previous tenants didn't take care of them. They didn't feel like buying new ones or rebuilding them from scratch, so this will do a good job of extending their life for now. The only problem I have is that some of the screws broke when I put them in. I have never seen that before. You might want to use your own screws.

11. Heavy Duty Metal Wall Brackets

Heavy Duty Metal Wall Brackets

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about this or any of their other products, please reach out to them. They pride ourselves in the quality of goods and the care they give their customers. The sewer is included. The screw holes are made for heavy duty hardware. The industrial black powder coat finish blends with the reclaimed, salvaged look. SturDY FARMHOUSE DECOR The mounting wall decor is a project that can be done by yourself. Their corner brace joints are perfect for hanging in a garage, living room or office. These floating metal wall shelf brackets are easy to mount and beautiful. These floating metal wall shelf brackets are easy to mount and beautiful.

Brand: Avocado Goods

👤This item deserves a high recommendation. These brackets are very heavy. You have about a 5 7/8" long leg on the inside of the brackets, because each leg is 6' long, 1.5" wide and 1/8" thick. The brackets weigh 15 ounces. It has 8 screws that are long and short. The screws are very heavy duty and thicker than the ones I had. I had to use a bigger screwdriver in my drill. I have a 2 x 8 shelf for books and I'm using 4 brackets. I don't have any books on the shelf. I may have been able to get by with 3 brackets. I thought I might need more than 4 brackets. I have one set that I bought. I will not be using at the moment. I didn't know that brackets cost so much. The brackets I looked at were high but they were cheaper than any of the others I found. The packaging is topnotch. They are thrown in a bag. They come in a sturdy box with cutouts for the brackets and a packet of screws. All the way through, top notch. This is not a recommendation. I received nothing in return for paying full price for these. I wanted to correct a review for this product.

👤The brackets are heavy duty. The mounting screws are long enough to fit into the studs. I held my bar shelves.

👤Great product. They are very well made and will last a long time. You can feel the quality when you hold them. The package is well packaged for protection. It is worth the price.

👤I bought a lot of brackets. They are well made, heavy duty and packaged so that they don't get damaged during shipping. The boxes are very nice and can be used for other items.

👤Everything came in order. Extra length screws are used for wall or cabinets. The countertops we installed on our bar side look very masculine as well as serve a huge purpose keeping our countertops from falling and cracking.

👤Heavy work. I was not expecting much since I wanted the center to have some extra support and I was installing a shelf with triangle brackets on the side. These might be able to hold up the shelf on their own. I don't use L brackets alone, but I would say they are worth the money.

👤The top one of the brackets was bent. The other one is 90 and you can see how bent it is. I could hammer it straight, but only if I locked it in my vice. I shouldn't have to. And 2. The black powder coat finish will probably be knocked off by it.

👤I used 2 lengths of screws and L brackets that were packaged well, and they were the only ones that supported the 30lb beam. I am very happy. It is better than I expected. The brackets made me very happy.


What is the best product for decorative shelf brackets white?

Decorative shelf brackets white products from Sryled. In this article about decorative shelf brackets white you can see why people choose the product. Mayne and Winomo are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative shelf brackets white.

What are the best brands for decorative shelf brackets white?

Sryled, Mayne and Winomo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative shelf brackets white. Find the detail in this article. Nach, Nach and Ihomepark are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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