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1. MyGift Wall Mounted Rectangular Display Shelves

MyGift Wall Mounted Rectangular Display Shelves

What do you think? There are 6 shelves and 12 screws. If you have any problems, you can get a full refund or replacement for free. Click and add to cart now. Shadow boxes are metal frames and are perfect for displaying photos. Storage can be displayed in multiple areas of your home. It is easy to mount to most wall surfaces with proper mounting hardware. Modern or contemporary style decor is complemented by a rectangular metal design. Large - 24 W x 7.5 H x 5.9 D; Small - 22.5 W x 6 H x 5.9 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤It's beautiful, sturdy, and modern. This item is perfect for our kitchen coffee bar. Sturdy enough to hold our canisters. So chic! It's not bulky and helps with organization.

👤These shelves were what I needed. I wanted to put up a cookbook wall display in my kitchen, and need something sturdy and minimal so the cookbooks could shine on their own. The shelves were reasonably priced.

👤The shelves I bought were the best quality. They are thick and strong.

👤I only wanted one. This is exactly what I wanted, so I bought two. I think the mini gallery wall worked out well. I am not very familiar with this sort of thing. I don't have a lot of weight on the shelf, but it is working well.

👤These were easy to put up. They came with hanging materials. I wanted a shelf like this to put in an awkward space I had in between two framed pictures, but was happy to find the perfect idea for the other! They have held a decent amount of weight and have looked great so far.

👤It's light and has a nice color. It's stylish... But not well made. The replacement wouldn't have arrived in time, so I had to glue it together.

👤These worked well. They can be used to display painted models.

👤Clean lines and easy to mount. I love it!

2. Peters Goods Rustic Floating Shelves

Peters Goods Rustic Floating Shelves

If you follow the easy instructions, you will be able to assemble the wallnitures kitchen shelf in a few minutes. The package has all the necessary mounting hardware. Their bathroom wall storage set helps you reorganize your bathroom space. The modern steel frames of the kitchen floating shelves contrast with the rustic wood. The metal guards on the bathroom wall shelves make sure your items stay in place. You can use their bathroom wall shelves for bathroom supplies, as a bathroom towel shelf, or in the kitchen to store your herbs and spices. Functional farmhouse floating shelter are designed for quick and hassle-free installation. No detail is overlooked in this beautifully torched natural Paulownia wood with black steel frames. The failsafe 3-step installation guide makes installation easy. The two rustic bathroom shelf boards are pre-assembled with an optional towel rod and all hardware is included for installation in minutes. BATHROOM FLOATING SHELVES are made to last for a long time. Their brand is based on the full customer experience. They will be happy to help you if you face any issues. A one-year limited warranty is included.

Brand: Peter's Goods

👤The delivery was fast. They're made from real wood and the metal work is decent. The hardware they sent with it was the reason for the three stars. The cheap hardware stripped within the first turn of tension. I had to use pliers to finish it off. If you want to mount it, use better quality screws, otherwise you'll be as frustrated as I was today. There is a I changed the rating to a 5 star because of their swift contact about the issue and the actions taken to alleviate or correct it. Their customer service is prompt and professional. Product is worth the money and is solid, nothing against the company as they are outsourcing hardware. I would suggest getting back up screws first.

👤I hung the shelves because I was too anxious to return them and wait for others to have issues as well. The hanging bar was not good. You can't tell when it's hung because I had to hammer it straight and mount it crooked. I feel like it is obvious that the bottom shelf is leaning downward. I put toilet paper on it to make it less noticeable. Look at the bottom shelf compared to the top in my photos. I would like to give this a 3. I keep it. I will give it a 4 star rating.

👤These shelves are great. They're easy to install and look great. Each shelf and rod are individual pieces so that I can use them as I please. We put one of the shelves in the bathroom and the other in the coffee station. The hooks were found at Home Depot. Make sure you don't take off the finish when cleaning the metal. I recommend these for their price and overall.

👤Wanted to replace the towel rack in the bathroom and stumbled upon this one. Delivery time was nice. The shelf had a crack and the brackets fell off. They said to keep the broken one and that they would send a new one after just 10 minutes. The delivery time of the replacement was updated for me, which was great. There is a The shelves were simple and elegant, just what I was looking for. It's easy to install and will hold up to 20 lbs per shelf, so if you're looking for a very sturdy shelf, keep that in mind. The product and the customer service were great.

👤Very happy with the purchase. I wanted something that was not the run of the mill stuff that you see in big box stores, so I was looking for some nice shelves to go in my bathroom. These are reasonably priced. I was very happy with my purchase, they are easy to install and come in a well packaged package. I like them because they feel more unique and they have that hand made feel to them.

👤The price is unbeatable with these shelves. Extra work comes with that budget friendly price tag. There is a The metal portion of the shelves was crooked. We had to bend it back into place with a lot of elbow grease and muscle, but it still isn't as noticeable as it used to be. The back portion of the wall that we screwed into was not flush with the wall because we had to bend the metal to get it straightened out. We were careful not to overload these shelves as they don't look like they can handle a lot of weight. These are the shelves that you can put in to get it to look right. I would have preferred something with less work involved where I wouldn't have had to fix a brand new product.

3. Floating Shelves HIPPIH Bathroom Decorative

Floating Shelves HIPPIH Bathroom Decorative

Hipp rustic floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood with dampproof, heat-resistant, protect grand bar design. The floating shelves for bathroom are sturdy and large. Help you to tidy your house by using the empty places above the table and bed to organize your items, and the black wall shelf design will make your living space stylish and comfortable. It's easier. Installation is easy with all the necessary hardware included. You can put the floating shelf in any combination you want, you can put one in bedroom, another in bathroom and install the towel holder on top of the sink. The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 wall anchor, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards.

Brand: Hippih

👤The shelves were well packaged. The brackets were already on them, so it was just a matter of installing the towel bar. The towel bar has small screws that are not appropriate for hanging heavy objects. There are no instructions. It is pretty intuitive. Attach the shelf with screws, anchors, and drill holes. I needed a lot of things to install. The finish on the shelves is very rough. They are small enough to fit over the toilet. It's wide enough to hold a box of Kleenex. I am very pleased with them.

👤I moved into a condo. The sinks/counters were designed to look like real estate agents. One couldn't place anything on the sinks or anywhere else. I put some shelves near the sinks. It was a great decision. All of a sudden, I could not fear that my phone would fall into either the water or the sine. I'm not the most handy person. I didn't need instructions, which is great. I just wrote the wall through the screw holes in the shelf and put the anchor in the hole with a pen. I put the screws into the anchor and it was done. There are two shelves. The same thing was repeated for the 2nd shelf. The only thing I did differently was to put the rod at the bottom of the shelf. That was easy as well.

👤I love that these are easy to use and add a lot of space to my small bathroom, Vanity, and little cabinet space. The bathroom counter has a lot of stuff on it and it was driving me crazy. The hole for the screw was a weird angle, but a simple screwdriver and elbow grease did the job. The reviews said the quality was good, but mine were not. I don't want to go to a place like Pottery Barn or something. It's worth it for the value and practicality. It holds a bit too. I love it!

👤It was summed up in one word. I bought two sets of the white finish. I was able to wipe off a hood portion of the white with a damp paper towel because it was a very dark grey undercoat that bled into the white paint that it was "weathered". There is a speckled pattern on the wood and it looks like it is causing mold. It's a poor design choice to be these meant for the bathroom. The wood is not sanded well and the edges are not smooth, making it look like it has been painted. I Seal those with a clear laquer just to make them durable for bathroom humidity and easier dusting because they were great when I bought them previously in espresso finish. The white version was disappointing. I will be painting and sanding them. They wouldn't buy them again. The black metal frames make a statement and the bar keeps stuff from falling off. You can use any scrap wood as the shelf if they sell that part.

4. Sorbus Floating Shelf Asymmetric Collectibles

Sorbus Floating Shelf Asymmetric Collectibles

Asymmetrical wall shelf with 5 intersecting sides for storage and display, showcasing charming collectibles and home décor. It adds character and warmth to any modern, rustic, or traditional interior and fills empty wall space above a desk, fireplace, entryway, and Vanity. Hang one to display special treasures, or hang multiple shelves next to each other to complete an accent wall, it's great for any room. Maximizing space while taking up zero square feet is the essence ofFFICIENT SPACE-SAVER. Easy to install, it can be hung with the vertical sides either up or down, and is made of beautiful MDF with a matt finish.

Brand: Sorbus

👤This is perfect for our guest bath, providing an extra focal point and useful shelving. It was easy to assemble. We painted it a bright white to match our bathroom mirror, cabinet and trim, but the finish was a slightly different shade of white. We decided to use stronger mounting anchors, which cost just over $2, based on other reviewer's comments.

👤The shelf was the perfect size for what we needed and it was a good deal. The shelf is easy to assemble. I should have added glue to the joints to help alleviate future problems. It would have been a lot easier to hang the shelf if the manufacturer provided a simple paper template. They tell you to put the screws in the correct places. It's up to you to figure out your own method. I made due with a small level and a tape measure. You only get one shot, so my shelves ended up level. They could include a printed template for less than 5 cents, then charge us more for the product. There is a Now with the bad. I didn't see anyone mention it, but my boards are covered with scratches. I covered the two spots where you could see wood with marker. The boards are tightly sealed in plastic and cannot be moved within the box. The boards have scratches on both sides and in the middle. The scratches were there before they were sealed. I think it's possible that this was returned to Amazon. Most of them are visible when the light hits them at certain angles. I continued with the assembly. There were no scratches on the wall once on it.

👤If you keep a few things in mind, these shelves are great. We are not dealing with high end craftsmanship. These are coated with plastic. I ordered three and one with a small chip. It is not noticeable. You will need to do some measuring in order to drill the holes correctly. You won't have to worry about the dry wall anchors if you use the correct drill bit size. This is for any dry wall anchors. If you have to pound them in with a hammer, you are doing it wrong.

👤Disappointing quality. There is a A bag of hardware and 5 pieces of wood make up the shelf unit. The purchaser needs to install the shelves into the wall mounts. There is a The vertical wall mounts are drilled. The wall mounts have slots for wall anchors. One of the vertical wall mounts was drilled inaccurately. The notch was cut too low. The shelf attachment screws would protrude through the bottom of the shelves. There is a It was necessary to drill and counterbore new holes to align with the center line of the selves because of the inaccurate factory workmanship. There is a It was necessary to place the wall anchors below the level of the wall mounts to compensate for the out of position of the keyhole mounting slots. There is a The shelf needs to be adjusted and repaired prior to installation due to careless workmanship and the inclusion of components that are inaccurate. Don't buy this product.

5. Collapsible Decorative Sculpture Farmhouse Handmade

Collapsible Decorative Sculpture Farmhouse Handmade

The frame is 60.43" x 17.32" x 5.9" and has 3 pine wooden shelves. It's appropriate for you to hold a few things without taking up a lot of space. It is the perfect farmhouse decor that you are looking for. Life Tree Round Floating Shelves: Use the empty place to display your photo, books, and organizes, while holding collectibles, small plants, trophy, vase Lego, and more. You can style your wall like a magazine shoot. You can display your possessions in wall shelves. The design of the floating room provides a seamless look. The plant wall shelf is the perfect display. The quality guarantee says that the paint can be used indoors and outdoors. There is a great decoration for inside or outside of your home. It has a striking and elegant finish. Home decoration that is premium quality. The large tree of life frame is 20in wide. Enough for a development-style wall in the living room. It's suitable for many occasions, such as foyer, corridor, living room, entrance, farmhouse, wine cellar, etc. You can match it according to your usage scenarios. The iron frame is folded in one piece. The plank is stuck on the iron frame and does not require additional screws. The hanging shelves set are made from paulownia wood. Light and sturdy, each shelf has subtle and beautiful variations in natural color and wood grain to match any décor. All installation accessories are included. They offer top-notch products for your home and garden while exceeding the highest industry standards and delivering excellent customer service. If you want to get your money back within a month, simply request it. Click the "add to cart" button to decorate your living space with beautifully designed artwork and decorations.

Brand: Piaopiao

👤Exquisite and beautiful workmanship, full of artistic decoration.

👤Hanging hardware is chintzy and easy to assemble. I had better stuff on hand, so no worries. The head of one of the screws was twisted off.

👤It's perfect for the space I bought it for. Excellent quality. It's easy to hang. There is no assembly required. It was easy.

6. Tribal Cooking Wooden Wall Shelf

Tribal Cooking Wooden Wall Shelf

It is easy to install with all the necessary hardware. A touch of style to any decor with their floating shelves. Tribal's wall shelves bring any decor style alive with their beautiful, intricately crafted Paulownia wood hanging shelves and sturdy black coated metal brackets. Everything you need for wall mounted shelves is included. Their floating shelves for wall decor look gorgeous, they create endless storage and organizational possibilities, and they feel great. You can change your look and organize any area. There are perfect wall shelves for bedroom, bathroom, or home office. Depending on your needs, place your wood shelves together or as a single floating shelf. It's a good place to display kitchen utensils or spices. There are wood shelves in any room. Their shelves are heavy-duty and deliver attractiveness. Each floating shelf is ready to be mounted in a room. You'll get a small 9 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf, a medium 13 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf, and a large 17 x 4.7 x 4.2 inch floating shelf. Sturdy and wide for use in a variety of ways. This ready-to-hang wall mount shelf set comes with two hanging wholes in each floating wall shelf for an instant fix to the wall. It's easy to take off and position elsewhere if you need to. Their shelving system is a simple and effective way to add more space in your home. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high- functioning home and kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤I needed something that was easy to install. I was able to put the items on there without fear because it was sturdy. The price was good.

👤The unit is easy to install. I had no problem cutting two of the longer shelves to match the shortest one. The button head phillips are the only screws provided to attach the shelves. Subtracting the thickness of the brackets leaves only the screw thread to engage the shelf. This doesn't give an adequate grip. I replaced the wood screw with a wood screw that grips the entire length. It was much more secure because the shelves are 1/2 thick.

👤These are good for a small office. There are three floating shelves in different sizes. They are perfect for knick knacks, pictures, etc.

👤I bought them on sale for $11 and I can't complain. The wood was soft, so I had to use pressure to get the screws in, they were small and hard to control. The screw fell out of the mounting piece after I hit it with the first shelf. The hole was damaged and so it was in there. It took me a long time to put them together, maybe if I had used an electric drill it would have gone better, but the screws were so small I didn't think it would be worth it to pull it out. I gorilla glue the screws into the holes they had originally been in, after taking all the screws out. I haven't hung the shelves yet, so maybe I'll update once I do, but I think they're going to be fine now that they're super glue.

👤I convinced my wife to allow me to buy this for the house because we need to put something up away from grabby hands with our new baby. There is a I was happy that they arrived a day early. I was sad to see how small these shelves were. There is a The bars were not even and the situation only got worse. When I put it to the wall, it fell off. There is a The wall they gave me didn't work well. I had to use a set from my local Walmart because they fit and fell out. There is a This was not a good purchase. I was hoping that it would be beautiful. I had high hopes for this. I only used one of the 3 that came. Oh well...

👤Other than missing parts when it arrived. The quality is not good. The wood is cheap and similar to a piece of balsa wood. The picture looks better than the item. Don't waste your money.

👤The shelves came in on time and were easy to setup. It works for what I need.

👤The wood plank that is the shelf has brackets in it. They are loose and can easily go in. The screws come out. I was okay with them being wobbly because I was only going to put light things in them. They don't stay together. It was a waste of time and money.

7. YGEOMER Floating Carbonized Multifunctional Wall Mounted

YGEOMER Floating Carbonized Multifunctional Wall Mounted

The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 wall anchor, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards. Let's use their imagination and creativity. The top or bottom of the shelf can be fitted with the triangular brackets. There are two types of brackets and 4 paulownia wood shelves that can produce combinations. There are multi-functional shelves. Their shelves are ideal for a lot of things. There are seasoning bottles and dishes in the kitchen. You can put things in the bathroom. In the living room you can put things like small flower pots, trophies, collectibles, books, photos, etc, and even use them for cat shelves. These look clean and bring the beauty of nature. Large: 16.2 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, medium: 14.2 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, small:11.4 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, and the thickness is 0.6 inches. The package includes 4 paulownia boards, 8 metal brackets, 18 plastic anchors, 18 long screws, 18 short screws and an installation manual. Their wall shelves can hold up to 40 lbs of weight when installed firmly on the wall. The installation can be completed in a few minutes with the help of the installation manual. They will offer a solution to your satisfaction within 24 hours if you reach them with any questions or concerns.

Brand: Ygeomer

👤I had these shelves since June, but I was in the middle of moving so I am taking them out of the box. I am very disappointed. The first piece of wood I tried to fit together fell out. These are not safe or sturdy. I don't recommend them. I ordered 2 of them. I wasted money on this. There is a It should be edited. It says to hammer the screws in. I thought, ok! The screws still fall out after I did that. Oh my gosh! It's so frustrating! There is a The seller told me that their instructions were wrong and that they would send me new instructions. They have instructions that are not correct. I spent money on a bad product and bad customer service.

👤These selves are fine. The wood is soft. The screws that hold the brackets to the wood don't stay in the wood very well. I wouldn't buy these shelves again. I don't think they'd hold anything heavy. I used them for Lego creations that were light and small.

👤The shelves are made of a soft fine grain paulownia wood, so don't over tighten the screw, just get them nice and snug. The rest will be done by the wood. It is a very beautiful dark creamy brown wood that is not treated and does not smell like it is. And the wood is solid. I provided a picture of how I did it, it will hold up to 40 lbs of weight, depending on the type of dry wall you have. It's not going to take weeks to cure this wood, since it's most likely not treated, and you can varnish it, or use a nice mineral oil. The brackets are true. If you're using a drill, mounting is a challenge. Installation was easy because I have a 6 inch extended adapter for my drill. A reagular philips head screw driver will work as well. The shelves are nice. Remember, soft wood. If you screw the screw hard, it will dig the wood out.

👤I ordered different sets of shelves. None of them were pre-drilled. The wood is more like styrofoam than sturdy. One set of shelves came with a handy little tool to hang them straight and with nice plastic anchors, while the other set had very cheap anchors and no handy tool to make sure the shelves are straight. The screws are not able to be drilled into the wall because of the brackets. You get what you pay for. I didn't like that the shelves were small and different in size. They look cheap and ugly on the wall since the shelves are small. I only use them for things that are light. I used thumbtacks because it is easier on the wall. It damaged the walls. At some point, replace them all because they are dorky. They are difficult to put on the wall by themselves. Try to hold it straight and place a thumbtack at the same time. The plaster on my walls doesn't hold things well. These are also painted white.

8. WELLAND Floating Shelves Mounted Shelf

WELLAND Floating Shelves Mounted Shelf

The wall shelter is made of durable board. There are metal brackets, screws and wall anchors for mounting. Don't waste your space. You don't have to put all of the decorative items on the table at home because of the hidden mounting system. There are many ways to decorate your home with the Simons floating wall shelf. You can put it in your living room. You can put it in your baby's room. It can be used in your bedroom to organize make-up and other items. One shelf may not be enough to show all your items. You can make a shelf wall with several sets. It is easy to install in 15 minutes.

Brand: Welland

👤I almost didn't buy these because of the reviews, but I'm glad I did. The negative views are incorrect. I went to a small hardware store to buy anchor and screws, but I didn't read any reviews. The retired carpenter that helped me said that they were great and high quality. I decided to use the word "anchors" and the screws that came with it. There is a You need to make sure you don't use the anchors in a stud. I only used the screw and the anchor on the shelf that I wanted, because the stud was on one side. There is a The shelves are light and perfect for what I wanted. I used painters tape to line up the screw holes. All this to say. If you want them, buy them. I am not a professional but a 45 year old handy woman who had no issues. I hung 6 shelves.

👤I made a mistake buying something a little more expensive. The wall anchors made our wall less sturdy, if anything. We got the brackets screwed in and it started coming out of the wall. I drilled 5/16th holes in our walls to fix the sagging shelf. My boyfriend is not happy with me. I expected the shelves to be cheap. I didn't expect that cheap hardware. I am committed to those holes now. Save yourself!

👤I bought these for a small bathroom. I was tired of putting things on the back of the toilet and another cabinet over it made the room look smaller. They don't stick out past where the cabinet is because they are short. We put them in a stud because we didn't want them to fall if something heavy was put on them. They seemed a bit wobbly, but they think it's because you put the hardware up and then the tubes stick out and you slide the shelf on them. I'm pretty sure they'll hold up. The bathroom was transformed by them. The before and after pictures have been included.

👤The original order was damaged and the replacement order was damaged as well. Even when the exterior box showed no signs of damage, every shelf was damaged. Some of the shelves had a near-protruding screw, and there were 1-2 divets in them. The metal brackets on at least one shelf were also bent and shrink-wrapped, which shows that the damage occurred prior to leaving the manufacturing/distribution site. Poor product construction and low oversight is an indication.

👤I used to do the bathroom renovations. It was just what I needed after painting.

👤These shelves and brackets are garbage. I was attracted to the longer brackets because they were able to mount 16" apart. The soldering job on these flimsy brackets is terrible. I can see daylight between the mounting post and the brackets. The shelves are made of thin vinyl-coated cardboard that can be shredded with a single fingernail. I don't think the brackets will hold the light weight of the shelf. I can't imagine what anyone would use these for. I shouldn't have to solder these weak brackets because I might buy some JB Weld. These things are not better than shelves. It's a joke. I feel like I have been cheated.

9. Design Crystal Organizer Decorative Dinning

Design Crystal Organizer Decorative Dinning

We put their customers at the center of everything they do. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. If you're not happy, buy now and they'll give you a 100% moneyback guarantee. The cat shelf wall decor has a very beautiful cat shape with beautiful moon motifs carved on its tail, it is a great way to display your souvenirs and ornaments. The back board is made of FSC certified plywood and the shelves are made of solid pine wood and black matt paint. The cat crystal shelf has enough hardware to make it easy to assemble and mount on the wall. The moon shelf has cute standing feet that make it easy to put on the table. It's suitable for all kinds of walls as decoration and can be used for a variety of unique decorative styles. You can display yoga pose statues, healing crystals, jewelry, essential oils, stones, and Succulents on the shelf. A great gift idea is to add a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kids room, kitchen or workout space to a friend or family member. This hippie room decor piece is the perfect gift for cat lovers. The height is 15 inches, the width is 11 inches. If you received a damage package, please contact them. If the product goes wrong, they will give a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Ff&yy

👤This is adorable. You can put it on a table or hang it. I put a lot of things on it.

👤I wish I could have posted something, but you have to trust me. There is a The shelf is easy to put together. It took me a while to figure out which side was up for the shelves. I placed the smoother side up after finally feeling the texture of each side. There is a The shelves were attached to the cat. The alignment was perfect! This shelf is beautiful.

👤My daughter likes this. She filled it with fun crystals. It is a great size and sits on her drawer.

👤This was very easy to hang up. It's perfect because I have my salts and crystals on there. Light weight. I love the phases of the moon.

👤No chips or scratches were found. It is easy to assemble! I love it! It is super sturdy and comes with wall anchors.

👤I was in love with this and was waiting for it to come. It lived up to my expectations. It is adorable. The wall accent is perfect.

👤Sturdy and looks great. Will purchase again for a matching set.

👤The shelf is perfect for cat lovers like me. It is easy to assemble.

10. BATHWA Industrial Floating Shelves Mounted

BATHWA Industrial Floating Shelves Mounted

Simple design floating shelves constructed of Sturdy frames and MDF board support a huge weight capacity, and each tier is 8 inches deep. Each shelf can hold 50 lbs. Adding wall mounted shelves to your home or office is a great way to add industrial flair to your space. Functional Wall Shelves - Wall Mounted Metal Frame display can be used for many things. It is a great place to keep office supplies, decorative items, hobbies, plants, crafts, photos, media, CDs and books. Sturdy and easy to install, it's easy to assemble and put up. If you have a problem, please be free to contact them. They will give you a solution, but they are certain that BATHWA floating shelves are worth your time.

Brand: Bathwa

👤These shelves are cute and dainty. The wood shelves were better than I was expecting. They are sturdy and have some weight to them. The Amazon description says it can hold a significant amount of weight, but I think it's only accurate if you put it into the wall stud. You can use a stud finder. You can change the height of the shelves.

👤It's perfect for my powder room. We were able to install it in a few minutes. It is easy to hold it in place because it is square and level on the self. Continue with the directions after marking the drill holes with a pencil. The price was perfect for us.

👤It's perfect for our toilet room. This was an excellent price point for what we needed to fill the empty walls. It took my husband 30 minutes to assemble it. Would buy again.

👤It was what I was looking for as an addition to my beauty corner. It is very sturdy and the perfect size. I had the installation done in less than 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend it. I love it!

👤This is a sturdy shelf. Above the toilet, it works very well. The behind-the-toilet standing shelf was too large for me to use. I would have been able to do it myself if I needed to, even though I had it installed by the handymen.

👤The shower curtain was changed, the bathroom was painted, and the shelf was added. I feel like I have a brand new bathroom. I will add more to the shelves as I go.

👤I wanted to use this wall shelf as a towel shelf in my bathroom. It was smaller than I thought. It is more of a toilet paper and cloth rack. I had a little trouble hanging it up level and evenly. There is a The wood is simple and cheap, but it looks good once up. There is a I think the price was a bit too high. I would be willing to pay a lot for this item. If I hadn't put the holes in my wall for the screw anchors, I would have returned this item. There is a I am making it work more for decor purposes.

👤"each tier 8 inch in deep" is not true. I don't know where the seller got this, it is way smaller than you would think. I put it in my bathroom, so you can put them on the shelf. It's on the wall, and it's staying there. Black screws are more obvious than brass colored ones. Will use black nail polish to cover them. You can put both sides of the rack in a wall stud if you put the shelves in the 16 inch side rack. It seems sturdy once up. It might be a little pricey for the size.

👤I assembled and hung this shelf in under 5 minutes. The shelf looks amazing. There is a I had a big behind the toilet shelf that made my bathroom look smaller and less open. This shelf is definitely recommended. I'm ordering 2 more. One for the upstairs bathroom and one for the kitchen. Came so fast. All around happy.

11. LITA Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

LITA Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

Their wooden shelf decor and wall shelves for bedroom and bath are designed with great attention to form and function. If you don't like this wall shelf unit, please contact them for a full refund or replacement. LITA wall shelves have a distressed texture and retro style with a black iron round frame and wooden texture. Not only upgrade your household style but also suitable for many occasions such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, study rooms, kids room, office, pantry, corridor, toilet, etc. Extra storage space can be added by using LITA shelves for wall. It's suitable for displaying and storing photos, small items, collectibles, comic books, magazines, trophies, towels, etc. It is supposed to make the surface of the cabinet more tidy by storing and organizing small items. There is no scarcity of size. LITA floating shelves are 23.623.64.7 inches in size. The round wall shelf has built-in hangers that are easy to hang. You can use safety bolts to fix the wall, but only if you nail two nails to the wall. You can get a good decorative shelf. It is easy to clean. Black shelves for walls are made of black rigid metal frame and wooden board, this integrated wall-mounted Circle shelf adopts welding technique to firmly endure the heavy stuffs. Do not use alcohol to avoid damage to the paint layer, and daily cleaning can be used to wring out the wet towel. Great customer service. Quality warranty and refund guarantee are offered by them. If there is a problem with the wood shelves for wall, please contact them. They are always happy to help. Enjoy your life with LITA product.

Brand: Lita

👤Don't waste time or money! Very cheap. The frame was bent and the shelves had dents. The item is cheap.

👤The floating shelf unit arrived in a cardboard box. It became apparent that this was too little packing when the unit was removed. The black paint had been removed and the bare metal was visible. This was not a small scratch. The front and back had lines of paint everywhere. I think the unit slid around inside the box. A lot of weight was on top of the unit, which was clearly seen in the inside of the box. There is a The appearance: The paint on the shelf unit was not damaged and was described in the add. The problem with the appearance is that the screws that secure the shelves are not the right type. They can't sit with the mounting tabs. When you look at the unit, you can see a few tiny bumps under the shelves. Very unattractive. There is a I will not be returning this item. I can use it. I plan to use a small amount of Silicon to secure the 5 shelves. I will paint the underside of the shelves black to match the tabs and then heavily re-paint the unit itself. I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone.

👤The shelf in the pictures looks better than it does in person. It is. Okay, okay. The quality could be better. There is a I am afraid to put anything heavy on the shelves because I do not want to break it. There is a This does not come with hanging hardware so you will have to purchase it yourself. All in all. It is. . Okay, okay. It is trendy. I will make it work in my room, but I was hoping for a better price.

👤A cute shelf. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because it looks like it was assembled backwards. The smooth side of the shelf goes in back instead of front when the shelves are soldered together. You can see where it was put together. For the price, it doesn't bother me at all.

👤I ordered black with dark wood and it looks like I got the gold with light wood that they tried to paint black, but it's dusty and dirty for some reason. I had to use an extra stain to bring the wood to the right shade, because they couldn't do that with the metal.

👤My granddaughter put her knickknacks on display at her 13th birthday, and she liked the quality of the shelf.

👤The shelf was easy to install and add a fun piece to the half bath. I don't know what the weight restrictions are, but it works perfectly for a small plant and a couple of decorations.

👤It is not as good as it is being described to be. A little disappointed.


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What are the best brands for decorative shelves black?

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