Best Decorative Shelves for Wall

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1. Farmhouse Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Farmhouse Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Customer service is provided by them before and after your purchase. They give the accessories and instructions with a 30-day return policy. display charming showpieces, decorative items, and other prized possessions while offering functional storage with wooden display shelves. Keeping everything organized in style will help reduce the amount of cluttered décor. Adding character and warmth to any vintage or Scandinavian interior can be accomplished by contrasting shelves at staggering heights on the wall for a more energetic result or mount side-by-side for a clean streamlined look. The floating design is an ingenious way to add more shelving space, it's the perfect storage solution for people in small apartments or busy households. This shelf has shelves that hang from brackets and a chic yet minimalist profile, which will give your living area a clean look while still being functional. Sturdy and easy to install: Made with beautiful pipe brackets in black, these shelves are sturdy enough to hold your favorite small objects and display them in place. There are mounting hardware included. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Comfify

👤Terrible buy. The shelves are flimsy, there are no instructions, and the pieces are broken. Smaller than pictured.

👤These shelves worked well for the corner. I love how easy it is to decorate them. It's perfect to place anywhere.

👤I love these Farmhouse shelves. The stain on the wood matches our dining room decor. Scan the code inside the box to follow directions. My husband had these in a matter of minutes. I was trying to figure out where I wanted them.

👤I had high hopes for these shelves and I love that they look modern. They did not send it with instructions. After I spent 15-20 minutes playing a puzzle game with the pieces and putting it together it broke one of the shelves. The soldering was weak. I was able to hang one of the shelves. I suppose I could return it and get a new one, but I don't feel like I'm dealing with a quality product. This product is garbage and you should find something more practical.

2. MELANNCO Floating Mount Chunky Shelves

MELANNCO Floating Mount Chunky Shelves

Adding a rustic, wood grain, black finish to your shelves adds a bold look to your displays. display books, vases, knickknacks, framed photos, and more You can make your own display by grouping shelves together or hanging them separately. There are two shelves that are 2 inches tall and 6 inches deep. Easy to Hang includes detailed instructions with hanging template, hardware, and a small level for simple mounting.

Brand: Melannco

👤Do not use these shelves to hold anything. The mounting of these shelves is very difficult because of the small screws that are hard to line up. The screws can easily be pulled out of the wall. Any decor added will cause issues because the shelves are already heavy. Due to the type of mounting screws, you can't make the shelves level/tight to the wall, so they look like they are falling. I am very disappointed in the product. I missed the window, so I can't return. I tried to contact the company but didn't hear back.

👤The hardware and installation process is not good. Hardware may be off from the templates they provide, which makes installation difficult. Make sure to double check before you drill. There is a Anything you put on to fall when the front tilts down. You will need more hardware. There is a The shelves are not tight to the wall. They were still lose after multiple attempts. I bought brackets to lever the shelves. I wouldn't buy this product again unless they fixed the hardware and made the installation better.

👤These are steps for my cats to reach their perch. It took my handyman husband over an hour to get them to be study enough for the cats to walk across. The bottom one fell because it was warped, even after an L brackets was added. We're going to move the bed, sand down the backs of them, and re adhear with all L brackets. It's not much for invisible floating shelves. I'll try painting the brackets so they blend in with the wall, not to mention the damage we'll have to fix from trying to get them up in the first place. These are terrible!

👤These are nice. It's hard to install.

👤These were bought to display decorative pieces. If you are not aware of the weight of the items that you want to place on these shelves, they will come crashing down at 3 a.m. The object should be lighter in weight. You get what you pay for. It's too much of a hassle to send them back, because they're fine for the lightweight pieces I have on them. Purchase better quality floating shelves.

👤I was not happy with these shelves. They sit on the wall. I had to make them not droop so much. I am not going to put a lot of weight on these because I am afraid they will not hold any weight. The only reason I keep them is because they are the right size and color for what I am displaying. They give you a guide for each shelf. The only positive thing I can say about this product is that. Wouldn't buy again.

👤These are a step up from the basic black shelving if you want to store items that are not too heavy. They've been used for Buddha incense holder set and tea pots. If I need another set, I would order these again.

👤I bought this for my bonus room and when I opened it, it had big dents and scratches on it, which makes it hard to get decorative shelves for your home.

3. Kate Laurel Hanging Cabinet Decorative

Kate Laurel Hanging Cabinet Decorative

The Megara Curio Wall Cabinet has a decorative charm. The wooden and iron front add charm to your home decor. The dimensions of this unit are 15.7-inches wide, 23.7 inches high, and 6 inches deep, which is perfect for use in a small bathroom or bedroom. The middle shelf is slightly taller than the two at the top and two at the bottom are the same size. It's a great layout for organizing bathroom items, kitchen items, office items, and pieces. The cabinet has a solid wood construction and heavy-duty hardware. The door is made of high-quality metal and has a magnetic lock on it. This cabinet is smart enough for everyday use but unique enough for special displays. It's a good way to show your collection of comic-book action figures. This cabinet is smart enough for everyday use but unique enough for special displays. It's a good way to show your collection of comic-book action figures.

Brand: Kate And Laurel

👤I wanted to make a Harry Potter cupboard. I had fun with this project. Most of my supplies were ordered from Amazon.

👤This cabinet is shabby chic. It works well in my bathroom, even though the former cabinet no longer looked nice. It doesn't come with hardware or glass cover, but a local glass company installed a glass cover at a low cost for me. I love it!

👤The cabinet is a good fit for our bathroom. I assumed that it had a glass door under the iron, so I didn't pay attention to the descriptions. The cabinet is open in the front.

👤I liked the design and ordered as a CD case, however when I received it I was not impressed with the quality and decided to return it.

👤The shelf is exactly what I was looking for. It fits collectibles that are not in standard shelving. It looks great.

👤It is the perfect size for our guest bathroom, even though it is a bit more rustic.

👤The cabinet was perfect for what we are going to use it for. It is open on the black front grate and the brown wood coloring will match our new house colors in the kitchen. :0

👤The cabinet came late for the gift, but I love it. I had to return it.

4. Wallniture Floating Shelves Bookshelf Storage

Wallniture Floating Shelves Bookshelf Storage

Risk. Their products are made with the highest quality materials and are also exceeding their customer's expectations. They will provide the best solution if you contact them. If you are a film lover, don't stack your movie collections into media cabinets. Ponza floating wall shelves above your TV stand are a great way to store and display your favorite CDs and DVDs. This will make your living room decor more suited to your lifestyle. Add function and style to your living space with Wallniture Ponza rustic shelves. Their sleek design will help you maximize your wall space and upgrade your wall decorations for the living room. You can find more functions other than living room shelves. The Ponza wood wall shelf set of 4 can be used as a display shelf for bedroom decor, bathroom shelves over toilet, kitchen shelves for storage, and more. Works well with every space. The Ponza wood floating shelf set is designed to match every interior design and style. Their wood shelves are a great complement to your modern wall decor, as well as for rustic, farmhouse, and even bohemian decor. If you follow the easy instructions and use the mounting hardware included in the package, your Ponza wall storage shelves will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤I was very excited to get the shelves. I was happy to see that they are made of wood. I ordered several of them for my husband's listening room because they aren't expensive at all, and they are only for CD/DVD storage. I will return all of them. The edges of the wood are not finished, even though the stain looks fine on the shelves. Why wouldn't you finish the edges of the shelf when you can't see the edge? It's ridiculous.

👤I am really not happy with these shelves. The shelves are able to fit CDs and DVDs just fine in the photos they show. The shelf is too small. All of my CDs and DVDs are on the edge of the shelves. I wouldn't have bought these shelves if I knew that things were going to hang off the edge. Doesn't give it a clean look. I'm afraid that the stuff will fall off. There is a Poor quality of wood and metal. The metal parts were easy to bend and the wood was light and hollow.

👤The low price is something that I really can't complain about. The shelves are light. They look nice and are perfect for what I need them for, to hold DVDs. These are easy to put up.

👤This product can be used as a plant stand. I put the grow lights on the shelves. Now working well. There were no pilot holes drilled into the wood for the mounting brackets. The product is a great one.

👤The best addition to a living room. I will be ordering more for my bathroom and man cave.

👤They are ok. It was smaller than I expected. The price is a good deal. The price is reflected by the quality. Installation is not easy. We got it done.

👤They were easy to put together and great for my movies. I think they would hold more. I love this product.

👤I need something to support the books on one side so they don't fall, but I love this bookshelf.

👤J'ai beaucoup ces eaux! The dimentions and the couleur are fidle. Seul bémol, je agreee that the planches sont . J'ai un pouvait mettre des livres. J'ai du m'acheter. Pour mettre de la décoration, le étagres sont parfaite.

5. Floating Shelves Mounted Bedroom Hallway

Floating Shelves Mounted Bedroom Hallway

There is a display. A floating shelf is a good place to put awards, jewelry, and books. You can fill space between the windows and above a desk or fireplace. Tired of putting stuff around vertically? Try to do it vertically. You can use the empty places above the table to organize your items. You can install the mounted wall shelf with a single click, giving your messy living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen a new look. This style of wall shelves is made of durable MDF and they complement traditional and modern spaces. The group is called Enlightened Sheltering Points. The black floating shelves can be hung together or apart to display books, photos, or plants in the living room, hold beauty products in the bathroom, or organize spices and jars in the kitchen. You can display photo frames, crafts, collectibles, and other home accessories on the floating storage shelves set. The board size is small: 10.23” x 5.9” x 0.59” Medium is 5.8”x 0.59” The large is 6.0”x 0.59” The square is 5.12” X 0.59” If you are not satisfied with their 100% satisfaction service, please tell them without delay, they will try their best to solve your problem.

Brand: Piorlado

👤The shelves are sturdy. I think it can hold some weight. Installation was made easy with the drill ruler, a blank paper with 2 holes, that tells you how far apart to drill the holes. Diamonds may pass for stars in a space theme if you pair these shelves with a space shuttle and moon shelf.

👤I liked the look of the shelves. The box was damaged when it was unwrapping and it didn't look good, but luckily nothing was damaged. The shelves are easy to set up but it is difficult to put them up as long nails must be put in the wall before hanging them. It took some time to make the holes that would fit the shelves. I had an issue with it getting messy when hanging it up. I might have hanged them that way. It was leaving marks on the wall. The metal piece on the back peeled when I tried to slide the screw on. Nice shelves.

👤I made them work on my other wall, even though they were not what I was expecting. They are all very strong.

👤They are pretty good. I followed the directions for wall mounting on the wall. I wish they were deeper, but that is just floating shelves. There is a If the diamond was flipped upside down, some of the screws that hold the back diamond part to the shelf wouldn't work. The top part of the shelf is where the joint connector nuts are located. I have stuff on the shelves that cover it up so it's not a big deal. There is a They replaced the whole set with no problems after one of the holes poked through one of the shelves. They asked for information and pictures so that they could fix the issues. Customer service is good. For the price, I would still recommend them. If you care about the nuts on the shelf, be aware.

👤I like how they look. They were easy to assemble. It came with a paper mounting ruler and a few tools. The whack warranty card claimed to give you a free gift after you activated it. You are directed to a website that is no longer active. There is no warranty or free gift. Wasn't expecting that to start with but why put that in there to get one's hopes up?

👤These are very modern and stylish in my bathroom. They are of good quality. They were easy to hang. I end up with a lot of holes in my wall because I try to hang stuff and get it straight. The shelves took one try to hang. They have a measuring guide that you can use to get the screws in the right spot. They had the tool to put them together. Great design, great price, and great product. Highly recommended.

👤The shelves are great. I got them for my kid. There was a huge scratch on one of the shelves. I didn't return them because I didn't see them until I put one together. Kid N' Play looks comfortable. It wasn't worth it to take it down, and then drive it to a return location. I have a Pajama Jammy Jam starting here in about an hour, and I'm ready to play those 1's and 2's. I'll put it up higher so no one will see it. If you are picky, make sure to check all the pies as soon as you open the box. These shelves are not Hype. I gave them a 3. I'm probably being to hard on it. It's more like a 4.

6. Floating Honeycomb Decorative Bathroom Blue White

Floating Honeycomb Decorative Bathroom Blue White

As a professional seller, they always have service guarantees. If you have questions about installation or are not satisfied with the goods received, please contact them. They will be there for you with solutions. Storage shelves make good use of the empty wall place and create a warm and exquisite wall look to your home. The floating wall shelf rack provides a modern look. The floating shelf is a great way to decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom or hallway. A set of honeycomb wall shelves have large storage space and can be used to display your photo, plants, art ornaments, calendar, alarm clock, magazines, etc. Friends will praise a magazine cover like display shelf if you put all kinds of ornaments on it. The honeycomb wall hanging shelf is made of thick paulownia wood. The floating shelf set is made from paulownia wood. Each wooden hexagon shelf is unique because it retains the original wood grain. The geometric storage shelf is fully recyclable. You can use the honeycomb shelves to form unique shapes to display small pieces of art, or you can use them separately in different rooms. Give the wall shelves to friends or family who like to collect small things. The honeycomb shelves are beautiful. Wall mounted shelves don't have to be installed. The hexagonal wall shelf set of 6 is required to complete the installation. Sponge pads are used to prevent scratching the walls and to hold the honeycomb shelf in place for greater stability.

Brand: Caduke

👤I was very excited to receive them. 2 of the large hexagons were broken.

👤I like the look of these shelves. It's a great way to make more room for plants.

7. HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

HIPPIH Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

The wood is superior. The floating shelves are made of high-quality radiata pine wood with dampproof, heat-resistant, protect grand bar design. The bathroom wall storage shelves are sturdy and large. Help you to tidy your house by using the empty places above the table and bed to organize your items, and the floating shelf white design will make your living space stylish and comfortable. It's easier. Installation is easy with all the necessary hardware included, the floating shelves are white with solid Paulownia wood and industrial metal brackets. You can arrange the shelf in any way you want, you can put one in bedroom, another in bathroom, and the towel holder on top of the sink. The package includes a towel holder, 5 wall screws, 5 towel rod screws, 5 hooks, and 2 wooden boards.

Brand: Hippih

👤The shelves were well packaged. The brackets were already on them, so it was just a matter of installing the towel bar. The towel bar has small screws that are not appropriate for hanging heavy objects. There are no instructions. It is pretty intuitive. Attach the shelf with screws, anchors, and drill holes. I needed a lot of things to install. The finish on the shelves is very rough. They are small enough to fit over the toilet. It's wide enough to hold a box of Kleenex. I am very pleased with them.

👤I moved into a condo. The sinks/counters were designed to look like real estate agents. One couldn't place anything on the sinks or anywhere else. I put some shelves near the sinks. It was a great decision. All of a sudden, I could not fear that my phone would fall into either the water or the sine. I'm not the most handy person. I didn't need instructions, which is great. I just wrote the wall through the screw holes in the shelf and put the anchor in the hole with a pen. I put the screws into the anchor and it was done. There are two shelves. The same thing was repeated for the 2nd shelf. The only thing I did differently was to put the rod at the bottom of the shelf. That was easy as well.

👤I love that these are easy to use and add a lot of space to my small bathroom, Vanity, and little cabinet space. The bathroom counter has a lot of stuff on it and it was driving me crazy. The hole for the screw was a weird angle, but a simple screwdriver and elbow grease did the job. The reviews said the quality was good, but mine were not. I don't want to go to a place like Pottery Barn or something. It's worth it for the value and practicality. It holds a bit too. I love it!

👤It was summed up in one word. I bought two sets of the white finish. I was able to wipe off a hood portion of the white with a damp paper towel because it was a very dark grey undercoat that bled into the white paint that it was "weathered". There is a speckled pattern on the wood and it looks like it is causing mold. It's a poor design choice to be these meant for the bathroom. The wood is not sanded well and the edges are not smooth, making it look like it has been painted. I Seal those with a clear laquer just to make them durable for bathroom humidity and easier dusting because they were great when I bought them previously in espresso finish. The white version was disappointing. I will be painting and sanding them. They wouldn't buy them again. The black metal frames make a statement and the bar keeps stuff from falling off. You can use any scrap wood as the shelf if they sell that part.

8. LITA Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

LITA Floating Shelves Decorative Bathroom

We are confident that you will love how the floating shelves can help you decorate and reorganize your living space. Please tell them if you have a problem or not, they will try their best to solve it. LITA wall shelves have a simple and elegant style, with a gold iron round frame and wooden texture. Not only upgrade your household style but also suitable for many occasions such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, study rooms, kids room, office, pantry, corridor, toilet, etc. Extra storage space can be added by using LITA shelves for wall. It's suitable for displaying and storing photos, small items, collectibles, comic books, magazines, trophies, towels, etc. It is supposed to make the surface of the cabinet more tidy by storing and organizing small items. There is no scarcity of size. LITA floating shelves are 23.623.64.7 inches in size. The round wall shelf has built-in hangers that are easy to hang. You can use safety bolts to fix the wall, but only if you nail two nails to the wall. You can get a good decorative shelf. It is easy to clean. The wall-mounted gold shelf is made of gold rigid metal frame and wooden board, it is welded to endure the heavy stuffs. Do not use alcohol to avoid damage to the paint layer, and daily cleaning can be used to wring out the wet towel. Great customer service. Quality warranty and refund guarantee are offered by them. If there is a problem with the wood shelves for wall, please contact them. They are always happy to help. Enjoy your life with LITA product.

Brand: Lita

👤Don't waste time or money! Very cheap. The frame was bent and the shelves had dents. The item is cheap.

👤The floating shelf unit arrived in a cardboard box. It became apparent that this was too little packing when the unit was removed. The black paint had been removed and the bare metal was visible. This was not a small scratch. The front and back had lines of paint everywhere. I think the unit slid around inside the box. A lot of weight was on top of the unit, which was clearly seen in the inside of the box. There is a The appearance: The paint on the shelf unit was not damaged and was described in the add. The problem with the appearance is that the screws that secure the shelves are not the right type. They can't sit with the mounting tabs. When you look at the unit, you can see a few tiny bumps under the shelves. Very unattractive. There is a I will not be returning this item. I can use it. I plan to use a small amount of Silicon to secure the 5 shelves. I will paint the underside of the shelves black to match the tabs and then heavily re-paint the unit itself. I wouldn't recommend this item to anyone.

👤The shelf in the pictures looks better than it does in person. It is. Okay, okay. The quality could be better. There is a I am afraid to put anything heavy on the shelves because I do not want to break it. There is a This does not come with hanging hardware so you will have to purchase it yourself. All in all. It is. . Okay, okay. It is trendy. I will make it work in my room, but I was hoping for a better price.

👤A cute shelf. I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because it looks like it was assembled backwards. The smooth side of the shelf goes in back instead of front when the shelves are soldered together. You can see where it was put together. For the price, it doesn't bother me at all.

👤I ordered black with dark wood and it looks like I got the gold with light wood that they tried to paint black, but it's dusty and dirty for some reason. I had to use an extra stain to bring the wood to the right shade, because they couldn't do that with the metal.

👤My granddaughter put her knickknacks on display at her 13th birthday, and she liked the quality of the shelf.

👤The shelf was easy to install and add a fun piece to the half bath. I don't know what the weight restrictions are, but it works perfectly for a small plant and a couple of decorations.

👤It is not as good as it is being described to be. A little disappointed.

9. FirsTime Co 70058 Industrial Circular

FirsTime Co 70058 Industrial Circular

The FirsTime & Co. Brody Industrial Circular Shelf has a 27” diameter and 6” depth, making it an ample size to store your belongings in style. It's. The shelving unit is made of metal and has a metallic gray coloring. There are plenty of space for you to display your items in the 6 compartments. Hang this shelf on the wall. Hanging hardware is not included. The perfect touch is the FirsTime & Co. Brody Industrial Circular Shelf, it looks perfect in any home or office room. The style is industrial. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a stylish and decorative Industrial and Modern piece from FirsTime & Co.

Brand: Firstime & Co.

👤The shelf is round. It's much cheaper than other similar ones. All metal, including the shelfs. There are two built in hangers. On opposite sides. How to hold onto something. Hold to the wall and use a tool kit tool that is similar to an ice pic. Must be very thin to go through the hole. The tool can be used to make a dent in the wall. The shelf needs to be removed. The wall anchor should be inserted. Put the shelf back up. The screw should be put in half way. The other side should be marked. The shelf needs to be removed. Only in the new side you marked, put the screw half way. The other side followed. Put the screw half way down. Use a stick. Put the yard stick on the screws. The ruler has a level on it. It's not needed, but it helps. If you don't have a level, stand back and see if the yard stick is straight across. If not, make a new dent on the side with no wall anchor. Once straight. The wall anchor should be inserted. Ready to hang. Hope this helps. I hung it by myself. This is a well made shelf. It is either industrial looking or modern. The piece is attractive.

👤I don't write reviews that strongly because I feel this is a piece of junk. Uneven paint, cracks, dropped paint. It wasn't a circle at all. Save money. The thing is going back.

👤The product is nice. The delivery was before expected. I would have given it five stars if hardware had been included. It was great for the price.

👤I initially looked for the black one, but it was out of stock and $30 more expensive than the gold one. After looking at the pictures from other reviewers, I knew I would be disappointed. Since I already had a can on hand, I bought that one with the sole purpose of spray painting it black. I didn't notice any defects when it arrived, and it is sturdy. I got this installed in 5 minutes after waiting for the spray paint to dry, because I had my own screws. I used some of the other reviewers pics for inspiration on how to use it in my tiny bathroom, and I am very happy with the outcome! I am. I fixed that myself and it is perfect, even though I would have knocked a star off due to the color.

👤In regards to several reviews where this product arrived damaged, you are just going to have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. The box is too big to fit in a box in a box for added protection, and we all know some people in the shipping industry aren't exactly gentle with packages. Since returning damaged items is so easy, don't let this deter you from getting this unique shelf. The metallic gray looks like distressed metal to me. It is well made and sturdy. There were no complaints. I get a lot of praise for it.

10. JMBL Tempered Floating Decorative Bathroom

JMBL Tempered Floating Decorative Bathroom

Extra thick clear glass, smooth edge, soft corner. The wall mounted brush nickel is rust proof. The screw is longer for safe mounting. The holder is made of metal. It's widely used for home office bedroom decorative shelf, kitchen bathroom toilet storage shelf, and home office bedroom decorative shelf.

Brand: Jmbl

👤The instructions were clear and understandable. Installation was easy. It looks good. I was hesitant because of some negative comments, but I am pretty sure that those people did not follow instructions correctly.

👤It was an easy install, but he pointed out to me that it would have been better if there was rubber padding between the brackets and glass to protect the glass. The gap looks weird and less sturdy because of the structure. There is a The glass is heavy and the shelf is not flimsy, though I won't be overloading it as it wasn't mount to a stud. The brackets are brushed nickel and I like the look of the glass shelf as a whole. I think the quality can be better.

👤The shelf is of good quality and the final install looks great. The paper template that was included did not match the mounting holes. If you use the paper template that is included, the brackets may be slightly tilted because the holes in the brackets are not lined up exactly. I was able to modify the brackets using a tool. Don't trust the included template and make your own.

👤These shelves are great for displaying glass items on my wall. The template for nail placement was very helpful.

👤My husband ordered these shelves to hold his colognes. They look good.

👤I wouldn't put an anvil on this, but it's easy to install. It looks nice.

👤The product is good. Installation instructions were not very detailed. The instructions did not mention the drill size needed. The wall anchors provided are garbage. I went to the local hardware store to get some new wall anchors and was able to get the shelves installed.

👤Over time, the small but heavy glass will destroy the drywall. It's special if. There are products loaded with them. I think a wooden backing is a good idea. HorIZONTAL. It will be difficult to mount using provided hardware.

11. Round Rich Floating Shelves Grouping

Round Rich Floating Shelves Grouping

Solid wood structure, light and strong, easy to install, simple and classic design, suitable for a variety of decoration styles is what The Round Rich ADVANTAGE is. It's easy to use because of the square and U shelves combination. Each shelf can hold more than 11 lbs. It is possible. The combination of square and U shelves is suited for grouping together or hanging separately. There are arts, crafts, picture frames, house plants, stuffed toys, and other items in the living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom. There is a size of 12x12", 8x8", 11x2.8", 8x2.8", and 6.9x2.8. There is a depth of 3.5". The board thickness is. What do you think? There are 6 shelves and 12 screws. If you have any problems, you can get a full refund or replacement for free. Click and add to cart now.

Brand: Rr Round Rich Design

👤Considering how affordable they are, these wood cubes/shelves are great. They are packaged well and include all the hardware, including mollies, which was useful. The grey finish looks better in person. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

👤The floating shelves are very nice. It is a challenge to install because the measurements have to be precise to line them up and we made a couple of mistakes. The shelves have paint flaws, but they were packed well. It fills up our space well, it stays flush against the wall, and it looks very nice. We were happy with our purchase.

👤The shelves are perfect for a small room. I put the small shelves inside the large shelves because I didn't want to put a lot of holes in the walls. I'm happy with the style and color of these shelves.

👤I had this wall done a week before my bridal shower and it was a huge hit. I was able to hang my sloth from one of the boxes. This set adds a lot to our apartment.

👤It was great for what I had in mind. Waiting to get more things to put in them. If there were any instructions, they were simple enough to hang. The shelf part of it doesn't sit up straight because I used different hanging nails than the set it came with. The squares are sitting up nicely. Before you put holes in the wall, make sure you measure very well. It can be difficult.

👤I wanted the sizes to work. They were not well packaged. The paint job is terrible. One coat of paint. Not upset! They will be easy to paint. Don't get these if you're a big fan of distressed.

👤The frames look pretty in the interior. All the characteristics are met by wooden. Thank you for the excellent goods.

👤The shelves looked terrible, but they were exactly what I wanted. The shelves were almost painted white. We had to paint them. They need another coat since the first one didn't cover up all the drips and streaks. I don't want anyone to think my children painted them, I hope the second coat will cover them up. I don't have any. I could say my bunny painted them. That would be believable. I can't say that they were white-washed when I got them. The shelves are fine, but be prepared to work on them before hanging.


What is the best product for decorative shelves for wall?

Decorative shelves for wall products from Comfify. In this article about decorative shelves for wall you can see why people choose the product. Melannco and Kate And Laurel are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative shelves for wall.

What are the best brands for decorative shelves for wall?

Comfify, Melannco and Kate And Laurel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative shelves for wall. Find the detail in this article. Wallniture, Piorlado and Caduke are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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