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1. Jukert Bookshelf Bookcase Industrial Bookshelves

Jukert Bookshelf Bookcase Industrial Bookshelves

The 5 tier Industrial bookshelf is elegant and open, with burnished rustic brown MDF borad and black metal style finish. The open space feel is maximized by the open shelves design. The Industrial bookshelf is a perfect decoration and storage space for your space. It is suitable for all your other furniture. The Industrial bookshelf is made of sturdy board and metal support frame and can hold up to 75 lbs. The reinforced metal bar is strong and can protect your items. It will never shake oraggle like any other cheap shelf. The Industrial shelf has the size of 70.9" H X 11.8" W X 31.6" L and it has a neat and organized arrangement. The standing shelf has 5 tiers and is large enough to hold your books, boxes and other daily accessories. The 5 shelf Industrial bookshelf can be used as a plant stand, bookcase, bathroom cabinet, storage organizer, or any room that needs extra storage space. It is a great choice for decorating your home or displaying artistic items. All accessories and detailed instruction are included. The simple shelf is very easy to install. The installation can be finished within 30 minutes. Before and after your purchase, they will give you the best service. If you have a problem with their products, please send them an e-mail, they will try to help you solve the problem. All accessories and detailed instruction are included. The simple shelf is very easy to install. The installation can be finished within 30 minutes. Before and after your purchase, they will give you the best service. If you have a problem with their products, please send them an e-mail, they will try to help you solve the problem.

Brand: Himimi

👤I bought this set to replace a cheaper one that fell apart when I tried to move it, and it was everything I hoped it would be. If you're worried about the sturdiness, don't worry, I have some things that make this worth the extra cash over the cheaper units that are actual garbage. The frame is made of metal. There is a Everything is fastened with thick screws. There is a The back brace is made of metal and covers both halves of the unit. There is a The bars are screwed together by slotting them into each other. There's an actual metal joint, nothing is just resting together. There is a The kit has veneered all the shelves on all sides, not just the top or bottom, which is nice. Extra screws are included just in case. The parts are all the same, so it goes together quickly. All the shelves are the same width and the left and right sides are the same color. There is a If you want to save money and time on a garbage bookcase/shelving unit that's held together by cardboard nailed to the back, just get this. You'll be happy to spend the extra 60 or so bucks later on.

👤The bookcase is nice looking. It is very easy to assemble. I gave it only 4 stars because it looks a little industrial. The right height and width. A good purchase.

👤I bought this for the kitchen of my cabin. It looks nice.

👤The bookcase is amazing. It was easy to put together. The support brackets on the back make the shelves stronger. It makes our living room look better. I would buy this again.

👤I like this unit very much. It was easy to assemble. The shelves began to bow in the middle when I filled them with books. It was disappointing that the weight of the books was less than the stated limit. I changed my plan with the books and I am very happy with it, great deal for the price.

👤We wanted to find something that was nicer than what we have in the closet. The shelves fit the bill. It's in my son's bedroom and is maximizing the space because it's so tall. It is strong and attractive. There are little tabs that can be screwed into the wall.

👤I put it together myself. The instructions are easy to follow. It took me 30 minutes to finish. It's the perfect size for my garage door. It is very sturdy and beautiful to look at. I put the computer part on the shelf because it is sturdy. The wood quality is better than I expected. My place was saved by it. The units look great, come together easily, and feel very sturdy. Definitely recommend.

👤I was looking for a quality shelf that would fit my needs and was easy to build, it looked great and I would probably order another one.

2. HYNAWIN Leaning Shelf Storage Organizer,Bookcase Shelf,Standing

HYNAWIN Leaning Shelf Storage Organizer%EF%BC%8CBookcase Shelf%EF%BC%8CStanding

The ladder shelf is simple and classic, it is suitable for any space in the home, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, corridor, kitchen or balcony. This is a great choice for decorating your house and displaying art. There are many styles of bookcases that provide reliability and fashion. It can add a modern and rustic look to any room. Each bookshelf can hold up to 60 pounds, and you can assemble it according to the instructions. The wall rack is easy to install and maintain. It is easy to maintain with a cleaning cloth. The bamboo is very stable and smooth even without leaning against the wall. The frame is handled well and is simple. The ladder shelf is made of high quality wood and has a long service life. It has an old-fashioned chic feel, and it has an industrial feel. If you combine them together, you can give your room a classic industrial style and upgrade your room expression to a higher level. The ladder shelf is made of high quality wood and has a long service life. It has an old-fashioned chic feel, and it has an industrial feel. If you combine them together, you can give your room a classic industrial style and upgrade your room expression to a higher level.

Brand: Hynawin

👤This is not a heavy duty shelf. It is a trinket shelf that is meant for a few books and knick knacks. It is very cute and there is something to tie everything together.

👤The shelf has enough space for me to comfortably fit my graphic novels. I would like it to be a little cheaper. I don't think something that uses so little material should cost that much. I didn't pay more than $100. There are some comments about issues with instructions but they are light and not as clear as ikea instructions. When connecting A and B double check the holes in the match. The big holes need to be on one side. They give you one allen wrench. You need two for connecting A and B to hold the catch in place. I had a spare wrench. I was fine. You want 5 and 4 with most of the shelf facing away from the wall. The holes seem to be in the middle. When assembling most furniture, my final tip is to screw everything in most of the time, and then tighten them all the way, because it works for most furniture. My shelf is strong. I love it! I might buy more.

👤This was what I was looking for. The wood on this ladder shelf was so bad that I ordered another one. I took a chance on this one. The finished bamboo color is beautiful. A lot more sturdy than I had thought. This one was 8 dollars more expensive than the other. I think I got a steal on it.

👤I have taken over a garage room as my home office. I need something in the shot that looked nice, and not just the ugly blue carpet that looks like a murder house, because I do everything on Zoom now. You expect it to be a garage office? This was the best choice. It was easy to assemble. I did the assembly by myself on one of those rare 100 degree days in Seattle, and I didn't end up throwing pieces at the wall. The top piece screws were too large for the little holes. The top piece is not even missed, so I can probably head to the local hardware store to get some more size-appropriate screws, but for now.

👤After purchasing this, I went to check on my order, clicked on the item, and the listing was for a different product. The shipping took about 2 weeks but that was not a big deal to me. We will keep this shelf, but I have to say that it is the only good thing about it. The main pieces that hold the shelves had knots that made them a bit bent. I could not add the last bolt because it was too bent to add it. We left it off because you need a drill to attach it. By hand, the bolts wont be tight enough, so you'll need pliers to tighten them. It was easy to assemble, but some of the holes weren't big enough for the bolts to fit in on the first try. I had to use a screwdriver that was the same width to widen the holes. It will not stand up on its own, it has to be set up against a wall. The shelves are easy to flip forward if you put things on them that are heavy. The price to quality ratio made me angry. Its not worth the money. I think they need to compensate for the high shipping cost of a larger item, because this thing should have been less than 30 bucks. I wouldn't recommend this.

3. Furinno 99132EX BK Turn N Tube Espresso

Furinno 99132EX BK Turn N Tube Espresso

It's the perfect addition to any living space. Made from durable and Sturdy tubes and Particle Board. Assembly is easy and fun with the turn-n-tube. It can hold up to 15 lbs per shelf. Product dimensions are: 11.6(W)x11.6(D)x57.7(H) inches. The round edge design is designed to prevent injuries.

Brand: Furinno

👤I am familiar with this company and their design of furniture. The most important thing is to know that this is light duty furniture that is easy to put together and take apart, making it ideal for temporary use or if you move a lot. It is stronger than most of the particle board products that use twist cams. You can assemble it by twisting the connecting tubes using your hands. The square tube version of Furinno's products gives it a slightly more attractive contemporary look. I wanted the black and gray version, but it's not available for this shelf. The square tube makes the shelves slightly less accessible but not by much. I needed a nightstand for the far side of the bed, which only has twelve inches of space between it and the wall. I didn't have many options. If you put a few books on the bottom shelf, it would be almost impossible to tip over the tall tower unit. There is a It works better than a traditional night stand because it has at least two of the shelves that are easy to reach, like for a clock on one of them and a place to charge your phone on the other, leaving the top and bottom shelf for a little knickknack. It's a good idea to put it on the floor rather than upright. The unit is narrow and tends to twist as you add shelves. All of the shelves are square if you do it on the floor. I bought similar pieces from this company a few years ago and they used to include leveler floor protectors for the bottom. They stopped doing that. The penny or two they saved made their product less useful and more likely to scratch my floors. I wish they would include this part again. You will probably agree that this is an acceptable quality for the price, but don't expect magic.

👤I almost returned the product because it looked like there were missing pieces. I'm glad I kept it, it's cute. I spray pained the tubes, legs, and gold to match the theme of my room. It fits where I need it. I love it! It's a little wobbly but tucked away in the corner it's not getting knocked around. I would recommend this product for its price.

👤My son likes to display his action figures on his desk. I want him to only use the desk for homework, so I've been looking for a cheap display solution. I found this and figured there wasn't much to lose. When I told my wife that I had ordered a piece of furniture, she was annoyed. She seemed to calm down a bit when I said it was only fifteen dollars. She was pleasantly surprised when I put it all together in 10 minutes. You can tell that the product is cheap by touching it. No way around it. Particle boards and plastic tubing are used. The thing can easily be passed for a $100 piece of furniture once you put it on a shelf and stand back a little. There is a My son's desk is clean. That's all I wanted.

4. Homissue Industrial Bookcase Bookshelf Storage

Homissue Industrial Bookcase Bookshelf Storage

The clean lines and geometric pattern of the bookcase instantly make it a splash in your home decor. Stable & Durable: Made of high level MDF boards and sturdy steel tube frame, create a modern industrial style and make sure years of use. This piece has a total dimensions of 84.4" high x 23.3" wide and 11.8" deep, and a height between the shelves that allows for generous storage and display space. The maximum weight for each shelf is 70 lbs. Abundant storage space. The open-back design makes it a great choice to display your books in the living room, den or work place. Some dishes and other items can be found in the kitchen, bar and cafe. Simple assembly requires all required hardware and instruction. It can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. Simple assembly requires all required hardware and instruction. It can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Brand: Homissue

👤I'll start with the good. It looks nice once it's put together and it's sturdy for its height. And that's all. The bookcase took over two hours to assemble. The instructions are very easy to follow, but from step one, the pieces didn't fit and we had to use a mallet. This just kept getting more and more frustrating. The bolts were hard to fit and a lot of the nuts didn't fit. The threads were so crooked that we had to use a mallet. I had blisters when I tried to put all the bolts in place. This is by far the most difficult furniture we've put together. You have to remove the stickers from the pieces to get rid of them. It looks great once it's together. If you are willing to go through all the work, then it's ok.

👤Two bookshelves were purchased to match the rooms on either side of the doorway. They look great. I was told not to tighten the bolts until it was all together. That instruction is not a joke. I had to use a wrench to fully tighten everything, but only once every piece was on. Things would overtighten and other holes wouldn't line up. After messing up the first shelf, I was a pro at building the second one and it took me about 15 minutes.

👤I put two of these together and might order another one. I love how strong they are. It was the hardest part to slide off the table and stand it upright. On a rainy Sunday, I assembled this in about 1.5 hours and took the dog out once. It's a bunch of screws. I did it on my table because it's hard for me to get on the floor. You have to make sure the holes are laid out correctly. I propped the sides up with a cast iron pot and lid. The support cross bars will be anchored to the frame. Before you put the sections together, make sure the holes are on the same side. If they are not on the same side, you can't put the cross supports into the holes and you'll have to disassemble it. Make sure the patterns are aligned on each side. You should pay attention to the fact that there are two and three bars on each side of the square, then you should place the screws for the round support bars. The rest is a no-brainer. You can tighten all the screws if you are confident that you have aligned both sides exactly. Don't tighten them until you get it right, otherwise you'll have to take it apart and start again. I didn't take anything apart, but I can see where it could go wrong. I put them all in tight because I don't want to go back and tighten things. It's not hard to enjoy your finished project when you're doing it. You will not be sorry you bought this. It's nice!

👤The bookshelf was really tall, which was what we were looking for. It looked like the leaning tower of pisa. It was very easy to assemble and no instructions were included. The number of screws that were sent with the product were miscounted. We didn't have enough short ones that were needed for assembly. The cross bars on the back side of the bookshelf were not lined up with the holes that were drilled into the poles so we couldn't attach them. Someone at the factory that makes this product failed at quality control.

5. QEEIG Bookshelf Farmhouse Bathroom Industrial

QEEIG Bookshelf Farmhouse Bathroom Industrial

The total shelf is 20.3x18.9x57.5 inches. The height between the layers is more than 14 inches. The maximum safe load of each shelf is 50 Lbs. It's large enough to hold everything you want. The table has a weight of 23.9 lbs. The table can be moved easily. The book shelf is 22”L x 13.2”W x 54”H and has a black steel frame and vintage look. Provide enough space to display and store your favorite collectibles with ease of access. It can be placed in the study room as a bookshelf. The chic ladder shelf is a welcome furniture in the living room, bedroom, or beneath the staircase. 1.5” thick high-quality MDF board with high-qualified steel structure ensure that your shelves are stable. The plastic feet pads protect the floor. Each shelf has a load capacity of 50 lbs. You could install it alone in just a few minutes if you followed the instructions and used the assembly tools. QEEIG will provide you with professional customer service before and after your purchase. They have a 2 years warranty and lifetime customer support.

Brand: Qeeig

👤It was very easy to put together and I like it. If you purchase this item, you will be happy.

👤It is very easy to assemble.

👤It is nice and cute. It works in the space I needed it for.

👤It was easy to put together.

👤It's the perfect size and I love it. Good quality materials.

6. Furinno 15120BKBK Decorative Shelf Black

Furinno 15120BKBK Decorative Shelf Black

A simple design. It's great for display and storage of books. The material is made from wood and tubes. It fits on your budget. Extra storage spaces are needed for any rooms. Sturdy on the surface. Assembly is easy following instructions. The product's dimensions are 14. 2 x 56. The x 11 is 9(H) x 11. 7 inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤The shelf arrived yesterday. I didn't believe it was easy to set up. I was wrong. It took me about 30 minutes. I was watching TV while I built it. The pieces are put together by hand. There were no tools needed. It's so simple that it's genius. It feels strong. The shelves are made of wood and the support posts are plastic. I was concerned that it would be too lightweight and easy to tip over. That's not the case. It has nice weight without being too heavy. I am amazed at how easy it was to build and how sturdy it is. Over the years, I have written reviews about things I have purchased. This is the first time that I have written a review after receiving an item. Everything about this is great, that's what I'm saying.

👤The price and design of this product is excellent. There is a Due to the plastic pipes, each shelf is only rated for 6 pounds. That is fine for the size. If you intend to cover each shelf with large books, I wouldn't recommend buying this. There is a The shelf is perfect for storing smaller items and for displaying trinkets. There are a few things to think about. It isn't very stable. To make sure it stays still, you will need to secure it to another object and weight it with books or other heavy objects. The assembly was simple but took a bit more effort than I would have liked. There is a Some reviewers have mentioned that the shelves are made of wood and plastic. There are four plastic inserts that need to be pressed into the top shelf. After that, the assembly is put in the pipes and the next board is put in the same place.

👤Flimsy didn't get the top shelf finished because it broke in the Pole and didn't go all the way down. If I can figure out how to get help and get something that works, I'll change my review.

👤I was hesitant to buy it because people said it was hard to build. It was not at all. It took me 15 minutes to assemble on my own. It was well packed with blocks of styrofoam protecting the contents of the box on each side as well as top and bottom. There was no damage to the pieces. The box wasn't a generic Amazon box, that's the complaint to be had with this shelf. The original manufacturer's box was used to ship it. I let anyone know what it was before I got home.

👤The first time I ordered this shelf, it was damaged during shipping and was returned to Amazon before it even arrived in my city. I ordered a different one from Amazon the month before and assembled it, but it wouldn't fit the cloth organizers, so I ordered a new one and put it in a basket. There is a I noticed the damage to it when I put it together. Since I was using storage backers on the shelves, I decided that it wouldn't be noticeable. There is a It was a PAIN to assemble it. I had to take breaks because the plastic was rubbing on my palms and it was not comfortable on my hands. There is a The good stuff is assembled and the perfect size for what I wanted. It fits a lot on it.

7. Furinno 99811DB WG BK Turn N Tube Corner

Furinno 99811DB WG BK Turn N Tube Corner

Simple stylish design is suitable for any room. The material is engineered wood. It fits on your budget. A kid can do it on a flat surface. Product size: 11. 6(W)x11. 6(D)x57 7 inches. Product size: 11. 6(W)x11. 6(D)x57 7 inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤For $19.20, or even $17 for Dark Cherry! This is a great deal. The look is nice and finished. Strong enough for 20 lbs each. My tip is to make your shelter more spooky. After you built it, you need to TIGHT all the parts again. Every time you build the next tier, your left hand will stop the previous tier from being built. It is TIGHT.

👤Great Tower! I like this tower. It's the same height as me. I'm 5'4. The reason I gave 4 stars was because the tower starts to lean when you put too much on the top. Be careful. Excellent product.

👤If you're using it for more than a few books, you need to use a wall hook to keep it from leaning.

👤I read the description and knew what I was going to pay, so I'm giving this 5 stars. I didn't pay $20 and expected a $200 shelf. It's a good thing. I got what I expected for around $20 My husband's whiskey collection was taking up too much space on our furniture. I wanted something small enough to fit between the wall and the dresser, but big enough to fit all of his stuff. I have to say that it looks pretty darn, because the description said I was getting tubes and particle board. Considering the materials is good. It was put together in less than 5 minutes. It gives us more space. There were no complaints. It comes with an anchor for the wall so you don't have to worry about it tipping over. It's a must to have kids. I didn't have to buy it on my own. I will be buying 2 more for the kids' rooms so that they don't have to worry about ruining the room, because I will be buying 2 more for them. It takes a lot of worry away with the price.

👤It was perfect! Just as I needed it to be. I was looking for a small corner shelf to place at the entrance of my home. It's nice and sturdy, and I was more than happy with it's price. It looks very welcoming when entering home. It took a few minutes toAssembling it. I think this product is very good.

👤Is it made of wood? Yes. Are the poles made of plastic? Yes. The pressed wood is covered in a nice finish and the poles have a solid feel to them. The display doesn't look cheap when it's set up. I've seen pieces that look cheap when completed. The corner rack display will not have this problem. There is a It's easy to set up. It took me 18 minutes to put it together after I opened the box. How can I be sure? I was making a pizza. The oven timer went off as I tightened the pole. It's not as hard to assemble part A into part B before finding part C because there's not enough part Bs. Is it safe to put a family heirloom on it? I wouldn't. I don't think it would be safe to put heavy objects on the shelves, but I like the corner display piece. I am using mine to display some Green Lantern pieces. None of the pieces weigh a lot. I would be careful where you put the display shelf. I have other Furinno products that are flat on the ground. The pieces are on the carpet. It's not enough to tip the thing over, but some people may not like it. Again, watch what you put on the shelves. The corner display shelf is an awesome purchase. It's easy to assemble. If the price is right, I'll get another one.

8. Nathan James 66001 5 Shelf Bookcase

Nathan James 66001 5 Shelf Bookcase

Modern wall mount bookcase or shelving is great for narrow spaces. A gold frame bookshelf is an open case display for decor or collectibles. This bookcase is space-saving and can be used in your kitchen or living room. The modular design of the Theo gold 5-shelf unit makes it perfect for space-saving. Try for 100 days with a 30-minute assembly and lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Nathan James

👤I love this shelf unit. I was told that I couldn't put cabinets above the butcher block because the wall behind the box is a fire hazard. I was disappointed that the shelves I wanted to hang from the ceiling were too expensive and didn't fit in my 10 foot ceilings. I thought I should try it because the unit is only 6 feet tall and you only need 2 screws to secure it. It was as easy as can be because my husband and I put it together. I was certain that the two screws on the wall would add some interest to the side of the kitchen that was missing. Although it is not advertised, it can sit on top of a piece of furniture and give you some creative ideas. My suggestion is to put a tablecloth on a big table and balance it out by putting the top shelf and the bottom shelf on the table. For the love of God, use a electric screwdriver with a hex bit. Easy Peezy! The instructions are very easy to read. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

👤I ordered two more after buying three for my den. These are a good value for money. The fit and finish are good. There is a The support bars come in two pieces and need to be bolted together to be at their full height. Only bolt the shelves to one side on the support arm if you do that for both. Lay the unit on its side and then on the other side. The shelves have bolts on the other side. There is a The problem is that the bolts that connect the two parts of the support bar prevent you from sliding the shelf down on the support arm. You have to slide it in from the side. If you're trying to bolt the shelves on both sides, you're going to end up with a mess and have to redo the previous shelves. The instructions make it look like this is the sequence. It's not.

👤I love the look of the bookshelves that I purchased. I don't think I should have to pay for damaged shelves and bent hardware. There are 5 shelves that are chipping. We are very unhappy with the repair of the damaged shelves.

👤I changed my photo to show the new baskets in place after finding fabric baskets that fit perfectly. These fit perfectly side by side on each shelf. It was used in a large room. It's in the corner next to the door. It was easy to build and it was constructed with a heavy steel frame. The shelves are against the wall so there is no chance of them falling. There is a lot of clearance below the bottom shelf. There is a Baskets that fit between the shelves will be added. I am looking for baskets of that size, except half the width since I would like to use 2 across, because the space on each shelf allows for baskets of that size, except the top one which is limited by your ceiling height. If you leave a comment, I may go with them if someone else recommends them. Smaller dark gray baskets are in place. There is a The only issue I had with this unit was the damage that was related to shipping. The shelf support was bent and the plastic insert at the base of the leg was broken. One shelf had a hole in it, so it could be placed as the bottommost shelf and not be seen. I called the company's toll free number that is listed on every single page of well illustrated and highly entertaining assembly instructions and left a message about my issue. Melanie from the customer happiness department called me back a few hours later. I assumed she would arrange for a replacement leg after she asked me to email pics of the damage. She sent me an email to let me know that a replacement shelving unit was on the way. She gave me the number for the shipping company. She asked if everything was ok with the replacement unit and how the delivery had gone. That kind of customer service is rare and appreciated.

9. Furinno 3 Tier Shelf Bookcase 11003WH

Furinno 3 Tier Shelf Bookcase 11003WH

A simple design is suitable for any room. The material is from Particle Board. It fits on your budget. Sturdy on the surface. It is easy to assemble. There are tools required. Product dimensions: 12(W)x31.5(H)x9.4(D) inches. Product dimensions: 12(W)x31.5(H)x9.4(D) inches.

Brand: Furinno

👤This is a playhouse for my granddaughters. I saw an idea on a board. The shelf unit was easy to assemble. I did it in about 20 minutes. Very nice unit. Solid! It is the perfect size for the dolls that I bought earlier. I would love to see grass on top of the dolls play area.

👤There are a number of quality issues that make the cabinet deserving of a low rating. I didn't think the instructions were very clear, but they were manageable. The pieces had some nicks that will require touch-up and it looked like there were a few other areas that had already been painted. Some of the screws still show even though there were missing stickers. I might expect this from a cabinet at this price point. One set of holes was mis-drilled, which prevented me from attaching one of the shelves on one of the sides. I put it together at my mother's home. She can't use the shelf until I make the 70 mile trip to bring my drill and re-drill the holes. I would send it back on principle. I guess just deal with it now that it's in her home. >:(

👤It's a cute and sturdy shelf, put together with screws and plywood. That earned 5 stars. It lost a star when I discovered that it wasn't all pink. I wanted to turn it sideways and use it for an entertainment center, but you wouldn't be able to tell. The inner shelvings have a white underside. I realized how small this shelf is when it lost another star. I thought. The squares would be 11x11x11, like all the other cube organizers I've had experience with, but as I wanted to put it up against another ne, it ended up being 3-4 inches too short in length and width against my 9 cube shelf. I lost the third star when I discovered that my TV did not set in the center of the shelf, and I had to place it to the side. I added pictures with the measurements. Finding fabric cubby boxes that fit into this thing like I wanted won't be easy either.

👤While this is a fiberboard shelving unit for a bargain price, that doesn't preclude the maker from fully disclosing the actual look of the finished piece. The screws are attached directly across from the shelves, and only 16 of the 22 screw heads have stickers on them. The sides of the unit are not illustrated in the photos, which makes it appear that they are smooth. Will it work as a shelf? Yes. Does it look like the pictures? Absolutely not. Companies with false advertising should be forced to cover their own returns costs, and update their listings, if they decide to disassemble the product and return it.

👤This is a good place to store things. It has a good design. It can be used both ways. I wouldn't use it to hold heavy things.

👤I needed a bookcase for my daughter's room and thought it would be perfect because it matched her room's color scheme. If only their quality control was better. I had inventoried everything and received two top pieces to the bookcase. Was shorted two wood screws. Since they gave me two top pieces, I had to sub for the missing bottom piece since someone at the packing facility mistook a top piece for a bottom piece. It worked at the expense of my bottom shelf being white. The bottom shelf is white. There is a The bookcase is made out of wood, but not a plastic Walmart special or something like that...typical wood pressboard. I like the bookcase, but I wish they had better quality control.

10. VASAGLE ALINRU 5 Tier Bookshelf Industrial Furniture

VASAGLE ALINRU 5 Tier Bookshelf Industrial Furniture

Industrial Elegance: Rustic particleboard shelves for an old-time classic, rigid steel for industrial chic, they now come together on this ladder shelf to bring a delicate touch of the past to your home. It's versatile! It can be used as a display stand for decorations, a kitchen for spices and bowls, an entryway for to-go necessities, or as a balcony display for plants. The bookshelf is more solid than it looks because of its narrow form, robust steel frame, and particleboard shelves. There is a worry-free assembly. The instructions for easy and quick assembly are included in the package. A ladder rack with a sturdy steel frame, robust particleboard, and clear assembly instructions is what you get. Give your books and ornaments a place of honor by treating yourself to a piece of furniture from their ALINRU Collection.

Brand: Vasagle

👤Everything I was looking for was on this shelf. I would like to give it more stars. The package was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. The wood shelves look better than I thought. You can see the grain. There were no nicks on the wood shelves. All the holes were lined up. I read a lot of reviews before buying this shelf and it was very helpful to know to keep the X holes on the back of the frame. If the lower back legs are facing the wrong way, you have to redo the assembly. My daughter and I built it in 30 minutes. I like the sleek frame which connects smoothly, unlike other ladder shelves which have screws showing at the joints. Very strong! Even though it is sturdy, I wouldn't put anything that is not necessary on it. I love that it is helping me with extra space for my plant addiction, it is exactly in the spot I wanted. Can't wait to style it with more accessories. It fit my budget. I love it so much and recommend it. My friend also got one. We will be enjoying this purchase for a long time. This is the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon.

👤It's sturdy and fits nicely in our kitchen corner. We have potted plants of different sizes on it, and it does not shake or fall apart, and the max weight is 11 lbs for the bottom few shelves. Make sure you tether it to the wall because it is tall. I had a slow down on assembly. When I put it together, I forgot that the side legs were cut at a slant on the top. If you can't get the shelves or unit to be level, check your side legs to make sure the slanted cut is at the top.

👤I was a bit hesitant about buying this product, but I am glad I did because it was still worth it! It was a workout putting it together because top metal parts seemed not to be fitting properly the bottom metal parts, but in the end I finally made it, that is the only reason I give it 4 or 5. Don't hesitate to buy it! You will not regret it, just prepare to sweat in order to put it together.

👤Okay. I'm not sure about this bookshelf. There are a few things that led me to give this a less than favorable review. You can't screw in the screws without an electric screwdriver. The little tool they give is not very good at cutting it. I've purchased other furniture where the tool works great, but not this one. I have other black metal furniture that I bought the same color as this one, but the metal is more dark grey than black. It looks off from the rest of the furniture. To keep the shelf stable, you have to bolt it to the wall. I am a renter and cannot bolt the shelf to the wall. If you have an electric screwdriver, don't mind that it is not pitch black metal, and don't mind bolting it to the wall, this shelf will be great for you.

11. Greenco Corner Shelves Espresso Finish

Greenco Corner Shelves Espresso Finish

The shelves are decorative and multi-functional. These shelves are an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc. It's great for storing spices in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Light weight yet sturdy, the 5 tier wall mount corner shelves are durably made. They can hold up to 11 pounds. Their floating shelves are easy to assemble and mount. Each corner shelf has a dimensions of 7.5" L x 7.75" W and 48.5" H. The floating shelf is a great solution for dorm rooms.

Brand: Greenco

👤The shelves were easy to assemble. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a little decoration in their home. Each shelf is about 8 inches.

👤I just put it on the wall. It took about an hour, but it was very nice. There is a The only thing I needed was a screw driver. Some of the reviews are incorrect. The colored plugs that fit over the screws are what matters. The plugs that hid the screws are missing from the product photo. It works for me, maybe it's a product update. There is a People are saying that the boards bend. They don't bend. They are trying to build it on the wall. That is dumb. You build it on a table. Attach it to the wall with 3 screws. Also, note: The shelves will not hold a lot of weight. It's only 3 screws that are holding it up. There is a The shelves are only 7.5 inches tall. The 7 inch radius is not much. This is the best deal for a cheap, small wall mounted corner shelves. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤LOOks are very nice and easy to assemble.

👤It's hard to complain about the price, it's veneer on the board. The boards are not horrible, but the hardware is. Do yourself a favor and toss it. It's fine for nicknacks, but there are a couple problems. It's very easy to remove the screws before they get tight because the holes for the screws are drilled as deep as the screws. If you use longer screws, you can fix this. The glue doesn't stick to the veneer so it doesn't work to make it more secure. You want to make sure you pay attention to the square pieces only one side has a veneer on it. Unless you hit a stud on both sides, the mounting hardware is cheap and best used with better wall fastenings. It's not as big as the product photo would suggest, but it's not going to fit in any room larger than about 6 inches. This is in the category of disposable functional furniture. It's cheap, it looks nice, and will probably last for a long time if you don't abuse it. I wouldn't expect it to survive a move unless you disassemble it and the second assembly isn't able to hold screws. If it was $50, I would say it was way overpriced.

👤I decided on a SouthWest color scheme of cabinets, a mojave sand wall color, mojave Corian counter tops, and a dark distressed looking barnwood flooring after remodeling my home/office bathroom which included getting rid of one of those tall plastic double door cheap storage cabinets. The whole corner exploded with emptiness after the cabinet was gone. I took a flyer on the corner piece that I saw on Amazon and thought it was the one. It was. It's easy to put together, but pay attention to the alpha id system. It looks like something. If you mess up one piece connection, it becomes a rubix cube. I get a lot of praise from guests. I don't think decorating for a guy is bad.


What is the best product for decorative shelves standing?

Decorative shelves standing products from Himimi. In this article about decorative shelves standing you can see why people choose the product. Hynawin and Furinno are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative shelves standing.

What are the best brands for decorative shelves standing?

Himimi, Hynawin and Furinno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative shelves standing. Find the detail in this article. Homissue, Qeeig and Nathan James are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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