Best Decorative Solar Lights for Outside

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1. Gisanty Changing Landscape Waterproof Decoration

Gisanty Changing Landscape Waterproof Decoration

The garden solar path lights use new energy technology that uses solar panels which can be charged only by absorbing sunlight and it will auto ON at dusk without wires. Save electricity and protect the environment. The light is warm and gentle, but it is not bright enough for decoration. The solar landscape lights have a variety of colors. Solar lights will light your way home even if you are late. When you enjoy the outdoors with your family or friends, it adds to your fun. The weatherproof is IP 44. The solar outside lights are made of sturdy materials that can weather a lot. Don't worry about the lawn light's work being affected by water leaking andcorrosion. There are lights for the sidewalk garden path. Follow the instructions to assemble the solar walkway lights. The process only takes a few minutes. Before use, get enough sunlight. The concierge service is. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will be responsible for their customers. The concierge service is. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will be responsible for their customers.

Brand: Gisanty

👤Two of them were broken. I tried to glue the plastic but it was not able to fix it. The entire box was not possible because I needed them.

2. Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

The solar garden light is the most beautiful garden light. They have accomplished it. Everyone is attracted when they light up, they just plug it in the garden to get the neighbor's attention. The solar panels were upgraded and replaced with monocrystalline solar panels. The battery and waterproof have been upgraded so that it can work in the cloudy or rainy season. Charging during the day, automatic opening at night, two modes-long light and flashing mode, Muiti-scene decoration. It is very bright and suitable for decorating the garden, yard, path, flower beds,Fences,Roof, etc. It is an unique decor for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanks Giving Day. The package includes 2 packs of garden lights which make warm lights white to promote the desire of any occasion, whether it is for a party event, or just the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece. It is a perfect gift for friends. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them.

Brand: Mopha

👤I bought these lights to illuminate my backyard. I like solar lights because they are bright and can be adjusted to the shape I want, like Christmas tree lights. I would recommend these to others. There is a I have only used them for a few weeks, but they look great and are charging well even in a partly shaded area.

👤I assumed the product was pretty, but it wasn't, my computer wouldn't let me click on the other images, or maybe they just didn't want people to know the truth. When I opened the box, I could not believe what I had paid for, it was cheap lights and a bush with flowers, but people don't think that is what you get, what you get is cheap lights and a bush with flowers. I will be very careful when I place an order. I hope everyone else is as well. This product was really bad.

👤I staked them where the flag pole will be so I can see how they do. She told me that there were two blinking and two not. When I spread the stems, I noticed that one of them was missing a flower. I didn't mind because it will still work and be a little brighter. She said it was like Christmas outside. She hopes no one will steal them from the yard. My neighborhood. I'm still ordering more. We'll be putting plants in that spot, so it will be better looking. I was checking to see if they worked. I'm happy that they worked.

👤It would be nice if they had longer stems, since they were advertised as bright for the amount of bulbs, and it would allow you to spread them out further.

👤The picture looked like there were flowers or leaves with the lights. The lights looked different in style, but they were all simple flower shaped.

👤I was dubious about all of them. There are little fairy lights at the bottom of the pictures. I put everything together in the morning of March 6, 2021. The front yard gets more sun than my backyard because of the large Oleanders that block the light. I was surprised to see how bright everything was last night. Everything is in two pots. I ordered enough for one more pot because I like them all so much. In the summer, the heat in the southwest is so bad that all of my flowers die. I decided I was done wasting money on live plants and wanted to make the front porch area look better. I have different colored roses, flowers, and lights. The tulips change colors. We had them for over a month and it rained hard yesterday and last night. The flowers and lights are the same. I was worried that they would short out or be too big, but they look good.

👤This is a great addition to any garden. I put mine by my walk way. It is perfect! There is a cute blinking feature.

3. ROSHWEY Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Lantern

ROSHWEY Hanging Outdoor Waterproof Lantern

The solar lantern built in 1600mAH large battery lasts about 10 hours after charging. The solar lights should be put in the place where the sun can shine. The solar garden lights will work automatically if you turn on the switch button under the cover once. The solar lights outdoor decorative are waterproof and anti-heat, and the plastic cap on the chip is waterproof. There were no worries at the foggy and rainy day. The solar lanterns can be hung on porches, trees, pergolas or rested on a table top. The beautifully crafted solar powered lantern is a great addition to your patio, porch or outdoor space. 45 days money back and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with no worries! 45 days money back and 12 months warranty are provided by them. Purchase with no worries!

Brand: Roshwey

👤Simply unwrap the lights and spread them inside the jar. I was expecting a thin glass globe, but I am pleasantly surprised by the weight. It is very sturdy! I bought a second set of these because I liked them so much. This is a good value. I know a thing or two about bad quality solar lights. These are some of my favorites.

👤I like the quality of the product. The cushion is in the shape of a lantern. There is nothing wrong with the product, it is stylized as cracked glass. I covered the solar panel with the shinning from the box. If I charged it in the sun for the entire day, it would stay bright and stay lite all night. Love the product, no complaints.

👤I took two photos, one of the flash on at night and the other with the flash off. They are large and beautiful. The lantern bulbs are modern. I like the twine they hang from. I have bought two and all four of them light up the tree.

👤Beautiful lights! The sun was shining and they were lined up in the picture. I will place them apart along the fence. The size is perfect and I love the crackles glass. Awesome for table top display. It's worth the money.

👤I hung the lamps from brackets above my grill because there is no light out at night. They didn't charge enough to give off any light after the first day, and I'm not going to use them every day to track the sun as the seasons change. One lamp gave no light after a full day of sun, and the other gave a very measly light. I grabbed two Energizer Recharge 2000 mAh batts that I had in my camera's flash unit, and those made the lamps work. They've been able to charge even in the shade. If I had to buy my own batteries, I would have been very salty. I see from other reviews that this is enough of an issue that a return and purchase didn't seem worth it. I wanted to exchange them for a lemon, so I got so annoyed that I did. Nope. Same issue. The sun is shining all day in Chicago. They're both off by 9pm, which doesn't meet my needs for grilling late.

👤I only found the switch after I pulled one of the lanterns out of the box and the lid popped off, but there is a switch under the lid that you turn on. They add the right amount of light during the day and night.

👤This item is very special to me. The look on my deck was done. The brightness is great. I would buy more of them.

👤They are really pretty. They don't work all night long, but they look good during the day.

👤Acentan a los faroles, son prcticos, decorativos, and so on.

4. Anordsem Decorative Firework Twinkling Flowerbed

Anordsem Decorative Firework Twinkling Flowerbed

The orb is 3.5 inches in diameter. They are handmade and the size may be slightly different. Solar powered garden lights. You can twist your favorite shapes with this solar firework light with flexible copper wire. It is waterproof and long working time. The garden lights use high-quality copper wires, which are resistant to rain, snow and sun, and have a battery capacity of 600mAh. There are two lighting modes. When the switch is turned on the ON side, it is twinkling mode. The switch is in the middle position and the off position is always on. Solar garden light will automatically turn on when the sun goes down, if the switch is turned on, and stick them into the soil. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please feel free to contact them. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Anordsem

👤I bought a set and it's beautiful in my yard. If the light won't light up, I returned it within the return window of my second order. 2 months later, the remaining set has the same issue. I should have listened to the review. The product lasts longer than a few months.

👤I had this installed. It looked good first. Within a couple of weeks, the lights only last for a few hours at night and then they go off. It's a waste of money. I would love to return this product. It was cheap made.

👤I bought them on the 4th. The picture makes them look red and blue, but there are more colors. They get twisted up in the wind and I have to make them better. I was stopped working in the first week.

👤They look like fireworks! They are beautiful. How much did we like them? It keeps the dogs out of the yard.

👤I wanted to make my flowerbed brighter at night and these worked out perfectly. I like the small lights coming up through the flowers. I was worried they wouldn't get enough sun to power each on their own. They get enough light at night. I want more of them because they are so lovely at night and they aren't enough.

👤I had two of these lights. They had copper with lights. I ordered these as described and looked the same, but when I received them, they were silver wire and one did not work at all. I contacted the seller and they told me to replenish it. Still didn't work. It took a long time to get another 1 but it did work. The other 1 in the set stopped working and the replacement stopped working as well. I have an old set that works. There are 3 brand new ones that don't. The summer is over in NE.

👤The little dandelion puffs are adorable. You can bend the wires any way you please. It's easy to install. Thumbs up.

👤I was a little disappointed because I expected these to sparkle rather than flash off and on. One or two of them looks funny. There isn't a remote control. You get 2 in a package. Either turn them off or on. One of the four that arrived isn't as bright as the others. I haven't seen how long they last, but so far, any lighting items I have bought are cheap and break after a year of use. I think these are a good idea, but they miss the mark.

👤They are bright and beautiful and light up at night. I have had issues with them. The lights would fade out if one held a charge. The battery compartment and circuit board were loose when I opened the solar compartment. This piece is securely fastened in, so obviously this was the reason why these weren't connecting. The second light is the same issue as the first. I only had them for 2 weeks and had to replace both batteries. If they worked well, I would give them 5 stars, but I can only rate them a 2 because of all the issues.

5. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor

The garden light is dusk till dawn. You don't have to run your lights. The LEREKAM spot light was used to uplight your palm trees. Solar spotlights are great for lighting up trees. You can use the landscape lights no matter what the weather is like. You charged spotlights for two days in the sun. Go ahead and add these to your cart. When motion is detected in a range of 125 to 16 feet, the PIR motion sensor will light up, and last for 30s. No dim mode. The solar light for outdoor is bright and sensitive enough to meet both your security and lighting requirements. Exposure to sunlight and charged at daytime for 8 to 12 hours can be enough for the sensor light to work. The solar light can be mounted with screws or 3M tape. The BAXIA solar light is waterproof, dustproof, heatproof and frostproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor wall, front door, backyard, garden fence, stairs, pathway, etc. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor. The policy is warranty. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in the 4 Pack of Baixai Technology security solar light outdoor.

Brand: Baxia Technology

👤I did not install these until August 10th. One quit working last week. The company told me it was past 90 days after I called them. I explained that I didn't put them up right away because I was waiting for my new garage to be finished. They did not care. I have two more that have quit working. I'll be spending my money with another company because they don't seem to care that they don't last. It was a waste of time and money and now I have to do it all over again. Thanks for wasting my time and money. If it would let me, I would give them a zero star rating.

👤I had solar lights around my house, but this ones are amazing. Really bright. I have a normal light bulb, but it is brighter than this one. Every time a car goes by the lights, they are good in sensor motion. I bought what I expected and it is good. This light is highly recommended. There is a They will turn on and off automatically, but only turn on by a motion sensor, and keep on for 30 seconds. They won't go on until night time. There is an update. February 2020 was when it was purchased. There is a Now is the time. The lights seem to not get enough charge. They are getting 100% direct sunlight but not charging enough and the lights are not as bright. The lights are out of charge. Only 9 months... All of them.

👤There was an update on 12/26/2018. One went bad completely and the other started flickering within a month. Don't buy this garbage. There is a This one only lights up when it senses motion, which is very rare in my case. I expected it to light up in dim mode throughout the night, just like my other Solar Light purchases from other sellers. There is a It will sit up above my garage all night without producing any light. If you ask me, it's pretty useless.

👤These are great! The brightness is amazing and I wish they stayed on a little longer. It looked like the sun was setting. I don't have to worry about the dark corners anymore.

👤I like the fact that the lights are solar and no wires to run around the house, and the motion sensor seems to have a decent range, and I think I will be getting more of the lights in the near future.

👤They were installed for less than two weeks. During this video, there was nothing in its path. I would like to see them offered in different levels as these are very bright white, would prefer a warm white, and mounted around the yard with tiny little screws. I've tried to use the pins to turn on/off, but these have never worked. It's really sad by this.

👤These are easy to install. I bought the 28LED version first. I bought the 100LED version because they worked well. I bought a brand that had a switch in the back that could change its intensity from full to just bright when motion is detected. The switch is on the back so you can't change it once it's up. There is a I saw these for half the price and bought them. They are great. It took about an hour to install all four lights at my girl friend's house after I bought another set. She loves them. My brother will be getting a set too, he saw mine and said he was going to order a set. I told him to wait a couple weeks. They come on as soon as anyone walks near them, because I have installed them up to 10 feet high. There is no issue of sensitivity. I've lived in my house for 20 years. It's in a good neighborhood and I've never had any problems, but the extra security can't hurt. There is a They have a white covering that diffuses the light. I put up a 90LED that is too bright. If I had to say negative things about them, it would be because they are anchors. They work, but you may want to look at other anchors. I spray painted my walls white because they aren't very noticeable, but they are easy to disassemble, so that's a negative thing. They blend in better.

6. InnoGear Upgraded Waterproof Landscape Spotlight

InnoGear Upgraded Waterproof Landscape Spotlight

Their driveway lights led solar powered garden lights are waterproof and come with a 24 month warranty. They provide a warranty of 24 months. If you have a question about the outdoor solar lights pathway 8 pack, please contact them. Please contact them at the first time if you have any questions about the CIYOYO solar lights color changing. Other alternatives with combined light panel head could be difficult to get enough solar absorption while pointing the light up. The light head is 90 rotatable to illuminate any place that would be out of reach and the solar panel is 180 up and down to capture sun energy effectively. The solar spotlight can cast a focused ray to highlight your sculpture, even on the dark nights, with improved brightness and 2 working modes. You have the option to change from High Mode to Low Mode. A 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel. The old versions of the solar energy conversion rate were 30% slower than the newer versions. A smooth panel surface keeps dirt and debris out of the sun and the solar spotlight automatically turns on and off. The package comes with all the tools you need to install the lights either on a wall or in the ground. The patio porch path is an ideal pathway for a garden. It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality. It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality.

Brand: Innogear

👤I don't know what others are complaining about, they may not be putting these in enough sunlight to get a full charge. I mounted four of these at each leg of the pergola and used the lower light setting to illuminate them, they stayed on all night. I would buy again. Around midnight, one of the four is not sleeping. I replaced it with one of the two spare parts. There is no way to contact the seller via Amazon, but I get a message saying their service is unavailable. Dropping by 1 star. Hopefully the rest of the lights work. I ordered these on August 16th and they were pretty much DOA. One of them has been getting dimmer over the past week, tonight it is just flashing. The porch light did the same thing before it died. These are cheap and don't last very long. Would not buy again. You can contact customer service if you go to their actual website. They have a good warranty and customer service sent me replacements for those that were not free of charge. I have four on my pergola and one under a tree and all are working. I am not sure how long they will last, but customer service has gone out of their way to make things right. I am not sure if I would pay more than $70 for these, that seems high for every other one needing replacement.

👤Wow! I wish I had switched to solar earlier, because I have been using low voltage lighting for two decades. The lights are perfect for accentuating the queen palms around my pool. The lighting is enough to make my landscaping pop. I had an issue with two of the lights after purchasing a second set. They sent me two new lights and they worked perfectly. Excellent customer service. We have had temperatures in the 120s recently. I bought a set of lights in March of 2020. I will be contacting them to get a new one.

👤Not worth it. The batteries in all of them die at night. They were sitting in the sun without use for 2 days before I remembered to turn them on. I think they were charged nicely once I turned them on. No, no, no! They are on by 6 p.m., so it's dark. 6 of them are plastic and they feel sturdy for the price. I have a fence with a mounted fence and two pushed into the ground. The trees get a lot of sunlight. Yes! The money was wasted.

👤The white is 6000K and the WARM is 3000K. This is not on this listing, but inside the box instructions sheet. Aggravating! If everyone knows, it is more blue than white. Warm white is 3000K. Not yellow! There is a I was trying to find a company that would specify more than just "white" when listed, but I have yet to find one. May be back. I am a lighting specialist and this is what most suppliers don't do.

7. TomCare Upgraded Flickering Decorative Waterproof

TomCare Upgraded Flickering Decorative Waterproof

The design of flames is called flickering flames. The design of the dancing flame looks like real flames, and the warm yellow light makes the room feel welcoming. The flicker candle effect solar light is the best choice for a candle lantern. The solar panel is larger than others so that the hanging solar lantern will perform better. The measurement of each solar lantern has been upgraded: 3.74(L)*3.74(W)*6.7(H) inch. Bigger size gives you a better visual experience. This lantern light is solar powered, no wires needed, just put it in the sunshine to absorb solar energy, then the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into electricity. It helps you save money. The solar lantern can be hung or clipped on any surface. It will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. It's not necessary to operate the ON/OFF switch once it's put into use. It's waterproof and durable, perfect for outdoor use, and no more worries about raining or snowing. They stand behind their products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them, they would be more than happy to assist with a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Tomcare

👤They look real. They have been reliable. The first day they received the mail, it was cloudy. I set him outside because I know you can still see the sun through the clouds. I can tell you that they were 100% that night. I like solar light that looks like fire. These make you feel fancy at night and are attractive during the day. They don't give off a lot of light, so if you're looking for that, you won't get this here. It's important for me to see my table at night so I can see where I'm sitting and where my stuff is. Since he's come in a set of 2, I put my second out on my table that sits by the pool and I love being able to look at it from far away and see how it reflects on the pool water! If I were you, I would buy these.

👤I built a small pond for my kids, but wanted a little more. The lights were perfect. I have to give this company credit for the fact that they replicated a flaming Lantern, it's spot-on, they looked at nothing like a realistic flame a few years ago. They are not bright or dim. I don't know how long they stay on. I have been outside for about 6 hours after they turned on. It is dark before they turn on. I ordered 10 more flame lights because I was so impressed with the product. I recommend the update. I bought three different brands of lights and by Far and Away they had a flame pattern and the batteries were amazing. They turn on before the sun goes down and stay on the next morning as the sun is coming up every other light that I have. I have nothing bad to say about these particular lights, even though 4 to 6 hours is plenty of time to enjoy your backyard at night.

👤I ordered a different brand of solar led flame lanterns from Amazon but the flame was not realistic and the pattern was obvious. I returned them. They arrived early enough to put them out for a half day of sun. The first night they worked well. The flame looks realistic and it is a perfect brightness. We got about two inches of rain on the first night after the storm. They worked perfectly the next night. Hopefully they will continue to work through the elements.

👤I put these outside because I wanted to charge them and then we watched movies and forgot about them. When my dad went to bed, he asked, "What do we have here?" The stone path was illuminated in a truly magical way as I walked over. Best part? They are open for hours and hours. There is a Are you up at 3 am? Still going! There is a I am giving them to a friend. I went back onto the 'Zon because of that. There is a It was worth it. Every time. There is a person named Penny.

8. Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Cheap solar garden lights are not as durable as Nupostai's solar lights outdoor waterproof use. Premium solar panel and build-in 800mAh higher capcity battery which means their solar outdoor lights can illuminate continuously for up to nine hours under sunlight, which greatly meets your needs for brightness effect and lighting duration. Nupostai's outdoor walkway lights are solar powered and use high-power lamp beads and high transmittance to make them brighter than ordinary solar. Nupostai's maintenance-free solar powered outdoor lights are easy to install, just turn on the external switch and insert the stakes into the ground. Excellent lighting design greatly meets your lighting and decoration needs, such as halloween and christmas, and is designed well with a convenient external switch. Solar yard lights with the black exquisite appearance and crystal transparent cover looks more advanced and textured, lovely and charming patterns projected raise your yard and house grade and allow you to enjoy the light shows every night. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family.

Brand: Nupostai

👤The lights are made of plastic with a solar powered battery on top, it has a switch to turn on and off, and it has the option of changing the color of the light. I thought I had to wait until the next day to charge the battery, but the lights came on as soon as it got dark, I thought I had to wait until the next day. I am satisfied with the function of this solar powered garden light, I usually get up early in the morning, so I have observed that the light goes until morning if it is still a little bit dark. My husband told me to buy more for our pathways because I was delighted to see my garden at night with the beautiful color changing lights.

👤I have included a picture of the lights from the Ring camera at night so you can see that they cast a large amount of light on the pathway. You can change the color of these from cool white to warm white. We have ours set for warm. They are lovely. There is a There is a lack of light at the front of the building, which is why they offer a beautiful pattern below. It's easy to put together, just put on the flange and add the posts. They will only be able to charge them with a few hours of sunlight. At night, ours are still bright. No complaints from the neighbors.

👤These lights are solar powered and have a AA battery. They have an automatic day/night timer. They have a mode for lighting effects. I may need to pick up a second pack because they are an excellent addition to our walkway. They are easy to assemble and have 6 lights. Hope that helps!

👤I like having solar lighting. It's hard to not love them because of the free maintenance. The 6pk is very nice. The lights are made of plastic. They are light so they are a great feature. They can be either colorful or white. Another cool feature is that. Depending on the yard decor you choose, it's like 2 sets of lights in one. It can be changed at any time. The pattern they give off is pretty. The set is a nice one. You get a good value for what you have.

👤Our patio is modern and we wanted it to be that way. I was so happy to find these. I wanted to put solar lights on my walkway. I loved how the light ring effect lights provided a significant effect when I saw them. It is lovely that they are waterproof. They make my walkway look great. The light is bright and not too dim. They are in planters on the patio, and they provide a nice warm highlight.

👤It is easy to assemble. You can change the colors if you want. I was happy to find these online. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤The illuminated colorful light has brought a lot of joy to our family, front yard and backyard. It took less than a minute to assemble and they were already charged so it was fun to see what they looked like. We are definitely getting many more.

9. Outdoor Reflector Security Waterproof Wireless

Outdoor Reflector Security Waterproof Wireless

The hmcity solar lights outdoor bring 3 lighting modes. The motion sensor turns the light on when people come. 2.Permanent. The Light stays on all night and turns brighter when it senses motion. The conversion rate of monocrystalline Silicon solar cells is up to 20.5%. It has 15% electricity more than other products in the same solar light time, and it has high-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and waterproof too. The lighting angle and coverage are larger. The solar lights have 120 led upgraded high power LEDs and 270 wide lighting angle, which can provide excellent brightness and larger illumination coverage to light up a yard of 30m2. The hmcity light is waterproof because it is made of the IP65 technology. The plastic construction is heatproof. If there is a problem, please contact them. If there is a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Hmcity

👤I am happy I bought it. There is a The lights illuminate a broad area very well. The batteries are powerful enough to provide a charge when used with a motion detector. I bought these to illuminate a path for my wife, who leaves early for work. Even after a cloudy day, the solar panels on the units will still be bright in the morning. There is a There are two small things. The motion detector doesn't turn on the lights until a person is close to them. This is inside the light source. It would be better if this happened from a little further away. There is a There is no way to know what setting you are on without charging the light and then taking it into a dark place, and the unit has different settings, but it isn't clear what these are. There are two settings, off and on. When the light is installed, the button that turns on the setting is behind the light. I had to remove the lights to get the setting right. And then uninstall. There is a That was a small annoyance for a light that does what it should.

👤I bought these lights with apprehension, thinking they may work well. I have to tell you that I've bought again and again. They were bought to help at night. I have them on all the buildings. The lights come on in a way that makes it easy to light your path. These lights are bright and nice to look at in the dark. They are above the doors on the West and South sides of the buildings. I don't have to carry a flashlight or search for tripping dangers anymore. We don't have to flip a switch to turn on or off these lights, they are the best we have. Even if the power goes off, the lights will still work. We can still see the animals. They should work on the North side of the buildings. I'm sure they would, but not being able to use the sun to replenish their batteries would make their night life a bit short. These lights are amazing.

👤I love these! Turns on with motion detection. We like to grill at night and now we can see what we're doing. It's easy to use, left outside to charge all day in the sun and then pressed the button in the back to turn on. There were screws to mount. I used nails so that I could take on/off in case.

👤The idea of a solar motion sensor yard light being charged was very appealing. The Arizona sun provides more than enough light power to charge these guys, even in partial shade. I was wrong. The battery will not charge if the solar panels are not facing sunlight for 8 hours. The seller is clear about this in their literature. "WOW, these things are small." was my first impression. These lights measure 3 12 inches by 9 cm by 5 cm and less than 2 inches high when laid flat on the table. They are small. I gave them a try and then switched them on after a day, and they are bright. I mean bright for their size. I didn't measure the distance or brightness but they lit up tall trees from the ground. These are very sensitive to movement. The sensor can be triggered by the movement of a small leaf. The battery must be fully charged each day because they turn on and off frequently. There is a I will keep and use them, but I will not buy them again. I would be happy with these small yet powerful lights if I could adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor and the duration of the time on.

10. Outdoor KOOPER Pack Solar Waterproof Color Changing

Outdoor KOOPER Pack Solar Waterproof Color Changing

SOLAR LIGHTS ARE UPGRADED. The lilies are made of fine processed fabric and are in the 4 pack outdoor solar garden lights. The stems and leaves of your garden can be adjusted to create a romantic atmosphere. The colors are white and pink and 2 purple. The solar panel is high-performing. The biggest solar panel is made of monocrystalline Silicon which has the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency. The Ni-MH AA battery has a built-in 1.2V/ 600mAh capacity. After fully charged, solar flower lights can work for up to 10 hours. Color Changing and Night Senser. Garden lights light up in the dark. Solar flower lights with 7-color changing can be used to create a romantic atmosphere for any occasion, whether it is a backyard event, or just the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece. Take care in bad weather. The solar lights can survive bad weather. The class is waterproof. Do not worry about them in bad weather. QUALITY SERVICE. If you have an issue, their customer service team would be happy to help. QUALITY SERVICE. If you have an issue, their customer service team would be happy to help.

Brand: Kooper

👤These are nice, but I prefer the ones I got from the other side of the world. It is disappointing that neither last long at night. The flowers are larger and brighter than the others. The transition between primary and secondary colors is more abrupt. A lot of bright green all at once is not a good mix of shades and colors. As it changes color, there is an annoying flickering. The ones I got from wohome are smaller in size and height, but they are much nicer. I love the way the colors shift from one color to another. It looks more interesting, complex, and artistic. If you like bright colors, go with these. If you like gradual shifting and a more complex combination of colors, go with wohome.

👤We are planning our landscaping for the year in March. I thought I could beat 2 chickens with one rock. Look for a gift for mothers day as well as find something I can decorate outside with. I need to be solar because I am limited in electricity. It needs to be bright because it is set off the road. I decorate my yard. I searched and found flowers that were similar to the ones I saw in the store, and they were not plastic frog or garbage. The pics and well written description gave me confidence to buy them and give them a try, as they looked like upper end decor, but there were no reviews at the time. Everything was bubble wrapped when it arrived. I don't think they can sell these flowers at this price point, they are gorgeous, and I don't see how they can make a living selling them. It's rare when solar decor looks as good in the daytime as it does in the evening. The flowers are realistic. It's the perfect midwest spring decor for me as I have to wait for my flowers to bloom and this adds vibrant color. The solar panel is sealed nicely and has an off switch. Turn them on and let them bask in the sun all day and then glow into the evening. As soon as the weather improves, I will be ordering more to illuminate my front yard in the evening and make it look nicer in the daytime. Thank you for such a great product, 10 stars!

👤They look beautiful day or night. It's easy to assemble. The flowers in my garden are beautiful. I ordered them to my mom, sister and front garden 3 more times.

👤The flimsy flower box was delivered. Everything was destroyed. The flowers were wrinkled. Not enough foliage on the flowers makes them look real. The foilage was made of plastic. They spin around in their center of gravity, so you can't shape them. Some of them were damaged. The wires that connect the solar panel to the light would get pinched when you lifted it. If you pushed the spike into the ground, it would stay in the ground. They should give me back my money for the trash they sent me. They light up by a small light bulb. Will add a video later.

11. Outdoor Decorative Waterproof Pathway Walkway

Outdoor Decorative Waterproof Pathway Walkway

Larger solar panel and no electricity bill. The solar garden lights' solar conversation rate is up to 25%. The longer the night lighting time, the better the charging effect. There is a tip. Make sure that the solar garden lights are exposed to full sunlight. The battery life is longer and the solar lights are brighter. Their solar pathway lights decoration lightens your garden up to 12 hours after fully charging. The solar panels and conversion rates make sure the battery is charged fast. Solar lights are your ideal outdoor lighting product, providing you with free lighting all night. No wiring is allowed out of the box. Ready to use right out of the box, no drill or cumbersome installation. The switch on the bottom of the solar light should be turned on before use. Their rock imitation solar pathway lights use a unique plastic process which has better waterproof, stability and rust resistance. Multi-season outdoor use requires stand all kinds of weather. No worries about the weather. The solar yard lights turn on at night and off at dawn. There is a tip. Make sure that the solar garden lights are exposed to full sunlight. They offer a 12 months warranty and 60 days refunds for their outdoor solar lights. They will solve the problem within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with the product. They offer a 12 months warranty and 60 days refunds for their outdoor solar lights. They will solve the problem within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with the product.

Brand: Dgscak

👤It fired right up, so it's hard to say long-term. It was bright when I checked it at 4 a.m. It blends into the fountain.

👤This is a solar light that can be used in my backyard. This was sturdy and compact. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the angle for this light. I don't like the fact that the replacement battery is on the bottom, I am not sure if the unit will still work after long exposure to the sprinkler, and I think that the light is cooler than warm light. If you need lighting for your garden, this is a good product.

👤I bought a pack of lights to illuminate my entry steps. They are brighter than I thought. They are great. I feel confident that people will not fall and miss a step when they come over. I would purchase them again.

👤Garden lights are exposed to humidity and extreme heat, so having a well-sealed one is important, especially since it has a rechargeable battery that's very sensitive to humidity. The light's battery is inside a Silicone insulated battery compartment. I have many garden lights that come and go. This one looks and feels very solid, unlike the other ones that died. If it lasts over a year, I would buy more of it.

👤I am very happy with my purchase and received it today. It provides a good amount of light. It comes with a battery which is very rare these days.

👤Disappointed with the light. It is also white. I would like it to be bright and warm.

👤I have ever purchased a solar lighting device. It has been in use for about 4 weeks and will be used for a year.

👤I bought this for my garden path way entry of my home because it gives a nice look and is good for charging in the daytime, no need for batteries. There is a There is a bright light to be found in the garden.


What is the best product for decorative solar lights for outside?

Decorative solar lights for outside products from Gisanty. In this article about decorative solar lights for outside you can see why people choose the product. Mopha and Roshwey are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative solar lights for outside.

What are the best brands for decorative solar lights for outside?

Gisanty, Mopha and Roshwey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative solar lights for outside. Find the detail in this article. Anordsem, Baxia Technology and Innogear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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