Best Decorative Solar Lights Outdoor Garden

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1. HEGUD Color Changing Decorative Color Retained Gardening

HEGUD Color Changing Decorative Color Retained Gardening

The HEGUD solar wind chime has polycrystalline Silicon solar panels and sensitive light sensors, so it can charge under direct sunshine in the daytime and light up at night. Hanging solar lights change color. In the daytime, ornate gold metal shines in various colors, while at night it shines in various colors. 6 metal balls are hung and look like tassels, but are not classic. Their solar wind chime are perfect for outdoor garden decor and gardening gifts for women. The HEGUD solar wind chime is made of durable and dust/water-proof solar panels, and it's Eye-Catching Embellishment is made of metal balls. They can be beautiful in spring, summer, fall, or winter, and are perfect as gifts for mom, grandma, or dad. The Mystical Ambiance Creator. Without bell noises. You can enjoy the beauty without being bothered by neighbors. Adding a magical atmosphere for your garden, patio, balcony, backyard, or terrace is accomplished by the lights passing through the hollow balls. You can hang the wind chime anywhere with the "S" hook. Perfect gifts for women. Positive meanings such as safeness, health, happiness, blessing, love, wind chime can be considered as gifts on many occasions. Leave your best wishes on their solar wind chime and let them bring them to your family and friends. Perfect gifts for women. Positive meanings such as safeness, health, happiness, blessing, love, wind chime can be considered as gifts on many occasions. Leave your best wishes on their solar wind chime and let them bring them to your family and friends.

Brand: Hegud

👤I like the size and colors of this gift.

👤We like it. Gave it to our daughter.

👤I gave this as a gift. My friend liked it.

👤Works for 24 hours. The product was awful. A replacement thought it was a faulty one. Nope. It didn't work.

👤Beautiful! The batteries only lasted about 8 months. Maybe that's average?

👤The Color- Changing Decorative Solar Lights were very pleasing to look at. There is a The wind chime with bright Golden carved balls looked beautiful. shiny bright pleasant colors looked awesome. It's easy to hang. The color is changing. Solar charging! There is a The lights only worked for a couple of days. There is a The bright golden color of balls changed quickly as well as the old copperish color and they looked antique. The solar wind chime has deceiving looks. Theses are not good quality decorative lights. After a couple of days, the solar lights didn't work and the wind chime balls didn't look the same. These solar wind chimes are not recommended by me.

2. Pandawill Changing Rechargeable Waterproof Decorations

Pandawill Changing Rechargeable Waterproof Decorations

Solar powered glass ball led lights covered with colorful mosaic glasses create a romantic and lovely atmosphere. The solar table lamp has two lighting modes, a soft white light and a fantastic colorful light. The solar garden light is powered by a solar panel and Ni-MH battery, which will light up for 8 hours after being fully charged. The Panda Will newest product is sensitive to light, auto on at night and auto off at sunrise, it's convenient to use, no further wire or installation required. It's waterproof design makes it an ideal decorative lamp for indoors and out.

Brand: Pandawill

👤I left this out all winter on my deck. It works through snow and rain. It is really amazing. It does not stay on long if I get direct sun during the day, but if I go to sleep it lasts many hours. I am happy with the purchase. It's easy, pretty and fun. The solar panel lifts out of the ground. It's possible to put it anywhere without moving the globe. There is a I use these to illuminate my patio table at night. After we have called it a night, mine charges and lasts long after the sun goes down. These are great gifts for friends who like to sit outdoors, and you can put a solar thingee in the window to charge during the day.

👤The light is very pretty. The solar light changes color at night when it has tanked enough sun rays and daylight. This is a great gift for my balcony and I would buy it again.

👤The seller and this product are both very nice. I had an issue with the first one, but they sent me a new item and I am very happy with it. Please don't leave negative feedback because this item isn't supposed to light the entire room. The colors are gorgeous when there is a full solar charge. I highly recommend this seller. This seller exceeded my expectations, and good customer service goes a long way in my book.

👤This little beauty is glowing at night after absorbing the sun's energy. It works well in the garden or on the patio table. There is a It has a clear light setting, but we use the color-changing setting for the fun. A good purchase!

👤These are just decorative things that I put in the middle of the planters on my patio, but not enough to provide light for a walkway or dining area. The solar panels on top are not that big and the solar devices I've used so far don't last that long, so be aware.

👤I like my solar light. It is in the corner of my yard and the colors are relaxing to look at. I was worried about the rain but the light made it through the storm.

👤They work well, but they are smaller than I expected. I would not be surprised if the wind blows the solar charging station away. It was beautiful, last all night. I need to find a spot that gets sun but not a lot of wind.

👤There are 2 holes in it. Amazon used to be the place to shop. I am rethinking this.

👤The garden is very bright in the winter.

👤The solar light is made of glass and has amazing glass crystals that sparkle in the day and night. We keep it inside on a glass table that shines through the daylight savings time. It will go outside on our deck when the fall arrives. So impressed! I love it!

👤It's perfect for the patio table.

👤The coloring does not have a bottom base.

3. EPROSMIN Stars Solar Lights Outdoor

EPROSMIN Stars Solar Lights Outdoor

The solar lights outdoor decorative set has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question about the product you received, or about the lights, you can contact them. The star moon. The light from the sun is reflected. The stars and moon solar lights create a unique landscape. In the dark, it emits charming outdoor solar lights to create a romantic and warm atmosphere for your houses, gardens, lawns, sidewalks, terraces and other places. It is an ideal solar pathway lights decoration. There is resilience and symmetry. The solar garden lights made of high-quality metal are not afraid of wind, rain, or snow, and are resistant to cold and rust. The broken glass ball on the solar outdoor lights is very resistant. Anti-exposure function when wind and rain are present. There is a solar panel on the garden lights, which absorbs sunlight during the day and converts it into electricity. On/off switch and mode switch are on it. You don't need to set the mode when you first use it, the solar light will light up automatically in the dark, and go out during the day. You just need to put the pathway lights in the soil and expose the solar panel to the sun. It will absorb solar energy in the sun and light up automatically at night, without the need to install other tools for this solar powered outdoor lights. It is powered by the sun. QUALITY SERVICE If you have encountered any problems in the process of purchasing their solar led outdoor lights, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you as soon as possible and provide one-to-one customer service, Quality assurance, and rest assured to order.

Brand: Eprosmin

👤This is very pretty. Looks good at night. My niece wanted to take it.

👤The other yard stake I purchased had the same type of moon but with a more 3D look by having filigree cutouts throughout the moon and a metal "sun" surrounding the actual solar bulb. This is one that needs some tweaking. I was hoping that the white light would illuminate the blue moon more efficiently, but I am going to have to doctor it by bending the moon more inward, and I am thinking about drilling holes in it to make it more dynamic. I wouldn't buy another like I did when I bought a 3D moon with the sun in the center. That one is definitely better.

👤The paint job on this thing is not very good. I could get there. It doesn't even work a month later. I thought it was the battery, but they still don't work. The light doesn't work. I have purchased many solar yard lights that are different shapes and sizes and I am very disappointed. They all work well. This one isn't much. The return date is one day away. The luck was really bad.

👤I gave this to my husband for Father's Day. The globe is very attractive in the day and bright at night. I would like it to be a bit brighter. You could see the shape of the moon and stars in the dark. We're happy with it. It looks great in our flower bed.

👤Cute but not bright. You need a spot light to see the Moon figure at night. It looks like a little round bulb that doesn't light up. I was disappointed. I would rather have a light that is bright and lasts three hours than a light that lasts all night. I don't care how nice my backyard is at 3 am.

👤The ball is the only thing that lights up. The stars don't light up. The star does not twinkle at night or during the day, but from the pictures it looks as if it does.

👤I love the solar light in my garden. I ordered the best one.

👤It is easy to assemble, less than 4 minutes. Love the colors.

4. Outdoor Powered Chrysanthemum Waterproof Decorative

Outdoor Powered Chrysanthemum Waterproof Decorative

Solar powered lights with 3 bigger chrysanthemum flower look amazing in your garden, backyard, frontyard, pathway, walkway, patio, porch and balcony. It's beautiful at night. The flower's petals are exquisitely designed to mimic real flowers. There are realistic solar artificial flower lights that are perfect for weddings. The larger chrysanthemum is now of a tame fabric, which improves quality and appearance to a real chrysanthemum. A wider solar panel converts sunlight into power more efficiently in cloudy weather. Garden lights light up in the dark. The light mode will last for up to 8 hours after fully charged. No wire or external electricity is required. Attach the solar flowers to the solar garden stake and push it into the ground. Before installation, please turn on the switch. The artificial flower garden stake light is waterproof and durable and can be used in bad weather. It's easy to install and enjoy the solar garden light. 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service within a 24 hour time support. They will provide all sevice to make you satisfied if you have any questions with these solar lights. 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service within a 24 hour time support. They will provide all sevice to make you satisfied if you have any questions with these solar lights.

Brand: Kordain

👤I was asked to review these lights, following a previous review for some solar lights. I put these in the same flower bed for an even more impressive display. There is a These are realistic up close and at a distance. My neighbor asked if the flowers were real, as she was wondering how I got them to bloom so early in the year. They are well-made and realistic. The lilies have leaves attached firmly, but they can't be pulled out. They lower into a more natural position over time. The stems have a wire core that can be bent into any position you desire. There is a The pointed ends of the steel tubes help insert the stems into the ground, and they are a nice tight fit into the solar panel assembly. The tips on the countertop were tapped to get them to sit on the tubes. Push-on points are usually not very tight and can be pulled off when you pull the stem out of the ground. These don't come loose once on. I had to remove 1 Star from my rating because there was a pointed tip missing from my pack. Without the point, the tube gets packed with dirt as it is inserted and I expect everything to be included. The tips should be added at the factory for the sake of a small amount of additional labor. The packer can do a visual inspection of the steel tubes to make sure there is a tip for each one. There is a The flowers have not had any problems out in the elements after several heavy storms with high winds. I won't leave these out over winter as they will look odd out there in the snow and it will probably not be good for them. There is a I think solar-lit flowers are a great addition to a flower bed. In the daytime, they add color and height early in the season when the real flowers are still growing. As the real flowers bloom, they add some extra color. At night, they provide an unusual display in a garden. I put mine in the flower bed near the road for a display. The solar lights remain on for the whole night after a strong sun. There is a I think these are a good value at $27 for three because of their quality and performance, especially for a small flower bed or even a pot, where they can be set close together. For an awesome display in a large bed, I may have to get more next year.

👤These lights are wonderful. The silk flowers look like flowers in the daytime and at night illuminate the surrounding flowers in my garden. I might order more to put in an arrangement for my Dad's grave. They are gorgeous!

👤The second set of flower lights that I have ordered are much more life-like than the others. Both of them are beautiful during the day and warm at night. They are easy to install.

5. Cracked Waterproof Outdoor Pathway Walkway

Cracked Waterproof Outdoor Pathway Walkway

Buy nothing. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service is provided. 60 days free return and a free replacement warranty are included with the solar lights. If you put the switch on first, it will turn on and off automatically at night and during the day. It can last for up to 10 hours working time if fully charged. Expose it to the sun for 6 to 8 hours to fully charge it. The design has a warm white light. The reflection of the pattern is beautiful. It's easy. Measure the size of the disk to install the light. It only takes 1520 seconds to install the solar lights. If the ground is too hard, do not twist it. Try to make the ground softer by digging a hole for the spike. The garden solar lights have a weather resistant construction and long lasting performance. Premium outdoor garden decor is specially designed for garden lighting, garden decorations, garden accessories, gardening gifts, lawn ornaments, path, Halloween, Christmas, walkway, sidewalk and patio, looks great in landscaping, and creates a perfect ambiance for your whole family at the same time. Premium outdoor garden decor is specially designed for garden lighting, garden decorations, garden accessories, gardening gifts, lawn ornaments, path, Halloween, Christmas, walkway, sidewalk and patio, looks great in landscaping, and creates a perfect ambiance for your whole family at the same time.

Brand: Bannad

👤Will definitely need more. I thought it was a three pack. I prefer pretty pictures over boring text. I will update this review if I have any problems.

👤I took a chance on this solar light as a single unit cost more than sets that include multiple lights. The purchase worked out well. The light is made from thick glass and has a warm color. The neighbors have commented. I will be buying more to put around our yard and flower beds.

👤I am buying more of these. The smallest size was bought a couple weeks ago. After a day of full sunlight, it is on the deck. Even after a heavy rain. This little globe of light is definitely the best one I've purchased in the past. It is more expensive, but I think it is worth it. I hope the others stand up to the first. Trying a bigger size as well. I would like to thank all of my fellow reviewers who helped me make a good decision on which item to invest in.

👤I love this globe. My husband built a lantern for our new Japanese garden. It needed a light. I found the right size to fit through the window after weeks of searching. We were surprised at how beautiful it is during the day, even though it is gorgeous at night. It took a bit of adjusting to position it so it could get as much sunlight as possible. We were happy with our purchase. It makes up for some of the duds we have ordered on Amazon. Get one! They are adorable! I was not paid or bribed for my review. I get excited when something works.

👤There are different lights for my yard. These are the best quality and brightest I have ever purchased. They are more expensive than other items. The glass is thick and bright with yellow light. They are nice. All my neighbors commented on how nice they looked. I purchased 3 medium and 3 large sizes. They are very sturdy and are worth the money.

👤I received them and they are very pretty. It is important to pay attention to detail. You pick your size, they are 1 light. I bought 3 different sizes. I plan to put them in my flowerbed, and they are adorable! I saw another reviewer bend the stake that comes with them. The two stakes fit together perfectly. I went to a dark room to make sure they worked. They are perfect.

👤Don't waste your money. I sat it out in Texas for a week and only had the light on for 6 minutes at night.

👤When there is no other light in the vicinity, the globes turn off and I want to use them for table decor. The only thing that didn't work for my application was that they were only solar. I thought they could be a little brighter, but in complete darkness, they are ok.

👤Well made and beautifully made, this is a great value. When we unboxed, we knew we would be ordering more of the other sizes. We used it as a Christmas decoration and are going to use it on the deck throughout the year.

6. Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Driveway Decoration

Outdoor Waterproof Landscape Driveway Decoration

The product is more waterproof and durable than similar solar lights because of the anodizing process, which makes the product not only exquisite and classy, but also more waterproof and durable than similar solar lights. Even though there are occasional rainy days and cloudy days, their upgraded solar lights with built-in 600 mAh Ni-MH large-capacity rechargeable battery can light up for 8 hours after fully charged. It is waterproof and strong enough for outdoor use. The mist and water can be isolated. The solar ground lights can be used under a variety of weather conditions. If the ground is too hard, do not twist or hammer it, it will be easy to install the lights in-ground. Try to make the ground softer by digging a hole for the spike. If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them and they'll help you solve the problem within 24 hours. If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them and they'll help you solve the problem within 24 hours.

Brand: Zgwj

👤I put these up on Monday. They looked great. I was pleased with the look of them. I'm glad I didn't hurry to leave a positive feedback because here we are on Thursday night and they've died. They didn't turn on last night because they thought they didn't get enough sun. But no. A terrible product.

👤I had these for 7 weeks and they are rusty and ugly. I am very disappointed. The money is wasted.

👤The manual clearly states "1 xAAA Ni-MH 600mAh" battery, and it is inside.

👤This is the best yard purchase I have ever made. I bought two more sets for the back yard. There is a It's easy to use with the stakes in landscaping or without the stakes anywhere. Wherever light is needed.

👤If I could, I would give them a zero. They light up but don't light up the surface. They didn't do anything to help light up the steps. The seller is threatening to not refund my money if I write a good review, and I hope no one ever buys from this company again.

👤One of the lights stopped working.

👤I bought 16 lights. 2 of them had bad sensors. The rest died after 3 months.

👤So far, so good! My garden game is elevated by the ground lights. I took pictures of my yard. I hope they could last longer than a year.

👤Ahora, se tienen encendidos y creo.

7. Forlivese Powered Sunflower Outdoor Decorative

Forlivese Powered Sunflower Outdoor Decorative

Heymate outdoor solar garden lights, user manual, and long-term friendly customer service are what you get. Their goal is to provide the highest quality products. They will give you the most satisfactory solution at the fastest speed if you contact them with any issues. The Solar Sunflower light petals are made of upgraded silk material for a more realistic looking flower. The efficiency of absorbing solar light has been increased by 20%. The solar sunflowers lights will turn on automatically at night if the switch is in "ON" position. The daytime charge is 3-6 hours and the night charge is 8-12 hours. It is the perfect solar decoration for the outdoors without worrying about the bad weather. Extra wire and external electricity are not required for a safe and easy install. Push the sunflowers into the ground to install it. Wide Application: Sunflower solar lights can be used on a variety of places, such as the garden, pathway, patio, flowerbed, fence, walkway decorations, create a romantic atmosphere. Your garden should be unique.

Brand: Forlivese

👤I am addicted to these solar lights. They are so unusual and awesome. I get a lot of praise for them. You can bend them into any shape you want.

👤I had a pop of color in my back yard with these sunflowers. It's easy to assemble and maintain. It was installed in seconds. The design is solar powered. They have a good charge. The lights still shone bright at night when we had cloudy days. It has been a couple months. They are holding up well. I have gotten many comments on them. Excellent value!

👤The flowers seem to be of good quality. They were crammed into a box so tightly that the petals were all smashed. I'm trying to make them sound better before giving them to my mom.

👤The flowers would be in the shape of a flower. The lights are in the middle of the flower. The only thing you see is lights and not a flower.

👤I was surprised by how bright they are. I bought more of them.

👤If you push down on the lower piece of the solar charging accessory, it will slide up and potentially cut the wires. I put 2 of these and one was fine. The other cut the wires to stop the flower from working. I had to figure out why it wasn't working, but there was no protection against the metal tube severing the wires if they were pushed up.

👤Both are located in the same area and get the same amount of sunlight. One of the two stays lit for hours, while the other only stays illuminated for a short time. Only one light, and not for long, and certainly not bright, will be on November 4th, 2021. The other is dead.

8. Lights,105 Decorative Landscape Fireworks Pack(Mulit Color)

Lights%EF%BC%8C105 Decorative Landscape Fireworks Pack%EF%BC%88Mulit Color%EF%BC%89

You can make your own shapes such as flowers, trees, fireworks, Ferris wheels, hearts, spirals, spheres. The mode was steady-on and flashing. It's suitable for decorating the garden, backyard, sidewalk, flower beds, fence, Roof, etc. The solar panels should be upgraded. The Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel has a large area and high efficiency. On daytime, work 12 hours at night, if you push the switch into ON. There are low energy costs. It's waterproof, never worry about fading or rusting. 35 upgrade copper wires are used, the poles are made of high quality plastic, and the lights are waterproof. Plug the solar lights into the soil and turn on the button back of the solar panel, no need to connect additional cables. The battery is replaceable and most light failures can be fixed with a new battery. The package has a screwdriver for free. They offer a free replacement or full refund if the light has a problem. They offer a free replacement or full refund if the light has a problem.

Brand: Helesin

👤I bought a lot of these lights. They are nice, but they don't last very long. I already have 2 pairs replaced and one just died after 2 months of use. I will try to change the battery. They have an excellent customer service and I revise my rating to 5-stars. They responded to my inquiry. They offered to replace my solar lights, even though I probably need to change the battery. It is great to know that the seller is trying to satisfy their customer.

👤These are fun. They are abstract and playful. They offer a soft brightness. There is a They are easy to separate the wires. I live in a place where the wind is not too strong. There is a The company has a 3 year guarantee. They will walk you through what needs to be done if you email them. C'mon summer! There is a I put my solar lights out on May 12 and 5 of the 8 ended up malfunctioning. I paid $11 for a replacement set after customer service was responsive and sent me one. The majority of the people are not working tonight. If you put an alkaline AA battery in, they will light up just fine. I don't understand. I bought new solar batteries and replaced one of my lights that didn't work, and it fixed the problem so far. The other one didn't make a difference. There is a I will replace Alkaline with solar tomorrow. See if that fixes the problem. It's crazy right? There is a new date. Working! All the lights are on after new solar batteries and charging. One light seems "fussy" but works well. Customer service has been in touch with me. They were responsive and offered to send me batteries.

👤I bought these as Christmas decor because I am too old to string lights. These were easy to add. You put the stake in the soil and voila, you have cute lights. They aren't strong enough to light a pathway. More decorative than anything else. I tied a few in a tree to a branch with bungee cords. It worked out well. I moved them to a flower bed and they look great, tucked among the bushes.

👤I bought these lights because I thought they would look great in our driveway and add a little fun to the way into the garage. The first day I put them out, one lit up brightly without much of a charge, the other acted like it was switched off. I had the same experience the next day, even though I tried all of the positions. I took the battery out and charged it, but still no lights. I put a new battery in it and still no lights. Only one of the 2 lights worked. So sad. The one that is working looks good. I was asked to return the light and send a new set after I contacted Amazon about the malfunction. The new set works perfectly and the return process was very smooth. My neighbors compliment me on my lights. They make sitting on the deck at night more enjoyable.

9. Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

Decorative Beautiful Landscape Decoration Multicolor

The solar garden light is the most beautiful garden light. They have accomplished it. Everyone is attracted when they light up, they just plug it in the garden to get the neighbor's attention. The solar panels were upgraded and replaced with monocrystalline solar panels. The battery and waterproof have been upgraded so that it can work in the cloudy or rainy season. Charging during the day, automatic opening at night, two modes-long light and flashing mode, Muiti-scene decoration. It is very bright and suitable for decorating the garden, yard, path, flower beds,Fences,Roof, etc. It is an unique decor for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanks Giving Day. The package includes 2 packs of garden lights which make warm lights white to promote the desire of any occasion, whether it is for a party event, or just the finishing touch on your outdoor masterpiece. It is a perfect gift for friends. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them. Before changing the button in the sun, make sure it is in the ON position. The lights will light up if the button is on and the solar panel is in the dark. If you have any issues with your MOPHA lights, please contact them.

Brand: Mopha

👤I bought these lights to illuminate my backyard. I like solar lights because they are bright and can be adjusted to the shape I want, like Christmas tree lights. I would recommend these to others. There is a I have only used them for a few weeks, but they look great and are charging well even in a partly shaded area.

👤I assumed the product was pretty, but it wasn't, my computer wouldn't let me click on the other images, or maybe they just didn't want people to know the truth. When I opened the box, I could not believe what I had paid for, it was cheap lights and a bush with flowers, but people don't think that is what you get, what you get is cheap lights and a bush with flowers. I will be very careful when I place an order. I hope everyone else is as well. This product was really bad.

👤I staked them where the flag pole will be so I can see how they do. She told me that there were two blinking and two not. When I spread the stems, I noticed that one of them was missing a flower. I didn't mind because it will still work and be a little brighter. She said it was like Christmas outside. She hopes no one will steal them from the yard. My neighborhood. I'm still ordering more. We'll be putting plants in that spot, so it will be better looking. I was checking to see if they worked. I'm happy that they worked.

👤It would be nice if they had longer stems, since they were advertised as bright for the amount of bulbs, and it would allow you to spread them out further.

👤The picture looked like there were flowers or leaves with the lights. The lights looked different in style, but they were all simple flower shaped.

👤I was dubious about all of them. There are little fairy lights at the bottom of the pictures. I put everything together in the morning of March 6, 2021. The front yard gets more sun than my backyard because of the large Oleanders that block the light. I was surprised to see how bright everything was last night. Everything is in two pots. I ordered enough for one more pot because I like them all so much. In the summer, the heat in the southwest is so bad that all of my flowers die. I decided I was done wasting money on live plants and wanted to make the front porch area look better. I have different colored roses, flowers, and lights. The tulips change colors. We had them for over a month and it rained hard yesterday and last night. The flowers and lights are the same. I was worried that they would short out or be too big, but they look good.

👤This is a great addition to any garden. I put mine by my walk way. It is perfect! There is a cute blinking feature.

10. Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

The solar lantern is made from quality metal with rustproof finish. You can hang it on a shepherds hook, because it has a durable handle, and also put it on the table. The solar patio lantern made with BrightLED is in a big size. The decorative lantern is a nice garden gift. The solar outdoor lanterns emit a soft yellow glow at night and display a pretty pattern on the table or ground. The antique finish makes it stand out. Adding a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your yard and deck is a good idea. The outdoor hanging lantern is powered by the sun. Simply place it at a location with direct sunlight. At dusk, the lantern will turn on. No wire is needed to save energy. Before you charge the button in the sun, make sure it's in the "ON" position. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement.

Brand: Go2garden

👤I saw all the pictures of the product and bought 10 of them for a customer. The product was disappointing. The light is not bright and does not create a pattern like in pictures. Don't expect that. Each light has one tiny bulb. I will return all of them.

👤These are a good size. I hung them on shepherds hooks I bought on Amazon, and then placed them on a seashell walk path in my garden. During the day the blue looks great and at night the lanterns create a charming pattern. They are built to last. Since my family and I are limited in our social contact, it is a pleasure to have these to add to a beautiful garden that we are spending more time in than ever before. Staying at home is a pleasure. If you do go out, stay safe in small areas, and enjoy your garden beautifully lit with these "no maintenance" lanterns. Wishing you the best of luck.

👤The metal solar lantern looks good during the day. The pattern of the lantern is fantastic at night. The metal is cut out with precision so the projection looks focused and pleasing to the eye. It looks great on the patio floor. It should be raised about 1-2 feet off the ground to spread out the pattern and still be focused. There is a The lantern's solar element is of good quality and the light stays on longer than other solar lights. It's great that there's nothing to do but watch it come on every night.

👤The lantern has a warm glow that doesn't attract bugs and a good amount of light. The pictures don't do it justice. The yellow interior of the light makes it look like it's glowing during the day.

👤The lantern is out in the sun for 6 hours a day. The switch is turned on. I have never seen it light up after dark. It flashed on for a moment when I moved it. It's a beautiful piece of junk.

👤I'm very happy with this lantern. It is a nice metal construction and it glows at night. I had to take a picture from the top so you could see the design on the sidewalk. It looks great in my garden during the day and amazing at night.

👤The lamp is small. It is a small lamp. The outside is turquoise and the inside is yellow. The yellow dims the light outside. The definition of the design casted is nowhere close to the detail on the pictures, which is why the light design expands half the way from the pictures on this site. The light ring does not expand as wide as on the pictures, even when it is on the door, close to the floor or elevated. I am returning it because I thought it was the problem and not the problem at all. The charge is held for many hours.

👤I absolutely adore these. I went to sleep last night and had dreams of them. They make me happy and I have made my own little place under the Carport. These are the same as described. I was a bit worried that the color was too dark. You can see the beautiful color when you place them outside. I couldn't wait to see them at night. I bought a second pack and two of them came in it. The instructions say to charge on a sunny day. When it was overcast, I began charging. The magic happened by dusk after the sun came out. The same scenario, sunny in the morning and overcast in the afternoon. Very strong.

11. Decorative Landscape Christmas Decoration Multi Color

Decorative Landscape Christmas Decoration Multi Color

100% satisfaction guarantee! 60 days of free return. If you have a question, you can contact them. Your shopping experience is what motivates them. Solar garden lights. You can make your own shapes with the solar light firework copper wires. It's convenient and funny. Solar garden decorative lights have three modes, one always on, two flash and one off. It's suitable for decorating gardens, backyards, sidewalks, flower beds, fences, etc. It is a unique holiday decoration. The Landscape Light is made of copper wire material, which is safe, temperature resistant and anti-shock. If it rains, you can put it outside even if you don't want to soak in the water for a long time. The solar garden lights have a 1.2V/ 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery. 40 high-quality copper wires are used. The sun charges for 3-6 hours at daytime, then works 8 hours at night after fully charged. Colorful solar lights are a creative gift to your friends or neighbors for Christmas, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day. This outdoor decor light will light up a driveway, patio, flowerbeds, garden, backyard, fence, walkway and pathway. Colorful solar lights are a creative gift to your friends or neighbors for Christmas, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day. This outdoor decor light will light up a driveway, patio, flowerbeds, garden, backyard, fence, walkway and pathway.

Brand: Yotozu

👤I did not have a remote controller. I like them in my back yard.

👤This light gives off a bit of nighttime magic. It was delivered fast and easy to install. Couldn't ask for more. They died one week later. There is a pending refund. It was a disappointment.

👤One stopped working in a week. I don't want to have to put a new solar battery in it and mess with the cost, screws and wires, even though it might be the battery. I returned them.

👤The lights are big and stay lit all night. One of these lights is not on. It had a dead battery. I ordered a new battery and it worked fine until the battery ran out. There is a I don't know how to fix it. The manufacturer should give a refund or tell how to fix the light. Can't be bothered with return trouble.

👤One is beautiful but the seller is not helpful and I want to go to Amazon for a replacement.

👤I bought these for the winter holiday lighting and they look nice in my summer gardens. Light is put out for pathways. They are scattered in groups in the planting beds. We've had a lot of cloudy days. They stay on for about 8 hours with just half days of sunshine. The bottom half of the unit is filled with water. I pull them apart. Trying to keep the metal tubing free of rust.

👤The solar powered yard lights look different than the others I've seen. I love the way they sway and dance in the breeze. They can look like fireworks or a kaleidoscope. They add a bit of color to my yard.

👤The fireworks light is pretty. It's easy to assemble, just remove the plastic from the sensor and connect the two pieces. Stick the wires in the ground. What could be simpler? Two of my friends have also bought them. When I visit friends for dinner, I buy them more thank you gifts. I'm a big fan.

👤When we don't get much sun, I put the lights in my yard. They get enough charge to last the night if it is cloudy. I installed 2200 mAh batteries instead of using the ones that came with them.

👤The lights are bright after an hour of exposure to sunlight. It only blinks once, not like a firework effect.


What is the best product for decorative solar lights outdoor garden?

Decorative solar lights outdoor garden products from Hegud. In this article about decorative solar lights outdoor garden you can see why people choose the product. Pandawill and Eprosmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative solar lights outdoor garden.

What are the best brands for decorative solar lights outdoor garden?

Hegud, Pandawill and Eprosmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative solar lights outdoor garden. Find the detail in this article. Kordain, Bannad and Zgwj are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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