Best Decorative Solar Outdoor Lights for Planters

Lights 26 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MAGGIFT Pathway Outdoor Powered Driveway

MAGGIFT Pathway Outdoor Powered Driveway

Energy saving is called smart energy saving. It does not require electricity. They will turn off at dawn. Make sure you turn on the switch on the light cover before you charge. The waterproof of the building is IP 44. The solar lights are weather resistant and are suitable for outdoor use, no worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet. Simply combine the solar top and stakes. It takes a few seconds to push the stake into the soil. Garden foliage lights are not as bright as they could be, but they are soft and useful. Add a cool white glow to your pathway, garden, porch or yard. The measures are 2.6 x 2.6 x 13.4 inches. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up.

Brand: Maggift

👤I don't normally write reviews like this but I am so disappointed with this product and its short lifespan. I was excited to order the lights to outline my yard. The ones I was replacing at the dollar tree were the original ones. I bought two boxes of these lights for $26 each. They looked nice and seemed sturdy but that's where the praise ends. I installed these earlier this year and immediately noticed how dim they were. They were advertised as being extremely bright and I had read some reviews that confirmed that, but this wasn't the case for me. The lights were dim and even after the sun set my lawn was not as bright as I would have liked. I noticed that they became dimmer and some wouldn't light up. It is now October and the lights are no longer useful. I really wanted to love these lights, but I am very disappointed. I will not purchase from this seller again if I receive two bad batches. Just disappointed.

👤You can't beat the price. Every path light I have purchased has been destroyed. The kids run them over with their bikes, the wife drives over them with the car, and they get beat up by the hose dragging around them, not to mention the lawn mower. I replace them every year. I bought two for $24. They look nice, but they are not spot lights. I was looking for ones with square lines and craftsmen style. I would buy them again. Someday I will upgrade if my wife learns to drive. I will stick with the plastic path lights.

👤Great buy for money. The lights look beautiful. Not the smartest. They give your yard a boost. My yard looks nice after I bought two sets of them.

👤They went out after we had a little rain. I gave it a 1 star review. The company reached out to me and told me to try and reset the battery. Excellent customer service.

👤Two sets were bought last June and only two have been used this year. I put them away in the winter and then in the spring I let them sit in the sun for 48 hours and only two of them lit up. I don't want to buy batteries that are too expensive, because they only lasted one summer.

👤5 over 12 stop working.

👤The white is cool. There is a good range. The lights on the pathway won't turn on if they are on the flood lights. I ordered these on February 12th and they are March 9th. One has stopped working. We were in love with them. I hope the rest don't go out because they were doing well. We used the 12 pack to line the perimeter of the bushes. There is a Hopefully someone will come back to us and replace the malfunctioning one.

👤These are great. It's easy to set up and stay on well into the night. Don't move them a lot because the bottom anchor is impossible to remove. You have to try to push the post into the ground without a point to cause it to break. I accidentally broke 4 of the lights. The posts are cheap.

2. Solpex Changing Decorative Landscape Crackled

Solpex Changing Decorative Landscape Crackled

Colorful solar lights are a creative gift to your friends or neighbors for Christmas, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day. This outdoor decor light will light up a driveway, patio, flowerbeds, garden, backyard, fence, walkway and pathway. The solar garden lights have two lighting modes. White light is used for lighting, and color changing light is suitable for decorating your garden. Electricity is not needed, and the sunlight can be used to charge it. The pathway lights are powered by a battery that is user replaceable. Once fully charged, the battery can work for up to 10 hours. The solar lights can be used in the front or backyard, along the driveway, walkway or sidewalk, or around your patio or porch. No wiring is required for easy installation. Remove the isolator tab, turn on the switch, make the pieces together, and then insert it into the soil. Weatherproof and Guarantee is designed to be able to handle sunny days, rainy nights, and small snowy days. A 6 month product guarantee. Weatherproof and Guarantee is designed to be able to handle sunny days, rainy nights, and small snowy days. A 6 month product guarantee.

Brand: Solpex

👤Disappointed. I gave these to a family member as a gift and was excited to see them in multiple bright colors. The options are to have the lights flash off/on with changing colors or stay on in white. We were hoping to add some color to our patio area with bright painted Italian flower pots, a few decorations, and colored lights. The flashing lights are an annoyance to us and our neighbors so they've been set to stay on and be white. There is a I could have bought plain white solar lights for less than the price. There is a Maybe this was described in the description. We won't attempt a return because they are in the ground.

👤Really beautiful. Unless they are in direct sunlight, they are very dim. We moved from the front yard to the backyard because they were less bright. The batteries were supposed to make a difference. I made a gorgeous chandelier using these.

👤I didn't think the color function would change from one to the other automatically, but I like that feature. The colors are nice. I have experience with these types of solar lights, and the 4th did not work out, but I changed the battery and it worked again. The batteries that come with the lights are cheap and do not last very long. I like that you can change the battery without messing up the wires or electrical parts, it's just 888-353-1299 This is a nice purchase so far.

👤The lights were received in a timely manner. The crackle makes the globes pretty cool. The cracks are better in the day than in the night. The set is in 3 pots on my deck. Two are set to white and the other to color. The color goes through the series nicely, but you can't pick a solid color other than white. The set was nice and bright when I first received them, but they stayed on all night. When I wake up in the morning, the lights are pretty dim as the solar batteries are already giving out. I will not order more. If you don't mind spending more money for new solar batteries after a few months, I think you may enjoy these lights. Have a great day!

👤The globe lights are a great change. The assembly took a few moments and they were packaged well. There is a switch on the underside that is set to off and you can change it to a white light or a color changing light. They emit a nice glow that stands out against the shrubbery that they are in. I will be ordering more sets to add to my yard because I love them so much.

👤The solar lights have some weight. Crackle glass is strong and beautiful. You can see the lights as they go dark. The darker it is, the more beautiful they look. You can have white lights or color changing lights. It's a great choice for you to change things up. You get 3 of them. If you want to store them away for the winters, they have an off position. The lights are in a box. I keep the box away for the winter. Box protects them nicely during the winter.

3. AOZBZ Changing Waterproof Landscape Multicolor

AOZBZ Changing Waterproof Landscape Multicolor

The solar garden lights are waterproof. It's perfect for garden, walkway, graveyard. Colorful. At night, the solar landscape light will change 7 colors. The solar ground light is powered by solar energy and can run for up to 8 hours after fully charged. It's easy to install, just choose a sunny place, insert the garden light into the ground, and press the ON/OFF button. The solar disk light has a waterproof rating and is suitable for outdoor use. On Christmas, Halloween, parties, weddings, birthdays and other occasions, you can easily create a warm, joyous and festive atmosphere. On Christmas, Halloween, parties, weddings, birthdays and other occasions, you can easily create a warm, joyous and festive atmosphere.

Brand: Aozbz

👤The lights for the first week were stated in the advertisement. They started phasing out completely. I replaced one of the worthless lights that I bought. The remaining set is dead after about a week. There is a The lights don't work so they're over priced. These lights are worthless. I have to give one star, but these lights are not deserving.

👤I don't need wiring, the lighting is beautiful, and it has the function of a safety light, it is very convenient, and my garden is no longer dark at night.

👤Solar lighting is easy and efficient. There are two things to be aware of. The lights are not as bright as you think. The light won't flow upwards, it will be a soft glow 2. The spectrum has no way to lock in a particular color. A light show is not a choice of colors. They are a great light. They are exposed to the full sun and are lit all night long. If you want them to sit off the ground, you have to turn the earth first to make it soft.

👤I put these in potted plants around the pool and it lights up the pool so pretty with all the different colors lighting up into the plant and giving it a glow not too bright but enough to reflect off the water and put it on the bushes behind the pool. The purchase was worth it. I was going to put the flowerbed off of the new patio, but since it is not built yet, I will put it down there.

👤They die down in less than two weeks. I've done it many times with the same results. There is a I bought the white ones for the front of my house and they have been there for about 3-4 months. I have added more to the front of my house. I am loving them. I know it's something about the colors.

👤The quality and brightness were disappointing. I have purchased white lights that are not colored and they will charge during the day and be extremely bright. The charges were not very bright for two days. A lot more flimsy. I was not as impressed as the others.

👤It is good for temporarily lighting. It doesn't stay on for long. It doesn't have much impact on the plants.

👤They are easy to install. They are easy to assemble but not long term use as they don't last much. The battery does not last long.

👤All four work were concerned when they arrived earlier today. They were charged for a couple of hours. They will be placed around my garden. Thank you, may I have some more?

👤These solar ground lights were really nice. My backyard looks pretty after they change into different colors. I love the lights. The lights will not light up during the night on days with little Sun.

👤I love them. They make it easy to see my steps. I like the colors. They look great.

4. Lights Outdoor Lighting Garden Decorative

Lights Outdoor Lighting Garden Decorative

Their friendly customer service is included with the 8 x Solar Garden Lights, 16 x screw plastic grooves,16 x screws, 1 x user guide. Crystal clear amber solar lights are very beautiful, like a bright crystal. There are two optional modes. White, 2. The light stays on all night and is changing color. The light works without electricity as the solar panel absorbs the sun rays and creates power for the light. Their solar panel converts up to 19.5% of the sunlight into electricity energy which lasts for a long time. Great outdoor security night light for wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, etc. It's designed for extreme weather conditions. There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws. There are no confusing wires, easy installation, and the product includes the screws.

Brand: Sunface

👤I put these along the fence in my backyard to make it look better at night. One light stopped working. They replaced it at no cost. It's nice to know I can change them out to multi-color. The seller was a great one.

👤I got these during the week. I put them on the posts of my fence. All you need is a drill and a screw driver to make it easier. They are very easy. Anyone can mount them. I will see how they work. You can return later with an update. 5 stars for now. There is a #update This is the second night that these lights are on. The first picture. One came on and did a great job. The second picture shows a faded light that does not change colors, and 5 are not working at all. My review was changed to 3 stars. Will be contacting Amazon to see what can be done. Will report again.

👤I was excited to install them on my back porch stairs because I liked the looks of them. The first problem was that the screws are designed to screw into the front of the treads, which doesn't work with curved nose treads. I will attach some outdoor Velcro tape. I installed all the lights. Half of them had failed in less than two weeks, after one had failed. They were useless as night lights for stairs because they only lasted for a couple of hours. Even a small amount of light from a 40- watt bulb was enough to turn off the garage lights. The light shines through the clear plastic and it looks pretty. They don't work very well. It doesn't come out again after you click the clear plastic into the black plastic base. Once you've clicked the plastic lens in place you're done, even though there's a switch for choosing white light or a cycle of LEDs. You can't get to the switch again. Not a good design. They went back to Amazon.

👤I would have given this product a 5 star rating, but I ordered two packs and the color of the light in each of them was different. One pack was a warm soft light and the other pack was a cool harsh blue light. I didn't notice the difference in color until after they were installed, since they only light up at night. There is no option to select a warm or cool white in the product description. I ordered a quantity of two products that were different from each other. Too much effort was put into taking them down and sending them back. My only recourse is to dock points on the review. The lights seem to be working well so far, despite the fact that they look funny side by side. It's really sad.

👤These could be cool. They mounted on top of the pool and led really nicely. I set them to the multi color option and I could have asked for better, but after about 2 weeks they died. It could have been a really good product.

5. Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

Waterproof Decorative Landscape Driveway Lighting

The outdoor solar path lights are made of Premium Materials that are resistant to pressure and scratch, which means they won't be damaged even if the mower runs over it. The solar lawn lights are waterproof and have 8 screws for long-term use even if the weather is cold or snow. Solar powered path lights outdoor use larger monocrystalline Silicon solar panels and 600 mah replaceable batteries with strong power storage capacity, which can efficiently collect and store solar energy even in rainy weather. It means that the solar ground lights are charged for 8 hours during the day and then automatically lit up for 10-13 hours. Solar walkway lights outdoor are maintenance-free and can be turned on at dusk and off at dawn, which will save the workforce. It's also the most popular gift for your family and friends to decorate the courtyard. The outdoor solar disk lights are easy to install, just peel off the plastic film and turn on the switch on the back. Solar outdoor yard lights are ideal for illuminating walkways far from exterior outlets and can provide an enchanting glow along winding garden paths. Having pathway solar lights outdoors will allow you to spend more time outside with your family. You can use solar pool lights to illuminate your pool at night, and light up your patio for an evening meal. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours. They are professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Kdorrku is committed to product quality, and they believe that their products and services can bring you an excellent user experience. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will provide satisfactory service to any customer within 24 hours.

Brand: Kdorrku

👤These have been through a lot of rain and are still up in the night. This has been running like a champ so far, even though most cheap solar lanterns die within a few months. It comes on when the light gets dim. These things stay lit until about 10 minutes past the sunrise. One of the best solar lights to date.

👤These are just enough light. Difficulty turning on was the reason I deducted one star. Only one of the switches moved to the other side. It would be impossible to turn them off because they were already on. The instructions say not to use them with frost, so I guess that means they would be damaged in winter. I don't know if that's standard or not, because this is my first set of solar lights.

👤It is easy to use and at a reasonable price. The garden has been completely transformed by the brightness. The charge was enough to last through the night even in a lightly shaded area. It is almost flat against the ground. I will recommend a few of my friends.

👤The price of the 2 lights was returned by the seller. The seller's rating was changed. 2 wouldn't stay on despite being charged for 3 days. The button was shorted so it wouldn't stay on even if you turned it on many times. The seller wanted me to buy another set and then give me a refund. I don't think it was a great resolution.

👤The method of operation is stated in the instructions. You can use the product as soon as it arrives since it was fully charged. There is a Second order all lights are on. Pictures do justice. There is a It's great for a foliage high light. There is a The bases are flimsy at the tip but a pre-drilled hole into the earth makes it easier to set these.

👤Talk about lighting up the night. The solar panel ground lights did that. They were easy to assemble. They lit up immediately after the switch was turned to "on" position. I looked nice in my dark walkway. Very strong. There was little effort to stick in the soil. They were just as bright the next morning. I don't have to worry about going to my apartment in the dark.

👤They don't last very long because they come on before it gets dark, but they seem bright at dusk. I contacted the seller to let them know that one of the lights didn't work out of the box. I wish they wouldn't come on until almost dark. I would like to get more, but they aren't worth it. I might have to add a different light or add some powered lights.

👤All items are in the box that I opened. All of the solar lights were checked and they were all perfect. It will be great for our walkway. It will lead us to our walkway at night since there is no lighting on the street where we live. The stands are easy to assemble and hold the solar lights. The solar lights were ready to use. I am happy with the performance of the solar lights. I am going to give this product to a friend.

6. Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

Maggift Powered Garden Lights Automatic

If you want to serve fruits SAFELY, you need to replace Varnish with Food Safe Grade Wood Wax Oil. The bowl's size should be known before purchasing. There is no electricity required and free solar energy. The solar panel is used for long-term operations. They will turn off at dawn. Make sure you turn the switch to ON before charging because there is a switch on the light cover. The solar lights are made of high quality plastic and don't need to worry about rust. The light can work under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP 44 and it's not a problem if there's rain, snow, frost, or sleet. It is easy to install, no wires. It takes a few seconds to push the stake into the soil. You can use one normal and one elevated stakes. The light is warm and gentle, but not bright enough for decoration. You can add a decorative glow to your pathways. The measures are 2.32 x 2.32 x 14.5 inch. If you receive solar lights, you should turn the ON/OFF switch at the light cover to ON position and place the light cover upside down at the table to make sure it will light up. If the lights don't work, you can order Solar Lights Replacement Top in their store.

Brand: Maggift

👤Very cheap. The stakes are cheap and break if you look at them. You can't put the cheap plastic reflectors back in place because the stakes that rattle around make them hard to put back in place. Don't waste your money. There is an update. After seeing the review, the company contacted me and offered to replace or refunds my order. Customer service is great and they respond quickly. I will be interested in buying more of their products in the future because of how well they take care of their customers.

👤I was looking for a change of pace from traditional solar lights. Most walkway solar lights are ugly and I don't like them. I wanted to buy some lantern style lights that were made from shepherd hooks. My wife changed my mind a few times. I think the reviews for this product were probably more light than they should have been, because they didn't have reasonable expectations. If you're looking for something that's safe to light up a walk way, these aren't the lights for you. These look like more upscale lighting options. The price point on these is insane, it's like 2$ per light. They put off a really cool looking pattern and are very stable in the ground. We have 2 walk ways and I'm thinking of buying abother to finish them. The front was nice and my wife loved it. It was nice to be able to test and make sure you don't install a bad light. If I were driving past a house that had these, I would think they were made from metel and not plastic, and they cost 3 times what they do from a distance. They are a different type of light. The design and pattern is very affordable and sturdy. If you know me, you'll know that I've tried every type of solar light on the market. If you keep some batteries on hand, you can solve the problem.

👤Since I bought a second box of solar lights, only one has stopped working, and it has been close to a year since I bought the first set. I get a lot of praise for my unique lights and I am very pleased with them. I'll be buying a third set without hesitation because we are working in a path to our backyard. There is a I hope my opinion helps you make a decision. They are great! The solar lights are beautiful. I didn't check the measurements before buying but they are smaller than I expected. I received them at 5pm. They only had a few hours to charge. They are doing a great job in my driveway. The screen creates a beautiful pattern. They are different from the other options in big box stores. I am very happy with my purchase and will be buying a second set for other areas of my front yard.

👤Simple and pretty. The shadows cast on the ground mark the path to my door nicely. They are made of plastic and don't look old. These are charged with the Sun. You're not going to get much light out of a dark day. Even with very little Sun, they still charge up nicely. There is a We had two feet of snow in February, but the lights were still perfect after the snow melted.

7. BROOM Outdoor Waterproof Ground Driveway

BROOM Outdoor Waterproof Ground Driveway

The solar path lights are bright. The illumination range and effect is bigger and brighter because their solar ground lights consist of 10 LED lights. The high level of waterproof is built in an external waterproof switch, instead of a pinhole switch, and the lighting material has a steel lamp shell, which is suitable for outdoor use. Automatic turning on and off of the solar panel. The solar disk lights don't require electricity. Their solar panel size is up to 5.4 square inches and you can charge the power 120mA per hour. It is possible to improve the efficiency of light energy conversion and to receive and store more solar energy. The solar path lights turn on at night and off at dawn or in bright places. You can put the light on the deck or stairs with no spikes if you turn on the switch under the cap. The disk lights are strong and resistant to weather and 100KG standing body, which makes the disk light output effects more textured. Customer service and warm tips are the best. If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them so they can help you solve the problem. The solar garden light has a built-in 600 mAh battery, when replaced it use only the type: 600 mAh Ni-MH battery. Customer service and warm tips are the best. If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them so they can help you solve the problem. The solar garden light has a built-in 600 mAh battery, when replaced it use only the type: 600 mAh Ni-MH battery.

Brand: Broom

👤I noticed our neighbors followed our example when I used the lights for our driveway. The ground isn't really illuminated because they are very bright and point upward. They are better suited for our landscape. They should be near the light. Very bright. Place them in a good spot if they get a good amount of sunlight. There is a I don't use the bottom spikes because I didn't want anything to penetrate the ground so I'm happy that you can opt out of using those when assembling

👤The tall ground solar lights were replaced with these. The plants in the patio ground planter look good. They have a great solar charge. The landscape is upscale.

👤Two of the lights in my package don't work.

👤These are used for the purpose. The lights worked. I need more lights. I just bought a pack of 12. I can't wait to put them out.

👤This product is everything. They are good quality and bright. The item arrived early. You can add flair to your yard by getting some.

8. Lights Outdoor Triple Head Street Vintage

Lights Outdoor Triple Head Street Vintage

On Christmas, Halloween, parties, weddings, birthdays and other occasions, you can easily create a warm, joyous and festive atmosphere. The updated version is here. The solar lamp post lights have been improved by increasing the size and quality of solar panels, thus extending the lighting duration. When the batteries are fully charged, they can light up for about 8 hours. Easy installation. You don't have to worry about wiring. The Solar Lamp doesn't require wiring, so you just install them where you want them. They may be lighting up the corridor today, the day after tomorrow they may be in the courtyard as a party decoration lighting. TheIDE application The Solar powered lights can be used in a variety of ways, like front/ back door, lawn, drive way, garden, yard, patio or anywhere, as long as the light is powered up by the sun. The Post lights can bring a different experience to you. ECO- FRIENDLY. The solar post lights are powered by the sun. When the batteries are fully charged, they can illuminate your drive way for about 10 hours, saving you money on your electricity bill. Buy no rheumatism. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any issues with this Solar Street Lights outdoor. Friendly customer service is offered by them. Buy no rheumatism. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any issues with this Solar Street Lights outdoor. Friendly customer service is offered by them.

Brand: Sungath

👤Light was not what I was expecting. Do not like the yellow lights. It shows clear or white lights.

👤I love my solar lamp post. I liked it. I got two. The first one was assembled in 15 minutes and the second in half that time. It shines bright enough to illuminate a large area between my house and shed. We came up with the idea of putting the light into an umbrella base so that we could move it if we ever wanted to. The solar lamp is worth a lot. The best deal was this one. A great product at a great price.

👤I would suggest looking for a lamp that is strong. It is very unstable where the pole sections fit together. It is crooked even though we installed heavy duty bolts and washers. The hardware that came with it was not used. It would not reach through the concrete we built. We would have to dig it out of the ground and remove all the parts to get it back. Will replace the pole light with a cast iron one.

👤I receive them as a gift. They seem to be very high quality. They were easy to assemble. When I went to put them outside they had nothing but long nails and sheet rock screws. I am not sure if you should put those in the ground or not. You have to have a firm soil in order to catch hold of these. If the wind blew too hard, they would fall over. Purchasing yard stakes would be a great way to get better Anchorage into the ground.

👤The lamp is pretty easy to put together, but the lights don't stay on all night after charging all day. It doesn't get light until around 6:30 am, so they may stay on until 3 am. There will only be one light on before some lights go off. It is nice to look at, but not what it was intended to do.

👤The solar lamp post lights are a nice addition to my yard. I had a problem attaching the bar post to the lights because the holes were not large enough for the screws. The area that the post is placed in emits minimum lighting. I used a weighted brass umbrella base to stand the light post. The lamppost base that came with the lamp is not weighted, but other reviewers had good suggestions on how to weigh it down. I ordered another one for my front yard and I would recommend this product as an outdoor decorative piece. The product was well packaged and delivered on time.

👤I just wasted almost a hundred bucks on Halloween lights that flickers a orange something light all 3 of them, because I am so disappointed I am working so hard on a yard done with Soft White.

👤These lights are pretty. They add a nice look to the lawn. I wish the lights were brighter. Before ordering, know that they are not the best. They don't last long throughout the night. I would return them if I could.

9. Waterproof Fireworks Decorative Sparkles Landscape

Waterproof Fireworks Decorative Sparkles Landscape

The solar garden fireworks lamp is upgraded. 40 flexible high-quality copper wire and 120 led beads are used in each solar yard light, which can be bent into any shape you want. These ornaments illuminate the flower bed, pathways, lawn, driveway, camping grounds, Christmas parties and create a festive and romantic atmosphere. Unihoh adopts the latest design that uses a large-capacity solar panel to provide power for 4 pack solar powered lights, which not only ensure long working time but also reduce transportation cost, that you can enjoy 4 packs of solar. Convenient remote control. The garden decor solar lights come with a remote control that can be used for 8 different flash modes and 3 different brightness levels. A magical atmosphere is created by different lighting effect combinations. The sparkler solar lights automatically on at night and off by day. The lighting time can be set with the remote. Unihoh solar garden fireworks lights have 1200 ultra-large capacity rechargeable battery which is able to provide up to 12 hours of continuous lighting after a full charge. Highly resistant for all types of weather The solar landscape lights pass the strict air-tightness test. Dustproof and heatproof are included in the IP65. It is possible to endure years of rain, snow, frost and sleet with the solid hard plastic construction. Highly resistant for all types of weather The solar landscape lights pass the strict air-tightness test. Dustproof and heatproof are included in the IP65. It is possible to endure years of rain, snow, frost and sleet with the solid hard plastic construction.

Brand: Unihoh

👤I thought these were not linked all together.

👤These lights are amazing. I have it for the last few days, and it works all night. I hope it will continue to hold the charge after a few months. We have to wait and see. There are different modes of light. The "auto-mode" is better as it keeps rotating through the various patterns, bringing Christmas to my backyard in July. You can use the lights to create patterns with the flexible wires. The remote can be used to adjust the brightness of the bulbs. Leaving it at a set brightness is easier than tinkering with it. The wires from the charging station to the four lights are long enough to place them apart for four feet. I don't know if those wires will last through the summer in Texas. We have to wait and see. I may have to buy sleeves for the wires if it shows signs of melting.

👤Beautiful lights! Who can ask for more when you have color and solar? Lasted 2 days. They only lasted 2 days after I put them up and secured them because it gets cold and windy in NYC for Christmas. I want to cry.

👤Very important. It takes forever to bend the wires into the fireworks design, or a straight fan. It's doable, but you have to pay close attention to how you form the lighted wires. It could be too small, too big, or the wrong way. They are pretty, but don't wait until the day you want to use them to form your shape, they are only good when you have a project in mind. As far as the battery life goes. They stay lit for a long time.

👤These make my yard seem festive. I prefer them in the circular display, but it is not easy to achieve. The spokes have to be positioned in a certain way and they have their own thoughts. They go every which way. I didn't realize they were all connected, so you can't spread them around your yard unless you buy multiple sets.

👤These are very enjoyable. I put them on my deck and put flowers in pots. You can change the motions of the lights. I will definitely order again if these last a long time. These are bright. When these lights lit up, I was so excited.

👤A little light show at the back patio that a granddaughter enjoys. A sweet remote. The timer function is cool. It's a good value, and you may get another set for the front porch.

👤These work off the solar light connection. They go for a long time even in the dreary days. The different modes are eye catchers. We'll keep them around the pool the rest of the year because they're great for Christmas, but we don't have electricity. Glad we got them.

👤The front of the house is where it is used. Couldn't find a match of 4 lights or the same price for the 2 sets that I wanted to reorder.

10. Maggift Lantern Outdoor Christmas Fixture

Maggift Lantern Outdoor Christmas Fixture

The solar owl light is great to decorate your garden, lawn, pathway, patio, walkway, fence, backyard decoration. The solar wall light is made of plastic and is sealed tight. The per solar lights include 2 led bulbs and 15 watt Led bulbs. Each light has a measure of 6.2 x 4.2 x 8.1 inch. The package includes two solar wall lights. Solar powered--powered by solar, are charged in full and direct sunlight for 8 hours, the lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Before you can charge you need to remove the INSULATION TRIP from the light cover. No wires comes with a mounting kit for walls, which makes it easy to install. Warm white light adds elegance and color to your outdoor living areas. Warm white light adds elegance and color to your outdoor living areas.

Brand: Maggift

👤I am very happy with these. They are cute and the light shines in a cool pattern. You cannot tell if they are plastic unless you are right next to them. Take note of the dimensions so that you aren't surprised. I am very impressed with how long they last. I put them up a few weeks ago in Denver, and they last all night. This time of year, I think it's about 12 hours. I bought a different type of light for the same area, but it doesn't last as long as the brighter one. I thought the solar panels at an angle would give the other one an advantage when the sun is at a low angle in the sky. A good product so far. I will have to check back later to see how well they last the test of time.

👤The lights were shipped by Amazon. One light had a bright white hue and the other was amber. I contacted TWICE to replace the bulb after I realized it was the color of the bulb. I haven't heard back yet. If the company doesn't respond to the warranty, what good is it?

👤I bought these for a playhouse re-do, but not sure what application they would have had otherwise. They were perfect for what I needed. They seemed to be on the cheap side. I said I was using a playhouse. I was not looking for the best. They were easy to install.

👤These are cute on the smaller side, but I wanted them on my deck posts. They were easy to install. That is where the problem started. I had these up and running for 3 weeks. One of them has lights. The other no longer illuminates. At all. They are only about 3-4 feet away from each other in the open. I would assume that the other one wouldn't work if it was the issue, since it has been cold here in Illinois lately. There are a dozen smaller stake lights around my yard. There are no cracks or damage that I can see. I will have to find a replacement that will last more than 3 weeks.

👤I bought 6 boxes back in December. I put them on the 4x4 posts around our fence. The warn white gives off just enough lighting. It's not enough to light up the yard very bright, but I can walk around at night with no problems, it casts a lot of light with the film on the inside. One stopped working a week after installation. They aren't that expensive. When they were back in stock, I was excited. I ordered 7 more pairs to finish the inside of the fence. They are small and work well for what we need. They are black plastic but they don't look bad at all. Everyone loves me. I recommend them!

👤I had them up in minutes after they arrived. They are one of my favorite purchases from Amazon. If I ever need to check on my chicken babies at night, they are bright and will be great illumination. I plan on ordering more sets. I will do an update if they malfunction.

11. KASUN Walkway Stainless Waterproof Security

KASUN Walkway Stainless Waterproof Security

It's resistant to all types of weather, including wind and burning sun. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3 certify high quality. They offer a365 days long worry-free guarantee. The solar fence lights are free to replace or return. They will give you a solution if you have any questions. They can't get in touch with you via the product consultation page. Find your order first, then click on "Ask a question" after which you can contact them. The material made for outdoor lights can be waterproof,heat resist,frost resist and anti-rust. Simple appearance, easy installation, but not simple configuration and functions. You just need to use the Double-sided tape, punch two holes, and spend 5 minutes. The solar deck light's panel made of high-quality monocrystalline Silicon,conversion up to 18%,build-in high capacity battery,which can store enough power to light up till dawn, and the beads are not too dark and not too bright. You don't need to turn it on or off everyday, it can be charged at daytime and dusk. Wireless design can reduce security risks. Their solar outdoor lights can be charged by solar powered, and they can save energy and protect the environment. The solar fence lights are Cool White. The size is not too big and not too small, it's great for holiday, party,festival decoration, even for birthday, Christmas, Halloween,Thanksgiving Day and Parent gift.

Brand: Jsot

👤These were supposed to be nice little lights for the steps. They're so bright that they make the steps look like the main attraction and leave the swim spa in the dark. I didn't put them in the steps yet. I will probably use the lights on the fence around the spa to illuminate it. I will buy smaller lights for the steps. They seem to be high quality units. They're going to be difficult to mount, since you have to match the little holes in the back of them to the pegs you drive into the wood. We are very happy with this purchase and would buy them again. If anything changes, I will update this post. There is an update. The lights are still bright and stay on all night. I'm going to buy more and light up the deck.

👤I love these. I used heavy duty double stick tape to put these up. I didn't want to put a nail in the Stone. They work well. They are already lighting up at sunset. They were still lit up at night.

👤On 6/14, 8 lights were purchased and received. Only 4 of the 8 lights stayed on all night as of 6/23. Will post another review before the windows close. This product is disposable and won't be sticking to it. There is a The first picture is when the lights turn on, the next pictures show when the lights stopped working.

👤Two days ago, it was received. Set in the sun for the rest of the day. Even after 3AM, all units still put out more than enough brightness to illuminate an area of about 5 feet. It's possible that he was still going at sunup. I didn't stay up all night. One thing to remember about this item is that you should be as careful with them as you are with a light bulb. The lense will crack if banged around like I did with two, but they are not that fragile. I changed the mounting locations on some of them because of the weakness in the areas where feet could hit them. There is an update. Since my first order two years ago, I have ordered two more sets and all of the outdoor equipment I have purchased, this has to be the best item. I have bought every one of them and they still work well, even with more than one. I have mounted most of my items on two screws that are secure to the post, rail, etc., and can be lifted off and used as a portable light source. They are useful even though they are not as bright as a regular flashlight. There is a The main function of the Solar Lights is that they are a solid light source at night that does work all night long. They will collect water on the inside of the lens in wet conditions, but all work well and eventually dry out. There is a Again 5 stars. Great product!


What is the best product for decorative solar outdoor lights for planters?

Decorative solar outdoor lights for planters products from Maggift. In this article about decorative solar outdoor lights for planters you can see why people choose the product. Solpex and Aozbz are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative solar outdoor lights for planters.

What are the best brands for decorative solar outdoor lights for planters?

Maggift, Solpex and Aozbz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative solar outdoor lights for planters. Find the detail in this article. Sunface, Kdorrku and Maggift are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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