Best Decorative Solar Outdoor Lights Hanging

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1. JHBOX Christmas Decoration Waterproof Backyard

JHBOX Christmas Decoration Waterproof Backyard

The Glass Ball Solar Garden Light is made of glass. The light orb is made of glass with cracked art process and is stunning at night. The reflection of the pattern is beautiful enough to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden, yard, patio, doorsteps etc. Solar garden decor The solar ball turns on automatically at night. The ball has a solar panel that stores the energy for the rechargeable battery. When it's dark for more than 8 hours, the 30 bulbs turn on with a warm yellow color. There are two ways to install. Plug the outdoor led orb into the soft ground with the stake provided. If the ground is too hard, do not twist it. Try to make the ground softer by digging a hole for the spike. 2. Without stakes, you can sit the lights ball decoration on the flat surface. It is waterproof and durable. The solar panel and switch are located on the base of the decorative crystal balls and can be removed with the use of a screw thread. If the ball gets foggy, you can take the base off and wipe the wet off. The solar garden lamp is powered by the sun. It can be used as garden accessories, lawn ornaments, sidewalk, path and patio lighting. You don't need to worry about quality problems because the solar outdoor lights are professionally tested. You can get a one year warranty from your purchase day. You don't need to worry about quality problems because the solar outdoor lights are professionally tested. You can get a one year warranty from your purchase day.

Brand: Jhbox

👤These are nice. The crackle pattern is very attractive. There is a seam. You don't notice it from a few feet away. Turn them on and let the sun do its job. They take about 6 hours to get back to normal. These are not going to be a bright light, they are solar and will be more like gentle candlelight without the flicker. They still work despite the cold weather. If you have them in a shady spot or on cloudy days, they must have several hours of sunlight to recover. These are automatic and only turn on at dusk and off at dawn. I put these on my son's gravestone and they still light up after 5 months. I'm not going to light a pathway in my garden because they're not strong enough for that, only for decorative value. I find them very calm. Highly recommended.

👤This globe is not water proof. The rain water made its way into the globe. It is cheap and that is what you get.

👤It worked the first two nights. The yellow hue is brighter than the white hue. One light flickered in dim and the other didn't come on after all day in the Las Vegas Sun. I tried to push the switch on the bottom, but there was no light. They don't work so have to return them.

👤The battery should last about four or five hours. I might be too demanding.

👤It works as expected. When using indoors, make sure the sensor is dark enough to detect and turn on. It's probably less of an issue when using outdoors.

👤This is beautiful and stays lit all night.

👤It was smaller than I thought. I liked the way they looked in the photos and didn't check the measurements.

2. Lanterns Anti Rust Waterproof Aluminum Protection

Lanterns Anti Rust Waterproof Aluminum Protection

2 Pack Solar Wall Lanterns. The light fixture can be used to illuminate a porch, deck, patio, garage areas and more. The hanging wall lights have solar panels that can absorb more solar energy. The battery has a large capacity. The solar lamp can be placed in the sun to charge the battery. For 8 to 12 hours, charging can illuminate. Bad weather can affect lighting time. Built To Last The solar wall lights are mostly made of aluminum and glass and have a decorative case to illuminate your home. The surface is covered with outdoor-grade paint, which is specially added anti-UV function and used spray process, to improve the anti-aging level. The waterproof level makes it perfect for outdoor use. Mesuring Size: 9INCH. The sensor is auto on. Solar hanging lanterns are completely solar-powered, making them not only energy-saving and eco-friendly, but also cost-effective. It is possible to last longer with additional replaceable bulbs included in the set. The sensor will turn on when it's dark or when it's dawn, if it's dusk to dawn. It's easy to install. Installation is quick and painless with no wiring required. The included installation brackets can be mounted virtually anywhere. Each lantern has a unique hanging design that allows it to function as portable lights. It can be used on your hooks. Please turn on the switch on the light cover first. Flexible application Their wall sconces are ideal for any outdoor environment with premium rugged metal construction and four high-quality solar panels, it can be used in multi scene application, not only limited to the wall, can be under the tree, etc. Flexible application Their wall sconces are ideal for any outdoor environment with premium rugged metal construction and four high-quality solar panels, it can be used in multi scene application, not only limited to the wall, can be under the tree, etc.

Brand: Pasamic

👤First impressions are good. It was made well, heavy and attractive. The first thing I noticed was that I wanted something bright, and that's why I bought this set. The box says they are 20 lunens. It's not a mistake because it's in 2 different places on the Amazon site. I find it very annoying. There is a The advertising was changed to reflect the correct information after I wrote the review.

👤There is no electricity in my chicken house. The lighting helps my security cameras catch any animals that try to get my hens. Installation is easy. Not expecting an actual glass globe was the quality is great. The lighting is great. The first photo was taken without a flash. It is exactly what I wanted, so far, so good. There is a If I get a big windy storm, the tops might start to spin off the globe and it will fall and break, that's the only thing I'm worried about. I will be checking them frequently to make sure they are secure. It might be possible to fix it with a folded paper wedge. We'll see.

👤I am the first to admit I was wrong. The replacement only worked for a day because my husband accidentally turned off the switch. It does work. The company reached out to me and offered to replace my set for free. The ones I have are nicer than the ones you get at Walmart. I'm torn. I raised the rating back up because I couldn't find a comparable lantern at the same price, and because the company reached out and made it right when I said I wasn't happy with the product. I feel better about pushing the rating back up if I know that they stand behind it. There is an update. The original review is below. I'm changing my rating to 1 star. I received a replacement set for my broken one, and was to send it back. The first one I removed from the box was broken. I put a new battery in the lamp and it wouldn't light up. I took the second replacement out and it worked. For a day. I hung it on a shepherd's hook in my front yard. The first night? It worked out fine. The second night? It didn't light up. The battery should have charged on a sunny day. Only one of the four shipped to me has been able to work. Save money. I ordered a set of hanging solar lanterns with thousands of feedback and almost 5 stars for less than the cost of the lanterns. There is a person who says that I was a bit hesitant about ordering these, as I thought the price was too steep and the packaging was sub-par. I decided to get them against my better judgement because I loved the shape and size. I want to acknowledge that they are very nice when they work. They are large enough to be eye-catching, but small enough not to be gaudy. The brackets are sturdy and small. I installed one next to my patio door, and it gives off a soft glow that accentuates my other deck solar lighting. I'm used to plastic lighting, so it was refreshing to see metal and glass. There is a mirror on the bottom of the lantern that helps diffuse the light. I like them. I should say one, because only one worked when I got them. The negatives are next. The packaging is not very well done. The box from Amazon was undamaged, and the lanterns were in another box. After cutting through layers of tape and plastic, I found out that one lantern's bulb had gotten stuck in the solar lid. I marked the bulb in case it didn't work. The other lantern was undamaged. The metal solar lid to the lantern doesn't lock in when you spin it, and I can see why other people are worried about a storm taking them out. It doesn't take much to take the tops off. I put the lanterns on and let them sit in the sun all day. There was only one lantern that night. I opened them and saw that the bulb I marked was not lighting up. I switched the batteries to see if it was a problem. It was a bulb problem. I was disappointed to spend $45 on two lanterns, only to find one worked. I'm giving them four stars. If the seller/manufacturer could figure out a way to secure the tops a little more, and also package them a bit better to prevent issues during shipment, I would give them 5 stars.

3. OhEffulgence Decorative Honeycomb Waterproof Umbrella

OhEffulgence Decorative Honeycomb Waterproof Umbrella

The honeycomb mosaic glass pattern is in various shades of blue and green. The ocean and beach are similar to the blue sparkling flecks of color. During the day, the mosaic lantern catches the sun's light and beams bright colors throughout the space. The solar lantern illuminates the mosaic tiles at night to create a gorgeous splash of blue ocean atmosphere. The Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern is made of hand-blown glass. Each piece of glass tile is hand selected and set into a weather resistant mortar that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The base and frame are made of iron. Adding lanterns to a garden display will help soothe your mind and spirit after a long day. This mosaic solar lantern is a great gift because it makes a great decorative accent to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space in the daytime but also illuminates an enchanted romantic atmosphere at night. It's a great gift for friends and family. Their patio, porch, and garden will shine thanks to their solar lantern. There is a switch on the solar panel. Before you charge, make sure you turn on the button. Allow the solar panel to be fully charged by exposing it to direct sunlight. The light will work for up to 8 hours at night. It's waterproof and resistant tocorrosion, suitable for outdoor environments. It can be used as tree lights, pathway lights, porch decor and even indoor decor where it could get sunshine. If you have any questions about their solar lanterns, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they'll help you solve the problem. The SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you have any questions about their solar lanterns, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they'll help you solve the problem. The SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Brand: Oheffulgence

👤The price was not as bright as I expected. It will do. I wouldn't buy it again. My picture is not like the one they have posted. It is direct sunlight all day.

👤I bought this in February and it was pretty. I put it in my garden because it said it was waterproof. It was no longer lighting up at night after a few months. I thought it might need a new battery. The whole inside of the top was rotten when I removed it. It was hanging in the sun, but it wasn't recharged. I was very disappointed since I hadn't had it that long.

👤The first one died in less than a month, and the replacement lasted 2 months. They look great, but are not well made. We bought two cheaper ones at Kroger and they are still working. A shame. There is a The original was original. This lantern was perfect for replacing an older lantern on a blue stand. I didn't think it would light up our deck, but it's a decorative glow and brighter than others we have. I don't know how well it will hold up outdoors because it's not really sealed up, but the solar cell, light sensor, battery, and led are pretty much the works of it. If you cover the top with your hand, the light should come on. I think it should have a drain hole in the bottom, but so far it looks great.

👤The look in the daylight is just as good as it is at night. They add color to my decor. The bulb at night could be a bit brighter, but in complete darkness they give off a pretty glow. I am happy with my purchase. I opened them and turned them on that night. There was no need for charging.

👤The lantern in my front walkway provided less than 20 minutes of light. The first 3 days. There is a It didn't light up after less than a month. I wish it had worked and provided the pretty pattern that is advertised to do, but it doesn't. I was not able to see that blue green mosaic pattern. It is being returned.

👤I love these. Got the small one as well.

👤The larger one was too large for my patio table. I love it! It is exposed to a lot of rain already, but still runs perfectly. It does not change colors, it is just enough illumination.

👤The lantern is pretty. I have it sitting on our high top bistro and it is perfect. Our teal and purple decor and solar lights blend beautifully with the colors. It's the right amount of light for a conversation without feeling like you're in the dark or under a spotlight. I thought it wasn't bright enough and didn't stay lit long, but I realized it was only because the sun is at such a short wavelength in December. The price was perfect and it was shipped quickly and well padded. A very happy customer.

4. TWINSLUXES Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Decoration

TWINSLUXES Pathway Outdoor Waterproof Decoration

It is easy to install and use this solar powered landscape light. It's environmental protection and saving to just assemble them and put them in the ground. This solar pathway lights is different from other styles on the market because it has a brand new dual light source. The light coming from the top of the lamp will bring you a different experience. The weather-resistant is weather. The solar outdoor pathway light is waterproof and durable. No worries about weather. The solar path light is 2.6 2.613.07 inches and has a high EFFICIENCY. The solar light can last up to 12 hours. Customer service is provided. If you have a question about their solar gaeden lights, please contact them. Customer service is provided. If you have a question about their solar gaeden lights, please contact them.

Brand: Twinsluxes

👤I thought I would give them a try. They are easy to assemble. You just need to move the switches to the "on" position, add a metal thingy, and turn around the stakes. I took off two stars because there are about two or three that just kind of "strobe" all night long. There are at least one or two that never come on. The rest need a lot of sunlight to last for a long time.

👤The first night I put them in my yard, they were all good. The second night was not on. I opened up the 4 and checked the batteries, all of them had very low batteries. The solar cell was being looked at by my DC volt meter. The batteries were not being charged. The wire was not successfully soldered to the solar cell after I removed the sealant around it. There are 12 that seem ok and 4 that are trash. Purchase at your own risk. I have had the lights for 3 weeks and 4 have failed. I will be returning them. Junk.

👤Good product. It arrived quickly. Good price. The garden in the barnyard area has these. Not expecting much. I was surprised at how well made they are. They were bought because they were the cheapest. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is mostly made of metal. The light shines bright even on a snowy day. Will purchase again.

👤These lights look great. They were easy to assemble and came with a charge. I was able to enjoy them immediately. The only problem I found was that one of the globes was already cracked when I removed it from the bubble wrap. The light stayed on the globe. I didn't want to un do all my work to return all of them for one small issue.

👤They put out a good amt of light and are priced well.

👤I don't know how they're still standing, they are extremely flimsy, two of the broke, and the plastic is so thin.

👤I only set up 8 and already had one break, so I thought I'd give them a try. Just after sunset, they barely show light. I was replacing my 2yr old ones and they were dead 30 minutes later. Don't buy them. They had a lot of good days off, but still nothing. I'm thinking about pulling the dirt out.

👤I have had 2 weeks. They aren't the best. It was easy to install. There were two lights that weren't working. I'm waiting for a full 2 days of sun to see if the 2 lights can be charged, because we are in a rain pattern now. There is a They are not the same as the others. I'm okay with different. I'm not interested in looking at them in the day time, I'm just waiting for the sun to show what they can do.

👤It's fine. They are not bright but easy to install.

👤The ones that do work are barely visible and the bases snap.

5. IShabao Outdoor Changing Waterproof Hanging

IShabao Outdoor Changing Waterproof Hanging

It's ideal for Christmas gift for friends and family, it's perfect decor for indoors and outdoors, and it's portable and easy to move. The wind chime is solar powered and has high quality and durable material. The solar-powered supply design is energy-saving. The solar panel can last up to 10 hours when fully charged. The lights last 100,000 hours. The colored lights are brighter than in the photo. The lights will light up automatically at night/when dark only, with a color changing light bulb and a light sensor that will change from one color to the next. Wind chimes are the best choice of decor for your garden. The hook can be hung from trees, fences, patio, garden, lawn and other features. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father's Day, grandma birthday gifts, mom birthday gifts are great gifts. The solar panels should be exposed to direct sunlight if the switch is set to "ON". The solar-powered supply design is user-friendly. There is no need for wiring or an external power supply. At dusk, the mobile solar lights will come on to illuminate the area you want. All wind chimes are packaged and checked before shipping. They offer a seven-day no-reason returning and refunding service. If there are any issues with the product, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will solve it.

Brand: Ishabao

👤I absolutely adore this! It works well. I ordered a gift for a friend. This will be a good gift for friends.

👤The item was packaged well and works as described. It is a joy to look at the bright colors every evening. Highly recommended! 5 stars and a good rating.

👤When the battery is put in the sun, it doesn't get charged because the battery compartment doesn't hold it in. I'm going to have to rig it to keep the battery in.

👤My husband and I got 2 other hummingbird solar lights from another company. After about a year, one stopped working. We replaced it with the solar hummingbird wind chime. The design was 1/3. The cost works well. It is not as bright at night. As the original one we had. Still for the price. It's very nice. Thanks.

👤There were 2 hanging flower baskets on the back deck. I found these solar lights when I replaced the flower baskets. I have hummingbird feeders that draw in a lot of hummingbirds, but they are not in use during the winter. The hanging lights have found a home for the winter. The birds are light in weight. I don't know how long they will last, but they fill a void.

👤When they're completely lit up, it's pretty, but I have to press the top part of the hanging lights over and over to make it glow. Again... It was pretty but not well made. I guess it's worth it for 12 dollars. If you're going to make this, make it work.

👤We bought two of them and were gifted a third, but we couldn't get any of them to light up. We didn't know there was an on/off switch under the plastic globe piece. You have to open it. It is pretty and lights up well so far.

👤After a month, it stopped changing colors. Every ball is red. The company reached out to me and sent me a replacement for free, so I am updating my review to 5 stars. It was appreciated. Customer service is great.

👤Solar powered. It is beautiful. It arrived a day early. Very happy. They stay lit for a long time.

👤I will give these as a gift. I need to be able to test the lights, but they will be fine. I can still make these look cute with handmade metal fairies, even though they are much smaller than I expected. The fairies will look amazing. I wish they could be sold on Amazon.

👤I hung this outside for a few days. Then switched to On. It glowed for 8 hours after it was beautiful for 6 days. Then it malfunctioned. The light only lasts for about an hour and then quits. I ordered another one to give because I was so pretty. I'm not sure if I should keep it. I'm waiting for a response from the supplier.

👤I thought it would be more than it is. Was going to give it as a gift, but I am keeping it as a gift to me. It is a strong and colorful value. Can't wait for the spring to start!

6. Brightown Outdoor Pathway Shepherd Hanging

Brightown Outdoor Pathway Shepherd Hanging

The solar pathway lights have a total height of 38.6 inches and are 3000K led, which is high definition, glamorous sunshine lighting out through the transparent, classical styled and creating a decorative view for your pathway in garden, lawn or yard. The All Seasons Garden accessories are waterproof and strong, which makes them great for all seasons, even in poor weather. Both solar powered and auto. The solar garden lights have a photosensitive component that makes them auto on at dusk for decoration or lighting your way, and off at dawn for charging. These solar garden walkway lights are high efficiency solar energy conversion, eco-friendly and no extra electricity cost, 5 hours fast charging for 8 hours operation, replaceable built in rechargeable battery, this solar landscape lights is a great gift lights for family, friends, relatives, colleagues or yourself. Remove the dust protective film from the solar panel before you use it, then use the insulation sheet to power on the hanging lights, and then use the inner smaller lampshade and the top roof. Remove the dust protective film from the solar panel before you use it, then use the insulation sheet to power on the hanging lights, and then use the inner smaller lampshade and the top roof.

Brand: Brightown

👤I bought these coach lights to replace my older coach lights. Since my old set was discontinued by the company they were purchased, they are a decent replacement. The lights have a softer golden glow to their hue and are of the same size. Even though I have tall shepherd hooks on my deck, they are easy to put together. This product is recommended by me. I can't report longevity because I only owned them for 2 weeks. The light material is plastic and the cost is an ebony. I hope this helps potential buyers.

👤The solar light for our mailbox worked out great for us. The solar panels are to the side, so they will get plenty of light. You can put the post in the ground with them.

👤The look is nice. The light is not as bright as I expected, but the shepherd hook is metal and can be used at different levels.

👤The metal stake is very thin and slides into a small plastic piece that goes into the ground. The plastic broke while in the ground. I have in the ground without the plastic because the stake is not snug enough. The stakes won't stand straight up in doing that. The lights are made of plastic. The poor quality of these is why they are overpriced.

👤The product is easy to install. The lighting level is very dim. I was looking for something that would light up. If you need bright lights, these are not for you. They are low maintenance and light up at night. The plastic spike is not good for hard and dry ground. It would work better in a watered area.

👤I reside in Northern Wisconsin. We don't get a lot of sun or daylight hours during the winter, so we only get 2 hours of dim light at night. I'm hoping they will work better this summer, but I can't find lights that work in my climate.

👤At the bottom of our driveway, I bought these to add down. We went with this style because it looked like it would give off more light. That doesn't seem to be the case. Hopefully they will last through the winter.

👤The style is cute but not very bright. We use them at the end of the driveway. Prongs that stick into the ground are tipping over. Can't recommend.

7. Kaixoxin Lantern Fairy Frosted Decorative

Kaixoxin Lantern Fairy Frosted Decorative

dual This fairy solar lantern can be hung from a rope handle or sits on a surface. The fairy lanterns are powered by the sun and can turn on at night and off at dawn. The light should last at least 8 hours at night if it is charged in full sunlight for 6 hours a day. The fairies shadow creates an atmosphere full of love and romance. The solar light is a work of art, it is fresh and quiet. The rope handle is the closest you can get to nature. The hanging solar lantern has 20 x bright warm white mini string, which provides enough brightness for the whole product. The solar jar size is 4.33'' D x 6.10'' H and weighs 1.35 pounds. The solar glass jar has a certain rate of breaking. If you receive a broken one, they will provide you a fast replacement service for free. The solar glass jar has a certain rate of breaking. If you receive a broken one, they will provide you a fast replacement service for free.

Brand: Kaixoxin

👤I love the light! I put it up outside with some mason jars twinkle lights. It is solar powered and just turns on and off on its own.

👤These solar lamps are wonderful. They are made of good quality. The solar portion of the lamp did not last more than a few hours after a full day's charge, and I made a note of the problem in my initial review. There is a The vendor immediately contacted me about the review. The vendor immediately provided excellent support and went beyond the expected customer service to replace the solar portion in addition to a few extra batteries.

👤It's not standard. I was impressed with the quality. I bought this for my daughter and she loves it.

👤So happy with the light! It gives the perfect amount of light. I am happy with this purchase.

👤I have a metal pole above my fairy garden that I hang this on. It's pretty. It is a nice thick glass. The rustic looking handle adds to the fairy appeal. The fairies are hard to see. The frosted glass is thick, but the lights are just the right amount of brightness. I know they are fairies, that's what matters. I haven't used it outside yet because it's winter and I want to save it for Spring, but the solar cell seems to hold artificial light well and shine for hours. I am very happy with this lantern.

👤The product arrived in perfect condition. My intention was to use it as a memorial light for my son, but I'm not sure if it can survive a lot of rain if not protected by a porch or overhang. Maybe the description should include a warning about the environment? If I'm wrong about this and it holds up, I'll change my rating to a 5 in a few months.

👤I didn't like the paint splatter on the glass. It looks tacky when not lit. The rope handle is not sure if it will fare outside, but I will put it in the garden with the other fairy silhouettes. The good: a warm light with a solar cell, thick glass, and a water tight top. I was annoyed that no one tried to hide the contents of the package when it was delivered. It was not a surprise for the spouse. Overall, it was a good purchase. I will have to deal with the weird look. It is unique. I am not going to find anything else like that anywhere.

👤I am brain damaged and can't speak or eat but I bought it to remember my late wife and use it as a night light.

👤I bought this for myself as a treat and was a little disappointed as I thought the fairy was going to be a model inside the jar, but it is just a paper cut out from the side of the jar. It looks nice when lit up. It would have been 5 stars.

👤It looks beautiful when illuminated and not. It adds a mystical and magic look to the evening and is a lovely design.

8. Lantern Waterproof Umbrella Landscape Decorative

Lantern Waterproof Umbrella Landscape Decorative

The flames are realistic. The dancing flame looks similar to the real flame. The yellow light creates a welcoming atmosphere. The antique flame effect is an attractive decoration. Saving energy and money is important. The lantern light is solar powered, no wires, no batteries, just put it under the sun to absorb the solar energy, then the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into electricity. It helps you save money. Working time is long. After charging for 4 to 5 hours under the sun, it can light up for 15 hours. The solar flame light will not be charged when it is off, so please press the button to put it under the sun to get charged. The weather will affect working time and charging time. It's easy to install. The solar lantern light has a hanging lamp and a circular ring that can be hung or clipped on. It will turn on at dusk and off at dawn. You don't have to operate the off switch once you put it into use. It is waterproof and durable. With Ip65 waterproof and durable, no more worries about raining, snowing and frosting, perfect for outdoor use. It is waterproof and durable. With Ip65 waterproof and durable, no more worries about raining, snowing and frosting, perfect for outdoor use.

Brand: Tofu

👤I was very pleased with the set I purchased. I bought a second set and set them outside with the others, and thought they would work the same as the first set. Huge disappointment. I have checked the switch and reset it, but it still doesn't light up, and it has been charging for 3 days now. Very disappointed. There should be a way to change the battery. I wish I hadn't assumed they would work and that I had saved the box so I could have sent the second ones back. My loss...

👤The lanterns are a decent size and work well. They have an on-off switch at the bottom. The alligator clips on the top are hard to understand. It's okay. These will be a permanent fixture on my deck. They are perfect for that job. The flickering faux flame is very interesting. They seem to be strong.

👤The illusion of flame is not convincing. The flickering goes on for about 2 seconds. The flame is frozen midair for a brief moment when the routine is repeated. Real flame is not like that. The illusion of flame is lost. Please watch my video.

👤These are decorative, so do not expect them to light your pathways. They work well, hold a charge well, and do well even with overcast days, even if they don't fully charge them up. They were the perfect icing on my cake to enjoy the atmosphere without burning anything down.

👤I bought this set of lanterns and they all work. There is a warm light in the fireplace. It looks like a real fire. The light is diffuse and not cast in a direction that would cause it to be seen from far away. If placed on a path or front steps, the lantern will cast enough light for a person to see the steps, but don't expect to see bright details on the path or long stretches of a single lantern. It is comforting to look at fire. It looks great on a tall shepherd's hook. It has a ring. No wires needed. You can use Shepherd Hooks to hang it on a tree, umbrella, table, driveway, pool, patio, or anywhere you want. The flame light will be on for about 12 hours. The charging time will be affected by the weather. I haven't had a chance to know about it's battery life. It's made of plastic and looks good. The solar lights are more expensive than average garden lights, so they last longer. The star rating will be lowered if not.

👤I like these solar lights, but they are a little glitchy once in a while. I look out at night and one of them won't work. It might not work for a few nights, then it will work again. I don't think it's an individual defect because it happened with both of the lights I got. I would give 5 stars all day long if not for this.

👤Good value for money. The only issue we have is that the on/off switch occasionally goes bad, and we leave ours outside in the Florida weather. The two wires continue to work after I bypassed the switch. When the light comes on and the sun comes up, you don't need a switch as the light will turn off when the sun comes up.

9. Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

Lantern Decorative Waterproof Courtyard Decorations

The solar lantern is made from quality metal with rustproof finish. You can hang it on a shepherds hook, because it has a durable handle, and also put it on the table. The solar patio lantern made with BrightLED is in a big size. The decorative lantern is a nice garden gift. The solar outdoor lanterns emit a soft yellow glow at night and display a pretty pattern on the table or ground. The antique finish makes it stand out. Adding a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your yard and deck is a good idea. The outdoor hanging lantern is powered by the sun. Simply place it at a location with direct sunlight. At dusk, the lantern will turn on. No wire is needed to save energy. Before you charge the button in the sun, make sure it's in the "ON" position. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement. The lights will light up if you keep the solar panel in the dark. If you ever have issues with your Go2garden outdoor solar lanterns, please contact them for a free replacement.

Brand: Go2garden

👤I saw all the pictures of the product and bought 10 of them for a customer. The product was disappointing. The light is not bright and does not create a pattern like in pictures. Don't expect that. Each light has one tiny bulb. I will return all of them.

👤These are a good size. I hung them on shepherds hooks I bought on Amazon, and then placed them on a seashell walk path in my garden. During the day the blue looks great and at night the lanterns create a charming pattern. They are built to last. Since my family and I are limited in our social contact, it is a pleasure to have these to add to a beautiful garden that we are spending more time in than ever before. Staying at home is a pleasure. If you do go out, stay safe in small areas, and enjoy your garden beautifully lit with these "no maintenance" lanterns. Wishing you the best of luck.

👤The metal solar lantern looks good during the day. The pattern of the lantern is fantastic at night. The metal is cut out with precision so the projection looks focused and pleasing to the eye. It looks great on the patio floor. It should be raised about 1-2 feet off the ground to spread out the pattern and still be focused. There is a The lantern's solar element is of good quality and the light stays on longer than other solar lights. It's great that there's nothing to do but watch it come on every night.

👤The lantern has a warm glow that doesn't attract bugs and a good amount of light. The pictures don't do it justice. The yellow interior of the light makes it look like it's glowing during the day.

👤The lantern is out in the sun for 6 hours a day. The switch is turned on. I have never seen it light up after dark. It flashed on for a moment when I moved it. It's a beautiful piece of junk.

👤I'm very happy with this lantern. It is a nice metal construction and it glows at night. I had to take a picture from the top so you could see the design on the sidewalk. It looks great in my garden during the day and amazing at night.

👤The lamp is small. It is a small lamp. The outside is turquoise and the inside is yellow. The yellow dims the light outside. The definition of the design casted is nowhere close to the detail on the pictures, which is why the light design expands half the way from the pictures on this site. The light ring does not expand as wide as on the pictures, even when it is on the door, close to the floor or elevated. I am returning it because I thought it was the problem and not the problem at all. The charge is held for many hours.

👤I absolutely adore these. I went to sleep last night and had dreams of them. They make me happy and I have made my own little place under the Carport. These are the same as described. I was a bit worried that the color was too dark. You can see the beautiful color when you place them outside. I couldn't wait to see them at night. I bought a second pack and two of them came in it. The instructions say to charge on a sunny day. When it was overcast, I began charging. The magic happened by dusk after the sun came out. The same scenario, sunny in the morning and overcast in the afternoon. Very strong.

10. TomCare Flickering Lanterns Decorative Waterproof

TomCare Flickering Lanterns Decorative Waterproof

If the light you receive is not lit for one or two days, don't worry, it should be fully charged under the sun for two days before you use. If the light is not on, please contact them and they will solve it for you. Video evidence of dancing dancing dancing. The design of the dancing flame looks like real flames, and the warm yellow light makes the room feel welcoming. The flicker candle effect solar light is the best choice for a candle lantern. The design is unique. Convenient to enjoy the beautiful flickering flames. The measurement of each solar lantern has been upgraded: 3.74(L)*3.74(W)*6.7(H) inch. Bigger size gives you a better visual experience. The outdoor lantern is a great addition to your yard. Waterproof and resilience are part of the Ip65. It is made from high quality plastic and can be used outside for a long time. It's perfect for outdoor use and waterproof, no more worries about raining, snowing. The button to ON should be switched at the back of the solar lantern. It will light on at night and off in the day. SOLAR-POWERED & LONG-LASTING. The lantern light is solar powered and can be put in the sun to absorb solar energy, then the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into electricity. It helps you save money. After you have received the product, please use your hand to cover the solar panel and press the switch button to see if it lights up. They stand behind their products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them, they would be more than happy to assist with a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Tomcare

👤I bought two different brands of lamps and I'm amazed at how good they are. They only get 3 - 4 hours of sun a day, but they burn from sunset to sunrise the next day. They're still going when I wake up. The brand I got will burn for 4 hours in the sun, but only for the entire day. I'm buying more of these. They put out more light than the other brand. I'm amazed at the lanterns.

👤Many of my friends love it and asked where I got it, but I told them Amazon. I am happy I bought it.

👤These lanterns are bright and last all night. I bought some from a big box store about four years ago and they are still going strong.

👤The "flames" are not the same as the picture. The bulb flickers to make it look like a flame. They last for six hours from the time they turn on. It gets dark after sunset. Overall, not a bad purchase. The time the lamps stay lit is shortening and I have to change my review. I'm getting about 4 hours of full illumination and 1/3 illumination for another hour before they go off. The sun exposure is going to be all day. I might have to return the lights. Over the years, I've had various solar lights and they have all lasted more than 5 hours. I'll give them one more day to see how long they last. There is a They lasted only two hours. They will be back in the box and on their way to being returned tomorrow, at the rate they are declining from a full charge. There is a I had to go from a 2 Star to a 1 Star. Two hours is not enough to warrant keeping a lantern. They looked good.

👤I love these lanterns. They add warmth to our space. They look like real flames. They weathered the cold and rain very well. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I thought the lights were great when they first arrived. I went to order another pair on Amazon, only to find they had increased in price. There was no second set. One of the lights did not stop working. A replacement way was quickly sent. There is a One of the new lanturns won't come on unless you flip the switch back and forth. Not sure about doing this on a nightly bases.

👤These work great and continue to come on every night, even if there is not much sunlight. I only see them from sunset until about 11 pm, but I think they may not stay lit as long. The lanterns look like they have flames on top of them. I think these are more for decoration than lighting. Several of them would probably illuminate a path. They look great hanging on my deck.

👤The dark red-orange slow motion fake fireplace flames are depressing to look at, but my other lamps will only last a couple hours if it is cloudy. 5 stars for how well they gather and use energy. The flames look fake.

11. MAGGIFT Hanging Lights Shepherd Outdoor

MAGGIFT Hanging Lights Shepherd Outdoor

A unique style lantern with solar lights and Shepherd Hooks is suitable for outdoor use and can be used to decorate your garden, porch or yard. The lanterns can be hung in other places without a shepherd hook. 2 hanging solar lights are included in the package. The lantern is 6.3 x 9.5 inches. White is the light color. Bigger than any other brand. The build in light sensor is powered by free solar energy and no electricity is required. The brand is equipped with 4 light-bulbs, which is much brighter than other brands. The light will come on at night and then go off at dawn. They provide the batteries for your convenience. Installation is easy without wires. The coach light style lanterns can be done in a few minutes. Put the shepherd's hooks by the poles and hang the lights on the soft ground. Please remove the tab on the light cover before charging. The outdoor solar powered lights are weather resistant. No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet, the waterproof IP44 solar panel is suitable for outdoor use. They can be used all year long. If you receive hanging solar lights, please remove the tab and cover the solar panel by hand to make sure they don't light up or not. If you receive hanging solar lights, please remove the tab and cover the solar panel by hand to make sure they don't light up or not.

Brand: Maggift

👤I bought these to hang on the pillars outside the front porch where I usually hang baskets of flowers in the summer, but I can't get anything to stay alive hanging in a basket in full summer sun. These fit the bill. After charging all day, they stay lit all night. The lights come on automatically when we're away from home. They're not very large, so make sure you read the lamp measurement carefully. The shepherd's hook is included in the 26".

👤I was impressed! These are made from high quality materials and last a long time. I was very happy with my purchase and the attached pic was taken at 6:45am.

👤The stars were rounded up to 5. The little plastic stake holders for the hooks are not long enough or strong enough to hold them. The lights are bright. I bought these in April of last year to put beside my front steps so that I wouldn't have to use the bottom step when I come in after dark. They are right for that. One lantern is still working. We had a storm called Hurricane Michael. I forgot to bring them inside. When it got here, it was only Category 1 and my lantern blew off his stake. I will be ordering more this year. I might do better in taking care of them. If the charging daylight is reasonable, the other lantern is still going almost the entire night. It was pretty good for the price. As of May 1, 2019. I put my new set by the front steps on my empty hook, in reference to Hurricane Michael. There was no difference in brightness between the new and old lanterns when I came home last night. Very pleased with the quality for the price. However, buyer beware! There are two choices for ordering. One is for lanterns. One is for a hanging and one is for a staked lantern. When placing an order, be sure to highlight the correct choice. It would not have been a problem for me if I got one of the sets.

👤Cute lights are not very bright, but they stay on most of the night. They are good for the price.

👤The first batches were physically broken. These things will not stay lit for more than an hour. There is no reason for a tiny light to go out after an hour. I have other lights that run all night. There is a The return for the replacements is already set. The things come on at dusk and die within an hour. It was useless.

👤I purchased a set of lamps to provide accent lighting in a spot of our back garden facing south and receiving sunlight from sunrise til sunset. There is a SOURCE. The lamps are made in China. They provide a lesser light output and rechargable batteries with half the storage capacity, even though they seem similar to some other shepherd-hook lamps available in the Chinese online export marketplace. Although the seller is independent of the NY distributor that imported the lamps, she only sells items from that company. There are certainSPECS The shepherd hook has a shaft made of iron and plastic, and an attachable ground stake made of plastic. The lamp's body is made of plastic. The lamp body is taller than the spike and the hook is longer. The protection against intrusion of particulates bigger than 1mm and of water splashed from any angle is what the manufacturer rates them as. The lamp comes with a NiMH battery. According to the descriptions in this page, each lamp can produce 4 light years of luminous flux and 8 hours of working time. The packing box says that each lamp yields 5 light bulbs, but it is printed by the manufacturer and has 888-492-0 888-492-0's logo, instructions, and seller's email address. The lamps have a battery located on the opposite side of the hexagonal lid. When getting enough sunlight, the charging times are said to be 6 to 8 hours. The performance was acted on. I was surprised by how dim the lamps were, even though I knew they were not bright. This is true even when the batteries have been fully charged.


What is the best product for decorative solar outdoor lights hanging?

Decorative solar outdoor lights hanging products from Jhbox. In this article about decorative solar outdoor lights hanging you can see why people choose the product. Pasamic and Oheffulgence are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative solar outdoor lights hanging.

What are the best brands for decorative solar outdoor lights hanging?

Jhbox, Pasamic and Oheffulgence are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative solar outdoor lights hanging. Find the detail in this article. Twinsluxes, Ishabao and Brightown are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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