Best Decorative Solar Outdoor Lights Waterproof

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1. Linkind Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Daylight

Linkind Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Daylight

Linkind solar spotlights with 16 high-brightness LED lamp beads and 90 degree beam angle produce up to 650 lumen of 6500K light output, 50% brighter than other ordinary ones. The solar panel and lights have an angle of 180 degrees. The solar panel photoelectric conversion rate is 20%, which is very fast. You can install it on the wall as a wall light or on the ground as a landscape light. It's perfect for patio, porch, deck, pool, yard, garden, garage, driveway, pathway, etc. Linkind dusk-to-dawn solar landscape spotlights can automatically detect changes in brightness of the external environment. It is on at night and off at sunrise. Supreme Quality & IP67 waterproof, free from unpleasant smell, will protect the spotlights from fading. The lights are waterproof and can endure all kinds of weather. Workable under temperatures of -2050C. The solar landscape light has a longer working time of 30000 hours, which is energy saving and eco-friendly. The FCC is certified. The solar landscape light has a longer working time of 30000 hours, which is energy saving and eco-friendly. The FCC is certified.

Brand: Linkind

👤Update! I originally gave this a 5 star review. They stopped working after two months. I live in California and it's always sunny. I think they no longer hold a charge. It was disappointing.

👤These things are amazing. Old Glory needed a light to uplight it. The picture was taken at 630am. The lights were fully charged for two days. I've never found a better solar light. I would give them 6 stars.

👤Work well. Even in low setting, the brightness is excellent. The pictures are low setting. I will probably order more soon because this is a buy. Don't waste your money on the little solar lights, just buy more of them.

👤These are great. I used them in my back and front yard. I like white light to warm light and these fit that bill. It's easy to maintain their brightness through the night and into the morning. We've had a few rainy days, but so far it's been good. Will keep you updated if something changes.

👤I put these up in my front yard yesterday and was very pleased with the light put off. It rained last night and many of the light are non functional. These were stated to be waterproof. They are not! The product was very bad and will be returning. They were too expensive to break easily from a light rain. I can't imagine what sprinklers would do.

👤The lights were on all day and kept under direct sunlight. One of the lights is working. I strongly advise against purchasing these lights as you are taking a gamble and will never purchase from this seller again. Pitiful!

👤These are bright. I have 2 on my walkway. It is a bit brighter in my photo. It is still bright on its own. It charges fast and lasts a long time. It was easy. I have other ones that face after 2 hours to wear it and they are almost not lit up anymore. Reviews say from dusk to dawn. I am not up late. To check them. I want to buy them. They completely transform your yard. Will definitely be buying more around my pool palms.

👤It was easy to set up, but not very bright. You just pull out the box, pull the strip of plastic out, and plug the batteries into the ground, or connect the brackets to the wall. The lowest and highest brightness settings are extremely dim, and the highest setting is only documented to last about 4 hours. I chose the middle setting, hoping that they would last all night, but one of them only lasts a few hours, the other a bit longer. It's likely due to the lack of sun that they get every day. They never lasted through the night, even on dimmest setting, in the middle of summer.

👤Necesitan donde las ilumine mucho el sol. 3 metros con una separacin. El sol no ilumine igual a las 2, por lo tanto 1 de ellas tiene menor duracin.

2. Hanging Decorative Waterproof Halloween Christmas

Hanging Decorative Waterproof Halloween Christmas

The solar lights hanging outside come with a light sensor solar chip. Just put the switch in the sun and turn it on. The solar latern hanging will light up at night. The solar light will light up when it comes in low light at dusk, as the dawn approache, sky becomes Luminous, the hanging solar light will die out itself. The best decoration for the patio pathway. The solar lights decorative with advanced light sensor chip have a long battery life of up to 12 hours, and it will light up at night. There was no additional power connection. You can enjoy entertainment with friends or enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your partner. The solar lantern decorative is fully enclosed metally, and theABS Plastic cap on the chip is not only waterproof but also anti-heat. No worries at night. The cracked glass design causes the light to travel in a different direction, which is romantic. The jar is made of armored glass and the solar lights hanging are anti-heat. Solar lights can be used on a table for a romantic dinner or in a bathroom. It is a perfect decoration and light use to place it on plants on a balcony or pathway. Best light decoration for hanging tree, garden, patio,pathway, lawn, yard. Solar lantern hanging is a great choice for festival decoration, such as halloween, Christmas day,birthday surprise,lover anniversary etc. The cracked glass texture design, diffuse light source, sturdystainless steel, classic retro linen lanyard and romantic warm yellow 30LED are made of copper wire string lights. The cracked sphere and warm yellow lights create a romantic atmosphere. The light is soft and relaxing. The cracked glass texture design, diffuse light source, sturdystainless steel, classic retro linen lanyard and romantic warm yellow 30LED are made of copper wire string lights. The cracked sphere and warm yellow lights create a romantic atmosphere. The light is soft and relaxing.

Brand: Yavunz

👤I like the cover for these lights the best because it's waterproof and hangs better on the rope than chintzy wires that can break and can't be repaired when rambunctious dogs run into them. These lights add a nice look to a yard or patio. I like that they can sit down if you don't want to hang them. They have an extra lighting wire.

👤The lights absorb solar power to power them which is very energy efficient and lasts a long time compared to other lights that use batteries. It's very fascinating to look at at night as a decor for my backyard. It is a cute decor item that can help liven up the vibe in any space, not to say it also helps the environment, which is a great addition.

👤The lights are pretty. There is a design flaw that merits the deduction of 2 stars. If you hang it on a hook, you can hang these. I wanted to hang them along my pergola. The pergola has long wood beams and I was going to thread rope on the lights on them. This requires some work. It looks like it could be done, but it isn't. It's difficult to remove the string on the lamp because it was made by the manufacturers. If they had used better clips, the product would be much more useful. It's only meant to sit flat, or hang on a hook, which doesn't seem very secure to me. The pack came with an extra solar panel.

👤The white and amber lights are on. The white ones have small lights. There is a larger light near the top of the amber. The cracked glass makes it glow. It casts a nice shadow, like a spider web. They no longer work after 6 months.

👤They are pretty in the dark. Quality is good. The cracked glass was covered with a steel cover. It works in the rain as well.

👤Absolutely beautiful product. Define pry gives you an extra touch to your garden. It has a shatter glass look and soft lights that allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. I would highly recommend this product due to their exceptional customer service. The service is prompt and courteous. Will be buying more from this seller.

👤They were hung in our tree back in November. There is a They worked in the winter with lots of clouds, rain and snow. The lights were on for a little over an hour. I worked for 6 hours with sunlight. With longer daylight hours, now working 8+ hours.

👤I like the solar lights. They are pretty. They are heavy and well made. They were easy to assemble. The only thing you had to do was pull the little lights out, put them inside of the circular orbs, and then turn the switch on in the sun. They were so beautiful by evening. I ordered another set. They are one of the best items I have ever purchased for my outdoor space. I thought they were worth the money. I will enjoy them all summer long.

3. VOOKRY Watering Lanterns Waterproof Decorative

VOOKRY Watering Lanterns Waterproof Decorative

It is made of galvanized zinc and painted color. Their watering can with lights is good for a wide range of things. When fully charged, outdoor solar lights decorative absorb solar energy and turn on at night for up to eight hours. It's convenient to have no wiring or external electricity required. This solar watering can with lights is a nice decoration for garden and outdoor. The shower head string lights make the water feel like rain. It can be in a plant, window or furniture. Light through hollow-carved metal sheets is unexpected beautiful and brings you fantastic feeling in your garden, patio, lawn and yard at night. The solar watering can is a nice decoration for the garden, yard, and outdoor. It's a perfect gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday Gift, Garden's gift.

Brand: Vookry

👤I had the perfect plan with an old wheel barrel, flowers, and a pretty water can light, and I really love this light. I worked for about two weeks and it looked great. It will turn on for a short time, or it will come on with the on button held half way on. I really wanted it to work. The seller was very much appreciated and is replacing the light even after the return time is over. Looking forward to seeing it again.

👤My first order was shipped but never arrived and my order was canceled. I almost didn't order because I didn't like the look of the solar watering can. When I woke up this morning, it was still lit and put off a lot of light. I don't know where I'm going to display it. I wanted to show what it looks like in a photo. I will be ordering more.

👤It only worked for a month at this price. Not worth $5. The solar light has proven to be a piece of garbage. Can anyone make a decent solar light that lasts more than 30 days? There is an update. I am not sure if the product is any better but the seller contacted me to make sure I was happy with it. The seller is worth doing business with if this one is any better. There is a new update. There is a new record. This one lasted a week. I looked out at his evening after receiving the replacement a week ago. It is not working. The switch is bad. I am not sure why there is an on off switch. Who knows how long it will last if you just wire it. The light is not worth the packing material it is shipped in, even though the seller was nice enough to send a replacement. Do not waist your money, I would avoid it at all cost.

👤I liked this solar watering can. It was assembled and has a solar panel on top so water won't get into the can to pull it down. I bought a bigger Shepards hook at the hardware store. I bought another one and it was terrible. The can is open so water can't get into it and the lights are in a plastic box which could get wet and stop working. It did not have the lights on. It was not possible. I put it in a flowerpot with flowers hanging over it. Be creative.

👤This doesn't work past a month. I thought I had a bad one, but the second one did the same thing. It took about a month for it to work, but it works now. Not replacing the second one. You should keep your money, I will say that the seller has reached out and done everything necessary to correct my situation.

👤This is a good value. It looks great when the lights are on. They are bright, but not too bright. It was easy to assemble and it lit up immediately on the first night and stayed lit well into the morning hours. I would buy this again.

4. Gifyoat Changing Waterproof Landscape Decorative

Gifyoat Changing Waterproof Landscape Decorative

Solar powered The Solar Pathway Light has a solar panel which can absorb the sun's rays and convert them into electricity. The Garden Solar Street Light automatically turns on at night and off at night, so you can enjoy the free lighting of the solar path light. The light changes color all night long. The waterproof and weather resistance is called IP 44. The Solar Street Light has anti-rust coated steel and waterproof lampshade, which can help prevent rain erosion, and it can be used for a long time. The solar outdoor garden light can store more electricity and keep it on for up to 12 hours at night, which is great for your lighting time needs. It is easy to install. The solar power lights can be assembled in the courtyard. The Solar Power Walkway Light can be inserted into well lit patio. Add the finishing touch to your courtyard lawn according to your preferences. The service was satisfactory. If you have a question about their solar landscape light, please do not contact them through the Amazon order detail page. It was sold by- They will solve it for you as soon as possible if you contact the seller. The service was satisfactory. If you have a question about their solar landscape light, please do not contact them through the Amazon order detail page. It was sold by- They will solve it for you as soon as possible if you contact the seller.

Brand: Gifyoat

5. Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Changing Waterproof Backyard Landscape Decorative

Cheap solar garden lights are not as durable as Nupostai's solar lights outdoor waterproof use. Premium solar panel and build-in 800mAh higher capcity battery which means their solar outdoor lights can illuminate continuously for up to nine hours under sunlight, which greatly meets your needs for brightness effect and lighting duration. Nupostai's outdoor walkway lights are solar powered and use high-power lamp beads and high transmittance to make them brighter than ordinary solar. Nupostai's maintenance-free solar powered outdoor lights are easy to install, just turn on the external switch and insert the stakes into the ground. Excellent lighting design greatly meets your lighting and decoration needs, such as halloween and christmas, and is designed well with a convenient external switch. Solar yard lights with the black exquisite appearance and crystal transparent cover looks more advanced and textured, lovely and charming patterns projected raise your yard and house grade and allow you to enjoy the light shows every night. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family. The new upgrade solar driveway lights are waterproof and can be used anywhere. Garden solar lights are an important part of landscaping design and can help you spend more time outside with your family.

Brand: Nupostai

👤The lights are made of plastic with a solar powered battery on top, it has a switch to turn on and off, and it has the option of changing the color of the light. I thought I had to wait until the next day to charge the battery, but the lights came on as soon as it got dark, I thought I had to wait until the next day. I am satisfied with the function of this solar powered garden light, I usually get up early in the morning, so I have observed that the light goes until morning if it is still a little bit dark. My husband told me to buy more for our pathways because I was delighted to see my garden at night with the beautiful color changing lights.

👤I have included a picture of the lights from the Ring camera at night so you can see that they cast a large amount of light on the pathway. You can change the color of these from cool white to warm white. We have ours set for warm. They are lovely. There is a There is a lack of light at the front of the building, which is why they offer a beautiful pattern below. It's easy to put together, just put on the flange and add the posts. They will only be able to charge them with a few hours of sunlight. At night, ours are still bright. No complaints from the neighbors.

👤These lights are solar powered and have a AA battery. They have an automatic day/night timer. They have a mode for lighting effects. I may need to pick up a second pack because they are an excellent addition to our walkway. They are easy to assemble and have 6 lights. Hope that helps!

👤I like having solar lighting. It's hard to not love them because of the free maintenance. The 6pk is very nice. The lights are made of plastic. They are light so they are a great feature. They can be either colorful or white. Another cool feature is that. Depending on the yard decor you choose, it's like 2 sets of lights in one. It can be changed at any time. The pattern they give off is pretty. The set is a nice one. You get a good value for what you have.

👤Our patio is modern and we wanted it to be that way. I was so happy to find these. I wanted to put solar lights on my walkway. I loved how the light ring effect lights provided a significant effect when I saw them. It is lovely that they are waterproof. They make my walkway look great. The light is bright and not too dim. They are in planters on the patio, and they provide a nice warm highlight.

👤It is easy to assemble. You can change the colors if you want. I was happy to find these online. I will recommend it to my friends.

👤The illuminated colorful light has brought a lot of joy to our family, front yard and backyard. It took less than a minute to assemble and they were already charged so it was fun to see what they looked like. We are definitely getting many more.

6. Gisanty Changing Landscape Waterproof Decoration

Gisanty Changing Landscape Waterproof Decoration

The garden solar path lights use new energy technology that uses solar panels which can be charged only by absorbing sunlight and it will auto ON at dusk without wires. Save electricity and protect the environment. The light is warm and gentle, but it is not bright enough for decoration. The solar landscape lights have a variety of colors. Solar lights will light your way home even if you are late. When you enjoy the outdoors with your family or friends, it adds to your fun. The weatherproof is IP 44. The solar outside lights are made of sturdy materials that can weather a lot. Don't worry about the lawn light's work being affected by water leaking andcorrosion. There are lights for the sidewalk garden path. Follow the instructions to assemble the solar walkway lights. The process only takes a few minutes. Before use, get enough sunlight. The concierge service is. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will be responsible for their customers. The concierge service is. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal. If you have any questions, please contact them. They will be responsible for their customers.

Brand: Gisanty

👤Two of them were broken. I tried to glue the plastic but it was not able to fix it. The entire box was not possible because I needed them.

7. Brightown Outdoor Lighting Decorative Waterproof

Brightown Outdoor Lighting Decorative Waterproof

There are two charging types. The solar powered outdoor lights will help you save electricity. It's best to only have 4 hours of Microusb charging for cloudy or rainy days. The indicator for charging and green for finish is red. The new solar panel has a larger monocrystalline panel with built in 2x 2200mAh batteries that will enhance the energy conversion rate up to 19%, and only 6H charging will avoid any safety risk. The S14 string lights are waterproof and can be used in tough weather. Up to 80% of energy wasting can be avoided with the upgradedLED bar with built in chip and unique welding. There are two installation types. The solar panel can be plugged in to a flower bed or garden, or installed on a wall or fence, which is very flexible for adapting to the lighting direction. The solar hanging lights have four lighting modes: steady on, slow flash, fast flash and pulsating. 34 feet of string lights for outside will create a cozy and amazing atmosphere perfect for your pool, umbrella, deck, porch, patio, garden, backyard, terrace, pergola, cafe, market, restaurant, mall, classroom, tree-- The edison lights will be on at dusk and off at dawn, but you should avoid the lighting on the solar panel or it will be unstable lighting. The edison lights will be on at dusk and off at dawn, but you should avoid the lighting on the solar panel or it will be unstable lighting.

Brand: Brightown

👤The product arrived in good condition. It is better than I anticipated. I didn't want anything too bright for outdoor entertaining. The light it produces is not very bright but it has a nice soft light. We spend a lot of time outside.

👤I'm a fan. I installed a string of solar lights along the back fence of our lot a year ago because there was now household power there. The lights have been on all year long. When we had four days of dark gray skies, they didn't last most of the night. I plugged in my cell phone power bank for four hours. The power bank was not drawn down, but it completely topped off the solar light strings panel batteries, and it was running for almost the entire winter night. The bulbs are soft. I only had to replace one bulb this year. The lights on the fence line match perfectly in form, function, style and color. Thank you Brightown for a great product.

👤This has been a great purchase. The lights have held up well. A branch fell on the cord and knocked them off the tree. The cord and lights were not broken. They give off a warm glow. Highly recommend this product.

👤These lights are wonderful. I put them over the fire pit. I didn't have to reinforce with wire between posts because the cord is heavy gauge. I patched the strings. The lights are not bright. The right amount of light will allow you to see what you're doing. It was very relaxing. What we were looking for.

👤These lights are easy to hang and give a warm comforting glow. They were packaged well and there were no broken bulbs. These lights are highly recommended for your outdoor seating area because of the packaging.

👤Very happy. It was in perfect shape when it arrived. The lights look nice. The quality is excellent. The wires will hold up in the weather. This was installed to replace christmas lights. They are even brighter than the strands on top of each other.

👤I use these for my back deck. I have had them for about six months in Utah and they seem to be holding up well. The summer was hot and the winter was snowy. They have worked well so far.

👤The sockets were bent in from banging around in the box. It's very hard to get a bowl in this area because some lights won't work now and I need to figure out how to make them work without affecting the inside connection.

8. TomCare Flickering Waterproof Landscape Decoration

TomCare Flickering Waterproof Landscape Decoration

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will solve your problems within 24 hours and provide worry-free after-sales service. The solar flood lights should be charged more than 6 hours. The FCC certification will make their solar lights the most reliable you can get. The design of Dancing Flames is nice looking and will give off a charming vibe. Their new appearance will bring you a different sense of beauty. No worries about raining, snowing, or being wet, is made of durable and waterproof material. It's perfect for outdoor use. There is a beautiful decoration lighting for your garden. It's easy to use, just connect the stake and install them into the ground. Please install it at the place where you can get direct sunlight. Long working hours. There is a high capacity battery. It can last 10 hours in the summer and 5 hours in the winter. The charging time is long. The charging time will be influenced by the weather. The auto on/off is built in a light sensor. You can put the switch into use again and again without having to operate it again. They stand behind their products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them, they would be more than happy to assist with a satisfactory solution. The auto on/off is built in a light sensor. You can put the switch into use again and again without having to operate it again. They stand behind their products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them, they would be more than happy to assist with a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Tomcare

👤The torch should be put in the sun to charge. They were assembled and placed where I wanted them. They stood back several feet. We were amazed. Will purchase more. Just before sunrise, they were still at full intensity. There is a It's realistic from a distance. Up close is okay as well.

👤My husband put the lights in the shrubs off the front porch because the area is too torn up to put them on. On the first night our dog came into our bedroom, it appeared that the lights were so realistic and bright that he would not sleep in his favorite chair until we pulled the blinds down. We went out for a few hours the next day and it was dark. The flickering effects were what we wanted from the end of the block. I want to get the permanent installation of these and another set for the seating area of our firepit once the walkway in the back is complete.

👤These lights are amazing. They flicker like real flames all night long. They are not small, which is something I love. You will think they are. There were issues with the spikes. The only downside is that. They are all plastic and will crack easily. I used a Mallot to bang them in after buying the 2 foot rebar. I found they are strong and can stand up. The customer service with Amazon was great. So happy with them. You will be as well. I am glad I chose these because they are a lot of other people's choices.

👤I bought solar torches on Amazon. The plastic poles are cracking after one unit stopped working. I tried to get a warranty replacement. The site won't allow me to send a message to them. Thank you.

👤My husband was not interested in torches, but I got them to mark my 15 random tomato spots that are mixed in throughout the landscaping beds so it's easier to locate them in the spring. It's the perfect location for the torches and now he loves them! We like to sit out at the fire at sunset and watch the torches come on and light up the room. The yard feels so cozy now that the flame looks real. The switch didn't work out of the box and it would turn on and off quickly. The new ones all work perfectly. We love them. You won't regret it if you buy them.

👤I received two sets of these last year to line our walkway from the back patio steps to the fence gate, a present for my partner. I like them. There is a They are pretty. I have them at their lowest height during the day. They stay on until the sun comes up. The 'flames' are a nice orange color. They are not very bright, but they light the pathway well. After being exposed to the elements for nine months, they seem to be durable. The solar cells must be good because we have had rain and storms here in the mid-Atlantic for the past week and they are still on. There is a The only reason I'm writing this review is. A few nights ago we had an outdoor dinner gathering. When these guys came on, I was flooded with questions because everyone liked them so much. I was promised to look at my purchase history. I think that's a good endorsement.

9. Otdair Waterproof Decorative Stainless Landscape

Otdair Waterproof Decorative Stainless Landscape

The light design is unique. The light from the solar garden light is reflected off the ground. It is possible to illuminate the dark night, but also decorate gardens, passages, courtyards, patios, porches, walkways and family gatherings, camping, barbecues, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, creating a unique and vivid landscape atmosphere. The quality of the pole and nails has been upgraded. Don't worry, they use advanced seal technology, you don't have to worry about battery and short circuit damage on rainy days. The anti-rust coating prevents erosion. Solar garden lights are powered by solar panels that absorb sunlight during the day and bring magical illumination in the dark without consuming any electricity. The solar light can turn on at dusk and off in the morning. This provides hassle-free lighting. It is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a great upgrade for your home. It's easy to install. The landscape lights don't require any other tools or wiring, just assemble and insert the outdoor decorative solar light into the ground, which is very suitable for gardens, lawns and pathways. Before installation, turn on the switch. They provide 1 to 1 customer service for any questions about solar driveway lights. They will be more than happy to contact you anytime. If there is a period of dark days and gloomy weather, the light will dim for a few days because most solar lights take an average of 8 hours to fully charge. They provide 1 to 1 customer service for any questions about solar driveway lights. They will be more than happy to contact you anytime. If there is a period of dark days and gloomy weather, the light will dim for a few days because most solar lights take an average of 8 hours to fully charge.

Brand: Otdair

👤What's going on with Lumens? It's hard to know how much light you're going to get. Choosing lights should be easy. I spent a lot of time researching and decided to take a chance with these lamps. If I had seen a picture like the one I posted, my search would have been much quicker. We built a raised garden bed into our patio and love to cook, which leads us to cut vegetables and herbs from the garden after the sun goes down. I ordered two of the shepherd's hook version of the solar lantern, each item is a two-pack. This is the perfect amount of light, without disrupting the seating area. The design is stylish and generic, which makes it easy to blend with any decor. They were packaged well and undamaged after being quickly delivered. The lantern was arrived with a charge, so the lid was removed and the switch was flipped to the on position. The hooks are sturdy and easy to screw together. The materials feel more expensive than the item. The product is great value for money.

👤The lights in my yard don't get very bright and the solar bulb doesn't stay on for very long. There is a Most of the time, guests are helped to follow the path safely because the path stays illuminated. There is a The lights are easy to operate. They were used in a line to illuminate our property line so that they were not very bright. The lights are easy to install.

👤I ordered a second set of lights for a friend. She loved her flower beds because I used my set to line them. These aren't bright enough to be read by. They are the perfect ambient brightness. I have a few of the lights that are in all day shade and they shine just as bright as the others. Great price on these as well.

👤The 12 works well and are easy to assemble. They were ready to go after a few hours in the sun. These lights turn on when there is no other ambient light to save batteries, don't think they're bad if they don't turn on when you turn the switch under the cap So far, so good!

👤I have hooks on my walkway that I hang lanterns on. I was looking for well-made lanters that looked nice. I would reccommend them.

👤It's perfect for my pond. Great value too.

👤I expected it to be bigger. I don't like that the window is foggy. It is not a clear sheet of plastic. They were bought in the spring. One was invaded by ants. It was crazy. The other one doesn't work anymore. I would pick out a different pair of lights. I will be buying new ones in the spring.

👤These lights are wonderful. It was well packaged and delivered on time. They are smaller than others I have seen, and this suits me as I only want them as accents. This was a great value for the 12 lights. I have enough in the back of my house. Theresa is from Philadelphia.

10. ITICdecor Waterproof Decorations Decoration Multi Colored

ITICdecor Waterproof Decorations Decoration Multi Colored

Perfect indoors and outdoors. Solar flower string lights, realistic and vivid 50 soft plastic crystal peach blossom LED lights, it emits colorful light, is a great decoration for holiday, garden, patio, yard, wedding, party, tent, gazebo, etc. Even in the winter with shorter daytime, it can still run even if it's only 8 hours a day. The solar flower string lights are upgraded. The total length of 23ft, waterproof, 50pcs low-heat-emissionled bulbs, durable and friendly to use, the string lights will not heat up after many hours of use, you can see some flowers shining in your garden any time, make your yard lively all the year. Energy-saving No extra utility electric cost is associated with eco-friendly, solar energy supply. Just turn on the solar string lights after fixing them. It will auto on at night and off in the day. If you have a question, their team members are available for 24 hours. If you have a question, their team members are available for 24 hours.

Brand: Iticdecor

👤I bought a product from Amazon. I will put two more in my garden because my bedroom is bright.

👤I love these! What a great price for solar. I taped them around a Goodwill table to see if they worked. And wowza! The combo of solar laterns and Amazon is lovely. The bright flowers and lights stay on for hours at night. I plan to get more for indoor window areas where I can aim the solar panel.

👤You should always keep an eye on your return window. The window is small if it is expected to fail. It was in a sunny window all day, but it started flashing as if it was charged. Then switch to occasional strobing and die.

👤I ordered more immediately because I love these lights so much. The first night they worked, they were bright and only had a short cloudy charge. I am not adding to my electric bill by using them. They did not last. They don't stay lit very long. Not worth it. Returned them.

👤The light works for a few hours. It is as good as not starting at all or it start and switch off in 30 minutes in overcast or snow conditions. The power of the solar panel seems weak. It's better to switch to normal power output.

👤I left them out year after year because I loved them so much. I got 2 more sets. They are pretty and colorful. I only use steady continuous light because I don't like blinking settings. They are on my vending caravan at night.

👤The weeping cherry of ours died due to the long dry spell in the southwest US. The lights were draped over the branches. It looks nice at night. The white was just right.

👤They were great for about 3 months. I used them around my daughters curtains. They came on when I closed her shades. They stayed on until she fell asleep. It made her room feel special. They stopped and I wish I could buy another set.

11. Decorative Landscape Lighting Waterproof Walkway Cool

Decorative Landscape Lighting Waterproof Walkway Cool

This set of garden lights converts sunlight collected during the day to energy saving lighting in the evening. It is an idea for a garden, driveway, yard, patio, walkway lighting. Solar garden lights are a great gift. These solar pathway lights measure 15.7" in height and 3.9" in diameter. The lighting on these solar powered outdoor lights has a pattern that is similar to a snowflake. The white colored lights create a welcoming atmosphere. The yard lights add a decorative glow to your outdoor space. Solar powered with auto on and off. The solar panel can collect solar energy and transform it into electricity, which is eco-friendly and saves energy. The StarGinz outdoor pathway lights have a solar panel and battery. It only takes a few hours to be fully charged and 8 hours of work to meet the night lighting needs. The waterproof design of the device makes it very suitable for outdoor use, without worry about the damage of bad weather such as rain and snow. It can be assembled without tools. It can be put into the ground when finished. If you have any questions, please contact them. They promised a solution. It can be assembled without tools. It can be put into the ground when finished. If you have any questions, please contact them. They promised a solution.

Brand: Starginz

👤I researched solar outdoor lights and chose them. The vacation home at Jersey Shore was purchased in March of 2021. The lights replaced a set of wired outdoor lights that lasted forever but the timer broke. After a few weeks, 4 of them were lit again. I charged the batteries in the lights and they all lit up the first night after I bought a battery separator. The same lights were out the next night. I don't understand. My neighbor bought a set of light from Big Lots for half the price. They are all lit up at night. My return window has expired and I am very disappointed with these light. Don't know how to contact the seller.

👤They are cute. I expected the plastic to be thinner. I don't think these will last more than 2 years if I don't pick them up in the winter and store them inside. There is a The area that should be glass is plastic, which I thought was odd, so this product is very light weight. I put tin foil on the bottom of my lights to make them brighter. I took the picture right away, it's the first night they are out. All lit up without being charged. That's a good sign. I thought they would be smaller, but they work great and are happy with them. If I have issues in the future, I will have to update this, but at the moment they are nice and do everything I want them to do. It was disappointing that Amazon put a heavy bulk order apple sauce box on top of my light box. Very light weight. The lights were scratched up by that mistake. The person who boxed it was wrong and the delivery driver did their job. They offered to return them or give me a discount on future orders. The discount was taken by me.

👤The lights arrived on time. It was a good price. One light does not work. The battery has a full charge. The wires are attached. The lights that don't work are not bad. Not bright. They are only 3 lights. Good as a decoration.

👤I sat them in the sun for 3 days. They were tired from the replacement order and had to pay a full charge. None of them are working. I will return them all. Disappointing.

👤Good for the price but one broke. Light does the job even though it isn't as bright as some others. Will contact the seller for a replacement. The seller responded very quickly. Changed to 5 stars.

👤Half of the lights burn less than a few hours, but they get a lot of sun each day.

👤After installing these for a few weeks, I bought another brand from Lowe's and the ones I ordered from Amazon are all out. I guess I'll buy local.


What is the best product for decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof?

Decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof products from Linkind. In this article about decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Yavunz and Vookry are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof.

What are the best brands for decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof?

Linkind, Yavunz and Vookry are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative solar outdoor lights waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Gifyoat, Nupostai and Gisanty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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