Best Decorative Storage Baskets for Shelves

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1. AmazonBasics Wire Storage Baskets Large

AmazonBasics Wire Storage Baskets Large

Nothing matters more than your satisfaction! Their 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee will make sure that you're happy with your purchase. If you have any order related issues, please contact them. A set of wire baskets in graduating sizes can be used for dynamic storage in any room. A contemporary design with criss-crossing wires has an artistic touch. A powder-coated finish on the steel construction makes it scratch- and corrosion- resistant. It's ideal for storing linens, clothing and accessories. Natural wood handles are not intended for storing food. The dimensions are: The large is 15.24 x 10.83 x. Medium: 13.03 x 9.29 x 6.22 inches; Small: 8.11 x 8.11 x 5.59 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I read the majority of the reviews before making a final decision. The baskets are on the smaller side, hopefully I wasn't sent the wrong sized set. I bought the large set despite the "buyer beware" comments. The design, material, look and style are appealing, but the capacity for storage is mediocre. The basket set was purchased to be able to store snacks openly for my family. I was able to put 20 out of the 30 bags of chips I purchased from a wholesale club, so I was able to give an idea of how much the largest basket holds. The second basket was used to hold the large bag of veggie and apple straws. I decided to use the smaller basket to store fruit on my kitchen island. Large: 11 3/4" x 7 7/8" Hopes this helps future buyers.

👤The large is small and the small is great. They look nice, but liners would have made them look better. I tried to buy some liners but couldn't find one in this size and it didn't seem right to have customer liners made on inexpensive baskets.

👤These are the storage baskets that I like the most. I purchased three more in the larger size after they worked so well in my pantry. I can see what's inside my shelves because they look better. I might get one more set of three. There is a I haven't had them for a couple of months so I didn't give them 5 stars.

👤They are great for any room. They are also very loud.

👤Real thing is not as strong as it looks. Thus 4 stars. I comparison shopped on these. They are a good buy. It was delivered on time.

👤Great product. The baskets are sturdy and perfect for what I needed. I used the large option for pantry organization. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I had to order another because my wife stole my original.

👤I use amazing items, big load capacity, sturdy and look great, to keep my child's books.

👤Baskets fit well on our pantry shelving.

👤They look good and do a good job of storing items in a cupboard, but they look better elsewhere.

👤Great baskets.

👤Perfect sizes, would defo.

2. Lifewit Collapsible Multi Color Organizers Decorative

Lifewit Collapsible Multi Color Organizers Decorative

We provide customers with high-quality products and services, and you can buy with confidence. They're here to help if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. These chic, fashionable and collapsible storage cubes are designed to match and blend with interior decors of any home easily. These storage bins are made with high quality non-woven fabric and cardboard insert that has been carefully sewn. All materials are safe to use. You can rest assured that the storage organizers will fit into most cabinet sizes and fit into your room decor with the 2 size options. Large: 13'' x 13'' x 13'' (33 x 33 x 33 cm) Storage baskets can be placed in the living room or bedroom to hold a variety of items. This is a great addition to save space and stay organized. Storage boxes can be collapsed and stored away instantly with its simple foldable design. Warm neutral color choices will complement and match the cabinet colors.

Brand: Lifewit

👤I bought the same brand of cubes a couple of years ago and was very happy with them. It's very easy to pick them up because they have a handle on each side. The new ones only have a handle on one side, so you have to lift them from the bottom, rather than picking them up, as you have to pay attention to which way they are facing. They do not seem as strong as the ones I have purchased before.

👤I love these! They are high quality. The material is thick. Right out the gate, they are not floppy. They have created organization within my closet.

👤These boxes are wonderful. I wish I'd measured the space between the shelves before buying, but it worked out. The boxes are large and nice to look at. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. These containers are collapsible. I think that is one of the best features because you can store them easily when not in use. They have fabric handles that come out when not in use. They are a good price and are available in many colors. It's deep enough for toys.

👤The feel and quality of these are good. There is a If you hide it, it is gone. It looks awesome. It is a great price.

👤Lifewit collapsible storage cubes are cheap and good. Not very strong. A FedEx overnight envelope is pressed and stretched until it see-through. I knew that only one of the cubes was actually 11 inches tall. I wouldn't notice the sloppy gap on the sides when they go limp. The low score is based on the half inch gap since there is a cube 13x13x13 offering. I don't find any reason for odd sizes.

👤After a move, I needed to replace my storage cubbies. These fit the bill. They are sturdy and good looking. I only bought a set of six because I was worried they wouldn't be a perfect fit. I would recommend these to others. I am differentiating my cubbies for myself. I don't need more black or neutrals, but if I did I would choose these.

👤The collapsible storage arrived as expected. The boxes are small and not large. The small storage unit has the box in it. There is a One of the items to keep the box open was missing. There is a We subtracted a star for that. The item is just okay. God bless you.

👤It's okay for storage, but it wears out quickly because it's covered in cardboard. Get collapsible plastic ones from primark.

👤It was perfect in my kallax unit.

👤Quality for the price, but one box is missing. They are not 11 inches.

👤Die Kisten ist leider kleiner, die Kallaxffnungen daher. Allerdings, stabil und hlt, ist das allerdings.

👤Sehen klasse, I am in the middle of the ocean. Gengen Platz und stabil.

3. DII Vintage Chicken Removable Assorted

DII Vintage Chicken Removable Assorted

The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store. Set of 3 includes bronze wire baskets with fabric liners. One Large (126"L x 906"W x8"H), one Medium (11"L x 788"W x7"H), and one Small (9"L x 7"W x6"H). Food safe skewers. Fruits, vegetables, canned foods, baking supplies, cleaners, and other items can be filled. TheTILE STORAGESOLUTION: It's a perfect storage option for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry items, kids rooms, nursery and more. Metal baskets can be wiped with a soft cloth if they are machine washed. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store.

Brand: Dii

👤These lined baskets are cute and seem to be made of good material. They'll fit on the shelves of my desk. The dimensions at the top will accommodate the paper, but the sides are too small to fit in the large basket.

👤The set was perfect. They are cuter than I thought. The smallest basket is not too small. I have these in my bathroom and I am happy to have them on the counter. Bottles of hair products and face products don't fall over because of shoddy construction. Everything is sitting nicely. They are cute and function well at the same time.

👤They fit my needs perfectly and I love them. I am a short person and being able to hook my fingers into the mesh to pull down the baskets saves me from having to get a foot stool to get to the top and second from the top kitchen shelves... The mesh on the bottom ripped up my cupboard shelving paper. Still a good purchase! There is a Doc walk.

👤I used these in my linen closet. They look great on the shelves.

👤This wire basket set is gorgeous. They fit in no matter where you put them. I have a few things in my closet, one to hold cat supplies, one to hold electronics, and one to hold extra spices. The baskets are sturdy, and I could easily wash the linen liners if they got dirty.

👤It looks like it is well made and a good value. 3 sizes can be used for many different types of storage.

👤These look great on my bathroom shelves. I put bathroom tissue in one place, hair products in another and brushes and combs in the smallest. Everything looks good. I ordered another set of laundry room shelves because I liked them so much.

👤I like these for my home. They were more expensive than I would normally spend on baskets, but they matched my decor.

👤Bonitos, aunque un poco caros. So... son... Adems me mandaron los azules. Me molesta el proceso de cambio. Cumplen con la funcin.

👤Lindas! pensé seran un poco

👤There are 5 canastas and solo Vienen 3. 2 juegos, est pésimo.

👤3 canastas chicas, el anuncio trae de varios tamaos. No tienes lo anuncian.

4. Storage Basket Wicker Baskets Organizing

Storage Basket Wicker Baskets Organizing

The set of three storage baskets has a dimensions of 13.4 x 8.7 x 6.9 inches, Medium 11 x 6.9 x 6.1 inches, and Small 9 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches. This set of storage baskets for organizing are equally useful as classy plant baskets and decorative baskets, as they are durable for toy storage. The set includes a large basket, medium basket, and small wicker baskets. The woven baskets are used for home storage. Most wicker baskets follow the same design, so it is down to earth. The square baskets are unique because they are multi-textured Seagrass and Water hyacinth storage baskets. The steel frame of their farmhouse basket is strong enough to hold as many toys and books as you want, so you can load it up with as many things as you want. The large and medium basket decor have handles, but the 2 small cubes do not. Storage for any room can be multi use, including a rustic nursery diaper caddy, closet organizers, storage cubes, bathroom basket, kids organizers and storage, decorative interior design pieces for display shelves, pantry, accessories storage, room storage, pet supplies, toy storage, office storage, clothing, or Now is the time to order yours. Storage for any room can be multi use, including a rustic nursery diaper caddy, closet organizers, storage cubes, bathroom basket, kids organizers and storage, decorative interior design pieces for display shelves, pantry, accessories storage, room storage, pet supplies, toy storage, office storage, clothing, or Now is the time to order yours.

Brand: Rustic Home Resources

👤I bought these to put on a shelf behind my dog food bin. A small container of dog food, a basket of spoons designated for dog use, and a basket of dog bowls sit on top of the shelf to keep the top of the food bin clear for preparing dog meals. I have a basket on the shelves that I can use to store dog coats, dog leashes, and sunglasses, but I'm not sure yet, as the unit is by the back door I may put sunscreen and sunglasses in the two small baskets. I have high hopes that the basket will hold up in a busy area of the kitchen. They arrived quickly and there was a nice variety of sizes.

👤I used these to arrange my open shelving in the bathroom. It looks like a spa. Sturdy, quality and beautiful baskets.

👤The baskets are spacious and solid. No tears, no broken sides, came in perfect shape and form. The weave is beautiful. The colour is lovely! The baskets were worth the price. Thank you to the people of Storage Basket!

👤I used them all the time. I used to fill it with baby shower gifts. It's a good way to show off the gifts and she can use it later.

👤I just got some storage baskets and I love them. Bigger than I thought and quite attractive. Would recommend.

👤These baskets help me keep my New Year's resolution of getting more organized. They are sturdy.

👤A set of baskets with 3-4 large ones is my only suggestion. The smallest ones are not very useful.

5. Storage Baskets Decorative Foldable Organizing

Storage Baskets Decorative Foldable Organizing

The storage baskets have dimensions of 15 (L) x 11 (W) x 9.5 (H) inches. The rope handles are cotton. It is made of linen and environmental EVA. This collapsible storage basket is a great way to personalize your storage bin. It is easy to move. Their cloth storage bin baskets come with a foldable feature that allows you to save space when not in use and provides the convenience to bring along with you. It's easy for kids to grab their favorite toy from the fabric bins on the floor. Modern design. The rectangular basket bins have two exterior colors. Their baskets are both decorative and practical. Their closet baskets and bins can help you organize your home, but they also make a charming decoration. Storage baskets. The basket is Sophisticated and Practical. There are many uses for the closet organization bins, child/kid room toy storage boxes, living room, laundry organizing, basement, cat & dog toy holder, nursery, clothes basket, garage storage, book and magazine organizer, makeup basket, bathroom towel, and toilet storage. Storage for books, magazines, art & craft supplies, clothes, shoes, toys, seasonal items, games, holiday ornaments, baby products, and more in the home or office is perfect. There are toy bins and grey shelf baskets that can be used for storage. Storage for books, magazines, art & craft supplies, clothes, shoes, toys, seasonal items, games, holiday ornaments, baby products, and more in the home or office is perfect. There are toy bins and grey shelf baskets that can be used for storage.

Brand: Hnzige

👤These are strong cloth storage bins. These are not sturdy. It will bulge at the bottom if there's something heavy. These are all made of cloth. I plan to add cardboard to create a sturdy bottom. There is no 2.5mm fiberboard bottom in the description. There is a I didn't expect the bin to try and collapse again, even though the description says to expect creases unless steamed. I haven't tried steaming yet. These are great for holding soft things. The bottom of the bins isn't solid and the office supplies fell over.

👤I used these for our table in the entryway to keep things orderly. My family can stuff things in there without being seen. They're large enough for my kids to put their jackets and hats in there after they come home from school. I'm able to keep random items in my purses and notebooks. The baskets seem durable and thicker than expected. They're easy to clean. I wish the sides had metal frames so that they can be straight, but I can see how it would be designed to be collapsible for storage.

👤Sturdy and attractive baskets. Stand straight on my shelves. I used an iron to touch them up when I first got them.

👤I hope they get straightened out over time. There are good lines from transit that will work themselves out eventually. I'm not sure if I need to steam them. The product is great.

👤It won't stay up if you don't have anything to fill it with right away. They look terrible if you are going to use them in the open.

👤There are three nice size foldable baskets. I have a great place to store my yarn. They were filled with skeins of yarn. I can easily see my colors now. They arrived on time.

👤These baskets are larger than I thought and they fit towels or anything you need to organize, well. You just have to unpack them and get them to fit in before using them.

👤The fabric is collapsible and durable. They hold a lot of items. They don't have a good bottom. I put socks and scarfs on a closet shelf. The price was great.

👤They don't have good shape. There is a need for a base stabilizer.

6. Sorbus Storage Container Organizer Stackable

Sorbus Storage Container Organizer Stackable

7-PIECE WOVEN BASKET BINS (GRAY) is a set that includes 7 utility baskets of various sizes. Large baskets are great for books, magazines, small blankets, linens, toys, crafts, baby clothes, seasonal holiday ornaments, DVDs, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. It's possible to display it in any room in the home or office, including the family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Sturdy built-in hands are easy to use, lift and carry, and are lightweight and convenient for organizing and decorating. The weave pattern is made of polypropylene ribbon with a tube frame and cut-out handles. L x 11.25′′ W x 5.25′′ H is large. Medium: 8'' L x 8'' W x 3.50'' Small: 5.75'' W x 3'' H.

Brand: Sorbus

👤The quality is amazing and the price works well to organize a changing table.

👤These baskets look great. They are hidden in the closet. There is a Sturdy construction and a great look. There is a My closet is well organized. I am very pleased with the product.

👤The linen closest,towels, sheets, bathroom products, and very nice sizes have 7 pieces total - check out the dimensions on the summary of the product. There are nice spacious sizes for brushes and makeup.

👤Sturdy storage bins. I have bins in many colors. This turquoise is my favorite color. They are a great value. I bought these for my bathroom cabinets. They are very light weight and strong because of the steel framing. I use them to store my electronics. They work well on entertainment center shelves. I love them! I hope this is helpful.

👤I am in love. I needed to organize random house things in my laundry room. I would like to take a picture to show the difference these baskets made.

👤These were bought for a lot of things. Have one thrown all the remotes into our table as our old wicker one was starting to give the ghost, as we were constantly putting remotes in and out of it. These are sturdy and well built. They have an aluminum or steel frame build with some brown fabric that looks like wicker. I use another one that comes with it for keys at the entry and other things when we walk in the door of the home. For the amount they give you, they are very well constructed. The one I purchased was broken when it arrived, but it was cheaper than the one I bought. I think the value is better.

👤The wire rim of these baskets is a bit thicker than in other brands, which makes them very well-made. Lifting baskets from high shelves is easier with the smooth handles. The baskets come in a variety of sizes to fit in the various-sized cupboards in our RV. They are strong enough to hold all sorts of things. I use hook and loop glue to keep them in place while the RV is moving. I can wash these off if they get dirty.

👤Don't order the aqua unless you want white bins. I placed 3 separate orders to get the aqua, but I never received it. White is the worst color for a kids room because it will stain easily. Customer service was always great at Amazon. Since it's not fulfilled by Amazon, I had to do complete returns and reorder. Each time was a failure. The aqua boxes were packed with white. It's so frustrating. The boxes are of great quality. It's frustrating to spend $90 on three orders that will fail. The company needs to control its quality better.

👤These bins are perfect for bathroom shelves. I can put them in different sizes to fit in my small bathroom. The bars are the perfect solution for organizing a small room because they are not accessible.

7. StorageWorks Storage Baskets Decorative Seagrass

StorageWorks Storage Baskets Decorative Seagrass

The size may vary due to handwoven design and manual measurement. Storage for hand towels, toilet paper, snacks, newspapers, pet toys, household items, and more. Their baskets are easy to carry. Natural seagrass is hand-woven with clean renewable resources. The iron frame is sturdy. Their baskets are made of woven fabric, which makes them easy to stack when not in use.

Brand: Storageworks

👤It arrived quickly and there was no damage. The look was correct and the handles were sturdy. There is a I am returning this item because it has a bad smell. I was going to use it to organize my linen closet, but I can't put my linens in something that smells bad. The width is listed for the top of the basket. The basket goes inward. The inner dimensions of the basket at the bottom were smaller than I expected.

👤You posted a picture of a large basket that appears to hold large bath towels. These baskets can hold towels. I think it's unfair to tell people about the product you're selling. I will probably use them for something other than bath towels. I am very disappointed.

👤I bought the water hyacinth baskets to organize my kitchen cabinets and they turned out to be custom made for our Rev-a-shelf cabinet organizers. I use them to store onions and potatoes. Highly recommended!

👤I wanted to redo my linen closet and found some nice baskets. They hold up well to heavier products. There is a drop in size of the basket from the open face and bottom of the basket that I didn't like. It makes it a little awkward that you won't have access to the entire basket. It is not a deal breaker. I had to come up with a creative way to use the space.

👤These baskets are nice. I like the construction and material. In a 2 pack. I feel that thejumbo is not accurate. I should have measured and not taken pictures. These are small. Not worth a big price. As shown above. I was let down by my high expectations. There is a I did reuse them. They are not good for towels that are decorative. The baskets are too small. Would not buy again. Not sure of its longevity, just received.

👤I put these in the foyer so everyone doesn't end up on my kitchen counter. I think they are pretty. I was impressed with the quality.

👤I really like the look of them. They fit perfectly in our built-ins, and I bought them to fill the odd thin shelf. They are larger than I needed but still have the ability to hold things that would fit.

👤I used them to compliment my new bedroom closet. The closet had to be well organized and neat because there was no door. I used several large cube baskets along with smaller baskets to fit socks on my new pine shelves. They fit perfectly in my space. I have a smaller bedroom with a wide closet door space, so I left the door open. I might do the same to my spare bedroom closet if I like them so much. The baskets are useful in many ways. My daughter wants them on the sink. It's small enough to fit in a kitchen. It's very versatile. I am very happy.

8. WISELIFE Storage Collapsible Clothes Organizer

WISELIFE Storage Collapsible Clothes Organizer

Linen storage baskets offer space-saving organization. Sturdy rectangle baskets can be used to hold things like books, shoes, clothes, towels, blankets, pet toys, mail, office supplies, gifts, baby bin, and more. The basket is ideal for living room, bathroom, utility rooms, nursery, crafts, playroom, dorms, condos, laundry room, hallway and under bed. Keeping your home organized is possible with neutral color. A sturdy metal rod frame surrounds the top of the foldable storage cubes to keep the basket shape. The organizers basket is made of heavy-duty, high quality material. The large organizing bin is large enough to hold a lot of items. The basket organizer is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth. The collapsible storage bins are collapsible for easy storage if not in use, simply fold the basket down flat for space-saving storage when not in use or to transport. The rope handles on the basket organizers make it easy to access and portable. Baskets can easily slide in and out of shelves with the rope handles. The handles are made from soft cotton rope and are attached to the basket. Holds up to 44 lbs. 15(Length) x There are perfect rectangular baskets for gifts, a decorative storage bin for nursery organizers, and large baskets for storage of various items.

Brand: Wiselife

👤I put the baskets up. They are very sturdy and seem to last a long time. I use one for dog toy storage, one for my small free weights and one for books in my kids closet. There is a I wish they had more support up the sides. I don't usually buy baskets like this because they don't usually have that. I usually buy decorative plastic bins, but my puppy finds them fun to chew on. I hope a fabric one like this will work better. She has moved the bag around and it is still up. There is a I was able to bend the metal support around the entire top to keep the bin in shape. These are working well.

👤These baskets are not like the ones you buy at stores. They are still strong. The rope handles and the grommets holding them seem to be of good quality and the lining and exterior seem to be attached without obvious gaps in sewing. Nice looking and functional. You can see the size of the baskets by taking a photo with my hand. They are large enough to hold both notebooks and files.

👤I thought they were small when I opened them. The sides stand up great after being manipulated. They are awesome for capacity. I fit two large bags of blocks in one. I was surprised it was magic. The fabric is thick and sturdy. The pattern can be used in many different rooms. I used the second one to organize and hold all of the kid stuff that I usually put in my car floor. The size at first glance is not what I expected. I have to find a good use for the third one because you will get three Mary Poppin's tote. The quality is great and the price is even better. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These totes are going to be a great addition to my girl's room. I like the design and the color can be used anywhere. The canvas is lined with cotton and so they stand up on their own, even unfilled. I don't plan to carry anything heavy by using the rope handles, they seem to be pretty secure in the metal grommets. They collapsed so have a small crease on the ends when unfolded. Over time, I think that will diminish.

👤I give these baskets 5 stars for being sturdy. If you sit on one, it will fold instead of break, so you must remember that. The sides and bottom are heavy. The color of the turquois is cheerful. I have many things that need to be tucked away. The blocks in the basket to the far right take up less than half of the basket. When my granddaughter comes to visit, I may buy more for toy storage. These are a good value and are much stronger than the ones I have seen in big box stores.

👤These are good for carrying things. There is a I can put them in the back of my car seat or at the bottom of a suitcase if I need to carry things to the pool or something when I am not using them. The gray fabric is thick and durable and should go with any color scheme. I plan on keeping two in the house and one collapsed in the car - it will be nice to throw the car together quick with a blanket, snacks, etc for when. There is a In the house, I plan on leaving one on the table at the bottom of the stairs for all of the things I need to take upstairs. There is a The other will be in the laundry room with missing socks and pocket odds. The product was good. Would buy again. There is a It is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

9. Hinwo Oversized Collapsible Blankets Organizers

Hinwo Oversized Collapsible Blankets Organizers

It is easy to clean. It's collapsible for easy storage, space saving and the convenience of bringing it with you wherever you go. The rope handles make it easy to get out of a closet. The basket should be dusted with a soft dry cloth. Spot clean with soapy water. There is a metal frame so it is not recommended to machine wash it. The Extra Large Capacity Storage Basket is 22 by 15 by 13 inches and has 70 liters of space for storing a variety of items. The Thickened Canvas Fabric with PU Leather Handles makes it easy to move the basket. The basket can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and keep its shape, thanks to the waterproof PE Lining. The collapsible design for compact storage allows you to fold the basket down to 1 inch in height for space-saving storage when not in use or need to transport. Natural and stylish aesthetic is offered by Stylish and Simple Appearance. Natural and stylish aesthetic is offered by Stylish and Simple Appearance.

Brand: Hinwo

👤I bought this as a first toy box for my daughter. It is a great starter box, it has a top closing so dust doesn't get on her toys and sturdy handles. The sides are strong enough that they don't collapse if toys aren't in it. I would buy this again.

👤Baskets hold a decent amount of stuff. It lacks rigidity, so I'm knocking it off a couple stars. I assumed it would be more rigid than it is. The one product photo states that it has a metal "fram". The frame is on the top, not on the sides. The basket will collapse if you store anything that is too long and needs to rest on the side. Ah well. It looks nice, it'll hold a decent amount of stuff, but for the price and metal "fram", I expected something a little more rigid. I think that's on me.

👤I received my bags yesterday. I use them to store my extra sheets in my closet. The shelf they fit on is perfect and there is a drawstring on top so the dust won't get in. I am a tough critic and I love them.

👤We bought 4 of these months ago. These hold a good amount of laundry for a family of 4. I was looking for a collapsible set of baskets that could be tucked away when not in use, looked nice when full, and held a decent stack of folded clothes, and these did not disappoint. When full, I push in the sides along the long edge and they fold down. The handles have held up well, but I do not like carrying full loads of folded jeans and shirts up and down the stairs. They feel as though they stretch a bit with the weight.

👤I am pretty much obsessed with this idea. I don't like folding my towels and setting them in the bathroom without being covered. I don't like the idea of toilet water andbacteria getting into them after a flush. I have been looking into how to solve this problem, because setting towels inside a drawer doesn't work either, they end up smelling funny after a while. I came across an invention where I can fold my towels, put them inside a basket, and tie a bag around them and put the basket wherever I want. I know the towels won't smell funny, and I know I will feel more comfortable putting the basket in the bathroom because it will all be tied up neatly.

👤These baskets were purchased by me. Both are gray striped. One set was almost charcoal gray and the other set was light gray. If you need them to match then be aware. They need more support. There is no material at the bottom to hold the baskets' shape. The large side of the box fit perfectly in the bottom and the flaps on the side were perfect. They look great because of the structure provided by this.

👤The only thing I would change in these is that they had a cardboard insert for the bottom, like other storage bins do. The basket is sturdy and appears to stay open, but the bottom is not as strong as others I have purchased before. The size is just as described. Holds a lot.

10. HOONEX Foldable Storage Handles Cardboard

HOONEX Foldable Storage Handles Cardboard

The lining is made of Linen and Polyester. The box size for one is over 17 feet. You can own two linen fabric storage bins for one price, which will allow you to store most stuff, no matter what you want. Fit for home, office, nursery, and car boot. You can store the whole world. The collapsible grey storage containers are easy to fold up in a small size if you want to take them out or just prepare them for future use. The retractable lungis are re-allocated. The baskets are made with care and can be used to keep your clothes and other items out of the water or dust. They can cover the messy. These storage boxes feature double-sided handles with firm stitching to help you move them easily. Wherever you put them, you don't have to worry about moving them with items inside. They offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If there is a problem with the storage cube organizers, please email them. They will not try to give you a solution until you are satisfied. Let quality talk!

Brand: Hoonex

👤These bins are great. The quality is topnotch. They fit perfectly in my closet and look more expensive than they are. A lot of the bins I looked at were not very stable and had fabric that was cheap or wrinkled. Love the color. Exactly what I wanted.

👤The boxes look nice and fit in my closet. I use them to put away summer clothes in the winter and still have a neat closet. I can put two stacks of T-shirts into one box. The one thing I don't like is that the lids don't stay on. The lid will fall off if I put it on the shelf above it, or if I put it on the shelf below it. I would like the lid to have a tie strap or magnets. I'm going to retrofit a tie strap.

👤I received a pack of HOONEX Linen foldable storage bins and was pleased with them. I ordered 2 more packages of the bins. The second order's bins are not as good as the first. The fabric is not tight enough to be smooth. The handles on the ends of the bins make assembly easy. They aren't made to hold a lot of weight, but they have served the purpose of storing board games and small toys.

👤These boxes look great and are roomy. The sides and top are flimsy. If you're not going to put anything on top of them or have a kid jam the lid on crooked, you may be okay. I got them to hold toys and kids' stuff, so they aren't great for our purposes.

👤I was reluctant to unpack the boxes because they were packed so nicely. The boxes will work well because the lid is stable.

👤I love these! They fit perfectly in my closet. Storage boxes are very durable and beautiful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Unless you have a lot of stuff in the bottom, it folds easily. These are great quality and have worked well so far.

👤I wouldn't put heavy items in them, we use ours under the bed and just slide them out by the provided handles,replace the lid and slide back under the bed, I would recommend these.

👤Correct size. Very useful. Nice looking. It could be stronger.

👤It was excelente. The calidad y econmico.

11. Vextronic Collapsible Storage Decorative Organizer

Vextronic Collapsible Storage Decorative Organizer

PREMIUM MATERIAL FELT BASKET. The story of tragedy. teal storage baskets made of extra-thick cationic fabric boxes for storage with interior lining, sturdy metal frame around the top keep the basket's shape. Storage baskets for shelf organize can hold a lot of stuff. Sturdy classic leather handles have a strong grip. Large storage baskets are 13.5(L) x 9.0(H) x 8.5(W) inches. Baskets for empty gifts and decorative baskets for nursery storage are available. There are decorative storage bins for nursery room, living room,bedroom,bathrooms,utility room,craft room,playroom,dorms,laundry room in the hallway. The linen closet organizer keeps your home organized. The foldable toy storage organizer folds up the storage bin if not used. There are bins for organizing in the bathroom, bedroom and laundry room. Canvas baskets for storage are lightweight but sturdy for books, magazines,toy boxes and storage. Most home styles have large box organizers and storage for closet organization that fit. There are baskets for storage. It is easy to cleanDecorative storage boxes with a damp sponge or cloth. The compression packing on the large rectangular storage basket sets may cause it to be crumpled in long-distance transit. It can be smoothed out by steam iron and hairdryer after a period of time.

Brand: Vextronic

👤I bought these baskets for storage under the table. The colors are rich and pretty, and they are a perfect size for my needs. I didn't give them 5 stars all the way because they collapsed. I should have paid more attention to the description of the collapse. If you don't move them around, they are a great value and I really like them.

👤I was disappointed that they are much smaller than my current 15 x 10 x 10 baskets. They're 13 X 8 X 9. They are so small that they fit inside of my baskets. I don't like writing negative reviews so when I saw the company had larger baskets, I assumed they sent the wrong size. I did not get a reply.

👤We put the collapsible storage bin baskets set of 3 under the bed in our daughter's room for her items because they are so nice and decorative. These storage baskets have leather handles made of canvas, which makes them durable. They are great for tidying up the place. The premium material felt basket is a great way to store your stuff in a variety of places. Storage bins 15(l) x. 10(h) x 9(w)-inch storage baskets. Baskets made of canvas would be a great gift. So get rid of the stuff.

👤The bins are described. Sturdy and made with decent material. The bins fold in on themselves after being unfolded. The conjugates look permanent. We need to wait and see. They might settle down after filling them with stuff.

👤Love my baskets! I didn't want to have a lot of stuff, so I needed storage for books and other items. The storage baskets hold a lot of items. The handles make it easy to carry. Very cute. A good purchase.

👤I thought they would hold a lot more than they do. They arrive with a lot of weight but still fit in nicely. I'm excited to use these to corral my toys. The fabric is nice and the lining is good. I might buy more towels in the bathroom.

👤These baskets are great. I use them for my Bible study. I can put them on my lap if I need to. They are sturdy and well made. I might buy more to use. Excellent price for these too.

👤I like these. They are a little smaller than I thought. They are worth the money. I am keeping them. They are sleek and clean.

👤These are a perfect fit for the coffee table I just got. They look lovely and are very high quality. My only complaint is how baggy they are after unfolding them. I've got a lot of heavy books in them to try and get the sides straight. They're a great purchase for this price point.

👤Amigos, resistentes, pero pequeos...

👤I use the storage boxes in my bathroom to keep everything neat. It is easy to maintain. The colors are true to the description.


What is the best product for decorative storage baskets for shelves?

Decorative storage baskets for shelves products from Amazon Basics. In this article about decorative storage baskets for shelves you can see why people choose the product. Lifewit and Dii are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative storage baskets for shelves.

What are the best brands for decorative storage baskets for shelves?

Amazon Basics, Lifewit and Dii are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative storage baskets for shelves. Find the detail in this article. Rustic Home Resources, Hnzige and Sorbus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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