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1. VK Storage Container Stackable Organizer

VK Storage Container Stackable Organizer

The large brown wicker basket has a dimensions of 18.25 x 12.75 x 5.75 inches, a medium basket has a dimensions of 11 x 7 x 4.5 inches, and a small basket has a dimensions of 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches. 2 small. Adherent & Fashionable Design Easily transports to any location, built-in handles for easy access, lifting, and carrying, and lid top provides lightweight storage while protecting your possessions and dust proof, can be stacked or used individually. PREMIUM MATERIAL Environmental protection is made of nylon ribbon and heavy duty metal frame. To make sure that it is firm enough and not easy to be distorted like other storage boxes, it is handmade with a steel tube frame. Are you tired of looking for small things, such as cosmetics, photos, office supplies, kitchen supplies, small toys, crafts, cards, keys, holiday ornaments, DVDs and other things? These woven baskets are an excellent choice for keeping your space nice, tidy and organized. It's time to say goodbye to the stuff. It is possible to make aTILE for any room. In the home or office, display in family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more. What you get is what you get. The storage basket has a lid and is 15.9" L x 10.43" W x 6.70" H. Large: 10.25′′ L x 7.70" W x 4.9” H. 100% after-sales service. They are confident that you would love their quality. Let them know if there was an inquiry. They will do their best to make your shopping experience enjoyable. They can fix your problems in 24 hours. What you get is what you get. The storage basket has a lid and is 15.9" L x 10.43" W x 6.70" H. Large: 10.25′′ L x 7.70" W x 4.9” H. 100% after-sales service. They are confident that you would love their quality. Let them know if there was an inquiry. They will do their best to make your shopping experience enjoyable. They can fix your problems in 24 hours.

Brand: Vk Vk·living

👤This was a great purchase for me. The large sizes allowed me to organize things in a way that I could actually find them, by grouping them by how they are being used. The boxes look good among other black accents in the room, and the appearance is not severe.

👤These baskets can be used to store a lot of things. Whether you use fabrics, notions, or anything else! Fat quarters, Jelly rolls, and layer cakes can be baked in Baskets sizes. No dust, nocontamination, etc. I use the largest basket to store my medication. The baskets look neat on my shelf, and items are organized according to size for easy access. I bought a second set because I loved them so much.

👤The color is black. It is not as strong as I 888-276-5932. When placed like they were in the picture, they are very large. They don't stack neatly.

👤The baskets exceeded my expectations. The material was good and sturdy enough to hold more items than light items and will last a long time. It was worth the money spent for them. I use them in my bathroom. I am very happy with them.

👤I like how they stack, but I don't like how the lid slips into the basket, so you have to sit them on a sturdy level area, but they are secure and handy.

👤I love that these baskets have lids so they are functional and decoative. They are good for bathroom, bedroom and living room. They are sturdy and pretty. I have two sets of them.

👤I bought this for my daughter to organize her bathroom. The same set was found before the order arrived. I decided to keep the order for myself. There were less boxes for more money when I opened the Amazon box. I bought a matching laundry container after I received the larger containers. The purchased items are a game-changer for her bathroom.

👤Good quality. Sturdy. The arrived a day early. Well packaged. I wish the asst was larger. There is a Happy with the purchase.

2. Sorbus Storage Container Organizer Stackable

Sorbus Storage Container Organizer Stackable

3-PIECE WOVEN BASKET BINS is a set that includes 3 utility baskets of various sizes. Also ideal for travel sized items, Q-tips, cotton balls, mail, accessories, office supplies, socks, and baby clothes. It's possible to display it in any room in the home or office, including the family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Baskets with built-in handles can be transported to any location and container bins can be used for organizing and decorating. The weave pattern is made of polypropylene ribbon with a tube frame and cut-out handles.

Brand: Sorbus

👤I bought some baskets from Walmart. They did not last a week. The metal is running through the corners. My son stood on them before I could catch him. They are strong. They are perfect for my son's books and I originally bought them to put under my table. I decided to put at least 40 or so DVDs in a medium one and 60 or more in a larger one, so that I can see what else I can fit in there. I know that there is a set for $35 that has all three of these plus more. I wish I would have known so I could have gotten it, but I will just buy it for more storage.

👤There is an open pantry in our house. These helped reduce the amount of stuff. A nice blend of function and design.

👤I run into these baskets with my wheelchair. It isn't anyone's fault but mine. I think that's correct. The baskets are good value. My husband built three open shelves after remodeling our bathroom. The baskets look lovely in the shelves. I would definitely recommend them.

👤It looks like the picture. I like that it is strong. The ones we had previously were made from a thin cloth material, so these are a huge improvement. It is easy to clean up and it matches our gray décor because we needed some bins to put toys in in the living room. I would love to get more.

👤I wanted these baskets for the bottom shelves of my open end tables to hold all of the things that we typically place on the lower shelves. Whatever. I ordered the baskets and they fit perfectly. They are made to look good. I would recommend this purchase to others.

👤These baskets are amazing. I bought the same ones, but they didn't have lids. I wish I had bought 10 sets because they were beautiful, sturdy and cheap, but they don't sell them anymore. They're absolutely wonderful, except for the fact that they don't have a lid. I ordered 6 more sets. It's a good thing for me.

👤I would like to say that I love it. I can't. The outer packaging was in perfect condition, but the basket was damaged by the bent wire frame in the bins. I decided to keep them because they are in the pantry and no one would see them. I'm not ordering this item again. The sizes are nice.

👤I bought this set to hold guitar accessories. The sides are only 6 inches high so they fit in a bookcase. They work well and are about what you could expect. It's nice that they store inside each other when they're empty.

👤The purchase of these pantry organizers was very pleasant. My pantry is more organized but it took a while to get the goods.

👤Llegaron en buen, son funcionales.

3. Iwill CREATE PRO Containers Convenient

Iwill CREATE PRO Containers Convenient

It's a conviction for home theft. The storage bag set can be used in a closet. It can be used for dormitory, attic, basement and bedroom use. The fabric is light and soft. The foldable design makes it easy to store when not in use. This lidded Storage Box is designed for the top of your closet, cabinet, attic or shelf. Storage your underpants,bras, socks, and seasonal garments in a closet is a good idea. It's ideal for storing seasonal clothes, beddings, books, magazines, toys and other items. The Storage box is made of PP plastic and is good for each part. The three-side open has double side zippers that can be used for take out or put in items. You can slide it in any direction with the three handles on front and sides. The whole box is collapsible, the cover is soft, and the bottom board is replaceable. You can stack the boxes one by one. If you don't need to use it, fold it. It's important: remind. To make sure the box fits, you should measure your space height and length. The exact dimensions were offered in the description and picture. It's important: remind. To make sure the box fits, you should measure your space height and length. The exact dimensions were offered in the description and picture.

Brand: Iwill Create Pro

👤I replace my old baskets with these. I bought 10. I like that it has a cover to keep dust out. Things got dusty when my old ones were open. They are not as strong as my old baskets, but they are good for my pants and tops.

👤I use these bins to store all of our Christmas, seasonal and decorative items in a hallway closet. I have been trying to avoid this type of storage. I'm so happy I found these. There is a The color is beige. The picture shows a light color, but it is darker than that. I'm more of a light color. The picture is in my monitor. It doesn't matter to me. There is a It seems good. It depends on what you are storing. I put Christmas stockings in them. If you plan on putting a bowling ball into it or putting it with pots and pans, please let me know. It will not last. It comes in a pack of two for the price. It was made in China.

👤I bought these a few months ago for the first phase of my walk-in closet redo. Very happy with them so far. This storage is for items that are too delicate to fit in my garage, which is very hot in Summer and cold in Winter. I put a box inside each bin as the items inside were bulging out the front of the bin. These are minimal looking and blend in with my other cream colored items. The fabric covering the sippers repels dust and dirt. These are a true cream color. I will be buying more of these to store items in the garage, but also inside other containers. I wouldn't recommend them for storage in a garage as they would get dirty. The larger piece from the same set is shown in the first photo. The striped cream/brown bins have a lid but no zip. I'm not sure if I should buy another 2 pack of these bins. I have room for both of them. There is a larger bin on the website. There are just a few more pieces left.

👤I have been using these bins for 3 months and they have tears on the corners and the zip on one of them broke. Very dissatisfied with the quality. I would not buy these again.

👤After reading so many positive reviews on these storage bins, I was disappointed yesterday when the fabric pulled away from the zip and left a tear between the zip and the fabric. It will work for now, but I have doubts about the future of these bins. The bin in question was full. I didn't feel like I pulled on the fabric to make sure it wouldn't tear, and the material ripped away from the zip easily. The bins are lightweight, easy to put together, and very roomy. I wish they would hold up better to light use.

👤I ordered two sets of bins. The material is sturdy. I had an issue with one of the boxes which had yellow and black stains on them. The second set of bins did not have a problem. The structure of this storage box makes them different from other storage bins. I would recommend this product.

4. GRANNY SAYS Storage Baskets Bathroom

GRANNY SAYS Storage Baskets Bathroom

The wicker baskets can be used as storage organizers and add sophistication to any room at the same time. It is made from plastic wicker and metal. It is an imitation natural material and not solid color. The set of 2 is 7.7 x 10.2 x 3.9 inches and may vary a bit due to handmade, the decorative baskets let you find things in a glance. The wicker storage baskets can be cleaned with water and are perfect for pantry, kitchen, and living room storage. The storage bins are made of sturdy material. The built-in handles on the pantry baskets make it easy to carry items from the pantry to the table. Storage wicker baskets are double as decorative baskets and have unique textures. Storage wicker baskets are double as decorative baskets and have unique textures.

Brand: Granny Says

👤I deducted a star because I feel these are overpriced. There is a If you prefer to buy items made of natural and sustainable components, I suggest you keep looking. I usually try to buy that but I needed a couple of containers for a small shelving unit and these were one of the few options that would fit on the shelf without sticking out. I went ahead with the purchase because the gray color matches that bathroom. I have a bunch of ponytail holders and scrunchies in the other one. The cut-away shape makes digging down to the bottom easy. Without the basket, these items would fall between the slats, so I have no regrets about spending more than I wanted to.

👤I returned them as soon as I saw them. The picture makes them look bigger than they really are. They can hold bags of chips. I thought they could hold large items.

👤The measurement listed is off. The width is only about 7.5". The only complaint I have is the measurement. I was disappointed that the baskets were not as wide as I was expecting.

👤I ordered theses in two different colors. They are great for displaying candy bars and small toys at gift shops. They fit in the cube storage units that we bought. Baskets are sturdy and not cheap.

👤I got these baskets for laundry room storage. They are very small. I still love them.

👤I use these baskets to organize my bathroom stuff. They are very versatile and can accommodate a lot of items, but they look very nice.

👤We put the wicker baskets between the lavatories in the master bathroom. It is an attractive place for all those loose products. I love them!

👤I put this items in my pantry because they look good, the materials are good for the price, and they can't be used to store heavy items.

5. MDesign Vertical Standing Kitchen Shelving

MDesign Vertical Standing Kitchen Shelving

The basket is 14 inches long and 12 inches wide. There is a standing storage. The slim design of the storage shelf is perfect for small spaces, it will fit nicely next to cabinets, refrigerator, kitchen sink. There are three basketballs. This tower is a great addition to any corner of a kitchen or inside a closet for more storage for goods, canned goods, soups, salad dressings, food packets, seasoning pouches, baking supplies, snack bags, boxed foods, juice boxes, soda pop. Functions and quotient: The vintage/farmhouse styling of this wire organizer will add style to your storage and complement your decor; The open grid design allows for air circulation when storing bathroom and shower supplies in humid environments; Perfect in the laundry The quality construction is made of strong steel wire with a rust-resistant finish and has easy-to-follow instructions. It's measures 7 x 10 x 29" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The product is smaller than I anticipated, and it may be my fault for not looking in depth at the details. It's sturdy and cute, but it serves its purpose. One of the screws wouldn't go in because the holes didn't line up, but I would recommend this product to a friend.

👤This was ordered to keep the vegetables off my counter tops. The reviews said it was small, but still held a decent amount of larger vegetables. The sides are not bolted together in any way and the baskets are what hold them together. It is surprisingly sturdy despite the lack of bracing. I can use this for onions and potatoes once the growing season is over.

👤I need the storage baskets to hold my potatoes and onions. It is in my kitchen utility closet. I was concerned when I assembled it, because there were only two of the smallest screws to hold the whole thing together. It was wobbly and flimsy. I used zip-ties to solve that. I secured the bottom basket to each of the legs so that it wouldn't slide, but I can still put small stuff in there. If you put potatoes or onions in the open baskets, they will roll out the side and fall on the floor. I use my mesh produce bags.

👤It looks good as expected.

👤This item is what I was looking for. I decided to purchase two because I loved how it looked. It's easy to assemble, affordable and sturdy. This is a neat item for people with small spaces. It blends well with most decor and can be used for more than one purpose.

👤The side pieces of the basket are used to hold this together. I thought I was setting it up wrong. It holds up despite not everything being perfect. I have a lot of onions and potatoes in a corner. The potatoes fit in one basket. I can sit against the kitchen walls because it is in a corner. It is more expensive than I would expect. I am glad I bought it.

👤The Light Grey color is perfect for storing the family face mask collection. There is a I was expecting 3 baskets to be attached to the poles, but it turns out the sides of the baskets are not attached to the poles. You cannot use the baskets by yourself. There is a It took several tries before the baskets were attached to the side pieces. It seems like it will work for me once it's put together. The dimensions are small, so check them. I don't think the quality is worth the price, but it does look nice and if it lasts a long time, maybe it's worth it.

👤The finished product looks nice and provides the storage I needed in a small space; however, it's a bit wobbly and easily tipped if not weighted with something heavy in the lowest basket. The provided screws wouldn't go in all the way because the holes for the screws weren't perfect. After reaming out the holes with a drill, it went together perfectly. I don't think it's necessary for the price to require "tweaking" by the customer, and it shouldn't wobble because one of the feet is off center.

6. OrganiHaus Storage Decorative Organizing Farmhouse

OrganiHaus Storage Decorative Organizing Farmhouse

The dimensions are 14.9”L, 9.8”W, and 9.8”H. There is a storage box in the package. The 15” x 10” x 9” rope storage baskets are ideal for keeping your everyday home life more organized and provide plenty of compact storage space for arts and crafts, classroom decor, kid's toys, or nursery room accessories. A vintage feel with a modern touch these coiled rope baskets are made from tightly-woven cotton that is strong, and more resistant than regular wicker storage basket. Vintage colors to match every style include 3-tone gray, blue, off-white, rainbow, off-white, pink, and brown. The fabric rope baskets for storage feature built-in carry handles that are also slim and functional. It's perfect for carrying things around the house. The OrganiHaus decorative shelf cube bin is taller and deeper than standard cotton rope baskets to provide plenty of depth when you are storing home goods, hobby supplies, diapers, clothes, classroom storage or arts and crafts. The OrganiHaus decorative shelf cube bin is taller and deeper than standard cotton rope baskets to provide plenty of depth when you are storing home goods, hobby supplies, diapers, clothes, classroom storage or arts and crafts.

Brand: Organihaus

👤The product is not as described. How long is 15.3 inches? I am getting right at 12in. Quite different. Smaller than those pictured. Couldn't find these size for $7 at the local big box. I paid $43 for 3 rope totes. Returning.

👤The cubes are nicely packaged. They won't stay open out of the box if they are folded. They would have to be filled with something and let them sit or iron to get them out. The cubes I received were smaller than advertised. I wanted to put them in a bigger area. I needed them to be 15.3” long.

👤These are very nice, but they are 2 inches smaller than the listed measurements. I was looking to fill a deep shelf, so I would have purchased elsewhere. All I did was measure and compare my baskets, which are 13 and 10 in length. They will be okay, but not what I was looking for. The product description needs to be updated. It's a shame.

👤They work well but are a little pricey. You have to work to get them to shape correctly, and I usually give 4 stars. I have given up and let them do their own thing. They get the job done for the common cube storage. I will go 5 stars as I am very happy with the purchase. It's better than everything else. Quality product too.

👤The closet is being renovated in progress. I had two black and white baskets, but I was looking for something lighter and more economical. These are light and nice to carry around. I added a tag with black ribbon and label maker and am happy with how it looked. I immediately ordered another set for the shelf that this is on. After stuffing with pillows for a couple of hours and then steaming, this is only one day in.

👤These baskets are very nice. I needed something with handles that wouldn't break if set down hard, so I needed them for the sets of children's books. These are correct, and they're cute as well. I kept the box because it is so pretty. I don't have a "durability" rating, but they seem nice and sturdy.

👤I'm using them, but they're not as big as advertised. They say you're supposed to stretch them into shape. They are flattened and folded from shipping. Nobody wants to do that. The baskets are sturdy and cute. It's just a little bit smaller than advertised.

👤It wasn't a problem to get these baskets to shape up after unpacking. They are what I wanted to store in the bedroom so it stays neat. I bought a large one for the throw blankets that we use when we are in the living room and outside on chilly nights. I'm able to keep the blankets neatly rolled up in the basket and tie them in with the rug in my living room.

👤I know some people don't like folding these baskets because they don't get the right shape, but we have found it easy. Just fill them out for a few hours and then do as you please. It's easy to pull them out of a unit with the hidden handles. The grey ones are pretty. They are a great purchase, at a reasonable price and of great quality. I need shelves in my bed as drawers are a problem and I'm stuck in bed a lot. I can put medicines in one, food in another and a heated blanket, and support for my hands in the other with these. They're not heavy and can be pulled out to get what you want, which makes it hard to take them out.

7. DII Z02320 Vintage Chicken Removable

DII Z02320 Vintage Chicken Removable

The set includes two gray wire baskets with black and white liners. Food safe skewers. Fruits, vegetables, canned foods, baking supplies, cleaners, and other items can be filled. TheTILE STORAGESOLUTION: It's a perfect storage option for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry items, kids rooms, nursery and more. Metal baskets can be wiped with a soft cloth if they are machine washed. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store.

Brand: Dii

👤If you don't want your furniture or shelves to be marked up with scratches, these baskets are not for you. When I have a few more sets in my cart, the seller keeps changing the price. Trying to purchase more is ridiculous. I had matching baskets. The baskets will scratch any surface. I was going to use the cute placemats under the baskets, but they scratched it. These are for small and light things. The tags show so that you can't see anything. I will shop elsewhere for ten matching baskets because it's not worth trying to return.

👤The baskets worked to reorganize our entry closet. I would like to have a large size to order without a set. I could use a large size in place of the medium baskets in place of the small baskets if I wanted to. It would be great if these were all offered individually.

👤These were not as large as I expected. The checkered pattern is in our family room. Excellent quality. I was hoping they would be bigger. The pattern is more expensive.

👤Two of the baskets I ordered were grey, but the other two were brown and the ties on them were messed up. I'll get the correct ones when I return them. The baskets are exactly what I wanted and I love them. The stitching on these was white when I ordered them from a cheaper seller. The seller is more expensive, but you get better quality. There is a There is an update. The new order was the wrong color. I am really disappointed that the ones I received were the correct color.

👤It is made of wire that is wrapped around itself and has sharp edges. The edges could have been bent into the wrapping so that it wouldn't tear the cloth. There are holes in the cloth. The cloth will fall apart in the first wash. Very disappointing.

👤The color of the baskets is off. The "natural" color is closer to a cloth color than it is to a cloth color, which is what the "natural" color looks like to me in the image on Amazon advertised by the seller. I'm just going to use the basket because I won't be using the liner.

👤I returned them because they were too short for me to fit in a space. I was hoping I could make them work since they were the style I was looking for. We went with something else. If they fit what you need, I'd recommend them.

👤In the top description, the baskets are 12 x 9 x 9.5 but in another part of the description, they are only 10 x. The first description said they were not12" long. L.

👤It's too expensive for how cheap these are. Dollar store baskets are better quality. The wire looks flimsy and the fabric is beginning to wear. Will be returning them. They were both the same size, not one small and one large.

👤J'ai commande le paniers de grandeur médium. The tout de la mme couleur is on the gris. The grillage du panier is fragile. Le prix is par rapport. I am in the processus de retour de l'achat.

8. Gourmet Basics Mikasa 5219530 Rectangular

Gourmet Basics Mikasa 5219530 Rectangular

Cleaning instructions To clean pantry organizers, please use mild soap and warm water. Do not place these bins in the dishwasher. The kitchen cabinet organizers are 10”L x 6”W x 5”H. Made from heavy-gauge, carbon structured steel with aBPA-free, food-safe powder coating for long- lasting beauty, even under rigorous use, and features an oil-rubbed bronze finish for an antiqued feel. The multi-functionalness of the basket allows for multiple uses and easy storage, and is used in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, garage, pantry and more. Use separate or stack these baskets to cut down on countercluttering. This basket is pre-assembled without the need for tools or hardware. Clean with a damp cloth. The basket is 14 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Brand: Gourmet Basics By Mikasa

👤I bought this for my coffee station. I use it to hold my tea and sugar canisters. It's worth every penny. I bought another for my produce.

👤I searched for a few days for a basket to hold onions, garlic, etc. I liked the look of the basket and the fact that we could keep our home on top. The basket arrived without any defects and the wood looks better in person. It seems very sturdy and is a great size. Overall, very pleased with the purchase!

👤I have a small apartment kitchen and counter top storage space that is always a problem. I wanted to be able to store some of our fruit in it and still have some storage on top, and this fit those needs perfectly. It's large enough to hold a good amount of items without using up a lot of counter space. There is enough room on top for smaller storage. The basket was assembled without any need for assembly. The wooden top is beautiful and the four feet are on the counter. It fits well. Everyone was thrilled with this purchase.

👤The wood on top was damaged. I wondered if this was a wood look on a piece of plywood or something, and not an actual sturdy piece of wood. I was able to hide the damage by flipping the top over. The top seems to be not very durable. I didn't want to have to send it back again. That was disappointing. It looks really nice. The rest of the basket is very sturdy and the basket is a good size. I really like it, but I wish it didn't get damaged.

👤The basket has a nice amount of space. There is a The opening is small, especially for larger hands, and it is one of the slight drawbacks with the wood on top. The little feet are not the same height as mine. Also, can slide on some surfaces. The little things would have been fixed by small feet.

👤I had to decide which side to display. The one with the large gouge out of the corner or side has a lot of obvious flaws. If I paid $20 for this piece, I could live with it, but with a price tag of $40, this damage is not acceptable. The box it arrived in was in perfect shape, and it appears that the damage was done before shipping. The board on top of the basket was what made this so appealing to me. Can't imagine how this can be stacked without damage if the lids were mistreated in the distribution center. This isn't a good value.

👤The replacement for the broken product was received. It is great! The metal is nice and sturdy. The kitchen counter looks nice. There is a The original was original. Product seems nice and size is as expected, but packaging was insufficient to ensure safe undamaged arrival.

👤This is the perfect place to store my fruit. I don't like a lot of things on my counter, but it looks great and I get a lot of compliment on it. Excellent quality!

9. Spectrum Diversified Utility Storage Basket

Spectrum Diversified Utility Storage Basket

Clean lines and smooth welds add style to your storage, which looks great in modern and rustic farmhouse homes alike. The open wire grid keeps everything orderly. The curved handles make it easier to pull baskets from the closet and pantry shelves. Store a lot of items. Sturdy steel with smooth welds makes this basket suitable for a variety of items. Put a basket full of scarves or hats on your front closet shelf, keep bath accessories nearby with open storage, or tidy up your pantry by storing all your snacks inside. The basket is durable and stylish and can be used in any room. The open wire design makes it easy to find the item you need in the basket. Keep your belongings organized without sacrificing easy access. Your home should be organized. Give every item a place in these baskets. You can organize your kids toys, pet supplies, pantry items, guest toiletries, cleaning supplies, gardening tools, and much more. The basket is an ideal storage and organization solution because of its sturdy steel. AnyWHERE with comparable dimensions: 15" L x 11.75" W x8" H.

Brand: Spectrum Diversified

👤The basket is used to stack packages of frozen vegetables and meats. It works well and is resistant to freezer temperatures. I ordered quite a few and am happy with them all. I would recommend anyone who wants to keep their freezer organized.

👤I got this item by clicking " buy again" on a previous item, but it was a set of two. I expected another set of two. I paid the same price for the basket as I did for the two before it. I'm only complaining because I can't find another way to address the issue and get my second basket.

👤My new place has limited counter space so I needed something to hold potatoes, onions, and such. The space on the bottom of my kitchen is perfect for this, because there are some open shelves there. I put a piece of cardboard in the bottom to keep dirt and peels off the ground, but it's very sturdy and holds a lot. It is also pretty.

👤I love these baskets. I have a side-by-side fridge/freezer, and we have a garden. I freeze a lot of vegetables, meats, and other items. If you put the packages in the freezer, you should use a package from the bottom of the stack because the other packages tend to slide around in the freezer. I got two baskets, one for meat and one for vegetables. I put my frozen items in a basket that the packages can slide around in. I just pull out the basket and return what I need. I no longer need to rearrange, slide, or search the whole shelf for what I need. It's great for taking inventory when making my shopping list, and it's also great to use the first-in/first-out method to avoid losing anything to freezer-burn or age! The best idea I've had in a long time was very organized and efficient.

👤My puppy's toys are in this. I used a plastic bin. She is chewing badly. I'm afraid she will eat the plastic. I looked at several products on Amazon after getting something metal. It is light weight and perfect for my needs. There is plenty of room for more toys in this size.

👤The quality is very good and we ordered another one even though the price was somewhat low. They are in our chest freezer and not meant to stack on each other. Baskets of frozen items can be lifted out of the way to make it easier to reach items at the bottom of a deep chest freezer.

👤The baskets seem to be good quality. There is a Baskets were locked together so tightly that they caused major scratching and scuffing of the inside. I used a mallet to get them apart. The plastic was put in the baskets and then thrown into the bottom. The damage and the wrong color were sent, so they got 2 stars. I'll keep them if my wife approves of the color and scratches. I'll be asking for an exchange if not.

10. Harrage Decorative Container Organizer Containers

Harrage Decorative Container Organizer Containers

Stonebriar Collection features artisan style craftsmanship, rich finishes and bold colors that will add interest to any room. The metal frame is durable and high quality. The nylon ribbon is hand-woven, green environmental protection. The Woven Storage Basket has portable handles and lid design, which makes it easy to transports to any location. De-cluttering and securing your possessions are benefits of lid closure. Can be used in different ways. Multi-Purpose storage can be used for clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, crafts, baby supplies, school supplies and more. Also ideal for travel sized items, Q-tips, mail, accessories, socks, ties, and much more. The huge capacity of these baskets makes them an excellent choice for keeping your space nice, tidy and organized. It's suitable for many areas, including the family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Baskets for decor with lid beautifully accent cube storage organizer shelves can be used in chest, bookcase, desk, dresser drawer, pantry, rack area, counter, table, cabinet. The set of three is small, medium and large and has a total of 7.3 inches.

Brand: Harrage

👤I love these baskets. They came as expected with one small detail. They are not as light in color as I 888-276-5932 These are more of a beige color. I still love it. I think that the more tan color is even better than a light cream, for what I had planned to use them for. Highly recommended!

👤I was pleased to see that the description said there was a snap closure for the top of the baskets, even though I didn't see it in the photos. There is no type of closure that works for what I need now. They are sturdy, and a good price, but will return.

👤A wicker basket with a handle was not appreciated as much as a basket with a value and price. They worked perfectly to hold the small things for a group gift, I got them for that. The baskets were added to the gift for the group. I gave a gift to the team that took care of me after I was in the hospital for a transplant for almost four weeks. Also looking cute. There are pictures before the bow.

👤These baskets are gorgeous. I use them in my main floor bathroom because I don't have any cabinets to store things. My guests don't have to look at my stuff when they use the bathroom. Everything is grey.

👤My husband and I both have one on our side tables. Our dog is kept out of them by lid.

👤These are the perfect size and fit nicely next to my recliner to hold remote controls, paper and pens, my tablets, phone, Kleenex, reading glasses, books, etc. It's great for rooms with limited space.

👤Really like the strength. The boxes are easy to open. The color of brown is dark.

👤Sturdy baskets that hold a lot. I use mine to hold garden supplies and they look great.

11. BINO Plastic Storage Basket X Large

BINO Plastic Storage Basket X Large

Store more in less space. BINO's plastic baskets fit practically anywhere and offer plenty of room for all those things you need to keep close by without taking up too much room in your bedroom, kitchen or closet. These baskets can make your house or apartment feel a whole lot cleaner and neat. If you are looking for a storage solution that does not break the bank, their solution is for you. Storage bins that are built to last will give you years of service. The translucent plastic body with mesh design of the bins are built to last from premium grade materials that aren't going to come apart on you when you put them to the test. BINO's plastic baskets are convenient to stack when not in use for maximum space utilization and they have integrated handles that make it easy to move them around. There is a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. BINO has storage baskets that you can use to easily organize just about anything you want to keep around, rather than taking up valuable space. The portable storage basket is a far cry from other cabinets and storage solutions. Not too small, not too big, and available in 4 different sizes. The basket is 14" x 11.5" x 8.5".

Brand: Bino

👤I have hit on the dud of all duds after many years of very satisfactory purchases from Amazon. The trouble began when I hit the wrong button on quantity. I paid tax for one basket when I was going to buy five baskets. $9.00 for one basket? It was a rip off. Don't buy just one. Consider yourself before making a decision. The basket is made from plastic and is worth $9. I hope this will save someone from wasting their hard earned money. I think I could have bought some baskets from Tree.

👤I wanted storage for my pantry that was easy to wash. These are nice.

👤The other reviewers stated that their baskets arrived damaged, but I didn't. When I opened the undamaged shipping box, I found that my basket had a long crack running through it. I don't want to return it as it looks fine and I'm only using it to corral empty cans and bottles headed for the recycling bin. I would look elsewhere if you wanted to carry anything heavier than that.

👤I mounted it to my bike using a front rack, but I don't know how it works for storage. There are a lot of great restaurants near my house but not enough parking so I bike to them. If food spills, this basket is easy to clean. The product is great and the price is great.

👤I was surprised that it was smaller than I had thought. I thought it would be bigger. The storage basket looks nice. You should pack it better. When it arrived, the box was almost open. It didn't look like it had been packaged well. The box was almost open when it arrived.

👤We have a linen closet. I waited until they were marked in stock again to show them. I ordered two. They are both different patterns. They are the same color, but their patterns are different. I don't think it's worth it to send one back in hopes of getting a match, or sending both back and having to wait for two more. Order elsewhere if it matters to you that they are the same. We will be behind closed doors. Just won't be ordering again.

👤I put 2 of them under my bathroom cabinet. Sturdy and holds a lot. Next to pipes, it fits nicely. I use them in my kitchen pantry. I've purchased them several times and keep finding uses for them.

👤My husband and I use a basket in the utility room to keep our food items. Two of these are perfect for our decor. After a few years, the basket began to tear and show wear, and we finally gave up. This little replacement is perfect for our needs. I gave it four stars since I haven't owned it long, but it seems to be just what we needed.


What is the best product for decorative storage bins kitchen?

Decorative storage bins kitchen products from . In this article about decorative storage bins kitchen you can see why people choose the product. Sorbus and Iwill Create Pro are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative storage bins kitchen.

What are the best brands for decorative storage bins kitchen?

, Sorbus and Iwill Create Pro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative storage bins kitchen. Find the detail in this article. Granny Says, Mdesign and Organihaus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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