Best Decorative Storage Bins Plastic

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1. HYUNLAI Decorative Press Stud Fastening Moisture Proof

HYUNLAI Decorative Press Stud Fastening Moisture Proof

You can fold up the storage bins. The fabric storage bins are strong enough to be stacked. It's easy to fit your closet. 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can contact them through email if you have a question. Storage boxes size Medium size: 12.2x8.3x5.1inch, small size:11x7x4.3inch, and large size:13.4 x 9.4 x 5.5 inch. They are great for organizing. The box made of waterproof and strong plastic is very sturdy and can be used frequently. It is easy to clean. It is also waterproof to prevent your paper files from being damaged in a humid environment. The sturdy lids can be moved, you can easily open or cover them when you need to take things out or put things in. boxes can be disassembled and fixed by snaps buttons, and are easy to assemble. Medium and largest size are big enough for you to put some of your baby clothes, shoes, and toys in it. These storage boxes can be placed in a variety of places. 30 days money back is included in theReliable Service. Questions can be answered within 12 hours.

Brand: Hyunlai

👤I like these. They look great and can be used many different ways. Four plastic boxes will be obvious and not decorative. There are some potential pitfalls. They have a bit of sheen, almost exactly as pictured. I thought they were bad, but they are plastic. You can't tell they are plastic from a distance. There is a They don't seal up to be waterproof. There is a They are not thick enough to hold heavy items like batteries. If you don't pick up the box, you could do that. The snaps are sturdy but the bottom will bow if you pick it up. There is a That is not a detractor for me. The surfaces are slick so I would give it a 4.5 star. When stacked and bumped, they slide off of each other. I'm pretty sure I'll get the little sticker dots you put on the cabinet and drawers to shock absorb and put four on each of the bottom corners. I wouldn't put anything in them that wasn't strong.

👤I searched high and low for the same flip magnetic lid boxes. Assembly was not bad. Handling these is difficult since they are slippery little devils. The outer material is made of vinyl. When my closet door is open, I like the clean look.

👤I found these boxes very well made, easy to put together and sturdy for my needs, so I ordered in another color. I bought the first two sets to store the old photographs. The next two sets were purchased to organize my room. The colors orange and blue bring a lot of color to my room.

👤They have a lot of photos. It was perfect.

👤These were very stiff. I'm a small person. I thought my lack of muscle made it hard to snap them together. I got my husband to try it and we needed pliers to put them together. We might have gotten a bad one. If your buttons are as flawed as mine, have a backup.

👤Someone stole this from my porch after my daughter requested it as a birthday gift. I found the wrapper in the alley. I received a new one from Amazon and I was very appreciative. My daughter was happy. She loved the neutral color. She uses it to hold art supplies. Thank you Amazon and the blue box provider.

👤It comes in four different sizes, perfect for my kids. There is a The water proof feature is a plus and it is easy to assemble.

👤I didn't know that they required assembly when I ordered them. The material is cheap. Not what I was expecting.

2. Idomy Plastic Storage Baskets Rectangle

Idomy Plastic Storage Baskets Rectangle

It's perfect for the kitchen cupboard, office work desktop, bedroom, bathroom, etc. The dimensions are: Length x width x height. Great use of beauty supplies, small tools, hobby and crafts parts storage. The price is competitive with high quality. The plastic basket is eco-friendly and practical. It has a high capacity. It has a high capacity.

Brand: Idomy

👤I will start with the positives. I like the design and the size. They are stylish, modern, and perfectly sized for organizing items under the sink in your kitchen, bathroom, or makeup area. There is a Cons... The bins were cracked all the way through when I received them. I am not sure how the packaging cracked, it was in perfect condition. It is frustrating that I received broken items. I don't know if the bins are strong enough, but will review later.

👤Bins are used to store laundry room items. Positive: The cabinet door can be closed with common shelf space. The plastic is very strong and attractive in cabinets, open space handles make it easy to use, and the plastic allows for label maker tape to stick to it, unlike the product. Plastic is very tough and almost feels like wood. It is easy to clean. There is a Food storage and baby toy storage are not recommended. There is a The bins were stacked in a plastic bag. The dimensions are made in China.

👤This is not the flimsy Dollar Tree variety. These baskets are strong. I've used them to arrange spices, bath products, and small clothes items. Definitely recommend them!

👤I ordered a fourth set of baskets. They are the perfect size for small RV closets and cupboards. I use them under the sink in the RV fridge. Basically everywhere! The size will fit into odd shaped areas to maximize space in RV's. The difference these have made inside my RV is amazing and has almost doubled the space because of theirVersatility. I highly recommend these baskets for organizing an RV.

👤These baskets are perfect for our pantry. I have one for sweet treats, one for salty, one for bags of dried lentils and beans, and two for specialty Mexican and Asian foods. I haven't used the 6th yet. I would have liked all 6 of them. They coordinate well with our gray and white shelf paper. They are a step up from what you might find at a dollar store.

👤Purchase a few packages of these and do yourself a favor. I put the amazing baskets in my pantry, fridge, garage, and bathroom. Great size! Some of the baskets may be damaged when they arrive. I received a few baskets that were broken. I could barely notice that they were still functional.

👤The cupboard organizers are great. You can see what is in them. It would be difficult to pull off cupboard shelves if you overload them. I have oatmeal packets, a jar of raisins and a bag of nuts. There are bags with popcorn seasoning. Others hold containers. It is in one place which probably saves time and nerves.

👤These baskets are wonderful. I don't have any complaints. They work well. It gets the job done. I would highly recommend. The price is even better. Very strong. Purchasing more.

3. Honey Can Do STO 05088 Woven Baskets 2 Pack

Honey Can Do STO 05088 Woven Baskets 2 Pack

Storage boxes are ideal to be used as medicine containers, hand towels baskets, desktop organizers, and more. The double woven task-it baskets are easy to clean. They are large enough for your household essentials, but still fit in a closet or on a shelf. The attached handles make carrying the basket easy. Baskets add style to any room that needs some storage. The task-it baskets have different sizes and colors.

Brand: Honey-can-do

👤Excellent quality! The set was a set of 2.

👤I have small closetmaid shelves that are too small for storage bins. I was desperate for something to come in them. They are the right size. These seem sturdy and hold up a bit. I bought more baskets for the rest of the open spaces. I would like to have a matching laundry basket. The laundry basket and product that Whitmor has is more expensive.

👤I bought two sets to organize my toys. It's a perfect size. The handles don't stretch or break, even my two year old girl pulled them. I may get more for my closet.

👤These baskets are great for holding linens. I put my sheets in the baskets to save space in my closet. I wouldn't put a lot of weight in them, but they are sturdy and can handle larger items. One of the baskets had a lot of little frayed threads, but I trimmed them off and haven't had any other problems so far.

👤They fit my space perfectly, and were made sure to measure. They seem sturdy and look nice. It was shipped quickly.

👤I put the baskets on the stand behind my toilet and the other two on the shelf. They are large enough to hold all of our bathroom essentials, including bath products, one for toilet paper storage, one for my makeup, one for body lotion and one for hair products. The cabinets are under the sink. There are teal, gray and seashells in the bathroom rug and shower curtain. Everything is kept neat, hidden and orderly.

👤I bought the bins when I was buying a bathroom stand. The bins are great and can hold a lot of things. They fit perfectly with the stand. I would like to see them sell a larger pack to have one for each shelf.

👤There is nothing wrong with these containers. It could be 2” wider. I have two hair products, one for straight hair and one for curly hair. The quality is holding up well moving from one spot to another. I bought four of them. Glad I did. The next thing to do is organize. I think it would have been better to buy 6, ha! After researching all options, the price was good.

👤Se tienes, el color. es Firme y tal Cual se ve en las fotos, perfectamente empacadas. I parece buensima, pero mucho ms caras.

👤The quality of these helped to keep our hats organized.

👤I ordered a set of 2 Woven Baskets. I received one basket and it was advertised as a set of two baskets.

👤I already had some of these. They do the job and are attractive.

👤Muy resistentes y excelente material.

4. DII Vintage Basket Removable Fabric

DII Vintage Basket Removable Fabric

Product size:11.8* 7.8*3.*9 inche. 100% Iron, 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester. The set includes three wire baskets with fabric liners, small (9" Length x 7" Width x6" heigth) and large (6" Length x7" Width x6" heigth) Food safe skewers. Fruits, vegetables, canned foods, baking supplies, cleaners, and other items can be filled. TheTILE STORAGESOLUTION: It's a perfect storage option for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry items, kids rooms, nursery and more. Metal baskets can be wiped with a soft cloth if they are machine washed. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. Bring style and function to your home with these wire baskets. The cleverly designed baskets are easy to store.

Brand: Dii

👤I wanted the mixed 3 pc. They did not have it in Taupe. I hope I can find it cheaper than buying the big one alone. I had to scatter the baskets in different rooms because they weren't the same size. One looked great on my bathroom counter. It was listed at $6 when I saw it. I said what in the world. The liner was thicker and I didn't see it, because $10/bin for a college student or anyone on a budget is pretty steep.

👤I wanted to store laundry room items in these baskets. These baskets do a great job. They look nice, they are sturdy, and they have a decorative look. Great purchase.

👤Cute. I like to hide items that we use frequently, and this set of 3 baskets was a great way to do that. When you pull the horizontal bars apart, you disrupt the wire placement. These are visually appealing and hold a good bit, but don't keep anything heavy or expect to move them a lot.

👤These lined baskets are very nice. They're light enough to hang on the wall and sturdy enough to hold something. They can be used in the pantry or counter. They need to be packed so they don't lock together. It may be because of how high inventory is stacked or how they are handled when they are shipped, but I had to pry apart the thing. It was close, but luckily there was no damage.

👤The lining is very cheap and these are very difficult to break apart. Hopefully they are strong.

👤I ordered 3 small baskets. I used 2 for my charging station and the other for a fruit basket. The only problem I have is that the cloth is inside. The top wouldn't flap over if I turned it the right way. When I flip the bow, it shows the seam in the area that was flipped. It's weird. It's not noticeable, but they are sewed wrong.

👤I bought the set of 3 in taupe. I didn't realize how small these are. I wish they sold the big one in sets of 2 so that I could only get the big ones. I bought the set of 5 because I wanted a large basket, but now have 5 little ones that are collecting dust.

👤Baskets at a good value are very cute. I didn't look at the dimensions before buying them, but they were so cute I found a way to make them work.

5. SEEKIND Decorative Press Stud Moisture Proof Translucent

SEEKIND Decorative Press Stud Moisture Proof Translucent

The task-it baskets have different sizes and colors. The metal handles on the plastic bins are sturdy and stylish. The handles make it easy to move the storage bin. There are bins with lids that are collapsible and can be folded up when not in use. These boxes are made from quality healthy plastic and are strong enough to hold toys, clothes, towels, and other items. The office storage boxes are small and have enough space to hold a few things. These are good for organizing your home or office. It's waterproof and has high-quality plastic, organizers and storage for bedroom, blankets, toys, baby clothes, put it in college dorms, closets, lofts, under-bed storage, etc.

Brand: Seekind

👤I need to bout them for my sex toys. I have a cleaner in one. There are small toys in one. There is a I don't think I need to explain the bigger ones.

👤How cute! You just snap the buttons together. You are done! I don't want to hold anything crazy heavy, so I'm using them for pictures and some picture albums. They have some give to them, which is nice, but I think they would get a bit tired if you put a lot of heavy items inside. The color is bright and fresh.

👤I like to save greeting cards and letters from my friends and family. I have put them in photo albums, sheet protectors, binders, and boxes. It's really bad. These are easy to store boxes. They fit on the shelves. Exactly as I had hoped. They are very nice. A plastic that snaps together has a lid. They had white labels. Love them.

👤The price is not worth it. The material is the same as the plastic ones. I got these because they are advertised as waterproof, and I thought that would justify the price. They are not waterproof. There is a small hole on the bottom of the box and the lid because the corners don't line up evenly. I would expect to find something of this quality for $2 at the dollar store, but I can't justify the price. I would recommend looking for a cheaper alternative if you buy these.

👤The sides are not like ikea boxes where they are at least cardboard, these are flimsy material and the buttons don't clip to stay in place. I wouldn't buy these again if I went back in time. Not worth the money. You can get the shelve boxes at ikea.

👤I was quite pleased with the boxes. They look nice and have a pull tab on the front of each box. When they are full, put your hand under the box as you take it off the shelf. You should not just pull it out with your hands. You can guess the rest of the collapse. They are waterproof and stylish, but only because they are plastic. I will be buying more of these.

👤The large plastic section was broken off of the largest box when I received it. I noticed that the plastic in the boxes was broken or bent when I started to assemble them. I was able to assemble without these areas showing. Since the area's did not impede putting the boxes together, I kept them, but they are very fragile and the plastic seems to crack very easily.

👤I usually have good things to say on Amazon. This is not an exception. Don't buy these boxes? Because of the color. These are the cheapest storage containers I have ever seen. You put them together. One snap broke. I don't like sending things back but they are worthless. 99 cents is too much if these were $1 for all three. Trust me. Don't waste your money. It's a good thing. The person that designed these is laughing because they don't think anyone will listen to me. Just one bad review.

6. Harrage Decorative Container Organizer Containers

Harrage Decorative Container Organizer Containers

The green and white stripes of the chic Herringbone Ribbon pattern are perfect for popping of color. The metal frame is durable and high quality. The nylon ribbon is hand-woven, green environmental protection. The Woven Storage Basket has portable handles and lid design, which makes it easy to transports to any location. De-cluttering and securing your possessions are benefits of lid closure. Can be used in different ways. Multi-Purpose storage can be used for clothing, bath & beauty products, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, crafts, baby supplies, school supplies and more. Also ideal for travel sized items, Q-tips, mail, accessories, socks, ties, and much more. The huge capacity of these baskets makes them an excellent choice for keeping your space nice, tidy and organized. It's suitable for many areas, including the family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Baskets for decor with lid beautifully accent cube storage organizer shelves can be used in chest, bookcase, desk, dresser drawer, pantry, rack area, counter, table, cabinet. The set of three is small, medium and large and has a total of 7.3 inches.

Brand: Harrage

👤I love these baskets. They came as expected with one small detail. They are not as light in color as I 888-276-5932 These are more of a beige color. I still love it. I think that the more tan color is even better than a light cream, for what I had planned to use them for. Highly recommended!

👤I was pleased to see that the description said there was a snap closure for the top of the baskets, even though I didn't see it in the photos. There is no type of closure that works for what I need now. They are sturdy, and a good price, but will return.

👤A wicker basket with a handle was not appreciated as much as a basket with a value and price. They worked perfectly to hold the small things for a group gift, I got them for that. The baskets were added to the gift for the group. I gave a gift to the team that took care of me after I was in the hospital for a transplant for almost four weeks. Also looking cute. There are pictures before the bow.

👤These baskets are gorgeous. I use them in my main floor bathroom because I don't have any cabinets to store things. My guests don't have to look at my stuff when they use the bathroom. Everything is grey.

👤My husband and I both have one on our side tables. Our dog is kept out of them by lid.

👤These are the perfect size and fit nicely next to my recliner to hold remote controls, paper and pens, my tablets, phone, Kleenex, reading glasses, books, etc. It's great for rooms with limited space.

👤Really like the strength. The boxes are easy to open. The color of brown is dark.

👤Sturdy baskets that hold a lot. I use mine to hold garden supplies and they look great.

7. Golden Bauhinia Collapsible Decorative Organizers

Golden Bauhinia Collapsible Decorative Organizers

Medium is 6. 25"L x 6"W x 3. 5"H. Their sturdy storage bins are easy to assemble and can be folded into a lid. They are very easy to store or carry when you don't use them. The bins with the lids are made of high quality boards. The storage boxes have a solid bottom. The nonabsorbent material will keep dirt, dust and bugs out. The storage container dimensions have been increased in the year 2022. The perfect size is easy to fit in a shelf or closet. Their storage bins can be used to hide and organize things. You can stack them by one. Premium Quality]: The decorative storage boxes with lid covered by thick textured cloth are durable and have no odor. The handle is made of steel. Sturdy designs are made to last. You can use these boxes for a long time. Golden Bauhinia brand foldable storage bins with lids help to pick up closet storage. They will take responsibility for your purchase and give you a risk-free shopping experience. You can be sure of a great buying experience with their decorative storage bins. Click the shop name to reach the seller. Golden Bauhinia brand foldable storage bins with lids help to pick up closet storage. They will take responsibility for your purchase and give you a risk-free shopping experience. You can be sure of a great buying experience with their decorative storage bins. Click the shop name to reach the seller.

Brand: Golden Bauhinia

👤This storage bin exceeded my expectations. I ordered a few more because they are so nice. If you want to collapse the bin back down, they have a tab on the lined cardboard insert that is easy to remove. There is a The bin looks very high class. Despite the heavy weight of the jeans, this bin is still rigid and sturdy when I move it around. Very impressed. I would highly recommend this price for these.

👤I'm a detail person. I like that most of the items on Amazon are described and have pictures of their use. I bought the bins on Amazon to maximize shelf storage. I said they are perfect. And they look great and are made to look that way. Thank you Amazon!

👤I have purchased other fabric fold up bins before, but never have I gotten any with the quality these are made of. They don't seem to be folding up bins. Thanks for making a great product.

👤The Golden Bauhinia Large Storage Bin was packaged and delivered. I like the way the packaging unfolded. I'm keeping it in the mud room to hold gloves because it has a very polished appearance. Light items can be put on the lid, but don't put a heavy backpack on it. I ordered 3 more because I like this box so much.

👤I was going to buy one box but found a better one and got three. They are big. There is a lot of stuff in them. I am happy I got three.

👤I bought this to use as some extra storage in my living room and it was a good purchase. The fabric works well for my closet shelves. Good looking and large. I like the way the lid fits.

👤It's very easy to assemble and hold a lot of stuff. Happy customer.

👤The product was the same as pictured. Well made and looks nice.

8. Livememory Decorative Storage Foldable Handles

Livememory Decorative Storage Foldable Handles

If you don't like their storage basket, they will give you a new one or return your money. You can contact their after sale service if you have a problem with them. Storage bins with lids are made from high quality cardboard and fabric and will not fall down. This storage box is printed with a wicker pattern, not a real wicker basket. There is linguistic apprenticeship. A wicker pattern is a perfect decoration for your home. There is space for parking. The decorative storage boxes can be used for more than just extra storage space. Considerate design. L15.7*W11.8*H 7.9 Inches is the size of the storage bins, which are lidded to keep stuff out of the dust. There are multiple function storage boxes. The storage bins with lids fit for clothes, kids toys, art & craft supplies, books, shoes, seasonal items, DVDs, and more in the home or office. There are multiple function storage boxes. The storage bins with lids fit for clothes, kids toys, art & craft supplies, books, shoes, seasonal items, DVDs, and more in the home or office.

Brand: Livememory

👤I bought a product to hide the mess in my kitchen. No assembly is function. It pops open with a little help and is ready to go. Large size can hold a lot of items. The quantity of boxes received is satisfactory. The fake fabric on the exterior is not real and I don't like it because it makes it look cheap. If I were not using this product in a high traffic room in my house, this would be a less serious issue.

👤I was not expecting the outside to be so cheap, but I knew these were not actual wicker. The outside is made of nylon and has a wicker pattern. The cover is flimsy, but the size is decent and the rope handles are nice. I only needed them for closet storage, so I am not returning them. Since I just got them, I'm not sure if they're durable or not. I would not buy these again.

👤The boxes were really nice. Even though it was a printed pattern, they looked good. I had to send back the boxes because they were too tall for what I needed them for.

👤It is very easy to assemble. It was used for storing bath and body products. Very cute! Sturdy enough to fill a box with bottles and carry them across the room to the nightstand. Like the rope tie handles.

👤The storage box is pricey and only 4 stars. It will be useful for my purpose. It's recommended as long as you check its measurement before ordering. I was surprised but I did it. Maybe I'm surprise-able.

👤This cloth bin looks like a basket. The lid is a great feature. It fits my space perfectly and is spot on. Happy with the shipping time.

👤The outer fabric doesn't attract cat hair. It looks like a basket. I bought it to hold bottled water that doesn't fit in the fridge. It's not strong enough to carry heavy things, but it's fine to sit on the floor.

👤The handles could have been better, it looks pretty realistic.

9. DECOMOMO Foldable Collapsible Cationic Organizing

DECOMOMO Foldable Collapsible Cationic Organizing

MINIMALIST & DURABLE: The design is minimalist with thick cationic fabric. There is a 2.5mm fiberboard bottom. The handles are brown faux leather. Storage baskets are a cute home decoration. The bins can be folded when not in use. The storage bins are easy to clean. Spot clean with soapy water. There is a metal frame and a hard bottom inside. Large storage baskets are sturdy. These can be used as baskets for shelves, closet storage bins, linen closet organizers, nursery storage, organizing baby products, clothing, kid's toys, pet products, laundry, towel, blanket, bedsheet, many other uses. The boxes can be used in many places. It is an excellent choice for keeping your space nice, tidy and organized. The Decomo Large Storage Bin is set of 3 for better value and convenience. The dimensions are 15” x 11” (W) x 9.5” (H) and 38 cm x 24 cm. This large size can hold a lot of items. It works well with a variety of storage compartments. You can label each bin with the provided string and tag it with the DECOMOMO kit. Personalize your storage bin with forms that match your home. There is a care tip. If you want to get the fabric storages cubes out, you can either stuff the baskets with blankets and pillows for a few days or steam iron them.

Brand: Decomomo

👤My dog peed in it. I had to wash it. The bottom insert is just a piece of cardboard because after I took it out of the washer, I noticed the bottom was all lumped up. There are a lot of mold spots at the bottom of the bin. I had to cut it open to get it out, and there was a bunch of wet cardboard. The product looks nice but you cannot get it wet or the cardboard will fall and leave your storage bin smelling bad. Super disappointed.

👤Beautiful and high quality. They can be used under my nursery change table.

👤These organization bins are cute. They were bought for the purpose of being in the nursery room. I like the tan and grey and the pictures are accurate. It is good for price. The siding is a collapsable design, which is a great idea, and seems perfect for storing, even though the siding doesn't stay up. I've given them a week with things crammed inside so they can stand up straight without the dents on the sides. We ended up ordering another organization set from Amazon because they were the best for better products. Keeping an eye on it.

👤They are really good quality and were packaged nicely. They are sturdy for storing excess bags and linens in the laundry room. If there wasn't a strong smell when they arrived, they would be 5 stars. I opened and aired outdoors for 3 days and it was fine. There is no more smell. Thank goodness!

👤The bins are large enough to fit in my living room shelving unit. The toddler likes to keep his toys in the living room. This is an easy way to organize the shelf. The handles on the sides are very nice.

👤It's pretty. It's a nice fabric. The back strap has the word "DecomOMO" written on it. It's not a major factor in my opinion. The front strap is smooth. There is a The sides are not reinforced so they don't stand straight on their own. There is a If I were to fill it tight, the tautness would help it hold its shape, but that wasn't my plan. After I prop it up, it slumps down slowly. I'll probably return it. It might be what someone else is looking for.

👤I like the fact that you open it like a pop-up box and they hold the weights and it doesn't close inside. I like the neutral colors and the brown handles. The price is reasonable. I bought it to organize my shelves.

👤I am. These! Some of the reviews made me worried. I like what I see. They are very strong before being filled. I have several sets of 4 piece queen size linens in one. They don't have a weird smell. I can't imagine the material tearing under normal use. The colors are clean and crisp, exactly what I was looking for. Each basket had tags to label its content and twine to secure it. There are tips for use on the side of the label. I bought a large pack. I will definitely be getting more.

10. Sterilite 12726A06 Basket Cement 6 Pack

Sterilite 12726A06 Basket Cement 6 Pack

It's easy to move. 15 x 12.25 x 5.25 is the outside dimensions. The wicker look is appealing. The weave pattern allows for air movement.

Brand: Sterilite

👤If they came in white, these would be better. I couldn't be happier with the way my pantry was organized. They are easy to clean and are a nice size.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Very happy! I was a little skeptical about these, because I've been looking for a way to organize my house. Going to Target, Walmart, and even The container store. I couldn't find anything with a good price until now. I will be buying more. Thank you!

👤I bought two orders of this product. The shipping box did not show any damage, but one of the baskets was damaged. I was trying to figure out how to replace it. I have to send all of them back to Amazon to get one of them replaced. I want this basket replaced. I don't see why I would have to send it back.

👤I need this sort of thing to be organized. My guitar accessories are in one basket. There are medical pills in another. There are headsets and charging points in another. Paperwork in another place. There is a It's about the size that works for you. I like things that can be rearranged.

👤I bought a lot of these to organize my pantry and bathroom items. They are made of plastic and can't be said about other baskets. The tight weave keeps everything inside and the color matches our light grey walls. There is a space between the handle and the top of the basket to put labels. We used a label-maker to label ours, but you could also tie on a cute tag with a label of what is inside.

👤It's a little pricey, but it doesn't come in more colors, black, dark grey would be nice as well. These baskets are really nice. They are used for snacks in the kitchen and bathroom supplies. I have them in both small and big sizes.

👤I use these baskets in many different ways. I can buy 6-packs of them on Amazon. The grey color is more elegant than black or white. I'm not embarrassed to have them seen, even though they will never be mistaken for woven baskets. If you need baskets for something, give them a try.

👤Exactly what I needed. Things fall over on the deep shelves. I had a hard time finding baskets deep enough. It was a great price. I will be ordering more sets.

👤I wanted to organize my pantry. They were packaged well and fit in my pantry shelves. I wish I could buy more of them as they seem to be out of stock.

👤It's great for organizing the pantry, freezer and closet.

👤A été beaucoup trop lente. Sinon le produit is very nice. Bonnes dimensions et solidité sont.

👤Muy buenas resistentes.

11. DULLEMELO Fabric Storage Baskets Pack

DULLEMELO Fabric Storage Baskets Pack

A small basket is perfect for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and any other gift giving occasion. The set of 2 large storage baskets are unique and modern. Storage baskets make it easy to organize and have a sweet home. Great for socks, underwear, books, magazines, toys, baby clothes, pet products, wipes, towels, decorations, office supplies, DVDs, and gifts. The fabric baskets with neutral colors can match a lot of home styles. The storage baskets are made of durable linen and EVA with linen interior lining. The sturdy leather handles make it easy to carry. The fabric storage bins have a metal frame around the top to keep them shape. The fabric basket set may result in wrinkled and crumpled in long-distance transit. It can be smoothed out with steam iron. The collapsible baskets are foldable for easy storage if not in use, simply fold the basket down for space-saving storage when not in use or to transport. They provide customers with high-quality products and services, and you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about the foldable rectangular storage bin, please contact them at any time. They provide customers with high-quality products and services, and you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions about the foldable rectangular storage bin, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Dullemelo

👤These are folded and neatly packaged for shipping which leads to some ugly wrinkling of the boxes. These come out by more than opening the boxes and filling them. ironing is dangerous because of the thin synthetic lining on the inside of the box. If you don't currently have one, invest in a steamer and hope it comes out. The ones you purchase will never look as good as the ones pictured above.

👤The product collapsed and the fold lines remained. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but it is. I will try to get a photo uploaded later if I can. The entire thing collapses when the fold lines are dramatic. It barely stands up. The product is cheap and not something you would want displayed in the living room or anything, but it also lowers the storage capacity of the bin because it is collapsing around the items it is holding. There is a I purchased it for a place to keep my clothes in my dorm room that I am too distracted to fold and put away. If you are a proper home owner looking for cute bins to decorate with or something of high quality, I wouldn't recommend these.

👤The first order of these never arrived. I received these a month after my original order. They have a large storage capacity, but not any side support. They don't have a good shape if you don't fill them up.

👤The baskets were sturdy and well made, but they collapsed for shipping and creased. I've tried stretching and filling them, but they're still not good. I'm going to try to iron them, but I'm worried about applying heat to the canvas outer fabric, I hope it doesn't ruin it.

👤I wanted them to be used as storage for my closet shelf. If you have heavy items in them, they will flop off. It would be great if they had a frame on the bottom. I put a big board on my shelf, but it was definitely a mission.

👤It looks good, but can't hold anything in it, the walls crumbled when full with shoes, and it's far away from being any good. There is a It is impossible to use. Total waste of money.

👤This was ordered for mitten, gloves and scarve storage. I ordered two more to store the blankets and pillows. Very strong. It was the same color as described.

👤Many people are upset that the wrinkling isn't coming out. I was able to iron out most of the lines. The quality of the baskets is good. I wish there were vertical rods to keep the basket from collapsing. It would make them ideal.


What is the best product for decorative storage bins plastic?

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What are the best brands for decorative storage bins plastic?

Hyunlai, Idomy and Honey-can-do are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative storage bins plastic. Find the detail in this article. Dii, Seekind and Harrage are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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