Best Decorative Storage Boxes for Shelves

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1. Hosley Storage Farmhouse Memories Keepsake

Hosley Storage Farmhouse Memories Keepsake

We are always here and ready to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact them. The product is a product. Hosley's Decorative Nesting Storage Book Boxes are Grey and White. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is a great use. It's perfect for everyday use. They can accent your home or office. Adding a decorative touch to any room's decor is perfect. There are three measures: large 8L x 2.75"W x 12H, medium 6.5L x 2.25"W x 10H, and small 5L x 1.75"W x 8H. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Hosley

👤I needed a place to keep my stuff in my bedroom and these are perfect. Three different sides hold different things.

👤I was expecting something different, but I absolutely love these. I didn't read carefully. There is a I was expecting them to be cardboard, but they are heavy and made of wood. That isn't a problem, but will probably change how I use them. I like them so much that I might use them as gifts, or at least put a gift card inside one or all of them. Great value for money.

👤I would buy more if I had a reason. These are excellent quality, thick, sturdy, leather texture, magnetic closure, and just plan and simple wonderfully made! No one should complain about these. They are amazing.

👤The Book Boxes look like real books. People compliment my book cases. They have a class and aesthetic look.

👤These are adorable. I really like them. I keep a middle size one on my night stand to hold remotes and small items so they don't get knocked off by my cats and I use 2 as decor. I keep the book on my bed and it is more convenient than an open tray. I keep my remotes in a box in my bed. I love them so much! They matched the decor in my room. They have a soft inner lining and are sturdy.

👤I needed a final touch to my cocktail table after I renovated my living room. I knew I wanted boxes that were decorative, but I couldn't find anything that appealed to me. These are both beautiful and functional. They can be used as a decorative box or a vignette. These are made to look like leather. The boxes all nest together if you prefer to do that for storage space because they have a magnetic closure which is not obvious. I highly recommend these if you want to incorporate grey in your room. The library room would be perfect for these. Highly recommended!

👤Absolutely love the storage boxes. I keep my tv remotes in one place, my medication in the other, and my chapstick in the other. These are sturdy, the magnetic mechanism works well and each box/book stays shut nice and secure. Would purchase again. It's amazing for storage but also for decor. My nightstand is next to my bed.

👤I wanted some storage by the bed, but I don't have a night stand. I ordered 3 boxes for each side of the bed. The quality and construction are great. There are wooden boxes. The lid has a hidden magnet. They look very nice. The gray design looks great in my room. It's perfect for holding my reading glasses. Excellent construction for the money. Will be ordering more.

👤These books are a great place to hide things. Each of the 3 are great quality and each has a different design so they can go great together or be their own statement piece. The books have a small metal magnetic circle. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

2. DECOMOMO Foldable Collapsible Cationic Organizing

DECOMOMO Foldable Collapsible Cationic Organizing

MINIMALIST & DURABLE: The design is minimalist with thick cationic fabric. There is a 2.5mm fiberboard bottom. The handles are brown faux leather. Storage baskets are a cute home decoration. The bins can be folded when not in use. The storage bins are easy to clean. Spot clean with soapy water. There is a metal frame and a hard bottom inside. Large storage baskets are sturdy. These can be used as baskets for shelves, closet storage bins, linen closet organizers, nursery storage, organizing baby products, clothing, kid's toys, pet products, laundry, towel, blanket, bedsheet, many other uses. The boxes can be used in many places. It is an excellent choice for keeping your space nice, tidy and organized. The Decomo Large Storage Bin is set of 3 for better value and convenience. The dimensions are 15” x 11” (W) x 9.5” (H) and 38 cm x 24 cm. This large size can hold a lot of items. It works well with a variety of storage compartments. You can label each bin with the provided string and tag it with the DECOMOMO kit. Personalize your storage bin with forms that match your home. There is a care tip. If you want to get the fabric storages cubes out, you can either stuff the baskets with blankets and pillows for a few days or steam iron them.

Brand: Decomomo

👤My dog peed in it. I had to wash it. The bottom insert is just a piece of cardboard because after I took it out of the washer, I noticed the bottom was all lumped up. There are a lot of mold spots at the bottom of the bin. I had to cut it open to get it out, and there was a bunch of wet cardboard. The product looks nice but you cannot get it wet or the cardboard will fall and leave your storage bin smelling bad. Super disappointed.

👤Beautiful and high quality. They can be used under my nursery change table.

👤These organization bins are cute. They were bought for the purpose of being in the nursery room. I like the tan and grey and the pictures are accurate. It is good for price. The siding is a collapsable design, which is a great idea, and seems perfect for storing, even though the siding doesn't stay up. I've given them a week with things crammed inside so they can stand up straight without the dents on the sides. We ended up ordering another organization set from Amazon because they were the best for better products. Keeping an eye on it.

👤They are really good quality and were packaged nicely. They are sturdy for storing excess bags and linens in the laundry room. If there wasn't a strong smell when they arrived, they would be 5 stars. I opened and aired outdoors for 3 days and it was fine. There is no more smell. Thank goodness!

👤The bins are large enough to fit in my living room shelving unit. The toddler likes to keep his toys in the living room. This is an easy way to organize the shelf. The handles on the sides are very nice.

👤It's pretty. It's a nice fabric. The back strap has the word "DecomOMO" written on it. It's not a major factor in my opinion. The front strap is smooth. There is a The sides are not reinforced so they don't stand straight on their own. There is a If I were to fill it tight, the tautness would help it hold its shape, but that wasn't my plan. After I prop it up, it slumps down slowly. I'll probably return it. It might be what someone else is looking for.

👤I like the fact that you open it like a pop-up box and they hold the weights and it doesn't close inside. I like the neutral colors and the brown handles. The price is reasonable. I bought it to organize my shelves.

👤I am. These! Some of the reviews made me worried. I like what I see. They are very strong before being filled. I have several sets of 4 piece queen size linens in one. They don't have a weird smell. I can't imagine the material tearing under normal use. The colors are clean and crisp, exactly what I was looking for. Each basket had tags to label its content and twine to secure it. There are tips for use on the side of the label. I bought a large pack. I will definitely be getting more.

3. GRANNY SAYS Foldable Organizers 11 4x8 7x6 7

GRANNY SAYS Foldable Organizers 11 4x8 7x6 7

The basket set has compression packing which can result in wrinkled and crumpled in long-distance transit. It can be smoothed out by steam iron and hairdryer after a period of time. The neutral color fabric adds a sense of softness to your storage. Each of the gray storage bins is made of 100% polyester and has a dimensions of 11.4 x 8.7 x 6.7 inches. Storage baskets for shelves are easy to carry. Storage bins for closet shelves can be used to organize towels, baby wipes, accessories, electronics, bills, stationery and more. The lidless storage boxes allow you to find what you need without rummaging around, perfect for storage at the home, living room, den or office. The collapsible design of the storage boxes makes it convenient to take along. You could fold it up when you need it. The collapsible design of the storage boxes makes it convenient to take along. You could fold it up when you need it.

Brand: Granny Says

👤This fit my needs perfectly, even though it was a little thin on the sides. They were used on a baby changing table. A good amount of baby clothes and supplies can be held in good depth.

👤I ordered them for use in my office. The grey and white Chevron was what I chose. They come folded up, so keep in mind how sturdy the sides are. This was not an issue for me. I ordered a second set because I liked them. I ran into an issue here. The second set was a different shade. It was noticable. I recommend buying as many as you think you need and then returning what you don't. I ordered one set in the size I wanted, but mine don't match.

👤My closet was transformed by these! It went from chaos to orderly and with less effort than you would think. I bought them for the closet because I liked them so much.

👤I got some storage bins a week ago. They are like Granny. The bins smell like something is in them. I'm not sure what it is, but they stink. I'm trying to let them go out before I use them. I put them in the basement so they can air out before use. I was not expecting them to smell like a Granny, but I was.

👤The measurements were exactly what they were described to be.

👤It took me a while to find these as I was looking for clothes bins that fit my drawers. These fit perfectly into my taller drawers. The 3 pack was great as I wanted 2 for one drawer and wasn't sure if I needed a third for my second, but they work so well at organizing clothes that I might buy another 3 pack. Love the feel and color. Having my drawers organized is a piece of mind. Is organization considered sleep therapy? In my mind, yes! The room is organized to make it peaceful to sleep in. It's a good thing.

👤We redid our closet and now have a large section of shelving. These are perfect. There is no wasted space because the longer size uses up the entire shelf. I can keep more items in them as well. The quality of these are great for the price and the color looks nice in my new closest.

👤The bins were the perfect size for reorganizing my closet. I put two beach towels in it because I used them for my sheets. These were what I needed to finish the project. The bottoms have a hard piece for support but the sides are flexible, which I like.

👤Su tamao es ideal, se tiene resistentes. Y tiene muchos estilos de decoracin. There is a Cumplen tiene un buen.

4. GRANNY SAYS Storage Decorative Handles

GRANNY SAYS Storage Decorative Handles

The woven cotton rope basket can be folded and creased during shipping. You could use clothes or blankets to fill the cotton rope basket for a few days, then return to shape again and stand upright. The fabric is 22.8 x 16.2 x 10.4 inches. The storage bin has a front label holder that makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The double open lid makes it a dustproof storage box that is just as useful in the wardrobe as it is on the floor. A storage box is ideal for storing sweaters, blankets, toys, seasonal items, holiday ornaments, and more in the living room or closet room. When not in use, collapsible container storage can be folded flat. The box has handles that are easy to pull out. The middle divider of the closet bin can be used for 2-compartment storage or for bulky storage, which is perfect for organizing clothing, spare beddings, toys, etc. The middle divider of the closet bin can be used for 2-compartment storage or for bulky storage, which is perfect for organizing clothing, spare beddings, toys, etc.

Brand: Granny Says

👤I bought 2 of these and they both have the same smell. You walk into the room and all you smell is the bins. It is like a crazy chemical smell. I bought these to hold all the yarn I bought during the time of the outbreak. The yarn smells like these bins. All the scarves and blankets that I might knit one day will smell like these stupid bins.

👤Just received it. It's perfect! I returned the tan large because it was smaller than I was looking for and it wasn't made with the double. I will be ordering more. The extra large or this one is the best choice if you want a large space for clothes to store. The material is very sturdy.

👤I was very excited to find these. I ordered three. They were assembled as soon as they arrived. Put the clothes under the bed. They looked great. The first time I used the handle, it ripped off. We have wood floors that are easy to slide in and out of. They were not over loaded. Some lightweight clothes. So disappointing. The same thing happened when you ordered a replacement. I wanted these to work.

👤These storage bins are very attractive and made of top quality material. They are made of material and cardboard, so please be careful not to overload or put anything inside that will cause the bin to be wrong. The bins come with a gray cloth covered cardboard insert that lays on the bottom of the bin, which is constructed with a pull loop for easy lifting. There is a middle divider that can be held in place with a piece of velcro. The bins can be used with or without a divider. The fact that they come with lids to keep the dust out is something that I love. I bought a double storage bin and a 3-pack from the same vendor. The double storage lid on the 3-pack was not the same color as the plain gray lid on the 3-pack. I noticed that the Granny Says brand also makes larger 3-pack bins that are slightly larger than the double storage bins, and they have the same lid color as the double storage bins. I will be purchasing the 3-pack bins today.

👤I wanted to store fabric. It is cheap. They tried to stretch the fabric on the corners but couldn't wrap it around the edges completely. I tried to remove the black stain, but it wasn't possible. It looks like a grease smudge. I kept it because it wasn't worth going out in a snowstorm to return it. I can bury fabric in the bottom of my sewing room closet because it's good enough to hold it. I will not be ordering from this company again.

👤I am addicted to bath and body works. I use this for all of my products. This is a large size. I wish the lid had something. You have to put it on the right place for it to be closed. It's great, other than that. Thank you!

5. IMQSQIK Decorative Stackable Collapsible Containers

IMQSQIK Decorative Stackable Collapsible Containers

Golden Bauhinia brand foldable storage bins with lids help to pick up closet storage. They will take responsibility for your purchase and give you a risk-free shopping experience. You can be sure of a great buying experience with their decorative storage bins. Click the shop name to reach the seller. The inner cardboard is made of high-quality linen fabric and non-woven fabric, which increases the support of the storage box, even empty box can be stacked. The upgraded version size is: The large capacity of the storage bin allows you to store more items you want, such as clothes, towels, books, photos, baby clothes, dogs and kid's toys, documents, and yarn. The design with a cover can keep the items tidy and prevent them from being disturbed by other animals. Another way of resolving a problem. The linen outer surface of the storage box with lid is fresh in color and modern in shape, which can match any decoration and style in the home or office. The storage box can be put in the closet, living room, closet to keep the space clean. It is foldable to save space. There is a stable handle on the front of the foldable closet organizers, and the storage box can be easily placed or slid out of the shelf as needed. They can put the bottom plate into a small space if they don't use the linen fabric container basket. Reliable storage assistant. The fabric storage box is a perfect holiday gift for women, children, friends and men. Reliable storage assistant. The fabric storage box is a perfect holiday gift for women, children, friends and men.

Brand: Imqsqik

👤These are sturdy and have a good capacity. I didn't think it would be an issue, but it is a little awkward. I needed to organize the top of my closet. I ordered more.

👤I kept the bins in my living room because I didn't want to use them in the office. They fit a lot because they are not so bulky. The material in my living room is water proof, which is a big plus, and the look is nice.

👤It is very cheap and only has one carry on packet.

👤These are good for storing my toys. I like the look of them. Overall happy with them.

👤I realized that they are way more expensive than they are supposed to be when I received them.

👤I bought the bins for my closet. They are very good quality and perfect size. It's even better than I thought. I will buy more.

6. StorageWorks Decorative Storage Baskets Shelves

StorageWorks Decorative Storage Baskets Shelves

There is metal. The Bunny is 8-3/4"W x 21-7/8"L. The canvas is made of natural cotton and has a measurement of 15.1 x 10.8 x 8.4 inches. A closet storage bin with 2 handles can hold up to 30 pounds. The label holder is easy to use. Storage boxes with collapsible lids can be used for space-saving storage. Storage baskets for organizing clothes, towels, toys, magazines, blankets, office & craft supplies, etc. No smell; it's easy to wash by hand. No smell; it's easy to wash by hand.

Brand: Storageworks

👤Sturdy boxes. They weren't a very gray color. The Jumbo measurements were not accurate. The edge of the fabric is on the lid. The box is over 16 feet long. If you measure to the top of the lid, the box height is 10 and the width is 12.

👤I like these. Don't buy them. I want some to be left and I think I will buy more.

👤I don't have room for a drawer in my studio, so these were a great addition to my shelf area. I love looking at this area of my place after buying three medium and three smalls. No complaints!

👤Here is a shelving unit that is specifically for these bins. It's on Amazon. Bins are sturdy and will be a great place for my fabric and yarn. You get the picture. I went on a limb to find the perfect bins to match the shelving unit. There is a lot of room on the shelf for the rope handles. I am tired after a long day. I will most likely be buying more of these in the near future, as my home looks like it will be on the show. oops. It is fabric, so it is. Okay, right? There is a I got 2 orders of the bins because there are 5 shelves and the bookcase top. They were nicely packed and there was no damage. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I am pretty happy with this purchase. We use these on the bottom shelves of the two large bookcases to store the games. They are sturdy enough for the job and are the perfect size. You would think there would be more boxes like this one to accommodate the growing need for people to reduce their movie collections. I was very happy to find these. There is a The boxes needed to be trimmed to look good and the amount of hanging stitching on them was a complaint. I have questions about the long term durability. If they hold up well over the next few months, I may return to edit it back on later, but only if they can keep up with the demand. There is a My dog is convinced the rope handles are toys and is trying to pull the left one out to put it back in his toy basket. This is not a fault of the product.

👤I wanted to organize my garage in a different way. These aren't as strong as big plastic tubs but they will meet most storage needs. I use them to store bedding, out of season clothing, Christmas ornaments and papers. There is a The box they come in could be used for storage.

👤Excellent construction. It's the same as the custom bookcases I made. The wife said she wants them, but I like them without the rope handle. There is a It's good because you can choose the length you want, which is something the previous reviewer was not able to do.

7. Foldable Organizer Decorative Collapsible Stackable

Foldable Organizer Decorative Collapsible Stackable

The closet organizers and storage containers are easy to keep clean and are perfect to use as toys storage organizers or medicine containers. Decorate as you annoy up, it's easy to hide and display sophisticated home décor. The woven fabric is a shade of greige that is both cool and warm. Therimmed and lined were dark grey. PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABILITY. The outside of the box is wrapped in a real linen fabric. The interior clean-up is easy with a damp cloth. The frame of the container is 3 times thicker than that of the competing brands. Space saving stacking can be accomplished with Sturdy construction. You should know where you put your items. You can easily identify your belongings with the integrated label. To bring order and simplicity to a space, grouping goods by item or person and tidying up closet piles is necessary. The standard size shelter was designed to fit it. Standard shelving can be found in your home, office, and closet. It's perfectly sized for everything from cherished photos, phone & electronic accessories, office supplies, arts & craft supplies, hobby tools, baby items, small toys, pet supplies, shoes and more. It's ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation and Thank you gifts. These boxes are beautiful and practical. You can use the label as the card for your next baby or bridal shower. There is a boxful with baby wipes, diapers, and tiny accessories. For her, it is appropriate for lingerie or small household items. The box will be used to organize a room. It's ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation and Thank you gifts. These boxes are beautiful and practical. You can use the label as the card for your next baby or bridal shower. There is a boxful with baby wipes, diapers, and tiny accessories. For her, it is appropriate for lingerie or small household items. The box will be used to organize a room.

Brand: Boxful

👤3 years ago, my father passed away, and he wasn't able to do his retirement project of putting family pictures together. I bought these to store the family photos until my brothers and I can put them in albums. This item looks better than storing inside a tote.

👤The advertised size would fit where I wanted it to, so I bought these. It makes them useless because they are a quarter inch wider than the stated dimensions.

👤I've been getting a lot of praise for how cute these are. They are very sturdy and stylish. The quality is very good and they are easy to assemble. How am I using them? My co-workers steal my scissors, tape, and 3 hole punch and put them in weird places. I put them in a gray container so they have a place to go. When the guys try to put them somewhere else, I give them a look at this product. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤I needed a storage solution for shoes that was small enough to fit in a shoe box. If you wear larger than a men's size 10, beware. Some of my larger shoes are barely able to fit into these boxes.

👤These boxes are very nice. They fit right in with my modern decor. The handles on the ends are convenient. They are attractive and sturdy. I am able to fit all of my family's charging cords and computer equipment in one place, which was a problem when it was all over the place. I bought them for my whole family because I loved them so much. I would recommend a set for anyone I know.

👤My husband had a lot of video games on the top bookshelves, and I hated how it looked. The boxes fit everything perfectly and the shelves are orderly. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the off center labels on the bins. I would have expected that from a $2 bin. These are perfect for what I needed.

👤The boxes work well for storing pictures.

8. OLLVIA Rectangle Organizing Decorative 11 4x8 7x6 7

OLLVIA Rectangle Organizing Decorative 11 4x8 7x6 7

Their fabric storage bins have no chemical smell and are eco-friendly. The large storage baskets are made of cardboard. The Linen fabric is soft and sturdy, so it will meet your long term storage needs. The size of the container is 11.4 x 8.7 x 6.7. Inches allow for more storage. You can move more and store more in larger bins. This set of 3 bins for shelves will help you organize your clothes, hobby accessories or kid's toys, making your house look like it. This foldable storage basket can be used as a closet storage bin, bedroom organizing basket, under bed drawers, laundry clothing blanket baskets, Pet toys baskets, kid playroom toy chest and diaper storage, bathroom towel, toilet storage container, book/magazine organizers, holiday and more. There are 2 Spock leather hands and 100% customer satisfaction. The basket storage bins come with strong handles that are convenient for you to pull out the bins from the shelves and make it easy to carry. OllVIA storage baskets have no money back or replacement.

Brand: Ollvia

👤I bought them to fit on the shelves. The measurements are not correct. The height is 6.7 inches. It is actually 7.1 inches. I needed them to be under 7 for easy sliding. I'm pretty disappointed with these. The label is only on one side, which is a plus for me, but I couldn't be certain before ordering. I thought I'd pass on the information in case someone else tries to turn them away.

👤I received them earlier than I expected. The stores were pricey just for one basket, I looked everywhere to find baskets for my shelf. It's not good. I found these on Amazon and they were cheap. I am including pictures to show you the results and one with a water bottle to see the height. They will do for sure, but not quite as high as I 888-276-5932

👤I used these to store vertical file-style clothing in my closet. They are beautiful and large. Up to ten pairs of pants can be stored vertically. Use library bookends to keep vertically stored clothing items from falling over when the bin isn't full. They have nice pockets that can be used to slip a label in. There is a The handle attachment was disappointing. One of therivets holding the handle popped off when I pulled one of the bins open. The hanging handle looked silly and there was no way to fix it, so I tugged on the other side and it came away. These are not rivets. They aren't that strong. I don't use that bin because my new closet doesn't need something that is already broken. There is a If you don't trust the handles, then these are lovely bins. I would buy them again, but I would like the manufacturer to think of a different way to attach the handles.

👤I bought these to store my DVD's in my book case in the TV room, they look great and simplify the clutter of 70+ DVDs, I liked it so much I bought more for my bar to hide the clutter as well. I like that they have dust lids that keep the visual clean. It's great for storage.

👤These things stink. It has not dissipated after 3 weeks. I was trying to figure out why my bedroom smelled so bad. Maybe my mattress was the culprit. The smell of my closet was strong when I walked past it. I think it's in my closet. I'm constantly looking for it in my closet. My husband thinks it's the cat, but no one else in the house smells it. I pull the bin from the shelf next to my closet and it's all over. That's the smell! They still smell three weeks after they arrived. I put them outside to see if they can fly. I have the white ones and they don't smell. Toxic Chemical Off-Gasing!

9. StorageWorks Decorative Storage Basket Organizing

StorageWorks Decorative Storage Basket Organizing

The cotton is 14.98 X 9.8 X 6.3 inches. L X W X H. Baskets have thick fabric cover, rounded corners, and reinforced sides and bottom. Storage baskets with lid make a huge improvement to the looks in the closet. A built-in label holder on the memory box allows you to mark and identify items inside. The storge bins are collapsible and easy to assemble. Dust-proof fabric storage containers with lids are ideal for organizing clothes, towels, scarves, blankets, magazines, makeup, toys, DVDs, office & craft supplies. It's suitable to use on shelves, in closets, and in the hallway, bedroom, or office.

Brand: Storageworks

👤These were the best looking storage containers I've seen. They are strong and hold their shape. The sizes that are available are the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. The jumbo size is more like a medium or large. I found bigger ones that would work better, but they weren't as pleasing to the eye.

👤These are very easy to assemble, have strong sides and a bottom insert to stiffen it. I think they are pretty. They are too narrow for what I wanted to use them for. I was going to return them to them. I have put smaller things in them and will be able to use them. I think these are the best quality and attractiveness.

👤Sturdy containers! I bought small ones to hold my essentials. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

👤The boxes can hold a lot. They are easy to put together.

👤It all fits and serves its purpose.

👤This is perfect for storing.

👤The shape of the outside is nice. It is strong enough to stack. It holds a lot of items for any room. A good purchase.

👤They look good for my application.

👤Small baskets are not worth the price.

10. Decorative Storage Baskets Shelves Organization

Decorative Storage Baskets Shelves Organization

Thoughtful gifts are gifts that are thoughtful. There are 5 clear plastic tabs, replaceable white inserts and 3 labels. You can change the labels on the exterior of the file box at any time. The plastic file tabs and replaceable white inserts make finding the files easy. The bins are large and are measures of 10.47 inches x 10.47 inches. When not in use, each storage box can be folded to 1.18 inch of thickness. The PP Board Frame is made of high quality PP and has a light weight. Storage boxes in the living room, bedroom, craft room or office can be used to organize. Storage boxes are perfect for storing clothes, toys, and office supplies. The storage bins with lids are dustproof and can be used effectively. The storage bins with lids are dustproof and can be used effectively.

Brand: Huatk

👤The description is not accurate. The cheap vinyl sheet imprinted with a woven design is not "hand-woven of natural materials, perfect for those living an eco-friendly lifestyle", but rather a cheap vinyl sheet imprinted with a woven design. They are good for storage, but don't expect to see them because the design is crooked and the vinyl is not put on carefully. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by how high end these look. The lint collector boxes you see in the local stores are not the cheapo ones. The side handles are very sturdy and work well, even though I had doubts about them. I put the "teal" 4 pk on my bedroom shelves. It's pretty close, but they are a little darker than pictured. It is very appealing. I use these for clothes, and they hold 3-4 heavy/med weight sweaters, and double that for the lighter weight items. I use 4 for file folders, cards, and other papers. These are heavy. I don't know how long they will stand up, as they are not really heavy duty material, but more of a heavy plastic core wrapped with linen outside and a cotton blend inside. Even if they don't stand a long test of time, they are fantastic and Marie Kondo would be proud.

👤I was excited to receive this item for the entryway closet spring refresh. The decorative covering on the second storage box is crooked. They should be displayed side by side. A bad day. Will split them up and find alternate obscure space for the 2nd one, which is very noticeable. If not for this issue, the boxes would be 5 stars.

👤This product is used for my entryway table. We need quick and easy access to winter accessories when it is very cold. You would never know that we have these bins in our entry because we have so many hats, mittens, scarves, etc. MEASURE before you buy is the best advice I have. Make sure you get the right measurement and make sure you get a realistic expectation of the size, because if you don't you won't get the right fit. The quality is similar to the canvas collapsible bins you get at Walmart or Target, but the material is a bit thicker. We are only storing seasonal items in them and not stacking, so I am not sure if they will last. I like that they have covers so no one can tell that there is a mess of mittens inside, and everything looks neat and tidy when visitors are done.

👤These totes are not very sturdy. If you just read the description, you should not expect them to be. These are fabric covered foldable boxes, which are a common storage box solution in any store. These have a pretty eye catching look that gets a lot of compliment.

👤I didn't expect much more from this item, it's a low quality item. It works to hide the mess and prevent dust, but it doesn't look good. I only recommend this for out of sight spots.

11. Bidtakay Baskets Organizing Decorative Collapsible

Bidtakay Baskets Organizing Decorative Collapsible

Each fabric storage basket has a size of 15 x 11 x 9 inches. The Canvas storage bins are very light to carry and can be used for less effort. Children can easily carry their toys. It's perfect for cube organizers, shelves closets or baby change tables. Sturdy and soft fabric baskets for home storage. These linen baskets for organizing are a great way to store many items such as snacks, towels, blankets, clothes, toys, tissue papers, pet products, baby products, shoes, books, magazines, and more. Its storage capacity can keep a room tidy and it can be used to organize gift baskets for empty. Cotton Rope Handles and Premium Fabric are soft and will give you a very comfortable grip and will not make you feel like you're trapped. The canvas storage bins have sturdy handles that are easy to use. Sturdy handles on both sides make it easy to get to the shelves. The fabric used in these storage baskets is strong and lightweight. The collapsible baskets set can be folded down for space-saving storage when not in use. If it doesn't stand up very well when you receive it, you can fill the large basket with clothes or blankets, it will recover gradually. If you want the basket to stand up quickly, you can use an iron. The fabric baskets are easy to clean and can be dusted with a soft cloth. There is a metal frame support inside so it cannot be washed. The fabric baskets are easy to clean and can be dusted with a soft cloth. There is a metal frame support inside so it cannot be washed.

Brand: Bidtakay

👤They fit perfectly in the space we wanted them for. The crease marks from being folded up haven't gone away, so that isn't perfect. The crease lines are still there after about a month of use. You could steam them out. Not a big deal. I love using it. I will order more for my laundry room. The canvas material on the outside and slick material on the inside are appealing to me. Really good product!

👤These looked great online, but when they arrived, they collapsed. I returned them because I was very disappointed.

👤These are cute, but they don't stand up. The sides want to get in. Not very strong.

👤Came flat folded. Unless stuffed tight, don't stand. It has a plastic feel.

👤I like how they look. I am disabled and need a lot at hand, so I needed something for my bedside. They have a large capacity that is awesome. They aren't keeping their shape as well as I 888-276-5932 The bin collapses if I put anything on a corner at the top.

👤These baskets are convenient for me. They are easy to use.

👤They don't stand straight up as neatly as pictured, but are an excellent option without contents. Rope handles are nice.

👤The bins look great! They fit into my shelves well.


What is the best product for decorative storage boxes for shelves?

Decorative storage boxes for shelves products from Hosley. In this article about decorative storage boxes for shelves you can see why people choose the product. Decomomo and Granny Says are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative storage boxes for shelves.

What are the best brands for decorative storage boxes for shelves?

Hosley, Decomomo and Granny Says are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative storage boxes for shelves. Find the detail in this article. Granny Says, Imqsqik and Storageworks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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