Best Decorative Storage Boxes with Lids Large

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1. YueYue Extra Large Storage Fabric

YueYue Extra Large Storage Fabric

It works well with the shelving and closet for storing most items, such as photo albums, kids plastic toy, office A3/A4 paper file document, craft, CDs/DVD, blanket, medicine, towels, shoes, cosmetics, books, etc. The large foldable fabric storage box can be stacked directly. TheBOTTOM isIMPROVED. The box is made of Linen pattern fabric with durable paperboard. It can meet your long term storage needs. This foldable fabric storage box with two handles can be moved easily and can be foldable when you don't use it. This foldable fabric storage box with large size 17.8*13.8*9.8 in [40L] is easy to fill with clothes, toys, and some large things. The fabric storage box is a great way to organize and store items in a home. Use alone or with a cube bookshelf. The fabric storage box is a great way to organize and store items in a home. Use alone or with a cube bookshelf.

Brand: Yueyue

👤I needed storage in terms of size and capacity. I had excess water jugs that were perfect for those since I don't have a water cooler or a water filter pitcher. They are just right, with an extra room on top. You could fit up to 8 water jugs. They are not that strong. I used one to store candles and the bin collapsed when I tried to lift it. If you are looking for heavy bulk storage that you actually intend on stacking, these might not be the right choice.

👤I needed collapsible storage since I would be using it to carry supplies to events and keep them organized. I use it for all my printing supplies. The box is 1/3 the size of the printer. I use the rest of the space for cables and paper. It seems to be strong for these supplies. I can feel how the bottom bows when carrying the box from the sides. I used the other for other small accessories. The boxes gave me the perfect amount of storage space for my supplies. The collapsible wagon has will stacked on top of each other. It's perfect in the trunk or front seat.

👤The boxes I received were the same as pictured. The added touches finish off my laundry room.

👤When I placed my order, I wasn't sure what I would get. I was surprised when I received them. They have a large plastic storage sleeve to keep them in when not in use. It has a locking mechanism. If you have to put them away, this is the way to go because they are easy to store away. They are light and easy to assemble. They have a lot of items in my case. I like being able to stack them up so they are not too heavy to fall on top of each other. It is easy to find a place for them in the house, as they can be put in any corner or out of the way. The side handles are easy to use. I would definitely buy more in the future. Thank you for that!

👤I like these. I also bought them to go with the smaller set. They are cute, functional, and hide my disorganized stuff. I want more. The grey is classic and matches everything, but I would love a better color selection.

👤My wife and I use the navy blue color throughout the house so I bought these storage boxes. I keep office supplies in the two that are in my office console table. I don't want to put heavy files in them, but my filing system is electronic anyway. My wife wants me to buy more of them because she likes them. There is a I learned that the only boxes large enough for files in an American home are the Yue boxes, which were out of stock on colors I wanted.

👤Storage boxes from Yue are the best. I have many of them in different sizes and colors. I like that the sizes are not so big that they are hard to handle, but large box is great for winter sweaters and hold a good amount. They don't bend or collapse when I open and close them. The colors are cheerful. These boxes look nice.

2. Jolitac Storage Vintage Decorative Treasure

Jolitac Storage Vintage Decorative Treasure

Their highest priority is your happiness. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact them and their customer service team will work with you to make it right. Sturdy wood box with lids are perfect for party displays. They can be used as table risers when stacked or used individually. Paperboard has decorative hardware to add to their look. Every detail appears authentic. It is easy to nest within each other. It's suitable to be used as a nostalgic box for keepsakes and jewelry. Stack them closed to add a charming touch to your home. They can be placed under a coffee table or bookcase. They can be displayed with travel books, a stamp collection or world coins. You can use them to hold souvenirs from your adventures. There are three sets of three - small, medium and large. It is made of wood and leather. The storage box is strong enough to hold toys, clothes, towels, and other items. They are great for organizing. There is always a match for your needs with the different styles of rustic display boxes. Don't hesitate. There is always a match for your needs with the different styles of rustic display boxes. Don't hesitate.

Brand: Jolitac

👤The boxes were very sturdy and exceeded my expectations. I love the crown print and they get a lot of compliment when I have guests over. Would buy again. Quality printing, nice hardware, true to color. These are a good deal. Buy them!

👤The boxes are functional. They're lightweight, but they're covered and trimmed in soft pleather to make them seem nice from afar. The graphics are supposed to look like license plates from around the world. There is a Then... NY is the "empipe" state and the slogan "my belongs in Paris" made me laugh. Where do you belong? I'm sure the other box has a problem with the text. Do you buy a different set or do you patch with markers? There is a I decided they made me laugh. Don't buy, buyer beware.

👤I bought this for my bathroom. There is a toilet in the room. I wanted a paper holder and a trash can. It is perfect. When the box is not neatly stacked, my husband knows when to hide and throw me my favorite snacks.

👤The boxes looked a bit larger than they actually were, even though they were on the sale page. A common technique in the sales market. The boxes are very strong. I'm sure my mother-in-law will use them.

👤I stack these boxes because they are made well and I use them for jewelry and trinkets. I need just one more of them. I would buy again.

👤The boxes look bigger in pictures than they really are. I ordered two sets from different vendors and all the boxes are smaller than I expected. I will keep them because they are pretty and good.

👤The corner was crunched due to the box being the same size as the one it was in. The boxes themselves are gorgeous, and for 35 dollars are very well made and seem sturdy enough for the price. I would buy again. It's gorgeous.

👤I love storing my address labels in these. These should hold up for a long time. In the past, cardboard has torn easily for me. The price has increased significantly. I would like to have more designs to choose from.

3. MANIS Storage Foldable Containers Organizers

MANIS Storage Foldable Containers Organizers

Non-wovens are made of polypropylene and Polyester. The baskets are designed with two exterior colors that are modern and simplistic, which can match most of your home decorations and styles. Baskets and bins are household items that help with home organizational projects, but also make a charming decoration. To live simple. To make your house sweet! The storage bins set are made with attractive, decorative cationic exterior fabric reinforced with 2.5mm Medium Density Fiberboard throughout to maintain their box shape and structural integrity. The cotton interior lining provides rigidity for daily use and a greater product lifespan. Sturdy handles give a strong grip to pull and carry. The E-manis large storage bin is set of 3 for better value and convenience. The dimensions are 15.7 x 11 x 9.84 inch. This large size can hold a lot of items. It works well with a variety of storage compartments. The E-manis kit has a tag for each bin. Personalize your storage bin with forms that match your home. It's easy to maintain space-saving and space-sharing. E-manis cube baskets have a foldable feature that allows you to save space when not in use and provides the convenience to bring along with you. The basket is easy to clean with a soft dry cloth. Spot clean with soapy water. It is not recommended to wash the fiberboard. The E-manis Stackable Cube bin is a solution to many storage needs. The E-manis storage bin can be stacked up and used in a lot of places. The E-manis Stackable Cube bin is a solution to many storage needs. The E-manis storage bin can be stacked up and used in a lot of places.

Brand: E-manis

👤The storage bins are very sturdy and stand up when empty. They hold more items than I thought they would. The fabric and color look the same.

👤It's hard to find these bins with a lid. If you want to carry it from the bottom, you have to use the handle to pull out the cubby. It is huge and looks great on the shelf.

👤The lid sticks out. The flap doesn't angle out because the Velcro doesn't make them stick closed. Not strong at all.

👤I love the boxes that keep me organized. The Velcro is not as strong as I would like, but it is still functional.

👤I thought they would hold more than they do, and they are very attractive for the price. I just ordered 2 more sets of storage boxes, I am so pleased with them. There are so many uses for these.

👤This product is available and I'm really happy about it. It was what I was looking for. I like the way it looks.

👤Good quality. I used these baskets in my closet to organize them and make them look presentable.

👤Bins look nice on the shelf. Will probably get more in the future.

4. Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Handpicked

Soul Lane Decorative Cardboard Handpicked

There is a unique gift idea. This unique, exclusive, and elegant memory storage box is an ideal wooden box for gifts; Each, rare in its appearance and focusing on bringing out the wood's beauty while preserving its characteristics, and no one ever the same to impress everyone. The set contains three boxes. Small: 13 x 9 x 5.7" Medium: 14 x 10 x 6.2" Large: 16 x 11 x 7 The decorative boxes make getting organized a cinch. You can keep your possessions safe and essentials at your fingertips. These pretty boxes can be used to hold things. Bring a touch of the garden indoors. These storage boxes are eye-catching. The chic floral pattern looks lovely on a bedroom or entryway shelf, or in the corner of a bedroom or office. Wrap a wedding or engagement gift inside a gift box or use them as photography props. They could hold cards and photos from a milestone birthday or anniversary and make an eye-catching display. The sturdy boxes are made of sturdy paperboard and are well-constructed. They are designed using quality materials and can be stacked on top of each other. The sturdy boxes are made of sturdy paperboard and are well-constructed. They are designed using quality materials and can be stacked on top of each other.

Brand: Soul & Lane

👤These boxes are very nice. A set of three, one for him, one for me and one for the household. It's big enough to hold magazines and a lot of other things. It looks great in our kitchen and family room.

👤The set looked pretty in the picture. I was not disappointed. I wanted to put something in but it still looked nice on my drawer.

👤These boxes are sturdy. The lids were damaged just because I was picky. Either had torn corners or was crushed in the corners. I hid the damaged sides so I wouldn't return. I think they should have come without damage.

👤The memory boxes are gorgeous. They are all very sturdy and the large one fits so much.

👤They were fine, but not with our decor.

👤These boxes are great. They are sturdy and pretty.

👤It could use less plastic wrapping.

👤This was what I wanted and needed. I would purchase this again.

5. ALEF Elegant Decorative Beautifully Decorated

ALEF Elegant Decorative Beautifully Decorated

Each box has a different theme and is nested inside each other. There are different beautiful themes that are detailed and high quality. The large box measure is 11x6x 13 Large - 10.25"x 5.75"x 13 Medium - 9.6"x 5"x 11.4" Small - 7.9"x 4.5"x 10.75" The boxes are of the highest quality and worthy of regular decoration. These boxes are perfect for any gifts you have in them.

Brand: Alef

👤They look great in each room I bought them in. The colors and design fit in our home and are of good quality.

👤I received my order yesterday and immediately put it in my room. I will have to find a different solution for items I was hoping to store in these boxes. They are cute and make a great decor in any room.

👤A bit overpriced but very pretty. There is a lot of storage.

👤These boxes are very nice. It is beautiful.

6. Document Organizer Collapsible Universal Decorative

Document Organizer Collapsible Universal Decorative

The Cashmere SATISFACTION is guaranteed. They want to provide the best shopping experience. If you have any issues with their products or service, please feel free to contact them via Amazon. Within 12 hours, all emails will be responded to. The dimensions of the interior and exterior of the package are listed. The document organizers are suitable for letter and legal documents. The package includes two linen file boxes with lids, four clear sliders, five hanging organizer file folders for the letter size, five plastic tabs, and replaceable white inserts. Sturdy and durable, the side metal handles of the file box are easy to carry. A transparent label slot for easy identification. The reinforced bottom design of the board allows for multi-layer stacking and space-saving. There is multi- function file storage. These storage boxes are great for storing files, folders, tax information, clothes, books and more. These storage boxes are your best helpers. The one-piece flap design makes it easy to install a document storage box. The hanging file box can be folded many times without damage and can be folded for storage when not in use, saving space and more beautiful. The file box has two clear rails that add strength andDurability to the box while providing easy access to the folders. The file box has two clear rails that add strength andDurability to the box while providing easy access to the folders.

Brand: Forlogic

7. GRANNY SAYS Storage Handles Rectangle

GRANNY SAYS Storage Handles Rectangle

Mela Artisans products support fair trade through an extensive program that preserves Indian craftsmanship and promotes the welfare of communities throughout the country. They offer a money back guarantee because they are so confident in the quality of their products. The fabric is neutral and adds a sense of tidiness. Each of the extra-large storage boxes for clothes has a dimensions of 15.9 x 12 x 10 inches. L x W x H. The gray storage bins with lids are made of quality boards and are sturdy enough to be stacked without losing their shape. The handles on the short sides of the storage baskets are sewn to make it easy to carry. The lid on the storage bin with handles is ideal for keeping dust out of the closet or wardrobe. The large storage bins are great for storing clothes in the closet, or storing things in the den or office. The large storage bins are great for storing clothes in the closet, or storing things in the den or office.

Brand: Granny Says

👤I'm a collector. I have a lot of stuff, and have been storing it in ugly cardboard boxes and strange shaped bags, which make my flat look like a junk heap. I decided to try them out. There is a I still have a lot of stuff, but it's better to store it in linen than in piles. The boxes are easy to set up and hold a lot. The handles are strong and the bottoms fit perfectly, which makes them easy to pack and stack, unlike some storage bins that are narrower than the tops. I just bought another set and will be buying more until the cardboard is gone from my house.

👤These boxes are cheap. The larger size of jeans and sweaters will not fit because the handles will rip off and the bottom will tear. The top and the entire box are made from cheap and flimsy heavy paper, which is not strong cardboard, but is definitely not fabric.

👤I ordered it twice. Since my first order, the quality has declined. The looks were nice on the first and ugly on the second. The cloth covering was not a hind look. They make it with a nylon covering that is shiny and gaudy. I will try to return.

👤There is nothing wrong with it. I read all the other reviews and nothing is wrong with it. It is very sturdy for what it is sold as. You can't expect to fill it with heavy books or heavy tools, and have it do good. It's sturdy for most things you would want to organize at home. It is very sturdy and covered with fabric like covering that matches the inside, even though it may have a cardboard bottom that looks a little thin. You can not make one side touch the other without the bottom in. The corners are flimsy but if you hold it by the wide side, it is easy to put on. If you do that with the short side, it collapses on the long side. They look great and look like they will hold up. It is not made in America, that's the only flaw.

👤Baskets can be used for storage underneath a coffee table or in a bedroom. If you want to put items in there and cover them up, they come with lids.

👤The boxes were easy to assemble. I love the color of them. It's a great way to store odds and not have them sore. I will be purchasing more.

👤I was very happy to find the bins with the lids. I was happy with them when they were set up, they looked nice in my closet. They had a strong smell to them. I left them on the porch overnight. There was something in that material that was unfortunate, and it probably doesn't happen to many others. It was. I was allergic to a lot of things. I could feel my skin breaking out and my eyes burning. Someone else sent them back for a second time.

8. Bankers Box Decorative Storage 0035501

Bankers Box Decorative Storage 0035501

Easy assembly. The gift boxes are easy to fold into shape with an "automatic lock box" design. The base will lock into position when you pull the sides into shape. There is no need for additional preparation or glue. It was made from recycled and recycled corrugated cardboard. It is durable for any use. It is easy to assemble. The boxes can be folded flat for easy storage. The perfect size for storing files, toys, magazines, books, clothes and much more. The handles on both sides make it easy to pull out the box. The lift-off lid makes it easy to see what is inside. Storage boxes with stylish design are easy to stack to save space.

Brand: Bankers Box

👤I was very pleased with the boxes that I ordered. I ordered a second set because I was convinced that they would be very durable and easy to assemble, and that I needed more for my organization projects. I will order a 3rd set as well. I was looking for something that was decorative, quality, and economical. I'm very happy I found these gems. There is a They will be stationary. I will not be moving them a lot. If you take care of them and don't toss them around, they could last a long time. They fit well on my shelving units. They won't fit under my kitchen and bath sinks. There is no big concern for me. I have containers for those areas. Happy organizing!

👤Tabs are used to lock the assembly in place. Attempted to contact customer support. I was unable to find an email address on their website because no one is there on Saturday. The email link was inactive when I found it. Some of the boxes will not stay securely in place. I hope to get some replacement lids.

👤These boxes are not disappointing to me. There is a They are secured with two plastic bands in a large box. You don't need scissors once you get those out of the way. There is a It is easy to store some if you do not need them all at once. Before putting the first box together, I read the instructions on the lid flap and bottom of the box. I put the box together in 3 minutes. The quicker I got these, the quicker I could put one together. It took me about 20 minutes to put them all together. I love the fact that I can put things in these boxes and then put them in a closet, which makes the closets look a lot cleaner. If you are looking for storage ideas, I would recommend them.

👤Good quality. It's easy to put together, but need to be patient when tearing the perforated portions so they don't tear. They were moved in with some heavy loads and felt confident they would support the weight and provide adequate protection. They did!

👤I upgraded from the boring Banker/U-Haul boxes because they were better for packing up my stuff, but eventually you have to unpack and organize. The boxes did the trick. My home office is definitely more organized now. I bought labels in black, gold, and white on Amazon to add to the boxes. Seem is very strong and holds a lot. It will be so much nicer in the future, but unfortunately will have to move again. It's a good recommendation!

👤I got these while I was reorganizing my living room. There is a They hold papers, craft supplies, small boxes, candles, and other things, even though the black damask doesn't match. Assembly is weird at first, but you get used to it. They're amazing for ease of use and capacity, but I'm not sure where they'll end up.

9. Univivi Foldable Storage Organizers Nursery

Univivi Foldable Storage Organizers Nursery

Stable There is a structure. The boxes are made of non-woven fabric and have high quality cardboard on the sides and bottom. The toy storage boxes will not be affected by being full. The handles on the storage bins are designed to be stable when moving. The foldable and stackable design saves room space. Clothes and toys can be kept clean if the storage box has lid. Large Storage Bins with Clear Window. The toy storage boxes are 17 x 12 and 12 x 12. It can hold all your clothes in a small space. Storage boxes are decorative and will never make you chaotic again. The transparent window design makes the toy box clear. Too much out-of-season clothing, toys, yoga pants, sweaters, scarves and others make room messy. Storage and toy organizers are needed to store toys. Their nursery storage toy bins are the best choice because they can be folded flat to save space when not in use, and also take full advantage of your closet shelf. 100% customer satisfaction is provided by them. If you have any concerns about the quality of the collapsible storage set or the toy storage bins, please contact them at any time. They will solve it within 24 hours.

Brand: Univivi

👤The storage system has been a lifesaver. My son just celebrated his 6th birthday and he was not given any gifts. This kid is the youngest of four and the only grand child on his father's side. He is spoiled beyond belief. I need help to put all of these toys in a nice place. The storage system can be made to fit almost anywhere. I bought two sets of 8 boxes and they have made it possible to organize and store all of his goodies.

👤I'm looking for a place to keep my grandbabies toys. Found these items and they were perfect. The window in the front allows us to see what's in the cube without having to open all of them. I ordered another set because I liked them so much. They are used for organizing baby clothes. There are towels and blankets.

👤I'm moving from cardboard boxes to fabric boxes for storing seasonal clothing and accessories in my closet. They look at me 100 times. The handles on the box help me locate it and the window helps me find it. I don't know if they would work well stacked on top of each other, but they do work on my closet shelves. I was using copy paper boxes because they are a nice size and have covers, but after trying these storage cubes, I'm hooked. The cubes are larger than the copy paper boxes. I highly recommend!

👤The window front is nice and these are a great size for the closet. I like them. I wish they were stronger. The sides fall a bit when they are filled with toys. It's hard to stack sides when they fall. Excellent for light things but not much heavier stuff.

👤These have a sturdy bottom insert to keep it sturdy and also covered with material on both sides so no cardboard is exposed. I like them. They are the same as the ones I bought from Amazon and they hold a lot of items I would like to keep hidden. I have received praise on them. They will last along time. Very nice! The Univivi foldable storage bin is a 4-pack.

👤I use these in my grooming room to keep hair out of everything-fit perfectly.

👤The quality and size of my purchase made me happy. I like the cover, the flap and the clear panel that allow you to see what is inside. They are light and come collapsed but have a separate bottom that gives the box it's intended shape.

👤I wasn't sure if they would be strong, but they are! There is a peek pocket in the front, and I love that. It's easier for my kids to see what toys are in which box. I like it. I will be ordering more. I already ordered them twice.

10. Sorbus Storage Handles Foldable Memorabilia

Sorbus Storage Handles Foldable Memorabilia

The wooden storage box set features a foldable wood basket design and a rustic wood inspired print on the frame. A multi-purpose storage is great for toys, photos, memory box, wedding keepsake box, shoe basket, hat box, dvd storage box, crafts, office supplies, linens, clothes, seasonal items, holiday ornaments, and more. Storage in cube organizers, cubbies, closets, shelves, or floor adds character to rustic farmhouse, modern, country. It's portable, foldable and stackable, and it's lightweight for carrying around home, car, RV living, and it's easy to transport with two rope carry handles. Storage boxes feature wooden crate inspired pattern in rustic brown color and are made of soft fabric with cotton rope.

Brand: Sorbus

👤The product looks great. I needed them in my home. I only received three rope handles, not four, which is the reason I gave a four star and not a five star. The people that are assembling the product that are not detailed enough is the problem. It seems like a common complaint, missing a section of the boxes.

👤These storage boxes look like wood. I've bought 3 sets in grey and 1 in brown. They're very strong like the fabric bins. I love the fact that they have lids. Dust is kept out and allows for stacking. They don't look like wood up close, but in the top of my closet, no one would ever know they're not. Please make these in different sizes.

👤These are not strong. I knew that when I bought them. They are made from cardboard and cloth. I have a storage need. I bought them because they are easy to camouflage in the area I'm using them in. Even though there are two storage containers in the shipment, there was only one piece of cardboard to hold the cloth bottom in place. That means that the bottom of the container is not strong enough to hold items in the box and it collapses in on itself. I can't be bothered because Amazon doesn't accept returns for this item and says to contact the supplier directly. I will cut a piece of cardboard to fit the other one. These are not worth much. I was having a guest and needed a quick fix. They look nice from a distance.

👤I can't use the second box because there is no velcro on the lid, but I got one cardboard base. Disappointed with the purchase.

👤My husband's daily activities produce a lot of debris so I bought these to keep under the table. Who needs 9 ball caps for day-to-day living? These pretty bins hold all the man-trash, including ball caps, receipts, toothpicks, random drill bits, cans of chewing tobacco, assorted keys that belong to absolutely nothing, deer attractant, random backhoe parts, shoe-horns, pocket knives. I bought 2 for myself to hold crafting supplies after he filled up both bins.

👤These are great for storing art supplies, but sadly can't have two layers of 2oz paint bottles stored upright, but that's ok for me for now. They stack, have a great print on them, have sturdy rope handles that are much better than stitched ones, and have an insert on the bottom. We will see how they hold up. I'm putting them through medium use because I have to move them a lot. If you want something more heavy duty, get a real canvas bin.

👤My daughter has a room with toys and light items. The boxes look great and make the room look better. Highly recommend them.

👤I was disappointed that I didn't get to keep my stuff inside clean with the lids on my boxes. The lid is flimsy and sinks into the box if something is on top of it and it's not secure to fit the box. I'm not sure what to do to fix the problem other than put a cardboard box with a lid in it.

11. StorageWorks Storage Decorative Double Open Divider

StorageWorks Storage Decorative Double Open Divider

The cotton canvas is 22 x 16.9 x 10 inches. A collapsible canvas box for storage. The handles can hold up to 26 pounds. Clear identifying, and easy access are features of the central divider, label holder, and double-open lid. 65L basket for clothes, towels, toys, magazines, blankets, office and craft supplies, etc. The decorative box is easy to assemble and collapsible when not in use.

Brand: Storageworks

👤These boxes have been difficult to use for a couple of years. They are the right size, they look nice, and the materials are good. If they aren't packed perfectly, the top won't stay on, and the box will collapse. These are the perfect size for storing extra pillows. I can't stack them because I couldn't put one of the boxes on a closet shelf. The box popped off the first side if I turned it around to fix the other side. The collapsable design of these means that they keep wanting to collapse, and right now the box contains only one pillow. They look great, but in practice they are very frustrating.

👤I was not sure if I would like this based on other reviews. I decided to try it. I can store a lot of sweaters in it. I don't use the divider because it doesn't stay very well. I think I will order another one because it fits so much in my space.

👤It's great for closet spaces. Its of good quality. I think it should cost $20 and not $26. I keep it because it looks good in my closet. I would buy 4 more of it if it cost $20. Anyhow. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The lid can be half opened to peak. Box it comes in can be used as an easel. It's not sturdy enough to stack and it's not easy to clean once it starts collecting dust. If you can make 2 or 3 bundles for cheaper, you should. I had to pay full price for all 6 of them. These are for storing Christmas decoration and winter coats above my wardrobe. I was happy with my purchase.

👤Better than I anticipated. There was still 1/3 of the space left over after it fit 32 bed sheets and 32 pillow sheets. It was very sturdy, good and worth the price.

👤Storage containers have never been better. I have spent hundreds of dollars on containers in the past. I have professionally organized houses. I recommend them to everyone. It's great for baby stuff. The list goes on. They look quite classy. I love them! I like everything and these make me feel good.

👤There is a storage container. The fabric is made of linen. The rope handles have to be tied by the consumer, but this is very easy to do. There is a center divider that can be easily removed. The lid can be opened from one end to the other. I bought a container as a gift. The quality is great. I will be ordering more for myself.

👤Saving space along with storage space is important as I moved to a smaller apartment. I was looking for something that would give me more space when I needed it and something that could be tucked away when I'm done with it. There is a I have a bunch of clothes that need to be tucked away in the winter and this storage box has solved my problem. I fold up the storage when I don't use it in the summer. There is a The item arrived on time. The quality is great. It was easy to put it together and I didn't need to look at any instructions, they are located on the thin cardboard packaging. There is a This product is an excellent product, but it doesn't include a small thin bag to hold everything together when putting it away, which is a limitation. It's a great thing to have on hand, even if you don't want to load it. The following was sent to me at a reduced price. My opinions are mine.


What is the best product for decorative storage boxes with lids large?

Decorative storage boxes with lids large products from Yueyue. In this article about decorative storage boxes with lids large you can see why people choose the product. Jolitac and E-manis are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative storage boxes with lids large.

What are the best brands for decorative storage boxes with lids large?

Yueyue, Jolitac and E-manis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative storage boxes with lids large. Find the detail in this article. Soul & Lane, Alef and Forlogic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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