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1. Rae Dunn Desk Clock Countertop

Rae Dunn Desk Clock Countertop

Any room can feel cozy and pleasant with Rae Dunn's metal and wood clock. Beautiful color schemes and tones are what it is. The clock is a wonderful addition to any workspace, bookshelf, living room, office, kitchen, or bedroom. It is portable and battery-powered. You can take your clock anywhere with the help of battery power. The clock needs one AA battery to power it for months at a time. There is no need to change batteries frequently. You should be on time to wherever you are. Classy style. A smooth dark metal housing is above a wooden base piece. It is easy to read and features Rae Dunn's signature style. The latest in contemporary interior design accessories are available. Premium materials are used in ArtiSan Craftsmen. A combination of modern rustic with vintage characteristics creates a unique aesthetic and sophisticated design. A style that is suited for adults, teens, and children. A perfect gift is Rae Dunn's expertise in turning simple household items into interesting art pieces. Share her talent with someone you love. Birthdays, housewarmings, graduations, college, and back-to-school are some of the reasons why this is an excellent gift idea.

Brand: Rae Dunn

👤I was looking for a table top clock that had English numbers on it. My kids could tell time as well. I wanted it to be big enough to be seen from the couch, but also small enough to fit on the shelf we have. There is a I was excited to order it because I expected more from Rae. I put a new battery in and set the time. The clock slowed down by as much as five minutes over the course of the next few days, and then sped up at odd times. I changed the batteries and brand. There is a I ordered a replacement after a week. There is a I put a new battery in after the replacement came in and it has been doing the same thing. There is a This little clock is delightful, but if it can't tell time, it's useless. I will no longer be buying Rae Dunn electronics after I return both clocks.

👤I like the Rae Dunn clocks. The way in which the clock is presented to the style of the hands makes for a fun, playful style. They're easy to read and the faces are not cluttered with decorations. The clock that's suspended on the wire base is shown in a picture with decorative hands. The hands were different when it arrived. The hands in the picture were straight. I don't know why they made this change or why they didn't update their image to reflect what they really send. I returned it. I didn't know it would be so large. That's more for a mantel clock that you would want to see across the room than the desk clock I had in mind. You can't see the dimensions unless you view the extra images. The first image makes the clock appear smaller than it really is. It was in good shape when it arrived. They should have made it in a smaller size.

👤The little clock is perfect for a bathroom. There is a faint sound. This is in the bedroom. You can't hear it from the bedroom.

👤The clock looks nice, but the legs aren't level. The clock has a thick border around the front and the numbers are hidden when looking from an angle, making it hard to see the time. It wasn't suited for my purpose as a shelf clock. It would work well in a desk position. It was a good quality piece, other than the unlevel legs. The battery compartment is very tight, which makes it hard for the battery to fall out. It seems to be very quiet. I returned it because I couldn't see it on the shelf it was supposed to be on.

👤Terrible disappointment. The clock is welded to the base of the stand, but the face is not centered in the unit, and the base is welded in an odd position. Since it is welded and not adjusted, it cannot be adjusted. It is cute and too bad.

2. Creative Co Op Pewter Mantel Clocks

Creative Co Op Pewter Mantel Clocks

The locksmith customer service and one year warranty! They pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and high quality products. If you don't like the quality of their clock, they will replace it for you. They take extra care to package their clocks so they arrive in pristine condition and can be shipped with Amazon Prime for fast delivery. They want to know how much you love your new clock. Heavily distressed finish. Requires a 1 AA battery. 4. 75"L x 2 x 6

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤This clock is a bit bigger than expected. It's a pleasure to look at! I can't imagine why anyone would think it's cheap. I knew both colors would work for me, even though it's more gray than the picture shows. I was surprised to see a picture of the back of the clock. My only problem is finding a place where both sides of the clock can be enjoyed. I think so.

👤It's easy to read and see the time from across a room. I like the look of the birds. The rustic distressed effect makes the color grey look old and interesting. There is a The sound is loud. A clear sound can be heard from many feet away. Not a clock for a bedroom or a room that is quiet. It's best for other rooms. There is a The back clips on and off. Behind is where you put the single AA Zinc Carbon battery and then cover with a pretty back. The back insert is plastic but attractive and the rest is metal and the face cover is plastic. There is a A clock with a good size.

👤After reading reviews of this clock, I decided to take the chance and order it. I'm very happy I did. I preferred the blue-grey tones because they work with my living room colors. I bought it to sit on an end table, and it's not loud, but it's a pleasant noise that I only notice if the rest of the house is asleep. I only hear that if I'm listening. It is a cute addition to my home. Unless you look closely at the entire clock, it doesn't look vintage, but it works fine for me.

👤A very sweet clock! The color is not the same as the one shown. It's most definitely vintage grayish blue. The distressing is done well and gives the appearance of a genuine vintage patina.

👤It's a little shabby and cute. It arrived with the birds tails broken off and was packed for shipping even more. I thought Amazon should offer me 50% off. I would try to fix it. They would not budge on their offer of 35%. I had guests who needed a clock and no time to ship back and wait for another. I feel that it was an unfair resolution. I would like to break up with Amazon. It's a relationship that's comfortable. My emails with the repetitiive robotic customer service agents grew old fast. I fell in love with Amazon's customer service experience many years ago, but this experience has lowered my opinion of it.

👤I received it as a gift. There is a The shelf is cute and functional. The clock seems to be a lighter color with more realistic rust, but the actual product is darker in my opinion. There is a The sound of the tickling is the perfect amount of noise level and can be heard a little when a room is quiet. I got this bird clock for a bird lover and I am very happy with it.

3. Mooqs Non Ticking Battery Operated Decorative

Mooqs Non Ticking Battery Operated Decorative

Farmhouse style. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a gift, make an accent statement with a Farmhouse and Cottage piece from FirsTime & Co. The COLOR BOARD is made of FSC certified wood. The clock is made of Forescolor. Forescolor is a color board that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The world's most trusted sustainable forest management solution is the FSC. CARB Phase 2 is compliant. They make clocks that comply with CARB Phase 2. CARB Phase 2 is part of the California wood products regulation. The regulation is about reducing emissions from wood products. The Silent Non-ticking movement provides a quiet environment. The battery is battery operated. The single AA battery is not included. The dimensions are 4.0 x 1.9 x 4.5 inches.

Brand: Mooqs

👤I ordered this clock because it does not have a reflective cover over the clock face, which makes it easier to read in a well-lit room with potential glare from the light. I positioned the clock so that I could see it from 25' away. I gave four stars because I couldn't see the hands because they were too dim in the evening light and the numbers were thin and hard to see as they match the clock face background. It would be helpful to have the numbers darkened. I painted the clock's hands white. I wanted to be able to easily read the approximate time from 25'. This is the best clock I could find. I like the look of the display. The clock is silent.

👤I've had this for a while. When the battery is fresh, it keeps time. It starts getting behind after just a few weeks. I have replaced the battery several times in a few months. The batteries that come out of it have the most charge, according to my checker. The clock is not moving fast. I have to order a different clock. I can't have one that I don't trust to be accurate, and that eats up batteries so fast.

👤Love how it looks, but never keeps time. I have changed the battery and time. It just doesn't work. It looks great on my desk.

👤The clock is as advertised. I like the look of it. It can be easily moved from room to room if needed. It has not changed. There is a I wish it had better defined hands and a better color difference to make it easier to read the time. There is a No assembly, no looking for outlets, no reset after the power goes out. A nice looking clock.

👤Don't buy this clock. It loses time. It now loses half an hour per 24 hours. It's hard to read in low light. It is nice to look at but the clock can't keep time and can't be read in heavy light, so it's worthless. Do not follow me. Don't buy this clock.

👤I bought this clock because it was a good size and design, and it was a good idea to remind me of the time in case I have appointments or spend too much time in the shower. The clock has 5 stars. The overall rating was brought down to 2 stars because the clock should keep accurate time as a basic level expectation. This clock was focused on facade, not function. I have to reset the time because it is falling behind and slowing down. It is disappointing that the base level operation of such a simple item is not up to par with the cheap, plastic, $8 drugstore travel clock.

👤I bought this clock to reference quickly. A new battery was installed. I put in a new battery within two months. I have changed the battery three times in six months. I changed the battery a week ago and the time was slow this morning. This is not a timepiece.

4. HeQiao Silent Metal Table Bright

HeQiao Silent Metal Table Bright

A silent clock. There was no tick noise. It is easy to see time at night. The large face clock has no alarm. Quiet desk clock for home office. The metal alarm clock is stylish.

Brand: Heqiao

👤It does not keep time. It fell behind by three hours after fresh batteries went in. It is cute, but it is useless. I am really happy with this review. The neutral color is nice. It has a light for checking time. It is silent. It is a nice size. I was worried that it would be plastic, but the case is made of metal. Very pleased! You can get a sense of the size by including a pic. Hope it helps.

👤I had to take these apart, the hands fell off, and the face was crooked, unless you are a mechanical genius. I was able to fix all of it because the face is not crooked and the hands are working properly. This has no noise, like a clock.

👤I wanted a clock that was pretty. Digital clocks don't look good. This one is easy to read and I love the light I can use. It keeps you busy.

👤Cute clock. It runs fine, but you have to push the button to see when the night light comes on, and it's very hard to find in the middle of the night. I think the design is poor. There is a Although there is flourescent paint on the hands, it does not glow in the dark. I am giving it away and getting one with a big button on the top that is easy to find in the dark.

👤The weight of the clock is a good thing, but it has two drawbacks. The numbers are light and hard to read, which is disappointing but not a major problem. After a few months, the clock began to change. It has a mechanical sound. One of the main reasons I chose this clock was that it is no longer quiet, which was one of the reasons I chose this clock.

👤The button to illuminate the clock at night is on the back of the clock. I don't think it's a good design because it's not practical to be fumbling around looking for the button when you need the light in the middle of the night It should be on top.

👤I bought a new Duracell battery and it didn't work for a couple hours, the battery was hot to the touch, and the contacts on the battery were discolored from the heat. I got a replacement that is too slow and it takes a while to get used to. I think I'm going to try a different clock.

👤A good quality alarm clock. It is made of metal and glass. It's decorative. The time is on track. The light is a button and you have to hold it. It doesn't stay on its own for the night. It is slightly smaller than I wanted, so it is hard to read the time from afar. It's good for the price.

👤I wanted an alarm clock that was quiet. It is well made and looks good. This is straight away loud, no gentle gradually increasing alarm sound. The clock is a decent size and sits on its feet, making it difficult to knock over. There is a The button for the light is small and hard to find in the dark, and the off button for the alarm can be hard to find, so I have given it a 4 instead of a 5 star. There is a I recommend it if it's a silent and attractive alarm clock.

5. NIKKY HOME Pewter Quartz Analog

NIKKY HOME Pewter Quartz Analog

The body is made of pewter. The face is set with fake pearls. The size is 3 inches. She's perfect for decorating your bathroom, bedside, night stand, or table. It's ideal for a wedding gift. Only one battery is required. The decorative antique clock features artisan style craftsmanship, perfect addition for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom decor.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤The clock part with the numbers and hands is plastic and I thought it was cheap. I got a 1.5 watt battery and put it in to set the time. That helped. The clock would not stop being cute no matter where I put it. A potted plant and candle are placed on a table in the bathroom. There is a sticker on top of my jewelry box. There is a calendar and tissue box in the kitchen. You know! The clock is very stinkin cute. It adds a touch of fun to the place.

👤If I could, I would give this zero stars. I don't know what to say. Even though it is cute, a big battery is not what you are supposed to use. I don't know how big the batteries are. The frame is not attached to the clock insert. The battery would fit. Really?

👤The first clock I received was broken and didn't work. I got my money back after returning it. I rearranged the clock because it is cute. The Roman numeral "4" is not correct on the clock. It should be "IV", not "IIII". I am very disappointed.

👤The little clock is perfect for my bathroom. The two-pack of N-batteries was ordered. The reviewers were frustrated that no directions had been included. Every other battery operated clock a person has ever had is a battery operated clock. One minute after opening the package, I was up and working on my bathroom. I will update my review if it stops working. So far, perfect.

👤I put this clock in my dressing room. It's perfect. It's a small clock. Well made and decorated. It looks like a victorian antique clock, but you wouldn't know it was a new clock. The pink jeweled pieces are beautiful. The clock has a nice weight to it and doesn't feel cheap. The back of the clock is done nicely. There is a metal back plate where the battery goes. It is easy to install the battery. One battery is not included. It keeps time accurate. It has a very soft sound that adds to it's charm and vintage feel. I would buy this again.

👤This is a cheap item. The metal frame is the only thing that is plastic. I don't know why the 4 different kinds are grouped together. The battery cover keeps falling out. The frame is the only metal part. The cover on the face is plastic. The back filigree is made of plastic. The clock with the rhinestones was what I ordered before. The cheap one was included with the rhinestone one. I'm cautious about buying a clock from a store.

👤The little clock is adorable. It is quiet and has good time so far. I only had it for a few days. The N battery is not the same as the AAA battery. I spent my money on them. The battery was easy to install and the decorative back was nice. The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because the top center white part looks like it has a chip. The paint seems a little different but it has the same finish. It was not enough for me to return it. I'm happy with how it looks on my shelf. I may be the only one who notices. I am picky. The white is a true white.

6. SHARPER Electronic Display Adapter Contemporary

SHARPER Electronic Display Adapter Contemporary

Tell time in style. This unique clock is a stylish accent piece, with a sleek black finish and generous yet compact size that is perfect for your desktop, nightstand or drawer. The consecration design. It looks like a word search puzzle at first glance, but when the display lights up, it becomes clear that it is a functional clock. It's easy to set up a power cable and power accessory. The clock tells time in five-minute intervals, with easy-to-use advance and reverse buttons. There are great gifts for everyone. Whether it's for yourself or a holiday or Christmas gift for someone special, check out their latest innovative products, from air purifiers to toys and games to luxury items for home or office! They offer the latest in home electronics, high tech gadgets, grooming items, travel accessories and innovative lifestyle products, designed and built with the latest styles and technology.

Brand: Sharper Image

👤1. It seems well made 2. It is easy to set 3. Non Dimmable 4. It is not a consistent output because of the light variance between each letter. It's difficult on the eyes. The cord is not long. An extension cord is likely to be required. 6. It needs to be reset each time it is unplugged or without power.

👤I am very disappointed. My word clock will continue to blink all the words. There is no manual to fix this. It doesn't look like the photos either. I am disappointed.

👤We wanted to like this, but after getting a replacement clock after the first one had a warped face, we decided it was too cheap to work for us. The clock needs to be plugged into an outlet. The clock does not have a battery or charging feature, but we thought it would charge. The clock on the side makes the cable even more prominent. If we mounted the clock to the wall, we couldn't hide the cord. - The clock has to be reset to the current time if the cable goes off, and the settings have to be returned to the original settings. There is a We should have known better to expect a high-end product for $25. We could have fixed the slight warping of the face of the replacement clock, but we couldn't get over the cord on the wall. The clock might work better for people who want to sit it down.

👤You have to accept that it only tells time in 5 minutes. Don't use this as a clock to keep you on time for meetings, it looks great and is a great conversation piece, but that's not the point. I think it would be better if it had been designed to run on batteries, but I found a way to have an ugly black cord on the wall. There is a I used a rechargeable power bank to power the clock since the cord that powers it ends with ausb port. To hide the power bank, I put it in a shadowbox picture frame. The power bank usually lasts 2 days before needing to be plugged in. The power bank needs to have at least 10,000 mAh if you do this. I tried to power the clock with a 5,000 mAh bank.

👤The style of this clock is very nice. I had an interest in one of these. I ordered this one after I found it in the Rose-gold copper. I really wanted it for my bedroom, but it's not bright with the lights off. I put it in the living room. I was looking for a white 5V adapter so it wouldn't be noticed while hanging on the wall. I would like the lighting to have a dimmer option. No complaints. The clock is great for this price. It would be a cool gift idea.

👤Time is moving clockwise in my mind. The clock will say, "It is twenty minutes after eleven", making you look at something different. There is a It's easy to read in a well-lit room. There is a I ignored the instructions when I opened the box. I took the screws out of the back. I missed one of the tiny screws. I was going to put in batteries. I read the instructions and saw the plug. I didn't see it. When I shook the box, I realized there was a smaller box inside that had the plug and cord. I was happy that I didn't throw it away. There is a If you need a clock that's exact to the second this is not the clock for you, but in reality how important is those few minutes in between it's gonna work fine for me. The website had the "Lipsum Ipsum" nonsense to fill up space, even though it did not have the correct certificate. It reminded me of the days when everyone had a Home page with an under construction icon. I was forced to return to Amazon because registration didn't take me to the right page. I think websites are not their strength. I'm happy with my attention-getting. There is a It's still a nice looking clock. One point was taken off by directions, accuracy, website, etc.

7. Decorative Over Sized Vintage Distressed Farmhouse

Decorative Over Sized Vintage Distressed Farmhouse

NIKKY HOME was founded in 2009, and is dedicated to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all over the world. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and art is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas. They are working hard to create a lifestyle for you. Always looking for the perfect finishing touch for your desk, bedside or office shelf? What about a conversation piece in your kitchen? Or a nice addition to your guest room? Add some fun to your laundry room. The Antique Clock Adds A Delightful Finish To Every Space. It finds a home. It is truly eye catching. It was over-sized at 9+ inches tall and 6.3 inches wide. It's simple to give a gift. Do you want to give a gift that stands out from the rest? Something so beautiful. Give a gift that will be appreciated because of it's amazing character and ability to fit In any room or style. Your clock is gift-boxed for ease of giving. A diamond purchase. You can not afford to pass this up. There are many interior decorating ideas and possibilities with this distressed metal clock. This gorgeous clock holds endless possibilities for your style. Teens love the teal blue color. It's fun to move it around in different rooms. It finishes any space in any room. You deserve this. It will bring you a lot of happiness. Beautiful, Rustic Charm, and elegant Character. You can give yourself the gift of delight by walking into your room and enjoying your vintage clock. Your clock will bring a smile to your face, whether you are Curled up by the fire in your living room, sipping tea on your porch, or walking into your bedroom. They value their customers and always strive to provide quality products. At CopperCrate, they guarantee their products and their top customer service.

Brand: Coppercrate

👤I almost didn't buy the clock because I read so many bad reviews. I have to disagree with most of them. You can hang this on the wall with a hook. There is a reason for the back to be open, as it also has a stand that can be put on a shelf or table. There's no second hand as it has no sound. I put a AA battery in it and didn't think it worked. I put my ear in the back of the box and heard it work. Very quiet! Nice! The plastic face is something I don't like, but I still love it! It is true to color and size. I am very happy with my purchase so far, and it has been great. Would order again. Thank you!

👤I had issues with my first order. The business owner reached out to me directly and did everything they could to fix the situation. There is a A new clock was sent to me. It is the same as advertised.

👤The clock's face is printed on paper. It has an easel type stand as well as batteries exposed on the back. The clock looks like a prop.

👤Considering the heavy load of shipping this time of year, the clock arrived very quickly. The piece of plastic that broke off was on the inside of the clock. I am not going to take the entire clock apart to get to it. The broken piece is not noticeable when the clock is standing up. I will not have to worry about shipping it back. I wonder if the buyer will keep the product if it's damaged because I would probably keep it. That thought doesn't make me happy.

👤Even though the measurements were included, they were much smaller than expected and the ring on top was included. This clock is 6 inches tall, not 9. It is also overpriced. Had I been able to see it, I would have paid $10 for it. It looks nice with my decor.

👤The clock is lovely! I like the look. It stopped working a few months after I received it. The manufacturer offered excellent customer service by answering my inquiry the same day and resolving my problem in complete satisfaction. I will buy from this organization again.

👤The clock is beautiful. It's a little darker in color than the picture, but it's a perfect match for my decor. It's large. I'm very happy with it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked and the color was just right, I was afraid it would be too bright. The best park is now quiet and I am going to get a new room and try a new color. It was great for the price.

8. Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Konigswerk Vintage Bedside Battery Operated

Vintage housing calls to mind 1940s-era designs. It's suitable for the bedside bedroom kitchen table office shelf. People who are heavy sleepers have a unique loud alarm clock. A good wake up clock for people who have trouble waking up. A good sleep and best working environment are ensured by quiet and smooth sweeping of the quartz movement and second hand. It's perfect for kids or seniors, it's easy to use and read. Operates on a accurate movement of the quartz stone. Not included is the 1 AA battery.

Brand: Konigswerk

👤I received this clock and was very pleased with the look. The clock doesn't work so I wasn't excited about that. It was interesting that the instructions call for aAAA battery when it is just a AA battery. I bought another clock with the hope that it will work, because I like the one I have. I will review the second one as an update. The second one worked just fine. The piece on the top of the clock does not stand up straight like the picture shows. It's not a big deal to me, but it may be to others.

👤The Carbon Zinc battery was hard to find. I ordered them on line. There is a The clock is made of plastic. There is a I should have bought a clock that has an easy to find alkaline battery. There is a If you buy the clock, you should order the Carbon Zinc Batteries at the same time.

👤I needed an alarm clock that was reliable. I chose the clock. When it arrived, I noticed that it was flimsy and rattled, and that was the start of the disappointment. I knocked it off the nightstand. I shouldn't have done that. I didn't mean to. I was reaching for the phone. Can't miss those now? The clock fell onto the carpet. The clock I had before this one was always knocked off the nightstand and it lasted for years, but then it was a cheapo. Do not buy this clock if you are looking for a reliable, well-built clock.

👤I like the clock. The clock hands were loose when I received it. I had to disassemble it to fix it. I am a handy person. It shouldn't have been that way.

👤The clock only worked for a few days before the second hand got stuck. I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the blocked mechanics. If I bang it on the table a few times, it will come unstuck. I don't see how to fix it so it keeps time. A bad day!

👤I didn't read all the way down because it seemed like a lot of selling for a simple clock, however I missed the important point that the clock uses carbon zinc battery only. When I put it in, nothing happened. I was one day past the return window, so I was glad I came back and read through more. I wanted to make the clock work so I made it. I found Panasonic carbon zinc batteries on Amazon and they arrived today. It seems to be working well. It's a lovely and quaint clock that will remind me not to relax on my sun porch. I'll come back here if it stops working or doesn't keep correct time. It's a good thing.

👤The clock stopped working after two months. Very cheap.

👤The clock is advertised as a "non-ticking" clock. As the second hand moves, it makes consecration noISE. If you're looking for a quiet clock, this isn't it. This would be a good choice if you just want functional and don't mind the noise.

9. NIKKY HOME Shabby Pewter Quartz

NIKKY HOME Shabby Pewter Quartz

Good alkaline battery is newer. The body is made of both pewter and resin. The collection is from the shabby chic cottage. One AA battery is required. It's about 6 inches wide and about 4 inches deep. NIKKY HOME was founded in 2009, and is dedicated to become a leading fashion home and decoration brand all over the world. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and art is matched perfectly together in the form of art, fully expressing its founder's fashion ideas. They are working hard to create a lifestyle for you.

Brand: Nikky Home

👤I was looking for a bigger clock and this is it. It is made mostly of metal. I believe the back cover is plastic. The numbers are easy to read and the face is attractive. I took off one star. The domed glass cover causes a glare. The bottom is very rough and does not have any protective covering. It will scratch furniture.

👤A light green base is a light lime green, not a hint of turquiose or aqua. I wanted a soft pastel light aqua blue base green. It is not. There is a It looks very old and vintage. It is very shabby chic. I used the carbon zinc AA battery recommended in the description and so far it is working great. If you give the clock as a gift, it comes in a brown cardboard box and is very safe. It doesn't look good until you get to the clock. I think the outer box is a little over priced, but it is very cute. Update several days now and keeping time very quiet. I upgraded it to 5 stars from 4 because I like it very much.

👤I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it was made of pewter and with so many things made of plastic, I figured what-the-hell. The overall body is pewter, and the distress-look is good, but can't really tell if the glass face is glass, but after tapping it... It seems like it. The plastic back cover matches the color of the pewter. If you didn't know, the battery operated clock mechanism is a simple one you can buy from Ben Franklin's for clock projects. The clock face is clean and sharp. Is it worth the money? Get the look for a fraction of the price. I bought this for my kitchen table, so that it would look like an old country kitchen.

👤Exactly what was looking for, it was cute.

👤This is the epitome of shabby chic. They have done a nice job of making this look like it's old and worn. If you're looking for the aesthetic rather than the heirloom aspect of the grill, this fact will not affect you. The plastic seems to be fairly fragile, and the clips that keep it in place could easily break, so just be careful when removing the back. To see how much this piece dresses up a table, look at the photo I've attached.

👤I thought the clock would be dull. I got it for a shabby chic bathroom that was recently renovated. It is packaged in molded styrofoam so there is no damage. One AA battery is not provided. I don't recall if the product description mentions that it is filigreed on the back. That is the icing on the cake. The back of my clock is exposed because it sits on a counter in front of a mirror. It is easy to read. This is a great value.

👤Definitely exceeds my expectations. It adds a nice touch to the rustic decor by being on the small shelf in my bathroom. The face is not made of glass. I'm okay with that since it seems sturdy and is a beautiful clock. I'm hoping it can hold up when showering. I will keep you posted. I had to hold the clock up to my ear because it was so quiet. I could tell if it was working. I would buy this clock as a gift.

10. Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock Walnut

Bulova B7467 Hardwick Clock Walnut

The mantel clock has a one year warranty. There are decorative screened glass. The metal Pendulum has a brass finish.

Brand: Bulova

👤I need a clock in my living room. This was the perfect size for my fireplace mantel and the finish was close to my furniture. I have come to rely on it after 6 weeks after using it for a while. I am glad I bought it. It is worth the money at this point.

👤The proportions are perfect for my mantle. What I was looking for. The yellowed face is easy to read from a distance because of the black hands. The pendulum looks good despite some reviewers saying it looks cheap. The sound of the pendulum is only audible a foot from the clock, so you might not want to use it on a nightstand close to your head.

👤I am very happy with the purchase of this clock. The price and size were correct. The clock looks nice. I would change it.

👤I like the way this clock fits on my mantel. It looks great. The battery is easy to access. It came with a gold bar, but no instructions on what to do with it. I'm sure the bar has something to do with the pendulum, but I can't figure out what. I love this clock.

👤I was looking for a style clock for my grandma. We are very happy with the purchase. It's a beautiful brown color and the quality looks great, it was under $100. The numbers are roman numeral style. It becomes more classic. The batteries are not included.

👤The clock is elegant. The shape is what I needed for the table. I have read that the pendulum swings too fast and that the face is only paper. The clock is a mid-price. I own more expensive clocks. The priority for me is that the clock looks nice and it keeps time. I would pay for a clock that was more expensive. This clock is very good value.

👤The pendulum of the clock was low quality and was made of golden foil. It looks good, but it has a slight tick sound, but nothing too loud.

👤I bought this clock for my wife, and she loves it. It's a good looking clock, but it would be better if the cost of engraving was included. The pendulum is not attached to the clock's mechanisms and it goes back and forth at an unnaturally fast speed. If you've never had a battery powered clock in your house, you probably won't notice. The wood quality is nice, but it doesn't look to be cheap. The back is a little cheap, but it doesn't matter to me because you don't look at it.

👤Absolutely gorgeous clock! The item was received in pristine condition and quickly. The clock was delivered safely and without a scratch. This piece is definitely a rare one, where an Amazon product actually impresses me with being better than expected. The clock looks great on our mantel. It comes with an engraving plate. I paid for it, but it looks more expensive than I paid for. The piece was very intense for the price. I would definitely recommend it.

11. Mirrored Decoration 12x12inch Decorative Included

Mirrored Decoration 12x12inch Decorative Included

The table clock is in walnut color and will complement the other furniture. The wall clock has a crushed diamond mirror. The battery is not included in the package for safety reasons. The front of the clock is covered by a silver mirror and glass. For decoration, crush a diamond. The clock is made out of quasar. The upgrade clock mechanism is the key point for accurate time. A gorgeous crystal crush diamond with mirror frame, simple clear Roman numbers dial, black metal pointer, and comfortable and easy to read time are all included. Europe's top grade design is a crush diamond big mirror clock. It's beautiful and impress everyone. Well decorate home, office, living room, bedroom, restaurant, dining room and other place. It is easy to hang a wall with back and 2 hangers. The battery is not included in the package for safety reasons.

Brand: Dmdfirst

👤It's so beautiful. It looks amazing in my bedroom.

👤The clock is a nice addition to my bathroom. The weight would be what I would have to change. It's heavy for a wall-mounted clock, but the anchor that was included was large enough to carry the weight. I would recommend taking care when removing the wall to change the battery or adjust the time. I absolutely adore it.

👤It casts a decorative shade, great for silver.

👤It's the most expensive clock I've ever purchased. It looks great with my other decor.

👤The clock's hangers are not accurate. The clock dial will be crooked if I hang this. I will have to return it. The dial is still crooked after I received the replacement clock. Which probably means the hangers are not straight.

👤It's pretty. I have to change the clock on a weekly or twice weekly basis.

👤Muy lindo as, pero se despeg de adentro.


What is the best product for decorative table clock?

Decorative table clock products from Rae Dunn. In this article about decorative table clock you can see why people choose the product. Creative Co-op and Mooqs are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative table clock.

What are the best brands for decorative table clock?

Rae Dunn, Creative Co-op and Mooqs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative table clock. Find the detail in this article. Heqiao, Nikky Home and Sharper Image are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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