Best Decorative Table Clothes for Rectangle Tables

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1. Tablecloth Waterproof Oil Proof Stain Resistant Rectangle

Tablecloth Waterproof Oil Proof Stain Resistant Rectangle

It's easy to care for. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat. High Quality and Environmental Material:Surface Vinyl, Flannel Backing. It is safe to use for children and the elderly. Please measure your table size before buying, there are three sizes: 60 x 60 inch, 60 x 84 inch and 60 x 102 inch. If there is oil or water on the tablecloth, you can just wipe it off with a cloth. Not machine washed. Keep your table clean. If you don't want your table to get dirty and scratched while you have a dinner, the tablecloth is a good choice for you since oil and liquid won't leak through it. It will save you time to clean your table. The design is durable. The tablecloth can be used many times. If you always have a party, holiday celebration, BBQ in your home, it's good to use it. You don't always need to buy new ones.

Brand: Walrus

👤I have a dedicated table where I feed my cats, and I have been through a few vinyl table cloths. Cats don't care if their claws are out or not, so I have to replace them every few months. I think this one will last longer than its predecessors because it is holding up well. I bought it about six weeks ago, and there's not a single claw hole. There is a The colors in the picture are correct. The flowers are a shade of pink and the background is olive. There is a It's nice and heavy. It stays where you put it.

👤I didn't think it would be this thick. I love it! The material is thick and durable, and the size fits well on my square table, but I couldn't find this kind of size at the store. I would recommend it.

👤My kids have an allergy to the original rugs and I use a vinyl tablecloth as a mat.

👤The pattern fits my table perfectly. It is heavy duty and thick. Not cheap at all! Good purchase.

👤This is a nice tablecloth. I received it yesterday and it is pretty thick, has a nice flannel backing, and looks like it will last a long time. It is hard to find a more thick, heavy-duty outdoor tablecloth, so I was happy with this one. Most of them are so thin that they don't last much over the summer. If this doesn't hold up, I will update, but by the look and feel of it, it should last a long time.

👤The tablecloth is lovely. It is not a pink rose tablecloth. It has a calm Zen appearance. There is a creamy off white background with roses. It does not scream. The leaves are tan. Well made and heavy duty. The flannel backing is good. My local store typically carries less nice quality. I'm very happy that I got it. My husband said, "Nice!" after looking at the tablecloths. Nuff said!

👤I got two tablecloths from this. We have an odd kitchen table, it's only 28" wide and 42" long, so by cutting it in half on the 80" length, the halves fit perfectly with the hang for the table. It is what you would expect from a fleece-backed vinyl tablecloth. Printing is very nice and true to the pictures. There is a It wasn't exactly square, but one side was slightly wider than the other. I didn't think it was worth docking a star for an otherwise lovely tablecloth because I was trying to get the precise middle for cutting it in half.

👤I like this table cloth more than I thought. It was for my grandma. She picked it up. I thought it would be cheap. It is really great quality. The roses are pretty. I would recommend buying again in the future.

2. Fitable Rectangle Tablecloth Resistant Decorative

Fitable Rectangle Tablecloth Resistant Decorative

Liquids like coffee, juice, wine and so on can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or napkin. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat. Their tablecloth is made from high quality durable fabric, perfect to protect and decorate your tables. The package will include a piece of tablecloth measuring 60 W by 84 L. The worker is free to use the table. Their covers are fade resistant and can protect your tables and furniture from scratches, stains and sun rays, as well as decorate your tables and enhance your dining occasions with a vivid atmosphere. There areTILE OCCASIONS. The heat resistant table cover tablecloth is perfect for a variety of uses. The table cloth is 54x54 inch, 54x78 inch, 54x108 inch, 54x120 inch, 60x60 inch, 60x84 inch, 60x101 inch, 70x70 inch. Measure the size before purchasing. It's easy to care for. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat.

Brand: Fitable

👤When I took the table cloths out of the clear plastic bags, they looked like they had been washed. I tried washing them using Downy and putting them in the dryer for a short time and then hung them up on the wall in my basement, but not a singlewrinkle orfold came out. I washed them and they still have the same folds. Something is not right with this material. Don't buy unless you enjoy looking at it. I wanted them for my sister's birthday party. Dollar Tree's plastic ones are cheaper and look better. Very disappointing. I will not buy this brand again.

👤Returned the item. There were a lot of threads hanging on the edges. It smelled bad and is a low-quality material.

👤The tablecloth has flaws in it that are bad. There is a I have been happy with everything I have bought on Amazon.

👤The orange color is not too bright so it can transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The fabric has a shine to it. The only issue is that the fabric is thin and the wrinkling is very noticeable when one takes the cloth from the bag. Not a big deal. The description is not accurate.

👤I didn't need a table cloth, but I did need curtain panels that were not standard size and these fit perfectly. They are light, but substantial. They look great. I saved a lot of money by buying a panel for $12. I could not have seen these for less money. I absolutely adore my purchase of curtain clips from Amazon. If I need a table cloth, I have 6!

👤I could see the table through it. The red mark on mine was unraveling at the edges as if it had been used. Poor quality. Don't waste time. Returned it.

👤I can't complain much. It is a cheap tablecloth. It is very thin. The wood color was visible through the fabric. Don't place hot plates on the table if you have no thermal protection with this cloth. It got wrinkled after being washed.

👤I bought it for Thanksgiving to protect my table. It is the perfect shade.

👤La nappe is very easy to understand. Le tissu is facile. elle est neuve, un lavage l'eau froide. The couleur rouge cerise s'harmonise. L'ourlet de la nappe reue est aussi. Cependant, elle est aussi.

👤The product is not the right size inside the package.

👤There is a peach colour. Not a bright colour.

3. Obstal Stretch Spandex Standard Folding

Obstal Stretch Spandex Standard Folding

The table cover protectors are made from high quality extra stretchy and sturdy spandex fabric. Banquet folding tables are 72 inches in length and 30 inches in width. There are uses for wedding, party, event, banquet, and outdoor exhibition. The stretch tablecloth covers are a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor events because of their stain resistant andwrinkle resistant properties. They protect your high top tables from dirt, dust and scratches and add colors or texture to your tables. The banquet table legs are put in with elastic leg pockets and sewn-in leg pockets to make sure that every part of the table is covered. The oblong microfiber table covers are machine washed with cold water. Do not use bleach. There was no dryer. Line dry only. If necessary, reverse side iron cool heat.

Brand: Obstal

👤My folding table was transformed into an elegant display by a black stretch fitted tablecloth. The 48” folding table was perfectly fitted by the 4 ft fitted tablecloth. The fabric is thick and stretchy. I would recommend this purchase to others. The value is great.

👤I wanted to use the table cover at vendor fairs. The table was easy to put on. I had to flip it on it's side to put over the feet and take off. Several other vendors gave me praise. They liked it and asked where I found it. I didn't want a plain cover. This one met my needs at a reasonable price. It's well made. I only used it once. Plan on using it more in the future.

👤I was looking for a table cover that would serve my purpose, until I discovered that there was a tucked in table cover. A good job of converting a buyer to a salesperson. It's a good thing. I would recommend it. There is a pocket that can be used to tuck the covers under the legs. A clean look. It doesn't get wrinkled or crumbled when it's over the table.

👤The table cloths are amazing. Why didn't it happen? I think of this. My kids are now 13 and 16 years old and for years I have had wind ruin my cute little table cloths and table skirts. They would fly up and get twisted up. I would have to find weights to put on the corners. The party game has changed because of these things. They were washed up great after a lot of cake icing and drink stains.

👤I don't have a nice printed table cloth or runner in my budget, so I chose this plain black tight fit table cloth. Exactly what I needed. Excellent material. It looks very nice. There is a small bag for storing.

👤I got a 6 foot one because they didn't have a 7 foot one when I ordered. There is a The table is 7 feet tall. I ordered a 6ft table. Both fit well. The 6ft cover on the 7ft table can be done. It is tight and you have to stretch it to the legs. If needed, can leave the 2 back out and put the cover under them. No one can see the back of the table anyways. There is a Definitely a good purchase. Hang dry cleaning. I know that drying a stretch fabricike will ruin it over time.

👤I bought this cloth to cover my table. It fits well. The material is stretchy. It has some straps at the bottom to hold the table legs in. I am happy with the purchase. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. I use it to display jewelry at our markets. The black color shows off my jewelry. It's long enough to hide empty boxes under the cloth. It makes my display look professional.

👤The feet are reinforced. 3 of the 4 feet made a hole.

4. B COOL Rectangle Tablecloth Halloween Thanksgiving

B COOL Rectangle Tablecloth Halloween Thanksgiving

The table tower fan is an ideal summer essential for homes with children and pets. The grille on the exterior offers additional protection to shut out fingers or paws. It can't be seen through. The material has a mesh fabric backing. It won't fall off. The surface of fabric is not prickly. The width is over 4ft. It is not in the middle. A high workmanship is the elegant and beautiful sequin tablecloth round and rectangle. The sequin tablecloth is widely used. B-COOL has its own factory and welcomes wholesale and custom orders. All around the world. Please contact them if you need them.

Brand: B-cool

👤I love this table cloth. All of my mail is under the glass table. The table cloth was boring and had fruits or flowers on it. It fits my table perfectly. The table cloth is the same as the picture. Love it. Will be ordering more colors to change them out. Hope it holds up in the washing machine.

👤I was stuck between 3-4 stars in my original review. The cover was gorgeous, but it was also messy. It shed a bit when it was pulled out of the package. It had loose treads and sequins all over it that made it a mess. They reached out to me offering a full refund for their excellent customer service. Great customer service is something I value a lot. The cloth was gorgeous for the party and I highly recommend it, just have a broom on hand so you can sweep around it before the event begins.

👤I ordered this for my baby shower. It was really cute. I think the only con is that you can see through it. It wasn't a big problem to me.

👤The cloth was nice, but thin, so you may need something to put over or under it so the table won't show. The thread lining didn't bother me.

👤I bought five of the 90”x15” rose gold rectangle tablecloths. The blush pink tone is not what they are called. It is always recommended to have a matching tablecloth beneath the sequin fabric in areas with a lot of light. The item was nicely packaged in a bag with a necklace and a note. I did not have much fall off but I did note that with any sequin material there will be some fall off and be careful in handling as the material easily hooks to most things. There is an apparent line joining the fabric together but that was expected due to the measurement purchased and the posts on such length. I was very happy with my purchase and the cost was better than most places. It would be better if it was cheaper for bulk buying.

👤Beautiful! I knew it was a bit of a gamble to buy a tablecloth and hope that it would pull together the decorations for an entire party, but I think that this will be the ticket. I think you could see through it if you tried, but that isn't an issue for me. I think I could get a decent amount of mileage out of this thing, even though the sequins are not falling off. A sheet of temporary tattoos was thrown in by the seller. I purchased it and I am very happy. There is an update. It was a great addition to the party and will be used many times in the future.

👤This is great for my videos on the internet. I put it up against the wall and it looks great. I am definitely impressed.

👤It was perfect for my pink and gold mouse theme.

5. LUSHVIDA Moroccan Rectangle Table Cloth

LUSHVIDA Moroccan Rectangle Table Cloth

Liquids like coffee, juice, wine and so on can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or napkin. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat. Their table cloth is made from 100 percent polyester and is water resistant. The table cover was tested to make sure it was water resistant and Wrinkle resistant. There is a tablecloth size guide. Before purchasing a table, please measure it and calculate the correct size. The sizes are 60 x 84 inch, 60 x 102 inch, and 60 x 120 inch. Fashion table protectors add color to your room, create a new and comfortable atmosphere, and are stylish and novel visual effects. It is a focal point in the home or at the party. You can create your own style by choosing this tablecloth. The morocco oblong table cloth is perfect for everyday use, parties, holidays, ceremony, cafes, Catering, Christmas, picnic, event, barbecues, buffets, weddings, indoor and outdoor use and more. Liquids like coffee, juice, wine and so on can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or napkin. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat.

Brand: Lushvida

👤I have had this for a while. My kids are messy. It is really disgusting. This sucker has held up. Who knows what else they left on it, including the dark colored juices. I put it in the washer. It looks good when I get it out of the dryer. There were no tears, stains, or rips. My children destroy everything. I mean every. Something.

👤I use this on the outdoor table to make guests feel like they have gone all out. Excellent washes. I put it across the banister to dry. I was looking for a set of plastic tablecloths that I intended to throw away. This is very easy and it saves the recycle. What a steal!

👤The table cloth was a great purchase at a reasonable price. The black was not as solid in color as I would have liked, but I wasn't very bothered after a while. Water and juices bead up well. If caught in time, it's easy to wipe up. I washed it after a seafood boil and it lived up to its "wrinkle free" label when I took it out of the dryer. I can't vouch for it beyond that time stamp. I'm happy with the table cover.

👤I loved the table cloth. The cloth is now purple. It faded in two days. What is happening in the world? Really?

👤The color is nice. The material will not tear off easily. We usually clean it with a wet cloth. It is one of the best table covers you can have.

👤The tablecloth I ordered was too short for my table. I ordered a different size. I was sent a tablecloth that was marked 60x84 but was actually 60x10 again. Quality control is a problem with this company. The company's error has caused me to have two tablecloths that are too short for my table.

👤The print brings out my dining room. The material is cheap and thin, so it doesn't really protect my wooden table from my toddlers. I have put it in the washer a couple of times and it has not faded or bled out, so I am happy with the purchase.

👤I ordered this in grey and it is more brown. I like the pattern and function. It is a thin material. I think it will hold up.

👤I don't think it's a good value for the price. Disappointed with the overall appearance.

6. Bringsine Washable Decorative Rectangle Tablecloth

Bringsine Washable Decorative Rectangle Tablecloth

The design is vintage. This is natural fashion tablecloth is printed in premitive linen fabric, which isstain-resistant and wear-resistant, and will add a touch of splash to any existing home decor. It will not stick to your skin when having dinner. It's easy to care for. Machine wash cold delicate, hand wash best. For choosing multi-size. It's a great idea to decorate your table. Other decorations are not included in the price for morrocan tablecloth table cloths. It's suitable for dinner table, coffee table,patio,gardens,book desk,storage table,indoor or picnic outdoor.

Brand: Bringsine

👤I bought 2 of the 55x79 inch tablecloths. I was going to put two tables together. A standard campsite picnic table is perfect. I don't know how long the picnic table is. I know it could fit many people. I searched for reviews that mentioned a tablecloth that would fit a bench picnic table, but I couldn't find any. I hope this will help someone else. The tablecloth was perfect for the dinner table and I was planning on going to a campground in the mountains. I wanted it to fall off the table. I didn't want a lot of picnic tablecloths that were too short for the picnic tables. I put two picnic tables together and the two table cloths looked great. I would like to see this print made in a tablecloth. It is ok. I can reuse it next year. I was going for a rustic look and the look was great. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I haven't been able to use the cloths yet, so this is a tentative review. I'm pretty happy with these. The direction to hang to dry was a concern. As if. I got 2 of these for the tables we put together. I washed one on its own, in case there was a problem, just like I normally would (cold water, regular cycle, drying on medium) and everything seems fine. The background color is lighter than I would like, but it will be covered with books and dice bags, so I'm not too worried. There is a I looked into buying fabric from Spoonflower and making my own tablecloths, but I ended up buying the two here for less than 2 yards of fabric, and I would need a lot more than that. The mention of an actual hem by one reviewer of an actual hem tipped my decision. I ordered it and crossed my fingers.

👤The product was two inches short on one side and one inch short on the other. I bought the 36x36 because it doesn't fit my child's table. It's 34x35. I can't use it for anything else except maybe making a pillow. I could get a yard of fabric for $5 and it would be wider. It was my first negative review and it was for something for my child. Make sure you wash it before buying it because it has a factory smell. The bag it came in said "assorted sizes" not the actual dimensions so that should have been a clue. The color was more of a gray blue than wood grain like area. The pattern is nice but not what I ordered so I will have to rate it down. I like the pattern and it is cotton, so give it two stars. I am giving the seller one more star for reaching out to me and offering to fix the situation. They contacted me a couple of days after my review and I told them I appreciated their offer to fix the situation. I did not, however, receive emails from them every day telling me they were going to give me a refund if I changed my review. Other people won't take kindly to that. I like to see things in my account and even Amazon has flaws. I hope that the seller does a better job of quality assurance in the future, because it will save the consumer money and time, and it will also help the seller in the long run. I wish it would have worked out, but it's life.

7. Softalker Rectangle Tablecloth Waterproof Resistant

Softalker Rectangle Tablecloth Waterproof Resistant

The size of the table cloth is usually larger than the size of the table. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any problems with the size selection or quality. They are always here to help. Softalker tablecloths are made from a high quality microfiber and do not contain harmful chemicals and have no odor, perfect to protect and decorate your tables. The product is packaged in a re-sealable bag. The rectangular table top covers are stain and water proof and can protect your tables from scratches, stains and sun rays. Please measure your table size to find the right size. It is easy to care for: wipe with a damp cloth, machine wash, and then tumble dry. Their premium-weight fabric is designed to last a long time. The tablecloth can be used for many things, from dining and kitchen tables, holidays, cafes, special occasions, party, weddings, buffets, fiesta, BBQ, potlucks, indoor and outdoor activities, and other everyday functional or decorative use.

Brand: Softalker

👤What do you want to see when you are at a party? This is a great way to impress your guests. They had to be pressed to remove the folds. I put them in the dryer with a damp cloth and wella. The wrinkled skin disappeared. I bought table clips at the party store to hold them down. It was a windy day, but that worked well. People kept asking if they were these cloth and they would say yes. They can easily be washed. Why use plastic? They wiped clean for spills.

👤I ordered the wrong size. I probably picked out the right one, but didn't hit the right button. Always check before ordering. I really wanted a different type of table cloth. It is so thin that it is hard to wipe off. For a table that isn't being used. Not a good choice.

👤Since most tablecloths advertised as waterproof are not, the first thing I did out of the package was sprinkle it with water. I tried a little more water from the faucet. Immediate return in the package. Don't waste money or time.

👤It was wrinkled when it arrived. I washed and troubled dry, but no luck. It looks terrible. I don't like ironing it because of the fiber blend. I was not able to give an honest review of the other features since I haven't used it.

👤I used the tablecloth for the project and the size and color were perfect. The water and soil from the plants easily wipe off the water-resistant cloth on the table I am setting them on. Very pleased with it.

👤I like my tablecloths. I bought a few. One picture shows the tablecloth close to the water, and the other shows where I dribbled water. The color in this picture shows the color at its truest, as the 2 tables bumped together show in the other picture. I haven't washed them. I don't think there will be any issues. The folds on these were light when I took them out of the package. I put them in the dryer to get the small amount of wrinkling out.

👤It is not wrinkled. Looks nice. I don't know if it's waterproof or stain resistant because it hasn't been used. The price is great. Comes in many different sizes. Is it possible that outdoor table cloths have to be plastic? This is a quality restaurant.

👤The product did not perform as advertised. The tablecloth was not waterproof. After cleaning a spill, the fluid seeped through the cloth onto the table. The item is also marketed as free of wrinkling. Even after ironing, the wrinkling were still there. This item would not be recommended.

8. Premium Disposable Tablecloth Rectangle Dluxware

Premium Disposable Tablecloth Rectangle Dluxware

It's easy to care for: wipe clean with a damp cloth, machine wash, and tumble dry on low. If necessary, iron at low settings. The tablecloth is fade resistant. The perfect fit is 54" x108" and covers any table up to 8 ft. You can cut it to fit a smaller table. Budget friendly. Their table covers are fade and tear resistant and can protect your furniture from scratches, stains and sun rays. These elegant tablecloths make a clean sense of style at any event or meal you are hosting. The purpose of theMULTIPLE They are great for decorations. Party supplies are perfect for indoor and outdoor eating. Are you going to paint your new home? Are you doing arts and crafts with your kids? The tablecloths are a good way to line the floors. Their table coverings are disposable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. These tablecloths are great for picking up spills from food, drinks, paint and more. What is better? Enjoy the party without having to clean it up. Your imagination can run wild in different colors. You can accommodate different party themes with the wide range of colors and styles of these tablecloths. A larger package will save money. You're sure to have your tables covered from their option 12 packs.

Brand: Grandipity

👤These table cloths are very strong and do a great job, they are very durable, and will last a long time, if you buy them again, they will be even stronger.

👤I was hesitant to buy these after reading some of the reviews, but I had no issues with them. I used them for an outdoor birthday party and put them over picnic tables. They were strong and did not break. The quantity and price are great.

👤The plastic tablecloths did a good job. After 150 people ate their dinner, the cloths held together so we could just pick up the trash. I was not sure if that could be done since the plastic was so delicate. I would buy them again. We do these 3 or 4 times a year.

👤My husband and I host a big cookout for about 50 people every Fall and usually use tablecloths that have to be washed off and dry before folding back up and storing them away for another year. We decided to try these tablecloths instead of doing our usual work. They were awesome. They are a little on the thin side, but they served the purpose and looked great on our tables. It was a pleasure to throw them away after a long day of preparing for a large cookout. We will buy these tablecloths again and again for our future parties. The product is wonderful. Highly recommended.

👤The silver looked too dark so I ordered the light gray. I was expecting more color in the light gray. We could see the paint stains on the tables that were covering it. There is a The material held up well. The size was perfect for a 10 person table. The price is correct. If I could be sure they weren't as transparent, I might order them in a different color.

👤I bought these for my daughter's birthday party. They were pretty and vibrant. Everyone loved them! They were pretty sturdy, however, no one tried to rip them, they were larger than the standard rectangular folding tables. I didn't think that was a problem. I recommend all of them.

👤The pack was bought for pure convenience. It was a good deal to get a pack of 12 for about 14 dollars, because I can get one tablecloth of the same size and material for about $6. They worked well for our party and were quick to clean up after us. We did not have any issues with tearing or seaping liquids. If needed, definitely getting more. I have extras that last me more than one function.

👤The church men's fellowship needed some tablecloths. I gave them a rating of 5 stars. The picture was true to the color. Even though they were sold as bulk, they were packaged individually. I gave them a lower rating because they are very thin and we tore a few holes in them to put them on the table. We only used them for a few hours because they served our purpose. I would buy them again.

9. LUSHVIDA Rectangle Table Cloth Resistance

LUSHVIDA Rectangle Table Cloth Resistance

Their tablecloth is made from 100 percent polyester material. A package of cloth. Measure your table size before purchasing and calculate the proper size for a square or rectangular table. The sizes are 60 x 60 inch, 60 x 84 inch, 60 x 102 inch, and 60 x 120 inch. Christmas Table Cloth: Fashion Christmas table cover add festive touch to your room, create a new and comfortable atmosphere you love. It is a focal point in the home or at the party. You can create your own style by choosing this tablecloth. The morocco oblong table cloth is perfect for everyday use, parties, holidays, ceremony, cafes, Catering, Christmas, picnic, event, barbecues, buffets, weddings, indoor and outdoor use and more. Liquids like coffee, juice, wine and so on can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or napkin. The tablecloth is machine washed and not easily torn. You can wash with cold water. If necessary, iron on low heat.

Brand: Lushvida

👤So disappointed. I am old school. I have an expectation of receiving value for your dollar's and pride in workmanship, but I don't think I received either. The quality of this piece of fabric was less than good, it was shameful, the size was incorrect, and the water was not right. I put the purchase in the trash because I was ashamed of it. I would not recommend this item to anyone.

👤We eat all meals in the dining room table. It fits my table perfectly. I have washed this many times since buying it in February of 2021, and it has not come apart. The black color is not enough to see through it. How dang is my only complaint. There is a mortuary. It is. Even with the table pressed against the wall and a heavy fruit basket and napkin holder in the middle, it slides off the table. I only use it for a day or two at a time as the interim tablecloth while I wash my primary tablecloth. I'm not very inventive, but there is a way to attach some kind of sticky or velcro to make this one stay put. I am disappointed with it, but not for the reasons other people are.

👤This was the correct size for my table. This is thinner than I expected, but it will work for Thanksgiving. I like the detail on the scalloped edges. I will have to watch this because of the creases, but other than that, it looks nice.

👤The quality was very good for the price. The cheap disposable plastic table cloths at Party City or other party supply stores cost the same amount or more than this, and this one looks really nice. A plain piece of fabric can benefit from the scalloped edges. I wasn't expecting a thick table cloth for this price, but it is a little sheer. The price is exactly what it was expected to be, so it gets 5 stars.

👤I was hoping that the table cloth would be the most durable, but it wouldn't be. The product I received was thin and the edges were not well washed. If you want a better quality table cloth, you can find it at places like Ross or Marshall's. I was not happy with this product. I wouldn't be buying products from this company again.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. There is a It is thin and has unfinished hems. It's lightweight and needs a quick steaming to get rid of the wrinkling. You should wash it inside of a garment bag. I only need it for this weekend. I will get a few more use out of it. It is exactly what I was expecting and I am happy with it. There is a The table cloth is going to last through a lot of washings.

👤If you are looking for something to cover your table, then this table cloth is for you. It's simple, does its job, and has a nice edge. If food touches it, it stains. I am challenged every time something touches the table cloth because of my super power stains. It's not my go to table cloth. For the price, this one isn't bad, I prefer my heavier water/spill resistant one.

10. Sancua Rectangle Tablecloth Resistant Decorative

Sancua Rectangle Tablecloth Resistant Decorative

Their tablecloth is made from high quality durable fabric, perfect to protect and decorate your tables. The package will include a piece of cloth measuring 60 W by 84 L inch. The table cloth is 54x54 inch, 54x78 inch, 54x108 inch, 60x84 inch, 60x101 inch, 60x120 inch, and 60 inch round. Measure the size before purchasing. The worker is free to use the table. Their covers are fade resistant and can protect your furniture from sun rays. There are multiple purposes. The table cover is easy to clean and can be used for many purposes. Easy care. No bleach. Wrinkles are free after ironing.

Brand: Sancua

👤"wrinkle-free" is what the product said. I washed it after I received it, and extended it to dried after all that care. Surprise! The table cloth is still wrinkled. Good things: Stain resistant. The material looks durable, and it was kept the color after it was washed.

👤Great product! I was hesitant to purchase at first due to past reviews of off color, but I was able to purchase 6 items in various sizes to cover several tables for our event, and even ordered an additional tablecloth a week later. The tablecloth material is similar to restaurant quality.

👤Beautiful color! It's easy to wash and clean, thanks to God. I have some table cloths from Walmart and Target, but this is the easiest to keep clean. Most things can be wiped down. Holds color in the washing machine.

👤This is the most disappointing product I have ever purchased on Amazon. I needed a tablecloth for the dinner. It looked bad. I did not want to use it. The fabric is very thin, it is not water- resistant, the stitches are falling apart, and it is not 888-282-0465, 888-282-0465 I did not read the description carefully. wrinkle free after ironing... I am at fault for trusting the short description because everything is free ofwrinkle after ironing. I hope I can get it back.

👤It worked well for what I needed. After wiping the cloth clean, you could still see where he spilled. The table cloth had a change in its sheen. We have diaper wipes everywhere for our kids. We only use buggies natural care wipes to clean it, followed by dawn soap and water.

👤It is acceptable for use in the kitchen or picnic table. It wouldn't work on a dining room table or in the kitchen.

👤I always keep a tablecloth on the kitchen table, but I had three kids and it seemed like I was changing them out every day. I was intrigued by the claim but needed to try it out for a great price. There is a Even if you don't pull them right out when they're finished, they're still amazing and wash well. There is a It's so easy to clean with a damp rag. There is a It's easy to wipe off spills, they pool up and wipe clean. Can definitely last a bit on the table.

👤The paper towels are bigger than the tablecloth. It is too thin and cheap to be used on a dining room table. The white color is completely see-through. Had to return it.

👤I bought a 60 x 84 inch tablecloth through this company. The first time we received it, it was absolutely perfect. I ordered the same tablecloth and had a second one on hand. Several brown threads fell out when we opened the package. We realized the tablecloth wasn't cut evenly when we opened it. There were areas of stress on the fabric, like it being pulled too hard when it was being hemmed, or it getting stuck on something. Amazon apologized and started a refund. I can't figure out how to contact the company privately without putting up a review. I wanted to share my experience. Someone new to the company might have made this tablecloth and didn't realize their mistakes. If the company could assure me that it would be in excellent condition, I would be willing to buy a replacement.

11. TEWENE Tablecloth Anti Fading Tablecloths Embroidery

TEWENE Tablecloth Anti Fading Tablecloths Embroidery

Tewene tablecloth is more Wrinkle free and Shrink-proof than other materials because it combines the comfort of cotton and the strength of hemp with the perfect proportion. The edges were sewn with a tassel design. The table cloth is not easy to fade after a long time of use. Hand washing can help prolong the life of the tablecloth because of the cotton and linen texture. You can put the tablecloth into the laundry bag and wash it with the gentle gear of the washing machine to avoid the strong throwing, or you can lay the table cloth flat to dry. This tablecloth is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can be used for a variety of occasions. The size of the table cloth is usually larger than the size of the table. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any problems with the size selection or quality. They are always here to help.

Brand: Tewene

👤The table cloth cover is beautiful. We decided to get the 120'' because we have an 8 chair table with extended leaf. It sits perfectly. Since I have it sitting under the glass of our table, it stays clean. There is a It doesn't look like you can just clean. Throw it in the washer to clean it. I have no complaints. I love it. We made our purchase and I am happy about it. I will post a picture.

👤This is a great everyday table cloth. The quality is great for the money. The material seems light. Not heavy and definitely not thin. I am pretty sure guests wouldn't notice the edge of a table cloth if it wasn't so detail oriented, but I suppose it's because they're too focused on the bounty of food. I hope that the two flaws don't become a major problem, as well as, I hope there is only minor shrinkage as this just fits my table width wise and as of right now without my table leaf in. The length is nice. Without my leaf in the table there is about 24 inches over hang. I knew I was buying a great table cloth, even though it had flaws and the preferred 60" width, but I think it is a great table cloth. This will not be used for formal events. The color of this is soft grey and it will pick up the tones of green. It is neutral and not very dark. It will blend nicely with most decor. The fringe is a nice touch. I will use it as is even though it has flaws, even though I don't intend to send it back.

👤The table cloth is very simple and elegant. Love the style and material. The color of my dining room is perfect.

👤I put this on the table before I ate spaghetti. It was sauce that got all over it. Put it in the laundry. It's in the dryer. It wasn't all wrinkled the next day. It is pretty. It's not all cheap. It was so nice that I was shocked. My husband said he liked it. I was worried that the white stitching would make it hard to set things on the table, but it's flat enough to where it doesn't matter.

👤I was looking for a simple, easy to care for tablecloth to use between the holidays and spring, and this tablecloth was almost exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would stand up to my on the go family and that was subdued in tone. There is a I don't want to hand wash anything, so it held up perfectly in a quick gentle wash and low heat dry in my machines. It fits our table perfectly, as you can see in my pictures. There is a It is nicely constructed and has great attention to detail. I don't like the tassels. I think I will have them removed. That is a small modification. This is a great buy at this price, and it is a beautiful tablecloth.


What is the best product for decorative table clothes for rectangle tables?

Decorative table clothes for rectangle tables products from Walrus. In this article about decorative table clothes for rectangle tables you can see why people choose the product. Fitable and Obstal are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative table clothes for rectangle tables.

What are the best brands for decorative table clothes for rectangle tables?

Walrus, Fitable and Obstal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative table clothes for rectangle tables. Find the detail in this article. B-cool, Lushvida and Bringsine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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