Best Decorative Table Fans for Home

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1. Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator

Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator

The VORTEX ACTION is a way to move air throughout a room. The 2-speed manual control is easy to use and allows you to dial in. There is multi-direction air flow. The tilt head allows you to direct the air where you need it. Air can be moved up to 25 feet with the help of the inlet guide cone, enclosed air duct, and spiral grill. A customer service team based in Kansas is supporting Superior Support. It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied. The owner's manual was included.

Brand: Vornado

👤This is a fan. It took mine about 4 years to stop. They have a 5 year warranty. There is a When you turn on the fan, you can expect it to make noise, but it will go away after a while. The 660 is an amazing fan and I suggest skipping this fan. It moves more air on a slower speed. There is a It has a 5 year warranty. I was offered a free replacement after I called them. I asked if I could get credit for the 660 I took, and they gave me a great credit for it. There is a I'm glad I did. I won't write a review on Amazon because I got it directly from Vornado. There is a I think the Vornado 660 is better than the 133.

👤Our room is small and the fan was unbearably hot, so we got it. The fan is noisy and doesn't have a setting where it can move around. If you're looking for a budget option for a small space, but not a bedroom, I would recommend it. There are pros and cons. The fan does its job well. The second one is very powerful and it has two speeds. There is a It is small and portable, and does not take up a lot of space. There is a The wire is strong and the fan has not overheated yet. There is a The fan is very sturdy. It's difficult to knock this thing over. There is a The fan's vents are small, so you don't have to worry about accidentally chopping a finger or two off. There is a There are pros and cons. The fan gets loud when it's on the highest speed. The noise makes it difficult to sleep if it is very hot. There is a The fan can't turn to the side. Only using your hands up and down. There is a Conclusion If you don't want to use the fan in your bedroom or deep sleep, this is a good option. I would consider your needs before buying it. We are recent college graduates. If you've found this review useful, please let Amazon know.

👤I recommend owning the following fans: The 10 inch, black, Honeywell HT- Lighter materials with less power than the Vornado 630. The warranty is for one year. This is the fan to get for less than the price of the Vornado 630. It was just as quiet as the Vornado. There is a The Vornado 630 Whole Room Air Circulator Fan is better quality, more durable and has a slightly better air flow than the HT-908. The noise level is the same. The warranty is for five years. The fan to get is the one that has a 5-year warranty. The way to go is for money. There is a The Vornado 133 Compact Air Circulator Fan has a 5 year warranty. Quality built. This is a good fan for your desk. The high setting has a sufficiently quiet noise. A bigger fan is required for a room of any size or a motorhome.

2. O2COOL 10 Inch Portable Desktop Circulation

O2COOL 10 Inch Portable Desktop Circulation

Help improve cooling and energy savings in your home, bedroom or office by using a Honeywell fan. They offer a wide range of fans, including personal fans, whole room fans, tower fans and oscillating fans. The battery-operated powerFUL PORTABLE FAN is. You can cool off wherever you are with the portable fan. It is easy to carry with its built-in handle. There is a sturdy construction. The portable fan is made from sturdy plastic and has a patented fan blade design which extends battery life while maximizing air flow. Two-speed operation. The fan has a powerful 10-inch blade and can be adjusted to your needs. The settings deliver refreshing air and minimal noise. To use, position the fan face down, slide out the battery door and insert the batteries. To use supplied power for fan, use it only for the AC power. The fan can be plugged in using the included accessory or it can run on 6 D batteries. The batteries are disconnected from the circuit when the adapter is inserted. The included components are a fan and an accessory.

Brand: Treva

👤It took 9 hours on batteries. I received two of these units for an event. I brought a bunch of D batteries because no fan could run for 8 hours. I initially did what the directions said and ran the fans on low, but my wife set them on High after 30 minutes. We were under a tent in the heat of Florida for an event. After a few hours, we forgot they were running on batteries, and people were stealing air from our fan. I realized at the end of the event that we never switched the batteries, and the fans had been running non-stop for nine hours. Both of them are perfect. These are going with us from now on. I am even more impressed by what happened the next day. We got these units home. I put one of the batteries next to my bed because they had a nice breeze. The fan was plugged in. There is a The power went out around 10 AM, but this fan kept on running. I had no idea how the fan was still running after the batteries were out. The fan ran off the stored charge in the power brick that the unit uses, because it was so efficient. I can't believe how impressive that is. No batteries. There is no power. The thing ran for 5 minutes just off the power brick that was plugged into the outlet.

👤My husband makes us travel with a fan. Even on a cruise ship. The fan has to be in our luggage and on an airplane. The fan was rattling. This Slimmer profile is packed very well and it used to be. There is no noise level. It was great. We are very happy with the purchase. My pictures show it on top of a carry-on. I like the fact that this one takes batteries in case the plug is not near our bed. Our old one did not.

👤The power went out and all the laughter for buying battery powered fans stopped immediately. Who's laughing now sweaty girl? After four hours of heat, her pride gave in. She laid her body on top of her man and fell asleep. The lights never came on that night as she cooled down. She was with me, in my arms, asleep.

👤Be careful. The high setting doesn't work after 4 or 5 weeks, the fan blades are frozen up, and when on low, it slows down. This is the 2nd fan that has done this, the first one was purchased at Lowe's and the second at Amazon.

👤I bought the fan because of the storm. I knew we would be without electricity for a while. It's a must to live in Florida with air conditioning. I had to have a fan. I was very happy with my purchase. The fan works better than expected. It comes with a wall plug. It is quiet and has two speeds. The air is great. There is a Since the AC doesn't work in his car, my husband uses it in his car. Even though I paid more for expedited mail, there is only one complaint. It took almost a week to get here. I did order during extreme weather conditions. I can't hold it against them.

3. Vornado Classic Personal Vintage Circulator

Vornado Classic Personal Vintage Circulator

The performance uses the signature of the air circulation to move air throughout the room. Timeless design brings together sturdy metal construction with authentic VFAN styling. The 2-speed manual control is easy to use and allows you to dial in. There is multi-direction air flow. The tilt head allows you to direct the air where you need it. A customer service team based in Andover, Kansas is behind the Superior Support. It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied.

Brand: Vornado

👤I searched for the best fan for my bathroom. It gets humid in there after a shower and I don't like sweating while I'm doing makeup, hair, etc. I live in FL. One site had a list of 10 best desktop fans and this one was ranked well. After seeing reviews, I decided to buy it. It's perfect, even though it may be listed as Vintage White. This is a sturdy mini fan, but not mini as to not deliver for the purpose I bought it for. Two speeds are controlled with a switch that is long enough to be able to feel it, which I like, and without having to move the unit or bend over it. The tilt range of the head is great. Unless you're looking for a super- quiet fan, the noise on either setting is not a problem. It's not loud enough. I like the classic styling. I was happy with my purchase. I can't wait to get ready in the bathroom and feel the relief of air on my face. Problem solved!

👤I have been a fan of the Vornado Fan for a long time. I have one in every room. The large rooms have fans. They can push air up to 90 feet. I bought a new fan for the bathroom. The small bathroom AC vent is not large. It gets warm when the door is closed. I had a small fan. It was too big. I wanted something small. There is a The fan is perfect. Excellent air movement is provided in a small room because it takes up very little room. This is a notice. All. The fan is small. It won't cool down a large room. This is a fan that I would consider a personal fan. It works for me. I can see it working at an office desk, crafting area, anywhere you need more air movement. If you purchase this item, place it in a giant room and then complain about the fan. Know what you're buying.

👤The fan stopped working today so it was changed to 1 star. The return window was closed on August 14. It won't turn on. You can feel a slight vibration in the motor when you flip the switch. I checked the blade for obstruction and found nothing. Think twice before buying something. There is a The return/replacemt process is very simple if you contact Vornado directly within the warranty period. I will have a new fan within a week. This is the first day that this fan has been used. I am really happy. It is the perfect size and feels good. It is much quieter than I expected. So far, so good!

👤I bought five of these as gifts and every recipient has expressed their excitement and gratitude. A best-selling New York Times author, who got into a spat with a Today Show host while live on air, says she placed it in her beloved. There is a The new lineup of Vornadoes have beautiful touch-button user interface. The old dial settings are no longer valid, and the fans still have a single switch on the back, but they went for authenticity. Our neighbor has a matching car, and the shade of green is timeless. Attached to this review is a photo of our long-gone Harley Collie, who claimed his spot on the fan itself. The new fans have tiny buttons to set the speed, and Harley lived to be 15, which isn't bad for a Collie. If I could, I would like to set my fan at 2.2, not two, three or four. I want a remote. An app that lets me scale the fan speed up or down depending on how lazy I am from my sofa. If they're well-integrated into the design, I'd pay 20 percent more for them. I live in a 130-year old house without air conditioning and fans are our salvation during the warmer months. Group me whenever you want. I have a million ideas. Love from Chicago.

4. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Oscillation

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan Oscillation

The 16W high- performance motor creates a stream of powerful air while using less energy than tower fans of other brands. Please contact them if you have any questions about this desk fan. The Hurricane Supreme 12 inch Oscillating Wall Mount Fan is ideal for homes, greenhouses, garages, workshops and other areas with limited floor space, it has 3 speed modes and can be set in side-to-side or static locked position. The speeds are 3-speeds. The quiet, yet powerful, 3-speed motor fan runs at 3036 CFM and 1250 RPM; 90 side-to-side oscillation and tilt makes it easy to change direction. The fan's pull cords allow you to control settings from below, so it's easy to reach. There is a sturdy construction. Measures 13.6 L x 11.5 W x 20.0 H and has a steel support neck. This product is ETL certified, which means it meets safety testing and quality standards.

Brand: Hurricane

👤The fans that were sold on Amazon for tents were junk and the reviews were really bad. It was very easy to modify the two fans I bought. I removed the fan from the back and drilled a hole through the hanging brackets and tent pole. If you want to install the fan on the pole, you can use a lock nut or a thread locker. It has been a week. They are doing a flawless job.

👤Four stars. It was easy to assemble and mount the fan on the wall, but I have two small gripes. As of this year, having a digital board and a companion remote control should be the starting point for any modern electronics. The fan is an analogue one, so it could easily be from the 1960s. There is a The blade pitch is very aggressive and so for the size it puts out too much air. The lowest setting is high on other fans. The noise levels are worse than they should be. The fan is louder than it should be and should be barely noticeable from across the room. It needs to go digital and have a remote that can give it multiple speeds. The blade pitch should be reduced by 50% at the same time so as to reduce the decibels.

👤I've bought a few of them. If you are shopping online, you can't tell how cheap some fans are. There is a lot of metal used in this one. It went together quickly and is almost silent when running. There is a This fan is not allowed to get a full fives stars, which may be a plus for some. The fan's slowest speed is twice as fast as I would like. This model is named Hurricane. This won't give you a mellow breeze. There is a It's robust build and quiet operation make it hard to offer it less than four stars. The fan will run all day and night. I will let you know how it does over time, the last one ran for two years before the oscillator quit. There is a I use this fan to cool machines. I also grow indoors. This is not a good gardener. It will blow far to hard to be safe on delicate vegetation at the lowest setting. This will burn cannabis as an example. There are better fans for that.

👤The small bedroom had a 12” wall fan added. We used an existing wall mount for a TV that we didn't want and painted it to match the interior. I thought the fan might be too much for the space, but it has been working well for us. It is mounted on the wall next to our bed. The mounting hardware is very secure. The factory ceiling AC unit has a fan mode, but it blows in a narrow band without circulating air and is too loud for sleeping. The wall fan circulates the air effectively and is not as loud. Quiet is not the same as less noisy. On warm nights we don't mind leaving the fan on because we have gotten very comfortable with the sound. There is a In the past we have used a smaller table fan that was louder and took up more space. The smallest fan I found was this 12” one. The fans 16” and bigger seem to have that feature, but it doesn't come with a remote. Since we always leave the fan set on the lowest speed, I bought a remotely controlled plug-in that works very well. That prevents wear on the pull chain controls. There is a We have gotten very comfortable with the way this fan moves the air, even though it might be nice to have a lower speed. It seems to be well made. This has been a great purchase.

5. Dr Prepare Oscillating Circulation Oscillation

Dr Prepare Oscillating Circulation Oscillation

It's easy to use and the control panel makes it easy to create your own cool breeze. There is no need for an assembly. The settings of the 9-inch blade can be adjusted from the front of the box. Feel The Coolness features dual fans to maximize air movement and deliver strong air flow throughout the space in high summer. The cooling-off experience can be tailored to beat the heat. 110 A simple press on the "swing" button allows the tower fan to swing horizontally for 120 degrees, sweeping more areas in the room with a smooth breeze. The desk fan has 3 timer options, 2H, 4H, and 8H, which will allow it to circulate humid air at night for better cooling at your bedside. If the tower fan projects high-velocity air, it will produce a right amount of white noises. The 16W high- performance motor creates a stream of powerful air while using less energy than tower fans of other brands. Please contact them if you have any questions about this desk fan.

Brand: Dr.prepare

👤I've been looking for a mini tower fan that's portable and effective for my apartment room. The other ones are more popular, but reviewers say the fan is small and hidden. I wanted my money to be worth something, and this fan is worth it. The fans were running. It's not a joke. I could still feel the breeze on the lowest setting. The noise is not loud. It's the best!

👤I purchased this to test out and it is not as loud as the Honeywell, but it comes with two fans. The price for being a nightstand fan is steep. Hope this helps others.

👤I thought it was a toy. Will it work? The setup was easy and it worked out. Plug and go. It is. I use it as an exhaust machine and it works well. Simple and easy. Power has three buttons, all very quiet. Smoking has no chance to go out. The Mooka air purifier that is equipped with an air quality sensor is sitting two feet away from the power house of a fan and it doesn't react to the smoke of a cigarette. I may buy a new one every 90 days to avoid the hassle of taking the fan apart, because dismantling seems a bit complicated and difficult. The fact that this thing is small and powerful is crazy. Thank you for the surprise!

👤I left a bad review for this item because it broke after the second day, but the seller sent me another one for me to try, and I have to say, it does work great, it blows enough air to keep me sleeping nice, easy to control, and the customer support. I'm very happy to own it, and I'm no longer a fan. In the highest setting it is noisy enough for me to sleep but not as loud as my big fan, and the low setting is very quiet.

👤The fan is small. I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom that makes it in my bed. I can sleep. I have already told people. They like it too.

👤The design, power, and width of the oscillation make me love it. There is a You might need to break the fan in. The fan was sending a vibrating pulse through my desk so strong that it rattled everything, it was very distractive. A fan has never done anything like this. Someone is taking a drill to the desk and turning it on. There is a It was fine when set back to the lowest setting. I would rarely need a higher setting. Is there a remedy to this? Possibly! There is a I kept the fan running for hours and then toggled the higher settings, which made the fan quieter. It's not as bad if you notice them in medium. I didn't get one of the "remote" ones. There is a If you don't know if its really as good as the reviews, you'll get a "good one" or a "bad one", and you'll feel left out. There is a If yours seems bad, give yourself time to see if it helps.

6. BLACK DECKER Mini Box Fan


The small, compact size of the mini electric fan is perfect for cooling off in bedrooms, offices, garage, RVs, and dorms. A small fan. The square design doesn't take up too much space on bedside tables or office desks, and even sits on windowsills. It can be moved around the house. Quiet, 3 speed air conditioning allows you to adjust the air conditioning to your liking. On hot, humid days, stay cool and comfortable. It's easy to use and the control panel makes it easy to create your own cool breeze. There is no need for an assembly. The settings of the 9-inch blade can be adjusted from the front of the box.

Brand: Black+decker

👤I absolutely adore this fan. The noise is perfect for me because I wanted it and it has 3 speeds, which I didn't know when I bought it. I need a fan that has a smooth sound to help me sleep. The level of noise is perfect. It is very powerful for how big it is. Everyone should have one. Thank you! I received this fan at the beginning of December and it was the most powerful small fan I have ever owned up until about a week and a half ago. I turned it on because I was getting ready for bed and it made a weird noise that the motor was not moving and I didn't know how to open it up to clean it out. I tried to guide the blades myself by sticking something through the holes, but it was not as powerful as it could have been. When I flipped on the fan, it took me two days to turn it on, but then it started turning on again and it's definitely not as powerful as it used to be. I really loved this fan and it breaks my heart that it is already dieing after a few months. There is a If this dies before I can get a new fan, I'm going to be really upset because I have to sleep with the white noise. B&D! Fix the motor so it lasts longer. There is a You only get 3 stars now.

👤Black+DECKER BFB09W is 9 in. The little fan base is only 3 inches wide. There is a It is very quiet compared to other things, I have seen my video on AMAZON or YOUTUBE, and I can hear you. The next day price increased to $24.99. If you have a small window casement. This is the one to get.

👤You will need two straight blade screwdrivers, three hands or two hands, and a sturdy pair of teeth to clean this fan. 1. Two narrow straight blade screwdrivers are used. There are two slots on the corner where the electrical cord is located. Pull the housing back just enough to see the tabs holding the fan together. Keep the tension on the cord and start working with a screwdriver. I used my two hands for the screwdrivers and my teeth for the tension on the cord.

👤I bought this to use as an exhaust fan in my utility room and it's been working great. I put it in a panel that protects the window. The fan support structure is at an angle to the fan itself, which complicated my installation but is not a big deal. If you use this fan on your desk, it might throw enough air at you that you need to take it down. It's just right as a small exhaust fan.

👤I keep the little thing running in my small bathroom to keep the humidity at bay. There are no problems yet with overheating, rattling, etc.

👤The fan was the perfect size, weight, power, and noise. There is a The only problem I had was a burning smell around the motor. I had to be close to the fan. It definitely smelled at the back where the motor is. It was not on fire, but the burn smell is the best I can describe. It was not chemicals, grease, plastic or ozoney. The smell of a blender was either overheating or burn-like. There is a I will say that it was noticeable up close. It would be very small in the jet stream. Who wants that, and why does it smell that way? I double-checked that my cheapo fan doesn't smell like that.

7. CONBOLA Bladeless Portable Rechargeable Decorative

CONBOLA Bladeless Portable Rechargeable Decorative

If you're dissatisfied with their solar table lights, they'll help you solve the problem. If you have any issues with your pearlstar solar lanterns, please contact them. The small desktop tower fan is safe for kids and pets, it can deliver streams of refreshing air without spinning blades, and it has a safety air inlet grille. It's essential for homes with children and pets. The sleek bladeless fan is 11.8′′ tall and has a small footprint to fit in tight spaces for personal cooling. A perfect wireless fan for a library. The desk fan is a large-slope turbine silent air duct, it operates at low noise and is able to emit air through the grille to send a quiet and cool stream to you with the appropriate amount white noise for sleep. The table fan has 3 variable speed settings that allow you to have easy control of wind and choose the speed that best cools you down at close quarters. The portable battery fan can be used with a 5000mAh battery. It can work for 3-6 hours after fully charged. You can enjoy the breeze all day.

Brand: Conbola

👤I knew I was buying a cheap fan, so I didn't expect much from it. The lights were pink and different colors. There is a The noise level is low because the fan barely blows. I get more air from my cat when I'm working. I would use my cat as a fan. I don't like the smell of tuna breath.

👤I work in a job that requires a small fan. It worked well for the first two weeks, but then wouldn't hold a charge, and now won't turn on.

👤This fan is so disappointing. It stopped working after two months of purchase. I didn't press on the buttons because I was very careful. It doesn't turn on but it seems to charge. I tried a different cube to see if that was the problem. Nope. Still won't hold a charge or work. It is past the Amazon return date now. I can't find the manufacturer to try to return the item on a warranty claim. I will not buy another product from this company.

👤My kids room is where I bought this. It is perfect. They love the light and the fan makes them sleepy. I keep it plugged in. I took it outside for work and the fan was on high for 3 hours. There is a My kid can use it as a flash light. There is a The fan power light is too bright. The power light is bright enough to be a night light if you don't have the light on.

👤I used the fan in my bedroom for two months. I bought it for the small size and light. When I went out of town for Thanksgiving, it made a loud noise that sounded like it was dying. I thought cleaning a small amount of dust was the trick. Nope. The waste of 40 dollars.

👤Unless you are within 6 inches of the fan, the power of air it creates is useless. There is a The one I received had a charging port that was too far away from the other one, so I had to tape it to the other one. Don't waste your money on a garbage bag, you can buy a better fan at a...

👤I took a chance and read some reviews, but I couldn't be happier with this little fan. It's perfect for my room, it keeps it cool, it's quiet, and it looks great as well. Will be buying a table for the other side. I love it! I love it! I love it!

👤I love this fan. It was bought for my workspace which is small. The battery lasts a long time and is very lightweight. I have to pick a color other than black. It has light on it, which is better than the traditional fan with blades, which collects dust.

8. REENUO 4400mAh Camping Rechargeable Operated

REENUO 4400mAh Camping Rechargeable Operated

It can be quiet, energy-saving and stable for a long time, and it has a very bright light. The lowest noise is 30.3bB and the lowest power consumption is 4W. The head of the table fan has a light that can be used at night. The wind power can be adjusted by three speeds and by horizontal and vertical degrees. You should feel cool from every angle. The tent fan has a built-in hook at the bottom that you can use to hang it anywhere you want. It comes with an ultra-stable system that guarantees smooth operation even at high wind speeds. It can be mounted on the wall or on the table. The tent fan is perfect for outdoors. It can last for up to 40 hours after being fully charged. If you only use the lighting function, you can use up to 450 hours. It is small and convenient with a 100 cm cable. The fan can be charged by a variety of means. Fans and lights can be used at the same time. The small travel fan is small and safe. The child's fingers won't enter the fan, safe, lightweight, convenient, mini size, easy to carry or store. It is strong and resistant to falling. If you beat the fan hard, ordinary drops will not cause damage. Attached with 2 water-absorbing sponges, can add a smell to the back of the gift. It is a great gift idea for your family and friends.

Brand: Reenuo

👤There is an interesting feature that I can't explain, but The Fan works as advertised. The first thing I did was to replace the 2200mAH batteries with a larger capacity battery, which the unit ran for only 31/2 hours. The fan ran for 9 hours on the fast speed when I replaced them with the original. I can't explain it, but don't replace the batteries with the ones that come with it.

👤The small fan can put out a breeze. I don't know if I will ever use the high speed at night. It is quiet at low and medium speeds. The speed is noisy but not loud. I was surprised by the lights. The replaceable batteries were the main reason I got the camping fan. You can't change out the batteries for fresh ones because they are built in. If your battery dies, you have to wait for 3 hours. To charge. I use a lot of these batteries. I have plenty of batteries to last a long time, even though it can take some time to charge and camping for a week or more. You will be blowing in the wind all week if you purchase extra batteries. The power bank can be used to run the fan. If you are hanging the fan in the tent without a mesh loft, you need a long cord.

👤I got this fan to help keep my girls cool, and it's been great! I used heavy duty velcro to attach it to the top of the coop, which made it easy to take it down and charge it. I went with the velcro because I didn't have a place to hang it from in my house. I like to turn the fan on in the evening to get some fresh air in the house before the girls go to sleep. When I check on everyone in the morning, I leave it running. I only gave 4 stars for the battery life, as it doesn't stay on for 40 hours straight, but it does stay on for 16 or so hours, which is really great. I can direct the fan anywhere I want because it has a huge range of motion. Even if bumped, it's stiff enough to hold position. I found that it fell off the velcro one morning and was roosted on by one of my chickens, but it was fine with no damage. When I first installed it, it was pretty quiet and didn't scare the girls. I don't need the lights for my application, but if I did, I would use them for a tent light, because they are very bright on the bright setting. All in all, very pleased and recommend.

👤The Reenuo fan is small. It's marketed as a "camping" fan. It's small and light, which makes it easy to pack in and out of a campsite. The fan has settings for multiple speeds and provides a surprisingly strong air-flow for its size, a built-in LEDs with 3 brightness settings, and a hanging hook that folds into the base. The fan housing can be adjusted to 180 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axis. I bought it to add to a post-hurricane emergency kit for use in any power outage situation, even though it is marketed as a camping fan. I haven't had to use it in that situation yet. I'm confident that it would perform well and be a welcome piece of equipment in an emergency. The expectation is supported by the fact that the batteries in the unit are still showing a full charge six months after the fan is added. That's a pretty impressive storage performance and means a high hood that the fan will still work if a power outage catches you off-guard and you didn't have a chance to prepare by charging up all your batteries.

9. DR PREPARE Oscillating Oscillation Personal Bladeless

DR PREPARE Oscillating Oscillation Personal Bladeless

This product is ETL certified, which means it meets safety testing and quality standards. The mini tower fan is a great addition to the table, bedside, kitchen counter, and office desk because of its slim profile and 4.3′′ base. The desk fan is small and sleek, and it works by drawing air in around and forcing it through the front grille to send a quiet and cool stream to you. The tower fan has 3 different speed settings to allow you to have a tailored cooling experience. The switch on your fan can be moved to select the speed that best cools you down. The personal tower fan can cast a cooling breeze over more areas to circulate humid air around you. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a problem. The table tower fan is an ideal summer essential for homes with children and pets. The grille on the exterior offers additional protection to shut out fingers or paws.

Brand: Dr.prepare

👤This is a small fan. I get this because I am a lot warmer at night than my husband. I like having it on my side of the bed to give me a cool breeze in the evening. It is small enough to make a small difference. The controls are easy to use. Good deal. I am happy.

👤I have never given a rating of 1 star. The fan is noisy. The fan has a terrible motor and sound, which makes it hard to hear white noise. It's junk after three nights of trying to use it in a bedroom. I gave it to a friend to use.

👤I needed a fan that was small for my bathroom because it gets so hot when people are showering in the morning. The one I liked the most was skinny and compact and would fit on my countertop. I was drawn to it because it does circulate. The fan was not good at all. The fan has vents all the way around it. The air comes out of a 1 inch vent space. It's ridiculous! That looks like a problem with advertising. The listing says it's a powerful fan. It isn't very powerful to me. I will be returning the fan and buying a new one with more power.

👤I needed a fan to cool off at my desk on hot days when I work from home. This one is perfect because it doesn't make the noise that a normal fan makes.

👤I wanted to replace the tower in my bedroom with something quieter. It is just as noisy as the 42". Before buying this fan, you should consider a few other things. The cord is too short and you need to use two hands to turn off the fan. One to hold the fan and the other to move the slide switch.

👤It's brutal to live with a swamp cooler. It's not summer yet. I'm done with it. I bought this fan to use for my pugs, so I could set up any place I wanted to cool them off. It has a good amount of power to cover a decent sized area, but it is very quiet. It's what I needed. If it had a remote, it would have made it nicer, but it's not necessary.

👤The fan has stopped blowing air just two weeks after my return. I noticed it making a rattling noise when it was on for a while. There is a After reading reviews, I underestimated how weak it would be since it was so small, but before it broke, I was still not very happy. A waste of money.

👤The fan has no weight. The first week of my purchase, the top of the fan broke off. A weighted base is needed to keep it steady. The cylinder shape does not emit air from all sides. I have to move the fan around to find a strip of cool air because there is only one area that blows air. It stinks for hot flashes. I have never been so disappointed with a purchase. I'm past the stage of menopause where I'm just cranky and it's so annoying. I still get hot flashes, but I don't have other menopausal issues. This fan makes me cringe.

10. Lasko T42954 Oscillating Woodgrain 13x13x42 5

Lasko T42954 Oscillating Woodgrain 13x13x42 5

The fan is powerful enough to blow across the room and it is powered by 3 speed settings. If you live in the heat with no central air, and window AC units don't do a good job of moving the air around, this fan will make you feel cooler. Even on H, you can still hear the TV, even though the fan creates a powerful breeze. It is easy to operate and assemble. There is a built-in carry handle and an auto shut off timer. 5 to 7. 5 hours. The remote is the best when you don't have to change settings. There was widespread oscillation. It's a good idea to sleep like a baby so you can get some rest. It creates the right amount of white noise for sleeping. Nighttime Setting will dim the control display and set the fan on for an hour, then on for an hour and then off for an hour until you interact with the fan again. A real space saver is a tall fan with a small footprint that can be placed in places where a box or pedestal fan wouldn't fit. It's ideal for the dorm, kitchen, living room, RV and camper. Lasko has been making quality household products for over 100 years. Lasko fans are backed by a one-year limited warranty and come with their patented Blue Plug safety technology, making them a safe choice for a cooling breeze when it's hot and humid outdoors.

Brand: Lasko

👤I bought this for my boss. poop always rolls down hill when my boss comes out of his office. He stomps out of his office and immediately let it out on me. How come this? I'm tired of it. After a bit of snooping, I realized that he comes out of his office in a good and quiet mood, sweating, breathing hard, and in a seriously bad mood. Oh, hmmmm... I thought this might work because there is no air circulation in his office. Assembly is a snap and a twist, and you'll need 2 batteries for the remote. I waited for him to go to his first meeting this morning and set it up in his office. He noticed it immediately upon his return, but it was the lack of air circulation that altered his mood. He has been different all day. I am not the only one who noticed. Everyone who deals with him made the same comment. I don't know what you did to him, but he's a pleasure to be around now. The man and I are both in heaven. This purchase was self interest and it worked.

👤This fan. This fan is the best. I never thought I would find solace in the heat without an actual A/C, but here came the fan to prove me wrong. I live in L.A and my house has no A/C. I am dying in my small room during the summer because it feels like an oven. I am very happy that the value surpasses the price. The third wind level works in cooling me down and the fan has a lot of settings. It makes me cold. I am willing to accept that it only rotates at 45 because of how good it is. It won't cool down your entire room, but it will cool down your section that you are facing the fan towards. There is a The people who are complaining about the noise are not pleasant to be around. It is not loud. I have had loud fans that sounded like they were industrial. It's great for white noise. The nighttime feature lowers the fan's intensity within a period of about 7 hours. It is enough time to sleep and stay cool. I am so happy I got this fan. It was well spent and I am happy about it. I recommend this to people in hot areas like Cali, Arizona, and Texas. The remedy to heat waves is summer.

👤I received my lasko fan. It's very easy to set it up. Attach the base is all you have to do. It snaps together and locks, then matches the arrows on the base plate and the fan. You have a fan once you have that. The appearance of the cord is sleek and classy. It doesn't swing too far like others I've had, that's good. The noise level is very low. It delivers cool air. I need air circulation when I sleep. I'm confident that my problem is solved. The portable air conditioner is not always needed. It has a nice palm size. I've had the fan on, and I'm actually cold, and it's set on "2". There is a So... I'm happy and satisfied. I hope this helps you. It's worth the money.

11. Honeywell HT 908 Turbo Force Circulator

Honeywell HT 908 Turbo Force Circulator

A stylish metal finish provides a classic look. Quiet operation is provided by the air circator fan. It can be a table or desk fan, and is powerful enough to provide cooling in small to medium sized rooms. The aerodynamic design of the fans of the Honeywell brand maximizes air movement and power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. You can feel the power of the fan from up to 35 feet away. You will always be comfortable and cool with the 3 speed options and 90 degree fan head. You can change your cooling with this powerful and quiet fan. Fans for bedroom and home are an easy way to cool down any space. Give your air conditioner a break by using a portable indoor fan. Help improve cooling and energy savings in your home, bedroom or office by using a Honeywell fan. They offer a wide range of fans, including personal fans, whole room fans, tower fans and oscillating fans.

Brand: Honeywell

👤The fan moves a lot of air. I used the upstairs units to regulate the temperature. I use a fan while working out. I don't use them on high as they are too loud. There is a One of the fans is broken after 11 months and the other after 2 years. The plastic around the rotating joint has been cracked by both units. The fan itself is the only thing that these units see abuse for.

👤This is a good fan for under $30. It's quiet, it moves a decent amount of air, and it's compact enough to not be a hideous sight. There is a It's a gentle hum, not an annoying rattle. I only had to increase the volume by a single level. It's not quiet, but who has $300-500 lying around? Not me. This is a good compromise. The white noise might be appreciated by some people. If you're like me, and have been suffering for years with an underpowered "tower" fan, you should get one of these because it feels like double the output. I admit that I bought my hideous tower fan from a grocery store a decade ago because I thought it would be less hideous to look at. It was rickety and anemic from the start and never really delivered air movement. You can feel the air moving with this fan. It won't be enough to cool a large room, but it could make a small room more comfortable. There are looks. When you compare it to a Dyson, it looks ugly. Despite the fact that it takes up an annoying floor footprint, it's not nearly as hideous or bulky as an industrial carpet-drying fan. It's pretty good looking for under $30.

👤Within 6 months, this fan broke. I bought two of them and now one is useless. It would have been better if it had lasted longer.

👤The fan is small. Two of these have been running for over a month in a small apartment and they work great. You can feel the air in the room. Quieter than I thought, definitely does not impede conversation. Our quality of life has improved a lot since we started running these, as one of my favorite home purchases. I have been running these for over a year now and they still work. When the air quality in our area became terrible, they used packaging tape to secure a HEPA filter.

👤It arrived here about twenty minutes ago. I like and dislike it. I've owned fans for a decade, but never had an A/C vent in my bedroom, which was renovated just a few weeks ago. There is a It's so quiet! There is a The white noise that you get from a fan is only a small part of the noise. It's almost unnoticeable on the lowest setting. You can forget that it's on. There is a I bought this fan because I saw a picture of someone drilling it to a wall to cool their XBOX, and I really wanted to buy it. I thought I'd do the same thing next to a window to get a cool breeze in my room. I discovered that it was even better. The fan was roasted all the way up and at the bottom of the window. I slid the window down to pinch the base. A window-mounted fan! I dropped everything and came to write a review. I was planning on getting a window fan, but this is perfect because my walls are solid concrete. There was no time to borrow a drill. I have a nightstand next to my bed. It's a four-drawer, waist-high nightstand. The table fan that I used to have was small enough to fit in one of the drawers and was positioned at my body as I slept. The fan is not small enough to fit on the base of my bed, but it can be turned on its side and put in the drawer to cool me and my bed at night. There is a The design is subtle. It blends in anywhere I put it. My room is blue with black furniture and a mosaic tile. The black of the fan blends in well with the furniture in the room, and is a perfect accessory to any piece of furniture. The fan is a Cons. It can't be changed from one direction to the other. It stops at 90 degrees. It's not that big of a deal. It only caught off guard as I expected it to go all the way over, but it's easy to solve by turning the fan the other way. As things progress, I'll have to update you with any details. When it starts to get dirty, I'll try to keep an eye on it.


What is the best product for decorative table fans for home?

Decorative table fans for home products from Vornado. In this article about decorative table fans for home you can see why people choose the product. Treva and Hurricane are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative table fans for home.

What are the best brands for decorative table fans for home?

Vornado, Treva and Hurricane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative table fans for home. Find the detail in this article. Dr.prepare, Black+decker and Conbola are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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