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1. ARTABLE Rectangle Embroidered Exquisite 30X120cm

ARTABLE Rectangle Embroidered Exquisite 30X120cm

100% treated cotton. No Shrinking, no colour ran, no Wrinkle. The Organza is high quality and has a macrame lace border. It will bring a new lifestyle to your dining area with this beautiful artwork. A beautiful setting for those favorites, well decorates home, hotel, restaurant, wedding, parties, grand estates and gardens.

Brand: Artable

👤It was perfect. Stunning. Excellent quality! The lace is thick and has a white hue that will catch the eye of everyone. There are no strands hanging anywhere. A work of art. I went back and bought 2 more just in case they stopped making them.

👤I got the black and gold one for my house and I love it. He was not supposed to be on the table, but he was cute next to the table runner. The company gave us a gift that was very nice and cute, but I don't know how to spell it. It was the perfect length for my table. Would buy again.

👤I had a lace table runner on for 2 days and it left white stains on my table.

👤The table runner is very nice.

👤A table runner is very elegant. It can be used year round. I was amazed at how well the runner was made. I left it on the table after buying it for use at Easter. I will be looking into additional colors for other holidays.

👤The runner looks like the photo. I knocked one star because it has heavy gold metallic thread woven in, and I wouldn't have ordered it if I had known, but if you are into glamour, this would be amazing for you. If you want something more traditional, look elsewhere. It came with two little velvet rose "doilies" but they are cute and usable.

👤I liked the overall look of the runner, but it was a bit narrower than I had anticipated for the location where I had originally intended to use it. This was an easy mistake to make. The appearance was more expensive than anticipated. Excellent value.

👤This is not the best picture, but this runner was gorgeous and made this old library desk shine at our wedding. It was used for the whiskey barrel top and card box. It looked like the desk did. Thank you, Artable, for such a great runner!

👤Sehr schner Tischlufer. Die Rnder ist sauber gearbeitet.

2. Valea Home Runners Sparkle Decorations

Valea Home Runners Sparkle Decorations

The glitter table runner is made of soft and heavy duty material and it drape beautifully. Improve your dinner. The table runner they offer is going to make your special moments even more memorable. A great gift idea. A table runner with a design like the clover is a perfect gift. The table runner is available in gray, gold and light gold. This shiny runner is perfect for decorating a dining room or wedding reception table. It is pretty and can easily transition from traditional to contemporary. The washing instructions. It is recommended to wash your hands. The machine wash is gentle. Do not iron at low setting.

Brand: Valea Home

👤I would like it to be in a larger size. I like the delicate detail. Very pretty.

👤It looks like the photos. It is a little dainty and if bumped has to be straightened out. I'm updating my review because I wanted to add that I added a little rigidity to the runner and it's perfect now. After being bumped, it doesn't need to be straightened out. It's a great value and it's beautiful. It looks great on my table.

👤The table runner is gorgeous. It is so elegant and classy. It has a bright sparkle that adds to its beauty. It moves easily. I followed another reviewer's advice and added corn to it. It's shape is better now that it'sicker and more rigid. Add 2 cups water and 2 heaping tbs of cornstarch to a pot. Continue to mix until all corn starch has dissolved. Bring the mixture to a boil. Remove the heat and allow the mixture to cool off. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle when it is warm. Keep the table runner in between the protection sheets by spraying it liberally. The table runner is underneath the top sheet. If you don't have a spray bottle, you can just immerse the table runner into the corn starch mixture and squeeze the excess out. *

👤The runners are beautiful. There are very delicate sparkles throughout the runner. I was happy with the purchase. I would give these as a gift as well. It could be used for a formal event.

👤I think it is. It's pretty. It does not look as straight as in the picture, because it keeps sliding all over the place. If you make it straight, no one will touch it, and it will stay in place.

👤It was right on after you read the reviews. It was worth every penny. I bought the gold and it was very nice. I was skeptical about the length since I have a long dining table. The ends drape a bit. My husband saw it and was very impressed.

👤I kept the table runner because it was the color and style I was looking for. It looks like a piece of fabric that was cut into a table runner. I could have cut it myself if I knew where it came from. If it is being used on a table frequently, it is very easy to move and slide around. I intend to keep it even though I am going to try and iron it to see if it stiffens up.

👤The table runner is beautiful. Very stylish but elegant. Highly reconmend can be done.

👤It shines in the sun. WowEffect...modern SilverGrey matches my kitchen appliances... I have been searching for a finaaaly runner that matches my decor for months. Everything is matched. There is a You want to impress your guests or yourself.

👤Wow! quel beau.

👤It is very cute on my hall table.

👤Unico malo tienes una calidad, pero lo largo tiene una mesa de comedor.

3. GALMAXS7 Farmhouse Abstract Runners Kitchen

GALMAXS7 Farmhouse Abstract Runners Kitchen

The table runners are made of cotton blend, soft and healthy touch, eco-friendly, elegant, resistant to dirt, moderate thickness, durable, help to make the table runner keep fresh-looking, perfect for daily use. The style is minimalist. The table runners are appropriate for a table that can seat 3-6 people. A table runner with a turquoise grey abstract art painting design creates a relaxed feel in the room. A casual look that works with any style of decor is what fringe edges are for. It is sewn on all four sides and fully sewn. The decorative table runner's edges are all fully sewn and hemmed, which makes them easy to use. It's perfect for everyday use, holidays, special occasions, dinners, and family gatherings. It's great for entryway tables, dinner table, coffee table, book desk, storage table, picnic table, patio, or other surfaces of your home. If you have any questions with this product, please feel free to contact them via Amazon at any time, they will try their best to solve your problem within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal.

Brand: Galmaxs7

👤I would love to hear from the seller. The table that I use is 83 inches long so it needs to be at least 90 inches long for the runner to fit. I gave it 5 stars for being easy to clean. When my table is not extended, I have the smaller runner for when I need the larger one. The napkins that I have are shinnier than you would need for a napkin and are not as good as you would want. I would like the seller to contact me if this helps someone. Thanks.

👤When you use the same napkin to clean up every spill for a week straight, then put that in the sun to dry, then pretend that it's a table runner, what happens? This product is for you! This runner looks nothing like the picture. I don't know how much it costs to make. If you have a kid in diapers, just spread the contents across the table and you'll get the same effect. I saved you 15 bucks. You are very welcome.

👤This runner is very nice. The quality of the fabric is good. The room was pulled together by it. I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

👤I was not able to find a table runner in my area. This runner was what I was looking for. I was very satisfied with my purchase, it was good quality and great colors.

👤I have a table for four settings and this cloth is too short for the table, the picture is deceptive, and I have a table for two people.

👤My sun porch is a perfect compliment to my farmhouse theme. The colors are great. I can see a lot of different uses for it.

👤I bought this to use on my entertainment center which is black. 2 seconds later the dust is back. This has helped a lot.

👤I'm using it for a long table. It seems good quality and the color is lovely. I haven't washed it yet. I think a cold wash and hang to dry will come out good.

👤It's a nice material and looks amazing. Good quality!

👤I had to return it because it was a little more blue than teal and didn't match my chairs.

👤No me gust porque. en la descripcin.

4. OZXCHIXU 13inch 72inch Diamante Tassels

OZXCHIXU 13inch 72inch Diamante Tassels

A table runner with a diamante strip. There is a detail on each end. The size is 185 cm x 32 cm.

Brand: Ozxchixu

👤I love it, it looks great on my table. I received a lot of praise from my family and friends.

👤I bought this to add a touch of elegance to my room. It did the job. The fabric is beautiful and the beading in the middle is pretty, but the photos don't do it justice. I decided to purchase another. I used my second one to make two new runners for the smaller dressers in my room, but I wish they came in larger sizes. I love these!

👤The tassle hangs over the side of the table because it's not the fabric that's hanging. The table appears in the picture if it is shorter than 72 inches. The table is not like the picture because it is 72 inches. It's an addition to my dining set.

👤I love this table runner. This is the most beautiful table runner I have owned.

👤I needed a runner for my bedroom and it looked like it did in the picture. It gives a bit of glamour to the room and protects the pieces. I would like it to be in smaller sizes to have the night stands covered.

👤I don't know why my pictures uploaded sideways. I am in love. The beige is champagne. A dual layer runner. The creamy layer is nice to look at. The bottom layer is sturdy. The runner's top is soft and silky. The bling from the rhinestones gives it a lot of class. I used the lowest setting to iron out the kinks. I painted my dining room table to match my home decor. The table runner was a perfect fit for the color scheme because I have champagne accent pillows on my couch and champagne drapes in my dining room. I am so happy! You will not regret this purchase.

👤It has the right amount of sparkle to catch the eye, but not enough to be gaudy. The center 1/3 of my table is 26 inches wide and long enough that the tassels barely touch the floor. I definitely recommend it.

👤I was very happy to find this table runner, I had been looking for one for a long time. It is exactly what I was looking for, very well made and arrived in a short time than I was told.

👤Me gust mucho.

👤necesito saber, quiero producto?

👤Mi calidad es bastante, pero lo recomiendo bastante.

5. Triangular Decorative Tablecovers Handcrafted Tablecloths

Triangular Decorative Tablecovers Handcrafted Tablecloths

If you have any questions with this product, please feel free to contact them via Amazon at any time, they will try their best to solve your problem within 24 hours. Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. The package includes a table runner that is 13 feet wide and 72 feet long. Finished with high quality. There are more coordinated kitchen and table linen products in this design. Machine washed. 85% cotton, 15% linen.

Brand: Jinchan

👤Better than expected. The color is not red but a rusty brown, which is what I was hoping for. It has a nice feel, drapes over the furniture, and has a vintage look. I was excited to see what it would look like after ironing it. Really happy. Great value!

👤The runner is exactly what it is described as. It looks very nice on my furniture. The scroll pattern is soft and semi-sheer. The runner was the last touch to the drapes and valances. The entire coordinating pieces are a great value, considering how much time I've spent in department stores searching for just the right decor.

👤I already had the matching curtains. It's a lightweight tablecloth that works well in my space to protect my table from my messy kids. I put it in the dryer and it was perfect. The package said "table runner" but the measurements were the correct one.

👤I received the tablecloth. The package was not labeled correctly. The fabric is light and nice. The colors are the same. I'm not sure how it will look after the first wash. I received a curtain panel after ordering a tablecloth. It's pretty disappointing.

👤The texture of the tablecloth is very soft and drapes nicely. It looks really nice with the curtains. So pretty!

👤I use a folded tablecloth to cover my old brassy fireplace glass doors. The ugly old doors are gone if you fold it and tuck it around the top. It hangs smooth. I have a statue in front of me that makes the space look bigger. It is the same color as the stone wall of the fire place. Very happy with it.

👤Cute. I got the beige color. I bought two to cover the table so that we could have more seating for Thanksgiving. I bought a third one to drape over the extra large wire dog crate that we keep in the kitchen for our dog, and now the crate is not so much of a problem.

👤Most runners are 13 inches wide. It works best on a foyer table. The dining room table was too narrow.

6. Gauze Table Runner Ivory Cheesecloth

Gauze Table Runner Ivory Cheesecloth

The table runner is 100% cotton. The ends are done. The table runner has no frill ends. You can bring the romantic touch to any event with their long runner. The cheesecloth runner can be used as napkins. It can be folded into pieces to get over 10 napkins. The product is hand dyed and has a different monitor setting. You can check out Your Magic Moment Store for more elegant wedding supplies.

Brand: Your Magic Moment

👤I purchased this to use on a table and from the description and picture it was what I was looking for, but upon arrival I removed it because it was not sand color. It's more of an apricot color. Doesn't go with my decor. I was disappointed. I'm looking for a true sand/ beige color cheese cloth. The quality was good, but not the color.

👤I bought this to span across two picnic tables that measure 72 inches each. The runner is exactly 144 inches long. There is nothing hanging over the sides. I suppose you could stretch it a bit, but it should not be advertised as 160 inches. It is suitable as a table runner.

👤This runner was perfect for my daughter's wedding. I put it in the sink of cold water and it faded out. It was not good. It is very rough. No longer soft. It's great for one time use.

👤The ivory is not the same as what is pictured. The person looks yellow.

👤The table runner I ordered was grey. The runner was packaged beautifully and arrived in two days. When you serve a special dinner for a loved one on a special day, you want everything to be perfect, and you expect a card with a story to be that way. There is a The grey fabric is light enough for my dark grey wooden dining table and has a light texture. I use the pictures they have as an example of the table decor, and I like them because they are pictures of a table. There is a I am happy I picked this vendor.

👤The smell was terrible. It was put on the table by one of our designers, but we had to remove it because it smelled so bad. It took too long for us to use it for the event due to the necessity to wash and air dry it.

👤It worked perfectly at my daughter's birthday party. It was more than I expected. I was able to run it through the washer after the party. Its light weight. The picutrs don't do justice to how pretty this runner is. It would be great for a fall or winter wedding decor. I got one in white as well. It was used for Christmas dinner. It finished out the table.

7. Folkulture Runner Tassels Farmhouse Kitchen

Folkulture Runner Tassels Farmhouse Kitchen

Design and quality. The table runner is 14 inches wide and 72 inches long and is made of 100% cotton linen. The table runners look great on any table from a farmhouse table to a kitchen table or even as a thanksgiving or christmas table decor. Any corner of your home can benefit from these short table linens. A multi function decor element. These table runners can be used for coffee table runners and elevate your house décor quotient ten-fold. These table runners are perfect for side tables, round tables, square tables, and rustic tables. The minimalist aesthetic of the tassel detailing will make your home look like a bohemian one. The table runner is a perfect gift for those looking for a home improvement project. The colors go well with any table made of wood, glass, or marble. A single gift or bundle of all 3 colors, these fall table runners are going to be a conversation piece for every person that owns it. This table runner is a must-have for the holiday season. The kitchen and table linens give your home a new look. It is best to wash the table runner by hand. It is recommended to wash gently and warm. These colors can last for a long time.

Brand: Folkulture

👤Very thin. It is a bit shorter than I would like, it is pulled to the left to get the hang on the side of my table that is visible. The picture is not thick enough to be a fabric.

👤Not happy with the fabric.

👤This was nice. I wanted a cute runner, but once I washed it on cool and delicate, the tassels came apart. Maybe I was not supposed to do that. I wasn't able to get out a few stains. It is cute if you need a cheap decoration, but it won't last long.

👤The color is great. It's perfect for a tv stand.

👤I thought the photo was higher quality. It is not a bad product, but not what I was expecting. It is a thick cotton. It will work in my camper. It will be more delicate.

👤This is a perfect mix of modern and farmhouse for my dining room table. The colors in the room are pulled together. It holds up well after being washed, but you have to hang it to dry.

👤I would buy again. The value is great.

👤The table runner was pretty cute, but when I washed it, the tassels got messed up.

👤I ordered this for my table and it is perfect. It looks great. If this one gets stained, I will order a second one. Highly recommended.

👤An antique dining table needs a contemporary touch. I was not happy with the thickness and quality of the item. The table runner is flimsy. I received a picture that looked like solid stripes, but it was not what I received. I put it on a 50's counter in my kitchen.

👤I love the table runner.

👤I was very disappointed when I received this. I think I should have looked at the other pictures more closely because they don't look like the first one. The paint is very thin and cheap. Returned it.

👤I washed this on a delicate cycle and it came out completely shredded, I have never had this issue with my washer before, it must be the quality of the fabric, really disappointed as it was a really pretty runner.

8. DII Decorative Holidays Parties Everyday

DII Decorative Holidays Parties Everyday

The table runners are made of 100% paper and add interest and texture to your table. If you need to decorate multiple tables at an event and want to make your guests notice, these runners are an affordable solution. Imagine how wonderful these table runners could be as center pieces to add flair to your event, create texture on the table with this runner and add a flower vase and decorative pieces on top. The modern, chic look is sure to impress your guests. DII offers delightful home products such as themed cloth napkins and table runners. You can explore their collections by clicking the DII link at the top of the page.

Brand: Dii

👤Un aspecto diferente. Un material ms elegante. Me sorprendi un poco, pero tiene un material. No me interpret, no estoy diciendo. Me encanta. No lo tomas encuesta, ya tiene desentonar con tu decoracin. Este ejemplo sera genial para espoca de verano y para el exterior. Suerte, pero un tanto inclinada a lo artesanal. Ahora, las fotos y el video. There is a The tipo de material can be seen in the empresa's photos. Acabo de comprar los salvamanteles. No me molesta demasiado, pero me equivoqué de color. Estn.

👤This is great for the price. It's made out of paper and feels like straw, but that's okay. It gives the illusion of wire. I don't use it in an area that I should need to wipe it off frequently, so I'm not worried about its longevity. It was a tad shiny. I might spray a coat over top to tone down the shine. It is a personal preference. Definitely recommend this item. If it didn't work out on the dining table, I could use it somewhere else.

👤It looks beautiful. They can change the room's vibe in a second and there are so many combinations. I love them. I will order them in silver as well.

👤The table looks so classy because of the beautiful addition to the room. It fits my table perfectly.

👤The delivery was well wrapped. I was looking for something to go under the vases. I came across these placemats/chargers while looking at a lot of items. I'm not sure if they would fall apart if they got wet, but they are perfect gold color, seem sturdy, but I'm sure they would fall apart if they got wet. Keep them flat as they bend. They were the perfect addition to complete the look I was going for. I don't have a picture of the centerpiece. I used glass vases. The stem of the flowers can be held. The flower stems can be wiggled into the vase with the basket filler. It's much cheaper than vase filling. After flowers are added, add water to the gold placemat.

👤We ordered this to look for something different on our table. It is different. I like it. It actually looks better than that, even though they say it's paper. Looks great against a dark table. The impact on the lighter table would probably not be the same. It would look good with a fabric runner underneath. It took a while to lay all the way flat, but it was worth it because of the amount of books on it for a few days.

👤I have it in silver, gold, and black, and I think they are different. I don't use them alone. They look great, I put a runner under them. They are a little pricey because they are very small. I think they are pretty smart on the table.

👤These are pretty but flimsy and I don't think they will last long. I expected better quality for the price. I can't recommend unless the price drops significantly.

9. Elegant Placemats Matching Washable Plastic

Elegant Placemats Matching Washable Plastic

Their tray is lightweight so you can easily move it around your home, and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The Environmental Placemats set of 6 are 45x30 cm and the table runner is 180x30 cm. The table placemat is easy to clean, heat resistant to protect, and dries very quickly. It is easy to clean, it is heat resistant, and it dries very quickly. The life quality of your home,dining hall, kitchen, hotel and business office would be improved by the elegant placemats. Reminder, Woven mat. Liquid may leak lightly. The anti-slip effect will be different in different use scenarios.

Brand: Pigchcy

👤The mats are easy to clean and durable, but the packaging changes the appearance of the mats, who wants a folded bend in the middle of their place mats? I don't know if it will fully flatten out now that it's taken that form. Shippers, stop folding and bending the package, it will fit in the envelope flat.

👤I decided to order a set of the round mats after I ordered the square version of the placemats. The mats arrived in perfect condition. The round mats were rolled instead of being flat in the packaging. The edges are curled and there is a white substance on them. I will not order these mats again.

👤I liked how they looked but I was skeptical because they were cheap and tacky. I'm glad I took the chance. They are perfect for my dining room. I am very happy I found these.

👤I am really sad that these placemats didn't work out. They are easy to stain and don't require much soap or scrubbing to get them out. I have had them for less than a year and will need to pitch them. I did not push the heat-resistant thing too hard. They are not slippery. They looked great when they first arrived, but wouldn't recommend them due to the staining problem.

👤The mat seemed to be well made and I love the color of it. These were purchased to protect my patio table. The description says that could happen. I assumed it was referring to someone knocking a glass over. I think that a glass of iced tea sweating in the summer would get through. If it was doubled in thickness, they would be perfect. I returned them because I didn't want to have to glue them together.

👤The table runner is beautiful. I don't think it's easy to clean. We washed them with water and got the stuff off, but the water started on the placemats and stayed there for days. It was very difficult to get the water off. They are great and look great on my new table.

👤I picked the ones that matched my room decor the best, I was happy these came in so many colors. I have three cats that make a mess and hate eating near each other. These are easy to clean. They can be wiped with an air dry. If they destroy them in a few months, I will buy more of them. It's a great value for money.

👤Cheap, cheap, cheap! I know these are inexpensive. I wasn't expecting anything high-end, but this items usefulness as a placemat is not. The edges are rough because they are woven vinyl that is simply cut to shape, which leaves a lot of tiny spines on the edge. They are impossibly thin, which makes them useless for protecting furniture from heat. If I had been able to see that something had been spilled, I could have easily cleaned the mess under the mat. Cleaning the mats is what you would expect from a vinyl mesh. I'm not sure they could survive washing in the dishwasher, because their food is stuck in the grooves. There is a I will stick to fabric mats that I can rotation into the wash.

10. Tosewever Decorative Farmhouse Tabletop Collection

Tosewever Decorative Farmhouse Tabletop Collection

Perfect wedding. It's a very lightweight table runner that feels natural and luxurious. A simple color that creates elegance. Pack of 1 is 14 x 72 inches. It's perfect length for 4ft tables. The table runners bring a finishing touch to your dining decor, whether on their own or in combination with tablecloths, place mats or cloth napkins. The table runner is made of natural linen and is PREMIUM QUALITY. The table runner has a hollow pattern that gives a minimalist feel and creates a relaxed feel in the room, to give it a new look. It is recommended to wash your hand with natural Linen. Do not bleach, tumble dry, flat dry, machine wash separately in cold water.

Brand: Tosewever

👤I wanted to leave a positive review because it is very classy and nice, even though the color didn't match the antique style drawer.

👤The table runner can be used to replace a cumbersome table cloth. It can be used for a casual breakfast or dinner. I have it on my dining room table even when not in use.

👤I didn't expect much because of the price. It is a steal. It is elegant and not cheap.

👤On time, neatly folded in a plastic bag. For 14x72, it's $13.99. The color is brown as shown. Not a true hemstitch design. There were rows of stamped holes. There are no fabric content labels.

👤I love this runner. It's perfect for my table. I just got it, so I can't comment on the quality yet, but it seems to be good. Had to iron it out of the bag and it held up great. I'll update once I've had a chance to think about it.

👤A nice runner. I like it.

👤It looks nice on the table. The table is a little long but still looks great. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤Slow coming but good prpdict.


What is the best product for decorative table runner?

Decorative table runner products from Artable. In this article about decorative table runner you can see why people choose the product. Valea Home and Galmaxs7 are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative table runner.

What are the best brands for decorative table runner?

Artable, Valea Home and Galmaxs7 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative table runner. Find the detail in this article. Ozxchixu, Jinchan and Your Magic Moment are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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