Best Decorative Tape Dispenser Desk

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1. EZlifego ,Multipurpose Removable Transparent Household

EZlifego %EF%BC%8CMultipurpose Removable Transparent Household

ADHESIVE - Peel and stick these dots on a variety of surfaces. Their transparent double-sided tape is incredibly strong,durable, easy to install, no tools are required,Instant Bonding does not require curing or drying stage. The tape works well in temperatures from 0F to 200F. Reusability, Retention, and Transformation are all included in REMOVABLE & REUSABLE & TRACELESS. The double-sided tape is easy to remove and leaves no mess. When you need to reuse the tape, wash it with water and dry it. It is not recommended to use it on unstable paint. When removing tape from the wall, it's important to avoid causing the wall to fall off. It's easy to use, the length is 16.5 feet and the width is 3.0 cm. Strong holding power can hold up to 18 pounds on smooth surfaces. It can be cut to any size you need. The only thing you need to do is stick the tape on the item. Versatile uses meet all your needs. The double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface. It can be used to fix or paste items such as pictures, photos,frames,wall stickers,posters,hooks,shelves,phone holders,carpets,flowerpots,power sockets,decorations, do it yourself items... Double-sided tape is an essential for your daily life. Quality testing has been done on their tape. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Ezlifego

👤It's too much if you want to keep it for the rest of your life. If you want to seal a mummy's tomb, you need this tape. The government should use this stuff to keep it in place if there is an earthquake and California falls into the ocean. The South would not have been able to break away if Lincoln had this tape. This stuff is so strong that it can not be defeated in the physical realm. It will keep your relationship going. If your boyfriend is going to leave you, you can show it to him. You don't have to apply it. He will not be able to leave you because of its power. The bond created by this tape cannot be broken. Use with care.

👤This tape is strong. I'm not sure how anyone can get it off once it's on, it's so strong, but it says you can wash and reuse it. I used it to mount ceramic planters to my RV walls, and I was impressed because these guys aren't going anywhere. I will buy more of this stuff.

👤Don't hang something up with a hammer and nail. This is the real thing.

👤There is a Every once in a while, I make a purchase that stands out as one of the best things I've ever spent money on. This tape is one of those things. Need to illuminate a workbench? Check. Do you need to put a power strip on a desk? Check. Do you need an external hard drive for a PS4? Check. Do you need to attach two cell phones to a window frame? Check. Do you need to attach two minirouters to a piece of wood? Check. Do you need to attach a powered hub to a piece of wood? You have it. Do you need to hang a TV from the ceiling with an indoor/outdoor thermometer display? Yeppers! What else can I say? The stuff works. It was as advertised. No BS. The best thing I've bought from Amazon is now.

👤Do not buy this item. I don't write reviews but I wanted to warn against this tape so you don't regret buying it. There is a I ordered the tape for hanging the thin nail polish shelves, but it didn't hold them in place, and I had to remove them because they were scaring the living daylights out of us. There is a I have to buy new nail polish shelves because the tape just clean took off the drywall and stuck to the shelves. I can not get some of the tape off the wall because it is so bad. I don't recommend buying this tape. I hope this makes someone change their mind. You don't have to deal with the same issues as I did.

👤I'm obsessed with this tape. I wanted to keep the shelving in my built-in, but not ruin the service. I can display my nail polish collection with ease.

👤Fix it with a staple gun or duct tape, I'm not good at it. This stuff is great. You can re-use it if you want. I have a gate to keep my dog out of the kitchen without the big screws that are in the walls. A 6 month old kitten is tearing up my house. I taped the plant stand down so it wouldn't ruin my floors. I didn't have to drill holes in my new gate to hang the dog sighn because the candle stick is no longer rolling around the tub. As time goes on, I may buy another roll.

2. Juvale Mini Sailboat Model Decoration

Juvale Mini Sailboat Model Decoration

You can hang the fishing net with hooks. The holes in the nets are easy to hang. The mini sailboat decor set features a fishnet, anchor, steering wheel, starfish, and lifebuoy. Beach themed decor. Adding sea decor to bathroom countertops, shelves, or vanities is a great way to celebrate a boy's baby shower. These nautical decorations for home are made of high-density wood and come pre-assembled, so you can place them on shelves individually or as a set. Each sail boat is perfectly sized for any desk, bookshelf, or countertop. There is a set of 4 small decorative sailing boat.

Brand: Juvale

👤You can watch my video. I think my 2 year old did it because of the excessive amount of glue on the pieces. I would be embarrassed for people to buy anything I made, it looked like these. It was so bad. I will buy for the overglued pieces. Remove everything and remove the glue that was used for the small pieces.

👤The boats are cute, but I agree with some of the other reviews about the amount of glue which created very fine strings. I am very sorry to state that a few of the "strings" were actually human hairs. I thought of a man working for pennies.

👤These boats are adorable. I read the reviews before buying but mine was not bad. I put a couple strands of glue on each one and they look fine now. I wanted a few small summer decor items that weren't expensive to fill in some empty spots and add a beachy feel and these do the trick. I'm not sure if I would give them a gift. I am very happy with them because they fit my needs.

👤Pues lo. mas Q. I am encantada, pero lo compré para un regalo. La realidad es de primera intencin, porque la caja. No pensé, pero estuviesen los barcos. Se vean igual a la foto al comprarlos.

👤The details and craftsmanship of these were amazing. My guests were arguing about who takes the center piece. I enjoyed them a lot. A pack of four was bubble wrapped and arrived undamaged.

👤The boats were covered with glue. They were made by children in kindergarten. I contacted Amazon and they are being returned.

👤I am quite happy with my items. They seem well made. None was cracked or broken. It's perfect for making ornaments. I will purchase more in the future. glitter paint was added to each boat.

👤I used it for baby shower decorations.

👤El producto lleg. There is a Me hubiese gustado, un poco de una terminado.

👤A la main et a la colle on voit la colle partout et mal sabler.

👤Good quality! They are hanging on my tree.

3. Acrimet Premium Desktop Dispenser Non Skid

Acrimet Premium Desktop Dispenser Non Skid

There is a plastic core. The dimensions are 6 ”L / 3” W / 3 ”H. Modern and stylish space-saving design is indispensable for your office desk or home use. The weighted base has a strong grip on the surface. It's easier to close boxes, wrap gifts, paste notes, seal documents, and decorate with washi tapes. One hand operation. There are no slack grooves. It was a perfect tape fitting. It is compatible with standard tapes. The blade is made to last. There is a plastic core. The dimensions are 6 ”L / 3” W / 3 ”H.

Brand: Acrimet

👤I'm not sure what others received, but this is too light-weight and slides the moment I pull on the tape, it's like a craft foam rather than a nice anti-skid rubber. I can't get any tape off the roll without stabilizing the base with my other hand. It might be worse than the dollar store. That makes this useless as a desktop tape dispensers, and makes it a pretty mint green desk prop. It's not good for anyone to actually use the tape. Returning it.

👤I like the color of the dispensers. It is cute on my desk. The blade that cuts the tape is the problem. The tape tear is very noticeable when used. It's hard to tear off in general. It's unfortunate because it's so cute. Also. This is David's wife. I can't change his name on the reviews. I am an editor. It doesn't save. If I don't make that distinction, he will kill me. He wouldn't review a tape dispenser and wouldn't call it cute. Give two opinions as to whether the tape tears easily. Which it doesn't. You know this by now.

👤The rubber base on the tape dispenser is supposed to keep it from sliding as you pull tape from it. Don't believe it! I can't pull a piece of tape from it because it slides so easily on my desktop. If your desk is made of sandpaper, it might not slide. I don't think this tape dispensers is a good idea.

👤It was bought for my daughter. She seemed to be able to use it. I tried it. Doesn't make it easy to tear the tape. Love the color.

👤I loved the color. The shade was perfect. There is a Not all that great. Very light. The dispensers tips forward when trying to cut a piece of tape.

👤I thought it would be a little heavier but that could be my fault for not fully reading the description. It's a tape machine, not much more to ask for. I thought it would be a bit heavier and not move as much when I used it for holiday wrapping.

👤I use this for my job. The grip bottom is not just sliding around. I don't have to hold it down while I get my tape.

👤I can't say what it is. I bought it because it matched my office decor. The tape cuts cleanly and it's weighted. I wish they made a stapler that was the same color.

👤A cor e o tamanho, foi arrastado quando puxamos a fita.

👤Excellent para qualquer escritrio, bem bonito, pesado na medida certa e prtico. Recomendo! A funciona perfeitamente.

👤Very strong. Set up in my office for an operation. It is easy to done. There are no issues. The green color is pleasant. There is a solid on the desk. Would recommend. Very happy.

👤A material resistente, de uma cor bem bem, acomoda a fita. timo benefcio!

👤Material ok e bonito.

4. Post Figure Pop Up Dispenser CAT 330

Post Figure Pop Up Dispenser CAT 330

You can have this item at your home or office. It is possible to get a reliable piece at an affordable cost. ROLL TAPE is not mentioned. All of the tape in their store is compatible with the tape being sold in the shop. The dispenser holds 3 inch Post-it Notes. The design is unique to your workspace. You can keep notes at your fingertips with the convenient one-handed dispensers. There is a 3 inch x 3 inch pad of Pop-up Notes in the pack.

Brand: Post-it

👤I was excited to use this immediately at work because it is cute. The box it came in was cut open a little bit, and when I took the product out it had stains all over it. It is clear that it has been used. I tried to clean the cat holder off, but it was still stained. I will still use it. I wish it was not so dirty. I wouldn't waste your time and just go to Walgreens to buy it if you were thinking of purchasing it.

👤Cats are at our house. Most of the cats are not used. They are good at being petted. Soft purrs are given to show appreciation. They are terrible when it comes to passing on messages. Did he call? "Oh!" No? Yes? Who? I didn't hear the phone ring. I'm hungry. I need my crunchies replaced. Someone else's poop is in the litter box. I would like wet food. There's a snack in the water. The window should be opened. Throw me a banana. This little post is useful because it notes that a cat without soft fur and purring is very useful. He keeps a pad of post it notes ready to be used. He does his job very well. He takes post it notes that are attached to each other accordian style rather than on only one side. He has one pad. He will run out of post its notes if you don't buy him additional pads. My cat likes bright colors.

👤It is a necessary add on for my need to organize. I was very disappointed that it was used. I would have known I was getting a used product. The cat had marks on its body. The cat was cleaned with a magic eraser. If you are going to sell something used, you should have the common courtesy to clean the product and not send it in a mangled package. I decided to give it a 2 stars because of the presentation. I don't know how long someone has had this, but I hope it lasts me.

👤I have a high stress job. The little guy is happy on the desk. It is weighted. There was nothing flimsy about it. The McDonald's halloween happy meal stickers are a great fit for him.

👤My daughter loved it. We received it in a couple of days. The product had big scratches at 2 places after opening. We were disappointed to see it as it was all-white and the scratches did not go away after being wiped. It's not worth the time to return it because we have a bad air quality. I am attaching pictures that I did not previously. There is an update. The review was rejected with a note. Thank you for your review on Amazon. Your review could not be posted to the website after you carefully reviewed it. I don't understand why my review was rejected.

👤I bought this to give to my mother, but ended up keeping it for myself. I'll order you another one. It is very well made and heavy so it won't tip over. I didn't give it 5 stars because I didn't know that the note pads alternate direction. The next note is sticky at the bottom of the picture. Since you want to be able to have access to the next note after pulling the top note out, it makes sense that it is designed this way, but you won't be able to use any note pads you already have. You have to buy alternating-sticky note pads or pull a regular one apart.

5. VIBRANCELAB Standard Accessory Commercial Decorative

VIBRANCELAB Standard Accessory Commercial Decorative

There is a plastic core. The dimensions are 6 ”L / 3” W / 3 ”H. The office is a design studio with a floral storefront. You are now leading the fashion statement in your office. Practical, chic, stylish, pretty, and more importantly, fashion. Match efficiency in style. The design supports longer legs. It was designed with both style andDurability in mind. The high-quality stapling mechanism supports a wide range of staplers, from the standard 246 to the thicker, longer legged and sturdier staple - 236, 238, 248. The stapler is kept in place by a rubber bottom. It gets the job done and stays that way. A perfect gift is a stationery gift for a college student friend. When they lead the fashion in their circle of friends and colleagues, they will love you. You can get one for yourself or your loved ones now. You can get matching scissors and tape dispensers.

Brand: Vibranz-lab

👤I wanted to like them. I got a tape dispenser and stapler. They are pretty with the flowers. The flaws are obvious. The plastic doesn't line up. The edges are not smooth. The flower print is blurry. I returned the stapler because I couldn't get past the blurry print.

👤The cheap inside construction of this made the spring pop off when I used it to staple papers. The cheap plastic piece in the picture that the spring goes around comes off constantly and you have to re-attach it so it can move the staple. Not happy. It looks pretty on the outside, but it's a POS! Don't buy it.

👤It is cute. One reviewer said it comes in two pieces, you just have to press the backing on it. No problem. I thought it wasn't working right at the beginning, but I used more pressure and it worked just fine. It doesn't feel as seamless as it does with more expensive heavier ones, but that's fine. I don't do a lot of stapling, but it does get the job done. I'm happy with it.

👤I wasn't impressed. It was in two pieces. I figured it out at first. It takes different sized staplers. I got the right staple and it jams, but I was not happy with it.

👤When I got it, I thought it was pretty. I found it to be strong and practical. I bought another one for my kitchen area because it comes in handy with many things during the day. I keep the tape dispensers in my office. These helpers are small but beautiful.

👤Very pretty. I bought similar items. It fell apart before I loaded the stapler. It fell apart on its own. A piece by piece, starting with a small plastic piece, followed by the spring. It was very badly made.

👤The floral stapler is the same pattern as the other office items. I like that it fits better in my hand and is a bit heavier than expected. It works and looks great.

👤I bought this with the same brand and design, but they don't match. It is a different type of plastic and the design is brighter on it than on the tape dispensers. It's just off enough to bug me. The stapler is neat. I like that it takes up less space on my desk than a regular stapler.

6. Kantek Dispenser 1 8 Inch 5 6 Inch AD60

Kantek Dispenser 1 8 Inch 5 6 Inch AD60

It is made of 30% recycled materials. Nonskid feet for easy single-handed use. It is made of heavy cast acrylic. A standard roll of tape is held.

Brand: Kantek

👤The wheel that holds tape broke after I got it. The wheel popped out almost every time I pulled the tape because there was nothing holding it down. This item was released onto the market. I thought Kantek was a good brand. I didn't know if someone could send a replacement wheel. If it's not too late, I would like a refund. It's going to keep popping out even if I get a replacement wheel.

👤Cute and cool! There is a word of caution. There is a big Kantek logo on the bottom left side of the tape dispensers. It rubs off in about half a second with acetone nail polish remover, which does not damage or cloud the surface. The non-acetone remover did not work.

👤I wanted to upgrade my home office setup with a stylish acrylic stand but I was having a hard time finding one that was large enough to hold my larger laptop. I decided to go with this one and I am very happy. It was well packaged to prevent damage, sturdy, stylish, and it has a lip on the back so it won't slide off. I love it! If you want to slide your keyboard under there is something on the bottom. I could only go in as far as I was shown. If you flip it around with the lip in the front, you could slide it under that way.

👤I ordered 2 of these pen cups for $5.99 each and they arrived in perfect condition the next day. Prime Shipping is free. I own a number of clear items, including an office, bathroom, kitchen, and various furniture pieces. I think I have developed a good eye for assessing acrylic products. These are very high quality. The clear and transparent acrylic is not dingy or yellow. The material is heavy and solid, which is important for keeping cups in place. They can be used for a lot of things. I'm dedicating one of them to their intended use of pens and the other to their use of my daughters makeup brushes. The pen cup is made from the same material as a car, but it is stunningly different and looks beautiful. The design of the store provides easy access to the utensils and is very functional.

👤I ordered this to make getting ready in the morning easier. I am very impressed with the quality of it. It was packaged well in the box it was in. The quality of the acrylic is very good. On my glass top table, the bottom has little bumps that make it difficult to move around on a slick surface, which is great. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤It works well with my desk design. Dispenses tape with ease. Very light.

👤I have a little pen cup. I bought two more cups after buying one. The cup has a good weight to it and it looks nice. Some office supplies are cheap. This one is not cheap at all. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. I can be very specific about a lot of things. I was a little worried since a few reviews mentioned the label on the cup, but I was expecting a solid size label that was solid and didn't cut the name out of the block. There were no noticeable pictures of the label in the reviews. It's because it's not possible. You can see the lettering is just a thin blue one that is about 14" tall. I am using it for a pen cup and you can't even see it with pens in it and I don't think I will ever mess with it. Hope this helps people who are concerned about the label. There is a If I left this empty to display, I might remove it, but as a pen cup, I don't see the need.

7. Officemate Weighted Dispenser Recycled 96660

Officemate Weighted Dispenser Recycled 96660

The Rosegold office supplies are practical. The Weighted Base allows for easy one hand use of packaging tape. There is a roll of packaging tape in this case. There is a compartment slot that holds pens, pencils and scissors. It's perfect for mail room, shipping department and sample room. It is made of 30% recycled materials.

Brand: Officemate

👤I ordered this item because of my faith. 1. I wondered if it was heavy enough to not slide toward me as I pulled out the tape. 2. Would it look good on my desk? 3. Would the two tapes fit in the slots? There is a The answer is yes. There is a It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it because it saves a lot of time and is so practical that I would give it six stars. There is a It's the most practical item ever. It saves time and eliminates the "sticking tape" syndrome. There is a place to keep pen and small scissors.

👤I love this thing. I'm still wondering why it took me so long to know that this existed. My husband is a military man. Sending him packages overseas was a lot of work, as he had to tape his boxes and cover them with a roll of tape and scissors. I saw this on a post for shipping signs and packaging and then I ran to Amazon to find something like it. I fell in love with this product after it arrived at my house, it can hold clear rolls of packaging tape and a roll of regular tape. It doesn't slow you down at all because it's a heavy weighted dispenser. There is a place to hold markers, pens, scissors, whatever on top of the two tape rolls. Excellent! I use blue painters tape in my office craft room and even though it is heavier, it is so smooth on the roller that I swap out the clear packaging tape for it. I think this is a game changing product. I have been using it for six months now, and I still smile whenever I use it.

👤I give this 5 stars on structure and sturdiness, but it was very hard to use. The problem wasn't putting the tape in the dispensers, it was tearing it off. The description says that the heavy weighted dispensers stay in place for one hand, however, I never had the ability to use one hand to make tape. It's sturdy and has good weight, but it's not sharp enough or tall enough, so I had to use one hand to cut the tape and the other to hold the dispensers. It was disappointing and frustrating. I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase it based on my experience, even if my unit was faulty.

👤The dispenser works better than I could have hoped. I only have one hand to get the tape because the other is full. When I get tape with one hand, the dispensers stay put even if I don't hold them with my other hand. When I opened the mail box, I was a bit worried. It was rough and torn. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the product. Everything was new. There is a My table is67531 due to my work and often has slippery chemicals and oil on it. The table is very smooth because it's covered intarp. The dispensers stay put! The person in the reviews was not happy about it moving. It doesn't even have the most horrible conditions.

8. ALSISK Accessory Acrylic Stapler Dispenser

ALSISK Accessory Acrylic Stapler Dispenser

A bonus roll of tape is included with the packaging tape dispensers. If you have a question about the packing tape dispensers gun, reach out to their support team. The stapler is 16 x 3.5 cm/ 6.3 x 1.4 x 2.5 inches. The rosegold stapler is ideal for home or office use. Fit 26/6 and 24/6. The size of the tape dispensers is equivalent to 1 inch rolls of tape. The staple removal size is 2.36 x 0.63 x 1.77. The 1000PCS 26/6 standard paper. Rose gold is rust-proof, and it's beautiful. The Rosegold office supplies are practical.

Brand: Alsisk

👤It works great and is pretty to look at. Easy one-handed use plus staplers are nice. It works better than some of the more expensive brands I have used. Definitely recommend.

👤It looks the same. The rose gold staplea adds a little extra flare to any report that may need to be turned in. They are of good quality and sturdy. It's kind of a 90s design. I would recommend it.

👤The stapler is the only item that works, the stapler remover is locked, and the tape holder is flimsy. You get what you paid for, but not great. I wish they could send me a new stapler removal, as this one doesn't work at all. There is no need for the lock in the stapler removal because it is faulty.

👤My old stapler broke and jammed up, so I bought this one. I love how portable it is, and how pretty it is with the clear body and rose gold metal. It has been working perfectly and hasn't jammed. The rose gold staplers are a bonus.

👤I've had this for several months, but have barely used it, and it broke today. I haven't used any of the staplers and it's only sitting on a desk so it hasn't been abused. A piece broke off and can't be fixed. Many other 1 star reviews have had the same piece break. I wouldn't recommend it even though it's pretty.

👤The stapler is great. I think it looks great and cute. It's easy to use. The shell is clear and has gold colored guts. The rose gold staplers are a winner. I ordered more of the stapler.

👤It was bought a few weeks ago and is a total waste of money. Don't be deceived by their appearance. This is the worst stapler I have ever used. I have to rip my papers out every time I staple pages because the stapler gets jammed. It happened with all of the staplers they sent, so I thought it was the type of rose gold staplers they sent. I have a stapler that is going in the trash because the return window was less than a month. There is a I have to hold it each time I want a piece of tape because the tape dispensers are not that heavy. If the stapler wasn't as bad, I would have looked at it.

👤I love these accessories. The tape dispensers and staplers are both functional and beautiful. I had pieces of each that were old. I decided to go with a new decorating theme and it was a pleasure. The Rose Gold wall file holder has a shelf on the bottom. Very pleasant and pretty!

👤The lindo kit. Lleg un rpido, tal Cual se ve en las fotografas. Recomendado y confiable!

👤No tienen tan potente el color, son super delgadas, pero no agarran. I am encant.

👤! ?


9. Acrimet Premium Tape Dispenser Color

Acrimet Premium Tape Dispenser Color

Good for both home and office use. Modern and stylish space-saving design is indispensable for your office desk or home use. The weighted base has a strong grip on the surface. It's easier to close boxes, wrap gifts, paste notes, seal documents, and decorate with washi tapes. One hand operation. There are no slack grooves. It was a perfect tape fitting. It is compatible with standard tapes. The blade is made to last. There is a plastic core. The dimensions are 6 ”L / 3” W / 3 ”H.

Brand: Acrimet

👤The dispensers are moving when you get some tape. The position of the blades is hard to tear. I wouldn't buy this again. Most of us are probably buying this product because some people complain about the color. I don't care if it's not the perfect pink. The color was a bonus for my daughter, and it was more about being functional. I would stick with the 3M Scotch brand. One can find nice colors in the stores, but not much on Amazon.

👤The "Pink" tape dispenser is not as pink as advertised, it is actually salmon color, a little disappointed.

👤A tape dispenser is just a tape. I like the pink one, it looks good in my sewing studio, and it has enough weight to be used with one hand. That's special! This one is what it is. A very practical person. I like mine a lot. The small teeth on the blade of the tape dispensers are larger than on older tape dispensers, so it takes a bit more effort to get your piece of tape off the roll. If I were doing a lot of taping, it would be annoying.

👤It does its job. When you pull a piece of tape off, you don't have to hold the dispensers. The style dispensers I had before had a lot of weight so could be used one handed. It is a pretty color.

👤The tape won't cut at the edge. I have to use two hands to hold down the dispensers and tear them. I recycled the by box when I got it.

👤My pink accessory at work is very stylish. I work with men, so I am confident that my pink desk/office accessories will not be lost, and if they do, they will be easy to spot. The tape holder is light and not heavy. I've been using it for over two months. I love it!

👤I bought this for my new office and it wasn't the same color as pictured. It's a little more orange. It was kind of disappointing.

👤It was not actually pink. The tape has teeth that are meant to rip the tape. The weight of the piece is good.

👤It's expensive for a tape machine. I wanted something that I could cut the tape with without using scissors. This is ideal if you have limited desk space because it looks nice and does the job.

👤It is very sturdy and does not take a lot of space on the desk. The cutting blade is very sharp and does the job. I love it! It looks better than the picture. It is very good value for money. Good quality.

👤Only takes small rolls of tape.

👤It was lovely. If possible, it would be nicer than the picture. Sturdy and pretty.

👤I arrependo. Tamanho timo, pesado e corta a fita perfeitamente. Acrimet decepciona.

10. Scotch Dispenser Magic Tape Inches

Scotch Dispenser Magic Tape Inches

A standard roll of tape is held. The dispenser looks great in any room. It's easy to refill using the swing-out tape hub. One roll of Scotch Magic Tape is included. Black/White, Blue/White, Pink/White, and Grey/White are some of the colors. The colors were selected randomly.

Brand: Scotch

👤I wanted the pretty pink one to go with my other pink desk accessories. I ordered the pink stapler and was hoping to get the matching tape dispensers. I lost my sister to breast cancer three years ago and I support breast cancer research. I could have cried when I saw my pink stapler, pink scissors and black tape dispensers in the box. It seems like they would have gotten it with all of the pink. The way in which we order the color should be changed. You ruined my day.

👤There is a cute tape dispensers. I have black hair. I didn't care which color they sent, I was just going in the gift wrapping organizer. I was able to use it with one hand. If it was a big deal, I would have ordered a dispenser that claimed to be one hand opperational. It's funny. The same goes for the color. It does not crack government codes. Happy wrapping.

👤I'm sure the tape dispensers is fine, but beware that "assorted colors" means you will receive whatever color the person filling the order decides to throw in your box. The item pictured is black, but the one I received is an ugly turquoise color that doesn't complement my other office accessories.

👤This is a good size Scotch tape dispensers. I believe the bottoms of the ivory color dispensers are the same color as the solid one I received. I did not receive pink as others have stated. It's a good thing. It's heavy enough to keep the dispensers from moving. It holds a regular roll of Scotch tape. It comes with a small roll of Scotch tape, so you'll want to order some rolls of tape while you're at it. I have 1/2 inch tape in my possession, but it says you can use 1/2 inch tape as well.

👤Didn't like the listing that you only get one.

👤I wanted the black color. I got the black one. It was a bit boring. I would have paid more to get what I wanted. I bought this for my child. I can return it and hope for the best on a reorder or a book of stickers to decorate it. Either way. It was a bit boring. There is a I didn't want a black one. I took a chance and ordered another. I got a black one. Dang it. I would really like to pick my own color. It's stupid.

👤I found a cheapesr dispensers on Amazon. I was hoping for a different color, but black is what I got. I knew there was a 25% chance, so I took my chances, even if I didn't get to choose a fun color. It's small and weighted so you can use it one-handed, which is great.

👤I read that people were angry because they received a certain color, but the photos said they had a variety of colors. If you want a certain color, I understand the frustration. Even though I already knew I would be getting black, I thought it would be fun to order this and see what color I get, even though I already knew it would be black. I got black. I was okay with any color I would have gotten. If everyone is getting black, then maybe the people selling this item should say it is black, instead of saying they have different colors. I think it is a nice clean looking tape dispensers, it is medium heavy, and I really like it.

11. Brands Desktop Tape Dispenser Metal

Brands Desktop Tape Dispenser Metal

The colors were selected randomly. This unique tape dispensers adds simple sophistication and style to your office. Solid acrylic core snaps firmly in place and will hold tape and washi rolls. It is made of a high quality metal material that is sturdy and will stand the test of time. The wire metal tape dispensers are 3.1 inches high. The gold colored wire desk accessories from U Brands add a modern touch.

Brand: U Brands

👤The gold and white desk and room decor looks great. I thought it would be cheap. It was better than I anticipated. It isn't very high quality but it looks good on her desk. Don't look too closely. There is a You need 2 hands to use it. It isn't weighted enough to grab tape with one hand. The sharp things that tear the tape are pointed too far down so you have to pull the tape lower and under more than you would on a heavy duty weighted dispenser. There is a For a teen girl's room, this is perfect because they wanted some gold bling. 4 stars are based on looks and price. We will not be using it for gift wrapping.

👤The dispenser looks great but it doesn't have much in the way of function. After you break off and piece the tape falls to the desk or the roll. The material behind the blade of most tape dispenders helps hood this tape. There is nothing behind the blade. Adding a simple acrylic block will fix the issue, but attaching it to the minimalist dispenser in an attractive way is far from easy. There is a The dispenser is very light. You will need two hands to pull the tape from the desk. It's a lovely product, but needs some serious functional adjustments to work. A piece of tape at the base of the blade is a perfect fix.

👤The tape dispensers is really cool. I showed it to everyone at work. It is a shiny color. The piece that holds the roll of tape is plastic. The small piece of plastic is small enough for the tape roll to fit on easily, but not so small that it slides all over the place. It can be moved back and forth. The edge of the tape works well. Sometimes it's difficult to grab the piece of tape because the bar on the side gets in the way. When the roll of tape is slid farther to one side than the other, it's the only time this happens. The plastic piece that the roll goes on fits into the wire part of the dispenser so tightly that it was difficult to get out when you replaced the roll of tape. The plastic piece is not able to be put back in properly because the wire is slightly bend. My tape roll is closer to one side than the other. In my second picture, you can see this. This is a neat looking tape dispensers. I like having it on my desk. This thing is a perfect choice if there are a couple minor adjustments.

👤Cute but not practical. It's nearly weightless so you need to hold it down to get the tape. You have to peel the tape off the roll each time. I think the item is quite frustrating and worthless.

👤I was very excited to get this. The reason why tape dispensers have a weighted bottom is explained to me quickly. There is a The frame is light and whenever I tried to pull some tape it flipped forward. I think I should have thought of that already, I will hold it down every time I grab tape. No. The teeth wouldn't cut the tape, just scratch it up. I mean it happened every time I went to get tape. I had to use my scissors to cut the strip. I had no choice but to return to my ugly tape dispensers.


What is the best product for decorative tape dispenser desk?

Decorative tape dispenser desk products from Ezlifego. In this article about decorative tape dispenser desk you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Acrimet are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tape dispenser desk.

What are the best brands for decorative tape dispenser desk?

Ezlifego, Juvale and Acrimet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tape dispenser desk. Find the detail in this article. Post-it, Vibranz-lab and Kantek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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