Best Decorative Tape for Kids

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1. Scrapbooking Supplies Decorative Wrapping Decorations

Scrapbooking Supplies Decorative Wrapping Decorations

Current will flow through both sides of the tape, because it has dual conductors. The effectiveness between components will not be affected by the tape. Smij colored tape is 15mm wide. 30 rolls are in one package. Smij washi tape set has a lot of diverse designs. All of them are unique and colorful. Each design is beautiful in its own way and can satisfy any taste. Colored masking tape can be used for many different purposes, including home décor, gift wrapping, bullet journals, planners, cards, calendars, stationery décor, party decorations, and many more. High quality tape is made from high-quality material. It sticks to different surfaces and doesn't leave sticky traces after being removed. There are rolls of bright and unique decorative tape in the washi tape set. The colors are rich and vibrant. They can add charm to your life and decorate everyday items in a unique and creative way.

Brand: Smij

👤I'm single, so what else is there for me to do, and I need some cute washi tape. Need is a stretch. This was not a request. Does anyone really need washi tape? Duct tape is sure! My bed frame has a duct tape attached to it. That stuff can do a lot. Washi tape? Pure desire. I ran across this set after I paged through Amazon's offerings. It looked like it was a good value. There is a They are pretty good. Stick to the page and you will win. Is it possible to hold a bed together? No! Can it be in my journal... There are signs that point to yes.

👤These rolls of washi tape are very cute and inexpensive. Some people complain about how well they stick, I would compare it to White masking tape. They don't stick very well, so you can't use this tape to secure things. That isn't really the purpose of it. I bought this for my 6-year-old because she loves to decorate everything, and I also purchased a couple washi tape holders that each hold five rolls, so these look really cute when fitting side by side on a tape holder together. Would definitely recommend.

👤This is not the best washi I have used, but it is less expensive than other brands. It is a great value. You can pull it up once or twice, but it's not durable enough for reuse. It serves its purpose well and is decorative tape. The prints are cute and the colors are striking. I like the variety of prints.

👤I had never tried it before, so this was a great chance to try it. There are 30 rolls of different colors and styles in this pack. I made homemade cards and used them for the first time. It's easy to work with.

👤I'm happy with this set. There's quite a bit on each roll. It's a great collection for our projects. I like the randomness of the tapes, because I get tired of using the same tapes over and over. I'm very pleased with the quality, they seem to be sticking well so far. Definitely recommend!

👤There are many great tips for using washi tape to enhance your journal, I have recently gotten into bullet journalling. I like to hold list pads or pictures, cover mistakes, and even personalize my journal or pens. This tape has the right level of elasticity and fun patterns to try. I donated to a friend's daughter who does fun washi tape and duct tape projects because I didn't like the couple rolls. You won't have to worry about getting bored if you use only one or two of the rolls.

👤I like decorating my journals with washi tape. There is a I used it on canvas for painting and the tape came off with ease because it was easy to position. There is a The designs are striking. The value is great. The smell of crayons is what I think the cons smells like. I received a duplicate washi tape roll. I will order more for myself.

2. 8PCS Colored Masking Tape Decorative

8PCS Colored Masking Tape Decorative

This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays. 8 colored duct tape. Red, orange, yellow, green, purple, light blue, dark blue, pink, and masking tape are all bright colors. There is a durable colored masking tape. Their colorful rainbow tapes are waterproof, easy to tear, sticky, and can be re-attached, you can even write on it. It is children's art supplies or art crafts at home or school, these colored painters tape will make your kids endless fun. It can be a label, used color-coding on paper, objects, and wall, it can even be used for home decoration, Wall decoration, Party decoration, Making their life colorful. Creative rainbow colors tape. You can use color tape to make your own decorations, Diary, Birthday card, Party, or Christmas gift packaging. Adults or children will enjoy this tape set. Your purchase is protected. If you don't like their thin masking tape, you can return it at any time.

Brand: Umetdo

👤It's great for edging my watercolors. I've had parts of my picture torn up. It's not 100% the tapes fault, it could be the paper, or the amount of water. I like the tape, but it's overpriced for masking tape, I wish it had different sizes.

👤If you want your child to play with something, get this tape. The tape does not stick well. If you are looking for a normal size masking tape, don't get this. I ruined two of my projects because the tape wouldn't stick.

👤It does not mask well if you are using it for painting. There was a leak under the tape.

👤I used cheap washi tape to hold in place my thinlit diecuts while I cut them. The colors are bright and you can use them before the glue wears out.

👤This is great for toddler crafts. Comes off the wall easily. I liked the variety of colors and prices.

👤It was perfect for taping off art projects. It comes off easily.

👤It is very easy to use for different card projects.

3. Painters Colorful Decorative Decoration 14 2Yards

Painters Colorful Decorative Decoration 14 2Yards

Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll. There are 8 colored smocks. The masking tape set comes in 8 different colors. masking tape can be colorful. The rainbow masking tapes are great for arts and crafts. Kids are stimulated by the various colors and improve their color recognition. The colors of masking tape are eye-catching. The colorful painters tape has a perfect stickiness and is easy to remove. Colored masking tape can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, canvas, whiteboard, and so on. The colored masking tape can be easily removed with no damage to the surfaces. As needed, the rainbow craft tape can be moved. The eco-friendly crepe paper used in the masking tape is acid-free and odorless, making it safe to use. The paper tape is resistant to water. These colorful masking tapes are thicker and more resistant to damage than other masking tapes. You can write on the colored masking tape with various pens. The vibrant color will not go away. Children can tear the colored craft tape with no scissors needed. The rainbow masking tape can be used to help you paint clean lines. Colored masking tape can be used as rainbow labeling tape for color coding on moving boxes. It can be used in home decoration, party decoration, wall art, greeting cards, scrapbooking, automotive repair and many more. You will receive 8 rolls of colorful masking tape. Each colored painters tape is 48.6 feet long and 1 inch wide. There are many uses for rainbow masking tape. The colored masking tape is a great gift for kids, teachers, painters, and so on. Contact them if you don't like the colored masking tape. They will give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Fabulas

👤These were purchased to help coordinate a move. The tapes are terrible. After sticking, they peel off on their own. A waste of money.

👤I wanted to label the seats by stop using colorcoded name labels. I didn't want to use regular masking tape because it would leave a mark which would make my job harder. The colors were weak with this product. I used scotch tape to hold the labels down so they wouldn't fall off the surface where I put them. I will use regular good quality painters tape now. Unless you use it on paper instead of plastic or metal, you should not spend your time and money on this product.

👤The tapes were too sticky and it almost ripped my papers. I use them for put laminated education boards on the walls and they are very easy to remove and hold heavy posters. I will order again.

👤The black tape is not sticky at all and seems to have been sitting in the stockroom for a long time. Hopefully, this won't happen with the other tape colors. There is a It was difficult to find the peeling or tearing point on the black tape because of my poor vision. It would have been nice to have a marker on each tape to help you figure out where to start. It would be very helpful to have a marker or arrow inside the roll of tape to guide us to where we can begin the peeling process. There is a It's ok with the price and vibrant colors, but not so good with the glue part. It doesn't stick very well leaving me disappointed.

👤The value is good because it allows for creativity in your child and is easy to remove from the wall. The bad thing is -None. The bottom line. The colored masking tape is great for our child to use. We told him that he could use this masking tape to decorate his room. He used tape to make a house and monsters. The sticky tape is easy to remove and can stay on the wall. This masking tape is fun and practical.

👤To adhere in a reasonable manner is one of the functions of tape. The tape doesn't fulfill its function. I wanted to color code moving boxes. The colors are bright. After 6 hours, the tape had unpeeled and I had to use packing tape to retape it onto the box. This tape was more annoying than the last sentence. This isn't taping a sandwich to a cat, it's taping a cardboard box. This would be tape.

👤S, tienen colores. S, son cintas de buen grosor... pero de qué sirve, no pega? No funciona de superficies, such as pisos, pared, plsticos, and cartn. No sirve, no pega nada, as de decoracin por las lindos colores. No lo recomiendo a nadie.

👤I wanted to use these for a wall display. The colors are bright. I was glad I changed my mind about using the tape throughout the display because the few pieces I used didn't stick to each other. I bordered a square of paper with four strips of tape that were on top of each other and I had two strips of tape on top of each other. The top pieces were peeling off when I came back. There is a It worked well as a temporary line for vinyl lettering but it didn't work for wall displays.

4. Boys Washi Bundle Crafting Supplies

Boys Washi Bundle Crafting Supplies

Color coding and labeling. This multicolor set of masking tapes is perfect for naming, organizing and packing boxes, or any color coding masking tape labeling related to household, classroom, moving, office, or kitchen crafts. It can be used as an alternative to laboratorytapes. The best masking tape set for teachers, students, parents, and artists. The washi tape set includes 6 roll of washi tape. There are characters from Disney Planes, Star Wars, Spiderman, and many more. Disney crafts, Star Wars crafts, and superhero craft are included in the bundle. It's perfect for people of all ages. It's perfect to use as superhero scrapbooking, craft paper for kids, and anything else.

Brand: Disney Bundle

👤It came off of the roll in pieces.

5. 15 Yards Colored Duct Multi Variety

15 Yards Colored Duct Multi Variety

Duct style tapes are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or return. The brand is longer than most brands in the market. They will last a long time in your kids crafts. It's fun for your kids. The perfect gift for kids and teachers is to make your boys and girls multi colored duct tape to decorate their wallet, jewelry and flower. It's ideal for a school project. Kids like them. It's great for house moving label because you can color code your boxes to show where to put them. There are 10 eye-catching colors to choose from. It's convenient. The people love it. 10 bright and vibrant colors, 15 yards long, 2 inch wide, strong adhesive, sticky, thin, light, durable, low-residue, tearable by hand, holding out well outdoor, all purpose model is PREMIUM QUALITY FOR ARTS n CRAFTS. Purchase with peace of mind. This is not the duck brand, but it is a high quality alternative that is cost effective.

Brand: Anvel

👤We use duct tape for the wings. The cardboard wings are attached with duct tape. Children love to decorate their wings with paint, glitter, and other colorful materials. The rolls were perfect for our application. The duct tape is strong. It was difficult to drill through the duct tape when we drilled holes through the wings. It will work in applications with strong tape.

👤Universal tape comes in many colors. I have used them for packing and securing cable. I don't have to buy another one. There is a lot of them.

👤Our grandson was overjoyed when he received so much duct tape in all the different colors. He and his family didn't know that duct tape was in many different colors. He will have a lot of fun with this tape. His father laughed and said this should last him about 3 months. Thank you!

👤I wanted to change the boxes for my move. I used to use the labels from the company, but the colors were limited. The boxes were closed up so the moving company could know where each box would go. Each room has its own color. It's easy to use the rolls of tape.

👤This is for camp crafts. It is sticky enough for the craft to hold together, but not too difficult to get off the roll. I bought twice.

👤I bought colored duct tape for my son to make things out of the boxes we have been given. He is able to use it to make his own creations.

👤The tape was purchased for a school event. We put our principal on the wall. The bright colors made us choose this. It looked great. The kids had a great time and the principal was stuck to the wall.

👤I wanted to make camp crafts. The colors are bright and fun. Some name brand tapes can be difficult to pull from the roll. It sticks well. The children are going to make projects. I am very happy to have found these at an affordable price.

6. Agutape Decorative Collection Wrapping Colorful

Agutape Decorative Collection Wrapping Colorful

Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll. 30 different designs are 3 meters long and 15mm wide. The washi tape is a great way to highlight important dates in your planner and bullet journal. The designs are bright and lovely. Your friends will be amazed by the gifts and decorations you make with this tape. The 30newest designs will be found in this premium set. It's a box full of fun. No one is allowed to live in this area. You can remove the tape from your walls and stick them again without leaving any damage. If your kids get into them, you don't have to worry. Quality: Excellent. All the tapes are of great quality and have high quality control standards.

Brand: Agutape

👤The tape works well. It isn't the set pictured in the product listing. I'm not returning it because it's close enough. I was looking forward to a couple of the tapes that are missing.

👤The colors don't stick well. It looks like a good deal because you get 30 Rolls, but there is barely anything to one roll. If you put all of the rolls together, it could be a single roll for hobby lobby. Will use, but won't buy.

👤I found this washi tape to be a good quality and can be removed without much difficulty. The variety of color and sparkle factor made it a bargain. I used this tape mostly in my journal and did not experience any peeling from the page. Business/appointment cards were mostly held well with this.

👤The tape is garbage. It took at least a dozen different people to find where the tape starts. We couldn't find a tab to use the tape. After a long time of fighting with it, the few that we were able to use did not stick. The tape was not strong. 90 percent of the rolls had to be thrown out because they couldn't take the tape off. This order was a total waste of money because the ones we could use were useless.

👤It is pretty. I was making egg shakers with it. I was told to let the kids use washy tape to decorate them and seal them. It didn't work. The glue isn't very strong. Washy tape is supposed to come off easily. If you are buying this, I wouldn't recommend using it.

👤These are nice. The only thing I notice is that the color rubs off of the foil-looking adornments on some rolls. I have included a picture. These are pretty. I'm not sure if it tears well because I always cut it anyway, and it seems more precise. These stick well, and I've peeled up a few pieces, and they still stick well afterwards. I bought this as a sample pack. It's working well for what I'm using it for.

👤My first impression was that they were smaller than I had thought, but that was not a good thing. I kept them for my daughter because they were pretty. When we decided to use them to decorate a cardboard box, we found that the tapes did not stick at all. They fall off. I am disappointed and do not have any use for them. Now that they're back, return them.

👤It's perfect for making crafts with the kids. It sticks to paper, but not so sticky that it ruins anything. If the tape gets wet, the coloring from it will transfer to clothing or skin. It is a nice addition to our craft supplies.

7. YUBBAEX Blooming Decorative Supplies Scrapbook

YUBBAEX Blooming Decorative Supplies Scrapbook

The best choice of Gif. When selecting a gift for your friends and children, are you usually in confusion? Colored masking tape is a great gift. A good gift choice is a crafting project for kids and teachers. There are floral patterns. The washi tape collection has a great selection of flowers, which is very fresh and charming. The traditional crafts and paper used in this tape are of the best quality. It can be written with a pen or marker, you can easily tear or cut it, and without leaving behind glue. The use of the word muti-use. The washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping, and can be combined with clear nail oil to nail. It can be used as a sticky note paper, disposable bracelet, game props, and other cool uses. Each roll has a size of 5 and a width of 25mm. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubbaex

👤Not much tape on the roll, and it is not a better term. Like the patterns. I'm not sure if I'd purchase again.

👤It is easy to cut. The tape is sticky enough to stay in place, but not when you want to move it. The colors on the paper are vibrant and don't fade when you adhere them to the page. The rolls were put in a box for storage.

👤It is stronger than most washi tape. It's great for decorating. Not very see through. That is what I wanted. Comes in a cute box.

👤Adems, tienen una adhesin. There is a I am encantaron.

👤A beautiful set of tape, colors and art is a show stopping piece. It is washi tape, so I don't expect miracles.

👤The Washi tape is easy to use. Thank you.

8. Colored Masking Labelling Decoration Supplies

Colored Masking Labelling Decoration Supplies

40 different colors, must include favorite colors. Colorful masking tape provides endless creative and functional opportunities. Each tape is 1 inch wide X 43 feet long and suitable for daily use. No hassle, tape is easy to stick and tear. It's very applicable in your daily life, and it's suitable for moving boxes, crafts, classroom decorations, teacher supplies, home storage and organization, report making, holiday decorations, party decorations and so on. The great value for kids is the Boys and Girls Arts Crafts coloring items and ideas, and the Prime bulk craft tape modeling and painting laboratory for adults and kids.

Brand: Jteey

👤It's a good idea to use on moving boxes to indicate which room the boxes were for. The quality is better than the cheap masking tape. The tape is still intact after being moved around for a month. The blue painters tape was on some boxes. The colors were bright. The value is great. Will do it again.

👤I ordered this tape to use with my toddler. We've made a parking lot for his cars and it's worked well. The tape sticks well and is easy to remove, the colors are bright and inviting. The light blue is the only color I've used. It is recommended for hours of potential fun, including peeling it off the floor.

👤The tapes I received were different colors. The red is not as bright as it could be. The navy is dark. The yellow is not as bright as it could be. Yuk. Going back.

👤It was used to label boxes for different rooms. Someone said it worked for them. It went on fine, but began curling and coming loose before the movers picked it up. The truck arrived at our new home and most of them came loose. It stuck better to some containers than others, but not consistently enough to say that one type was better than another. The move was in the summer, so maybe it was unhappy. Disappointing. I will use the rest for other art projects.

👤I like the variety of colors. It comes off the roll easily and sticks well so far, time will tell if it continues to adhere well. There is a The colors of tape that I received are not the same as what was advertised. The blue and green rolls are not the same color. The colors are not as vibrant as shown in the sales photo. I used my yellow roll this morning and didn't realize how much was gone until I looked at the other rolls. These are easy to use. I have no problem with the colors, even though they are somewhat different from the sales photo. I used sharpie marker to write on the tape.

👤I loved the deep colors. The colorful boxes were all set to color code. The tape was not very strong. If the room is a/c'ed, tape to cardboard should stick well. I tape a piece down on several boxes, smooth over it with my hand, and make sure the sticky side could fully adhere, even if the tape was curling off of where it was stuck. There is a I will use it for vulnerable surfaces like crepe paper or crafts, but I don't want to ruin the surface. I don't know if the tape is still in place when I come back. It's a great option to use with kids, in case it gets stuck.

👤These are perfect for my classroom library books, I bought them to label them. Great colors!

👤I like this tape. I use this tape to decorate my classroom. It is making my room more inviting. It is perfect for labeling items.

9. Decorative Adhesive Beautify Journals Planners

Decorative Adhesive Beautify Journals Planners

Quality Assurance: AFATape is guaranteed to be of good quality. There are 40 different designs. There are bright colors and lovely designs. There are animals, such as a cloud of flower, a flamingo, apineapple, watermelon,lemon,cake, ice cream cactus, and animal. Your friends will be amazed by the gifts and decorations you make with this tape. You will find 40 new designs in this premium set. It's a box full of fun. The washi tape is a great way to highlight important dates in your planner and bullet journal. The tape won't damage your walls or furniture, you can remove them and stick them again without leaving any damage. If your kids get into them, you don't have to worry. The tapes are evenly sized and of great quality, because they have high quality control standards. If you have a problem, contact them.

Brand: Wapetashi

👤Great set and a nice price! There are no duplicate colors and prints. I got exactly what was in the picture. The only reason for the missing star is the one on this roll pictured. I might want to get that corrected.

👤These are great. I've been buying a lot of washi tape. These are my favorites. They're cute and seem to stick. I used them on paper and had no problems. I've been able to start the roll with minimum tearing because of the strong glue. I can always use the 2 duplicate prints that were nice classics. There were two with text errors. One is supposed to say "hello" and have an extra G. Another person is supposed to say that, but they are missing the GR. If you cut the first G off, the extra G is still usable. The other tapes are cute and make it worth it. The cute ones look better than I expected.

👤The colors are not as vibrant and there are a lot of misprints, like the ones that others have already shared, like the one that says "et et" and the one that says "eetings" missing the GR. I'm not overly hopeful that they can be unrolled without tearing, if they shred like crazy, they'll go back. No one should keep a product that they can't use.

👤I like the price point and variety of the set. Some of the graphics are fuzzy, and you can barely make out the grey bears on the grey tape. The "gr" in one of the "greetings" is missing. It is difficult to remove the roll and paper with tearing occurring 25% of the time. It will be good for my journal needs. I would recommend if you are aware of the flaws.

👤Don't buy without looking at the rolls of tape. Even with research, I found 3 rolls with words that aren't translatable. I didn't feel the colors were vibrant or that I had any use for the rolls that weren't even salvaged. I take the blame for the smaller rolls, but not being more careful. I didn't think I'd have to scrutinize the ad or pics like I was buying a car. I would not bother with this vendor and would recommend other vendors. There is a The tape is more of a thin paper than a real paper.

👤This washi tape is mixed in. The designs are very cute. The tape is thin and it seems like there is a part on the roll where there is a problem. You have to pay attention as you unroll the tape. There is no quality check on these rolls. There is a roll with the word "Lorem" on it. There is a roll that saysGREETINGS but instead saysEETINGS. This is a joke between me and my boyfriend. I put a strip of it on the fridge, a short strip on the pet food containers, and a strip on the instant pot. I got a great deal on this 40pk of washi tape, but you get what you pay for.

10. Rolls Decorative Masking Children Warpping

Rolls Decorative Masking Children Warpping

There are two 22 x 6.5 CM magnetic handles and four 40 x 10CM magnetic hinges in the pack. 40 ROLLS WASHI TAP SET is a set of 40 rolls. The -40 rolls of RAINBOW CANDYI DESIGNS are made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and more rainbow colors. Personalize gift wrap with stripes of paper tape. Hand write a letter to a friend or make rainbow greetings cards. The washi masking tape made the shapes in the journals. This washi tape set is suitable for all ages. 40 different colors, must include favorite colors.

Brand: Ieebee

👤This is a great way to frame a picture. Most of them don't fit the frames.

👤There is a nice collection of colors. These are good for paper crafting. It was very easy to use. If you want to highlight a printed name, you can see some of these. It looks different than using a pen.

👤I tried to peel up a bit on the ends, but otherwise perfect. The colors and ease of use make me happy.

👤I am amazed by how many colors they are. I have been using these tapes for a few weeks and have not found a color that I dislike. The tapes have a wonderful, distinctive washi feel to them and the color of the tape is very vibrant. Longer pieces stick well, but pieces towards the center of the book tend to rise a bit. The edges of smaller pieces are not sticky enough to stop me from using them.

👤These tapes were purchased for use by my children at home and by my students at school for a variety of craft projects. The colors are vibrant, the tape is easy to tear, it sticks as much as needed, and it is easy to peel off when needed. These tapes are colorful.

👤It serves its purpose.

👤There are lozenges. For crafts. There are lots of colors. A hummingbird feeders with a water bottle. Adds color and sticks well.

👤You could possibly want every color of skinny tape in this set. The assortment of colors is not balanced. There are 6 rolls of teal shades, most of which are very similar, but only 2 variations of purple. The colors are pretty, and you get a decent amount on each roll. I got my set through the warehouse for less than the regular price. I think this is still a good deal even at full price. I'm happy with my purchase.

11. Painters Decorative Classroom Scrapbooking X10 93yards

Painters Decorative Classroom Scrapbooking X10 93yards

The great value for kids is the Boys and Girls Arts Crafts coloring items and ideas, and the Prime bulk craft tape modeling and painting laboratory for adults and kids. Their colored masking tape set comes with 12 colors, which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light green, Sky blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Black, Brown. Each roll has a width of 12mm and a length of 10m. The tape looks lovely. Great for arts, crafts, organizing, decorating and other things. The colorful paper tape is non-toxic, acid-free and odorless, making it safe to use. You can write on the colored masking tape with various pens. Do not harm yourself or your children. It's easy to poison/tEAR. The painter tape has perfect stickiness. Colored masking tape can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, paper, whiteboard, painted wall, floor, and so on. The colored masking tape can be easily removed with no damage to the surfaces. It's perfect for arts and crafts activities. There is an application for this. The tape can be used in many places. These can be used to label moving boxes, storage containers, and documents to stay organized. Good for home/party decoration. Also can be used as painters tape. A must-have for artists. The best choice of Gif. When selecting a gift for your friends and children, are you usually in confusion? Colored masking tape is a great gift. A good gift choice is a crafting project for kids and teachers.

Brand: Zo.yehaa

👤I use this product to label my students laptops. 3rd graders used the labels for about a month before they began to peel off. There is a I used this product to tape down a laminated document to a student's desk and it immediately started peeling at the end. I used regular scotch tape to secure it. I don't want any leftover messes on the laptops. I haven't seen any traces of it.

👤I have little rolls of different sizes with me. I haven't used it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

👤I used it to move my Grandmother and it was organized and quick. We used the rest for art projects with the kids.

👤The product was clearly made a few years before and had dried out.

👤My grandson likes to make things with boxes. I got him this tape because of the different colors. It has scissors. Good stuff for masking tape.

👤I knew they would be cheap and short. I was not happy with the length and the glue.

👤This was a gift for a child and they loved it.

👤The price of good tape is a bargain.


What is the best product for decorative tape for kids?

Decorative tape for kids products from Smij. In this article about decorative tape for kids you can see why people choose the product. Umetdo and Fabulas are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tape for kids.

What are the best brands for decorative tape for kids?

Smij, Umetdo and Fabulas are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tape for kids. Find the detail in this article. Disney Bundle, Anvel and Agutape are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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