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1. VEYLIN 10Roll Decorative Notebook Wrapping

VEYLIN 10Roll Decorative Notebook Wrapping

You can use this tape to decorate everything you want. Your gift box will look better with bright and beautiful colors. 10 rolls of shiny black gold washi tape, many different pattern on the tape, choose a beautiful decorative tape or many types which you like, match perfectly, show different beauty are included in the package. The washi tape set is made of tearable paper withremovable glue and can be torn when you decorate your book, but it won't stick to your hands. Each gold tape is 15mm wide and 5m long. You need enough length to decorate your notebook. There are 10 different style pattern, flower, triangle, slash, arrow, fish-scale pattern and so on, shiny pattern make your scrapbook more attractive. The gold black masking tape is a great decoration for decorating computer monitors, clock, walls, frames, books, keyboards, crafts, wrap pens, pencils and so on.

Brand: Veylin

👤I used this as a substitute for ribbon for my Christmas gifts this year to save time and add a little extra flair. I let my kids pick their favorite rolls and use them on their gifts. I will never use ribbon again, it saved me a lot of time and looked great, it also didn't tear the wrapping paper if I needed to redo the line. They came together after I stuck a premade bow on there. This will be my go to for gift wrapping in the future.

👤A little goes a long way. It still gets the job done.

👤Beautiful colors are used for cattle.

👤The edges of the book were decorated. Not boring now.

👤It was nice for my needs. There is a Well pleased with the product.

👤I like these tapes, but I have found that the gold wipes off so that you have just a black tape.

👤The paper sticks to my project and I love the colors.

👤A more formal look for a variety of crafting can be achieved with beautiful and neutral colors. It was used as a border for art projects. Sticks well.

👤It was difficult to guess the width from cm to inches but it worked out well for the money. I have only tried 2 colors so far. Will buy again.

👤I use this product as a border around my paintings.

👤The quality of the tape is pretty good and the glue is strong. No regrets about buying these.

👤It looks great and sticks well.

2. Decorative Adhesive ,Supplies Wrapping Scrapbooking

Decorative Adhesive %EF%BC%8CSupplies Wrapping Scrapbooking

The gold black masking tape is a great decoration for decorating computer monitors, clock, walls, frames, books, keyboards, crafts, wrap pens, pencils and so on. There are 3 rolls of glitter washi tape, each 15mm wide x 5m long. The washi tape is made of paper. It is tougher than ordinary paper and has a longer life. There are multiple uses for Washi Tape. It can be used to decorate almost any project, perfect for paper crafts, bullet journals, Christmas, weddings, card making and so much more. The washi tape works well for paper crafts, but it is not really sticky.

Brand: Ciajie

👤This was the perfect design for my name plate. Love the color and glitter. One less star is because it came off easily and I had to add another tape to keep it from peeling off. I would have given it 5 stars if it was more sticky.

👤We used this for a kids party project, so it was fine, but it wasn't very sticky, and I would have been upset if it were for something more important.

👤Couldn't start the tape to use.

👤I had to use gorilla glue to stick on the walls, but they were pretty in color.

👤Tends come off easily.

👤Good quality, not very sticky.

3. YUBX Embellishment Decorative Journals Scrapbook

YUBX Embellishment Decorative Journals Scrapbook

Quality: Excellent. All the tapes are of great quality and have high quality control standards. If you have a problem, just contact them, you are protected by a satisfaction guarantee from Dalus. The washi tape with dog and kitten patterns will make you happy. The pattern was printed from elements of pets. This tape is the best choice if you follow crafting trends and have a sweet imagination. It's easy to paste it to any place you want. You can remove the tape and stick it again without leaving any damage. There are multiple functions. The washi tape is a great way to use for many things. There is boundless sowing. All the tapes are 10 ft (3m) long. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubx

👤I bought these to make my workday more cute. I have a very grownup 9 to 5 and kawaii stuff makes me connect with my 5 year old me that was always excited about going to school because I would have a reason to use and buy more adorable stationery. Certified Sanrio child here. I am sure I will find an excuse to use these. They are good for everyday use. I am new to Washi Tapes, but I am a stationery fanatic. I don't have a lot to compare them to, but I'm happy with what I see.

👤It's a good deal for many designs. A good mix of tape. It's not sticky at all. The edges of Washington tape lift off as soon as you put it down. I don't need the tape to be removed. The designs are cute and you get a great amount.

👤Get them now. They are cute and stick. The set is really affordable because of the many designs. The small rolls are the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Absolutely in love.

👤These are cute. I gave these to my toddler. The graphics are too cute to be wasted. There are also a lot of washi tape rolls. They stick well and come off easy. I was really happy with my purchase.

👤Everything falls off my wall.

👤The tapes are really good quality and they are cute too. They stick well and have an interesting texture. I was surprised as well. There is a I have a couple favorites out of these, but there are also a couple I really don't like. I wish I could have bought the two individually. It is alright. They are good for the price. Definitely recommend.

👤The washi tape was very good, but it was hard to unroll because it was smashed on one corner. The product is beautiful and great deal.

👤So cute! The gold foil on them makes them look better in person.

4. Gold Glitter Washi Tape Ft

Gold Glitter Washi Tape Ft

The washi tape works well for paper crafts, but it is not really sticky. The package includes a gold glitter washi tape. The tape is 16 feet long and glitter gold. This product is great for making art and crafts. The product is made of quality tape.

Brand: Unique

👤It was almost non-existent. I wrapped this around a pipe that was covered in duct tape as part of a prop. It didn't want to hang on. I had to squeeze every inch of it to get it to hang on, because I had to hold onto it at one end. I put it aside for a while and then picked it up a few days later. It peeled off completely, leaving no trace.

👤It looks great and is the perfect width for my needs, but I was disappointed that it didn't stick to the paper card stock as well as other tapes I use.

👤This item is 192" x.625" x 1.875", which is half the size advertised.

5. Yubbaex Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

Yubbaex Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

There is a plastic core. The dimensions are 6 ”L / 3” W / 3 ”H. This washi tape has a rich variety of shapes and patterns in black gold foil to let your creativity shine. It adds to the beauty of photo frames, journals, phone case, make-up and gift wrap. Their paper is durable and re-sealable, and it can stick to most clean surfaces. There is a pack of 10 extra long 9/16” (15mm) x 16” (5m). The craft tape is a great way to highlight important dates in your planner and bullet journal. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubbaex

👤The product doesn't have a lot of glue on it. Do not recommend.

👤I'm usually disappointed in Amazon's ability to package things. They fail in using the right box/envelope and employing proper peanuts, bubble wrap, and even air pockets. Many things are bouncing around in a bigger box, or they are damaged in the box with no damage to the outside. There is a I try not to order things that are too breakable because customers shouldn't be used to that. There is a The company that manufactured this figured out a way to get their product to the customer despite shipping pitfalls and I'm so happy about that. Please see the pictures of the little box that was packed with my order, then the envelope that was put in. The tapes were packed the same way I arranged them in the first picture, and this also came with a measuring sheet, which I've never seen before, but was a nice detail to include! The quality is fantastic, the price is not too expensive, and I will definitely use this company again in the future because of their attention to detail. There is a I like the designs. It's nice to get something that's in good condition.

👤The washi tape was black and gold. I haven't used it yet but have looked at the quality of cutting when they come on a roll. This one is elegant and perfect.

👤I didn't know what to expect when I used washi tape for the first time. I assumed that it was how it was meant to be because it didn't stick to an old lampshade. Then read all the reviews and see if it sticks. The money is wasted.

👤At this time, not using any. I used a small piece for my key. I can't really stick to anything. Not happy with the purchase, will look for something else.

👤They look nice, but they don't stick very well. Every time I put them on something, I have to re stick it or put a piece of regular tape to make sure it stays on.

👤This tape is amazing. I have bought washi tape for a long time and it is better than any I have had before. Stays on and doesn't look through. I will order more.

👤I am not happy with this washi tape. It is gorgeous, but it is not sticky. I love how they look, but I have to glue them to my paper to use them, which is very frustrating since this is supposed to be tape. There is a The design is pretty and the tape is thick, but it isn't sticky enough, which is an obvious issue.

👤These were bought for journaling and they were great. If you're careful, you can take it off again without leaving a trace or ripping the paper, because the glue is just right. I use 135gsm paper, so it depends on the quality. The metallic finish is beautiful and art Deco.

6. Adhesive Metalized Polyester Detailing Suitable

Adhesive Metalized Polyester Detailing Suitable

The product is made of quality tape. Their tape is made of quality PET material, which is Wear Resistant and Anti Rust, and is not easy to deform, allowing you to use it with confidence. This decor tape can be used in many places, such as industrial and graphic arts, decorative trim, nameplates, advertising displays, and so on to make an ideal decoration effect. Their tape for wall decor is more charming and noticeable, suitable for various parties and home decoration, adding more vibrancy for the whole environments. It is easy to apply, stick and remove, and will not leave any marks; you can simply cut the film to the length you want, and attach it to the position you want. If you want to change the look of your house or party, metalized mylar film tape for wall is a good choice.

Brand: Zonon

👤The multiple sizes and great price value are what I like.

👤I used this to make my daughter's wall bigger. We were both very excited about the final outcome, only to find it all peeled off the wall the next morning. The wall was painted with an eggshell finish. It's not clear what to do to make this stay. So disappointing.

👤Needed to use lines on the wall. It doesn't stick on the wall. On the same day, comes off. What a waste of money.

7. Solid Decorative Adhesive Masking Meters

Solid Decorative Adhesive Masking Meters

Packing 16 rolls of washi tape are in the package. The length and width of each roll are the same. The washi tape is acid free. Christmassy colors are perfect for art and crafts. 15mm wide x 10m long. It tears easily and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for home décor and craft projects. There are multiple uses for Washi Tape. It can be used to decorate almost any project, perfect for paper crafts, journals, Christmas, weddings, card making and so much more. You can peel off yoko tape without damaging your project and if you need to, you can re-position it.

Brand: Syntego

👤Wow! I used a strip of copper craft tape as a wallpaper border to cover my mess-ups on the wallpaper, and it worked! Looks great! It was easy to use and I like the look. A+!

👤I used this to frame my TV and it worked perfectly. I paid $6 for my washi tape and got a gorgeous result, because everyone else can pay 2K for their Frame TV. It was pink!

👤This was bought for wall decor. It's not built for that. I thought they were larger than 50 cents, but the picture is deceiving, and I was using it for a bedroom wall decals, but the tape didn't stick to the wall. Product was returned. A dollar or quarter would be a good size photo to show the tape next to. It was pretty good.

👤Since I live in a rental, are you going to use this to make a geometric pattern on the wall? The table pull off doesn't damage the paint. It was perfect for my project.

👤I used it to frame the border on my IPad. There is a It was what I needed. It gave my IPad a completely different look. It is so very. It's versatile. There are so many ways it could be used.

👤I work for a national department store and during the holidays we have been hanging hundreds of red shiny ornaments for the past couple of years. I use this to make the ornaments look brand new.

👤It seems like it is very nice. It doesn't stick very well. The tape came off even though it wasn't touched.

👤One of my favorite ways to make a difference on my design.

👤It's brand new and it arrived the morning after I ordered it, so you know it's brand new. It tears without being cut or bitten. It doesn't feel sticky, but it sticks to any surface paper, plastic, and I have a light switch on the wall. It isn't come off of it's own accord. I'm a crafter and I know bad tapes, but this is amazing. Definitely recommended.

👤It was used to cover an edge on the bottom of my bathroom mirror. It now looks perfect. It has been on there for a few months and hasn't bubbled. I can wipe it over when I clean the mirror. Would recommend.

👤I wanted the gift box to look attractive. The tape did the job perfectly.

👤Good to wrap presents. It's easy for little fingers to undone.

👤It was very easy to use and very cheap.

8. Masking Decorative Scrapbooking Wrapping Decoration

Masking Decorative Scrapbooking Wrapping Decoration

This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays. 10 different patterns of washi tape are available with 15mm wide. There is packing Each roll of washi tape has a length of 26.3 feet. Re-positions can be torn by hand. Excellent quality is made from high-grade materials. These tapes can be torn and stick to almost any surface. Clean and vibrant colors are delivered by precise printing. There are multiple uses. Black foil gold masking tapes are perfect for decorating Christmas gifts, diaries, postcards, cards, envelopes, blackboards, children's rooms and more. Colorful tapes are perfect for kids, they bring their fun and also help them develop their imagination to create their own world.

Brand: Viviquen

👤This was amazing. I realized I was going to have to do it myself, since I've been looking for an art Deco inspired phone case for my Priv. These patterns were what I was looking for. I was annoyed that I had waited so long to do this because of the ease of cutting. I put a coat of polish on my case after covering it in the desired pattern. You will also love these.

👤The patterns are beautiful, but I was a bit skeptical about purchasing them. I used tape to make my photo pop from the white wall, as you can see on the photo. I used it to make a used door mirror look better. There is a I have used Washi tape before and it sticks. It is easy to remove. The black tapes look great. I think the gold stripe design would have looked better on lighter colored items if it had been on the mirror. I am very happy with the purchase, the pattern, and the price.

👤I bought a gift for my boss when he was leaving the company. He was a graduate of NKU and the colors were black, gold and white, so I used a selection of Washi tape to wrap around the gift paper. I wrapped his gift and it looked great.

👤It's really beautiful, not see through at all. The colors are classy. There is a The issue is that some of the rolls were not cut properly, as a result the edge of the rolls keeps getting cut, and if you try to unroll it, it keeps making it break. That is really disappointing. The ones that were cut were really nice.

👤I don't know how well they would work for crafting, but they work great for masking. I use washi tape for masking the border on my paintings. As long as you don't try to pull it off too quickly, it won't rip up the paper. I've used it with both coldpress and hot press watercolor paper.

👤The tape is supposed to stick. The tape is not very strong. It was peeling at the edges. I used paper to tape it. The designs are nice.

👤I've been using these to decorate my notebooks. The glue is a bit weak, but it's not causing any issues for me, so it might be the way I use it. It's great for use on paper and cardboard, and the plastic-y surface of some notebook covers. I'm using different sets of washi tape.

👤It is only 0.2 inches, which is the same as 15mm (W). 15mm and 23 inches are not the unit of measure. The roll would measure 10 inches if these were 1/2 inch. Stop wasting their time.

👤Not a good product. When I tried to use, I was tearing and ripping. I wish I could have come back. Garbage they go!

👤I was looking for a gold and black washi tape. I don't know if it's because I had hand sanitizer on my hands or if it's because the black print smudged. I smudged the gold with the triangle print. Some prints in the set are nice. Some of them are not real.

9. VEYLIN 10Rolls Decorative Masking Notebook

VEYLIN 10Rolls Decorative Masking Notebook

This is a great gift for creatives. These retro washi tapes are a great addition to your personal belongings. Each set is carefully packaged, making it a beautiful gift for journal lovers. You can choose the size which you need to decorate your gift wrapping or notebook. The best choice for packaging gift boxes is a pattern made of line, wave or stripe, which has different stripes on it. It's made of soft paper and sticky glue and it's easy to cut off without any tools. The Golden Foil Tape Set is a good choice for those who want to make art crafts or gift wrappings. You can use pastels to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping. It can be used as a sticky note paper and home decorations.

Brand: Veylin

👤The tape was thin and transparent. I would try to remove a piece from the roll, but the strip would rip in half or pieces would fall apart. I wasted half of the roll. There was no tape on the rolls. There is a The designs were beautiful, but I wouldn't buy from this company again. The washi tape was terrible.

👤Some tapes tearing/ripping easily when rolling out gave them 4 stars. I've used a lot of different brands and some were very easy to tear and rip. It is easier to avoid if you go very slowly. These tapes were beautiful and compliment some of my other tapes.

👤These were more sheer than I expected, but they were cute. The problem is that two of the wider rolls were stuck on one edge, causing them to rip all along the edge as they unfolded. I can't fix this. 2 out of 3 rolls are bad. Disappointing. I wouldn't buy again.

👤The tape is pretty. The ends do not stick good, so would have given five stars.

👤It was the first time I bought washi tape. It sticks to my pages and doesn't damage them. I tried using the lighter colored ones to cover up a mistake I made but ended up using the black one. The colors seem to match the picture. A nice addition to my bullet journal. I put coins in the picture to make sure nobody is wondering.

👤I was looking for a set of decorative tape for gift giving. I knew that these were small because of the reviews. I was surprised at how sticky the tape is. All my gifts were wrapped and looked good. Highly recommended.

👤I have gotten great results from what I have used, but haven't had much chance to use them yet.

👤I love the variety of sizes and patterns in this tape. It's good that the tape comes up easily, but it's bad that my markers don't write on it. I wanted to write on them with a marker, but it rubbed off.

10. Decorative Masking Scrapbooking Wrapping Planner

Decorative Masking Scrapbooking Wrapping Planner

Black masking tape is a great gift for kids. A good gift choice is a crafting project for kids and teachers. The amazing super slm tapes. Each roll of washi tape is 13 feet in length. QTY: 48Rolls; Material: Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly Natural Paper Fibers. 10 years experienced washi tape factory guarantee is the high quality standard. Every roll fits the standard of "No Stain, No Damage" and is moderately sticky for easy removal. FEATURES: No Residue, no color fade, and no damage to Walls and furniture are all included. It's perfect for kids, teenagers and adults, and is fully compliant with the requirements of card making. Money back within a month! Will reply within 24 hours and give guidance of using.

Brand: Nanynnu

👤These tapes are used to design items. I can use these for so many things. It's important to decorate and personalize things. These are great for crafts.

👤I thought I was getting something in the picture. I wanted some of the ones that didn't arrive. A lot of the tapes match what is in the picture, but a lot are completely different. I wouldn't have ordered this for that reason.

👤It's amazing! So cute! I exceeded my expectations. Each of the 48 rolls is easy to peel and sticky. I bought it to journal. Great purchase for your money. The rolls are small and wide for the purposes of decorating. I was looking for a thin Washi tape and it was perfect for me. So cute! Highly recommended!

👤The tape is not wide when viewed and read. The price is good, and there are many uses for it. It adds a punch to card borders and envelope edges. If you're used to wider tape, this might not be for you, but I think it's a good value and gives lots of options for using it. You will like it if you use your imagination. There are many colors for matching. It is a very useful item, having been used for several months. The colors are cheerful. It can be removed if you want to change it. I'm going to purchase a second order. In other reviews, many people are calling it thin, and I believe they mean not wide because they are confusing width with thin.

👤They are thinner than expected. I bought them to decorate Bible pages as I read them.

👤The washi tapes I ordered were colorful. I wanted them to be colorful, so they could go with any theme, and I wanted them to be narrow, so they could be used as margins and dividers. The washi tapes come in a cute gift box, I liked that, and they are narrow, just as I wanted. I used to have a set of Recolections washi tapes, but the colors look a bit washed out. I was willing to let that happen until I tried to stick the first piece of tape on my planner. The piece came off because the glue is so weak. I tried a few of the other rolls in this set and the result was the same as I thought that the particular roll was malfunctioning. I paid $8 for 48 rolls of washi tape, which is cheap, but why would someone pay $8 for washi tape that doesn't stick? There are many positive reviews of this set. Unfortunately, this set will be returned.

👤I used 2 pages of the planners I bought. I used the tapes as a border around the page I pasted over. You get a lot out of the tape. It brings a pop of color but doesn't take away from the purpose of my planners.

👤I have discovered that I don't see as well as I thought. I'm always surprised at the size of the items I buy. These are not very skinny. So... 1. It's easy to work with. They're stiff so it's not a given initially. Trying to put them in a spot means having to manipulate in order to keep one end pressed while trying to align the other. 2. It seems to hold well once it's in place. I put it on a remote and have no issues with it working. It is only a problem after a while. 3. It's tiny! The reason for this purchase is no longer relevant because I have found actual cases for the remote. I wish I was more of a scrapbooker. Maybe these will inspire me. I'm sure I'll find uses for Washi tapes, they're the prettiest things out there.

11. Weyoo Metallic Mirror Decorative Inches

Weyoo Metallic Mirror Decorative Inches

There are multiple uses for Washi Tape. It can be used to decorate almost any project, perfect for paper crafts, journals, Christmas, weddings, card making and so much more. You can peel off yoko tape without damaging your project and if you need to, you can re-position it. The material is made of high quality plastic. It will last a long time. With a mirror-like finish. Each roll is approximately 55 yards in length and 2 inches in width. It's great for making art, and you can decorate a gift box. You can use this tape to decorate everything you want. Your gift box will look better with bright and beautiful colors.

Brand: Homeimpel

👤Have used this on many projects and have been very pleased with the results. It is very thin, so keep that in mind. This isn't thick like vinyl or duct tape. Maybe more on par with mylar wrapping paper. It will not hide underlying flaws and can be a little tricky to get a smooth, bubble free finish, but it is a beautiful rose gold, almost coppery color and is easy to move around without tearing. It sticks to a smooth surface and is even better. It's not appropriate for anything outdoors, but it's perfect for a decorative touch on any indoor project. You get a lot of it, so plenty to work with. It is definitely worth the money.

👤I was not expecting this to be transparent, so I missed something. I wanted to use it on a wall as a highlight line between two colors, but I couldn't see them through the tape. Not good. There is a The color leans towards gold. It's a good quality tape. I don't know what I'd use it for.

👤The clear packing tape stayed on completely, so I had to use it. I lifted it on foam core and cardboard box. If you don't mind the extra step of adding tape on top, then go for it. It's for aesthetic reasons.

👤I used this as a border on a poster board. It worked well as a border. The tape is very thin. If you try to remove it, it will ruin the poster board if it touches the wrong spot.

👤I was looking for a specific shade of Gold and this was too much of a Yellow Gold color for what I was looking for. There is nothing wrong with it. The packaging wasn't the right gold color. I was looking for something.

👤The rose gold is great.

👤Excitement to use this turned to disappointment. Doesn't stick without extra glue.

👤The tape pictured above was not rose gold. Very disappointed.


What is the best product for decorative tape gold?

Decorative tape gold products from Veylin. In this article about decorative tape gold you can see why people choose the product. Ciajie and Yubx are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tape gold.

What are the best brands for decorative tape gold?

Veylin, Ciajie and Yubx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tape gold. Find the detail in this article. Unique, Yubbaex and Zonon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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