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1. Agutape Rolls Skinny Decorative Masking

Agutape Rolls Skinny Decorative Masking

31 inches x 8.25 yard are 4 rolls. The dimensions are:0.12 inch wide X 16.4 feet long. A clear plastic box with 48 rolls tapes, 16 rolls of washi tape and 32 rolls of washi tape. The tapes are designed by US designers. The 48 rolls of decorative tapes are fashion designs and are perfect for adding splashes of color to back to school gear,stationary, diaries,planners, and more. Adults and kids love them. The Washi tape is a great way to highlight the important dates in your planner and frame computer monitors, keyboards,wrap pens, and pencils. Quality. The tapes are produced by advanced machine and have high quality control stanards.

Brand: Agutape

👤This washi tape is amazing. I like every single pattern. I bought this skinny style because I wanted to use it in my journal Bible and not take up too much space. It's easy to remove and adjust the thin pages. I am very impressed. Highly recommended!

👤I used this tape to line my Bible pages. My husband thought I was crazy as he watched me carefully line the tape up for each page, but the result is beautiful and makes it my own! I only line the first page of each book and sometimes the page of a favorite Bible verse so that it's easier to find. There are many different types of washout tape to choose from. Some of them are metallic, and they are all beautiful. I use every design in my Bible. My friend bought this tape after seeing my Bible. Hope the photos help! My Bible tabs came from a seller. The bible is a journal.

👤One-third of these are bright colors, another third are softer, and one third are gold-foiled. There is a nice mix of geometrics and cute shapes like hearts, stars, clouds, pineapples and mustaches. It was a challenge to cut my tapes perfectly, they were tiny. I am very happy.

👤I had previously purchased the White Umbra Casa Tissue cover and thought it was charming, but seeing it as a blank slate made me think of ways to personalize my house. The house was cute before adding decoration tape. It fits your average tissue box perfectly and creates the illusion of a smoke coming from the chimney, so you don't need to worry about taking the box with you when you grab a piece. You can find that product here on I found this washi tape when I was there. I decided to decorate the tissue cover after I found designs of washi tape that appealed to me. It worked well. I used washi tape between the roof and the main shape of the house and larger washi tape for the large areas. It worked well. It is important. Also, note the following. I can compare washi tape to a post it note because it is not very sticky. It's perfect for temporary decor or for journals and scrap books, and I could also see it working on lockers and mirrors. It worked well in over lapping layers and I used clear masking tape to reinforce the ends of the tape for clarity. There is a Both products have a lot of potential.

👤I have been doing diamond painting crafting and when you finish it you need to put something on the edges to keep it from unraveling or if you want to frame it. I had some washy tape that was thick, but only one color. I decided that I could add the thin strips to the other tape and make it have more details. I enjoy this stuff. It's a little hard to use because it's so thin. I need to get more storage containers for them. They don't fit with the rest of my tape.

2. Rolls Decorative Masking Crafts Wrapping

Rolls Decorative Masking Crafts Wrapping

The gift set isTTY. Good gift for homemakers to teens and kids. It's great fun across different age groups and 100% of product satisfaction. Each roll has 1 roll, 25mm wide x 1 roll, 15mm wide x 3 roll, and 8mm wide x 1 roll. The pack of 48 washi tapes has a colorful design that will satisfy both kids and audlts. 48 tapes add beauty to your craft projects. High quality. The tapes are made from high quality Pape which is easy to peel and cut. It's great for arts and crafts. When you remove the masking tape from the wall, there is no sticky mess. It's great for kids. The washi tape can be used to stamp their personality on their playroom walls. The whole family will enjoy using this washi tape set. Add washi tape tabs to mark important pages in your journal or planners, and enjoy creative hands-on. Let their tapes be your favorites. 100% guarantee. The washi tapes are made of high quality paper. The washi tape set is a great way for the whole family to demonstrate their artistic skills.

Brand: Mooker

👤I got this because it looked nice and the wife wanted to make her Christmas packages look different, so I thought that would be something I have not seen before. I thought it was larger because I am a guy and we don't read instructions. She was looking for a different look in her packages and it has worked well for the use of wrapping gifts. I will never have the imagination of a lady who used this stuff as wallpaper in her collectible doll houses. For me, the gift wrapping thing was perfect, but the number of things you can use it for is limited by your imagination, and I have never thought of anything like this before.

👤I have never heard of Washi tape. He was interested in the idea. I was not happy to pay the price that I see in many craft stores for something I am new at. I saw this bundle of 50 and thought it would be a good idea to try it. The colors are nice, but only show up like the pictures on a white background, on the roll they look duller, but this is because of the see through nature of the tape. I have no problem removing the tape and placing it again, it works like a post it sticky note. The small rings of xtra cut were present on mine. It's too small to really be used. The rolls are wrapped in a plastic box. The box is flimsy and won't be my choice.

👤It's perfect for painting. The paper is water resistant. I really like the variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Some of the pinstripe rolls have 2 colors or 2 designs on them. It does not matter if you use these for painting. Does the job go according to plan?

👤Good quality and good patterns can be found at great value. The package I received had a flaw in it, but that resulted in a thin strip of tape and many projects derived from it.

👤Resident washi tape junkie. There is a There is a great collection of washi tape. I covered the back of my laptop with these tapes at one point and was amazed to find that they lasted for about 6-7 months with minimal tearing/scratching/etc despite being dragged everywhere. Buying in bulk is a great option for anyone who likes cute washi tape.

👤I bought two for myself and a gift. The tape is presented as bright and cheery in the pictures. I don't want to decorate journals and scrapbooks with dark colors. The picture I posted shows the tapes in a different way than they are advertised. I only kept a few of them and they are getting donated. The money was wasted.

👤It's gorgeous! It is easy to use and the washi tape quality is excellent. I buy washi tape from this brand every single time. It is gentle upon removal so that the art is not damaged. I use my favorite colors for packaging and the designs that I don't care for more are used for clean lines on art. A good deal all around.

3. Mr Painters Drafting Labeling Colorful

Mr Painters Drafting Labeling Colorful

Quality. The tapes are produced by advanced machine and have high quality control stanards. 6 x masking tapes are included in the package. In 6 different colors. There are 6 bright colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink and Red. Sticks and Holds are firm in place without any tear or curling. It's easy. Acid-Free Tape can be torn and removed. It can be written with a pen, pencil, marker, or both.

Brand: Mr. Pen

👤I received this tape today. The rolls are small. I wanted to take watercolor paper to a board. It's not too gummy. The tape I was using was sticky. I have bigger rolls of masking tape around the house, but I wanted to tape wc paper. If there are any problems that arise, I will update, but so far, so good.

👤Don't buy items that have high ratings on Amazon. The high rating for this product is beyond me because after less than 24 hours the tape's elasticity begins to loosen and it begins pulling away from the material. It's not thick enough to hold. Not satisfied with the value for money. Don't waste money on this brand. Very disappointing.

👤The six pack of tape is pretty colorful and matches the item description colors. masking tape is more like painter's tape. I could pull it off after twenty minutes. You can write on the tapes with different pens. A marker was what I preferred. It's great for art and craft.

👤These were bought for the grandkids so they could have their own roll of tape and it would come off easily. The product was used by a coworker to mark students chromebooks and was used to find the letters for those who are new to computer keyboards.

👤I use this tape to tape watercolor paper down. The top layer of the paper will be taken off if you don't get a little lint on it. It does a nice job of keeping my paper on my board and it doesn't paint the boundary. I'll most likely order the same kind when I run out. It came with a mustache. What more do you want?

👤I didn't know how small they were. I need them to tape down my vinyl projects when I use my Cricut to hold them down. I am responsible for not checking properly because I assumed they were bigger roles. I like them. I like the colors a lot.

👤I was expecting the normal width of the masking tape when I ordered it. This is only a small area. There was nothing in the description that indicated that this was painter's tape with low adhesion, so I was expecting something like regular masking tape. Make sure the product is in line with the description.

👤It's great for toddler playtime. I use this tape to teach colors and use it for different things with toddler play time. It is a 6 pack and is great value, instead of one color of masking tape. I didn't read the width and the rolls are smaller than I expected. It will be great for our needs. We use it to put paper on the wall for stickers and toilet paper rolls for dropping toys. It is sticky enough to keep everything up and on the walls, but not sticky and gross.

4. Duck 283039 Printed Galaxy Inches

Duck 283039 Printed Galaxy Inches

Better coverage is offered when protecting, supporting, repairing, holding or seal materials. The cloth is coated in a material. Up to 3 weeks for temporary floor marking. Not for direct sunlight. Excellent for repairs, crafting and imaginative projects. There are a variety of patterns. It is easy to tears by hand without curling. It's perfect for kids and adults. Excellent bond to a wide range of surfaces: cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic, metal, and laminates. Made in the USA. Colored Duck Tape is about 10 yards wide. One roll.

Brand: Duck

👤Who says my luggage doesn't match? The duck tape makes it easy to spot my bags at the airport.

👤The pictures are more vibrant than the actual tape, but it's a tad blurry, which I was expecting after reading reviews, so I decided to buy it anyway. It could be a sharper image. We still enjoy it. It will work for what I wanted. If they have it in stock, the price isn't much more than it is at Walmart, with the convenience of not having to go and get it. I have been trying to get this one from our local Walmart for a while and they just haven't gotten it back in yet. We use these for a lot of things, but we also make a small number of themed/color bin cages for hamsters that we sell locally for those that don't want to buy everything and make them themselves, or are unable to make them but want a bigger, cheaper cage than

👤I waited forever to get this one because it was a bit more expensive. Some responsible person might say that I didn't need another roll of Duck tape. I finally paid for it. There is a This one is very strong. It's too good for a crafter. The Duck Brand tapes seem to be more aggressive. It is difficult to use without a help. This roll is harder to pick up at the cut end and harder to pull out the length you need, so when done, fold a piece under like I show you in the picture. It is a pretty color, but it is not as bright as most other prints. You can write on it with a pen. I wish there was more for the price. I did a few small office items and I am running low.

👤I thought the tape would have a shine to it, but it doesn't look like that at all. It's pretty cute, and it's galaxy print. I wanted to use it for decor purposes in my niece's room, but the quality of the graphic is too low to be displayed. The tape is blurry in person. Maybe foggy. It is not as pretty as the pictures show. I kept it and will probably use it for crafts or just for repair purposes, but I don't think I'll use it for decor because it doesn't have the clarity and quality of print.

👤This Duck Tape is different from any Duck tape I've used before. The sticky side part of the duck tapes has been very strong and easy to remove, as well as a piece that can be ripped off with no scissors needed. I used the galaxy one. The regular ones are smooth, but the sticky part is not. It is still sticky, but there are lines on it. It's still strong, but not as strong as previous ones I've bought, that don't have lines on it. It is more difficult to just rip a piece off. I don't think the extra lines on the tape will make it stronger.

5. EnYan Collection Decoration Decorative Scrapbooking

EnYan Collection Decoration Decorative Scrapbooking

If you have any problems, please contact them and they will make sure you get the best solution or a full refund. There are five different rolls. Each roll has a width of 10mm and a length of 5 meters. Premium Japanese paper washi material has no odor at all. These decorative tapes can be written with a pen or marker and torn directly, no need for scissors or teeth, and stick to almost any surface, but will not leave a sticky mess. It's perfect for planners, bullet journals, bible journals, arts and crafts, and more. They can be used to personalize your own stuff. The basic collection of washi tape has a variety of pink green brown black and pure color. Your friends will be amazed by the creativity you will make with this tape. The present set isTTY. Good gift for homemakers to teens. It's fun in different age groups.

Brand: Enyan

👤I used this to wrap all my Christmas gifts this year and it works, it is terrible for the environment and I am trying to be better. Not. It's slimy. I use 3 pieces of tape for a box, one on the bottom and two on the side. I used 3x that with this and it still didn't sting. After a night of wrapping, I come out every morning. It would be a major fail if twine was holding it down. This stuff doesn't stick. Not worth the money. The rolls are very small. There is another washi tape.

👤I purchased this tape to hang artwork on the walls, but anything I've hung, no matter the size, the tape inevitably loses its adhesion and peels off the wall. The bigger issue is that the tape cannot hold the weight of the paper. There is a When you wrap the tape around itself, it holds up well. I taped a few layers around my house key so that I could differentiate it from the others, and that has held up for many weeks despite being exposed to the elements. I taped around the edges of some nobs on a washing machine, but that tape has not peeled up despite being exposed to a lot of water.

👤The customer service is great, so I have withdrawn my previous comment. It is not easy to get that right these days. Good luck with your business.

👤I think the tape would work well for bullet journaling. It doesn't hold notes very well and I bought mine to hang on the wall. It is light paper but still falls off. I still think the tape is great.

👤The product is too narrow for me and it sticks to my paper.

6. Rolls Washi Tape Set Scrapbooking

Rolls Washi Tape Set Scrapbooking

The blue/yellow/green washi tape can be used to decorate many items. They are all very cool. There are 48 rolls of washi tape. Tall and straight trees, fresh fruits, colorful flowers, and cute little birds are included in 48 unique patterns. It adds a lot of energy to your life, no matter where you put it. It's light and delicate and you don't have to worry about leaving traces when you remove it. You can write on it, so it's good for a lot of things. If you want to give a gift to your kids and friends, washi tape is a good choice.

Brand: Aapozz

👤These guys are so thin that I can't believe it. I like the designs and prints. The thin ones on my thumb are useless for me. There are some creative people out there that would make good use of them, but I don't think this is a good use of them. I wish the small stuff didn't exist. I only give them four stars because of that, but other than that, they work for their intended purpose. You can use them if you decorate with them. I compared the thickness and size to a pencil in the last picture to give you an idea. These are samples of washi tape that I will use again.

👤There are a lot of 8mm washi tapes. The rolls are small, but there are many to choose from. It's still a good value. The extra thin 3mm rolls are the cuts between the rolls. The tapes are printed on a big roll and then cut in between gap tapes so the wider rolls are not cut with imperfect edges. The mini tapes are a nice addition to the set. The washi tapes are nice. They can be removed if needed. The patterns I received are similar to the ones shown in the first photo.

👤I have used 16 of the 48 rolls. The washi tape has good and bad qualities. Here are some. I tried washi tape on two different BuJos. The washi tape behavior is the same. The washi tape sticks to the page immediately, so removal and replacement is not an option. The paper comes up with it when I try to remove it. The washi tape needs a few seconds of adjustment. There is no wiggle-room left. I like the variety of colors and designs. - The washi tape is not transparent. If I want to use it to cover a dark-ink mistake, you can see it underneath most of the designs. - The washi tape is too thin for most BuJo needs. The description includes the measurements. I won't take off points for this. I like washi tape that is wider. There is a This washi tape causes waste because it is easy to rip. I stick to myself when applying and unrolling.

👤I chose this product for its variety of colors, width of tape, and "bonus" pack of 3mm tape. When I opened the package, I was happy. The tape patters are very good. The bonus tape is hysterical. It looks like you can print a whole sheet of tape, cut it to 8mm, and use the extra 3mm to make two different patterns. Absolutely worth it!

👤Alright, this is... Some of the designs are different. Most of them are nice. I bought this because I thought the extra rolls were a great deal. The tiny rolls are where they take a tube of material, print designs on it, and then cut it. The scraps/remnants from between the rolls could be either plain white or half of the design. It is nice that it is small, but I haven't found much use for a half-printed gift rolls. They are not that great. It is so-so. I will probably spend my money somewhere else.

7. Decorative Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive Supplies

Decorative Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive Supplies

This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays. The washi tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,walls, frames,books,keyboards, crafts. The designs are bright and lovely. Your friends will be amazed by the gifts and decorations you make with this tape. You will find the newest designs in this premium set. It's a box full of fun. The tape won't damage your walls or furniture; you can remove them and stick them again without leaving any damage. If your kids get into them, you don't have to worry. If you have a problem, just contact them. There are too many colors in the world. I want to paint a lot of colors. I want to use color to create a path for my life. I want to use color to give me a beautiful dream, tell me. Life is always colorful.

Brand: Mpopuul

👤The item was well packaged and none were stuck together like other reviewers said. I can tell from what I've seen that the glue is fine. The reason for my 3 stars is that I did not receive heart stickers and an idea book, but more importantly, I was promised 60 different rolls, and as you can see from the photos, there were many duplicate prints, very disappointing.

👤My son saved up to buy this because he likes to randomly use washi tape for crafts. The designs are pretty, but not too much on each roll. The tape doesn't make a clean break line when you rip it with your fingers, but it was fine for our purpose. The rolls are in a gallon bag.

👤I got this set along with a skinnier version for general crafting. I like how the tape looks. Some of the rolls are papery, but others are more ribbon like. It looks expensive, but good quality. I didn't think of the booklet of ideas, like covering a cork board, but it came with a free heart sticker sheet. If you make a mistake with the tape, it comes off easily, but I haven't seen a trace of it yet. I put a pencil in my picture so you can see the roll is a little less than an inch, but it is not a duct tape size. I am going to use the thin ones for scrapping instead of the ribbon ones.

👤I have purchased Washi tape from four different sources in the past month. I was also given some. This doesn't stick. The rolls wouldn't stick in my planners and journals. Very disappointed.

👤These were a pleasant surprise. These are a steal of a deal because they are smaller than the rolls at craft stores. They were packaged in a plastic box. If you run out of a particular pattern, you are out of luck.

👤I'm using the tape for a planners and it's not a big deal because it has a slightly better glue. The colors are bright and vivid and shine in person. I think different people would have different preferences about that sort of thing, but I wish the tape was a little less thin. I liked the variety and the size of the rolls.

👤This product is not marketed as washi tape. I'm an artist and I've recently been obsessed with using washi tape, but this tape isn't even the same material as washi tape. It's hard to cut with an exacto knife, and it's completely opaque. If you're looking to use it as an art supply, you'll have to look somewhere else, even if you don't need a very strong tape.

👤60 rolls! Wow! I only had one duplicate in all of those rolls. It was pink and silver. I love all of these combinations. They sent a sheet of heart stickers and a how to book with project ideas, as well as the washi tape. It's all great. It's a great way to start your collection.

8. Yubbaex Decorative Supplies Scrapbook Geometric

Yubbaex Decorative Supplies Scrapbook Geometric

The gift set isTTY. Good present for homemakers. The washi tape pack has three sizes in one set, 30mm wide x 2 Rolls, 15mm wide x 2 Rolls, and 8mm wide x 2 Roll. The design is geometric. The washi tape collection is very fresh and charming and is a great choice for everyone. The traditional crafts and paper used in this tape are of the best quality. It can be written with a pen or marker, you can easily tear or cut it, and without leaving behind glue. The use of the word muti-use. The washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping, and can be combined with clear nail oil to nail. It can be used as a sticky note paper, disposable bracelet, game props, and other cool uses. Each roll is 16'3" long and has a size of 4. There is a notice. The gold foil on the cover is protected by the release paper on the backing of the tapes. You can get the sticky tapes if you remove it. This washi tape is not a RIBBON.

Brand: Yubbaex

👤This isn't a standard roll of tape that I've used before. The cardboard roll is hard to use and store due to the fact that all of the "tape" wants to fall off of it. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought this because it's inconvenient.

👤The tape was stuck. You can't peel it off because it stuck so hard. The tape is not useful.

👤This washi is gorgeous. I like it. It's a pain to store washi because it doesn't stick to the roll and you have to remove paper backing. I need to use other washi to keep it safe. I would buy it again.

👤How else to say this? Its not sticky. It doesn't stick. Like not at all. Not pretending to. It's tacky to the touch, but not tape and therefore useless.

👤My first time using washi tape. It's not easy to peel the backing of washi tape. The gold foiling on these rolls looks nice. There is a I received one of the rolls that had lost all of its glue, so it was a complete waste. Probably from being old. It was not a big deal for me because it was my least favorite design. I like the slim box that they came in and the game with a gridded straight edge which has been handy for smoothing it out and lining things up. There is a I like that it doesn't rip up paint, and it's cute.

👤I love the colors on the tapes. It's just beautiful! They are my new favorite.

👤I loved it. I would buy it again once I finish the ones I bought, they are pretty and shiny, the design is great, and the texture is great. I decorated the pictures with the tape. There is a It has a protective paper in the back that you can peel and put where you want it.

👤I like the design of the tape, but should have read the reviews. The backing of the tape makes it useless to me. Storage is also a pain because of the roll coming and staying untangled, making it difficult to peel off the thin layer that protects the gold foil elements. Don't even think about it.

👤The backing on the tape can be hard to peel off, even though it is beautiful and stylish. I like that I can try it out before peeling the backing off, as I like to test out the sizing and straightness before sticking it on. The roll loosens because the tapes have backings. That could be a problem for storage. They used a very sticky glue in the first part of the roll to keep it from loosening, and it left a mark on the part of the tape it was glue on. It will come off if you rub it well. It would have been nice if they put glue under the backings so the roll wouldn't loosen. If you purchase it knowing what to expect, it is not bad.

9. Decorative Masking Scrapbooking Wrapping Planner

Decorative Masking Scrapbooking Wrapping Planner

Black masking tape is a great gift for kids. A good gift choice is a crafting project for kids and teachers. The amazing super slm tapes. Each roll of washi tape is 13 feet in length. QTY: 48Rolls; Material: Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly Natural Paper Fibers. 10 years experienced washi tape factory guarantee is the high quality standard. Every roll fits the standard of "No Stain, No Damage" and is moderately sticky for easy removal. FEATURES: No Residue, no color fade, and no damage to Walls and furniture are all included. It's perfect for kids, teenagers and adults, and is fully compliant with the requirements of card making. Money back within a month! Will reply within 24 hours and give guidance of using.

Brand: Nanynnu

👤These tapes are used to design items. I can use these for so many things. It's important to decorate and personalize things. These are great for crafts.

👤I thought I was getting something in the picture. I wanted some of the ones that didn't arrive. A lot of the tapes match what is in the picture, but a lot are completely different. I wouldn't have ordered this for that reason.

👤It's amazing! So cute! I exceeded my expectations. Each of the 48 rolls is easy to peel and sticky. I bought it to journal. Great purchase for your money. The rolls are small and wide for the purposes of decorating. I was looking for a thin Washi tape and it was perfect for me. So cute! Highly recommended!

👤The tape is not wide when viewed and read. The price is good, and there are many uses for it. It adds a punch to card borders and envelope edges. If you're used to wider tape, this might not be for you, but I think it's a good value and gives lots of options for using it. You will like it if you use your imagination. There are many colors for matching. It is a very useful item, having been used for several months. The colors are cheerful. It can be removed if you want to change it. I'm going to purchase a second order. In other reviews, many people are calling it thin, and I believe they mean not wide because they are confusing width with thin.

👤They are thinner than expected. I bought them to decorate Bible pages as I read them.

👤The washi tapes I ordered were colorful. I wanted them to be colorful, so they could go with any theme, and I wanted them to be narrow, so they could be used as margins and dividers. The washi tapes come in a cute gift box, I liked that, and they are narrow, just as I wanted. I used to have a set of Recolections washi tapes, but the colors look a bit washed out. I was willing to let that happen until I tried to stick the first piece of tape on my planner. The piece came off because the glue is so weak. I tried a few of the other rolls in this set and the result was the same as I thought that the particular roll was malfunctioning. I paid $8 for 48 rolls of washi tape, which is cheap, but why would someone pay $8 for washi tape that doesn't stick? There are many positive reviews of this set. Unfortunately, this set will be returned.

👤I used 2 pages of the planners I bought. I used the tapes as a border around the page I pasted over. You get a lot out of the tape. It brings a pop of color but doesn't take away from the purpose of my planners.

👤I have discovered that I don't see as well as I thought. I'm always surprised at the size of the items I buy. These are not very skinny. So... 1. It's easy to work with. They're stiff so it's not a given initially. Trying to put them in a spot means having to manipulate in order to keep one end pressed while trying to align the other. 2. It seems to hold well once it's in place. I put it on a remote and have no issues with it working. It is only a problem after a while. 3. It's tiny! The reason for this purchase is no longer relevant because I have found actual cases for the remote. I wish I was more of a scrapbooker. Maybe these will inspire me. I'm sure I'll find uses for Washi tapes, they're the prettiest things out there.

10. Yubbaex Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

Yubbaex Decorative Journals Planners Scrapbooking

It can be written with a pen, pencil, marker, or both. The design of the Skinny Gold series is balance of the traditional culture and modern advanced craftsmanship. This set of washi tape luxury is a noble and elegant symbol of japanese traditional Oriental culture, with patterns which seem complex but connected and with the gilding. This masking tape use traditional crafts and paper with a soft surface and lasting color, you can easily tear or cut it, without leaving glue. The use of the word muti-use. The washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping, and can be combined with clear nail oil to nail. It can be used as a sticky note paper, disposable bracelet, game props, and other cool uses. Each roll has a length of 16'3" and a width of 3mm. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubbaex

👤The tapes are opaque and not see-through. They are small and stick well. If you have to remove them, they will stick as if new. They are also very shiny.

👤The value is great. I expected them to be small after looking at all the photos, but I use them for page dividers in my journals and I wanted them to be small. I wish they made them in silver as well. They stick great, even better than expected, but not so well that you can't properly place them, so if you have to adjust, you can do so as long as you do it right.

👤The tapes were so thin that I thought I wouldn't use them much. I was wrong. I used this tape more than any of the others I have because I put together many photo scrapbooks, including 3 recent ones. I want the photographs to be the focus of my pages, but I have to add stickers and tapes to make them look better. These tapes make the pages more attractive by adding some color to the picture or by bringing out a given color in a picture. I was able to apply the tapes because the tapes can be re-positioned. Once in the final position, they stick well. When I want to use more than one color in a photograph, their thinness allows for that. The colors I received were nice and there was a good amount of tape on each roll. I liked the fact that I didn't have to worry about unrolling the tapes. I had to throw away part of the roll because I found tapes that were less than the width of the tape. The tapes did not have that problem. I would buy them again.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for washi tape packs, and I found some good ones, but I wasn't a fan of the bunched-in rolls. I loved every roll in this set. It's the perfect thickness for me. Sticks well and pulls off easily. Some rolls have gold shimmer. All of the tapes are beautiful.

👤I had high hopes for the washi tapes, but they came in the mail and were mistreated because they looked bigger than they were in person. The tapes are about 1-2 millimeters long. They don't have the best glue in the world but will hold up for my journal. They come in a variety of colors and designs. These would be perfect for a small journal. They don't tear your paper when you need to adjust the tape and they look like it would hold up. The washi tapes would not be noticed at first glance. They can be difficult to use and place, but they look good in my journal. Would I buy these again? These were not only for me, I was looking for something thicker. I will definitely be using these in my journal, even though I'm not sure if washi tape is small and thin.

11. Yubbaex Decorative Supplies Scrapbook Fromantic

Yubbaex Decorative Supplies Scrapbook Fromantic

Simply Genius has a gold sequin pattern on duct tape. New. Retail packaging. The design is geometric. The washi tape collection is very fresh and charming and is a great choice for everyone. The traditional crafts and paper used in this tape are of the best quality. It can be written with a pen or marker, you can easily tear or cut it, and without leaving behind glue. The use of the word muti-use. The washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, hand book, bullet journal or gift wrapping, and can be combined with clear nail oil to nail. It can be used as a sticky note paper, disposable bracelet, game props, and other cool uses. 6 roll per unit, 9/16" wide, 16'3" long for each roll. This washi tape set is a great gift for everyone. It's fun for everyone. It's a great gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays.

Brand: Yubbaex

👤It is important to note that washi tape is not designed to be as sticky as normal masking, packing, or duct tape. It is a very delicate tape that is used for two purposes. I have purchased other washi tapes in the past and they are more sticky than this one. It was perfect for what I use it for, and didn't give me any problems. I made sure to smooth it down with my fingers. This tape is beautiful.

👤I found this tape exactly as I expected, even though the colors seem a tad duller than in the featured picture. I read lots of reviews before buying and they captured what I thought I'd get. The tape looks pretty, and it sticks well to paper and my bookshelf. It will require some review changing if it comes off in a day or two. The second picture shows the tape is slightly transparent. It looks better on lighter surfaces. If you don't have scissors, the tape is easy to rip. There is a Some of what I wrote stayed on the tape, as it has a slightly smoother texture than the pencil and pen. I have not tried many types of washi tape yet, but I think it was worth the price.

👤I'm happy I got these. I use these in my Cagie planners. The pics were taken in the day light. The second set was at night. It is good. They were easy to move around in. I cut it in half to see how it would look. I like it better. If I could just cut straight. I put tape on my bottles. I don't think they will last, but they are cute. There is a There are more on the company's website. I need to know if they have any with silver foil. So yes! These are worth trying.

👤I made washi tape flowers using black ink, black powder, and a heat gun. The tape is too slick to hold on to the powder, but it looks really nice and was a fun experiment. The flowers can be used in a card or a book. I thought the tape would be a bit more metallic, but it is just the same. The quality is good. The colors are what I was expecting.

👤These have no glue at all. They are pretty, but don't stick very well, and that is what I needed.

👤The washi tapes have a great design, but the glue sucks. I was thinking about using a glue stick to keep these on my planners. These tapes are pretty.

👤I use washi tape to block off watercolor paintings. It's a bit decadent when regular craft masking tape is due, but here I am. This stuff is great. It was better than expected. You want washi strong enough that it doesn't tear the paper when you try to lift it. You don't want it to take on too much water. A lot of them have a light wax coating that makes them shiny and helps repel water.


What is the best product for decorative tape pen?

Decorative tape pen products from Agutape. In this article about decorative tape pen you can see why people choose the product. Mooker and Mr. Pen are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative tape pen.

What are the best brands for decorative tape pen?

Agutape, Mooker and Mr. Pen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative tape pen. Find the detail in this article. Duck, Enyan and Aapozz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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