Best Decorative Throw Blankets with Fringe

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1. Madison Park Chloe Cotton Tufted

Madison Park Chloe Cotton Tufted

The Throw is a luxurious addition to your home decor. This throw has a 4-inch fringe on each end and is elegant and bohemian. This ivory cotton throw has a 4-inch fringe on each end that adds a charming country look. This cottage throw is perfect for all seasons because of its lightweight and natural feel. 50"W x 60"L + 4 x 2 is the throw. The machine wash care instructions.

Brand: Madison Park

👤Throw was what I wanted. When it arrived, I was excited to open it. I was disappointed to see the black print of the ribbon that was tied with it. I wanted to keep the throw, so I threw it in the washer with Hope's black color coming out, but it faded to a lighter shade of black ribbon stain. They should use white ribbons to avoid that.

👤It's a perfect match for my bedding. I only use it for looks on the bench. I was surprised at how rough it was, as my bedding is softer than that. It's not a blanket that's made for snuggling, it's a blanket that's only for looks.

👤The picture is pretty but it is not soft. Very disappointed. If you want to use it for decoration or to cover up, this is for you. The ribbon is being taken off by Ayer. I noticed it was stained.

👤A beautiful blanket! It works well for my space. I wish it was a little bit softer for snuggling, but other than that it is great!

👤The material looks gorgeous in the photos, but is very thin. I intended to use it as a decorative throw on my bed, but it was too flimsy and wouldn't last long. It won't add any warmth. I agree that it has a towel feel to it. It is overpriced for what it is. If it was going to be a wall hanging, I would probably keep it.

👤My cat likes this blanket so I hang it over the end of my bed to let her see it. It's light weight and washes well. It's soft enough to be a guest room. I got the white one and it's not pure white. The back of the blanket is flat without any weave and the design is similar to terry cloth. It looks more expensive than it is. Highly recommended for gift giving. I wash this blanket once a week. It holds up well to washing on a white cycle and lets cat hair go better than woven blankets. I was impressed. I will get more for the spring.

👤It was very rough. See through. Not a blanket or throw. There were stains on mine. I will return it. It is cute. It was very cheap made.

👤I followed the directions, but the blanket was still in the wash tub. The tassels at the bottom came loose. It is still usable after being cleaned, dried and trimmed. This throw is draped but it is not a blanket to keep you warm. I don't think this would hold up to regular washings. Not worth the price tag to me. I would have returned it if I had not washed it.

👤Quick delivery. It was well packed and made.

👤I already have bedding from Madison Park so I bought these throws to compliment it. I had the idea to use them as curtain panels. As a curtain, it's easy and lovely. One of the panels had a run in the design and the fringe was caught up in the stitching, but the other was great. They are a beautiful blush pink and I am very pleased with their appearance.

2. Amélie Home Blankets Ruffled Breathable

Am%C3%A9lie Home Blankets Ruffled Breathable

Easy Care is made with shrink resistant fabric. The machine wash is cold. Dry on low heat. There was no bleach. The Waffle Knit Throw Blanket has a classic and timeless design to satisfy the needs of the most exquisite customers. It works well for decorating a sofa, couch, or armchair, giving a more sophisticated decor to an entire space, and is suitable for all seasons. Their most splendid fluffy yarn is high quality. Their Waffle Knit Throw Blankets are lightweight and soft. It's anti-wrinkle, fade-resistant, and doesn't shed. The soft and lightweight knitted throw blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch or bed. InSPIRATION: They created their throws to reflect the most romantic experience of being in Love. Surprise your loved one, a friend, or a colleague with this sophisticated gift. It's very comfortable and easy to maintain, which makes it a perfect present. The blanket is soft for a relaxed and casual look. Easy care. It looks and feels amazing, but it's also easy to maintain. They recommend washing in cold water. Do not iron your dry clothes, they should be washed on your lowest dryer setting.

Brand: Amélie Home

👤It seems lightweight and comfy if I am reviewing it as a blanket as a whole. I am reviewing what I saw in the pictures and what I got. The fuzzy sweater is hard to tell the color from the opaque blanket in the pics. Not what I am looking for. Will come back. I wonder what will happen when I wash it.

👤I love it! It's a great accent, and it's perfectly made.

👤It's lightweight but not warm. There are gaps in the knitting that are hard to see in the pictures.

👤I gave this a five star rating because it's the loveliest shade of gray blue. It is well made and washes well on gentle cycles. It's soft, but not overly soft, and it's a nice throw blanket for cool evening or morning temperatures. It's nice for spring in the Pacific Northwest.

👤It is not even remotely soft or lightweight and it looks pretty in the package. I was looking for a throw to put over my legs. It is heavy and scratchy. It's not something you would want to do in the fall or spring. I wish I had gotten it.

👤The pictures make it look nice, but it is made of two different materials. Stock photos don't really demonstrate, but you can tell in person. I would rather pay more for a nicer blanket. The color is pretty.

👤This is one of the most comfortable blankets I have owned. It is so soft after a long day. I like the light color. Will order again in a different color. This blanket is perfect for relaxing with.

👤I expected the blanket to be light but it wasn't. I expected it to be a bit thicker and warmer, but it is very hole-y and leaks cold air for the price.

👤La couleur est parfaite et la texture aussi, par contre. Je l'adore.

👤J'avais besoin. Aucune satisfahisante, aucune pas trop.

👤I'm sure the blanket is nice. Blue is not a dusty rose. QC needs to do better.

👤It's beautiful, just the right weight and soft.

👤The couleur et the toucher!

3. Knitted Blankets Lightweight Decorative Farmhouse

Knitted Blankets Lightweight Decorative Farmhouse

Money back and quality issue warranty for 90 days. QUALITY ASSURANCE The soft and fluffy touch of the knitted throw blankets is different from ordinary blankets and throws, it is a perfect choice for lightweight soft warm throw blankets, a combo with other items in winter. Provide after the sale. FANTASTICAL COMBINATION The raised diamond shape knit design of the blankets and throws is well-arranged. It's a great idea to decorate your home for holidays. A good blanket is a combination of the right price, good design, and good adaptability. It can be a shawl for traveling in the fall of the leaf or a scarf to keep warm in winter, and it is a beautiful room decoration or throw blanket for sofa and bed. There are tips. The particularity of the knitting process of the knitted blanket makes pulling it hard. It's easy to care for. Their woven blanket is fine if you use separate washing, gentle cycle, and low iron methods. Their blankets could be washed up. After the first wash, the blanket will become soft and fluffy. GIFT IDEAS: People drape knitted diamond patterns as shawls in your room. It is suitable for homeowners. Throw blanket for women is classic but not tacky as a gift. The difference in color happens due to different settings. They want to show the color. One of the images shows the difference in lighting. These instructions will help you buy a throw.

Brand: Inhand

👤I am obsessed with throws. I have many but I am on a quest to find the one. I think my search is over. I was impressed with the packing when I got this throw. It was seal tight, and nothing was getting in. After washing it, the real test came into play. It was very soft and one of my top desires. The size was perfect. Big enough to cover my whole body, but not so big that it drags the floor behind me like a body is wrapped up. The back of the couch is a good place to put the blanket when I am not in it. The designs on the blanket remind me of grandmas throw, which she kept at the foot of her bed. It is stylish, soft and made to last. After the first wash, no string was out of place. I might order another one because I love it so much, my daughter will leave mine alone. I give this throw a solid 10 out of 10. If you are on the fence, purchase it. Trust me, you will be happy.

👤The blue blanket is beautiful, but thin and not useful as a blanket. If you are looking for something to decorate your house, then this will work for you. If you want to use it to stay warm, there are better options out there.

👤The blanket is soft. It's warm enough for a couch throw and feels very thin to the touch. The design is beautiful and the shade grey is a nice shade. It's perfect for taking a nap, folding in half, and using as a leg warmer while sitting on your couch. I gifted this blanket and I don't know if it will pill or not. If you want it to last a long time without getting on something, you should use a throw blanket or decorative top blanket on the bed.

👤I thought it would be good enough for staged decor, even though it was thin from the other reviews. Nope. It looks very cheap because it is so thin. This one is going back. There is a Some of the 5 star reviews are not true. They all say the same thing and the pictures are the same.

👤This is a very nice blanket. It's not the warmest, but it's perfect for covering some worn upholstery on a chair, and it's quite thin. My run-down chair is soft and nicely elevated. The cost of re-upholstering is less than what I have to pay.

👤This was very thin. I sent it back because it was too expensive.

👤It was purchased as a throw. The color and texture are the same. It is thinner than it looks, which did not increase its worth. I still gave it as a gift, but wouldn't buy it back.

👤I am really happy with this purchase. The blanket is soft and looks good in my office. I was worried that the mustard yellow would be too golden. I love it!

4. Americanflat Chenille Throw Blankets Dark

Americanflat Chenille Throw Blankets Dark

The 50x60 inch blanket has two-inch fringes on each side. The medium weight chenille throw is ideal for all seasons. The quality: The Americanflat throw blanket has been designed for comfort. This delicately soft throw is specially created to be fade andwrinkle resistant. Do not wash with bleach, tumble dry or iron. Pulling at the blanket may cause it to thread, so they don't recommend removing tags. Add the blanket to your chair or couch as a decor item or use it for snuggling to make movie night extra cozy. Product color may vary slightly due to the dying process.

Brand: Americanflat

👤Was excited at first, but then it turned to disappointment. After the first use, I noticed that my clothes were covered in shiny powder. I tried to defunge it a bit by tossing it in the washer. It left a mess in my washer. I thought the dryer would be able to handle it, and hopefully that would happen. No, no. There is lint everywhere. I am definitely not going to be using it. Even though I gently cut the tag, the blanket still got holes. If I hadn't trimmed the tassels, I would send it back immediately.

👤I would run away from the blanket. I washed it and it made a mess in my washer and dryer. This product is very messy and I would rate it a 0 star. It was like a glitter bomb exploded in my washer and dryer. Everything I washed came back with glitter. Don't buy this product, do yourself a favor. I'm not sure how I'm going to remove this from my laundry machine.

👤I wish I had known before purchasing this that it leaves a faint glitter on everything, even after washing it, because I think I got a faulty one. You can see the glitter in the picture with my sheet. On my bed, on my pants, on my car seats. I can see in my hand that it leaves adust like cotton candy everywhere. It is very soft and comfortable. I am throwing it away because I am tired of seeing glitter and dust everywhere.

👤It stops there when you love the color and softness. The fabric was so thin it had holes in it before I used it. Don't buy this if you have rings or fingernails.

👤The blanket is gorgeous! I was looking for something that would give my bedroom an autumn feel. It is not very thick. I only use this for a show. I am upset about how the label was placed. I took off the plastic pieces holding it on, but the fabric still had holes in it. I was going to order another for my winter decor, but I don't want to buy a blanket with holes in it when I take the label off.

👤Don't buy this piece of trash. It leaves lint on everything. The fibers are embedded into your furniture, never to be removed. I thought washing and drying would fix the problem but it made it worse and my laundry room was covered in dangerous material. I have a baby and if he gets into problems because of inhaling this stuff, I'm going to take the manufacturer to court. I know they won't cover the cost of ridding my home of the dangerous lint, so they should return the money I wasted. The water is cold. I regret buying it.

👤The colors are pretty and the price point is great. You get what you pay for. The photos people have shared are correct. I have never seen so much lint. It leaves small particles on my clothes. I was hoping to put these on the backs of the chairs to use when it's cold, but they'll have lint on themselves when they're done. It dyed a white towel pink that was accidentally left in the washer so the fabric bleeds color as well, so beware when washing!

5. LIFEIN Super Throw Blanket Couch

LIFEIN Super Throw Blanket Couch

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Within 30 days, you can return and exchange blankets and blankets. There can be color differences due to different settings. On the image detail page, they show the color difference under different lighting conditions. Hope these instructions will make your shopping experience better. When you enjoy your time in your living room or bedroom, you can use a decorative throw blanket to accent your couch or foot of bed. It's a perfect couch throw, so you can consider it a cooling blanket. This throw blanket is in burnt orange rust and is a pretty easy way to match your room to add an extra solid terracotta feature. The farmhouse style of the couch throw blanket matches the look and feel of the spring. It's a cooling blanket in the summer, it keeps you warm in the A/C room. This rust throw blanket is so elegant in the fall. Don't you want a soft throw blanket to warm you up in the winter? Quality Assurancelifein blanket size 50*60" is made of premium microfiber and has an extra fluffy silky smooth touch and is about 1.6 lbs. The weight of these throws makes them lighter and warmer than a normal blanket. If you want to give a gift for Christmas,Thanksgiving,Easter or other holidays, a good cozy blanket is a combination of right price and satisfactory adaptability. Images may have chromatism.

Brand: Lifein

👤This is soft and beautiful. When I saw the rust color in the vacuumed package, I thought it was the pink throw. The beautiful color of rust was obvious when I took it out of the package. Very happy.

👤I was so impressed by the package that I was going to pre wash it. It was ready to use when it was taken out of the drier.

👤The blanket is nice, it's exactly as pictured. It is definitely worth the money, and I am sure not everyone likes super soft blankets, so it is up to your personal preference. It is lightweight and keeps you warm, which makes it a perfect blanket for hanging out on the couch or outside. The pattern is beautiful and the quality is good. I am happy with it for the cost. It is perfect to use decoratively, so I highly recommend it. It's great when used as a blanket, but I prefer super soft blankets, but my partner uses it daily, and he always cozied up on the sofa with it after work. He loves it and it has held up well. I would get more for guests and decor in the future.

👤It is soft and lightweight. Love the color.

👤The color is beautiful, but it was a problem coming out of the bag, and it took two days to get it all over. This is not good for long term use if you have kids or pets.

👤I was very happy with the throw. It looked pink in the package, but was actually rust after removing the packaging. It seems very soft. I can't tell you how it is after washing, but it seems like it would wash well.

👤I love this blanket. It is light and soft. I was looking for a color that was beautiful.

👤The throw is very soft. Think of a shawl as a blanket. The color is not aqua. This is what I was hoping for. You can see my fingers. I enjoy all of the facts. I bought this for my guests to use. It's very warm. It's made from recycled material. I might buy another in charcoal.

6. Bohemian Blankets Knitted Lightweight Decorative

Bohemian Blankets Knitted Lightweight Decorative

GIFT IDEAS: People drape knitted diamond patterns as shawls in your room. It is suitable for homeowners. Throw blanket for women is classic but not tacky as a gift. The difference in color happens due to different settings. They want to show the color. One of the images shows the difference in lighting. These instructions will help you buy a throw. Special woven workmanship gives you a new feeling about throws. This luxurious throw will compliment your home with its sumptuous texture and style. The blanket is very warm. It's easy to store and carry with, it can be used for many things, such as: cover for the table, bed as decorative,movie theater, yoga, outdoo, and even if you go camping or hiking, it's perfect for. The decorative woven throw blankets are made of 100% high quality acrylic, super soft comfy lightweight cozy touch extremely warm, strong anti- sunlight and excellent light fastness, they are suitable for all seasons, measures 50 x 60 inch. Farmhouse throw blanket environmental printing dyeing doesn't shed and is dust-proof. Do not bleach or tumble dry the hand wash or soft machine. If there was any smell, it was gone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will try to help you solve the problem. They want their customers to be happy.

Brand: Domoku

👤The design and pattern of this throw is very thin and lightweight. It's being used more for decoration because it's useless as a blanket. I don't think this will hold up to laundered money. There is a I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I use this throw as a lightweight cover when I sit on the couch. It's not a heavy blanket, but it keeps me warm. I drape it over my coffee table because it matches my teal colored sofas perfectly.

👤I like this blanket. It's perfect for my royal blue velvet couch because it has a beautiful array of colors. Reviewers said the blanket was too small. It's not meant to be a big blanket. It is large enough to look nice on a large chair or couch. The blanket is more tightly woven. I would try to protect it from pets with sharp nails. The fringe on the blanket adds to how pretty it is. I hung it up to air dry for a couple days after taking it out of the bag, and it didn't smell bad. What are you waiting for? If you don't like it, return it. P.

👤The blanket I bought adds color to the room. I love this item, but it doesn't do much for warmth. It would be a good blanket to use in the summer. It is great if you are buying it for looks. If you need something more functional, you should keep looking.

👤My sister is recovering from a knee replacement and I bought this blanket for her. The blanket is soft and comfortable. It drapes from her shoulders to her feet when she is sitting on the recliner. She loves it because it is very attractive.

👤It appears to be well made, but slight sent out of package so rinse and dry. The colors of the throw are beautiful, with royal blue through baby blue and light turquoise with gold yellow contrast. The photo doesn't show the best advantage. It should have been woven with thicker yarn.

👤The throw is okay. I thought it would be thinner. I wanted to use it across the foot of my bed, but it was too small.

👤I was very pleased with the throws. The weave is very tight. It still works well, but I would have liked it to be a little longer.

👤La manta lleg. It's muy. It is agradable. Y calientita.

👤Quera dar un toque de color. Cumplieron estupendamente. Es un color vivo, ampliamente recomendadas. Parecen tejidas a mano.

👤A beautiful blanket. It's as advertised. Not disappointed.

👤Un excelente manta con buen diseo. No tienes por lo, sirve ms para decoracin.

7. Homiest Decorative Knitted Blanket Fringe

Homiest Decorative Knitted Blanket Fringe

Add the blanket to your chair or couch as a decor item or use it for snuggling to make movie night extra cozy. Product color may vary slightly due to the dying process. The Homiest Knitted Throw Blanket is made of 100% super soft Acrylic, durable, and so comfortable. It's perfect for lounging in a chair, reading a book, or watching TV. In winter, it can be used as a scarf. You will be nice and warm. Fringes & Vibrant Colors Decor - Solid color with decorative fringe, simple and neat for the perfect finish that won't break in the wash. If you need it in case you need it when traveling, keep it in the car or the luggage. The lightest couch knit throw blanket is 50" x 60" and it provides the ideal lightweight warmth. It's perfect to use as a part of your bedding or as a throw blanket that's perfect for relaxing. Roll it up and take it to wherever you want. On gentle/delicate cycle, machine wash cold. Dry on low heat. Direct heat can be avoided. There was no bleach. Homiest guarantees 100% satisfaction or 100% money back within 60 days. No question asked! You can search for "Homiest Throw Blanket".

Brand: Homiest

👤It's a pretty item and was bought for a specific reason, but it's really thin. I think the first world problems are correct.

👤I ordered some blankets. I only used them to cover something ugly. They are perfect for that. I used a blanket to cover my legs this weekend and it was fine. The material is not very soft. The weave and fringe were completely different when they arrived together, they were in the same packaging, bar code and label, but they were different. One was better than the other. It didn't matter because they are not used in the same area. If you need more than 2 for the same room, you can order more and send back the odd ball. They are fine for the money. Remember that you get what you pay for. They washed well and kept the scent of my detergent. If you're looking for a blanket to throw over a stain on your couch or a light weight blanket to use on your porch, I would recommend you to look elsewhere.

👤I don't know if I want to keep this. I received a throw that was not as pictured, so I am giving it 3 stars. The lighter shade of yellow in the pictures is not what the yellow is. I received a blanket that was almost orange in color. The weave is larger than the pictures show. It arrived quickly and is soft.

👤The blanket was wrinkled when it arrived. Something like this should not be wrapped. I didn't plan or wash it right away because I bought it for decorative purposes. It's very light and not very soft, like it would be in the images. I can get a nicer one for less at TJ Maxx. Will be back.

👤I like how light this throw is. I wanted to throw a few throws over a couple of chairs in my living room, so I ordered several colors. This is a nice yellow color, not garish or bright, but more of a subdued yellow. It is very soft. These throws are the perfect weight for my husband and I to use as we watch TV as it gets cooler in the evenings. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The accent chair was purchased for a pop of color. It is on the thin side, but it is soft and perfect for me. We don't use this room often so we don't know how it will hold up, but we are willing to take the risk. I was looking for a deep reddish rust and it was exactly what I was looking for. I also bought some velvet pillow covers on Amazon.

👤I was looking for a throw that was yellow and golden and this is exactly that. I washed and dried it and it was as good as new. Would buy again for other rooms.

👤It was stiff when it arrived, but I washed it and it softened up. It is pretty. It plumped up after being washed and is now full. I only use it for decorative purposes so I can't say if it is warm or not. I will be ordering a different color for my guest bedroom.

8. MOTINI Textured Blanket Striped Decorative

MOTINI Textured Blanket Striped Decorative

The washing guide is easy to clean. It features a striped design with white hue that blends into any home. This design is perfect for your home. It is highly recommended for yourself or a gift, and it is one piece 50" X 60" Hand Knit Throw Blanket, High Quality, Color White/Green, suits all season. The throw is charming. It's fringe trim is a timeless design that blends easily into any ensemble. A decorative throw blanket is a great way to warm up a room in your home. Adding this blanket will transform your living space into a cozy haven. The timeless design and practical size of this throw adds a classic touch and exceptional tassel accents to any home. The washing guide is easy to clean.

Brand: Motini

👤The design of this blanket is great. It works well with my living room. The blanket is more for looks. I don't think it would work for moderate use. The yarn is fuzzy and sheds after a few days. It seems to be prone to problems. The end of the yarn is badly damaged. Buy it if it's just for looks. I would avoid this product if it was meant to be used.

👤The blanket colors are nice, fabric nice enough, however the one I received had very loose green/aqua yarn running through it, and the yarn of the white body is a very loose weave. The biggest problem I see is that the throw is very linty and you need to be gentle with it. I won't wash it as it would be a mess and I will take the dry cleaner to see if a run through the cleaning process will help with the lint problem. It's nice looking, but it won't be used as a cozy throw.

👤The photos are nice, but these are actually nicer in person. They are light and strong. The light blue and dark green color combination is very beautiful. I am happy with them.

👤I bought this to add color to my couch and it was the perfect match. I use a throw as a decoration.

👤I washed it and it had a lot of fuzz balls on it. I returned it. Poor quality.

👤It's the perfect throw blanket, it's big, and great quality. I was really happy with my purchase.

👤I wanted to change the color of the sofa. This has a large white background and a lot of style. Well done. It was approved by her.

👤The blanket is pretty. I love the blue/green weaves. I have a small hutch in my living room and it looks wonderful. I was not trying to match them. Who knew?

9. Blanket Farmhouse Turkish Ultra Soft Peshtemal

Blanket Farmhouse Turkish Ultra Soft Peshtemal

All of their products are manufactured and sole selling, and Timeyard is a registered trademark. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund or replacement. 100x180 cm (40x 71 Inches) is hand made in Turkey and has a weight of 16 ounces. Turkish Throw Blanket is a Must Have Decor for Home, and is recommended by Home decor magazines like Elle Home, Ideal Home, as bathroom decor, Blanket ladder or as a farmhouse throw blanket. It fits the rustic, vintage, bohemian, farmhouse, Distressed, Modern Look and Mexican and fall decor. Peshtemals are large, absorbent, fast drying, great for travel, yoga, beach, sauna, and soft for babies and adults with sensitive skin. Pestemal can be wrapped around. They are hand-loomed with fringe and Multi-Purpose. The design is unique. There is a striped, herringbone with nice tassels. Can be used in a lot of places. It can be used as a shawl, table runner and scarf. An Original Glass Evil Eye is included in the package of their Turkish Throw Blanket.

Brand: Peshtemania

👤The item is sometimes referred to as a turkish towel. They are often used as towels in magazines. It is lightweight, soft, and designed to look hand made. The price and selvedges say that it is mechanically loomed. You will love it if you understand what you are getting. If you want a big throw, you will be disappointed. I use this as a decorative throw and then use it as a shawl or leg cover for one person. It is perfect as a light covering and looks amazing in my home. If you have pets or kids with pokey toys, it will quickly get caught as the cross threads in the design intentionally skip some of the vertical threads and so pose a snag risk. It will look best spread out on a small bed or sofa, as it is too thin to pop if draped or rolled. It slips off leather easily due to its soft texture and light weight.

👤So good! I used it as a divider. Light weight and cute.

👤This pattern is my favorite of the two that I bought. I'm very happy with it.

👤I love this blanket. I use it as a throw blanket and it works well with my neutral/boho look. Good quality for money. Will definitely buy another one.

👤It is soft enough. I use it as a throw. The thickness of the cloth is shown in the pictures. The cloth held against the lamp shows the weave and thickness. It is a good product.

👤I like this blanket a lot. I got the 41X70. The pattern of the tassels is subtle. It is a little more grey than I was expecting, but still cute. I wanted this to cover my blanket and it did the job. The front half of my dog's crate is now covered with a blanket. I don't use this blanket to cuddle up, but it's beautiful if you're looking for something decorative.

👤The color is as pictured. I bought 2 to cover furniture so my cats don't show wear on the furniture, however, I feel bad using such pretty throws for that purpose. My furniture looks great with these throws. I will be purchasing more in the future to use as towels and throws. I'm excited to see how they do it.

👤Great piece! I stage property and shop online a lot. This throw works well on the end of beds and furniture. I have ordered a few for various projects and two are currently being used. A person is packing a truck for a job this week. A coffee table with a bonus glass piece attached was used on a stack of books.

👤Me encanto, super smart, igual forma agradable. No se tienes de medidas mas grandes.

👤I thought it was bigger than it was. Excellent gift idea!

10. DII Farmhouse Blanket Camping Everyday

DII Farmhouse Blanket Camping Everyday

The throw is made of 100% woven cotton and has a fringe finish that won't fall off. These blankets are of the highest quality and are versatile. Adding color and texture to your home is an easy way to make it look better. These throws are trendy and stylish and can be thrown over a couch, chair, or bed to provide warmth on a cold night. Any place you need a blanket. DII throw blankets can be used as décor pieces, as a gift, or even as a way to take the kids to the beach. Care instructions. Machine wash colors separately, wash in cold water and tumble dry.

Brand: Dii

👤Have you ever been in an old barn that hasn't been aired out in a while? Have you been on a school field trip in an 1800's era cabin? Remember that smell? That is the smell of a blanket. It's the strangest thing ever. Yes, and yeah. I was not that sensitive to smells, so I thought, "Hey, I'm not that sensitive when it comes to smells." This blanket said "Oh, yeah?" Hold my beer. I sprayed it with Febreeze and hung it up to dry. The smell was removed but not completely. The aesthetic of the blanket is pleasing and was the look I was after. The secondary color on the Honey Gold blanket was white, but it is in the ivory color family. It's not a blanket with a husband and wife watching tv. Unless you're into smelly blankets, there's more for decoration.

👤I ordered all three of them. I fell over when I opened the box. This blanket was terrible. God only knows what I was exposed to because of the strong smell of mold. Definitely coming back!

👤I wish I had listened to the other one star reviews because this blanket is really bad. It is terrible. It is not in a clear plastic bag with any tags on it. I couldn't wait to get it sealed up and shipped back after it was thrown in a shipping bag, but I only knew what old musty basement it was in.

👤I like that this blanket isn't as soft as people have said. I put it on my couch because it doesn't slide off easily. I wanted a visually appealing one at the same time I bought it as a couch protection. Very happy with it. No pulling or anything. Will buy another in a different color.

👤The product smells like it has been sitting in water.

👤I like the blanket, it is a thick knit material. I have 2 dogs who love blankets and it has gotten a bit tight, but I don't mind it. Excellent quality. I like the design.

👤The blanket looks nice and I was looking for it, but it arrived smelling like mold and one of the threads is already removed. I want to wash it, but I'm afraid it's going to fall apart. I guess it's okay since it was only $20 I'm curious to see if it falls apart when I wash it. I'll leave an update after it's washed. There is an update. I washed it on the delicate cycle and it held up, even though I put it in the dryer. It left a lot of fringe on my washer. The initial thread was the only one pulled after washing, but it shrunk on each side. The smell went away as well. I used my regular laundry detergent as well as a laundry sanitizer to kill any mold that might have been in the blanket. I'm happy with the outcome for my needs, but won't update my star rating because it shouldn't have arrived like that. The second photo is of a blanket.

11. Rivet Hand Woven Blanket Stylish Charcoal

Rivet Hand Woven Blanket Stylish Charcoal

The geometric weave and fun tassels make this throw soft and stylish. The grey and white diamond and herringbone pattern has fringe wrapped in mustard yellow yarn for a pop of color. The blanket is 100% hand-woven.

Brand: Rivet

👤I love this throw. It's not meant to be rough, I read through the comments. I don't think it's very rough. It's soft as it should be based on the thread used. The threads on the tassels are not loose. I like the look of the unfinished metallic mustard thread. It's a beautiful pattern and the throw is perfect for my sofa. I'm going to read my book and cuddle with it.

👤I have to say that this is a beautiful and substantial blanket and that I will not be making any negative comments. It looks like great care was put into making this product. The neutral colors blend well with any style of decor. There is a This is somewhat unusable because of my negatives. The blanket arrived with a strong odor and is only dry cleaned. We don't use throw blankets for decoration in my house. The blankets get snotted and all manner of food items spilled on them. I might try to throw it in the washer on delicate and air dry because it is too nice to just use as decoration.

👤This throw is amazing. For the price, there is lots of texture, soft and luxurious. It has a different pattern in the knitting and the tassels. I couldn't find anything like this for less than $100. I was ecstatic to find this at $49.99 and feel like I got a wonderful product.

👤Not soft but pretty. Would buy again.

👤If you want to purchase this solely for use as a decorative throw, you should carry on. The colors are vibrant and deliver on the pop of contrast I wanted, while having a unique color blend that I needed. There is a If you are thinking of a throw that you can sometimes use on the sofa, this is not it. It is very loose and sheds a lot. The ring was covered in fibers while I was positioning the throw. It is very soft so can't see it being used for anything other than decorative. It is beautiful for my purpose. I am very pleased with it.

👤Some reviews mentioned that the blanket was soft. I like the look of it. I took my chance. I bit the bullet and bought. I expected a sweater that was itchy and a blanket that was soft. I'm happy with it, I'm thinking of getting another cause.

👤It's very thick and nice, but it smells gross. I made my husband smell it and he thought it smelled like mold. I paid $50 for a throw blanket and now I have to pay more money to get it dry cleaned to hopefully remove the smell, which is upsetting. If it wasn't perfect for my room, I would return it.

👤I was looking for a blanket that was well made, and this one is exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for a cozy blanket, this isn't it. The blanket is soft. If you're just using it for looks, it's fine. It smells like laundry that has been sitting in the washing machine for two days. It is a dry clean only blanket and it is disappointing.


What is the best product for decorative throw blankets with fringe?

Decorative throw blankets with fringe products from Madison Park. In this article about decorative throw blankets with fringe you can see why people choose the product. and Inhand are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative throw blankets with fringe.

What are the best brands for decorative throw blankets with fringe?

Madison Park, and Inhand are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative throw blankets with fringe. Find the detail in this article. Americanflat, Lifein and Domoku are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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