Best Decorative Throw Pillows 20x20

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1. DOWNCOOL Stuffer Rectangle Feather Decorative

DOWNCOOL Stuffer Rectangle Feather Decorative

The throw pillow cover needs to be washed in cold water or 30C by hand, and then lay flat to dry. The size of the insert is 12x20 and can be used for all types of shams and covers. Premium Material has duck down feather filling, 100% cotton fabric cover, and exceptional softness and breath-ability. The cushion insert function uses downproof stitching to avoid feathers from poking out and full pillow from corner to corner. This Throw Pillow stuffing can be used for a variety of pillows, including sofa pillows, chair pillows, bed pillows, and any elegant pillow case to fill and decorate your room or office. Machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water and sun dry or tumble dry on low. There is a note. For the best results, the insert should be used for 12'' X 20'' sham covers.

Brand: Downcool

👤The pillows do not deserve the benefit of doubt. The reviews about the smell and the washing were terrible. My boyfriend thought they smelled like gym pinnies when I first got them. I tried washing them and it made them smell terrible. Even after we cleaned the lint trap and duct, the smell lingered in our apartment and dryer for a couple days. It's a waste of money.

👤I ordered the pillow inserts for the Christmas pillow covers. They fit my needs. I didn't order them because they are soft, but because they are not going to be used very often. They are excellent for the economical value.

👤Well made pillow inserts. It was softer than expected. It feels like a nice down pillow.

👤It was well made and stuffed evenly.

👤The pillow is comfortable. After low dryer it became plump. I expected more down. It looks like feathers inside.

👤Great product. Would buy again.

2. MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

MIULEE Decorative Rhombic Jacquard Pillowcase

The package includes 2 pieces of 18 x 18 inch couch pillow covers. The deviation is due to manual cutting and sewing. The material is made of high quality polyester blend and is soft and comfortable. The color of the screen may be different from the light. Their decorative cushion case is made with a hidden zip and is very practical. The colors are vibrant and can match most fall home decoration. There is a pattern on 888-739-5110 It's perfect for being placed in a living room, bedroom, car, office, party, workshop, etc. It allows easy removal of the pillow inserts. The machine wash was cold. Only gently cycle. Do not bleach the dot. Then dry. It will look brand new if you don't iron it.

Brand: Miulee

👤The quality of the pillow covers is good, but the color is a little disappointing. The orange is brighter than expected. The product pictures make the color appear less vibrant. These are candy corn.

👤The online picture shows the pillows exactly as they are described. They are soft and comfortable. The yellow color is a golden mustard. I would buy this brand again. Thank you!

👤I was very disappointed. The pillow cases are 17 x 17 and not what the description says or what I need. I searched for hours before I chose these and they are just another product that is not what it says it is. Horrified!

👤These pillow covers are the best pillow covers I have ever purchased, and I have bought quite a few of them. They are beautiful. The fabric is strong. The pop is perfect.

👤I wanted to update my living room without spending a lot of money. I ordered these to cover some old green cushions and even though I was worried they might be poor quality, I have been very pleasantly surprised. The quality is very fair, considering the price, and I have fallen in love with the bright mustard yellow color, which is perfect for my brown living room furniture. It was even better than I had expected.

👤These pillow covers are really nice. I used 20x20 pillows in 18x18 covers and they are nice and fluffy. The design and color are fun and pop of color with my decor. I'm very pleased with the way things are going so far.

👤I love these pillow cases. The color is reminiscent of honey mustard. The good kind is what you put on your child. I have 2 young kids who have pillow fights with them and so far, they have held up well. I would buy them again.

👤I read a lot of reviews before I ordered them. I am disappointed that I decided to move forward. I have ordered many sets of covers and they are the worst I have ever gotten. The quality is not there because they are not cut square and the zip is sewn over the squares. I ordered them in black and I think they will be returned. The color is spot on. I've gotten many beautiful sets of covers and had high expectations, so save your money and look for another set.

👤Our puppy loves them. Our pillows are perfect. It's easy to put on.

3. Top Finel Decorative Pom Poms Particles

Top Finel Decorative Pom Poms Particles

Soft Particles Velvet is a super thick material that is comfortable to touch and lay on. 20 X 20 inch per pack, included 2 packs per set. Managament: The hidden zip up was designed to meet an elegant look. The stitches are tight to avoid ripping. No pecULIAR SMELL: Throw pillow cases are perfect for those suffering from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues because they use high quality velevet fabric. The aid and support of the two are FADE RESISTANT and STAIN RESISTANT. Their pillowcases are stain resistant and fade resistant, so they look brand new. There is a match and a mix and match. Their cushion covers are available in a variety of colors, so you can match the color of your decors in the living room, bedroom, office and car.

Brand: Top Finel

👤The 18”x18” size was bought in off-white. I've been looking for a fringe pillow like the PomPom one for a while now but they are so expensive everywhere else. The material is soft and silky. Doesn't require ironing. The quality and price are perfect. I put the Ikea pillow inserts with the pillow covers.

👤The 20” pillow covers are soft. Exactly what I was looking for. The material is very soft and will last. I was worried the balls would fall off when I put my pillows in, but they didn't. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The Pom poms are coming off after 4 months of gentle use and a few washes. I had to wash the pillow cases to make sure the pom poms were still there, but one of the zippers got stuck and I can't open it again. I wish I could get my money back or replace them with the plain style, which is holding up quite well, because this style isn't great. I love it. These pillow cases! The little pom poms are soft and cute. I plan to wash them inside out so the Pom poms don't get caught, but I haven't washed them yet to see how durable they are. They are cute and for a great price. Will definitely buy more.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. They feel good at an affordable price. I was afraid of the light color getting dirty, but they are easy to wipe down and keep clean. They are soft and comfortable. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I ordered the cases with pompom trim, but they were just plain cases. It's the correct color, but I didn't want to send them back for something else. The off-white/ivory color is pretty. One case could have been finished a little better. If this pillow were used on a couch or chair, it might come undone. They will do just fine for my purposes. Customer service reached out to me to correct the issue of the incorrect product. They were so pleasant to deal with that I am updating to 5 stars.

👤I ordered some green velvet pillow covers for the living room and the two dinning room arm chairs. The quality is the best and the size was spot on. You can't tell that they are covers because the velvet is so soft. Love the detail of the pompom. The color is the same. I bought three sets and they are all perfect. Thank you for selling it.

👤I bought a second set of pillow covers from the same seller, so I'm updating my review. I ordered a 22x22 pillow. The size was correct and it fit my pillow perfectly. The covers are soft and the color is described. The hunter green color is gorgeous. I'm going to buy another set. --- There is a I'm not sure if the measurements were off, but the cover is small. I bought it to fit the pillow in the second picture, but it was really small. It will fit a small pillow that came with the set. I don't know if I will keep it. There is a The fabric is soft and the color is the same as in the picture. I'm not happy with the size.

4. Pillow Decorative Farmhouse Cushion Pillowcase

Pillow Decorative Farmhouse Cushion Pillowcase

The fabric front and velvet back are skin-friendly. Extra comfort is brought by the rich texture with 3D embroidery pattern. Fireworx covers are made of luxurious brushed fabric. Beautiful colors in your accent pillow cover collection. There is a set of two 20x20” pillow covers, but the insert is not included. It is easy to decorate the home with a matching pair. The hidden zip code provides a clean and seamless look all the way around. The cushion dimentosn is less than 1 inch.

Brand: Fireworx

👤These pillow covers are very nice. I thought I would get a cheap imitation of the picture for this price. They are soft, pretty and much more durable than I expected. I had a lot of fluffy throw pillows. I thought they wouldn't fit in, but they did and they look great. If you have a really fluffy pillow, the opening of the zipper is small. I was a bit worried that I would break the zipper. That's a testament to the resilience. I'm happy that the one year warranty came with the fluffy pillow. I'm a little worried if I need to take it out to wash it. I would buy them again. They look great. The color is pretty and soft.

👤These two pillows fit perfectly and I bought them for myself. We have two dogs a toddler and a newborn and they have been washed several times. They are still soft and good looking despite being washed.

👤I ordered a pair of covers after reading several positive reviews. They arrived in a vacuum package which flattened the pile. They will fluff up when left open over night. They plumped up a bit, but never looked like they were full. The material is very thin and the back is too large for my liking. The size of the product I received was a bit short of the actual size, which rendered them useless for my pillow inserts. I returned them.

👤I change my pillows on a regular basis. The pillow covers are soft. There is a They are gorgeous in color. I bought a cream color. I will buy again for a seasonal pillow change. There is a The warehouse guy does his push up when you hear your buzzer.

👤The pillow covers are very soft. Good value for money. I was able to put them on over pillows with a flower pattern. I can't say how long they will last but they seem to be built nicely, the zip is thick enough to feel durable, and I only had a short time. The color is true to color in the picture.

👤These look even nicer than the picture. The fabric on the back is a little thin, so you can see the pillow underneath. I am very satisfied with the price.

👤These pillow covers are really nice. The front panel is the same as the backside. It is incredibly soft. The stitching is great. Would buy again.

👤I expected them to be better. I thought they would look cheap. There is a very soft and well made couch on my house. I like the color as well. I was happy with my purchase.

5. WEMEON Decorative Neutral Pillows 20x20inch

WEMEON Decorative Neutral Pillows 20x20inch

WemEON Cushion Pillow Covers are an easy way to give your old cushion a new look and a great choice to liven up your bedroom, sofa and sofa. Modern design, easy to fill and remove, and beautiful decorative pillowcase. The quality is high. The perfect pillow. The pillow covers are made of high quality cotton and polyester blend for better visual experience, the fabric is not only more durable and softer, but also harmless to the skin. Decorative pillowcases are suitable for various styles of home decoration, such as bedroom, living room, sofa, bench, office, chair, car, party, wedding, etc., bringing a delicate and elegant feeling to your room. It's a gift for friends, parents, and relatives on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. This combination looks more complete and comfortable if you use the 18in throw pillow for a 16in pillow cover and the 20in throw pillow for a 18in pillow cover. The phone screens have different brightness and resolution. The product may be slightly different from the picture. The washing tip. Machine wash cold water, then tumble dry.

Brand: Wemeon

👤I bought this because I needed a color to tie my rug in. The texture is velvet.

👤The pillow cases are nice. I thought the colors looked a bit more blush than they are. The set is neutral and adds a bit of color to my couch. I couldn't give 5 stars because I saw some flaws in the cases where the fabric had been scratched. Not very noticeable.

👤The material of the cases was decent, but they were not 18x18 The fabric was not stretched to make them the correct size. I was really disappointed because I wanted them to work. They hesitate when they zip on 2 colors. The colors were neutral but the shades were off. The grey was leaning on a shade of green and the tan was much darker. I paid $27 for the 4 pack. I think it was overpriced for the quality. Hope this helps someone.

👤The covers are too small for my 20x20 pillows. I heard they would fit older inserts. That wasn't the case with me. I think so. The color's were soft and beautiful. They should have made them a little bigger.

👤These throw pillow covers are really nice. The earth tone of my living room is reflected in the colors. I had a hard time adding pop to my couch, but these did the job.

👤gray is not teal. Not as depicted. It is not bright. The orange and deep orange should be washed by hand. When I bought the neutral set, I thought the tan would be more of a blush tone. It was not brown. The other colors were the same. There is a They are nice. I find these covers overpriced because of the quality and one color being off every time.

👤These are amazing for the price, and there isn't a single thing I dislike about them. They are so soft that they feel expensive. I have seen reviews about the stitching, but I did not experience it. Buy them and you will not regret it. They compliment any space.

👤The sewing job is terrible. Seams are loose and there are some tiny holes. It reminded me of a home ec project. I agree with other reviewers that there isn't much of a texture. I really like the colors and it's too bad. I would have kept them if they were half the price. The tan pillow I received did not have any blush or pink tones like other pillows I've received.

6. Simpledecor Pillow Decorative Jacquard Pattern

Simpledecor Pillow Decorative Jacquard Pattern

2PCS brand new cushion covers/shells are blank. The pillow cover is 20X20 inches or 50X50 cm. Both sides of the fabric have the same design. The edges are sewn with overlock stitch to prevent the edges from unraveling. It is easy to spot clean or hand wash with a mild detergent and cool water.

Brand: Yukore

👤Yes, it is beautiful and as pictured. The living room is very brown and needs some color. I added burnt orange/rust colors and green. The pillows are perfect. I wouldn't have paid $25 for these if I saw them in person. They are over-priced, but it was a personal investment. The craftsmanship is excellent and I like the hidden zip. The quality of the fabric is not worth the price. My own bargain shopping experience is what inspired this opinion. I always look for a great deal and rarely pay full price. I bought a bigger size in inserts and they fit perfectly. The fabric may not hold up after a few washes. I might change my decor by then.

👤Is it possible to mix plaids with flowers? I liked the white background of the floral pattern, but when I turned this cover inside out, I loved it! The unfinished seams look great, and the zip is tucked away on the bottom where it isn't seen. I used a smaller pillow for the chair because I went completely out of my mind. I may or may not do alterations, that is the kind of rebel I am. I am happy with my rabbit hole experiment, so please don't send hate mail. There is a The package arrived in 18 hours, saving me from a boring Sunday afternoon.

👤The good news is that they complement our decor just perfectly. It fit our pillows well. I like that they have something hidden. The bad? The material is pilling after 5 months. The pillow covers that I bought from this same company, but pilling way too much for only being on our pillows for 5 months, was not as bad. It's a shame that this material is not going to last. There are only two of us in the house. They don't get much use. There is a If you need a quick fix, these are fine. Looking for pillow covers that will last a long time, look elsewhere.

👤A tapestry fabric has a color range of golds, brown, orange, beige, yellow, red and even a touch of green. I have a spare room that was painted orange and these pillow slip-covers worked great. You will need a set of pillow forms. A hidden zip up. A great purchase!

👤These are nicer than my pillows and look great in my front room. I need to take a picture and tag it to the review. I love them! It's cheaper to buy pillows at big lots. or any store that sells cheap pilows... My dog and cat are not ruining my kids or my house. No issues like that. The nice thing about this is that you can change them out. You could buy it and stuff it with stuffing from Michaels or JoAnns.

👤I love these! The quality looks amazing and they are exactly as pictured. I have been looking for the right pillow case for a while, and am happy I found it. They look nice. This picks up the turquoise color of my curtains. It made my chairs look better. I used the insert pillow to fit the 20x20 pillows I already had. I think I could have used 22x22 inserts to make them more fluffy, but I am happy with how it looks.

7. Decorative Pillow Cases 12x20 Off White

Decorative Pillow Cases 12x20 Off White

There are amazing VELVET shawls. If you look in two different directions, they will show you two different glosses, one is bright and smooth, the other is soft and plush. You can add style to your area. The Throw Pillow Covers bring a luxurious look to your home. These pillow covers are made of durable Poly Velvet and are high class. Same. High quality. Matched with the invisible zip is the Cushion Covers color. It's convenient to disassemble and change. The color of the fabric is beautiful. Easy care. Do not use bleach or iron when washing your machine, it is in cold water on The Gentle Cycle.

Brand: Dezene

👤These are great! Soft, well-made, well-priced colors... I had to order more. The dark ones are teal, the turquoise ones are baby blue, and the middle one is turquoise. The covers fit my pillow inserts perfectly. I haven't washed yet. I'll update the review if it's a problem.

👤There are many things wrong with these cases. 1. An 18” pillow won't fit no matter how you try to stuff it. 2. The opening is 13”? It would take you an hour to get them on 3, even if you had a pillow that was 17. The sides aren't wide enough for a pillow. If you try to get a pillow that was more than 1/3 of an inch thick, you will be in for a rude surprise. 4. The teal color looks like a Christmas green. There is a It is crazy how many reviews there are. People don't mind spending an afternoon on something that should take a few minutes.

👤These are the perfect covers, they are soft, quality, and have a slight velvet sheen in the light. I believe the color listed as "Nave" is navy and they are just gorgeous. I can afford to replace them if I need to, they are soft and well made. I washed them on a delicate cycle after I received them. So happy to have found these!

👤I have had these for a month and still appreciate them. I saw a review that said to buy a bigger size for the pillow insert, so I bought the larger pillow case and inserts. I barely fluffed out my pillows before I put them in because the insert is vaccum sealed and the zip is not full length. They're soft and seem to last a long time. I was able to test it out for napability and it definitely gives you some of the most aggressive bed heads I've seen, but they're napable for sure. I don't cause aggressive wear on my things. I feel like these will hold up. There is a The unoffensive and barely seen zip is not causing any issues. I got the 4 pack of pillows from Utopia that fit in the 20 cases and were teal and orange. I'm very happy with both purchases.

👤These are not as big as 14x14. The opening is about 8 inches. My husband had to fight to get the pillows in. My pillows are now 14. The color is soft and beautiful. Will not come here again.

👤There are three stars around. I love these covers and dislike them. The pillow covers themselves are soft and the yellow color is more of a mustard yellow, but the black stain on them wouldn't wash out, so it's fine. My toddler won't be able to open it, so that is a plus. The color is misleading.

👤I am in love with this pillow case and can't wait to get my large. Thank you. The couch is brown and the color is perfect. It looks better than the picture and is soft. I would recommend it to anyone who likes classy looking stuff.

8. Phantoscope Pillow Inserts Hypoallergenic Stuffer

Phantoscope Pillow Inserts Hypoallergenic Stuffer

The brushed poly cotton fabric pillows are longer lasting. Premium Material - Pillow inserts filled with microfiber and made in the USA provide high resilience and softness. Ultra toughness is provided by tight stitching and upgraded polyester, which ensures that the pillow inserts are well-filled and maintain suitable softness, while having sufficient support and will not become hollow. Pack of 4 pillow inserts, 20” x 20” square form, additional sizes to choose from, fill all your decorative pillowcases perfectly for couch, bed or chair with comfort and support; Change your pillow covers to go well with different home decors, it's very simple to stuff these pillow inserts to your pillow covers. The pillow inserts are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and compressed to fluff up. Their pillow inserts can be washed with a mild detergent.

Brand: Phantoscope

👤If I could give zero stars, I would be amazed at how bad these were. They are made out of pillows that the doctors throw away after each use. Two of them didn't have enough stuffing to fill the pillow, and the others are flimsy. The quality would be what I would expect from a dollar store.

👤I decided to purchase 4 sets because I have a 3 pc sectional that needed some love and an uplifted look and I don't regret it one bit. I bought abstract pillow covers to match the sequence in my home and shop.

👤These are the worst quality ever. They are cheap, have minimum fluff, and did not fill up my pillow cases. The part that upsets me the most is that Amazon recommended them to me because of my pillow case purchase. I would have preferred to purchase them from Walmart.

👤I bought them to go into my pillow cases. They fill them out nicely. I will update later if there aren't any updates, they are comfortable.

👤Let me tell you what I look for in a pillow insert, I want Fluffy. I want to throw myself down on these pillows at the end of the day and have them make me feel better. I want to be able to fluff-punch those babies until they bounce back into their original shape. I would love to have a bunch of crummy pillows. I can use pillows to wrap my arms around a squeeze, rest my head upon, or use as a bed tray. I think having these pillows filling your pillow covers would feel like a couple pieces of folded up cardboard duck-taped together. I will try to be less dramatic from here on out. I will take responsibility for the fact that I wasn't as careful in reviewing the details of these pillows before ordering them. I was looking for pillows that were feather down or down alternative. That is not what these are. I take responsibility for not being more careful in reading the description because it's not what they claim to be. I had to leave a review for these. They are just that bad. There is a These pillows were not going to meet my expectations because I was looking for a feather down or down alternative. These pillows do not look like the ones in the pictures on Amazon. If they were filled to the brim with the polyester fill, I would think one would be very happy with the product. You can see in the attached pictures that that is not the case. There is a gaping area on the corners of every pillow. The pillows on Amazon are said to be about 5 inches thick, which is not the case, and they are described as "flattened pancake" in the title. The general rule of thumb is that a pillow insert that is two inches larger than a pillow cover that is four inches smaller. Unless they fix their quality control issue, don't spend your money on these pillows.

9. DecorUhome Decorative Bedroom Neutral Cushion

DecorUhome Decorative Bedroom Neutral Cushion

A gorgeous decorative pillow cover. A series of styles - accent, bohemian, farmhouse and morocco - are introduced to these throw pillow covers. You can give your old cushions a new look with decorUhome tufted pillow covers. The neutral pillow covers are made from thick and durable woven textured fabric, which is very sturdy to bear attacks from playful pets and kids. The front is made of 45% cotton and 45% Polyester. The back is 100% cotton. Only one pattern is available. On the front side. The bohemian pillow covers are in a 20”x20” size with a hidden zip. To get a full look, they recommend to size up the insert. PILLOW INSERT is not included. Do not iron, wash cold, tumble dry, or hang to dry. There may be some floating objects during the first cleaning. 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year. They will guarantee your satisfaction. They will give you a satisfaction solution within 24 hours if you have any problems or concerns.

Brand: Decoruhome

👤When we got these pillows, we loved them. I ordered 2 more. I am out of the return window because of the missing pillows and tassels. They are on the couch. Really disappointed. The only fix would be to remove all the tassels. There was no way to put them back on after they fell off.

👤New pillows are needed for bedding. The BoHo pillow covers blend with the new Duvet cover. The covers arrived quickly. The covers were packaged in a protective plastic sleeve to prevent soiling or moist conditions from getting on them. The covers are made of a very nice fabric. The pillow inserts that we ordered were easy to install through a zip-up enclosure on the edge of the pillow. The pillow insert was too small to fill the cover. Adding stuffing or buying a presewn pillow would fill out the cover. We are very happy with the covers, how they match and the weightiness of the fabric. Being synthetic, they should be easy to spot.

👤Very nice looking, good quality. It's a cream color with gray. The last picture shows a white pillow on the left and a cream pillow on the right. I had no issues with these covers, I turned them inside out to wash them.

👤The thick covers are high quality. I was hesitant at first, but I was glad I ordered them. They are perfect. They don't have a light pink hue, but the listing shows it. The pink would have been perfect, but these are perfect. There is a I have them on a dark grey couch and it looks amazing.

👤These pillow covers are gorgeous. Well made and stylish. I wish it came in bigger sizes. Like 22x22 or 24x 24.

👤I wanted the pillows to match my curtains. It was a long shot, but I got it right. The pillows are perfect and you should be in love with them. The fabric is strong and beautiful. They finished my room in a great way.

👤The covers were larger than the pillows I was covering. I added some fiberfill and they are gorgeous.

👤The pillow covers are what I was looking for. They are pretty and have a hidden zip. The pillows were in the same colors. I bought the 2 pack Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows.

10. MONDAY MOOSE Decorative Reversible Included

MONDAY MOOSE Decorative Reversible Included

A set of 4 includes a beige velvet pillow, teal velvet pillow, yellow velvet pillow, and orange velvet pillow. The covers are 18 x 18 inches. 45 cm. Pillow inserts are not included. If you love color, don't settle for just one. These pillows are a great addition to your home. Premium quality. It was soft to the touch and comfortable to lay on. A hidden zip up allows easy insert of filling. The pipping edge makes them hold in shape. There are washing tips. They should be washed separately in a gentle cycle and then tumble dry.

Brand: Monday Moose

👤These soft velvet pillows are perfect for snuggling. The velvet is very smooth and even and it doesn't look cheap. They look like high quality pillows. The soft colors with contrasting trim are very cute. The cats hair doesn't cling to the pillows so that's an added bonus. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤We love these pillow covers and have gotten many nice comments on them. The quality is very good. The hidden zip ties into place under the stitching. I thought the beige pillow had more of a pink hue. This was an error on my part, or a difference in the color of my screen. These were still a great addition to our living space even though the color wasn't as expected. I went to a local home discount store and purchased 4 new 20x20 throw pillows with a not-so modern cover, after reading some of the reviews here. I replaced the original covers with velvet ones. They fit nicely and look great. The pillows looked saggy in a couple of reviews and that wasn't the look I was going for. The way to go is a 20x20 insert. There is a Hope you found this helpful.

👤I have a relationship with these pillows. They are nice for the value. The quality is okay. They are not strong enough for my needs. They are soft and well sewn. The corners fall flat because the shape doesn't lend to the inserts filling the interior space very well. I had to combine them with a couple of studier pillows to get them to work in the space. The colors are nice but not in love with the quality of fabric which matches the price. The two toned sides make it easier to use during the season.

👤I decided to upgrade my throw pillows. I'm glad I did. These are soft and well made. I bought some pillows to hold the covers. They fit perfectly.

👤I was hesitant to spend $36 on pillow covers but after opening the package I knew I made a good choice. I know these covers will last a long time. I wanted to change the color of our living room and these are free and perfect for our brown couch. I will purchase the other set for Christmas time colors because they are fun. A thank you note and gift were also received. I loved the extra touch.

👤So soft! I love the shape of the trim. I filled the pillow with fluff because it was difficult to open. I didn't mind. So cute!

👤I'm very happy with the pillows. I had no issues with the zippers, they are soft like butter. The colors compliment the cream wall color of my living room and the reddish color of the sofas. I bought them because I wanted the cream side of the pillows, but they're versatile and I can change them for the other colors. I can't say what will happen when they are washed, but I would recommend buying them. The seller added a pin.

11. Kiuree Farmhouse Throw Decorative Pillow Case Textured

Kiuree Farmhouse Throw Decorative Pillow Case Textured

The pack of 2pcs is made of high quality cotton linen. cm Only pillow covers are required. A simple design of pillow covers with stripes will compliment your room décor. This will protect your pillow while it looks beautiful. Soft shades of cream and navy blue add laid-back style to their farmhouse pillow cover. There is a linen farmhouse woven stripe fabric. The woven Striped Throw Pillow is a great addition to your home décor, it is perfect for refreshing an old sofa, leather armchair or even to style up a day bed. It's soft and plump, made with cotton. The woven stripe design brings a lovely texture and depth to your space. Hand wash is recommended. If you have a question, please contact them and they will provide a solution.

Brand: Kiuree

👤The pillow cases were better than I thought. The fabric is amazing, but it's hard to find the off white color. I haven't experienced this before, but the zip is much sturdier. Excellent quality!

👤These pillow cases are gorgeous. I wanted to add some texture to my pillow color scheme. The pillow cases look expensive. The zip is strong. I use a lint brush or sticky roller to remove the fur from my cats. They are easy to clean. Would definitely recommend!

👤I bought pillow covers for 22 inserts. The inserts are a bit thinner than I thought, but they still look great. I am very happy with the inserts. I have only had them for about two weeks. I will update if something happens.

👤Great covers! Give my old cream couches a new look. I bought Them to look over some pillows that were outdated but great quality. I bought cheap white cotton covers to block my pattern out. If you use a plain white pillow filling, they would be thick. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on white covers and new throws, but these are a good quality feather fill. feather down throw pillows are the key to a designer styled look. The night and day difference is different from the fill.

👤I bought a quilted couch cover in order to keep the hair from the cats on the sofa. I bought two sets of pillows in different colors to protect them. Measure your pillows before ordering. There is a These came in a variety of sizes and colors, and now the cats are getting rid of them! We can wash them now.

👤I didn't realize until it was too late that I should have gotten larger covers for my pillows. I got them because my pillows were getting really soft. I squeezed the pillows into the covers and removed the feathers that were sticking out. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤Excellent quality! The ugly pillows that came with our sectional were hidden by these covers. The pillow behind the covered one is the same as the one I covered. The fabric is thick and does not feel rough or itchy. I was afraid I would break the zippers because they seem a little flimsy. I put a huge pillow in there and so far they seem fine. Will purchase from this company again.

👤I like the look of these covers, they are a great blend of grey and cream. There are little embroidered type stitching that runs across it and they pull out a small string. I pull the strings out of my pillow, but they don't stay for long.


What is the best product for decorative throw pillows 20x20?

Decorative throw pillows 20x20 products from Downcool. In this article about decorative throw pillows 20x20 you can see why people choose the product. Miulee and Top Finel are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorative throw pillows 20x20.

What are the best brands for decorative throw pillows 20x20?

Downcool, Miulee and Top Finel are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorative throw pillows 20x20. Find the detail in this article. Fireworx, Wemeon and Yukore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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